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  1. Jan 17, 2013
    Oh boy once again a prime example of change I have made a goty list for 2012 and you know what this game WAS on it well everyone gasp and ask why oh well let me tell you Resident evil fans first off the biggest complaint of all fast action paced false wrong not true at all no wrong this game is at the pace in which YOU make it leons first chapter took me 2 hours and yes of course theres fast paced sequences you are being chased by zombies and other creatures of course so stop it is nothing like gears or cod i find myself in most situations standing straight up and barley ever taking cover and as for moving and shooting you barley move so stop with that complaint its overused now on to the scare factor the horror aspect and im not talking playing this game with your bedroom light on like the gamespot critic did when he reviewed this game im talking no lights night outside a good sound system there are moments that are scary which nobody admits because of toughness factor in america yes it is more prevelant in leons campaign but being followed around by a large snake and your friend telling you not to move because its right behind you is pretty scary especially at night when the lights are off the story is not impressive the one flaw but it makes sense its not like there arent other games with average reapeted stories that succeed mostlly modern war games no names bottom line this game was poorly judged due to user incompetence and critics lack of wanting to be away from the crowd a good game try it for sure and make it what you want it to be Expand
  2. Jan 20, 2013
    This is not Resident Evil. it has no horror, no puzzles and no atmosphere.
    You want a real RE game? then go dust off your old good PSOne/PS2 and get down with RE2 and RE3, or even better play REmake on Gamecube or Wii.
  3. Feb 27, 2013
    Keep in mind, everyone: This game is DIFFERENT, NOT WORSE compared to the original n64 and PS1 Resident Evil games. Compared to its previous games, yes, the game is starkly different from the original, but games are SUPPOSED to evolve. Nobody seemed to complain when the Halo series turned into a gonzo-action-movie-blockbuster style game after the first two games, so why would you complain about this? Face it, it's a good game; at least from a technical aspect. The graphics are lifelike, the gunplay is smooth and fair, the difficulty curve is spot on, the character models are well thought out as are their animations, and the multiplayer is surprisingly good. I enjoyed this game through and through, and although it's not a perfect game, it's definitely among my favorite games of 2012. For all of you 90's Capcom fans out there, just pretend you're not playing a Rezzy game and you'll enjoy it. Definitely worth $40. Expand
  4. Mar 9, 2013
    The game is fun and awesome the problems i had with it is that there is no single player dlc. The plot is good with great plot twists but it could have been better. The voice acting and sound are fantastic and the graphics are great. Ps.Sorry for my bad english
  5. May 25, 2013
    What the was Capcom thinking when they made this? There's absolutely nothing scary here, just action! The aiming is GOD AWFUL, the ally A.i. is stupid and never seem to stop unnecessary QTE's that are almost impossible to do right, unless you have superhuman speed, and the whole "separate campaigns" is just plain dumb. Save your money for something else! Do NOT buy RE6 at all!
  6. Oct 7, 2012
    Worst Resident Evil ever made. Steals ideas from Gears of War, God of War and other games and mashes them up into a crappy salad.

    Here are the points in frustration and utter tripe:

    - Enemies swerve on purpose like the AI detects that your aiming so everything swerves and even heads bob side to side so you purposely can't aim. Aiming is bad anyway and this makes it 10 times worse.
    Sometimes enemies disappear if your online.

    - Melee is garbage. Half the time you roundhouse kick into empty air and the monsters get you triggering a QTE.

    - Your partner is no help whatsoever.

    - QTE and waggle-fests for no apparent purpose. Lets just put these frustrating mini-games in there because so many other games have them. Time and time again something will blow up or jump at you and your randomly mashing buttons and losing health with not enough health items in the game.

    - No ammo. No health. Get killed by a boss and select continue? Try again with nothing in your backpack because you used it up last time. If I can't beat a boss WITH my inventory how can I beat the boss WITHOUT it????

    - Its a chore to kill anything. Half the time your just thinking to yourself....come on and die already, let me just move on!

    - Did I mention you run out of ammo a lot? Well your inventory screen is just as bad. In an online game it does NOT pause while your looking at your equipment which leads to the below bullet point.

    - You cannot use health without combining it in your inventory first...... and then closing out of your inventory...... and then......hitting R2+Square to put it in your pill case.....and can use it by hitting R2. WHY???? Whats the purpose of that? Especially if you cant pause the game while your in your inventory screen???!!!

    - Way too many QTE mini games...I think also I mentioned that already. This can stop the game for some people without any hope of finishing the game. Luckily they put in amateur mode that does some QTE for you but not all of it!
    Example: In one section I was climbing a rope like a rhythm game...R1....R2....R1...R2 and if you mess up you fall and start again. R1...R2...R1...R2....
    Then they throw in a monster that's climbing after you and if he swipes at you you need to stop and hit a random button combo otherwise fall and start over again.......if you make the combo and then resume the rhythm game but messTHAT up you fall and start over again. I was stuck on this for 20 minutes. It's insanity.

    Capcom is trying to make Resident Evil something it's not and they are failing at it in a huge way.
  7. Oct 15, 2012
    Why do people have graded this game so bad? Each campaign has a different game play which makes it interesting but they all end up being part of the same story. I highly recommend it!
  8. Oct 14, 2012
    Resident Evil 6 is one epic package that delivers something for everyone.
    I am a huge fan of the series. I played the original games back on the PS1, loved the new take when RE4 came out and am thrilled to see where RE6 has taken things.

    There are THREE seperate campaigns to play through! Each of them has a very different flavour. How critics can say the game isn't scary is beyond me.
    The Leon chapter harks back to the very first RE games and does a brilliant job of modernising things.

    Chris's campagn is more action packed - much like RE 5. The boss battles are sublime and the creature variation is phenominal.

    The game is hard though. Ammo is scarce so you still need to manage this wisely. The addition of improved mele combat is welcomed also.

    On top of this - if you turn ON agent hunt (should be on by default) you can up the fear factor by knowing that any one of the enemies in your game can at any point be taken over by a real human being online who is out for your blood. This adds an incredibly tense feeling to the entire playthrough.
  9. Oct 6, 2012
    for one scary moment i thought i was playing new nightmare in the dark again,genuinley horrible controls where you stumble around bumping into things,almost so akin to uncharted 3's opening scene as too imagine that was the design every single footstep is rewarded with a creaky floorboard sound that gets old after the first 8 seconds..

    they got the feel rjust ight in resi
    5,well done to the moaners taking it back another 10 years Expand
  10. Feb 19, 2013
    Don't trust people who give it score of 0 or 3. It's not a bad game. It's just... different from the other Resident Evil (Biohazard) games. Game is split into few different sections with different styles of progression. Story is direct continuation of Resident Evil 5 and easy to understand if you played Resident Evil 4 and 5. You could think this as a end part of the trilogy where everything that has happened comes together story-wise. Graphics are nice, Sound design is mostly okey, music is good, and art is mighty fine. Finally Resident Evil has controls updated from mid-90s to 2010s, and you're not in a tank mode anymore which kind of sucked in previous games in this series. Imho fixed controls made this game way more fun to play than any of the previous games in the series. And for the fixed controls and everything else I'm giving the 9 it deserves. Considering that it has some issues with scripted events and certain fixed camera angles which didn't really work that well... I probably should stamp a solid 7 or 8 on top of it. And yes, it's true that the controls, the story, the enemy design, and the situations you get to make this game more action oriented game which has a horror theme on top of it. It's not solely about survival horror despite it having a survival horror segment in it when you play as Leon and shoot zombies. The game probably gives you few scares but other than that it's more about horror themed action game. Something Resident Evil (Biohazard) series has always done the best. And it's just that the name for this game is wrong. If it was called anything else than "Resident Evil" it would have not probably gotten all this trolling and hate going on for it. I personally think the Japanese name "Biohazard" is more suitable name for the series and should be called Biohazard since it's logical name for the game and themes and story are all essentially about "biohazard(s)". Expand
  11. Sep 5, 2013
    First off: There are a lot of bad reviews here. The game is not a 0 or 10. The truth lies in the middle.
    I've played through Leon's campaign and I'm rating this a 6. Here's why:
    1. Not enough emphasis on gameplay. The new control scheme is great. Too bad you are doing quicktime events or watching cutscenes so often.
    2. Too many useless sequences. For example, there is a swimming portion
    that serves no purpose. Sometimes you move, see a cutscene, then move, again with no actual gameplay, then watch another cutscene. This is bad pacing and leads to a game that is not as good as it could have been.
    3. Cheap deaths sometimes you have to die just to figure out the path forward. Not a major gripe just frustrating.
    4. Terrible story. It is just stupid. Not looking for incredible depth but this is bad.
    5. Tedious boss battle how many forms can one guy have?
    6. Mercenaries seems to only have 3 levels this is not acceptable after RE5.

    The graphics and lighting effects are tremendous. The new control scheme feels great. The enemy design is good. I feel like Capcom spent more time on making an interactive blockbuster movie than a game. I expected RE5 with fresh tweaks and I got that so why I am I still doing quicktimes and extended cutscenes? Compared to RE5, this is major step backwards. I rated this game a 6 and would consider a reasonable range to be 5-8. Still fun, but I recommend a rental before buying. I would not pay full price for this game. Hopefully I'll play the other campaigns and like them better. If I do, I'll change my review.

