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  1. Feb 12, 2012
    One of the Best games this Gen!! My 2nd favourite game in the resident evil franchise/series (Resident Evil 4 is the Best).. I dont why people hated Resident Evil 5! I know it wasnt like old Resident evil games.. But still it was a GREAT game.. I really liked the story.. Tbh One of the best games this gen! I rate it 10/10 (well deserved)
  2. Nov 21, 2011
    Gameplay: 10 - Perfect. RE5 is the best example of 3rd-person shooting in recent memory. The stop-and-pop mechanics may annoy some, but in reality it makes the shooter more accurate (real cops/soldiers don't run-and-gun!). The melee is fun, and the Co-op is some of the best ever. Add in the excellent bonus Mercenaries mode, and RE5 has great replayability.
    Story: 9 - Amazing. RE5 makes
    you care about Chris's quest. Though it starts slightly slow, it quickly gains momentum, resulting in an action-packed and twist-filled ending.
    Graphics: 10 - Perfect. RE5 has some of the most beautiful graphics on any system.
    Sound - 10 - Perfect. When the tone requires, the music can be moody, creepy, thrilling, or sad. The sounds of Majini (non-zombies/infected) chill the blood when heard in the dark when you have few shots left...
    Overall: 10 - Perfect. Need a co-op game? Resident Evil 5 is perfect for you.
  3. Mar 19, 2012
    Controls got much better than RE4. It's a HARD GAME (THAT'S WHAT REAL PLAYERS LIKE). Chris Redfield is Tougher than Rambo and Sheva is Tougher than Lara Croft! Graphics are AMAZING (I don't believe they made so much on just 720p). The gameplay is long, the multiplayer is good and the Minigames are very interesting. The only bad thig is that the RE series lost the "Horror" title. Now it's more a good survival "Action" game. A Must-Have for sure. Expand
  4. Feb 24, 2012
    Resident Evil 5 is without a doubt one of the best games this gen! The mix between Horror and Action is spot on in this game.. The story is AMAZING! the gameplay mechanics are greatly improved over older RE games, and the replay value is really HIGH! especially the GOLD version (complete edition) which has all the extras (new modes,DLCs). All in all Resident Evil 5 is an AMAZING! game.. You MUST own it if you like action/Horror games Expand
  5. Apr 12, 2012
    Resident Evil 5 takes a lot of flak but it's an amazing game. It was one of the best games to come out back in 2009 and it still holds up. Graphics are still some of the best on the PS3. Co-op is a lot of fun with a buddy and the AI isn't terrible. There is a lot of tense moments and many memorable enemies. The story was also fantastic. The sounds in this game are definitely some of the best in gaming. It may not stick to the typical Resident Evil formula but it stands alone as a great title regardless. Expand
  6. May 28, 2012
    Resident Evil series is the reason why I bought my first PS 1,.. and i'm falling in Love with the story and characters ever since,.. Killing zombies never stop amusing me...
  7. Jun 25, 2013
    This is a co-op master piece, with so much replay value and DLC modes to keep you playing for months, the environments are Amazing for a 3 year old game and the detail put in to everything little things is very noticeable..
    If your playing solo the AI player isn't a hindrance for possibly the first time in any game I've ever played and being able to customize their equip is very helpful..

    my only real qualm with this game is the controls, slow movement and still fire and Melee will have you getting smashed by giant monsters all through out this game..

