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  1. Sep 24, 2010
    This game is rated WAY TOO HIGH for what it is. The dialog is full of tired old moralizing and just about the time you're willing to accept that it's a shooting game pretending to have a moral compass you walk in on Reyes having sex. What??? Riding horses back and forth the map gets really old, and the story line is tiresome. "If you'll just do this one more mission we'll find the man your looking for..." and then again "if you'll just do one more we can find him..." Rockstar must be thrilled to have put out such a basket case of a game and still make as much money off it. I almost finished this long game, but couldn't believe how much more crap I had to do after I'd reached a point in the story where it should have ended! Long games do not equal good games! Expand
  2. Oct 15, 2010
    Disgusted that I paid for this junk. I have Gun for the PS2 and r.d redemption is just a rip off of it. Following people to your next mission bores me to tears and what makes it worse is that you have to listen to a conversation that dosent interest me at all. Graphics are very good, I'll give it that but of course they are...its on the PS3 for christs sake.......If you've never played Gun for the PS2 and you like keeping the X button pressed for long periods of time while you listen to someone rattling on about why they live in the wild west then be my guest. All you animal lovers out there will love this game as 80% of the time is spent staring at a horses arse jiggling up and down.....Money not well spent....... Expand
  3. Jul 9, 2011
    This review contains spoilers. I'm pleased to see that I'm not the only one who thought that this game was just a steaming pile of crap. After about the 4th mission the story starts becoming pretty tedious ('Go and kill 5 guys over here using deadeye... go and kill 9 guys over here using deadeye... go and kill 15 guys WAY the **** over there using deadeye, then ride all the way back...' I was at least looking forward to finishing the central story, so I could just ride around in the nice big map, play virtual poker and blackjack, terrorize Mexican peasants, and hunt the occasional bounty. Imagine my disgust at being betrayed by the stupid, pointless, on-rails ending. I hate the ending so much that I can't even sell the disc in good conscience; just have to toss it in the trash like dangerous waste.

