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  1. Dec 12, 2011
    Move Fitness does what it claims to do: it makes you sweat and pushes you to your limits. Being able to repeat single workouts or try out a whole new program is fun and definitely helps you get in shape. Its biggest downside is the integration of ball games as they're not as accurate as they need to be. For work-out enthusiasts and fitness wannabes this title is worth a look.
  2. 70
    Move Fitness brings back the fun to the fitness games.
  3. When you take into account the bargain basement price and what benefits you'll reap from it (assuming regular use), Move Fitness could be one of the wisest game purchases you ever make. [January 2012, p.81]
  4. The exercises offer a lot of variety, but sometimes they are too alike. Jumping away from a ball or catching it for example may seem different, but boils down to the same thing. The exercises are also very intense for people who aren't used to working out regularly. [December 2011, p.87]
  5. Dec 8, 2011
    Move Fitness may come across as rather limited in some ways, and doesn't quite match its Move competition, but there's a good selection of exercises that are highly enjoyable for the most part, particularly the boxing and ball-throwing elements.
  6. Dec 12, 2011
    It has several different sports, but the game becomes repetitive soon. Maybe more sport disciplines would have helped. It can be an alternative for those looking for a fitness game, but it requires two PlayStation Move controls.
  7. Dec 28, 2011
    Sony delivers a very bad Move-game and that loses the fight with Wii Fit and Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2012. Move Fitness doesn't feel like a real fitness game and never really stimulates you to keep on going.

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