    The gold edition is now $20 AUS, definitely worth getting.
  8. Sep 20, 2012
    (Translate from Portuguese into English)Sou um grande fã de Resident Evil,mas me decepcionei com este jogo,ele não é ruim,pelo contrário é muito bom,mas depois de ter jogado o RE4 esperava muito mais de uma continuação,esse jogo só supera o RE4 em gráficos e no chefe final,Albert Wesker sempre será o vilão n°1,mas mesmo assim ele só aparece lá pro final do jogo,aquela transformação dele ficou muito ruim,seria muito melhor ele na forma humana,nem o final foi digno,Wesker merecia muito mais,gráficos muito bons,mas a criatividade na construção de inimigos foi muito baixa,praticamente todos os chefes do jogo tem o mesmo ponto fraco,não precisa nem pensar muito pra descobrir como derrotá-los,na verdade não há segredo nem estratégia,é só atirar nos seus pontos fracos que são bem visíveis,modo co-op nunca deveria existir em Resident Evil,Sheva mais atrapalha que ajuda,sempre que ia atirar em algum inimigo ela atirava ao mesmo tempo no mesmo,quando ele morria eu sempre dava um tiro em falso errando e diminuindo a precisão,odeio quando agarram o Chris e demora muito pra ele se soltar só pra dar tempo da Sheva chegar e livrá-lo,inventário muito pequeno,este jogo é 100% ação,"zumbis" com armas de fogo?ridículo.Repito é um bom jogo,fiz tantas críticas porque como fã esperava muito mais desse jogo,5 anos depois e recebemos o que considero o pior jogo da franquia que pertence a cronologia (os paralelos todos foram ruins) Expand
  9. Aug 16, 2010
    Resident Evil 5 was, undoubtedly, the most anticipated game of 2009. It was in development for a long time and gamers were eagerly waiting for it, thanks to the success of the masterpiece RE4. So, now that its been out for while, reception for it-by critics and gamers-has been positive, but they were dissapointed that it didn't live it to the hype and expectations that was bestowed upon it. So, is that true? Yes, yes it is. RE4 was practically perfect. RE5, on the other hand, isn't. It has many flaws that weigh the game down, but thankfully, Capcom has enough 'pros' to keep the quality of the game at a even-keel. RE5 is too familiar to RE4. The gameplay is exactly the same, and the inventory system and A.I. are actually worse than RE4's; there's no horror element to the game, although it does make you tense when you play co-op; the story is good, but its not as varied and exciting as RE4's. But, despite those flaws, the game is still a blast and it is amazing throughout most of the game. The Co-Op is suprisingly, the best component of this game. It's one of the best Co-Op offers around here in the gaming world. The campaign will take you about 12-16 hours to complete on any difficulty, but I would like to note that this game loses a lot of its luster and charm when playing single-player. The A.I. is pathetic (Sheva, I look at you), the inventory system is a hazzle, especially if Sheva will use a herb for any messly wound (Stupid **** so be sure to put most of the important stuff like Herbs, Ammo, Weapons on your side and leave the retarded **** with only a pistol and a sub-machine gun. The end battle and the ending itself are very, very, very dissapointing. It felt rushed and unnecessary. And last, but not least, the characters are ok at most. The only one worth seeing is Albert Wesker. Wesker shows the world ehy he is one of the greatest villains in history. His voice, his stance, his goals, etc; Wesker makes this game entertaining and if it wasn't for him, the game would've fallen apart. I recommend this game to everyone (mostly hardcore RE fans). RE5 is a great game and at times, it not only matches the quality of its predescessor, but surpasses it. It's a shame it couldn't be as innovative, inventive, original and breath-taking as RE4, but with Wesker and Co-Op, it almost gets to that level of excellence. A 9.4/10. Expand
  10. Sep 11, 2010
    Starting the series with RE5, I can easily say I am very impressed. The only reason not to get this would be if you hate shooters. True, it's not as scary as it's previous entries but it has amazing replay value. All of the DLC is absolutely worth it. Let's break it down:

    You really can't say anything bad about the graphics. Maybe not flawless, but excellent. The only
    disappointment that I have was that the console versions can only produce limited amount of enemies at a time, but technology will advance, so I'm not too upset.

    The gameplay is amazing and is addictive. Everything you could want from a game like this. Except you can't run and gun...I don't really care if you can or not but that's up to you. And, no, of course it's not like old style Resident Evil. It is more of a TPS now mixed with the horror element.

    Voices sound cheesy. Real cheesy. But other than that the sound is great.