    Update: I've now played the whole game and I think it scores higher. I have to admit that each campaign is different and fun in it's own way. They are also lengthy and there is a 4th bonus campaign (unfortunately not co-op though).
    I also tried the agent mode and it is a nice addition for some depth.
    The game is not perfect, but is still very fun, controls well, and is a blast when played with a friend.
  12. Oct 25, 2012
    i will be honest after replaying resident evil 4 and 5 then giving a look at this game i cant help but feel its all going down hill what made the whole resident evil /bio hazard was mostly being alone checking your ammo now and again deciding if to keep that extra box of ammo or the herb and generally the fact you did not feel like a superhuman who can mow down zombies in a snap.
  13. Oct 7, 2012
    This game, as a Resident evil game, is total garbage. yeah i know what you're thinking...the series evolved HUUR DUUHR!!! well yeah but RE fans buy this game cause they expect survival horror....if you still dont agree then i guess you LOVE the new Devil may cry and the new hack and slash metal gear. See what i mean? a video game series should be about a genre or similr genre to the orginal, you wouldn't want a Mario FPS would you? this game gets a 0 for being that, a ZERO in today's crowded FPS and TPS online games...At least Operation raccoon city had real zombies Expand
  14. Oct 9, 2012
    Series faithful might stumble through for the sake of story, and perhaps to appreciate those few moments that recall when Resident Evil was at its peak glory. But this long, poor sequel is the ultimate test of patience for even the most dedicated.
  15. Oct 7, 2012
    The camera is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad. Capcom obviously needs to hire different play testers. Oh my good god what a bad camera. It is WAY to close. It needs zoomed out 300% and raised from shoulder height to above head level.
    Besides that, the graphics are **** 720p blurry textures averaging 24 fps on PS3, and that's better then xbox. Where is my PC version with superior
    graphics? Non existent without a release date.
    The game has no horror feeling to it at all. It is not even scary. So, that means it is a linear action game. Well, if that's its genre, then it royally sucks.
    Oh and quick time events..... Just plain stupid.
    I want me $60 back.
    The game blows goat balls.
    Camera problems and quick time events straight up ruin the experience.
  16. Jan 18, 2013
    Here's a short review: Good story but game is plagued with bad QTE's and boss battles. Gameplay is average at best but I recommend skipping this game.
  17. Oct 7, 2012
    The most disappointing game of 2012 Resident Evil "6" is a game that failed miserably in almost all parts,hype,anticipation,graphics that failed to improve,too dark to play,weird menus decisions,confusing controls,all bang and no substance,broken cover mechanics, game breaking bug that forced you to restart the game and more truckload of problem of this pathetic excuse of a big title tried to be innovative and appeal to shooter fans and games that is 100 times worse than the outbreak of raccoon city.
    The only good thing in this game is its main menu interface so Purple.
    Really all those 600 employees must tried to kill themselves just to get a good idea into the game and then Capcom decided to cramp all those ideas both good and bad in the final product the result is you got one hell of a **** quality game.
    Even Retribution still have some originality of the old games,Resident Evil 6 just only got the name and characters.
  18. Nov 25, 2012
    If you're looking for a game in the vein of Resident Evil 1, 2, or 3, I have some good news for you. Those games are readily available for download in the Playstation Store and Xbox Marketplace. Resident Evil 6 is the natural progression that these games have been taking since Resident Evil 4. Quite frankly, Resident Evil 6 is a FUN game. The graphics are gorgeous, the controls work well, and the story is classic Resident Evil lore. So grab a buddy and enjoy an action-packed title puts you through some absolutely crazy stunts. Bottom line, who doesn't enjoy taking on a zombie horde? Expand
  19. Oct 22, 2012
    I got Resident Evil 6 cheap from a friend of mine so I barely lost anything on it, but after playing it all the way through, I want a refund on both my money and the 20+ hours of my life I wasted on this travesty.

    At first in Leon's campaign, I was starting to like the game, things felt good and steady, I felt like maybe I was getting into a survival horror experience, but then all of
    the sudden it just turned to crap, the game just kept throwing hordes of action segments at me that I just wanted to sprint through, terrible heavy rain like segments, awful quick time events and terrible controls. When I finally finished Leon's campaign I was massively disappointed.

    When I went into Chris's campaign.................ah I won't waste your time, the best part about Chris's campaign is when you finally stop playing it.

    Though Jake's campaign wasn't as bad as Chris's but it's still full of annoying quick time events and crap like that.

    Now after you complete those 3 campaigns, you unlock a 4th one, Ada Wong's campaign, which I was very much looking forward to playing due to it being the only one in the game that allowed solo play, but my excitement turned to disappointment as her campaign was just as bad as the rest with terrible controls, camera and annoying QTEs.

    Resident Evil 6 is the worst game in the main series for me and even though I got it cheap, I'm still reselling it, I don't care how much I get for it, because this game is just so bad, I want it out of my life.
  20. Oct 4, 2012
    A solid 6... and that just for leon campaign
    The rest is pure garbage

    If capcom did a big campaign based on leon campaign then resident evil 6 could have been much more
  21. Oct 6, 2012
    Nice one Capcom you **** **** pieces of **** Garbage game and I don't care how long you worked on it I don't feel sorry for you. You ruined the series and spiraled it into abysmal genericism. ****
  22. Oct 18, 2012
    I liked the game, to all the people who think it wasn't survival horror have you tried upping the difficulty... I know I did and man did it get scary when you have no herbs, 5 bullets, and some dogs jump in through a window.
    I loved all the bosses too... some were really quite hard even on lower difficulty settings.
  23. Oct 18, 2012
    Bad design and an over reliance on QTE's ruins this game. Ideas are stolen from virtually every third-person action game in the last 5 years but are copied badly. The mercenaries mode is still addictive but the campaign mode is a complete write off.
  24. Apr 14, 2013
    I love the Resident Evil Franchise, and have ever since Resident Evil 2. I love the cast, I love horror zombie settings, I even love the movie franchise. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get into this game. I have started and restarted multiple times, and am probably about 1/3rd of the way through the game. While I don't mind some QTEs, there really were far too many and they really took you out of the action. The platforming was pointless (just press X) and didn't really see why they bothered. Even the shooting was just "okay" (I played most of Leon and some of Chris' campaigns). The writing was mediocre to terrible (um...why would Leon agree to get into an enclosed elevator with someone who was bitten and someone who is clearly sick as though he had no idea what was going to happen?) though the cut scenes themselves were well voice-acted and well done. Some of the "set pieces" I've seen so far were inferior to set pieces in Uncharted or Tomb Raider. Some of the boss battles were just rediculous ( would anyone survive being in the mouth of a huge shark-zombie for like 5 minutes..). Sure there is a lot of content, so I suppose I could recommend this to someone who was really bored, but I think I'd rather re-play a really good game than finish this. Since I can only get $4 at Best Buy to trade this in, I'll probably try to sell this on eBay since I already watched the nonsensical plot on YouTube. Expand
  25. Nov 18, 2012
    Surely not one of the best games and it's not without its flaws but it's still a great game experience. Personally i hoped it would be more like the classic Resident Evil games; ammo should be scarce, better puzzles in other words more survival. Instead Resident Evil 6 is a nice co-op experience which isn't exactly what i wanted or expected (didn't research enough before i bought the game). The story is very over the top like i think they put 90% of all the action movies in this game for example; fight on trains, fight on planes, save the world.... I guess u could compare it to the resident evil movies which i thought were cool like a 14 year old but It should have been more like the classic Res Evil.
    In short; It's still a great game to play with a friend the multiplayer will keep u entertained for hours and hours.
  26. Nov 22, 2013
    Crapcom has done it again! Releasing half-assed games and sell it for $60 because they're a dying company. Everything about this game is garbage. The story, gameplay, characters,graphics you name it.
  27. Nov 13, 2012
    Absolute garbage: Here is a list of all the flaws i can think of on the top of my head.

