• Publisher: SCEA
  • Release Date: Sep 10, 2013
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 202 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Negative: 17 out of 202

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  1. Sep 12, 2013
    This game is pure magic. From the characters to the set changes, the platforming to the levels, the humor to the charm, you cant disagree this game is beautiful in every way. Its more then just the graphics, which are a downright marvel. The music is a magnificent opus of cellos and violins, tubas and trumpets..... ...it makes you smile like a young child. This game has so much going for it and its been a joy to play from beginning to where I am at. Sometimes I just want a game to get lost in and have a complete joy playing from start to finish and not worry about leaderboards and difficulty levels....Puppeteer is that game. Its a masterpiece. Expand
  2. Sep 16, 2013
    People who are rating this game in the negative scale are out of their mind.
    This game does many new things, many old things better than ever, without ever trying to copy something from another franchise.

    The graphics are superb, they pop right out at you looking like they really are made of wood, and are some of the most colourful in the entire generation. The music too, is awesome.
    It has that epic film score likeness but it's been refined into somewhat of a poppy video game style.

    The gameplay is some of the most unique yet and for a first iteration of the game it is executed wonderfully, it starts off slowly introducing jumping and ducking and rolling to get about and dodge enemies, while simultaneously introducing your secondary partner, a cat (and later a fairy) who can investigate the background and foreground for secrets that may lead to lives, power ups, secret heads or bonus stages. The main mechanic is from the scissors (calibre) that Kutaro gains in the first level, cut into enemies, cut around the level via leaves or smoke, cut into bosses, and cut along seams in a furious and fast fashion for a big thrill.

    On top of that it introduces new mechanics to the platform genre, a permanent Ninja head power that allows you to throw bombs, a bull head that allows you to smash down on obstacles and more. Once you've completed the game the first time you can go back through from the start and find secrets that lead to enemies and heads never found or fought before with your new head powers.

    The bosses as well are some of the finest I've ever seen, there are more than 13 of them, the generals as well as things called Weavers which are like mini-bosses it really feels the best of the Mega Drive-SNES era non-Nintendo platformers brought into Modern era, except being about 3 times as large with more content. The game is actually somewhat of a spiritual successor to Dynamite Headdy, especially with it's head mechanics, and puppet theatre setting, it even has a big bad bear as it's protagonist the Moon Bear King, (it was trouble-bruin or Murayama in the jp version of Dynamite Headdy.)

    All I can say is the game will blow you away, and it doesn't try to imitate Mario or Kirby or any other platformer, it fits perfectly among the others, this seems as though it will be another highly rated SCEJ game with critical acclaim that may not sell well at FIRST... but as time goes on, if people let others know how masterfully crafted it is, it might explode like Dynamite.
  3. Sep 15, 2013
    This game is underrated and sadly overlooked.
    It is also the most original game of this generation, other than ThatGameCompany's works.

    The visuals are outstanding, and so unique never before seen style and amazing animation. The theatre theme and overlay make it feel like you're playing something different, almost like it's not a game.
    Voice acting is superb, with Picarina being one
    of the most original and likable characters ever, once you get past the shock that she sounds like a sassy valley girl.
    Gameplay is also brilliant and wildly unexpected. Scizzors as a game mechanic? Crazy right? But it works so well and is so satisfying!

  4. Sep 11, 2013
    Puppeteer is beautiful, well-paced and original. The voice acting is excellent and hilarious at times. It's a breath of fresh air from all the sequels and shooters. And its only 40€/$
  5. Sep 12, 2013
    Just got it today and have finished Act 1 and the first chapter of Act 2. I have just about nothing to complain about with regards to this game so far. Graphics and aesthetics are top notch, voice acting even better, mechanics are fun and the game has a certain charm to it.

