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  1. Oct 2, 2012
    Well this is a massive 2 steps forward but one back. The game this year has some major improvements like manual passing and shooting, Ai is much better with the player having the ability to influence much more what happens on the pitch. Goal keepers much improved, just all round game play improvements take the game play miles above Fifa 13 ....but...

    Konami in their wisdom have removed
    certain features like league options..hello?..fundamental to a football game is league option , also the master league has changed as well, now you have an "rpg" element in there like unlocking boots which will give players an improvement to certain stats like increasing your shooting stat and the like, some of those things only last for a season etc takes away form the realism in my opinion.

    Overall this years PES is the best yet. far superior game play to Fifa still worth a buy.
  2. Oct 2, 2012
    I'll dive straight to the point with this one. PES 13 is a frustrating game,in a very good way. The reason I fell in love with this the PES series was PES 5 as it had this frustration factor:It's bloody hard to score,it's bloody hard to keep possession and it's bloody hard to defend. PES 13 has that same factor fused into this edition. Manual shooting is a headache so one has to make damn certain you're accurate with your shooting. Manual passing is a pain because pressing X won't pull of a pass Xavi or Iniesta might envy. Nothing is easy about this game and that is why in my opinion it will never gain the same admiration that it's competition has. I constantly hear complaints of it's presentation and commentary and so forth but have any gamers out there realised that Konami isn't interested in any of these things? I could go on forever trying to explain the game in detail but our ''critics'' from major websites have done that already. One thing I will point out is that the reason PES will never gain the respect FIFA has is licenses. Football gamers have such an attachment towards the Barclays Premiership that they fail to realise that FIFA feels nothing like the real thing(football that is). I enjoy a challenge. I enjoy racking my brain wondering how to break an opponent's defence. I enjoy the pressure of the pressure of looking for an away goal to send me into the final of the Champions League.PES 13 does that for me. No FIFA game has ever done that for me. Expand
  3. Sep 27, 2012
    So what has PES konami done in the last few years which have made strives towards former glory and on pitch greatness again.

    PES 11 was a game which made strives in the animation and movement departement, but failed with its GK, bugs, and still ridgid feeling. But it was a welcome change from what we had with PES 10 , and 9.

