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  1. Playstation Official Magazine Australia
    Nov 28, 2012
    If you're desperate for some dungeon dwelling, get a PS2 and play Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance. We know the process of eBaying that equipment is going to be a pain, but we guarantee you it'll be less of a pain than playing this. [Christmas 2012, p.75]
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  1. Sep 14, 2013
    R.A.W. (Realms of Ancient War) is an RPG Dungeon adventure, offering a selection of characters, weapons, spells & monsters. Those familiarR.A.W. (Realms of Ancient War) is an RPG Dungeon adventure, offering a selection of characters, weapons, spells & monsters. Those familiar with this type of game will recognize conventional elements as well as some cool twists.

    1 Good hack & slash with a lot of action, if you like slicing skeletons, spiders & monsters, you will enjoy.
    2 The music is dramatic & will help you get into the mood.
    3 Graphics are not incredibly stunning but nor are they disappointing.
    4 Ability to assign powers is very practical & all RPG games should be like this in my opinion.
    5 This allows you to customize your (2) skill sets (i.e. defensive offensive)
    6 Different spells are available only after reaching a certain level.
    7 The camera does a good job in general, you don't get stuck, unable to see anything, as in other games.
    8 Inventory screen easy to use & view, when looking to drop or sell items or equip armour & weapons.
    9 Skipping the dialogue is a good option for those like me, especially after having viewed it once.

    1 In my opinion, the game was way too short compared to other games of the same ''genre''.
    2 The story line makes no sense, when moving on to the next stage, including the final scene.
    3 You should not expect anything new or innovative, it's a very typical dungeon game, nothing more.
    4 More than 3 characters would be an asset, for example ''Sacred 2'' gives the choice from a total of 6.
    5 The co-op ''offline mode'' is only (2) players, why not the possibility of up to (4) players?
    6 The gameplay would be more interesting if the characters could jump, as in ''DarK Kingdom''.
    7 R.A.W. is only available on the Playstation network, why not in stores as well like the pc version?
    8 Player 2 cannot save gear/progress, which is not a major issue (in this game) but certainly will bother.
    9 A rotating screen option would have been helpful, as well as zooming when using single player mode.
    10 Finally, some of the characters screams while fighting, were annoying to my ears.

    The fact this game is way too short may lead some people to say that it is not challenging enough. A story line that doesn't make any sense, is weird & strangely surprising & a bit disappointing. That being said, I still enjoyed playing Realms of Ancient War because I love hack & slash & that I'm not all about the difficulty level but more about concentrating on what I need to do & developing the right techniques. For all these reasons, I think this game deserves a 5 out of 10.
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