    Replay Value:10/10
    Absolutely addicting! You will be drawn into this game from the start and there are a variety of difficulty levels that will keep you playing the story mode. The mini game Mercenaries is the best. Mercenaries Reunion is not nearly as good as Mercenaries but still loads of fun. Versus is the competitive side of RE5 and , in my opinion, is almost as fun as Mercenaries. Lastly, there are the DLC stories that will keep you busy for at least another ten hours. Overall, the game is one of the best games I have ever played. It's midnight and I am tired so my review is not as detailed as it should be but take my word for it and buy it/
  11. Oct 19, 2010
    This is probably the best game ever made. It is like Resident Evil 4 with more action, more replayability, and better graphics. Resident Evil is beyond cool. If you like gun management, exploring, collecting treasure and killing zombies look no further. The only thing I hated about this game was its price. Compared to Resident Evil 4, the DLC is a complete ripoff. RE4 was two games, Ada Wong story. This is like 1.5 games and even more expensive. If RE6 gets too chincey I won't play it, but so far this is the best Zombie Killing experience and the best game on PS3. Expand
  12. May 21, 2011
    Let me start with saying that I never took a interest in the Resident Evil series... never. Somehow when the series started I was into LucasArts games... adventures... Star Wars... many years later I got a quick peek at the PC... and I was sold! The graphics and face animations... the cut-scene quality... the voice acting... the adrenaline shock from the first majini encounter... But playing on PC, there was never the option for me to do some Co-Op. A few months later my PS3 arrived and I had to get that sweet gory game for it. Since then passed something like 2 and a half months and I was still doing Co-Op damage in it.
    One thing I have to notice first... I really had the impression, that there were more enemies in the PC version... so that would be one minus point... but I didn't really count them, so whatever!

    First impression... the whole thing begins with an amazing cut-scene, featuring some of the best "for game" cinematic's I came across... the camera movement, the angles the editing... it is simply a good movie between the levels with amazing production values... why only a good movie? Well, the plot isn't that great and the dialogs are sometimes idiotic... but the voice-cast is so amazing that you can easily forget that the last line you heard is actually pretty stupid! The voice-cast and the facial animations... which are really outstanding... the eye movement, the eyebrows, the lips it is simply a joy to simply watch them two main heroes!