    PES 12 finally gave players more animation and fluid
    movement , with off ball controls being improved. And graphical changes were not revolutionary, but acceptable. However the game flawed with its random balloon like shooting and inconsistency with GKs. PES 12 unfortunatly went back to on the rails , and ridgid movement where the player would wrestle with controls. So why did i give PES a chance ?? I gave PES a chance on the frist demo , i have been playing FIFA all year , since FIFA 11. And PES just didnt stay in my console for long. SO on demo 1 i had low expectations and didnt really expect much , other than being exicted about the shooting being back to its formerself. And no longer this random feature of an awful mess. When i played the demos, the story was different. I instantly felt the freedom , instantly felt more in control , and as if given freedom to express myself on the pitch which previous PES games had put on rails. It once again felt natural , and off ball movements with fluid animations really impressed me. So with the final game what does PES do ? As much i played the demos , PES 2013 has finally brought back the addictive gameplay, where i want one more match. The feeling of freedom , and being bale to move the flow of the match, is an absolute pleasure to play. The player animations are much improved from last year, they move more fluid and react much much better. I can say with releif and happiness that the robotic movement has finally left the game. And now in PES we have this organic and natural movement. -First touch controls. First touch controls bring a new dimension to the gameplay, it no longer feels as if every player has the touch of magic on a ball. The player skills and stats determine how well his first touch is, and how well he can control the ball. This is brilliant, regarding how well some players can chip the ball and use first touch to such a depth. -Manual controls For the hardcore and the beginer this is just a brilliant feature to have. It really makes PES play an brilliant game close to real life. I mean with L2 i am able to either put the pass in the position i want, where i want and when i want. And watch how my player runs into space and how well the A.I works is just wonderful. But practice always makes better, and shooting is something which will have a learning curve. the R2 button also adds a new layer of depth of control. I can now move my player however i want, and now make more accurate passes. which adds to the gameplay. Even dribbling looks fantastic and beating a player has never felt more rewarding. -The shooting its back to its roots of PES. no longer do we have the awful shooting of pes 11 and 12 , which was random , and would be very AI controlled. Now we can truley hit screamers with the best of shooters. The shooting is now balanced and much more responsive. PLAYER ID if its one thing that Konami have kept above EA, its definetly the player individuality and ID. In pes you can instantly pick out your top player, as each player has a different feel , and definetly adds to the game. No feeling of eveyrone feeling the same, as each player has something to bring. I can instantly execute faboulous passes with Pirlo and iniesta, and can use players like danni alves to cause havoc down the right wing of my oppenent. The player ID is at its best In PES 13. I have never seen such great individuality in a sports game. The stats and health of the player will also determine how the player performs on the pitch . ANIMATIONS Animations have improved the robotic movement has gone , players fall and move much more realistically, and passing shooting feels much more closer to real life. However i do feel that they are still not at EA FIFA standard which are brilliant. But their is one thing that KONAMI have in favour of their animations, and that is the Inertia. Some people do day that FIFA players look like they are skating on ice , due to their inertia movement being free and sometimes non existent. While PES players turn and move much more closer to real life. However it is debatable. But what matters is that they move and turn in more natural and less robotic style. PHYSICALITY Konami have worked very well this year on this aspect of the game. Of course not as in depth as EA fifa impact engine. But still we have a level of physicality which is much more realistic, much more active than ever before. We can use stronger players in a Expand
  4. Sep 5, 2013
    This game has heart and soul. To me it feels truer to the sport than it's current competitor. On the down side, the series is lacking the fine polish seen in the really great games of this generation. Not having licenses is also kind of a bummer, but as a long time fan of the series I can look past it for what the game offers.
  5. Nov 13, 2012
    PES 2013 is the first PES I have bought, in order to take a break from FIFA and EA's poor reputation (which left me unable to play UT for over half a year last year). I tried the demo and instantly fell in love with the fluidity of the gameplay. It feels very realistic, and while it might be harder than FIFA, it is more satisfying when you score. The addition of every La Liga stadium is great, as you can play in the real grounds of average teams, something you have never been able to do in FIFA. UEFA and CONMEBOL licences are also great, and make Master League really enjoyable. However the game gets boring after a while, and the lack of leagues does show. ML Online is also frustrating, since you are often matched up with teams that are miles better than you. However this feels like a game that can knock FIFA off the top. Expand
  6. Sep 25, 2012
    The long range shooting is back! FIFA is only for those who sucks at PES so stop whining guys. Compare FIFA to PES is just mean. Still got problem with the referee though, red cards coming out of nowhere.
  7. Sep 22, 2013
    i cant pass i cant shoot i cant hold the ball. Why i like pes before? Because game was very fast and smooth. But now its like copy the fifa. its slow and boring. sorry konami...
  8. Sep 29, 2012
