Resident Evil 6: Onslaught Game Mode PlayStation 3

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  • Summary: Adds the Onslaught game mode to the Extra Content menu in Resident Evil 6! In this one-on-one version of The Mercenaries, rack up combo points to send hordes of creatures your opponent's way!


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  1. May 19, 2013
    After dishing out another $15....3/4 of what I paid for the actual game. I downloaded the extra maps for $5, and then the siege pack with theAfter dishing out another $15....3/4 of what I paid for the actual game. I downloaded the extra maps for $5, and then the siege pack with the 4 modes for $10. WASTE OF MONEY! I am a huge REsident Evil fan and actually thoroughly enjoyed doing everything possible in Re6.....but this content is total crap! Do not expect to be buying a mode that is the same quality as the mercenaries. Onslaught......IF you have a mic and someone to chat with THIS mode is maybe worth the purchase. This is basically the only mode that has any kind of depth to it. Below I talk about the other multiplayer modes..skip down a section for Onslaught.
    The other 3 additional pay to play modes have the shortest time limits imaginable....matches will go anywhere from 1 minute-5 minutes of actual gameplay! Literally it's like playing agent mode for 30 seconds and then mercenaries for another 30 seconds and then the game is will spend as much time getting the people together and starting the game as you actually do playing the content! They put restrictions after restriction on the modes and just isn't fun! The time limits are so damn short on all the other modes.
    Onslaught is like Mercenaries but with some different mechanics. A game will actually last a maximum of 10 minutes if you or your competitor don't die.....which one of you most likely will 3/4 of the way in. This is the only game mode that is worth buying. The other 3 multiplayer modes and map packs are total GARBAGE! Do NOT waste your money on it. All the maps you can play on are gutted in all 4 certain sections are totally missing and blocked off. With onslaught...this is okay....with the other games? No! not okay! Onslaught gets a 6/10. The other games crap. If you are thinking of buying the other maps for Onslaught or the mercenaries.....consider requiem and rooftop....the rest have nothing new to offer.