    1. Suppose a zombie is lying on the ground not moving, I take a knife and slash at it to check to see if it's dead. I walk past it and it stands up. Sometimes the enemy needs to go through an animation first before taking damage. I.e. they get temp invincibility. It was never an issue in re4 or
    re5 but it was in ORC and RE6. 2. Inventory system is horrible, flipping through my 10 different weapons looking for my shotgun. At least re5 you had maybe up to 4 weapons that are easy to take out. Not only that, cycle through grenades and first aid. You can have 0 grenades but it still shows up in inventory, forcing you to cycle more...
    3. Zombies with guns. Need I say more?
    4. Hand to hand combat makes the knife useless, makes the game silly, it's overpowered. 5. The camera is probably the worst thing, and capcom claims to address this but I highly doubt they will fix the main problem. The main problem is how the camera forces you to look in certain directions. Whether its to your objective, which was obvious to find because 1. It's linear, 2. You can hit L2 to show you where to go like in dead space. The camera will randomly act like an **** you can be aiming at an enemy but suddenly the camera will force you to look another direction and you miss. 6. Hitting L2 to display where to go is just dumb, that should have been the button to take out a knife/ stun rod. Maybe you could have had a map system, that would have worked!
    7. Coop = not horror because no isolation. It also means having to rely on the AI, and the AI may be better than re5, but that's like saying a retarded baby is smarter than a dead baby. 8. Moving and shooting justifies making the enemies faster and more chaotic, making the gameplay faster and more chaotic, making the game feel less like a resident evil game. 9. Most abilities are useless. Jumping of tables, big deal. Slamming open doors, useful in re4, but has no application in re6, rolling on the ground has 1 application (boss against debra in cart), melee attacks make knife useless.
    10. Boss fights are the same thing tenfold. You fight Ustanak about 5 times, Simmons 5 times, Chainsaw guy at least 6 times, and so forth. 11. Cutscenes that screw you over. Too many cutscenes. Half the damn game involves cutscenes, QTE, or running into awkwardly positioned camera.
    12. Oh boy QTE. The QTE are so horrible and overused it's like playing Ashuras Wrath or Dragons quest. Some of the QTE can take up to 5 minutes of your time. There is this one point where you hit L1 and R1 to climb a wire, which attached an elevator to the highest skyscraper in the world... you really have to try leon / jake chapter 5 to see how bad it is. When zombies grab you, I can toggle the stick until my hand bleeds and i still wont break free. Often times these QTE show up when you least expect it and you die. There are also many random gotcha deaths that no one would know about unless they played the chapter before. A good summary of the game is this: You walk forward, you trigger a cutscene, QTE, take out maybe 5 -10 zombies. Cutscene. QTE. More QTEs. Couple zombies. Dammit no keys. More cutscenes, running/walking, talking while walking, forced camera angle that screws up view, QTE....
    That is the entire game in a nutshell. The game gets a 4/10 simply because the game is playable for those who DO NOT play resident evil games.
  28. Feb 9, 2013
    Terrible game, worst of 2012 for sure. just a lot of over dramatic cut scenes and quick time events with some soulless action between.
    You think ppl lie when they tell you its crap, they don't, my disc is destroyed, wont RE-sell it, as nobody should play this game.
    How can this on-rails crap be made from the same guys who made the amazing Dragon's Dogma?
  29. Oct 2, 2012
    I don't understand why this game earned so much hate. I just checked out the xbox version, at 0.6, I didn't think it could get much worse. Its a okay game guys! Really cool graphics, zombie shooting, and yes, co-op. Making the same game over and over again is not the way to continue a franchise, and I thought Final Fantasy Purists were bad...
    If nothing else, then take this from my
    review, ignore the user score. Just go to wikipedia, and scroll down. Expand
  30. Feb 10, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I think Resident Evil 6 in concept had some good ideas and things to work with, but almost everything they tried in this game was poorly excecuted. I did like the idea of Leon and Chris finally being in a game together. I liked how they actually tried to give Chris a little more character development, something that was lacking to me in the previous games with him. I really liked maybe the first half of Leons campaign. There also seems to be a great attention to detail in how each character reacts to the enemies, whether it be Chris, Leon or Jake they all feel different to me. With that being said though, I think theres a lot of problems with this game, and like I said the biggest fault being excecution. I liked how they made Chris sort of this captain of the group in the beginning of the campaign and I like how Chris says no one will be left behind. But this is soon shattered by Adas stupid clone. I was actually digging Chris's campaign in the beginning but after Chris's men are killed I lost all sense of what I was actually fighting for, besides obviously Chris trying to get revenge on Carla. RE6 ended up replacing RE4 and RE5's weapon upgrading system with a skill point system. The problem I had with it was that I really didn't get a chance to actually delve into it as you could only upgrade skills at the end of each chapter and from what skill points I aquired, I barely felt any real difference. There's some melee components to this game but they all feel overpowered as you can continually mash at the enemies at will with no consequences. In RE4 and Re5 you had to place your shots at the right points than you could do a melee sequence. At the end of things I think this game is worth renting as I think there is some fun to be had, especially if you have a friend, but other than that don't buy it. Expand
  31. Jan 2, 2013
    This game is "good". Not "amazing" or "unbelievable" - just "good". I recently finished up RE6 and left feeling unfulfilled. There are moments of awesomeness but then it's brought down lots of uninteresting, repetitive tasks. At times, I felt I was playing the dismal Operation Raccoon City where I had to go thru wave after wave of enemies just to proceed. And then there were moments that shined like navigating subway tunnels or being stalked by the Ustanak in ice caverns - but those were far and between. And those damn QTE events - c'mon! What is this - Heavy Rain?

    I'm a huge RE fan, having played every game since the original PS game. I'm one of those fans who didn't think RE5 was horrible but could've been better. I know Capcom can still make a kick-ass RE game - as evident in RE: Revelations for the 3DS. Revelations was unbelievable game - showing us that RE can still be about atmosphere and building tension! But this game, on the other hand, is just "good".
  32. Jul 6, 2013
    Had such high hopes for this game. Love the Resident Evil series, and this game although good just did not live up to expectations. Also liked to play as different characters, but did not like the overlapping story line and seeing the sames cut scenes over again and just got confusing.
  33. Oct 10, 2012
    Just to be clear, i've played and completed every Resident Evil game (bar 0 and REmake) since the first came out in 96, including the god awful Survivor and the pitiful Operation Raccoon City. It is by far my favourite video game series, and i'm also - apparently, surprisingly - a fan of the Paul W. S. Anderson films. My favourite game of the series is actually Resident Evil 4, and I really kind of prefer the over-the-shoulder viewpoint to the old static camera angles; while they were truely very terrifying and chilling at some points, I think that equally the 'new' camera system has its positive points which outweigh the negatives. I found Resident Evil 6 fairly disappointing - while the Leon campaign was fantastic and very 'Resident Evily', the other two were mediocre at best and really left a foul taste in my mouth. Bringing in THREE new characters to an already established series which has a huge roster was a major flaw. Why not have Leon and Claire again rather than Leon and this new Helena woman? Who, by the way, had a very dry back story. And why is there no expansion on the relationship between the president and Leon? Why use Piers and Chris when it has been ESTABLISHED that Jill Valentine is Chris' partner in the BSAA? Why replace Albert Wesker with his 'son'? How the hell does such a cold hearted egomaniac have a son, anyway? And how does Jake have the powers of his father when he was conceived before his father was injected with T? Expand
  34. Oct 13, 2012
    I am a fan of this series, and I rate this game 5 because it is half of a game, I enjoy it because I am a fan, and I agree with the direction the series is taking but other fans and recent adepts will trash it. Story is awesome, action oriented is OK, characters are interesting, ideas, designs, scenarios, enemies, all is GOOD.
    ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////Then why 5? Well, this game is horribly develop! maybe that's the only terrifying thing in this game, camera is a headache, specially in crawled spaces, there is no lock system at all, while shooting I may understand but in melee, you will be doing hits to the air most of the time, because you will not see where is the enemy due to camera. Action scenes and quick time events cut down to pieces the gameplay, sometimes a few seconds apart from one another. More than realistic recoil, all character are veterans soldiers/agents/police and well, recoil must have been at least realistic and not a mess. The endless spawinig enemies spoils exploration, though in such small areas there is not much anyway. Multiplayer is has multiple connection issues and so long lifed as needed, mostly is the same as RE5 no improvements at all////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////This game remembers me Alpha Protocol, great story, great ideas and design with a really AWFUL development team, no talent at all, maybe they hired some College drop offs in Capcom. How could this happen from RE5 to RE6, I do not know, I am really sad. I never say this but this game deserve it, DO NOT BUY.
  35. Oct 2, 2012
    I am upset and very bothered with capcom with this huge iconic franchise that they just decided to simple shovel **** into this game to produce more money. Resident Evil 6 has no pause menu(no exaggeration), is way too convenient(Bus gets hit by truck falls into graveyard setting), sub bosses chase only after you and no one else and way to many quick time action sequences. I love Resident Evil 4 and liked Resident Evil 5 but for Resident Evil 6 : [ ... It is quite obvious that this game was not even tested for these obvious mistakes. Although I'm aware that im hitting this game hard with my criticism, the game has some ok run and gun elements and horror settings. The enemies are creepy looking and are very vicious. However, overall this game does not follow up with the hype that I have been waiting for ever since it was reviled. Expand
  36. Feb 12, 2013
    Yes, this is just like Raccoon City all over again: stilted, awkward, ridiculous, embarrassing, tedious. Except for the parts where it's like Call of Duty, which are equally stilted, awkward, ridiculous, embarrassing, and tedious, but with more NPC soldiers milling about. Resident Evil 6 is thoroughly oblivious to so many of the things that make a good game these days
  37. Oct 6, 2012
    That's the worst game i ever played. The game makes no sense, and completely escape the terror plot. zombies with machine guns? I feel sorry for those who bought this game. Capcom, i expected more from you.
  38. Oct 6, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Ive played every Resi game since the start, and although scores on here are harsh I can understand why. I enjoyed Resi' 0 to 5, but what they have done is stupid. I understand they are trying to move forward with the series, but this game is not the one to do so. Problems ive had so far is enemies sponging bullets ALOT, attacks not having the desired effects and headshot not counting towards an insta kill. Also the games darkness makes it somewhat hard to focus on what your doing, combine that with the erratic camera and it is frustrating as hell. Playing with a random we each got killed by the (spoiler ahead) train in the subway, not knowing who messed up, whay we did wrong because in a similar area the game prompts you to press A+X together to dodge said train, this time there was no option, very very strange and annoying. Id save myself cash if you are still deciding. I traded Tekken Tag for this game, it was not worth it. Every minite I spent with this game my heart has been sinking, because to bluntly put it, the game is boring.

    Run in straight line, pump all ammo into enimies that refuse to die, carry on to next straight corridor where yoh will yet again be swarmed by enemies. Seriously I paced my shot into thier face and it take 4 headshots or about 12 body shots to kill a simple enemy. What also sucks is the dialog, way to cheesey and couldnt find the energy to care about the characters or what was even going on. I also counted over 10 QTE's within the first 5 minites of play, I just felt bored from the start as there was no effort required. Dont even get me started on ths soldier that jumps from the chopper shoooting, whilst the highway infront of him was exploding? Where is the sense in that?Action for the sake of actio. All in all, if your looking for any remaining part of Resi.... You wont find it here. Think is the name of the game when tagged onto gameplay like this doesnt make sense, the enemies are bothersome more than anything else.

