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Summary: One day, the world was enveloped by a mysterious blinding light. The destruction it caused was terrible, even as the light itself was sublime in its beauty, and it made those who witnessed the awesome display think of the unrestrained rage and fury of the divine. The central continent, from where the light is believed to have originated from, went silent, while at the same time demons began to spread throughout the world like a plague. Amongst the survivors of the catastrophe, that fateful day became known as the "Day of Light." Sometime after the events of the Day of Light, a young man by the name of Weiss, who had lost all memory of himself, encounters an enigmatic woman named Eva, who introduces herself as an Agent of the Divine. It is from her that Weiss learns that he has committed the grievous sin of deicide, and that in order for him to atone for his crime he is to become the "Vessel" in which the power of the divinity he had slaughtered will be stored. For it will be that power that will be used to resurrect the one whose life he stole. For those who betray the divine will pay for their sins in the space which separates salvation and damnation, as will their progeny...
Rating: T
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Developer: Idea Factory, Compile Heart
Genre(s): General
Cast Credit
Wu Yang 3d Collaboration
Hijiri Anze Additional Theme "Sousou No Kaze" - Arrange
Masayuki Kato Voice : Jainus
Shinji Kawada Voice : Grey
Hiroki Nakamura 3d Designer
Shingo Kuwana Executive Producer
Yoshiteru Sato Executive Producer
Hiroshi Fukutani Executive Producer
Norihisa Kochiwa Producer
Katsuyuki Hirano Character Design
Tatsunori Nakamura Graphic Designer
Tomoharu Fujita Support Programmer
Chika Ueda AAS (Active Animation System)
Hitomi Kobori Dot Character Designer
Rei Sato 3d Director
Naoko Mizuno 3d Designer
Kenji Kaneko Sound Composer & Music Design
Atsuhiko Kobata Movie Designer
Hiroyuki Komori Movie Designer
Yoriko Nagata Voice : Sena
Takuya Sato Voice : Weiss
Yui Sakakibara Voice : Felenne
Masato Nakayama Main Opening Theme "Antiphona" - Arrange
Ben Recording Director
Kana Asumi Promotion Song "Senkou No Kanata E" - Vocal
Kana Asumi Voice : Fiona
Megumi Takamoto Voice : Yumil
Sayaka Kinoshita 3d Collaboration
Aya Endo Voice : Victoria
Hitomi Nabatame Voice : Mervina
Tamio Sobami Voice : Milzam
Tamio Sobami Voice : Summerill
Sayuri Yahagi Voice : Aina
Yuki Hayashi Voice : Jude
Takehiro Hasu Voice : Helshaft
Takehiro Hasu Voice : Ricardo
Takehiro Hasu Voice : Ricardo
Kanehira Yamamoto Voice : Schwarz
Kazuki Yoshida Graphic Designer
Lee Donghee 3d Designer
Kenta Sugano Director / Scenario Writer
Toshikazu Arai Dot Director
Kazuya Makinose Dot Character Designer
Taro Inokuchi Main Programmer
Kazuaki Taguchi System Programmer
Kiyotaka Saito Network Programmer
Kosuke Uchida System Programmer
Fumihiko Tabata System Programmer
Shinjiro Sakurai Support Programmer
Kazunori Nomiya Voice : Chaos
Kazunori Nomiya Voice : Duke
Kawabuchi Yukari Voice : Deeth
Amika Takahashi Voice : Nemesis
Shinsuke Nagashima Voice : Danaos
Shinsuke Nagashima Voice : Mayastia
Yuki Tai Voice : Fastie
Yuki Tai Voice : Mobius
Masahito Akimoto Assistant Director
Yukiko Matsunuma Scenario / Data Support
Hikaru Sakai Data Support
Shiki Nishida Network Programmer
Masashi Takahashi Battle Programmer
Yuta Hamada Effect Programmer
Kazuhiro Kawahara Effect Programmer
Manabu Uehara Effect Programmer
Yosuke Nakazawa Effect Programmer
Motoyuki Nakajima Graphic Designer
Tomonori Takeuchi Graphic Designer
Hitoshi Doi Graphic Designer
Kaita Maeda Graphic Designer
Eriko Yanagimoto Graphic Designer
Sachiko Kato Graphic Designer
Chisato Masuyama AAS (Active Animation System)
Masami Kaku AAS (Active Animation System)
Misaki Shirai AAS (Active Animation System)
Kumiko Hirukawa Background Director
Saori Yano 3d Designer
Yukitoshi Takigawa 3d Designer
Hidenori ito 3d Designer
Kento Kawakami Movie Designer
Yusuke Koyanagi Movie Designer
Shigeru Saito Producer (Lantis Co., Ltd.)
