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  1. Dec 2, 2012
    On the outside PS All-Stars Battle Royale appeares to have the making of a huge brawling epic. The concept of all our PS All-Stars scrapping in imaginitive and fantastically crafted environments is a fabulous concept. For what All-Stars Battle Royale visually presents to the player, it doesn't disappoint. But when you play it, some of the magic starts to unravel and repetition starts sticking in. Each fight can simply be finished with mindless button spamming and the game never encourages different play styles. Sure this problem is similar with most fighters, but All Stars Battle Royale is likely to gain criticism for this. The prologue and epilogue cutscenes are lazy alternatives for full blown cutscenes and the final boss encounter is a total pushover of button spamming. Sure, this makes the game very accessible for Playstation fans and casual gamers, but there isn't a significant challenge, even on the legend setting. The best part about ASBR is that it has glimpses of brilliant rival potential. Seeing Drake and Sly or Ratchet/Clank and Jak/Daxter talking trash to each other are truly great snippets. Also that salivating Madeon backing intro shows the potential that All Stars Battle Royale has. It's a decent enough distraction for massive playstation fans, but is a real disappointment considering the monolithic potential it had combining the personalities of all these characters together. Expand
  2. Nov 20, 2012
    At first I was a little hesitant to purchase this game, but after getting a few hours into the game I really enjoyed it! It was a definite surprise at first. It has a great cast of characters and that's probably what drew my attention. Fun single player mode (Nice whacky story with original voice actors!), tons of unlockable content, very enjoyable multiplayer mode and an overall decent game.
    It's fun, easy and a lot of replay value. Also, a teaser for Raiden! (A taste of what's coming for his upcoming game)
  3. Nov 23, 2012
    Copy/paste from my VITA review, with minor edits: Very solid game, in fact the game I'm enjoying the most right now. I should first admit I didn't expect anything out of it. I wasn't even a Smash Bros fan to begin with (even if I played the hell of the "Subspace Emissary" mode, back in the day). I found something really 'fresh' in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, not sure how to explain. The stages are beautiful, clever and inventive, the characters have a LOT of moves, and it's a totally different experience than Smash Bros if you go past the interface and look of things. For starters, it's not about throwing your opponents off a stage, but try to stack as much kills as possible before the timer runs out. I haven't been frustrated a single time. This game is just plain fun, in fact I can't even think of a single annoying thing. I really didn't expect a lot of it, and ended up being surprised because I expected a Smash Bros clone, but found something totally original and fun. PS: you get the VITA version for 'free' with this, what an awesome deal - I can't believe the VITA version actually runs & feels as good as the PS3 version. SuperBot outdone themselves on this one... Expand
  4. Nov 28, 2012
    I freaking love this game. I haven't been this addicted to a video game in such a long time. If you've been on the fence on this game, I suggests that you get it.
  5. Nov 20, 2012
    Two words: Mind. Blown. Wow, I must admit, my expectations and excitement for this game was very low throughout the year. I saw footage, wasn't blown away. Heard the character roster, wasn't blown away. Then, I played the beta. Only four characters, but I still started to get a feel for the game and what exactly Superbot was trying to accomplish. It slowly started to make sense. Sounds weird I know, especially with a game that appears on the surface to be rather shallow. Build meter. Super. Rinse and repeat right? When you first pick up the sticks, understanding what exactly you're supposed to do may feel a little foreign if you haven't done this kind of thing before. But MY OH MY once sink your teeth into it, once you figure out the little nuances and the variations of playstyles depending on the character you pick (characters you're fighting against) AND the level you're fighting in (trust me, it matters) what you discover is a game of mighty depth. A game with gameplay so addictive I have not stop playing for one minute since last night at midnight. It's incredibly fun. Incredibly addictive. Incredibly nuanced. Superbot has pulled off the impossible. They actually made a GREAT FIGHTING GAME combined with a great social experience. Four on Four chaos is how this game was meant to be enjoyed. Even if it's just you, or you and a friend playing, add two AI characters into the mix because when it's four on four the fun factor quadruples to astronomical heights. Ok, whew, now back to the action. Oh, and thank you Superbot. Thank you. Expand
  6. Nov 20, 2012
    It's a weird game. It's a brawler that focuses on the chaos so that everyone has a chance, but technical enough that visiting friends won't be able to just pick up and play. The roster has several familiar faces, but lots of odd choices and several ex-exclusive characters's multiplatform renditions. The game all together shows a high level of technical competency, but lacks the the vision (and legal department) to make it a really solid title. Expand
  7. Nov 24, 2012
    A perfect balance between party fighter & actual fighting game. This game has actual combos. I laugh @ people that write it off as a smash clone when it has far superior fighting mechanics, a more varied roster, & far better online play. I wish this game much success & hope for many dlc characters leading up to a sequel. Also buying the Ps3 version gives you a downloadable code for the vita version. That's real value! Expand
  8. Nov 20, 2012
    Let's be frank here. Those voting 10 are just as in the wrong as those voting 0. This game is not perfect. This game isn't even great. This game is fun, but it doesn't really extend any further than that. Another thing that we need to get straight is that this is NOTHING like Smash Bros. Anyone who's played both games enough will tell you they feel nothing alike. That's like saying Tekken Tag and Marvel 1 are similar due to them being tag team games. They have very different mechanics and objectives. However, unlike the aforementioned case it still does make sense to draw a couple of comparisons with them. First I'll start with the positives of the game: As I said, it's fun. It's pretty fun to mess about it and the online component is very good. Even in the demo it was pretty much lagless and it feels even better in the actual game. There are also a good unique stage ideas and the items are actually pretty well implemented. There's also a pretty good amount of content in the game and the rival interactions are a nice touch to the story. Unfortunately, that's where the positives end. Character roster is a mixed bag. It's great to see some classics like PaRapper and Sir Dan in the game. On the other hand, are Fat Princess, Gothic Dante and Evil Cole all that necessary? Though when it comes to character it's really down to preference (unless delving into balance). There are many issues I have with the fight system. First is the camera. In 1 on 1 bouts it's not to bad, but in free-for-alls it becomes extremely hard to keep track of your character because of how zoomed the camera is and how small they are in relation to the screen. It just does a poor job in general with keeping up with the action. Second is the combat mechanics. I'm not going to bash them for being different to Smash, that would be unfair. I will bash them however, for simply being unintuitive with the main culprit being in the achieving supers. Since supers are the only way to kill a foe, the system comes off as rather gimmicky and even worse, limiting. In 1 on 1 fights this is a real issue. Lvl 2 and lvl 3 supers in 1 on 1 take too long to achieve and are far too impractical, so you're limited to just lvl 1s and as a result are pinned to a single killing option. In addition to this, the combat feels very stilted. Too many moves from characters last for ages and knock you miles away. This on its own isn't too big of an issue if it weren't for the fact that lots of these moves have a massive recovery and quick startup and there's no way for the characters to move quickly to the foe to chase them down for more hits. Consequently, gameplay feels extremely stop-start. You get knocked by a big hit, you're waiting a good 6 or 7 seconds until either of you can do anything again (which for a fighting game is actually a LONG time). I shan't comment on the character balance though, it's far too early to tell. The metagame may develop and characters presumed to be good may be easily exploitable and vice versa. However, the game doesn't feel like it has much depth or pace to be considered a proper fighter. On the other hand though, the controls are quite unorthodox. They don't have Smash's wonderful simplicity. There's a lot of different attacks (which can be a good thing), but it makes it a little complex and unorthodox for brand new, casual players to ease into the game effectively. Onto presentational things, they're pretty shoddy. The interface is hideous. Bland, lifeless and devoid of any personality. It just looks cheap if anything. The soundtrack is alright. It's nice to hear some familiar tracks, but doesn't quite offer the same grand spectacle as, say, Brawl's soundtrack. It's simple and gets the job done. Graphics are pretty nice and the game runs at a stable solid frame-rate though the art direction seems rather inconsistent. Characters in particular look like they clash a little too much and don't really look like they could blend in the same universe all that well. Though it's not too big of a deal in the grand scheme of things. Overall, despite my lengthy list of cons I did have some decent fun with this game. With a couple of friends (particularly the ones that know a thing or two about Sony) it's good for a few laughs, but it doesn't really extend much further than that. Expand
  9. Dec 18, 2012
    I wish I could claim that this brought all my PS fantasies to life. But NO. I think it's just as good as SS in many ways but it just does feel big enough. Do you know what I mean?
  10. Oct 27, 2014
    Sort of like Sony's answer to Smash Bros. Just like that series it takes various mascots from the different series that the company has put out and let's you fight them. It's also filled with references to the company's proud history. The strength here is how it manages to make each character feel different from one another while still capturing what makes them, well, them. It's a remarkably balanced fighter that any Sony fan should check out.