    I haven't bought a PES game since the golden PS2 era but this game is back on form, its class. THe online mode is also perfect, if you have a problem then its your net connection, I haven't had a single bit of lag. I have been playing FIFA online for years and you slowly realise that 90% of the goals scored are a pass to an open attacker and then a shot into an empty net. This rarely works in PES 13 and you barely ever score the same goal twice. The referees are also very realistic in that they make mistakes, give cards for nothing. Some might see this as a minus but it really does make the game realistic and makes sure you have to watch your tackles. I would give this game a 10 except that the commentary is no way as good as FIFAs, obviously Konami hasn't got the budget EA has! Also, you can download the latest option file for the official kits, stadiums, transfers, etc. 9/10 Expand
  9. Sep 26, 2012
    I've always been a PES-fan, but due to terrible gameplay I had to switch to fifa for a couple of years, hoping for another great PES like the last on PS2. I'm mainly an online player; so this is based upon the online experience (master league). I had high hopes and the begin was good. But after a couple of matches, you see where Konami dropped the ball. Every match goes by the same stereotypic sort of gameplay. Fast forwards and superbly placed throughpasses, even from defence, spot on on the fast forward who can run unthreated to the goal. After a while it gets very tedious and frustrating.
    offline might be good, but online was not developed very well. Too bad...
  10. Sep 27, 2012
    Cara, é impressionante como os fanboys de FIFA têm inveja do PES. O BJ sempre deu notas maiores pro FIFA ( Com razão) e quando o Pro Evolution dá uma melhorada vem eles com esse discurso ignorante. Joga teu FIFA na tua e deicha que joga PES quieto senão vai tomar fora msm.
  11. Oct 30, 2012
    One of the worst PES of all time. A new playability (that i don´t like) and a lot of bugs. Konami really did a poor job on this one. I really tried to like this game, but it´s difficult.
  12. Oct 26, 2012
    I'll be honest, I initially bought this game over Fifa 13 because a). I liked the demo and b). I fancied a change from Fifa's claustrophobic playing area. I was so wrong ... and this is why. Pes is fine in single player. The Champions league complete with official licence is actually entertaining. Most of my time is spent playing online though and unfortunately this is what lets PES down. I really tried to like it, I was always a PES man in days gone by but it has remained deeply rooted in the past. PES is so erratic that it exceeds being frustrating. Imagine controlling a game for 85 minutes with a deserved victory in grasp only to concede two goals in five minutes because of a flawed control or A.I. system. I regularly came across this problem online ... suffice to say, the controller flew across the room several times, the dog covered his ears as I unloaded a tirade of expletives at the screen and the game disc ... after only 2 weeks of play went back to the shop to be traded for something less frustrating and more enjoyable. I considered the loss of £11 in two weeks a bargain as , had I kept PES it would have cost me a fortune to replace my 51" 3D Plasma due to Dualshockhittingthescreenitis ! So, FIFA 13 is now my game of choice, it does everyth... MOST things I want it too. I still get frustrated from time to time but at least now it is down to my lack of skill rather than dodgy A.I. or the ridiculous physics engine. I would genuinely love a brilliant PES game, I really would but until they up the quality and iron out the game breaking flaws, I'll stick to what I know delivers. Expand
  13. Sep 25, 2012
    Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 is most precise Soccer Simulation out there. If you like flawed football mechanics, shiny looking players, mad players running all over the ground you can try FIFA but this my friend Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 is not for the light hearted, play at your own risk.
  14. Sep 26, 2012
    It is way better than pes 2012 they really hit the spot with pes 2013 its way better than fifa 2013 robot game and this guy alvaro911 dude dont review the game if u didnt buy it or too put it down cause u play fifa so get off this page and go bak to ur fifa page this is all about PES 2013 !!
  15. Sep 30, 2012
    Much better teamwork, better online play, best of the PS3 generation.... Then Konami decide to remove the league option stopping you from playing with friends in 1 location unless you want to go back to the days of writing a league table on some paper. For the simple fact they removed a core mechanic behind playing with friends and organised tournaments PES 2013 gets a 1 as it is simply unplayable and has 50 of us involved in North East England PES tournaments and buy our own copies for practice during the week are now having to look at the enemy in FIFA which would still allow us to play in the manner we have been accustomed to. Whoever made that decision at Konami should be sacked and never work in gaming again as they quite simply have zero grasp of the games target market. Expand
  16. Sep 27, 2012
    It seems that Konami had finally able to put a title Pro Evolution Soccer franchise on top as the most beloved by most players. If that does not happen with version 2013, which still suffers from distrust of those who "migrated" to FIFA, upcoming releases should heat up this dispute - in which the winner is the gamer. If you missed the news for game modes, technical improvements have created a fun environment and refers to the history of PES, joining new details, but without losing the essence that established the franchise. The retouched graphics, the highlight even higher for Brazil and complete control over their actions in the field ensure three points for Pro Evolution Soccer. Expand
  17. Sep 28, 2012
    Sold the game today. I refuse to play Barcelona or Real Madrid mirror matches and I'm tired of playing against them online. 2 Hours streight and nothing but Ronaldo or Messi.