    So now lets talk about our main protagonists... Chris Redfield... as much as I love the way he was animated, I am not quite a fan of his muscularity... I mean the guys looks like a descended of Donkey Kong himself, just watch his ears! But besides that he is quit a likable character. On the other hand we have his always present female sidekick, which is simply anatomically perfect, no over sized silicon breasts (like most of the female characters designed for games), a beautiful face and as Chris a likable character.
    But what Sheva really offers is "an excuse" for the possibility to play the whole single player campaign in Cooperative mode with friends on-line! Of course there are in game button assigned commands to communicate within game, but a headset is definitely the way to go! I would especially recommend the original PS3 headset from Sony!
    The replay value in Co-Op mode is extremely high, when you got some folks to play with. People say the single player experience vs. the Co-Op experience is radically different... maybe, but the Co-Op is in my opinion the more fun way to play. Gathering the treasures and emblems and trophies together really is much more rewarding and you have to really work together to go through some game points to not waste amo or healing stuff. The difficulty level is somewhat unbalanced sometimes, you start with a very tough set piece followed by some easier points along the way, then you get to another hard point and so on and so on... but that is not really a complaint, more an observation about the games pacing.
    A minus point is the engine, which on one hand offers stunning graphics, but on the other hand really narrows your movement options. You can't jump over any given ledge, the game has to allow you this, the cover system is OK, but why do they reload before going back to cover after shooting, leaving you literally out in the open for counterattacks? Some might not like the fact, that you can't run and shoot, but this too isn't really that bad... one has just to rethink his game strategy.
    So if you like games which offer a spectacular presentation, but no really strong plot or dialogue (but perfectly voice acted and featuring likable characters), which offer amazing graphics and a ton of fun instead of a complicated game engine, then this one is the right one for you... for weeks, if not months!
    This game has some cons, but the pros definitely out wage them... so this is a 10 in 10 for me! The DLC are also worth the purchase!
  13. Jan 20, 2012
    Amazing game, the best Resident Evil ever, the best action game, horror game, the final is amazing with Wesker, I love Jill and Chris again, the so emotional scene. I really hope that RE6 be better and GOTY 2012.
  14. Mar 6, 2012
    This game is great but it could have been a perfect 10 if not for the stupid people complaining it was racist. The beta version would have been a fans dream but of course it was called racist just because there were AFRICANS in it. Still though it was a awesome game and i still loved every second of it
  15. Mar 20, 2012
    I dont care about what people say resident evil 5 is an awesome game, i know Resident evil 4 was better! But i still think RE5 was a great one of the best this gen, cant wait for Resident Evil 6
  16. May 22, 2013
    You play this game so you can see Chris Redfield punch the out of a boulder. 'Nuff said. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah~
  17. Apr 9, 2012
    Resident Evil 5 is one of my all time favorite games. It gives you the first person shooter game. With a side of scary, horror. While at the same time has a good story plot to follow. I have been following all the Resident Evil games, and find it to be my favorite out of all the Resident Evil games out so far.
  18. Oct 31, 2012
    One of my best game ever played on console. A balaced game with really cool animated characters. The game on the release for its year was outstanding. I played this game 24/7. The controller wasn't perfect but still really good.
  19. Nov 19, 2012
    the perfect game for you and your best pal, not for playing alone. Great story, graphics and good shooting action. For those who say RE its not what it used to be, it had to evolve, and they did it very well.
  20. Nov 25, 2012
    Really, really good game. I don't understand the negativity of this, but each to their own. People saying it's no longer 'horror' need to understand that previously (IE - Resi 1-3), you were alone in dark places fighting a virus in a secluded environment, shut off from the rest of the world. But now the virus is all over the world, so it's less frightening as you're aware you're not the only one experiencing it, combine that with the fact you have a partner, also takes away the scares. The virus, like games has evolved and you're no longer one of only a few experiencing it. It is one of my favourite games on the PS3 to date, as it takes you back to the Resident Evil world once more, just with a different outlook. My one & only gripe is sheva is more of a hinderance than a help. Expand
  21. May 26, 2014
    While the complaints regarding this game are fully understandable, I actually liked it a lot. Imperfect but nonetheless enjoyable, RE5 has good co-op and an excellent storyline that features plenty of different scenery. It was fun to me even though it was clearly more action-oriented than horror-oriented (something many fans will view unfavourably). And Capcom's classic high-quality voice acting is still there! Expand
  22. Sep 30, 2013
    Resident Evil 5, have one of the best storyline, in the Resident Evil franchise, i love play it, but the lack of puzzles and terror, this become an adventure exhausting.
  23. Jan 1, 2014
    I love this game

    Good graphics
    Good story
    Gameplay not bad
    Better than resident evil 4
    I love versus on this game (dlc)
    Good coop

    And my favorite character is chris redfield
  24. Mar 5, 2014
    This game goes from a 7/10 for single player to a 10/10 for co-op. I have never had so much fun playing a co-op game in my last 10 years of gaming. Enjoy!
  25. Nov 9, 2014
    Non sarà un survival horror,ma rimane comunque un gioco epico,con una storia che dire bella è dire poco e con un gameplay spettacolare.Da non perdere se siete amanti degli action.Uno dei migliori titoli del genere.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 76 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 65 out of 76
  2. Negative: 0 out of 76
  1. Perhaps Resident Evil 5's most remarkable achievement is how it deftly straddles the line between the franchise's sometimes endearing, sometimes frustrating, legacy gameplay mechanics while incorporating more contemporary action adventure elements like enhanced interaction and exploration of environments and a decidedly more shooter-like control scheme. [Mar 2009, p.38]
  2. 90
    Hardcore fans may be disappointed by the departure from the traditional survival-horror roots but trust me, the game delivers enough thrills that you probably won't care. [Apr 2009, p.68]
  3. In too many ways this is identical to the last game. That's not necessarily a bad thing - "RE4" is one of the greatest games ever made because it rewrote the rules for action games, setting a template for everything from "Dead Space" to "Dark Sector." Because of that this is still a damn near essential purchase. It's just a shame that the lack of evolution means it occasionally feels like it's lagging behind the very competitors it inspired. [Mar 2009, p.80]