    The game gets two points for beautiful, sprawling, luxurious scenery, then loses one point for the crappy controls. I feel completely let down.
  4. Feb 23, 2011
    this game is the most boring, DREADFUL, games i have ever ever played... graphically its sweet, sound is tight, i feel like i'm there... the horse riding, slow pace, they had me killing coyotes! in that moment i said i love john wayne, but i don't want to be him
  5. Nov 1, 2011
    (SINGLEPLAYER REVIEW) After being terribly disappointed with GTA4, I avoided RDR until the recent GOTY release. I figured, hey, free dlc? OK, why not? Unfortunately, this game is about as mediocre as GTA4. Much like GTA4, RDR sports a completely uninteresting protagonist, a terrible, drawn out story, two dimensional characters, and a nauseating interpretation of the American southwest and northern Mexico that will make you gag. The story missions are hopelessly repetitive, the side missions are almost all fetch quests, the mini games (aside from casino games) are boring, and the "ambient challenges" (sharpshooting, hunting, treasure finding, plant gathering) serve no purpose other than to increase your fame score (and marginally at that) which yields passive bonuses every time you 'level it up.' Throughout the game, you also unlock different outfits, some of which grant passive bonuses one might call "perks" but the majority of them serve no purpose other than to make your character look different. Sorry Rockstar, I don't want to play dress up. Combat is improved over GTA4, however, it's still way too easy. Add to that the inclusion of bullet time (called Dead Eye) and the game is a cakewalk. Even on Hardcore mode with auto aim disabled, less health, and longer health regen (yes, it has health regen), it's still too easy. The game world is quite vast requiring large amounts of travel. While traveling, you might encounter random events along the road, say, travelers under attack by bandits or people trying to steal your horse. It's a nice diversion from moving through the massive world, but the variety of events is lacking and rescuing the same maiden in distress or recapturing the same escaped prisoners over and over gets old fast like many of the features in the game. Fast travel is also a feature but is not without its flaws. Fast travel takes place from stage coaches - the taxis of RDR. Stage coaches are not in every town, however. You can instead set up a camp, wait for the game to force you to watch some animations as you navigate the camp menu, and then fast travel. Yes that's right - you have to set up a camp in order to fast travel. Not that intuitive but whatever. If there is no stage coach at the town you are currently in, you can't set up camp inside the town to fast travel out of it. Instead, you have to leave the town, travel into the wilderness for a bit, set up your camp, watch the stupid animations and navigate the menu, then select your destination, loading screen, and voila, it's 6 hours later and you're where you need to be. The controls are generally good but there are some curious decisions. While on horseback, you have to hold a button to maintain your speed. If you want to make your horse gallop faster, you have to mash that same button in order to make it sprint. But your horse has stamina and will tire, so you have to mash X, hold it and let him regenerate his stamina bar, then mash X again to go faster. This is so **** tedious and hurts my thumb. The graphics are good, the atmosphere is great (even if the characters are 2D), but that means **** all since the gameplay is so stale. That's not to say the game isn't fun to play. The shooting is solid (though easy thanks to bullet time) and the missions are fun at first, but the game does absolute nothing new so that by the time you are 20% complete with the game, you have seen all it has to offer. Never does it incrementally introduce new mechanics or switch things up. It is the same tedious, mind numbing tasks over and over again, much like GTA4. If you are a GTA die hard, you will love this game. If you have never played a GTA game before, you will love this game. If you were expecting a fresh experience and not just a new setting, look elsewhere. Expand
  6. Jul 3, 2011
    Honestly, probably the worst game I've played in a long time. From start to finish, you spend all your time herding cows, I mean come on! Anytime you go on a mission, you have to accompany someone on 5 minute journey just to kill a bandit. Seriously, its a waste of time. Furthermore, the weapons are rubbish, the clothes are rubbish, the main story is flavourless, and strung out. The multiplayer is also absolutely appalling. the levelling system is nonsense and the challenges are also awful (more apparent in free roam). Free roam is pointless and long, in both multiplayer and single player, it can take genuinely hours to get to a destination. I DO NOT recommend buying this game unless you want to waste a good 24 hours of your life and à Expand
  7. Sep 6, 2012
    My god, This honestly has to be the most OVERRATED game I can ever remember playing. The goods; Decent graphics - i remember the horse being particularly good
    Tolerable controls and responsiveness

    The bads; HUGELY repetitive missions, "go and kill this guy" "go and kill this guy"
    Repetitive boring scenery; after about one hour the awe of a flat boring desert will very much have worn
    Every mission you think you are getting there, and they just bung on a "oh one more thing THEN you'll have your man"
    Stupidly easy and uninspiring combat system - the auto lock -on is a joke.

    The Uglies:
    Watching the same little cut scenes over, and over, and ooooooover again (skinning animals, picking up stupid flowers) gets increasingly infuriating. I could understand some people 'liking' the game but I can only think the people rating this 9 and 10s are/were caught up the hype or have never played a good computer game before; there simple is no other credible explanation!
  8. Apr 26, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Possibly the most overrated, boring, pointless pile of crap I have ever played, parts where I thought it was going to get things right it failed on every level. So many fanboys of this game. Which is one of the reasons its hyped to be one of the best games every created. It's not. As much as I wanted to get into this game with it's INCREDIBLY high production value and great graphics it was just a slow boring game.

    One of the things that made it most disappointing for me was how much it was hyped to be a open world SANDBOX game. It is not. Sure you can go anywhere you want but there is litterily no point. Hunting? Pffft. There's no crafting system for this game for hunting so really if you skin an animal the only thing to do with it is to sell it for a few bucks. That's it. There is not much else to do in this game besides buy a few weapons or items. You may have a little bit of fun with shooting up a entire town, but the shooting mechanics are so dull and boring that theres no fun before getting rushed by the police and getting absolutely murdered because of it's GOD AWFUL cover system.

    Bottom line is if you want to buy this game for a open world do whatever you want western experience this is NOT your game. However if you want a single player 20 hour game with a ok story and average missions then sure rent it and complete it in 2 or 3 days. But after that theres no reason to replay this game. Another thing I was dissopointed with is the HUGE lack in quests. I swear in the entire game there's probably 25 quests at the most. Over a 20 hour experience. Each quest will take you about 10-20 minutes to complete. This should not be classified as a RPG, considering there's no powerups or leveling up tree of any kind and the interior of the game is just dull in a lot of ways.