    Buy this game at your own risk, just know that there is nothing in the game that hasnt been done better before and all we're left with is 3 mishmash campaigns that try to appeal to everyone but in the end impress no one. Resi is dead, I have lost hope, this is a sad moment for the franchise
  39. Oct 6, 2012
    Horrible game. Is it too much to ask to fight zombies? I hate the controls and maybe I would take the time to see if someone actually made good controls if it wasn't a painful, boring and sad experience playing this game. Oops did I say playing? You'll almost never be doing that. Looks like they are competing with the crappy Gears of War sequels in a race to the bottom. I should have avoided it after watching the Clueless Gamer by Conan. I guess I like wasting money. I have no way of proving this but I think this game gave me cancer. Expand
  40. Oct 7, 2012
    Capcom raise the bar of mediocrity in every way ! The only thing we can call survival horror in this game is the fact to buy it ! How disapointing for the Resident evil fan that i was ! The fourth installment of the serie was spectacular, innovative, probably one of the best video game i ever played. I understand that a concept need a refresh from time to time but not this way !
  41. Oct 9, 2012
    I don't know what game the rest of you are playing but I thought it was great. Yes there are a number of flaws and things that could have been improved, but overall a really enjoyable experience and I'm looking forward to Resident Evil 7!
  42. Oct 11, 2012
    This game came out not at the right moment, people are not ready for such quick jump forwards. This game game must be fully digital, with downloadable campaings, like 4 episodes, and with number 7 in title or better without it. For 6th resident evil its just to much changes for players to take.
  43. Oct 10, 2012
    It's true that this game isn't what you're used to. It's not outright bad, it certainly has good points. Leon's campaign is the closest to the "classic" RE, being pretty similar to RE4, it has you crawling through darker places. The other campaigns are more action oriented. This in itself is not a problem, however, RE controls are far from perfect compared to what it's trying to be here (shooter).

    Some other minor problems I've encountered are some of the events that happen. For example, you're in melee and a cinematic triggers. A car on fire comes dashing for you and explodes. If you're standing wrong, you're dead, simply that, nothing you can do about it. Apart from that, if you're used to a shooter, you might want to set the grenade to R2, as with standard controls, R2 is a herb, and tossing a nade involves frantically searching for it with the D-pad.

    The quick-time events a lot of people dislike are actually not that bothersome. The only one that's FAR too common is opening a door with your partner. This happens about every 2 minutes.

    All in all, this game is not a topper. But it doesn't deserve the score it gets here, it's a decent attempt from Capcom to appeal to a larger audience. They will however have to define a direction for RE, mixing everything into one game just feels forced and doesn't work at times.
  44. Oct 10, 2012
    I love resident evil and been playing all there games for years but I'm so mad I reserved this game, waited all this time and paid $60 to be so disappointed. I'm seeing mixed reviews but majority bad and trust me any one that's says this is a good game isn't a gamer.
  45. Oct 10, 2012
    At first I thought that it was just bad design choices, but it is far worse than just bad design choices. This game is so bad I cannot believe all. If you are at all curious, then rent it, play Leon's campaign and then return it because it doesn't get any better after Leon's campaign.
  46. Oct 11, 2012
    I love Resident Evil. I even liked 5. What I don't like are forced, awful, obnoxious QTE's. Leon's campaign was the only tolerable part of the game for me and the only reason it gets a 3. You have to perform a QTE for almost everything. Dodging bosses, starting cars, climbing elevator cabling, and even fighting zombies. The majority of this game is QTE's and very poor third person action a'la Gears of War. The cover system is broken, worthless, and should never have made it past pre-alpha testing. there are several places where unskippable cutscenes will outright murder you if you are unprepared. Playing as Leon there were a few places where you need give Helena a boost to go perform some task while you hang out and maybe kill some zombies. She will invariably trigger an unskippable cutscene that allows anything you happened to be fighting at the time to walk right up to you and knock you down or trigger yet another terrible QTE. Your inventory is unnecessarily limited. You have to carry all your items at all times, but simply carrying a stack of each ammo type, and one of each grenade type will limit you to the point that you cannot pick up two herbs to mix. Forcing you to drop ammo or your last grenade just to mix an herb is a flaw, not a feature, in my opinion. Especially when you consider that this is not a survival game in the least, I never once ran out of ammo, or even had to change guns if I didn't feel like it. The upgrade system is an inferior replacement to being able to upgrade your weaponry. It functions like the perks from CoD. You may have noticed people constantly comparing this game to CoD and GoW in their reviews, it's not coincidence. They blatantly merged the two and liberally sprinkled with way too many QTEs so they wouldn't have to work on actual gameplay. Some of the QTEs are the most annoying things I've ever seen in a game. The way Leon has to climb the elevator cable in chapter 5... The icons telling you what to hit are so unhelpful as to actually be a hindrance. The one where you have to pan around repeatedly to start the car or to land a plane... It's really just abysmally frustrating and takes away from any fun you may have been having. I really wish I could like this game, but Capcom has shown me over the last year or two that they have forgotten how to make a game fun. At least the graphics are top notch so you can enjoy some scenery while you scream at your TV in frustration. Oh, the monsters are all pretty kickass too. Especially the bosses. Expand
  47. Oct 11, 2012
    OK I have to say I like the game i'm a big fan of Resident Evil The stories are awesome, and shocking. The only thing that irritates me is the Grabbing problem where you lose a whole bar of health just because they put their hands on you...they don't even have to hit you they just touch you and you automatically lose health. Other than that I love the game.
  48. Oct 13, 2012
    Developers Killed the game with aim while moving
    Its worste capcom work EVER i wery dissapointed!!!!!!!
  49. Oct 13, 2012
    I knew this game wouldn't be great but I gave it a chance and it turned out worse than I could imagine. The "checkpoint" system is so bad its annoying. You'll end up playing through entire segments you just previously played through if you die or quite ans restart the game. It gets to the point where the game isnt fun, it just becomes a tedious chore. Its supposed to be action oriented but they don't give you action ammo. You will run out of ammo a lot. Also the camera is extremely annoying at times. Just do yourself a favor and forget this game and franchise. I'm so glad I rented it... and even then I still want my money back. Go out and buy Dishonored instead. NOW that's a fun game. Expand
  50. Oct 13, 2012
    RE6: The most disappointing video game I have ever played. It's not as if there are no redeeming qualities: the game is beautiful, the audio and soundtrack are nice, the improved melee, healing and aiming systems and the ability to move and shoot are very welcome additions, and the return of so many well-loved characters was quite a nice touch. However, the game is frustrating from the outset. Around half an hour of inane interactive cutscenes take place before gameplay begins and even once it does, it is immediately quite tedious. Once you finally get to the action (which, since action is the entire basis of this game, should not take so long) the enemies are far too often set on a predetermined course which, in order to pass you can just memorize. Although the environments are huge and spacious, there is usually only one path you can take through them, from which you can't deviate or backtrack. Simply put, it plays like a sidescroller, which in an age of games which offer greater and greater scope for how your gameplay experience can differ at each play through, seems incredibly limited and shortsighted. It doesn't matter how much content there is; if it is all predictable and uninteresting, there is no replay value.

    Furthermore, despite the fact that the Resident Evil series has always been known for having cringeworthy dialog and voice acting, there had been a marked improvement in both in the two most recent installments. RE6 on the other hand seems to have regressed considerably in this department. What saved previous games from becoming intolerable cheesefests (except, arguably, RE5) was the fact that the protagonists were relatable and interesting. Well; Leon, once an levelheaded smartass has become an idiotic idealist with no common sense; and Chris, once a somewhat naive everyman has become an idiotic meathead with no common sense. They feel like Expendables characters.

    Finally, the buddy system, while greatly improved since RE5, removes a lot of challenge from the game. Every time I'm near death, if I can keep going long enough, my partner can come to my rescue and keep me going. In fact, I often used this trick to not bother healing myself when I was low on supplies. Some may site this as a good thing, but I guess everything is a question of opinion. However, it's hard to feel frightened or isolated when you always have a lifeline standing by your side. For me, this ruined any chance Resident Evil 6 had at making an impression on me: every time a hoarde of enemies was hurtling toward me and I wondered, "How the hell am I going to get out of this?" my partner answered my question with her infinite ammo and I felt like I'd been taken out of the experience.

    In all ways except the most superficial, this game is a colossal failure. Considering what the series has done to innovate video gaming, that is a sad thing to have to say.
  51. Oct 14, 2012
    To be continued: 7. Too many QTEs 8. The camera is bad 9. The checkpoint system sucks Here are my answers to those complaints: 7. Sure there are alot of QTE's but this shouldnt be anything new either, RE has had QTE's for 7 years now, remember the QTE knife battle with Krauser in RE4? Remember how many times you died because you couldnt react fast enough and you got stabbed and had to start the whole scene all over again? At least the QTE's of this game arent like that, some are really frustrating but mostly the QTE's are quite easy to pull off so stop acting like this was something new or that it makes the game horrible! There are tons of other games with a lot of QTEs out there!

    8. When you aim with your gun, the character covers a huge area of the screen, it didn't bother me but it seems like it bothered pretty many, okay once again, this IS a Resident Evil game! and the camera is like that because you never know whats behind you, this makes the game more intense and difficult, and is another one of those classic RE elements.

    9. Remember the old REs where you were fighting the final boss without having saved even once and died, and had to start the WHOLE DAMN GAME all over again, or you just hadnt saved for a while and died and you were thrown back an hour or 2? The checkpoint system didnt cause any trouble to me but it seems like it did to some, but hey YET again this is Resident Evil game we are talking about here! some people used to complain about the screentearing that was present in the demo (LOL) and its not in the final game and I dont see anyone saying "at least Capcom fixed the screentearing" which proves youre all blinded by your senseless hate!