    It's got it's differences from Smash Bros. The focus is building up meters that allow super attacks to beat enemies. There are also a tone of unlockables. I just wish they were more interesting. Mostly they're just backfgrounds and icons for your in-game customizable emblems. The costumes and "minions" are pretty cool though. There's a great selection of characters to choose from.

    This is something I would like to become a series for Sony. What's here is already great, but you can totally see how they can expand on it in the same way Nintendo keeps expanding their Smash Bros. series. New entries with different types of unlockables, stages, and fighters from more of Sony's catalog of games would be awesome. Especially considering how great the game already is.

    As it stands it's a great fighter. If Sony considers making this a franchise then they could have a cool alternative to Nintendo's excellent series. This is a great start to what could be a great series. I just want to see more of it. My total score for it is a 8.7/10.
  11. May 23, 2013
    I find it very amusing that people will gladly play the same street fighter variant over and over but when another fighting game like brawl has a variant come out they get all pissy. This game is different to brawl in it's main mechanic of how you get kills and I actually prefer the mechanic. You build up killing moves by hitting people which is awesome because it means you can't just sit somewhere and not play to win. There isn't a single character I think isn't fun to play or irredeemably bad and sure some characters like kratos are OP when you start but he's just really easy to pick up other characters are better when you master them. I find it ridiculous that people expect to be able to just go online and win against other people without having actually learned how to play the game. Are you really so spoon fed that you expect to just win games when you haven't practiced playing them? Expand
  12. Nov 20, 2012
    I would give it a 9, but I see everybody else pushing those 1's pretty hard for no reason. The game is a great franchise fighter for Sony, people who are hating on it cause they have no life and hate that Sony their own fighter now, and it's not a rip off of SSB.
  13. Nov 25, 2012
    I just can't express my disappointment enough with this game! So here is my review: GRAPHICS: For a PS3 game that has some of the most iconic characters in gaming history, it also has some of the most bland, simplistic, and uninspiring visuals I have seen in a long time. Anyone would think that a game of this caliber would show off what the PS3 is capable of doing...but is this truly a PS3 title? or more like a Vita mediocre game ported to the PS3!?
    AUDIO: Well no matter how bad a game can be, the sound is pretty hard to mess up. With that said the sound is proper but not memorable.
    GAMEPLAY: This is where I have to say DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY...although this is NO CLONE to MASH BROTHERS, you will wish it was. This game is plagued by so many under developed gameplay ideas not to mention how badly UNBALANCED this title will irritate you to no it me or these characters have a "floating motion" every time you jump or get hit.!? BOTTOM LINE: With Uninspiring visuals and lack of character detail, an OK audio, and Under developed gameplay ideas I have to say I do regret my purchase....this game needs a day 1 patch right away, but I doubt the graphics can be redone to make them worth of the title "ALL STARS".
  14. Nov 24, 2012
    This game needs more girls. Throw in some Dead or Alive chicks, Lara Croft, Tifa Lockhart, Big Sister, Anna/Nina (Tekken) or anyone that doesn't look ugly. To have a cast of 20 and only 2 girls, where one is a fat princess and the other is facesmashed, that doesn't make this game appealing for the female part of the population (or the perverts for that matter).
  15. Nov 20, 2012
    I knew this game was going to be spectacular just because of the Beta. All-Stars is clearly similar to Smash Bros, but it is its own game, and it even happens to do some things better than what inspired it.

    I know it'll be hard for some skeptics to believe, but PlayStation All-Stars is an absolute blast to play especially with friends on the couch or online. It can be a lot of
    chaotic fun because of the great combat, great characters, great ko system, and the interactive stages.