    The multiplayer for this game is no different. It's a boring average 3rd person game with no mechanics to call its own other than a quickdraw to start the match off and dead eye as a kill streak. Not much else.

    I will give the game credit for it's 20 hour story that will give you a little entertainment but beyond that this game does not deserver a 10 because of it's lack of replayability, open world dissopointments as advertised, and many other dissopointments as well.

    What you have is a boring western shooter with not much epicness going for it. Thanks for wasting my money rockstar.

    The multiplayer is barely worth mentioning.
  9. Dec 1, 2012
    What were you smoking when you thought this GTA Rip off is good? No Horse Drives like a car. The textures and glitches are horrible. Mediocre story. Go play Zelda Twilight Princess that way you get a third person with a good camera. If you like this game your a Kurt Russel fan.
  10. Nov 17, 2011
    I shouldn't haven't to force myself to play this game, which is what happened after I bought it. Basically its GTA IV set in the old west. Boooooring! I gave it 6 hours, and I still could not get myself to play it anymore. I heard it gets better the later on in the game. But come on 6 hours into it and I have to wait longer for it to get better? Why do I think its boring? Takes forever to get anywhere on horse from location to location. Missions aren't that appealing. Its to similar to the GTA IV for me. I expected something different. Expand
  11. Mar 10, 2012
    How did Rockstar manage to make GTA-Goes-West so boring, even frustrating at times? Clunky controls, game breaking clipping errors and a terribly executed cover-system. The dialog and exposition are not entertaining, insightful or the least bit interesting. RDR is my most disappointing gaming experience in the last 15 years.
  12. Dec 16, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Red Dead Redemption is easily the most overrated title I have ever played. It gets a 3 because blowing through the campaign was fun the first time, and it loses 7 points for everything else.

    Firstly, the story was atrocious. Every character was extremely archetypal. In some cases(Irish, Shaky), characters were so cliched that they were named for their archetypes. The dialogue characters exchanged was incredibly poorly written. Actual quote: "Change is only good if it's for the better." -Bonnie Macfarlane. This blatantly obvious "good things are only good if they're good" quote is a perfect example of how the writers try to be deep and fail miserably. Red Dead tries to make the player sympathize with protagonist John Marston because he is going through hard times and has been separated from his wife and son, who will die unless he takes action to save them, but I found it completely impossible to sympathize with Marston- He is a mass murderer with absolutely no scruples. He constantly makes threats of physical violence against his friends/allies like Irish and Nigel West Dickens, and he destroys the Mexican government and puts a tyrant(Reyes) in control of Mexico- Reyes goes on to slaughter thousands of Mexican civilians. The part of RDR that really showcases what a bad character Marston is is one of the final missions when Marston is working on his ranch- a ranch hand tells Marston that there are some valuable wild horses nearby and asks if they should go catch some. Instead of doing what any decent person would do(complement the ranch hand for spotting the horses, promise him a raise, get his help, and catch some horses), Marston berates the ranch hand for not immediately going after the horses, calls him a fat old man or something like that, then catches the horses. This encounter just goes to show what an a$$hole Marston is. Marston and all the other lousy characters totally ruin the story. The one part of the story that I like is the very last mission in which Marston is killed. After dozens of missions in which Marston slaughtered people, made needless threats, and behaved like an a$$hole, finally seeing him get what he had coming to him for the whole game was a great reward for slogging through the campaign. Even ignoring the dismal characters, the story was a disjointed mess from start to finish- the game began and ended with strings of brutally boring ranch work quests that had to do with shooting crows that were eating corn, and boring things like that. Proponents of RDR have claimed that the end ranch missions provide closure for those invested in the story, which I can believe, but I would not know first hand, because there is no reason for anyone to be invested in the story. The whole thing makes no sense. At one point, Marston works with the Mexican army and kills hundreds of Mexican rebels, and then he makes the spur-of-the-moment decision to raid a fort, kill a group of Mexican soldiers, and free the captured rebel leader because a hot female told him to. Then, the rebels welcome him as a brother and pretend the thing where he killed hundreds of them never happened- in reality, the rebels would have killed him first chance they got, because he, you know, killed hundreds of them. That is just one example- the whole story was equally senseless. If you care at all about good story or characters, don't get RDR.

