Generally favorable reviews - based on 43 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 39 out of 43
  2. Negative: 0 out of 43
  1. I absolutely loved Pure, and while I've played a fair share of decent off road racers in the past couple years, nothing compares to Pure in my opinion.
  2. In a nutshell, this is racing redefined. Stop reading and go buy this game.
  3. We defy you not to enjoy Pure. In an age where simulation reigns supreme, Pure's over the top arcade fun is a refreshing change of pace. Somehow Black Rock has managed to make a game that is infectious, spreading the joy to all who touch it, even to onlookers who gather around the TV in awe at the incredible visuals.
  4. The throttling gameplay, gorgeous presentation and sweet multiplayer options make it a ride you cannot miss.
  5. Pure offers a massive amount of content for the money, and the online multiplayer, which features up to sixteen players, is as intense as any other racing game’s this generation.
  6. The best arcade racer on the market bar none. [December 2008, p.76]
  7. Kickass jumps and stunts as well as fun optimized courses bring you pure racing action. Some more gameplay modes would have made it a real hit.
  8. Overall, it's going to be an extremely tough pick between MotorStorm 2 and Pure. We've played both and we can easily recommend that you get both.
  9. SSX on ATVs. Not a perfect analogy but it's darn close, and fans of the seminal snowboarding franchise should probably just stop reading now and go buy this game. [Nov 2008, p.78]
  10. Pure fun, Pure entertainment, Pure eye candy – that’s what you get with this title. The game does have some small failings, but nothing totally worth mentioning. What is compelling about this title are the tracks, the air and the way the terrain will affect your ATV. This is great fun.
  11. Pure is an adrenaline shot in a box, a quick paced action packed racer with streamlined gameplay and excellent production values.
  12. 88
    Pure doesn’t set any standards in the department of innovation, but it does take everything fun about the genre and cram it into a tight package.
  13. 88
    If you can deal with some minor shortcomings, Pure delivers exactly what the title promises: pure gameplay. Almost all aspects of the racing, tricking, physics and ATV creation come together seamlessly and the result is a rock-solid racer that aims to please and thrill in the same sweep.
  14. 86
    Pure delivers an outrageous, arcadey off-road racing experience with style and slickness. The controls are intuitive, the tracks are pure eye candy and the tricks are so crazy and over-the-top that you’ll find yourself gasping with glee when you land your first Lazy Girl.
  15. The relationship between boosting and tricking carries an interesting dynamic that's sure to spawn different strategies from player to player. No matter the tactic, the trick system definitely rewards those with nerves of steel.
  16. The game achieves its core focus, taking you along for a thrilling ride. [Oct 2008, p.103]
  17. This game is fantastic fun at times and a joy to play, but at others it can be disappointing and outright frustrating.
  18. The graphics, audio and customization are excellent, and although the World Tour mode is unoriginal, it's also unabashedly fun.
  19. Pure is somewhat reminiscent of the old PC classic Motocross Madness, which was another highly addictive game. It doesn’t have the open-ended stunt practice, but everything else about the formula has been improved in almost every way.
  20. The 'cleanest' mud racer around - but if you're looking for frantic racing, you've hit paydirt. [Dec 2008, p.79]
  21. Pure is one of the most appealing arcade games of the last years. It's uncompromising, full of energy and with high production values.
  22. This is a great example of what can be achieved if fun is the primary aim. Massive tricks, amazing scenery, hugely modifiable bikes - what more do you want?
  23. The game’s hidden strength, though, is in its visual presentation.
  24. 83
    Thrilling on the ground, downright heart-stopping in the air, and beautiful throughout, Pure's a blast from start to finish. A career mode would've gone further than the game's "World Tour" in fully eliminating repetitiveness, but Black Rock has otherwise built a real winner here.
  25. A great-looking, over-the-top racer. There’s nothing new here, but everything is done with so much polish and flare that you’ll barely notice.
  26. 80
    Anyone even remotely interested in the racing genre owes it to themselves to pick up this gem.
  27. Black Rock’s fast, inventive and polished racing indicates Pure may have enough grunt to keep itself ahead of the pack. [Nov 2008, p.125]
  28. 80
    A slick, physics-defying racer that makes up for its lack of substance by hitting all the right notes on style.
  29. Pure doesn't blaze many new trails, but this off-road racer still delivers an intense, tricked-out thrill ride.
  30. 80
    Pure is an addictive, accessible blend of MotorStorm and SSX. It is well made, looks good and is excellently structured for beginners. However, some slightly less outdated animation wouldn’t have hurt.
  31. 80
    If you're after something short term – maybe a rental – then Pure is great: it's an adrenaline shot administered by a supermodel. But after a few days, you will very likely realise just how vacuous that supermodel is (how little Pure offers in terms of longterm gaming).
  32. A perfectly polished and presented package. It offers extreme-tricking and adrenaline-fuelled racing and does it in a refreshing and challenging way.
  33. Pure is probably the best Off-Road racing videogame in years. All the fun and the joy of riding a quad can be found here, and the pack comes with a great arcade style, astonishing environments and accessible and spectacular driving.
  34. 80
    Even after getting all the initial enjoyment out of the game, Pure is still definitely fun to pick up for short, satisfying bursts of speed.
  35. 80
    As the name would imply, Pure wins because it sticks with only the most important facets of ATV racing: crazy handling and absurd, gravity-defying stunts. Its stellar visuals (exemplified by the glittering glacier track set in New Zealand) are simply icing on a cake of solid gameplay that rarely falters in providing the basic racing game essentials.
  36. Pure looks great and runs fast. You'll get a good sense of speed on the ground and you'll get to see enough of the surrounding environment to make those huge jumps look positively majestic. The rider animations are perhaps a bit stiff, and the crashes are cut so short that they start to look a little weird, but overall, it looks terrific.
  37. There are other, deeper, and ultimately more satisfying racing games out there. But for a pure, pick-up-and-play sense of speed and fun, Pure is hard to beat.
  38. You'll love it at first but Pure soon becomes far too familiar. [Nov 2008, p.78]
  39. The pleasure of launching into a panoramic, dolly-zoomed abyss and triggering an implausible series of aerial gymnastics is as primal a thrill as it ever was. [Nov 2008, p.102]
  40. A good bit of arcade racing fun. It just won’t keep you hooked for that long.
  41. In the end, Pure still tastes fairly good but you know it’s been diluted.
  42. It takes a while for things to get stale though, and until then this is a surprisingly strong new entrant to the off-road scene. [Nov 2008, p.117]
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 23 Ratings

User score distribution:
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  1. Aug 30, 2011
    This game totally takes me back to the PS2 classic Freekstyle. Gigantic jumps, massive air, and intense racing! This game is by no means realistic...just the way I like it. If you like extreme stunts that aren't possible, check this game out.

    Graphics = The stages look great and the backgrounds are breathtaking at times, the characters are a little bland but that's not what the game is about.

    Sound = The sound effects are great, especially when you take off from a huge drop and all sounds drowned out except the wind.

    Music = Wasn't too impressed with the soundtrack but it is good for racing I suppose.

    Controls = Pick up and go, the tricks come gradually giving you time to learn easy to hard in that order.

    Difficulty = Learning which course uses what bike may be a little challenging, because of the in depth create a bike section. Your tires play a bigger role than most realize.

    Fun factor = I'm totally hooked so yeah its good, check out the demo on PSN to see how you like it.

    Replay value = With the seemingly limitless bike combination's , and online sprints, races, and free roam, you could rack up alot of replay time.

    Overall value = If you're into extreme over the top thrills than this is a must own for racing fans
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  2. Nov 23, 2010
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