    It has lots of content and great variety in the characters. I know some people would like to have more characters, or other character like Spyro and Crash; but as how the game currently is; it is AWESOME!!! And also you can bet that there will be in the future DLC features those 2 characters mentioned most probably.
  16. Nov 24, 2012
    It's good but it lacks not only characters and content but a health bar.... this is the worst decision to do this, because the game has become a choice of basically 3 characters with OP abilities that can kill you better. Not skill just, R2.
  17. Nov 20, 2012
    I don't get the extreme polarization between critics and their reviews sometimes. Usually when so many love a franchise and so many despise it, one group is full of it. Whether it's blind nostalgia people are holding onto, or maybe it's a feeling of having to defend their favorite franchise against over saturation or even a legitimate rival of the genre their game falls into, etc.... people for some reason feel the need to take their reviews scores to the extreme ends of the scoring spectrum to make their point. Hating on a game because it borrows another's game's base formula is immature; this has happened and will continue to happen forever with all popular genres. I've seen a few on here commenting on the PASBR's interface, or saying the fun factor just isn't there (which could be a more specific), are legitimate/more appropriate reasons or opinions to review a game badly, but giving it a zero is saying it's complete and utter garbage based off it it not being as good as something else, or call it a budget title just sounds like blind rage to me perpetrated by insecure fans of something else. I have a load of respect for the smash bother's games, as well as for all stars battle royale (after the beta, watching the loads of behind the scenes videos online, and playing this morning) a can say the quality and attention to detail, especially for the fans of either are great. I was very pleased with they've accomplished with these titles on both the Nintendo & PS consoles and hope one day, after xbox decides to jump on this successful band wagon with their awesome entry into this genre, that a cross over between all 3 happens. I haven't played through completely but SO far - (Awesome/Great/Good/OK/Bad) Character art: Awesome, Environment Art: between Great/Good, Gameplay: Great, Sound design/ Music: Good, Animations: Great/good, Packaging (U.I Interface): Good/OK, Fan service: Awesome. Expand
  18. Feb 9, 2013
    I'll start this review saying that I'm a huge fan of the Super Smash Brothers franchise and have played all of them almost to infinity. Except Brawl. With that said, I have to say that this game is extremely enjoyable! Finally a fun and simple game to play with, without bothering super realistic mechanics of graphics (which are good), and just focuses on smacking enemies all around the arena. Just like Super Smash Brothers. Even if it's considered a "rip-off", I'll be honestly fair:: it does somethings differently, enough that it could be considered totally different; for instance, you don't throw your enemies away, but you actually have to kill them with a special skill: that changes some characters' mechanics and skills. The roster also is rather fun and has some nice choices (and some BAD choices too), although some characters aren't exactly fun to play with and are very hard to use...which is good! It gives some depth for some characters, in order to be used properly. Although, a lot of characters have too many ranged attacks, but since you have to use a skill, which is different per character (either range and speed etc), I honestly haven't seen that much unbalance like it should. It has also challenges that, even if silly and kinda uninteresting, they actually are good for training more your character in using the skills he has, so I can't say it's totally useless. Maybe just unappealing. It's not a flawless game, but even if flaws can be either big or small, I have one personal flaw that some may or may not agree: the roster itself. We got some iconic characters from the playstation world (well duh!), most of them are ok...but some are just...right. For instance...where's Crash? Spyro?! Lara Croft?!?!Dante (the white haired)?!!?! CLOUD!?! I just named a few "BIG" iconic characters from the Playstation world, and even if I'm not a big fan of most of these they are STILL important figures of the Playstation world that should have been inside from the very start. Instead, we get..."new dante" from DmC (even if not a fan of either new and old dante, this one is still my less favourite); the Fat Princess...from Fat Princess on PSP (no comment...), Raiden from Metal Gear Solid (....the name itself implies that the main character, is NOT Raiden), Radec from Killzone (really? Killzone? Is Call of Duty next?); Toro from that japanese game (Together Everywhere! it says. Never heard of it). Although, I admit that some other are actually good and I appreciate their addition (Spike from Ape Escape, Daniel from Medievil, Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter, and my favourite: Sly Cooper!!!), the roster could have used a LOT more of iconic characters and I'm almost sure we gonna get more that won't be of our interest (I can almost see Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII in the future...). But it still has potential to deliver most of the iconic characters we loved and still love to this way...and that's what "makes" this game really. It has technical flaws, it can be considered whatever they think it is, it can be better in some other details, but I'm pretty sure that most of us are interested on the game mostly for the simple yet fun mechanics AND the characters themselves. It's like a dive into nostalgia and, as far I can see, the big reason to avoid this game, it's if you prefer more technical or more complex fighting games, with more realistic mechanics and just...more technical details. But if you like simple fighting games where you could bash others with few buttons together with friends just like old times (it has online, and it works...but it's BEST played offline with friends), I highly recommend to give it a try and try enjoying it for what it is. A simple and fun fighting game with your favourite characters of all time! Collapse
  19. Nov 20, 2012
    Mixed reviews is good to show to everybody that they are just personal opinions and not the truth. This game will please anyone, like me, that loves tha Playstation brand. Amazing game. 10/10
  20. Nov 20, 2012
    Every bit as good as we were hoping it would be. All Stars truly does step out of the shadows of SSB and become a game totally it's own. The specials system is excellent, and the combat is incredibly deep. Anyone who says you can just mash buttons to victory clearly has not been playing against anyone but easy bots and no one online. The variety of modes is excellent and there's more content than you'll ever have time for. It's the ultimate local multiplayer game as well, I got 3 of my friends to come over on launch day and we played for hours never running out of things to do. It's simply a joy to play. The characters all feel unique and play drastically different, and there are no reskins like in SSB. Each character has a larger moves list than in Smash Bros which ends up letting you create a play style totally unique to you. I'm loving this game and I think it's probably my GotY for fighting games. Expand
  21. Nov 20, 2012
    I seriously cannot get enough of this game! Even the single-player is well thought out, charming in its writing, and fun to run through with any character. The balancing is perfect, as promised. ;) The multi-player both online and offline is smooth and addicting.
  22. dz9
    Nov 30, 2012
    Right off the bat, it is obvious that PS All Stars Battle Royale borrows inspiration from Super Smash Bros, but the similarities soon die there, but not for the better. Let's start with the good, PS All Stars has managed to integrate many different elements from various Playstation universes into one brawl successfully. The Playstation fan will be in awe after seeing how each character controls how they do in their actual titles, such as Nathan Drake's cover system attacks and Daunte's ability to chain Ebony and Ivory... such fan service should be applauded. But that's where the good ends, the gameplay itself is stale, sluggish, and bland. The main problem is that it's not dynamic like SSB, even with it's complex fighting mechanic (love it or hate it), the attacks never seem to be that rewarding. Which could contribute to the fact that there is no health system of any kind, leaving defense almost useless save for a few instances. The Good: Great artstyle, great integration of characters, amazing fan service, addicting online. The Bad: Stale unrewarding gameplay, bland and short campaign. Expand
  23. Nov 24, 2012
    An superb take on the brawler genre! Whilst it does have its problems including character balancing issues (Kratos in particular is still a bit of a nuisance.) and at times it feels as if all the skills you've learned in the trial modes don't quite pay off online, as a whole its a great games. Now there are obvious comparisons to SSB but I suggest that's where you stop with artistic concept. The gameplay mechanisms are so different that to go into this expecting SSB is a big mistake. Unlike the team Sora's title this game tries to find a middle ground between party brawler and serious fighter, which leads to its distinctiveness but also it's downfalls. As stated above learning a full set of moves and how to implement combos might work out effectively for the most part, especially in 1 V 1 but not so much with 4 brawlers on the screen, which is disappointing but not the end of the world as they will still come in handy when your not pelted to the other side of the screen. Finally to get my last to 'bad' points out of the way, the presentation of the game defiately lacks finesse. Bare menus, often WTF VO's for the intro and a slapdash approach to many of the rival battles is slightly disapointing and is a low note. The 'Last boss' is also very disappointing, fair enough I didn't want a boss as hard as Seth or Shao Khan but I did want a boss which wasn't just a collection of fighter from the game it is quite underwhelming and I belive it might have been better to take the Seth approach in having a single boss with the move set of a few of the characters from the game, it just seems like a missed opportunity. With all of this said the game really shines with its seamless cross play functionality and cross save functionality which run flawlessly (albeit without cross trophy support currently). Also some of the deeper depth is great and whilst I moaned a bit about it earlier its certainly nice to have some deeper skill under the hood the the mechanics. The roster is nice and varied and actually I find the close ranged characters better despite many complaining about the long rangers. But most of all its great fun especially in MP, and if you have a whole group of your friends in a party on Vita and PS3 it is an absolute blast to play. Presentation: 7
    Graphics: 8
    Longevity: 9.5
    Overall: 8.5
  24. Nov 20, 2012
    For real, give this game a chance. if you go in with the mindset of playing this like super smash, then you will only lose every match. This game plays different and is different. The combat system is slick and very fluid. The roster is great, though it leaves a bit more to be desired. In all you will be getting a game that has many unlockables, is a great bang for your money, and is very polished. Get this game. Expand
  25. Jan 23, 2013
    Its not a great game, the characters are quite uninteresting and the art sucks, but if you have friends at your home.. the 4 player mode is a blast!!!
  26. Nov 20, 2012
    LETS ALL HATE NINTENDO FANBOYS AND GIVE THIS GAME A 10 ALTHOUGH WE DIDN'T EVEN PLAY IT OURSELF! LETS UPVOTE ALL THE 10's RATINGS BY SONY FANBOYS BECAUSE THATS NOT BAD AT ALL COMPARED TO NINTENDO FANS RATING A 1! You Sony Zombies are not a bit better than Nintendo zombies by rating this game a 10 and upvote all the 10. I hate the internet, seriously.
  27. Nov 20, 2012
    After playing this game, it should be in the range of a 8.0 to 9.5 for most people who play it (I put 10 to help counter the rampant Nintendo fanboys that hit hard here). I'd highly suggest giving the game a chance. Most people I know find it incredibly fun, including myself.
  28. Dec 2, 2012
    This is a great game, i'm not a fan of unrealistic fighters like this but i was blown away by the quality of this game, and i think it's kinda sad that some Nintendo fanboys are just giving it low scores calling it a clone or whatever, give this game a chance, it's not a clone, beleve me.
  29. Jan 18, 2013
    So this game doesn't have the same amount of content that smash bros. has, but it has high replay value and a more advanced fighting system. The result is a flawed but very fun brawler.
  30. Nov 20, 2012
    Just by playing the beta theirs no way this game is a 1 let alone a 0. Tired of fanboys dragging score down cuz their mad siny hit this one outta the park! looks grt plays grt tons of fun. Just seeing a rating of a 0 tells people with any common sense their trolling no game is wirth a 0.
  31. Dec 27, 2012
    While the concept of a Cross-Over Party Fighting game is definitly inspired by Super Smash Bros. , no comparisons can be made with the Nintendo successfull franchise. The gameplay is nervous and pretty fun, and some really stressful and therefore really gorgeous 1v1 can be seen. However, the concept of a Super Bar and of killing his opponents only by unleashing that super attack on your opponents becomes redundant... it's still a really fun game for Local Multiplayer. Expand
  32. Nov 20, 2012
    I love this game! I had a little expectation for it, but bought it and wow was i blown away, so much content too! Everybody has their own story or "arcade" mode like a normal fighter, it may look like smash at first but it is really different.
  33. Nov 20, 2012
    Ok ok it's not a 10, but the very low scores are really trols. Easy to see because all those are telling it's not as good as SSBB. It's easy to tell if these are trolls because if they would have played the demo they would already have seen the gameplay is different, the graphics are 10000% better and if they are really enjoying SSB, they should enjoy this game because it's better then SSB. The only bad thing is that there are not as much characters (but be honest, which characters did you all played at SSBB, for certain you concentrated on only one and not all) and not much stages. But for the rest it's really a much better game. This doesn't mean that SSBB is a lot of fun, but why troll when you haven't really played the game or when you are offended that there is a game which is a bit like SSBB!! All games are inspired by other games and also SSBB. Expand
  34. Feb 2, 2013
    A very fun game with a great cast of characters and easy to pick up controls mastering the combos is the tricky part). Its a great party game, competitive game, and also great for spectating. Its no a perfect game with a lack-luster story and a pretty bad online feature and not so much cut scenes. Its more of a traditional fighter then most brawlers. But all in all its a must have for playstaion players. Expand
  35. Dec 3, 2012
    More than I ever hoped for, sure SSB set the bar and that bar does not get toppled by PS-All Stars, but it does get met. The feel is there, those tense moments right at the end of the battle, the eclectic mix of characters brought together in a (mostly) balanced way each with their own style, and the variety in every battle. The kill system doesn't quite reach the levels that SSB hit, and there does need to be some additional balancing, and we do need more levels (Praise be to the age of DLC....) but if you liked SSB, which you should have, then don't pass this one up. Expand
  36. Nov 20, 2012
    do not listen to this silly nintendo fanboy in disgiuse, his name is sonyfanboy92, he is full of lies and no good reason, heres my review. the strory is good it has funny and comedic rivalries and overall is a good singleplayer mode. next let me start off with the unlockables that are just amazng and will keep gamers coming back for more. i wont go into details becase some the unlockable are just too awesome. I woud also like to talk about online and offline mutlplayer, now the multplayer is where the game really shines i would even say it beats smash bros its just that amzing with 20 charactrs and 2 dlc characters that are free , i know this game is gonna be a success so if you want a fun brawler by all means go out and get this game, this game is a 10/10 Expand
  37. Nov 20, 2012
    For a blatant smash bros clone, i wasn't expecting much, but after e3, tgs, and other previews i was actually pretty excited, and i thought it would be on par with melee, at least. However, the balance feels not that great, with especially Kratos feeling very op, and the physics feel very floaty and unbalanced. Also, i do not like the only supers KO thing, which again, makes it lack balance. Single player is too short. Expand
  38. Nov 20, 2012
    This game is great, great combat, great characters, great ko system. It lacks presentation tho, which im fine with tbh. I think that this games downfall will be nintendo fans tearing the game apart. It's sad to see a great game being dismissed because nintendo fans cant handle competition in the genre. I say good luck and thank you Superbot Entertainment. Hopefully we'll see a sequel someday
  39. Jan 5, 2013
    Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale is a great brawler/fighting game, with fair amount unique characters and stages, well, except from Cole and Evil Cole, two characters that are practically the same in almost every way (which is silly); but other than those two, the characters are extremely unique with their own massive move sets to show off. The multi-player being the mode to show off the greatness of the whole game, at the same time...The single-player being slightly disappointingly short and not insanely fun, being ultimately not quite the experience of the multi-player. If you want to know... This game is a fair bit different to Smash Bros and is it's own, special game for those fans of Playstation or even those of fighters (as in game genre). This game is definitely recommended; also, those people who have been giving this game 0-4 out of ten are probably trolls. So I give this game... 8.6/10! Expand
  40. Nov 20, 2012
    +Level design +The final boss