    So there, I think RE6 was a great game and definitely worth the Resident Evil title!
  52. Oct 15, 2012
    It's a MODERN Resident Evil, are you listening, OLD fans? Do you wanna classic gameplay - playing on PSOne (or buying in PSN)! I'm not regret - all i wanted, i got it!
  53. Oct 15, 2012
    I don't understand why so many people don't like this game? There may be a few reasons? but it not so bad... The game is awesome! Maybe not quite Horror but not bad game.
  54. Oct 15, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I don't really see what all the complaining is about. When Resident Evil 4 came out with an entire new modern concept of the Resident Evil games I was quite happy actually. The 3rd person view creates a more suspense type atmosphere, taking away the knowledge of whats behind you. Which in several cases has gotten me killed (^^;) but more or less I still enjoy it. The 4 Campaigns. YES 4, brings a whole new concept in each one, Leon's campaign sticking to the original zombies as back in Raccoon City when he was a rookie cop. Chris's taking on the role that brought the more action pack concept out. The same style that was used in Resident Evil 5. (Which I enjoyed to a full extent.). Jake is more of a Resident Evil 3 running away from Nemesis type of thing. Even though I found this a bit, worn out? Due to the fact Jill had to do the same thing in 3. But regardless it scared the living daylights out of me. The hiding around can get annoying though if your completely dumbfounded as on what to actually do. Ada's (The campaign you unlock after doing the other 3.) Is sort of similar to the Separate Ways extra content in Resident Evil 4. Being a Single player only (Excluding the Story intersections) I found her stealth like campaign very entertaining. During the 3 campaign's which is to make you think incredibly bad of Ada. You find out the real story after playing Her campaign. The Skill point system which is there to make it easier to get through your game, and harder at the same time. Unlockables aren't as easy to get now. Such as Infinite Ammo. Which makes a lengthy duration of the game entirely. The mercenaries mode bringing out. Leon, Chris, Jake, and Ada (After you beat her campaign of course) Along with 4 Other unlockable characters as this was in the previous games. But also there is a separate skill setting for Mercenaries too making it easier and more enjoyable to play. Taking on more damage during the time you play as well... (A LOT more damage. Trust me I've Experienced it.) It makes everything more enjoyable. The New Agent Hunt setting is extremely interesting as well. The fact of the matter you can intercept a player's game playing as one of the many B.O.W.s trying to stop them in their mission gives quite a scare to me now knowing another player can be controlling the enemies I fight. All in all Resident Evil 6 I find to be an incredibly fun game with no intention of calling it bad. Some concepts in the story are rather confusing. Ada's campaign being the most interesting in my opinion. Chris's probably being the most Drama inflicted as well. While others are just excitement. The story is good. Some things in the game CAN make better sense if it was well thought out. But its nothing to fret over. The game is HIGHLY enjoyable to me. I recommend buying it. Mostly from the Reviews I can see mainly people were upset with the fact it was not actually under the Horror Category anymore. I don't want to seem in appropriate but, please just move up with the time. This is a modern age. Things change, I've learned to adapt to the Resident Evil change and not any doubt or anger for the change in the series. If you continue to want to stick to the classics just buy them so you can play them on your PS3 and/or XBOX 360. Its not that hard... I give this game a solid 10/10 Expand
  55. Oct 15, 2012
    RE6 is lousy as Survival Horror, is disastrous as shooter. And as a game is not worth a penny. Future installments will not buy unless they have the quality of the first and return to Survival Horror.
  56. Oct 16, 2012
    It's the first time I put a note to a game below a 5. But this time is that I have to put on the side of the negative reviews. There is nothing nice to see one of your favorite sagas is sinking more and more with each new offering delivers a worse game. RE6 is a very regular title, which people may like undemanding, but not people with a bit of discretion. I hope Capcom will echo the low notes you are getting your game, and show higher quality next installment. Expand
  57. 4DI
    Nov 18, 2012
    It's definitely the most ambitious title in the series. But lacks the meat and bones of all its predecessors.
  58. May 28, 2013
    Simply worst games of RE.Conami is a bunch sinful maslatays that care only about money.They will burn in Abdulovhell for ruining RE series.
    Story is driwel,gameplay is horrible and coop-oriented,graphics is washed and tasteless
  59. Nov 3, 2012
    Let's start by saying this game is produced for being played at PC. Why? Because the cinematic controller dosn't fit PS3 or XBOX gamepad. And on PC it will be awesome to controll it with the mouse. (0/10) Is the story any good? connected to the series? The game itself did a really bad result by pumping tons of action in the beggining. I couldn't stand that and started to press select in every other video. You lost me there

    (0/10) I do not care if the game has lost its horror. If u copied the control from RE5 had the game had probably received more positive criticism. One may as well not grasp everything that happens on the screen while pulling the angle 360 degrees to the left or right. It feels like you tried to do too much and missed all the little details that make a game great. In Leon's campaign there are doors you will find a key to but there is no key hole. Since the characters are too close to the screen it gets very frustrating to play. However, The game has lost the its horror but its probably not the biggest reason why the game got so low rating. The controls are the worst in the decade for a company like Capcom who should focus on making games for console.
  60. Nov 5, 2012
    I don't really get why so many people say that this is the worst game of the series. I played all of them. Sure the earlier games were better. But with RE5 and RE: Racoon City they did some really big mistakes. I'm working right now with a friend of mine on the platin trophy, so i get through the game more then ones. It's not really that survival horror game that RE was known for. It's more a straight up action game /w zombies. The story works for me, not like in RE5 what I still don't get. Overall, a good RE game but a prefer RE4. The only thing why I give 8/10 is that I had some problems with the RE.NET by playing with a friend or stranger sometimes Expand
  61. Nov 9, 2012
    All these complaints are ridiculous. Co-op, fun, action, horror, with a bit of puzzle and gathering makes this game enjoyable.

    Sorry, I don't want to collect 5 jewels and 3 keys to open a door when I can kick that motha down and spray like there's no tomorrow.

    Pretty obvious there was gonna be someone who gonna complain about every RE released and say "I won't buy another RE game
    again" only for them to buy again and complain.

    For sure the camera angles are weird and the moments where there was a complete "WTF do I do" but don't compare this to COD or GoW. That's just bad comparison. That's like comparing Skyrim to any Zelda game

    I had fun finishing RE5 and still haven't finish RE6 yet.
  62. Nov 10, 2012
    This is immense absolutely brilliant, wondered when we were finally getting the ability to move and shoot at the same time. The new takedown moves are also a welcome change. After playing Res since the start I can't believe the negative feedback this episode of a fantastic fr. But apart from tnchise has received.!! The only issue I can honestly say is this is the worst ever rendition of the Mercenaries. What have you done, this is so easy. Ttitleshe mercs are supposed to be challenging and vicious and fast, three things I will have to fulfill in previous releases. Just as well there is great replayability potential in the main game. Expand
  63. Nov 26, 2012
    Seriously, if you suck at a game that is a reason to not like it!!!!!! I am critical when it comes to a big franchise even though I have always liked Resident Evil. Don't listen to people about this game. I have played every part of it and the things that people are complaining about are so small when you actually play it there not even noticeable. I can't tell you how mad I am because this game is great not perfect but no game is. They need to make agent hunt with many more options and think it out a little more but great concept to use for Resident Evil 7. At least rent the game. Expand
  64. Nov 20, 2012
    I would like to start off by saying, no, this is not the old school Resident Evil everyone played back in the day. This is the new form of Resident Evil. This game focuses more towards an action perspective, which I have grown to like. This game is not an attempt to make a modern version of older RE games. This is what RE can evolve into.

    I have played the game in (almost) it's
    entirety. I have beaten all campaigns & Mercenaries maps (all this was played co-op with a friend too). About the only thing I haven't tried are the DLC Merc. maps, and the Agent Hunt mode, which allows you to play as the creatures in another player's campaign. I would break down the game like so:

    Gameplay mechanics: 10
    Such an improvement over Resident Evil 5. Featuring run n' gun, rolls and dodging, melee fighting, and QTE kills, RE6 brings some fresh new mechanics to the series.

    Story: 9
    The story for this game is fantastic. It reminds me (in a way) of the movie Vantage Point, where you see some over all major events though several perspectives. The campaign is about X3 longer than RE5, so you definitely get your money's worth in replay value. 4 difficulties (with a 5th being added soon via update), emblems, and earning skill points offer plenty of reasons to play it again. Only problem with the extended length campaign is sometimes it feels like it takes forever to finish a level.

    Visuals: 8
    Not breathtaking, but look pretty nice. Looks somewhat better than RE5's graphics.

    Sound: 10
    Voice acting, SFX, and music are superb. Characters convey realistic and believable emotion, SFX & music give that tense survival against all odds kinda feel

    Who Should Get This Game:
    Die hard fans of the Resident Evil series (who would like it even if it's different from the originals), fans of 3rd person action games, fans of zombie games, people who play co-op games together.