Faylan Main Opening Theme "Antiphona" - Vocal
Masato Kakayama Main Opening Theme "Antiphona" - Words, Compose
Yozuca* Additional Theme "Sousou No Kaze" - Vocal
Yozuca* Ultimate Ending Theme "Hatenaki Michi" - Words, Compose
Yozuca* Ultimate Ending Theme "Hatenaki Michi" - Words, Compose
Yozuca* Ultimate Ending Theme "Hatenaki Michi" - Words, Compose
Yozuca* Ultimate Ending Theme "Hatenaki Michi" - Words, Compose
Chokix Promotion Song "Senkou No Kanata E" - Arrange
Shunryu Additional Theme "Sousou No Kaze" - Compose
Akiyo Toda Ultimate Ending Theme "Hatenaki Michi" - Arrange
Rita Ending Theme "Kawaranai Kiseki" - Vocal
Rita Opening Theme "Jewelry Halation" - Vocal
Saori Kodama Opening Theme "Jewelry Halation" - Words
Yoshiyuki Kinoshita Opening Theme "Jewelry Halation" - Arrange
Yoshiyuki Kinoshita Opening Theme "Jewelry Halation" - Compose
RyoRca Ending Theme "Kawaranai Kiseki" - Words
Tatsuya Suzuki Ending Theme "Kawaranai Kiseki" - Arrange
Tatsuya Suzuki Ending Theme "Kawaranai Kiseki" - Compose
Yusuke Katagiri Voice : Ignis
Yusuke Katagiri Voice : Rasta
Maki Kobayashi Voice : Leina
Maki Kobayashi Voice : Liel
Hiroomi Tamaru Voice : Georg
Jyun Miruno Voice : Sofia
Souichiro Sakai Voice : Gnade
Souichiro Sakai Voice : Wolfgang
Midori Maki Voice : Ordine
Keito Mizukiri Voice : Jule
Daichi Endo Voice : Fyuren
Daichi Endo Voice : Gideon
Hasumi Ito Voice : Chloe
Hasumi Ito Voice : Leticia
Yuko Gibu Voice : Ingrit
Jun Ozaki Voice : Gordon
Mizuki Hagino Voice : Shaldie Runo
Risa Asaki Voice : Cynthia
Yukina Fujimori Voice : Priscilla
Keiko Nakamura Voice : Serafina
Yu Takamura Voice : Isaac
Norio Kobayashi Voice : Sirus
Reiko Abe Voice : Lilium & Lamia
Mas Sawada Voice Producer
Risogo Star Voice Editing
K.K. Voice Editing
tmk. Voice Editing
Eri Isokazi Voice Production Staff
Shuntaro Ashida Scenario Support (Red Entertainment)
Yuu Ohshima Promotional Support (Red Entertainment)
Junsuke Ohgushi Production & Development (Red Entertainment)
Mikimoto Mizuki 3d Model Production (Frontwing)
Mikimoto Mizuki Motion Production (Frontwing)
Yuuji 3d Model Production (Frontwing)
Yuuji Motion Production (Frontwing)
Kur Motion Production (Frontwing)
Jolt Miyata Motion Production (Frontwing)
Kaeru D 3d Movie Production (Frontwing)
Moriyoshi Shibata Software Engineer (Silicon Studio / Motion Portrait)
Taku Omizu Software Engineer (Silicon Studio / Motion Portrait)
Norihito Miwa Programmer (Sprite Studio)
Tomoyuki Ono Production Manager (Sprite Studio)
Rentaro Onoda 3d Collaboration
Ma Jinchao 3d Collaboration
Li Tong 3d Collaboration
Lv Junjie 3d Collaboration
Qiao Runmin 3d Collaboration
Zhao Rui 3d Collaboration
Xu Zhiming 3d Collaboration
Song Zaichun 3d Collaboration
Zhang Xiang 3d Collaboration
Zhang Hao 3d Collaboration
Ye Haizhong 3d Collaboration
Li Gang 3d Collaboration
Chitose Norimasa 3d Collaboration
Kenji Tamaki Background Collaboration
Hitomi Nabatame Voice : Mervina
Sayuri Yahagi Voice : Aina
Kana Asumi Promotion Song "Senkou No Kanata E" - Vocal
Kana Asumi Voice : Fiona
Takehiro Hasu Voice : Helshaft
Takehiro Hasu Voice : Ricardo
Takehiro Hasu Voice : Ricardo
Tamio Sobami Voice : Milzam
Tamio Sobami Voice : Summerill
Marina Inoue Promotion Song "Senkou No Kanata E" - Vocal
Marina Inoue Voice : Varna
Marina Inoue Voice : Varna
Misato Fukuen Voice : Li Ra-Lua
Aya Endo Voice : Victoria
Natsuko Kuwatani Voice : Vanessa
Megumi Takamoto Voice : Yumil
Yuki Hayashi Voice : Jude
Ben Recording Director
Sayaka Kinoshita 3d Collaboration
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