    -Only 20 characters? Are you kidding me?
    -No Crash Bandicoot
    -No Spyro
    -Gay Dante? (from DmC)
    -Graphics is just horrible
    -Gameplay system is too complicated
    -Horrifying soundtrack
    -Slow paced
  41. Jan 10, 2013
    This game is fun it is a lot like super smash bro.s in looks but it is much harder to master and the play style is different there are many different modes in this game similar to smash bro.s but as much because smash bro.s has had time to fix there mistakes in the past the stages and character designs are awesome but there arent enough characters despite that there is promised dlc coming levels and characters alike the multiplayer works great almost no lag 99% of the time if you are a fan of fighting games or playstation you should get this its very fun Expand
  42. Oct 27, 2013
    Playstation all-stars battle royal tried something new for playstation. However SCEA made it obvious that pressure to make the game different from Super Smash Bros. The character are easy to lose on screen and it isn't balanced well enough. The main gripe I have is balance. Kratos does the most damage per second and Sackboy has BY FAR the best Level 3 super. I thought this game could be extremely fun to play with friends but is ended up being me destroying everybody with nathan drakes level 1 and his cheap barrel attack.

    Even with all of it's flaws it is not a bad game. Just a mixed one.

    I give this game a 6/10
  43. Dec 2, 2012
    Amazing game, if you read the negative reviews you'll see how ridiculous they are. I wasn't expecting much of this game but believe me, it surprises you, by the way it hasa story mode and lots of unlockables. Don't let trolls fool you.
  44. Dec 29, 2012
    The game is good enough to bring amazing fun between friends and online. It has an amazing potential but it really dropped the potential on the solo mode with the stories of each character instead of chosen for each character a CG their chose the stupid and lazy way the art with short dialogues.
  45. Nov 20, 2012
    This game plays real slick. It fits somewhere between the house that Super Smash built and the more traditional fighting games. This doesn't mean hooey if you are playing this as it was meant to be played: as a party game. The game is easy to learn with a few matches and the depth is really there for someone who want to become the resident expert. It is chock full of content, has great gameplay variety and has the potential to spice up Thanksgiving post-dinner for those of you in the United States. Pros:
    Pick up and play
    A lot of modes
    4 player with quick matches
    Interesting characters and stages
    20 Characters
    Good character customization
    Working online play
    Great visuals and audio is top notch

    A few big Sony mascots are missing due to copyright issues
    20 Characters
    Can take a little longer to learn than other Brawlers on the market
  46. Nov 20, 2012
    That was huge waste of time and potential game.

    I played the Demo not long ago, I think I never played a fighting game as horrible as this one... And I thought Street Fighter IV would be the game that would disgust me from fighting games ! Nah, this one takes the cake. I really, ugly version of Super Smash Bros.It just felt like a waste of time and potential game for PS brand.
    These games have nothing to offer for PS brand SHM guys. Expand
  47. Nov 20, 2012
    very cheap and unoriginal copy of smash bros. Lol and that zombie1531 seriosuly better than smash bros? I think ur just fanboy. I played this and got bored in 5 minutes true story. Controls suck. Music sucks and characters are boring
  48. Nov 25, 2012
    This game is much better than I expected. The fighting is deep, the controls are perfect, and the supers system works really well and is a nice change of pace from every other fighter. The only annoyance is why the hell is Bioshock Infinite and MG Rising and the new DMC in here when they aren't even released. If any of them end up sucking, they will be forever stuck tarnishing this game.
  49. Nov 22, 2012
    the game has most of the elements of a Nintendo "you know what" game but makes changes significant enough to be a game of its own. Its Single player or 1 on 1 matches are probably its weakest points with poor story telling (as expected for a fighter) using still images and narrative and little variety in combat. The roster feels a little on the slim side spanning around 20 characters from different franchises within the Playstation legacy. Also, some people may be put off by the choice made to make super moves the only method of killing your opponent. Those are the problems i generally have with the game.

    Now that's out of the way, i feel the game is terrific in a party setting, if you can get 3 other people in the game your in for a hell of a good time. Though the roster is fairly small for this type of game, they are very well balanced and diverse(besides good/evil cole). Replacing the Ring outs with super only kills wasn't exactly the greatest idea for the game but i feel that it does it in a way where it requires you to plan and manage yourself in a match. you have 3 supers stages you can do and in order to charge up those supers you have to deal damage with your normal attacks so you don't take damage but if you don't land hits you cant do any supers. Despite what some reviewers say the emphasis in normal attacks are definitely there. Also each stage of super dictates how difficult it will be to actually land it on someone. If you use level 1 supers you will learn that they are not easy to land, so you need to be smart about how you use them unless you don't mind charging that gauge to do it a bunch of times. 2nd level is more persistent but can still be avoided while the 3rd usually guarantees 1-2 kills just keep in mind it takes much longer to get to level 2 and 3 so be ready to dodge a lot of 1st levels if you choose to take either of those routes.