    If you are looking for a difficult game, though, this is not it. It has its share of QTE's and the gameplay
    mechanics are simplistic, at least at the point I am in. For me it makes no matter, I don't need every game I play to challenge my skill at every turn of the screen. If you, like me, just like to sit down and enjoy a great story, told by great voice actors, in a game with really good graphics and awesome aesthetics (provided you like them, go check them out on a video), then get this game yesterday. Expand
  6. Sep 13, 2013
    Wow, Wow, Wow. This game blew my mind. The theatrical style was absolutely amazing. The Puppeteer Grabbed my attention from the start and still has not let go. 3D makes this games detailed backdrops even more perfect. I highly recommend playing this in 3D. I love Nintendo but if they want to compete with any of these new platforms, they will need to take a lot of notes. Mario is getting old and this is a fresh beautiful spin on this old school experience. Expand
  7. Sep 15, 2013
    This sadly is one of the most over looked games ever. It is truly a gem and proves that originality still exists in the gaming industry, This game I believe is a must play, it is truly an amazing and unique experience.
  8. Sep 19, 2013
    You may think that Puppeteer is a Little Big Planet copy, but when you actually play it you realize it's completely different. In this game you play as Kutaro, a headless puppet who is in a task to save the moon kingdom, free the captured souls of childs from the hands of the Moon Bear King, epic i know. The gameplay is fun and addictive, Your weapon it's a pair of scissors, Yes scissors, you will find how creative and original using the scissors feels, not only the boss fights but the puzzles that requires using the scissors, also the game art and atmosphere is creative, beautiful and sometimes you feel that you are on a Tim's Burton movie, a good one. This is a game who most likely would look like it was who only children would enjoy but once you play it you realize that is open fun for all ages, a game worthy of your time. Expand
  9. Jan 15, 2014
    Amazing game. Don't pay any attention to Puckman's review... this game is not like LBP at all (both this game and LBP are amazing though).

    The quick time events are not lazy. Play Kingdom Hearts 2... that game has lazy quick time (the only button you push is Triangle). This game mixes it up and brings a different element of gameplay to the game.....See what I mean about Puckman? He
    doesn't know what he's talking about.....

    further proof he doesn't know what he is talking about......
    He mentions how the game gives the wrong head when you need it..... that's because you need to FIND the head first before the game gives it you (you'll know what I mean if you play the game). Puckman never understood that concept... that is why he is confused.

    The writing, jokes, and voice acting are very well done. Game play it great, hardly ever missed a jump or attack... and if I did, it was my fault, not the games fault.

    The level designs are unique and fun. There is one type of level design (in several levels) I didn't care for... but I must admit it brought variety to the game and a great element of fun, and I know other people probably love it.

    Very rarely does a game prompt me to leave a review on metacritic.... I've left 9 reviews (before this).... usually I have to hate a game or love it. I have a couple of yellow reviews I think. Anyway, my point is I've played well over 200 video games and Puppeteer was so good that I just had to leave a review for it.

    If you watch the trailers, and think you'll like it... then you'll love it. I had really big hopes for this game...and I was worried I was over hyping it for myself. I did that with GTA V Online... I over hyped that and it was a disappointment..... well Puppeteer lived up to my expectations..... it's that good.
  10. Sep 14, 2013
    It was the best what i've seen for a lot of time on my TV set. It's cute, nice, interesting. And you should understand that is just typical PS3's game. It's not a Call of Duty. It's happy time with your girlfriend of family.
  11. Oct 10, 2013
    EXCELLENT,AMAZING,MAGICAL AND FUN, the traits tht describe this game it is so fun that you will forget what is going around in the world.the levels are well set and gameplay is fun while cutting with the giant scissors really a must have. but it is not always amazing it does feel a bit forced at a few plot points.Other than characters are impressive and goofy it is fun and thats why you will pick this game up Expand
  12. Oct 21, 2013
    So, when I picked this game up (and with all the trailers and such) I had a feeling it would be some sort of Little Big Planet rip off. It is NOT. It has "that look", I agree, and being a cartoonesque, 2D platformer also makes us believe this is a generic LBP. Again, it is NOT. "The Puppeteer" is a gorgeous game, a true product of love and very unique on its own. Charming atmosphere, characters, beautiful scenery, fun gameplay (with a cool gimmick of finding different heads), great voice acting (though the actors never agree on how to call the protagonists name, "Kutaro") and challenging some times. Another great example of indie masterpiece to be added to the PS3 swan's song. Must be played. Expand
  13. Oct 25, 2013
    This game has an imagination of it's own.
    I've rarely seen such simple gameplay elements done in such a fun way, and it's all done within a beautiful universe and with fun characters. It's almost criminal that this game isn't selling better.
    We basically have another psyconauts on our hands.
  14. Sep 28, 2013
    It's funny. It's edgy. It's beautiful. It's Spongebob Squarepants' silliness meets Rocko's Modern Life's ballsiness meets Tim Burton's creepy uncanniness. It's everything you were looking for in a weird game you didn't know you always wanted. (oh, and voice acting is perfect and the music is breathtaking, didn't know where to put that in)

    For some idiot reason, the game's only $39.99
    full-price so BUY IT NOW!!!! Expand
  15. Jul 29, 2014
    This is the most underappreciated game I've seen in a long time. It is alarming to see **** games like Watch Dogs rack up sales because teenage boys don't know better and because news outlets want clicks/views from those teenagers resulting in a self fulfilling prophecy. Please tell your friends and family who are gamers to buy this.
  16. Nov 4, 2013
    This game is just a lot of fun and very, very charming. I smiled and chuckled the whole time I was playing. It was delightful, and while it rarely ever was super difficult, it was always fun.