    The worst ONLINE experience ever! This game is totally unbalanced next to that! The AI makes the dumbest decisions ever! Just because my attacking style is wide doesn't mean every pass I make has to go wide by
    default!! Or passing to the player in the worst position. I rather play manual, I've tried playing manual only, but that's not done online with rank matches and against assisted Barca or Real players.

    It's not 360 play when sprinting. When sprinting it's scary to go in an angle because somehow the player goes 45 degrees and looses momentum unless your're playing Ronaldo or Messi. Collisions with own teammates look ridicolous. Players still walking the ball over the sideline. The keeper dives to every ball in the 16 and needs to much time to get up. There goes your counter attack. The CPU are not dynamic, they don't allways run along the sideline while Konami says they do. No matter what tactical settings I use You just have to play with Real Madrid or Barca to really see every dynamic working. Online is laggy, input lag is worse. Takes forever to get something executed. I do a sliding and years laters it's executed. AI does nothing when a pass goes neer their feet. Oh yeah, just shoot the ball forward towards the middle of the defence and somehow your defence is wide open for Benzema, Ronaldo or Messi. And When I win a justle with Zlatan I still get overtaken. Zlatan!? Come on Konami!

    Online lobby sucks. Why can't I create a game or kick out every Barca or Real players or choose who I play against? I'm not even going to mention the communication establishing times.

    What have you been doing for 13 years? I expected the perfect football game years ago for online play. Maybe they should not be doing this anymore?
  18. Sep 30, 2012
    iam a pes player since iss/pro and this is by far the less adict version ever of the pes.
    the matches run all the same way, lots of weird gols. very boring game. and they retire the chat in matches,
    for me pes is perfect for playing with friends and dirty talking is a huge part and a plus in adiction, so i really dont understand the reason for retire the chat by konami.
    i could give a
    lot of reasons but the most honest is that i make 100 games in pes2013 and start to play again the 2012. Expand
  19. Oct 5, 2012
    can you please inform me on how i could create my own league (new community like used to do in pes 2012). Other than that still trying to find out the major differences with pes 2012
  20. Oct 9, 2012
    Worst game ever, If your looking for a good football game dont waist your money on this game, Get FIFA. best football game out there. This game lacks in most things.
  21. Oct 31, 2012
    Hi Guys, Ineed your help please, how can replace my online player, I need to have a new team from Zero, can someone guide me please? I have a team but i keep on loosing matches, i need to start from the beginning again, please help
  22. Feb 9, 2014
    I enjoy gaming but most of all I am a football gamer. I always need a football game in my collection. Back on the ps1 and ps2 it was PES all the way. On ps3 Fifa has been better most years, but it is kind of generic after a while. What I always ask is - If EA made a brilliant Fifa game and Konami made a brilliant PES game, which would you prefer? Fore me it would be PES, I feel a good PES game has more depth than Fifa (on the pitch I mean).

    Unfortunately PES has been terrible on the ps3. I try it every year and most years I have found it unplayable - like the 2014 version. Fortunately PES 2013 is actually decent, far from perfect, but a decent game of football and certainly the best PES game on the ps3. I should point out that I mainly play offline against the computer - so I mainly play Master League or football life as it is called on this. I like to play as the whole team and not as one player (be a pro/become a legend or whatever).

    Licenses not a problem at all, easy to download a patch which effectively makes the game licensed. Fortunately PES has some very dedicated fans who spend hours, days and weeks no doubt in creating option files and correct badges, kits etc. Obviously there are less teams that Fifa and for me its a down side in that I cannot play with League 1, League 2 teams etc. There is often a patch to include the Championship teams. But the team I support is currently in League 1, yes they are that bad.

    I usually don't like gimmicks but the boots options in ML is a good addition. You can choose boots for your players and this can improve certain stats slightly. It only makes a small change to stats which is good or it would be wholly unrealistic. The main thing about any football game is the gameplay. On PES 2013 the gameplay is quite good overall. Animations hold it back a little, for example when the GK dives it can look unrealistic and the movement of players is sometimes awkward. But you can play a good passing game and you can score some well worked goals.

    The negatives on the pitch are that long range shots are too easy to score, the ref gives or fails to give fouls incorrectly quite often, the skill moves could be better. Gameplay could definitely be improved but like I said, it is enjoyable and 80% there I would say.

    For me this is the best PES on the ps3, it is enjoyable and that is why I still play it. However I accept that it is not the perfect game and there is room for improvement, both on and off the pitch. Hopefully PES will be good on the ps4 and it could become a real competitor to Fifa once again.