    The stages were nicely done as well, the obstacles they throw at you can greatly affect the way you approach someone as sometimes the stage can knock your super gauge down and turn the tides with or against your favor. The mixes made between franchise themes made in each stage is also weird but funny at the same time. Fans of the Sony Franchise are likely to appreciate them, especially the Buzz trivia level where your knowledge of their history will determine how well you do in the level. Overall as i say it is a fantastic game with friends, the added value of getting the Vita version of the game for free (the game is literally identical to this version!)is a bigger plus. This is a game i can definitely recommend to anyone who is into this type of fighter.
  50. Nov 21, 2012
    As someone who has been waiting for this game sense before it was announced, I will say that this is possibly one of the funnest unique fighting games I have ever played next to Smash Bros.The reason that I say that is because all 20 characters feel different than the last & the level mash ups are amazing,gorgeous and innovative.This is also the first fighting game I actually have alot of fun playing by myself or with other.Usually, fighting games are either to repetitive or too complicated but Ps allstars is just right.any one of these characters could have easily been transported into 2-d side scrolling games and would feel awesome to play as.They also all feel like they would from their respected properties which is pretty awesome.Other than that, the game has hundreds of unlockables for each character and tons of content to keep you busy until they add more levels and characters via dlc.Dont even pay attention to any bad reviews because they are all b.s.Give this game a try for both ps vita & ps3. Expand
  51. Mar 18, 2013
    I'm going to try and make history as I evaluate this game without mentioning "That game". Y'know, Su- whoops nearly! Anyways.

    Playstation All Stars should really be called "Sony presents Game Marketing for other titles coming out soon", due to the inclusion of characters and locations from games that were not even released when this came out, not to mention a distinct lack of some other
    Playstation legends *coughlaracroftcough*. Anyways, I don't really mind that. But what I do mind is a game that has flaws. BIG flaws. Two in fact.

    The first flaw is the distinct lack of polish the game has. It all feels tacky. The menus, the loading screens, the character models, the almost forgettable story slideshow picture thingies (I swear that they just ripped some concept art off DmC and slapped the awful in game Dante character model over it). Even the "original" music is completely unforgettable and bland. Other games similar to this, where characters from various developers and publishers are included, are almost always presented in the best light possible, which includes top quality User interfaces and music (like Marvel vs Capcom). Why 3rd party devs would give this game rights to use their characters i'll never know. Wait, I do know, I've said it earlier already; Marketing.

    That's my first flaw, and, compared to the other one, poor quality is only a mild issue. Yes, the second flaw was the decider for me between a game that's brilliant and addictive, and a game that's quick to lose its charm. Its the gameplay; more specifically it's the games scoring concept. Originally, the games concept seems quite interesting; beat the other people to get special gauges and use the specials to eliminate the opposition to score points and win. It only takes your third game however to notice how much of a misfire the concept is. As combat is all about building special gauges, you will always spam the same combo; the one that gives you more AP. You can imagine how tedious that gets. I was talking about this to a mate, and he said "Well vary the combos up then!". Why? The combo I use builds the best AP, and there is absolutely no incentive to vary my combos up at all. If the AP built up in a combo would diminish after using too much repetition then yes it would give us a great reason to be creative and different! But no. This includes items, which, because they cant kill anyone, or build AP up as much as a normal combo are completely pointless to use! It gets worse. As it is all about getting AP as quickly as possible, it creates huge differences in character usefulness, ergo, ridiculously overpowered characters, like Kratos. He can gain AP so quickly and efficiently, you can even spam lvl 3 specials with ease (which too is so much more effective than many other lvl 3s). Sooo other than that its fine...

    In all its fine to pick up and play for around 20 mins before you get bored, until you get a little urge to try it again, and realise after 20 mins why you stopped playing before. In business, a company will always try and beat its competitors by doing what they do, but better. Rarely will a business look at its successful competitor and try and do everything different. I guess this applies to Playstation All Stars doesn't it?

    Super Smash Bros (dammit!)
  52. Feb 8, 2013
    This is a DIFFERENT game than Super Smash Bros. It is not a clone, but definitely draws from the original idea.

    First, the biggest WOW factor" for me is the cross-play/cross-buy between the Vita and PS3 version. This is an idea that is fantastic. Not only is the value of the purchase significant, but the whole idea is something I've been waiting for awhile now. The character roster is
    doable. It is not going to satisfy everyone. You will always have those "where is this character?" and "why didn't they include this character?" people, but the amount of playable characters is sufficient for a first go-around. The characters feel like you took them directly out of their original games and put them into the battle arena. What I mean is that they characters actually feel like they do in their own games, which is something I can't say for Super Smash Bros. The story mode is lazy with really no substance. It's the biggest detractor. They had a huge opportunity to blow any Super Smash comparisons out of the water with a superb single player story, but entered the same pitfall and ended up actually considerably worse than its prime competitor. The unlockables are great, but still not as solid as Super Smash. I had spent many hours with SSB Brawl that had more meaningful and varied unlockables. The games biggest gameplay difference is the Special Gauge. Once this meter fills up, you perform your special which is the only way to get kills. This style will grow on you, but it makes character selection more heavy on their specials than the normal combat moves. The game seems to focus on online play, which is definitely fine by me. It's fun and connection is pretty seamless.

    Overall, I'd definitely recommend it.
  53. Nov 24, 2012
    This is a really solid game and fun as hell both online and with the kids.
    It's abit of a button basher but I guess I expected that. The list of characters is really good (Dante is me favourite so far). Don't know why people complaining about characters that are not in the line up right now when it's pretty obvious that they will be added later. Already star hawk charcter is being added
    as dlc for free, so it's pretty evident that more characters will be added.
    It's a fun game and achieves what it set out to do. I do hope a mode that adds standard fighting with health bars gets added?.
    The only similarities with ssbb is multiple characters from different games fighting on screen. Playability is totally different. Still doesn't stop reviewers from wanting it to be different and others wanting it to be the same as ssbb ( typical inconsistent reviews).
    Still great game and very enjoyable.
    Go get it!.
  54. Jan 29, 2013
    Very poor gameplay. I bought this in a sale regret it, it has a poor selection of characters and even fewer likeable ones. The multiplayer is broken you'll be pitted against people a much higher level than you and most people just use the overpowered characters. for a game that tries so hard to be like smash bros it falls short at every mark. waste of money and time. 2/10
  55. Nov 20, 2012
    very fun and addicting, this is no Smash Brothers clone at all. anyone who loves party brawlers and loves the Playstation Franchise should not miss the chance to pick this up
  56. Nov 27, 2012
    I've only played the Smash games a few times, so I came into this game without any preconceptions. It is a BLAST to play. I love the AP mechanic and the super-move-kill gameplay. I have logged dozens of hours on this game since I bought it over the weekend. The only minor gripe I have is that the final boss seems a little underwhelming, but that really is only a very minor gripe.
    like the roster, and hope they add some more Playstation favorites someday (Jumping Flash, or maybe Crash Bandicoot?)