    Overall, I would say Resident Evil 6 has exceeded my expectations. I was thinking I would wind up with a pretty alright game, I got something amazing. My friend and I have played this game for 60+ hours, and plan to put many more into it. I have personally beaten all the Resident Evil games in the main series (except 3), and this is by far my favorite Resident Evil game to date.
  65. Dec 3, 2012
    This series is just continuing down hill. Pathetic. Resident Evil 6 reinforces Capcom's tradition of taking a giant load on this series. I would have thought that the failure of Operation Raccoon City would have helped them to realize that.
  66. Dec 1, 2012
    Now first off I want to set the record straight. I am by no means a Resident Evil "fanboy". I really loved Resident Evil 0 on the Game Cube and thought that Resident Evil 4 was one of the best games ever made. Besides that I could take them or leave them. That being said, this seems to me to be one of the best Resident Evil games ever. It doesn't have that annoying "need to babysit your partner and their inventory" mechanic that RE5 did. It has a total of 4 campaigns each of which bring their own feel to the universe. I really was blown away at the negative reviews that this game was getting and I felt that they were expecting another RE5. Good for them on moving the series forward and trying new story telling mechanics. The controls are some of the best I have seen in a Resident Evil game. Just an amazing game and it is great to see Capcom actually giving this series the love and care it deserves. If you love Resident Evil I believe this is a must have. If you are a fan of over the top action games this should also be on your Christmas Wish list. Expand
  67. Mar 10, 2013
    Don't mistake Resident Evil 6 for a bad game. It isn't by any means, Resident Evil 6 is simply far too ambitious for its own well being. The game is fairly long spanning 3 campaigns and 1 secret campaign after the player completes one play-through. Each campaign lasts roughly 6-8 hours long. The story is the most expansive and ambitious in any Resident Evil game. Each pair of characters in the 3 main campaigns fights through hordes of J'avo (the new type of zombie for Resident Evil) and interact with the other characters throughout the course of the campaign. One definite improvement in Resident Evil 6 is the friendly AI, you won't be lugging around with a burden anymore like previous installments (cough cough SHEVA cough) and will find most of the game enjoyable. Odds are, you will thoroughly enjoy at least one campaign and detest at least one. Chris's campaign plays like an updated, mostly functional version of Operation: Raccoon city and offers some enjoyment in its game play. Jake's campaign plays like a Metal Gear title fused with Resident Evil, offering some interesting stealth elements that sometimes feel quite pointless. Leon's campaign is the most reminiscent of previous Resident Evil titles, needless to say, you'll probably enjoy his the best just as I did (He is my favorite character in the series). Some of the plot-lines are silly and over the top but most of the game feels a lot more serious than it's previous installments ridiculous, out of this world elements. Some of the characters have their stupid one liners and the game sometimes does stray a little bit from the main story but it mostly comes together in the end. There are some critical elements that halt this game from being the best in the series and I will list them. Firstly, the J'avo should not be using firearms like AK-47's and RPGs. These are supposed to be clumsy, confused, one track minded zombies, not people. This feature is particularly irritating in Chris Redfield's campaign but appears sparsely in the other campaigns. It's pretty annoying but not game breaking. The second gripe I have is the ridiculous camera that spins around where it wants. It isn't a problem when you're shooting however when you're maneuvering the character in the game it can be quite frustrating. Those 2 features are the most irritating that I can find but small things might bother you like the new UI, the fact that a stamina bar was added impairing the use of melee attacks and forcing you to use your weapons. A particular portion of Jake's campaign will force you to use hand to hand combat which is bothersome but passes by quickly. The multiplayer modes are fun and interesting and offer features to do outside of the campaign. Some of you may be hooked, some may find it useless it all depends on opinion. With the connection to its a unique feature to have in a game and I can see how people will be immediately hooked on it. The environments in the game are dark, creepy and some of my favorites in the series that compliments the game properly. The score plays along perfectly making you enjoy the campaign even more than you already do, or giving you some enjoyment in your hated campaign. Overall, Resident Evil 6 is a very fun game with a few major flaws that draw it back from being excellent. At roughly a $30 dollar value now, this is a pretty good deal. Solid 8/10. Expand
  68. Dec 3, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Alright so I can understand a rating of five or above. I have read many of the reviews and the negative ones stem from lack of horror-survival. The point is games have to move on, it can't be pure horor survival and playing the old games while I enjoyed it it was also a giant pain. Now I have played the 3 co-op campaigns and sat through listening to my father scream and throw his controller because of how he does constantly. He basically hates this game while I enjoy it immensly because of the team work and graphics. I loved how they made the zombies look like the original. The characters are fascinating and not hollow to me at all. Granted the games controles and lack of explaining what the L1-R1 rope climbing and the lack of checkpoints in difficult parts. If you don't have patience this isn't a game for you.I am glad I got this game but it is all up to the buyer basically you are either on one side or the other. This game is flawed but definitely better than 5 in gameplay and variety but not as great as first 3 games in scare sector. Although I was scared to death in the water. And the snake. Running out of ammo was annoying but it gave more room for hand to hand which was entertaining. Bottom line I enjoyed it and some other people will. If you didn't don't just bash it with bad spelling and grammar because its not benefitial to people who are interested in reviews. Expand
  69. Dec 6, 2012
    This is the first and probably only review I will ever post. I feel the urge to so so for RE6 because I am angry and cheated out of an installment I was looking forward to.
    Resident Evil has been one of the greatest franchises, some episodes are spectacular (re4, re1), some a little less original, but, on the whole, each game succeeds. I bought RE6 expecting the same, but all the good
    stuff has been discarded for nonsensical horror action that means NOTHING. Resident Evil games were all about contrast. You spend some time haunting the dark corridors, checking your map to access rooms and find hidden goodies and then you have a nice set piece against a boss or a horde of zombies. But when it's constant frenzy **** with bad camera work and few weapons, annoying partners and repetitive situations, it sucks. Gamers do not want to be babysitted, they want to figure **** out, they love being offered different possibilities to complete a level or destroy a boss. They want to choose, to think, not to suffer a stupid tunnel game that that feels you were not even a part the adventure. RE is no sandbox, but it had a great balance of action, horror and customization.
    The reviewers here are right. They are not haters. IF YOU LIKE RE, DO NOT BUY THIS GAME. This is a botched job. Too much time and money were put on QTE, cinematics and map diversity, not enough on gameplay, plot and exploration. You can't even visit the great-looking maps, you just speed through them not knowing what matters or not. No mysteries, no characters, no tension (constant tension = no tension, you GD morons), no fun and no satisfaction. They managed to make the game as bad as the films. There was ways to go but they closed the gap with just one episode.
    I am older now, I have kids, I don't have a lot of time to play, and I always look forward to a little RE quality time. But I won't finish this game, I stopped in the middle of Chris and retard's campaign (why so many new characters if they're all so bland and idiotic-looking? Who cares?). Why waste precious time when you can get other good games or watch good films. I'll sell this game and buy something better, Far Cry 3, Assassin's Creed 3 or just a bunch of DVDs. I hope video games developers stop being obsessed with this type of gameplay and stick to what works.
    If it's not broken, don't fix it. If it works, don't change it. Improve it. Keep the game's identity.
  70. Jan 6, 2013
    Where is the horror genre had always RE in graphics I prefer Resident Evil 5 and the story is almost the same thing about a new virus that ultimately cure as ever. Lost the horror genre and gain more action, but for fans of resident evil 1,2 and 3 this game sucks
  71. Dec 19, 2012
    Oh my, where to begin with the newest installment in the Resident Evil series. Let me just say that this game makes me nervous for the future of Resident Evil games. The developers have strayed so far from the games roots, it's almost as if Resident Evil is trying to be something it's not now.

    I personally do not enjoy war type shooter games, and aside from Leon's campaign, that's
    pretty much what this game is, an all action shooter that looks like it was made by Michael Bay. It's just TOO over the top. Resident Evil is no longer the game I knew and loved. However, the developers straying too far from what the series is meant to is far from the only problem with them game.

    Let's just start with some of the game glitches now. One of the most notable is in Leon's campaign where he's in the subway and has to avoid an oncoming train. Even if you're not even close to the train, a lot of the times you'll die anyway. One time I was playing and the train had already passed me completely and a few seconds later a cutscene showed of me getting hit by the train. And it sometimes happens over, and over, and over again. Very frustrating to say the least.

    Then there's the customization in this game. I thought Resident Evil 4 and 5 handled this perfectly. Why they felt the need to fix something that wasn't broken is beyond me but they just ruined it in this one. You're allowed 3, yes, only 3 customization skills for your character, even though there's a ton to choose from. Sure you can make multiple sets for your skills but having to constantly swap them out gets very annoying after a while.

    Then there's the gameplay itself. What was Capcom thinking while making this game!? This game is FILLED with way too many quick time events. Now if you're a fan of quick time events, this might not bother you as much but for me, it drove me nuts. And I'm not just talking about the QTE's when an enemy grabs you. You have to do a QTE to do almost everything in this game. I honestly don't mind a few here and there in a game but in this game you were doing one every few minutes or so. I mean really, is it necessary to have to do a QTE to open doors sometimes? Then the gameplay is always being interrupted by tiny little cutscenes every so often and really takes away from the mood of the game. This is especially most notable in Leon's first chapter.

    After the first play through of this game I was severely bored of it. And I usually enjoy playing through the Resident Evil games multiple times because they're usually so fun! Perhaps it's because there's really nothing special to unlock in this Resident Evil unlike the older ones where you could unlock special weapons and costumes, so there's little to no motivation to play through the game a second time. That's right, even the signature infinite rocket launcher is absent from this game, for the first time in any main Resident Evil game. And there's no alternate costumes either.

    The gameplay in my opinion, was just too dull, and yes too over the top at the same time.

    Now the game isn't complete trash, but it's very far from amazing too. It's better than Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City at least. I do however regret paying the full $60 for this game when it was first released. I wouldn't pay any more than $40 for this.

    It's a real shame too. When I had learned that zombies were making a return in this game, I thought for sure this would be the ultimate modern day Resident Evil game but unfortunately not even the zombies return could help this game too much.

    Overall, I give it a 4/10. It's just not what I would expect from one of my favorite video game series, and an AAA series at that. Better luck next time Capcom. You guys have some serious planning to do if you don't want to run this series into the ground. Take my advice Capcom, stop trying to cater to the people who feel every game should be an over the top michael bay war shooter game.
  72. Jan 30, 2013
    This game made me yawn - it lacks proper Resident Evil pacing, feel and atmosphere. It tries to be another RE4 and fails miserably in it. I didn't give a **** about anything that happened on the srceen at all. There is no shop like in 4 which I personaly loved, only some kind of idiotic upgrade system which doesn't change **** in how you play the game (I had my doubts if I installed those upgrades properly and when I understood I did everything right I was confused in why don't they work). There is no big enviroment to explore, find ammo and stuff, needless to say game has NO puzzles (well, it does, but only a **** 5-year old playing this piece of crap will justify their existence, they are that simple), it is riddled with ****ty prescripted sequences and QTE's (probably because RE4 had a little bit of those, but mind you - they were unexpected and paced in a way they scared the living **** out of you whenever they occured) which add nothing to the experience when they occur every cutscene and make you be constantly aware of them and absolutely unsurprised next time they pop up.
    Now excuse me, but I need my dose of Code Veronica's awesomness.
  73. Feb 12, 2013
    Personally I thought the game was whack. This is just one of those games that doesn't need enemies with assault rifles. Playing the part of chris was lame and playing the park of jake was whack too. The only decent part was leon. But even then the story is nothing special
  74. Mar 7, 2013
    Ill skip over a lot of what's been said and try to keep this short and concise.

