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  1. Shady A.I., gameplay that gets stale fast, and a story that is impossible to decipher when you're losing to the enemy forces in the first turn means you should avoid Puzzle Quest Galactrix.
  2. I'd have happily raved about this clever Bejeweled-style puzzler were it not for its utterly outrageous price. [Sept 2009, p.107]
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  1. Nov 9, 2010
    Maybe its me, but are reviewers trying to squash certain games??? based on the reviews of pq galactrix and pq chronicles I have AVOIDED thes games for months....MONTHS!!! HEY i said freek it I want them anyway today..LIKE WOW...bad graphics? boring? dudes did they issue a patch while u slept??? SORRY I AM LUVN THIS...IT IS STAR TREK PUZZLE GAMED OUT!!! I DONT KNOW ... maybe u see somethin i dont im jumping through leapgates tracking down this thing that escaped. im battlin aliens, running errands for the federations, helping people, the graphics are like bejeweled2 or blur in that they are crsp and pop...eye plays like bejeweled2 or puzzle quest except its an octogon and the pieces dont move unless u match em and then some slide in to take there place. theres 50 or 60 hours of play here. and different modes of play. mining, battles, and hacking leapgates all play different so u dont get bored. there is a ton to explore and a few trophies utimately this is a puzzle game...however modern warefare, bad comany, and medal of honor are all first person shooters done by different comanys but play pretty much the least with quest, galactrix and chronicles they play wildly different...chronicles will make u say wtf? as it is sideways. if u are a trekkie who likes puzzle games this is it but the nature of the game is on curious and explore... Full Review »