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  • Summary: As the Prince and Elika, chased by unleashed Evil forces, enter the Underground Palace area and play a brand new region in the fantastic universe of Prince of Persia. With an all new powers, fighting skills, and bosses you’re sure to enjoy hours of additional gameplay and continue the epic saga right from where you left off at the original Prince of Persia. New Region: The Underground Palace - A corrupted underground palace from which the Prince and Elika need to escape in a new epic journey. New Power: Energize - Reconstruct destroyed areas of the environment to create a path and rush through it before it vanishes. New High Pace: The new trap challenge - The Prince and Elika will face more cunning foes, more clever traps and level design, adding more to the difficulty level in over three hours of gameplay. New Attack: Sprinting Clash - A duel move that lets you or the enemy trigger a sprint attack, charging towards each other, clashing your weapons fiercely. New Unlockable Skins: From the early development of the game, the Prototype characters of the Prince and Elika. [Ubisoft] Expand
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  1. Epilogue offers nice entertainment to prolong the Prince of Persia experience, and that lasts around 2 hours. In terms of duration its cost is very questionable but its gameplay is an interesting challenge, a fact that the original lacked.
  2. 78
    Prince of Persia Epilogue is very short experience with an ending that's less intriguing than that of its retail counterpart. The new additions are nice, but this is really just for fans of the first game who want a little more. And I do mean just a little. This shouldn't take any seasoned POP player more than two hours to beat.
  3. A very good addition to a good game, but it is lacking in the style that the original was known for.
  4. Is it harder? Absolutely—but it's also not nearly as much fun, the witty banter between the Prince and Elika is gone, and the ending leaves the player, and the Prince, wondering just what all of the effort was for. Combine that with the short play time (about two hours) and the recycled enemies and you're left thinking that your ten bucks could have been better spent elsewhere.
  5. The original's art style divided fans, but at least in Epilogue we can all agree to being disappointed. [June 2009, p.107]
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