    I highly recommend giving this game a try. It's also nice that you get the Vita version for free when you buy the PS3 version.
  57. Nov 20, 2012
    its one of the best brawlers of all time. i love the minions charecters the online the characters sly cooper specially he feels great and superbot have relay captured the essence of these charecters
  58. Apr 8, 2013
    Super Smash bros melee is a lot better with regards to the controls and responsiveness of the characters.
    Good music. The level design may seem a bit distracting at times. Zeus is overpowered on multilayer since its hard to 1v1 him. More DLC characters are on the way.
  59. Nov 23, 2012
    A fantastic game for a number of reasons. You could really tell that Superbot entertainment (the makers of this game) really cared about all the Playstation franchises involved in this game. I smiled sooo many times while playing this game simply because of the great references to all of the Playtstation games involved i all stars. The main reason this game keeps you coming back though is just because of how freaking fun it is. This game is all about strategy and you need to utilize the supers that you gain from beating up on your opponents in creative ways in order to get the max amount of points possible. The online in this game is a heck of a lot of fun and very accessible. Highly recommend picking this game up if your a fan of playstation and even if your not! Can't wait for the sequel! Expand
  60. Nov 20, 2012
    This game is fluid, concise and beautiful. It's so memorable and so fun. All of the characters are a blast to use and the music is just goosebump-inducing, it really is. What a great game.
  61. Dec 27, 2013
    It combines characters, environments and ideas into a tight package that manages to keep you entertained. PlayStation All-Stars is its own game, and it even happens to do some things better than what inspired it. You and your friends will have blast with this game especially as a party game.
  62. Nov 24, 2012
    I am very surprised on how much I like this game. I thought that it would be a total rip off of SSB but this game can stand on it
  63. Nov 24, 2012
    WARNING: Before i make this review, to those who think this game is completely a copycat of nintendo's super smash bros. or suggesting that sony can't be creative at all this generation either grow up and be mature or leave that's all. STORY: basically pick the characters you want to play through the mode, fight your rival, defeat the final boss, and earn an ending. I was expecting SuperBot to make some decent storyline for all characters getting involved like how Mortal Kombat 9 and Soul Calibur 5 did it but having a storyline in a fighting isn't exactly easy to make perfectly. GAMEPLAY: The game is the reminiscient of Smash bros where 4 characters duke out in one stage to see who wins but PSABR is different where the only way to win is by filling up the super meter by fighting. Filling it in 3 different levels will determine how powerful the super moves are. You kill the opponent with a super you get 2 points. You die by their super you lose a point. Hazardous enviroments and spawnable weapons can most likely prevent your opponent from earning super meter quickly and steal their meter. Though the point in playing this just killing other characters with just supers isn't exactly the best way to win. If 2 fighters duked each other than all of a sudden a 3rd player can just kill both of them with 1 super no matter what level just isn't exactly good when they said that they were going to make this game very competitive to the fighting genre. There are 20 playable characters already 2 being announced as DLC but to me i think they could have added better popular characters but SuperBot were trying their best to get those characters but no scratch in getting them like ones that started the playstation 1 era but they cant get them to be in the game without dealing financial problems. Also other characters for example Dante not the original one but Ninja theory's version gives negative feedback. Capcom would pull: Oh you want Dante? okay we give you this Dante that everyone doesn't like. Though Dante and other previously exclusive characters made it in the final prodcut so we can forgive them. Not much customization isn't high only when you introduce your character or win with that character. Boss fight isn't impressing mostly because its reminiscing the MvC3 fight with Galatcus where he summons crystalized version of a character and you have to defeat the crystalized characters and the boss himself. I think why they did this is because of a former capcom employee Seth Killian also co--founder of EVO fighting game is involved in this game. The online is fun to tackle against other players but problems are people not spawning again after getting killed by a super or disconnecting in a middle of a match. The game is gonna get patched anyways sooner or later. OVERALL: I liked how sony and superbot were trying their very best in making their own creative version of Smash bros but in my opinion it was well worth trying to making it good but not enough to suddenly surpass Smash bros without fixing problems like online. If your a Playstation user since playstation 1 or person that enjoyed Smash bros then pick up this game later on you will not be disappointed with your money being well spent. I never played Smash bros but i really like this game not for being identical to it but for Sony and SuperBot being creative in their own ways. Expand
  64. Nov 20, 2012
    Dá hadouken Ryu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  65. Dec 2, 2012
    Overall, I really enjoy this game. The music is great, there are many different characters and maps to choose from, and the fighting is just so much fun! For each character there are many different things you can customize about them. You can change their costume, or maybe change their intro, outro, taunt, or victory music. The only problem I have with this game is that most of the cut scenes are just artwork. But the intro cut scene is just amazing! If you liked Super Smash Bros, you will love PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale. Expand
  66. Nov 22, 2012
    Don't judge a book by it's cover. That's the mindset that anyone should have when playing PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale. The comparisons to Super Smash Bros are obvious but All-Stars is a completely different game. A great selection of characters, deep combat system, awesome stages and great graphics on top. Sup-Par presentation and somewhat a lack of game modes aren't enough to bring down an otherwise fantastic game. Definitely a must have game for any PlayStation or fighting game fan. Expand
  67. Dec 31, 2012
    The game is not that bad with people saying it's a ssb clone. IT IS SUPPOSE TO BE it's just sony's turn to do it with PlayStation characters. The game is fun with your family or friends. But there are some cons about the game. There are glitches in online, people using op characters such as kratos, raiden or dante. The game just doesn't really feel like a ssb clone to me. My excuse is also they made the supers only to kill people so no health....Just killing people with supers. I can't really get a game in 1st anyway because people using the op characters and people who just don't try other characters. The game deserves a 7/10 though it's not great enough to be a ssb clone but a good one to say the least. Expand
  68. Nov 20, 2012
    I own probably half of this game's cast in my PS3 collection, but that doesn't that make this game fun to play. Once you get knocked around, you can get beat up without recovering; very different from how Brawl allows characters to roll back when they hit floor. Every character has 30 moves, but the only one you'll feel like using is the extreme long range so you can hard knockdown and beat up the other guy when they can't move. Matches of camping and over-powered fighters ruin the balance of this game. Once you get knocked down, the other players will already have an advantage over you. It's a pain in the d!ck. Expand
  69. Jan 7, 2013
    First off I never knew this game was coming out and when I did hear about it I didn't even know what kind of game it was but it is pretty damn good. I've had every game system known to man since 1985 and I don't get why people hate this game because it is a PS character game WOW!!!! That is dumb. Are nintendo fanboys that jealous that the only halfway mature game they get is smash brothers and try to talk like its all that it isn't. Also lots of people are talking about the graphics being worse than a Wii game seriously??? You must be playing it on that same **** tv you play your Wii on because the graphics are great. Stuff gets a little small but still good and it runs smooth which is most important to me. As far as the fun factor it is definitely there always fun with every character. It is easy enough to pick up and play but deep enough to learn an array of combos if wanted. Stop hatin play it and have fun oh yeah and the online is like video game CRACK!!!! Expand
  70. Dec 28, 2012
    Ok,I've seen a lot of bad reviews of this game and I had it for Christmas and I can say that this is it.THIS is the ultimate fighting game that the PS3 needed.It looks like SSB but it's a completely different experience.The online is great the kinds of battles that you can find are awesome.The only bad side is that there are missing a lot of characters as: Crash, Spyro, Snake(MGS), Spencer(Bionic Commando), Commander Shepard(Mass Effect) and the old Dante.If you own a copy of SSBB and you play this you'll not feel any difference because they are both great games.Buy this game!!! Expand
  71. Nov 20, 2012