    I truly felt this game was an utterly pointless sequel to a franchise that has been going steadily downhill for years now. It adds nothing new, nothing interesting or fresh to the series at all. It is basically just resident evil 5 all over again, only it somehow feels more stale, less interesting and less
    like resident evil. Its action based over scare based. They removed over the years any sense of terror or suspense instead going with the modern day version of horror being loud noises and stuff jumping out like it's a carnival spook house.

    The game literally feels like a 3rd person version of house of the dead where you basically move from linear corridor to linear corridor where monsters popup and you shoot them, that's it. A lot of times you'll stand there and there is obviously nothing at all in front of you, then lighting flashes and suddenly there is a zombie there. You're walking along and they slide out of dir ducts, popup out of the ground or a body just laying there leaps out at you when you get close. And the worst part about that is its all so predictable, you can see everything long before it happens.

    The story (I won't go into details and spoil anything) is horribly bad and needless. It feels so forced that it's just plain awful. It's an obvious poorly conceived notion put in place just to make another sequel and nothing else. It has no originality, nothing that actually adds to the resident evil mythos, nothing is explained that needs to be explained. And the characters are either ones from previous games used purely because they are recognizable or new ones added that haven't the slightest shred of originality to them or intrigue and are basically just cookie cutter characters that are very two dimensional. Everything also happens so fast and with no logical or even reasonable reason I can't get into it. Oh no I'm trapped, wait this stranger says a bus is coming to save us, and look here it is, now were driving down the road and crash. That's essentially how the entire game goes along. It's like each section and each scene in the game are broken up with no fluidity between them. If you ever heard an 11 year old kid try to tell you about something that happened to him when he is all excited that's what resident evil 6's story is like.

    The quick time events are back and worse than ever. You are constantly waggling a stick, button mashing, pushing button combos or whatever for no reason at all. Even something as stupid as during a cut scene you're getting away in a car and during the scene you have to push a button to make the car move. You don't steer, you don't drive, you don't do anything because you're not controlling anything but it still makes you push a button, just one button just so the cut scene will continue.

    The combat is awful. It's basically just like gears of war, only with less polish and it's harder to use because it's so clunky. You're body takes up too much of the screen, especially when backed against a wall. The shooting feels stiff. Trying to hit something that is close but not directly in front of you is a pain. Just all in all the combat is horrible and I don't know how many times I died simply because moving around and shooting were so sluggish and poorly designed.

    I can't recommend this game at more than 10 dollars and even then I'd just say "if you played resident evil 4 and 5 then you played this already". I paid 20 and I feel like I wasted my time and money on it.
  75. Feb 13, 2013
    Where does one begin? Sadly, it seems the horror filled series we loved so long ago has finally crashed and burned. From monotonous gameplay, to over the top action not expected or really wanted in an RE game, a Capcom favorite has officially gone down the tube.
  76. Feb 20, 2013
    Something to put out of the way Resident Evil 6 was never supposed to be like the two brillant games Resident Evil 4 and 5. Once you stop comparing RE6 to RE4 and actually look at its pros an cons alone you'll see that Resident Evil 6 isn't a bad game. The story in this game is good for most and bad for some. The Leon, Jake and Ada stories are all quite good, however Chris' whole story feels bland as well as the gameplay, its just a third person call of duty there. Many people complain that this game isnt a survival horror, well I say it would be a survival horror in 1995 while todays survival horrors are known as dead space and amnesia. The one thing about Resident Evil 6 was that the gamplay was supposed to be to conserve ammo and use melee attacks and only one of these areas worked. Ammo could be found quite a lot and I never ran out of ammo when I used a gun against a huge horde of javos or zombies, I never run out of ammo. For the melee attack, both me and my dad (a huge resident evil fan) agree that it was a welcome addition, espically when you grab them by the head and smash it into the ground. Anyway looking at it all I would give Resident Evil 6 a 7.8 rounded up to an 8. Resident Evil 6 is a good game but not a survival horror to todays standards. Let's hope Resident Evil Revelaions coming 24th May will be known as a better Resident Evil experience. Expand
  77. Feb 19, 2013
    This game is the natural evolution of Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5. Technically good, it present a complex gameplay (side roll, back roll, charge attack, slide, melee attack, special melee attacks etc), not very common among third person shooter games, even if you don't need to master it at all to play. The idea to split the story in 4 different campaigns is, in my opinion, very good: I enjoyed the various points of view without feeling overwhelmed by the 45 hours of play it tooked to me to platinum it. The low amount of ammo you find and carry at higher difficulty level force you to cycle among the weapons carried, offering a various approach to fight. The game isn't scary at all. It is more an action game with a strong cinematic approach, rather than a true, old styled, survival horror. I find the game higly replayable, especially thanks to the cool chapter structure, which allow you to replay almost exactly the point you like. Overall, I think it is a good product for the fan of the serie: a game which allow you to play some of the most charismatic characters of RE, and throw in some new stuff. Expand
  78. Mar 7, 2013
    Resident Evil was not meant to be scary in the first place or complicated with puzzles all shown with the implementation of Resident Evil 4 in the series. If that is your priority go play Silent Hill its much more atmospheric, scary, and puzzle oriented than the RE series. What I really don't like about the RE fans are that they create somewhat of a cult so dedicated towards RE 1 Code Veronica which I thought lacked because of the bad controls and camera. Expand
  79. Mar 11, 2013
    Well, this was an attempt to appeal to everyone, and it worked and didn't work. The game felt quite too large, and by the end, I just felt drained. The combat system has been improved a lot, but that can't help a story that goes in twenty different directions. Overall, the game was pretty fun, but it doesn't have as much replay value as past games.
  80. Mar 25, 2013
    This game simply doesn't work. It looks pretty good sounds pretty good and plays atrociously. It would seem that the development team of this game weren't working towards the same goals here. One side opted for survival horror elements, the other went for a more action packed approach. The result of this is a clunky action game that leaves much to be desired.
  81. Apr 21, 2013
    what ever happened to just a simple zombie storyline not all this virus monster crap I rented this game thank goodness the combat is what you expect from RE but the story is so confusing I wanted to like this game but it was crap
  82. Apr 15, 2013
    How about we take what was good about Resident Evil and turn it into crap. That is exactly what Capcom has done with it. This game is just a big mess. They tried to do everything right by trying to make everyone happy with the different genres but in the end they failed. I'm all for change, but I'm sorry but Resident Evil is not an action game,a nd even if it was I would still give this game a bad review because it SUCKS even as an action game. There's parts in this game where you will be running or swimming from something and your character doesn't even move off the spot that they are in. The camera angles in some points in this game are terrible. Zombies have guns. I know a lot of people that say this game sucks get a lot of flack, but holy hell this game is not scary at all, My Little Pony is more scary that this. Even Leons part wasn#t that scary and a lot of you will think that this game doesn#t need to be scary, but in all honesty, they built this series on a horror, then those crappy Resident Evil movies came out and then all of a sudden they started changing the formula for the games. The only thing good about this game is how funny it is. There are 4 stories and the game is BIG, it might be a BIG game but I wanted the game to be over after 1 hour. I kept playing the game, hoping that it would get better, then I finished Adas part and I regretted it badly. The cover system is horrible aswell, why is it so hard to get into cover? Yes of course when you have it down packed it is easier after awhile but in an ACTION game it shouldn#t be as hard as it was. They tried to copy Gears of War and they failed,where as Gears of War cover system is one of the best I have ever seen. It seems as if a lot of games want to be CoD, but not only does this game want to be CoD it also wants to be Gears, even though Call of Duty sucks (IMO) it#s still a better experience than this game was.....Thankfully, Capcom has stated that they will be returning to survival horror for the next game. Expand
  83. May 1, 2013
    Utter garbage. The survival horror and puzzle solving of the earlier games has been eschewed in favour of repetitive run and shoot with never enough ammo and a camera system with a mind of its own especially in close quarter combat. Riddled with as many bugs and glitches as the demo, the autosave is also hit and miss, at least it is on my PS3. Twice I've played through half a campaign, quit for the night (checking that 'save in progress' has come up before I switch off), only to fire up the game a couple of nights later and find all my previous progress is gone.

    I'd be bemoaning the fact that I've flushed £40 down the toilet if I didn't know I can trade it in for Medal Of Honour in 2 weeks! Seriously, if you must play it to complete the series, wait for pre-owned. There'll be hundreds of them around Christmas time for a tenner!
  84. Apr 27, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game is the cancer of this generation. WHERE DO I BEGIN?? I am blantently pissed at the fact that I cannot enjoy this game whatsoever. The gameplay makes no sense, the button tapping was too enforced. The characters we once know and loved are thrown into a mess of piss poor writing and sequence events. the only good thing to look farward to were the unlimited ammo unlocks so I could chug endless amounts of bullets for hours at what seem like rehashed obligatory creatures. AGENT HUNT MODE, why does this get me so pissed off???? why did I beat the game just to get rewarded with a mode that blatantly slaps me right in the face? choose a level and you are thrown into a random level where you become a miniscule creature whos goal is to kill survivors. but they aren't the survivors, no! the other players are overpowered, blowing you down with unlimited grenade launchers, AK-47, grenades, mines, ect ect ect ect ect ect ect. There is virtually no fun in agent hunt. I heard you were able to used a pea shooter but I never found the level. the only thing they did right (maybe) was the mercenaries. but no, no that does not raise my score, not even but a significant amount. the makers of RE6 knew they up, they are working on a new game THAT IS NOT LISCENCED BY Thank you game, get the out of my life. Expand
  85. May 1, 2013
    Ever since re1 on the playstation 1 I have loved the resident evil series. Not only because I am a fan of zombies and survival horror, but I liked the puzzles. Even though the were not the hardest.

    Throughout the series I have enjoyed every game. From the originals and remakes to the side games like dead aim, appreciating them for what they are. But this one, I just don't enjoy...