    For an expensive title this game absolutely rocks. It's length and quality certainly put it on par with any other full price title.

    Highly Impressed
  17. Oct 24, 2014
    8/10? 9/10? What these numbers mean cannot prepare you for how full of wonder Puppeteer is. It's like a box of magic and color, puns and memorable friends and foes. It is, in my opinion, one of the BEST kid games for PS3 (along with Ni No Kuni and Littlebigplanet 2), but Puppeteer has an ongoing, multifaceted commentary by fairies, witches and much more, that especially adults will enjoy because we recognize the craziness and human comedy of their mentalities. The Western references and the Japanese risk-taking come together marvelously, and the result is such a rare platform fairytale that an 8/10 score would seem ignorant of just how much drama and wonder the journey is packed with. Some games give you 40 hours with bursts of intensity and long stretches of preparations. Puppeteer throws an entire series of 'acts' into one compressed 12-hour pot and mixes it in ways I haven't seen before and don't expect to ever be made like this in other games. It does have weaknesses, though. The difficulty level is narrow throughout the game, comfortably challenging and never super-hard or 'set-your-own-goals hard'. The core 2d setup feels a bit like Littlebigplanet 2's, to a degree where I'd hesitate in owning both games. But then again Puppeteer does much more new with the 2d setup than you can possibly expect, and just the story and characters alone make the game worthwhile. I'd say the voice-acting alone makes the game sufficiently enjoyable, and all the ideas and surprises can be considered icing on the cake.

    I haven't even mentioned that it's set up like a puppet theater performance, and feels 100% as one. The developers have gone to great lengths to make classic game elements into "mechanic tree pieces" and dozens of times it had me smiling at how an element I usually take for granted was re-designed for the puppet context. Absolutely wonderful.
  18. Nov 13, 2013
    Loved this game. It is truely a unique must play experience. Plus it has co-op and 3d and move. There are some issues like not enough challenge and some you miss the fun dialogue because you move forward too fast but this game is nothing short of a wonderful spectacle and devilishly entertaining. And has a good length along with good replay. It is very fun and has strong mechanics but my favorite it the art and style characters and dialogue as well as uniqueness that is rare in budgets this large and are only ever found in indie title. Expand
  19. Oct 27, 2013
    Very magic and funny the environment of the game it's so freakin' genial i don't have much to say about this only play it and enjoy that fantastic history
  20. Oct 29, 2013
    You can remember this game as an another magical platformer beside the rayman. The story telling and the voice acting are great and characters (Picarina is my personal favorite) are awesome too
  21. Jan 26, 2014
    You know what its a Game this is a game , i say its a game bcz nowadays any company who buy computers and 3d models thinks they are making games , Puppeteer is a smooth game funny nice and entertaining , its one of the most original game ive ever played , or its a new whole new genre called " Comedy games " , Puppeteer is a piece of art and sadly i dont have a 3D TV to enjoy it .
  22. Jan 22, 2014
    Um espetáculo de jogo ! uma experiencia fantástica em um mundo vivo controles respondem bem a dublagem Brasileira esta acima da media Mias um grande exclusivo da SONY !
  23. Jun 3, 2014
    This game is well in one word amazing especially because I got it off of PSN for free. I can advise for sure if you have to buy the game its totally worth it and would tell you to get it if you have nothing to play at all. Graphics are amazing and so are the controls very simple and the story is actually quite compelling and interesting. So buy and enjoy you'll love it for sure.
  24. Jun 15, 2014
    Amazingly creative! Something refreshingly fun to play. There were a ton of boss fights with varying difficulties. Can't get over how well presented this game was. Hope they make another for next-gen. It was a joy to play this!!

Generally favorable reviews - based on 75 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 57 out of 75
  2. Negative: 0 out of 75
  1. Dec 12, 2013
    Puppeteer is an original platform game filled with creativity and charm. The games surprises are constant and the boss battles nothing short of brilliant. Unfortunately the controls are somewhat unresponsive and the pacing a bit uneven. But in all it’s still a more than successful and confident platform adventure. Especially in multiplayer.
  2. Nov 28, 2013
    The sentence, "Board that means the world" takes a true meaning in the case of Puppeteer. This platformer takes place on the stage in a puppet theatre. Awesome style completes its solid gameplay that becomes stronger and stronger.
  3. Oct 23, 2013
    That lack of consistency is sadly pervasive. [Issue#140, p.112]