    Well I'm a Sony fanboy since my childhood and I just can't hate on this game. Some would say that I'm leniant but in the end is it really that bad? No. It's a very fun game. Flawed with several issues but really entertaining especially with friends. It's not a Smash Bros. clone at all. Similar of course but it differs really much in the core and it has a lot of ambition within its innovations. It eventually fails to live up to our expectations but oh well as long as you have fun with it you are just fine. Add some personal favs with a bunch of great characters and you get a really good game after all. Expand
  72. Dec 7, 2012
    All you need to know about this game is the gameplay which you'll love if you're a fighting game fan. It's simple yet deep and playing online against a more experienced foe always makes the game interesting and challenges you. However if you are buying this game to reunite with an old favorite like sir daniel fortesque or the classic parapa the rapper I suggest you pass. This game has a barely passable arcade mode that does nothing for the characters. If you really love the characters then you'll find their move set more fan serving then their paper thin plot and rivalries. However if you are considering passing on this game simply because it has a small roster I'd search for another reason. Each character has 3 attack buttons each with 4 moves that is a dozen attacks that have different uses on ground and air. that coupled with the ability to combo makes each character feel very unique and in some cases like DMC's Dante and Bioshock's Big Daddy make you feel as if the character has stepped straight to this game from their own sacrificing little if any of their controls or classic combos. And with DLC on the way I can promise a good deal of content incoming. Overall if you like fighting games with decent online play and highly nuanced characters this is for you, but if you are looking for a place to pal around with some of your old PS1 and PS2 buddies then I suggest you bust out the AV cord and dust off you old PS2. Expand
  73. Nov 20, 2012
    For readers, ignore the terrible reviews by the fanboys who cried for Spyro or Crash, or just the ones claiming this game is a clone of SSBB when it's not. All-Stars Battle Royale is unique in it's own way with it's combat system and it's mix of games to form one stage. All 20 (and DLC) characters have bonus costumes (not switched color palettes like SSBB) and each one has their own minions, challenge modes, and story mode. The story for each character is short but there's nothing wrong with that, it's a fighting game, since when did fighting games focus on story? All-Stars Battle Royale truly shines on online when you're competing against others. The game can be a bit unfair and some characters are a bit over powered but there's nothing a good ol' patch can't fix. People who love brawlers should pick this up, or if you're a Sony fanboy and you just want to watch your favorite Sony characters fight to the death then go on ahead and get it. All-Stars Battle Royale is worth the money and time since it truly can compete with other brawlers. And to the Nintendo fanboys bashing this game, news flash, the Super Smash Bros. series isn't the first brawler, the game itself is a clone of classic fighting games. All-Stars Battle Royale just branched off the idea and made itself unique. Expand
  74. Jul 20, 2013
    great if you have friends over, but if you don't have the additional characters and you want to play intensively? pass and get a wii with smash bros, this is nothing like like it, it fun for awhile but the gets repetitive and there isnt a campaign or a map maker or anything worth replaying.
  75. Jan 15, 2013
    I remember playing super smash for hours on end when I was younger, and I was expecting a similar experience but with characters that I had attachment to in the playstation universe that I spent a lot more time on. Unfortunately i didn't click quite as well as I hoped but what I did play I really enjoyed. I completed over half the campaigns but I find this game to be more of a local multiplayer rather than a play through all the campaigns by myself. The concept of using Supers to get kills was concerning when it was first announced but after playing the beta I wasn't so bothered by it and now having played the actual game I've gotta say, I really like it. I'm not very familiar with how fighting games tend to en structured but I found it frustrating that some characters first supers were super easy to get and really effective, white other took forever to build up a sup that turned out to be fairly crappy. Maybe playing with more characters and understanding their techniques would overcome that issue but I don't foresee myself playing with characters I'm not interested in. I thought the levels were good but didn't really feel myself taking advantage of them and rather just adapting to those that were dynamic throughout the match. Visually I thought it looked great and even on the vita I was impressed. Online is a lot of fun too, and being able to play with a friend is great. It's unfortunate that people didn't get into it all that much, it definitely deserves a fan base. I'd say that if you have a ps3 and are into fighting games it is definitely worth it, especially if it's on sale. Expand
  76. Nov 20, 2012
    Man you can't help but feel sorry for these losers that try to make people believe that this game is a 0/10 lol they must think we're just dumb as them. Wait for the critics don't listen to the trolls just look at there other reviews 80% of them this is there first review so they're trolls other 20% are nintendo fanboys just look at how they rate nintendo games 10/10 and ps games 0/10 lol pathetic. Expand
  77. Nov 21, 2012
    Ok this game is good, smooth with nice looking graphics (compared to SSB) the thing is though, not every round is unique like in SSB the items are nowhere near as fun as SSB and the level creation isn't as good. but there are alot more moves however they are not as creative as the SSB moves. The game is still a fun fighting game for local multiplayer if you don't have friends or at least online connection don't buy this game. Expand
  78. Nov 24, 2012
    Massive copy of Smash Bros? No, it's way more than this... The Specials are among the best in Fighting Game history, mainly Parrapa's since it combines the game's musical formula to this wonderful game... The combos are great and easy to do. The levels are what most disappointed me, since most are box-type arenas, but the lack of Cloud from FFVII and Crash made me sad, but hopefully the sequel or a possible add-on (hopefully free) will bring more... They could have put Virgil instead of Dante too and perhaps Big Boss or The Boss as secret characters. Only an advice: Grab the Vita version, you get the PS3 one and it won't be 2 GB filling your Vita HD Sticks that could be used for other games, plus is great to play this on the tip of your fingers! Expand
  79. Nov 20, 2012
    i know im gonna get smashed. i think this game is better than SSB with more mature characters and a lot of unlockebls you'll be playing this game non stop if you can get through the fanboy CRAP!!!.
  80. Dec 3, 2012
    Arcade=Fun and Funny. Great time playing
    Online-If it wasnt for the OverlySpammable nature of players playing online this game would get at least a 9.5. Been playing online with a friend since it came out and all we have seen is spam...spam...spam...spam...spam...spam...kratos....spam....raiden....spam...spam...spam. Thats how it is. its rediculous. And i thought Brawl had alot of
    spammers NOPE!!!! All Stars promotes spamming. Its not a bad game its just the players that play it have no concept of the game or how to use the characters correctly. You can tell whos played brawl and who hasnt its sad.
    Offline wise-9.5/10
  81. Nov 21, 2012
    This game is not the smash bros clone everyone claimed it would be (or wanted it to be). It does not have the same unlocking depth as brawl or the fighting mechanic of melee, but the rooster is interesting and the gameplay is simple and fun. Don't play this alone. Go online or grab some friends, because multiplayer is where the game shines.
  82. Nov 20, 2012
    Smash Bros except for Sony. The gameplay just doesn't have that fun moment like Smash Bros. Only a few characters are worthing playing, everyone else seems kinda boring to play. Game feels if they were trying to copy Smash Bros. Stages and items all feel the same. Atleast try to be original, it would be hard but having a original idea always leads to a awesome game and this game is not.
  83. Nov 21, 2012
    This game is a shameless ripoff. With that said, I played I played this game expecting I can still have some fun with it. I was dead wrong. It doesn't have anywhere near the perfect controls Smash Bros has, and the roster is very lacking. The game only comes with 20 characters, with a lot more being held back for paid DLC. Although Sony has some decent characters and franchises, they really don't mesh well together at all. Something just felt.. off the whole time I was playing. After only 1 hour of playing I got very bored with it, and very upset I wasted money on it. The only reason I'm not giving it a 0, is because the game is at least playable. Not recommended. Expand
  84. Nov 20, 2012
    I absolutely loved playing as nathan drake fighting sly cooper. The design is close to supersmash but it is still a great game none the less. You must buy dis game
  85. Nov 23, 2012
    So after playing this game since it's release I must say I'm impressed at what they got. the gameplay is smooth, simple and fun, the graphics are rich for both PS3 and Vita and you got yourself a good selection of fighters with more to come later.