    Overall I give a rating of 7.9 out of 10 (rounded to 8/10).
  23. Nov 13, 2012
    WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT!!! literally no improvement over the past few versions of this franchise. I felt it is not a new game at all but rather an expansion package for pes 2012. Just because crossing is overpowered in 2012, you dont have to completely make it useless in 2013!!! according to statistics, 35% goals are coming from crossing. and yet, in 2013, it is nearly 0... Konami, please update the engine, pay some money to get real team and player authorizations. Oh, and one more thing, please give us the option to autosave in career mode. I dont wanna spend half of the time staring and the saving and loading screen. Expand
  24. Dec 2, 2012
    Life long pes fan, this year opted for FIFA as the demo was very good, sold FIFA after 1 month and bought PES13. The best PS3 pes so far, not perfect but getting there. I play all my matches online and it's a smooth experience, just the AI of the defenders needs tweaking so long balls aren't so effective as it's abit of a game breaker at the moment - still much better than FIFA
  25. Dec 30, 2012
    unlike other soccer games. you need skills to win not just speedy players...............................................................................................................................................................................
  26. Jan 5, 2013
    Old visual in menus, basic and easy gameplay... Without licenses of big teams of europe. If i need PES 13, I can buy WE 1999. FIFA 13 still best them PES.
  27. Jan 15, 2013
    Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 is the best game of this franchise of PS3, the game has the best leagues of the world(France, Spain, Italy, England[only MANU licensed], Netherlands and Brasil).
    Why have more?
  28. FRG
    Jul 24, 2013
    I don't know why soccer games have minnimaly update between every year.One word:PES 2013 is the worst soccer game i ever played.Is unrealistic,monotonous,and boring.
  29. Jun 22, 2013
    I've really wasted money buying PES2013, KONAMI r complete losers; 80% of matches end with cheating and you cannot do anything, i report every cheater to your mailbox and nothing gets done to them and i still face them again with their same usernames; i can forward you hundred of tickets i submitted with cheaters data and nothing happened.
    You know that you have a bug in your online game
    and you are not capable to solve it. Next year i'll definitely buy FIFA. KONAMI Expand
  30. Nov 20, 2013
    Simplemente decepcionante, pésimo, un juego pasable, no recomendable si tienes el 12, ¿porque? solo mejora un poco la jugabilidad, lo demas, todo, es exactamente lo mismo pero con cosas empeoradas, la liga master cada vez mas ambigua, ya no puedes jugar liga, niveles de habilidad chetados, vamos un desproposito, la verdad no me esperaba est de Konami, en cuanto me di cuenta de que iba a tirar el dinero lo devolvi enseguida, con esta entrega Konami confirma que esta a años luz de su rival Fifa. Expand
  31. Mar 23, 2014
    This is **** I would never in my life would not advise you to spend your time playing it! authors probably wanted people to suffer playing their "creation". Game - **** I have nothing more to say about it.
  32. Sep 26, 2012
    I've always been a PES-fan, but due to terrible gameplay I had to switch to fifa for a couple of years, hoping for another great PES like the last on PS2. I'm mainly an online player; so this is based upon the online experience (master league). I had high hopes and the begin was good. But after a couple of matches, you see where Konami dropped the ball. Every match goes by the same stereotypic sort of gameplay. Fast forwards and superbly placed throughpasses, even from defence, spot on on the fast forward who can run unthreated to the goal. After a while it gets very tedious and frustrating.
    offline might be good, but online was not developed very well. Too bad...

Generally favorable reviews - based on 37 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 32 out of 37
  2. Negative: 0 out of 37
  1. Dec 17, 2012
    With an improved player AI, you'll be able to pull off some great attacking raids. [Jan 2013, p.77]
  2. Nov 15, 2012
    A mixed bag: mostly entertaining, yet still a bit frustrating experience. Slowed down tempo, refined attacking AI and new defending controls are welcomed additions. However, Konami should forget the dribbling controls and keep on improving passing, AI and physics engine. [Nov 2012]
  3. Nov 6, 2012
    PES 2013 is a very respectable soccer game that maintains its excellence on the field but unfortunately fall further behind in the bells and whistles department making it a distant runner-up in this year's battle for soccer supremacy.