    The settings started out interesting but quickly grew boring. While each of the towns looked different, all the areas of the wilderness either were plains that all looked the same or were snowy forests that all looked the same. Settings were extremely redundant.

    Controls, graphics, and music were all okay. Combat was well done, but nothing about it was original, except for the lasso, which only came into play occasionally, and even then was fairly uninteresting. Run up close to someone and throw a lasso at that person to capture said person. Nothing else to it. Combat was redundant. Missions, gang hideouts, bounties- it all felt the same and was way too easy. Most of the different guns felt the same. Activities like hunting, bounties, and gang hideout clearing quickly grew boring. As far as gameplay is concerned, RDR was just bland, and it would need to be incredible to make up for the story and make this a game worth playing.

    Also, voice acting was another problem. Native American interpreter Nastas was just appalling and whenever he talked, I paid less attention to what he was saying and more attention to how fake his voice sounded. Fortunately, he was a very minor character, however the same cannot be said for John Marston. The main character was voiced by another bad voice actor- not as bad as the Nastas voice actor, but still pretty bad.

    I care about an interesting story, realistic characters, creative settings, imaginative gameplay mechanics, good music and good voice acting, all things RDR lacked. It had decent combat and graphics, but other games have much better.
  13. Oct 18, 2013
    This game is boring. It’s Grand Theft Auto in the Old West, which may sound intriguing until you actually play it for a while and discover that something as simple as moving your “vehicle” in reverse has become a tedious pain in the butt. Not to mention that riding a horse is flat out nowhere near as fun as driving a car and removes most of the things that make the GTA sandbox fun (different types of vehicles, stunt jumps, etc).

    Everything down to the gameplay structure & unnecessarily long cutscenes during missions is the same as GTA4. You unlock mission givers and have to travel to them from your save point, then to the mission objective, then back to the save point, over & over again. Except, as I mentioned, you’re on a horse instead of in a car. The graphics on PS3 are also disappointing, just like GTA4.

    There is allegedly some incredible story buried in this game, but good luck finding it. I played for about 20 hours and never encountered it (also a lot like GTA4). I completely lost interest in whatever was going on after doing my umpteenth random task for whats-her-name the cattle rancher. The sidequests are even worse. I can’t imagine how mind-numbing it would be to try and reach 100% completion on this game.

    If you have a serious hard-on for the Old West, horses, and moving slowly over mostly empty & bleak terrain, this game is your huckleberry. Otherwise, steer clear.
  14. Jul 9, 2011
    This review contains spoilers. I'm pleased to see that I'm not the only one who thought that this game was just a steaming pile of crap. After about the 4th mission the story starts becoming pretty tedious ('Go and kill 5 guys over here using deadeye... go and kill 9 guys over here using deadeye... go and kill 15 guys WAY the **** over there using deadeye, then ride all the way back...' I was at least looking forward to finishing the central story, so I could just ride around in the nice big map, play virtual poker and blackjack, terrorize Mexican peasants, and hunt the occasional bounty. Imagine my disgust at being betrayed by the stupid, pointless, on-rails ending. I hate the ending so much that I can't even sell the disc in good conscience; just have to toss it in the trash like dangerous waste.

    The game gets two points for beautiful, sprawling, luxurious scenery, then loses one point for the crappy controls. I feel completely let down.

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  1. The game perfectly captures the expansiveness of frontier life and the gritty gunplay of spaghetti westerns, rightfully earning its place alongside the great Western films and the best Rockstar games. [Issue#206, p.86]
  2. Rockstar's skill in creating a believable, functioning world with a distinct, coherent and consistent atmosphere is peerless. The broad-brush vision is masterful.
  3. Red Dead Redemption is a masterpiece. This game is the perfect example of how a developer should work to create the best atmosphere and to represent a beautiful historical situation. The graphics, the gameplay elements and everything else is at top level. Buy Red Dead Redemption, now!