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  • Summary: [Downloadable Game] Man your cannons and prepare to battle it out in Rampart. Players can defeat enemy ships while preventing their opponent from damaging castle walls. In this classic Midway arcade title, strategy is the key to victory as players prepare for battle, build and repair their territories and fire away at enemies. A Unique Strategic Warfare Experience - Brains and brawn will beat them all as players combine rapid cannon firing along with careful castle reconstruction on the road to victory. Challenge the computer in up to six levels and combat against three versions of enemy ships. Challenge up to three other players online. Players can destroy their walls in addition to tracking individual scores on the leader boards. [Sony Online Entertainment] Expand
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  1. 43
    With its shoddy Sixaxis support, Sony Online's version of Rampart doesn't do much for the game's memory. Even with online versus play, Leaderboards, and support for resolutions all the way up to 1080p, the overall lack of control seals this classic's fate.
  2. It was an interesting mix of action back in its day, and it's still interesting today. Unfortunately, even the three-player online play can't make up for the PlayStation 3 version's terrible, touchy control.
  3. While Gamestyle enjoyed the action far more than Joust or more than we actually expected originally, next time someone argues that games were better all those years ago, direct them towards Rampart and see that argument crumble far more quickly than the castle walls.
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  1. MichealF.
    May 11, 2007
    Fun, but not that fun. its also very hard.
  2. TeddyB.
    May 14, 2007
    I've never played the original, but I absolutely love this game. great value for the price, great multi-player action, and the online isn't bad either. Some cons would be the touchy controls (when you press a direction it often moves two pixels in that direction), and the lack of online matchmaking. Expand
  3. KevinR.
    Jul 23, 2008
    Excellent game... Butchered...
    It truly is a shame that they released this game in its current form. The sloppy controls kill what was
    once one of the best games out. For those who don't know, the game has 2 phases... one being shoot enemy with cannons, second being rebuild your castle with "Tetris-like" pieces. If you play solo you fight boats, multi-player games you will fight other players castles. This new version just totally ruins it. The original arcade version used a track-ball (which worked best) but... there were several home versions released. I had the Sega Genesis version as a kid, and the controls handled much, much better than this new PS3 version does. Such a shame... if they just took the control scheme from the Genesis version, hell..... take the whole game and just direct port it, add real on-line ladder rankings, and put a little effort into it, they would have a sleeper hit on the playstation arcade, and many young players would discover a great piece of gaming history. Its one of those games, that takes a minute to learn, and years to master. Expand
  4. F.M.
    Jun 3, 2007
    Rampart was apparently a great game in the Arcade. I also owned the SNES version, which was played religiously until we lent it out and never heard from it again. Somehow, 17 years later after 2 great games, they manage to screw it up entirely. The SNES game has more features. The PS3 game doesn't allow you to select the number of rounds, the map is a random choice of 2 (Do you want to play with boats? Well, maybe the game will let you! Oops, maybe not), the controls are quite shoddy, the game will randomly give you messages such as "Build walls around your castle" while you are... building walls around your castle. Which is annoying enough, but it also pauses the game for 5 seconds for both players while doing this. Some levels also have an uneven # of castles for some odd reason. Seems questionable in a game that would demand symmetry. After the building mode, the game inexplicably changes resolution, going from blocky to psuedo 3d ugly. Then back to blocky. I'm not sure if that was an attempt at a graphics upgrade, but if so, it wasn't an upgrade. It even changes aiming, some walls appear thicker than they are, allowing your shots to miss. Taking a great game, which is easy to love 2 or 3 player, and destroying it is surely a great use of an online network. Some people may be able to get over all the faults I've listed, I just can't. Expand
  5. NickW.
    Jul 13, 2007
    This game is possiably the worst game ive ever played, definitly the worst on the psn store. The controls are slow and frustrating, and the gameplay is slow, unresponsive and very frustrating. Expand
  6. H.V.T.
    Jan 16, 2009
    It gets 2 points just for being Rampart, one of the most beloved games from my childhood.
    But the controls are just awful- to the point
    where it's nigh unplayable. Rampart is all about being able to execute precise moves under pressure, so when the controls prevent you from being able to accurately put down your castle pieces in a timely manner, that's more than a problem, it's a fatal flaw.
    Hardcore Rampart fans will have to keep on looking for a worthy successor to the old SNES version, which remains the gold standard for Ramprt games.
    I can't in good conscience reccomend this game to anyone.