    I'm not going over what this game is, you probably know anyway so let's get to the point. battle Royal is like Brawls but with it's own
    style. The more you take on enemies the more you charge up the bar down below fr a special. When that's charged you can kill your enemy if you hit them. There's three different versions of your super attack and each takes time to charge.

    Single player.....well, your not getting much. you get a short intro (slide show anyway.) you fight, get a animated scene with your random opponent then boss fight. To be honest, once you find your fighter for the game you can pretty much beat the arcade mode in a breeze even on the hardest difficulty but it's the online that makes the game fun. Going up against real players is what makes this game shine, it's fun, fast and you'll be quickly addicted to it right away. My only flaw with this game is different game modes since you only get either free for all or team death match. It would have been a little interesting to see more game modes like one with health or a collecting game where you collect the orbs and see who has the most at the end but who knows, maybe they might release something special for it down the road.

    In the end what you get is a great game for you and your friends to play and hey, if you purchase the PS3 version online you get a free Vita copy along with it. How cool is that?
  86. Nov 20, 2012
    I've been playing the beta for hours, and this game for 2 days now : no need to hide the truth (and no need to create accounts just to give bad reviews, Nintendo fans) > this game is truly GREAT.
    Just like you can read it on Destructoid, it's far from a "clone" of SSB, it's a new beast ! I've been playing this not stop with friends since I bought it, we all are having a lot of fun, and
    the game is a lot more technical than Smash : 3 attack buttons, air evade, different supers, a lot of variety among the character movelists, etc.
    Sony bumped the overall genre into a new level ! THE game to purchase this month if you have a few friends to play with, offline OR online (yeah it's not ZombiU all over again with its offline mode lol)
  87. Nov 20, 2012
    SO let me get this straight, will be fast: Smash Bros on Wii DVD = 40 characters, long story mode, no DLC crap. All Stars on Bluray Disc = only 20 characters, will sell the missing ones via DLC. $ONY just doesn't give a sh*t anymore...PLEASE don't support this rip-off. If CAPCOM did this Smash Bros clone, and made a small roster to sell DLC, you would have killed them. So WHY THE HELL would you support such a rip-off and distribute perfect 10's??? The '1' is for Nariko. Expand
  88. Nov 20, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I have been a fan of all three franchises since 2002 so when I first saw this I was really excited then I saw footage and played it, I know no one asked for my review but as video game developers I thought that you would like to know a life long fan of these great video game characters thoughts on this game. GAME PLAY: what I was hopping for was game play like from the originals (for the dual shock 3 as well as PS move) if you remember all three franchises are under the category of "platform game" while you cant even jump in this game. a few weapons are fun to use like some of the guns and the melee weapons, while there other weapons work okay sometime but there not really as fun as the others, yeah its fun at first but then it gets boring and repetitive. in short its a "sports champions", but less accurate. *little spoiler* STORY:it starts out okay.....then it just does not make sense. How did gleeber and lunk control all those villians? with the crystals? why did gleeber and lunk want to go to sly,ratchet and jak's home worlds? What would they do there, takeover their worlds, the only reason they were able to takeover "gleepbertopia" is that the aliens that lived there were weaker and smaller then they were, and if not, but instead to be the heroes of there worlds, why? In short the story isn't even half as good as the story line's from the original games. I really want to like it but I cant and yes, I know it was probably made to just make money and show what the move can do but they should have also thought of the life long fans. in short Jak, Ratchet and Sly deserve better. Expand
  89. Nov 20, 2012
    Well, this game is complete garbage. Wish I didn't preorder... This is a disgrace to fighting games. If you played one, you've played them all. Same thing. I had high expectations and was completely disappointed
  90. Nov 20, 2012
    Amazing game, if you read the negative reviews you'll see how ridiculous they are. I wasn't expecting much of this game but believe me, it surprises you, by the way it has a story mode and lots of unlockables. Don't let trolls fool you.
  91. Nov 20, 2012
    Just another rehash of a tired old franchise to cash in while they wait for the next cash-in this time next year. The fact that they can release the same game every year for the past 4 years and still get money is a slap in the face to any real developer that takes time to craft a good game. The campaign is dull and overscripted, the online is cheesy and full of 12 year olds screaming in the mic, and the game is still full of cheaters. Expand
  92. Nov 20, 2012
    Why do people feel the need to sabotage the user review system? Just because you do not like certain aspects of the game, it does not mean the game deserves a 0. Similarly, I'm sure you may think the game is good, but that does not automatically make it worthy of a 10. You're all taking away from the credibility of the score.
    Anyway, I've been enjoying the game thoroughly so far. While at
    first I assumed you could just button mash your way to victory, I couldn't have been more wrong. The more you experiment with the game, the more you discover of the gameplay mechanics. There really is a hidden depth to it all.
    I do agree that the menus are a little bland, but I don't plan on spending a huge amount of time here, and they are very easy to navigate so I can't complain too much here. It is also a shame that there aren't all that many game modes, but I would likely be focusing most of my time on the multiplayer free for all and team deathmatch anyway, and I'm glad to say these are an absolute blast! Great game, and I expect I'll be spending countless hours with it to come, so well worth the investment in my personal opinion.
  93. Nov 20, 2012
    Cons:Story mode is awful Roster is pretty bad Not many game modes A lot of really cheap characters
    Plus:Multiplayer is just fun really its mindless fun Online plays well not much lag Lots of achieveables Free DLC Vita version included with the ps3 version
  94. Nov 20, 2012
    People who haven't played this game brush it off as a Smash clone, which obviously it is influenced a lot by Smash, but in reality is a lot more that merely a clone. Gameplay and overall strategy is very different from Smash, and is possibly even deeper and more competitive. Is it a better game than Smash Brothers Brawl? No. Is it a good game? For sure.
  95. Nov 20, 2012
    Pues a mi me parece un gran juego, estaba claro que se iba a llevar miles de 0 por culpa de los fanboys de Nintendo.
    A parte los jugadores de consolas Sony, estábamos esperando un juego de este tipo durante mucho tiempo, y por fin se ha hecho realidad.
  96. Nov 20, 2012
    Fun game and I look forward to seeing more from this series in the future. Most of the other reviews that give this game a bad rating describe things that are just not true such as being a quick time event and a rehashing of the same game each year. For one their are no annoying quick time events and this is the first entry in the PS allstars series. Also it is not a blatant Smash Bros. copy it is more complex than smash and closer to traditional fighters while still being fun and easy to jump into. The system of wining by kills which is different from other games may seem strange at first but it just works out in the end and will give matches a more entertaining feel and weight to them. Expand
  97. Nov 20, 2012
    Its hard to give score for fun game, which could be so much better.

    + Fighting system is fun and unique

    - Poorly done story mode
    - Poorly done customisation
    - Lack of some most iconic characters
    - Missing online modes.
    - Need more stages
  98. Nov 20, 2012
    I do not deal for that so many 0, it is a great game that I inspire of a great game. For nothing it is a copy, is more ... it seems more to street fighter that to smash bross... But clear, there can not do to him a game similar to other one, and that could enjoy it in other consoles, for which they are exclusive in others ... bad people ¬¬.
  99. Nov 20, 2012
    great game, the gampelay is solid, the modes and story are time consuming and overall great game. The neg user reviews are no less then idiotic and biased
  100. Nov 20, 2012
    I'm the biggest Smash brother fan, and I gotta say this game is 10000000000% better than Smash Brother. Nothing in that game can beat this one. It's just so amazing! Supers check, amazing characters check, awesome stages check. It's the whole package.
  101. Feb 9, 2013
    I'll start this review saying that I'm a huge fan of the Super Smash Brothers franchise and have played all of them almost to infinity. Except Brawl. With that said, I have to say that this game is extremely enjoyable! Finally a fun and simple game to play with, without bothering super realistic mechanics of graphics (which are good), and just focuses on smacking enemies all around the arena. Just like Super Smash Brothers. Even if it's considered a "rip-off", I'll be honestly fair:: it does somethings differently, enough that it could be considered totally different; for instance, you don't throw your enemies away, but you actually have to kill them with a special skill: that changes some characters' mechanics and skills. The roster also is rather fun and has some nice choices (and some BAD choices too), although some characters aren't exactly fun to play with and are very hard to use...which is good! It gives some depth for some characters, in order to be used properly. Although, a lot of characters have too many ranged attacks, but since you have to use a skill, which is different per character (either range and speed etc), I honestly haven't seen that much unbalance like it should. It has also challenges that, even if silly and kinda uninteresting, they actually are good for training more your character in using the skills he has, so I can't say it's totally useless. Maybe just unappealing. It's not a flawless game, but even if flaws can be either big or small, I have one personal flaw that some may or may not agree: the roster itself. We got some iconic characters from the playstation world (well duh!), most of them are ok...but some are just...right. For instance...where's Crash? Spyro?! Lara Croft?!?!Dante (the white haired)?!!?! CLOUD!?! I just named a few "BIG" iconic characters from the Playstation world, and even if I'm not a big fan of most of these they are STILL important figures of the Playstation world that should have been inside from the very start. Instead, we get..."new dante" from DmC (even if not a fan of either new and old dante, this one is still my less favourite); the Fat Princess...from Fat Princess on PSP (no comment...), Raiden from Metal Gear Solid (....the name itself implies that the main character, is NOT Raiden), Radec from Killzone (really? Killzone? Is Call of Duty next?); Toro from that japanese game (Together Everywhere! it says. Never heard of it). Although, I admit that some other are actually good and I appreciate their addition (Spike from Ape Escape, Daniel from Medievil, Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter, and my favourite: Sly Cooper!!!), the roster could have used a LOT more of iconic characters and I'm almost sure we gonna get more that won't be of our interest (I can almost see Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII in the future...). But it still has potential to deliver most of the iconic characters we loved and still love to this way...and that's what "makes" this game really. It has technical flaws, it can be considered whatever they think it is, it can be better in some other details, but I'm pretty sure that most of us are interested on the game mostly for the simple yet fun mechanics AND the characters themselves. It's like a dive into nostalgia and, as far I can see, the big reason to avoid this game, it's if you prefer more technical or more complex fighting games, with more realistic mechanics and just...more technical details. But if you like simple fighting games where you could bash others with few buttons together with friends just like old times (it has online, and it works...but it's BEST played offline with friends), I highly recommend to give it a try and try enjoying it for what it is. A simple and fun fighting game with your favourite characters of all time! Collapse

Mixed or average reviews - based on 69 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 43 out of 69
  2. Negative: 1 out of 69
  1. Mar 15, 2013
    Playstation All-Stars battle Royale: Not the all-star moment everyone was hoping for, Playstation All-Stars battle Royale is instead a decent enough fighter with serious balance problems and a boring cast. [March 2013]
  2. Mar 6, 2013
    It adds that element of strategizing, especially in online play, where a player can knock out all three of their opponents in fell swoop. Plus, much to my amazement, a character I had no experience using won me my first online match – thank you, Jak.
  3. Jan 30, 2013
    Overall, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is mildly fun.