    The camera spins around so much it actually hurts my eyes at times, the health system is just long winded and pointless, but what I hate the most is the new "just run in a straight line and shoot things" approach. It just seems like the developers got lazy. Where are the puzzles? The exploring of areas? Even going back to revisit areas because of a new key or item. Instead it's now just a boring, repetitive action game, with tedious quick time events and bad camera angles.

    I looked forward to every single resident evil release, right from re2. I'm wondering now if I will look forward to the next one? Maybe il just give it a miss.
  86. May 28, 2013
    I loved this game! The mix of action, adventure, and mystery was so well thought-out! I've beaten the game and gone back for more at the harder levels (which I rarely do!) I'd recommend this game to anyone looking for a perfect mix of gameplay! And the move and shoot aspect, Wahoo!!!
  87. Jun 2, 2013
    As a die hard Resident Evil fan, this game was OK. I liked how they did the seperate campaigns, but didn't like how you got to see the same thing over and over again, but I did like how they saw each others side. Sounds dumb, but it's true. In my opinion, Leon had the best campaign because in the beginning there were actually zombies not the mutated bug things. Like bugs really? That's the best you can think of Capcom? I enjoyed this game. It was different from the others. I think personally you're either a Chris fan or a Leon fan. Me, I'm with Leon. I thought there was gonna be an awesome fight scene between those two in the trailer, but there wasn't it was disappointing actually. It was a fun game,and I'm predicting the next Resident Evil game will be Chris'. Ada as always is annoying. Enough said Expand
  88. Sep 6, 2013
    The worst game ever made, the critics must be useless. the gameplay is linear, the puzzles are ridiculously dumb, the overall game play is so horrid its almost painful, the lighting is non adaptive and utter crud. The second player is so just added in he cant even open doors, the boss entrance vids end after the boss has already hit you (they allow the boss free movement while your in video sequences). The fact anyone gave it a ten means the world of gaming has died, RIP world of gaming, its been fun. PS. i played the Ada campaign. couldn't bear to try the others... its so bad. Expand
  89. Jul 11, 2013
    Tedious This game is very hard to play. I still count the original resident evils as some of my favourite games ever, I even enjoyed resi 5. I'd read the mostly damning reviews of this game but thought I'd give it a go for the love. The worst thing about this game is that it's incredibly boring. There is a QuickTime event/cut scene for everything, you walk along each section for ages, each shoot out takes ages, everything about this game is looooong.

    Where as the pre resi 4 games could be completed in a couple of hours, the campaigns in this game take about 8, and there's four of them.

    You definitely get a lot for your money but unfortunately most of it is crap.

    Add to that dodgy controls and frustrating cheap deaths.

    There have been other games with similar dodgy controls and overuse of cutscenes, eg max Payne 3, but at least that had a cool story/script. Resi 6 is just overlong and convoluted.

    On top of all this game is not scary either, it's just kind of annoying.

    I did not enjoy playing it at all which is genuinely heartbreaking considering my love for the old games.

    If you consider yourself a resi fan don't bother with this, the franchise died a long time ago.
  90. Mar 4, 2014
    Resident Evil 6 is a game that requires an extensive autopsy to make sense of. It had some positive introductions but largely suffered most from easily avoidable production oversights.

    The good: Resident Evil 6 starts by establishing its tone very well. We may not know Helena well in the tutorial but we feel the graveness of the situation immediately. It does feel like it has promise.
    The graphics and character captures are brilliantly done once again. The voice acting as well is some of the industry's best delivering somewhat less impressive lines.
    The concept of interwoven stories is exciting and had much opportunity for a completed picture of the grand scale events. And there is much in terms of gameplay time. Between the three modes and the mercenaries bonus material, there is much time that can be sunk into the endeavor granted the player has patience to suffer through the flaws.
    Solid drama in the Chris ending.
    Interesting environmental designs and aesthetic.
    Enemy design was mostly good with the occasionally tiring appearance of gun toting enemies. Boss fights included, though the resilience of certain characters is cartoonish.

    The negatives: The plot is entirely incoherent, beyond plausible and even in violation of established canon in some parts. Poor design choices that should have been realized in production were left in the game for quantity rather than quality.
    Examples of this are quick time button sequences that are not clear.
    Constant poorly implemented vehicle sections.
    Chase sequences with fickle or erratic camera work.
    Occasions where an environmental factor was highlights without enemy movement paused leading to deaths beyond the players control.
    Co-op lag issues in online play and extensive disconnects early into release in sections like the Snake battle.
    Checkpoints that are unreasonably spread out making S ranks more of a time consuming chore than a challenge, especially on higher difficulty modes like "No Hope".
    Mercenaries becomes routine and predictable with rinse repeat combat and counter spamming. Even breaking 1.2 million points fails to feel rewarding as a result.
    Cash grab alternative multiplayer modes essentially amount to trophy purchasing (48% of all trophies are DLC, an almost unheard of amount).
    Constant interruptive sequences break game pacing and seem to be ashamed of the main combat.
    Inventory is slow and clunky compared to Re5 which had simple quick switching and tactical reloading for mastery. Exploiting the switch mechanic is game breaking in providing perfect aim at huge distances and no recoil shots especially in Mercenaries.
    A complete failing in any understanding of how PTSD works and amnesia/body double/cloning cliches to move plot. Characters act in ways they shouldn't with their established history. Arbitrary skills introduced to justify sequences (Piers the expert driver).
    Weapon upgrading and shop system dumbed down to extremes with the skill system replacement.

    Overall, the game is serviceable but not in any way enjoyable. It 'mostly' functions the way it should have but lacks polish and even more so fails in some ways that should have been obvious in quality assurance. A big production with a little cohesiveness. A cleaner, tighter, smarter followup is what the franchise desperately needs at this point.
  91. Dec 11, 2013
    When Resident Evil 6 first released back 2012, Gameplay turn from Good to Worst since became Noobish, Story was BS there was no good part, Series is even more Dead thanks to Ada Wong Voice Actor Getting Recast Same Goes for Leon Voice Actor..
    Gameplay: 2/10
    Story: 0/10
    Total: 2/10
    I was once Die Hard Fan but stop caring Since Series become crap once Resident Evil 4 Released
  92. Feb 9, 2014
    This game is not that bad. The graphics and music are actually really good and the control in my opinion is sublime and you can finally move and shoot. While yes it wasnt the scary game we were all expecting and it stupidly tried to impress everyone, it was still a really fun 3rd person shooter alone or with a friend also agent hunt mode was awesome and should be implemented in more games. Just take out resident evil from the title and have fun. Expand
  93. Mar 13, 2013
    I have played every single resident evil game released to date, go to see this beloved franchise change, revamp it self and spin in itself for many years. With RE5 I was a bit sad where the franchise was going, specially how RE4 really shined as probably the best RE game after RE2, with RE6 I believe it redeemed itself, I absolutely am loving the game. I tried to stay away from it agaisnt my own instinct after the really bad rap and negative reviews and decided to get it when it got cheaper and my god do I regret not playing it sooner. It's a whole package of horror and action and cinematic experience, bit rough around the edges since it tried to be a lot of things at once but still an amazing experience.

    The internet can be a unfair place sometimes (no sherlock), and this is another example where the internet just came down on it way too hard. Playing through the game it makes me wonder if I played the same game as all these haters! RE6 has 4 separate campaigns, each of them play and feel very diferent from the previous, and they're really long too, averaging 8 to 10 hours of gameplay. After finishing Leon's campain it felt that was that, the game was over cos it really felt very wholesome, playing through Chris amazed me even further with the really interesting character and more action packed levels. Jake and Ada campaings are equally as awesome and interesting. Cutscenes are a bit over the top and QTE very annoying but that's been the mark on RE since RE4.

    One thing I miss from the previous resident evil games (4rd and before) is the RPG elements, I really miss updating my weapons, managing my inventory, sloting the weapons carefully so I can fit one more herb in there, selling my gems to finally update my glock to perfect aim, etc. There's none of that in here and it really is a big shame, it's a lot more streamlined experience and i firmly believe if it had that, it would have been the almost perfect game for me.

    All in all, a really fantastic game, if you're a fan of the series, ignore the hate and just have fun for crying out loud, people nowadays are way too spoiled and cannot appreciate anything.
  94. Nov 20, 2012
    I seriously have to advise people against not buying this game. The overall experience for me was intensely frustrating and I will explain my reasons why; The game gives you an impressive dose of action but does not let the player overly contribute much to the gameplay because of limitations they have included in the game. The player isn't overly effective in combat and rarely ever has enough ammo to actually take out all the enemies in the game (unless you are a good shot). Most of the game was spent travelling from one cutscene to the other, while some of them were interesting to watch they gave the player only the option of pushing buttons at the right time which gets tedious very quickly. The areas are confusing to navigate through and feature many places that look identical and you quickly become bored of the lackluster scenery (everything pretty much looks like black sludge has been placed all over the walls and floors). The zombies are fun in small doses and quickly become tedious as group after group become an exercise of trying to find ammo to kill them all; often I found myself just running through most of the game without the ammo to fight back. The bosses haven't changed from any of the previous games and the same process of shoot for the head (or the orange parts) comes back into the game. Basically, it is run, shoot, find switch or key, cutscene, cutscene, boss. One particular interactive part is worth mentioning; you have to climb a rope using L1 and R1, for at least an hour I was stuck trying to press L1 and then R2 in correct sequence, only to fall back down the rope and have to start all over again. Was this worth my time? Certainly not, and is certainly isn't worth my money to experience this. Time for a change Capcom! Expand
  95. Oct 10, 2012
    Say whatever you want. In my honest opinion, this game is a solid 9 out of 10. It really feels to me that CAPCOM tried to hear all the rants and desires, these last years, and came up with a final product that looks like a sum of many different insights. It has RE4's tension and RE5's action, with a true intention of honoring the roots of the franchise. The graphics and lighting effects are incredible and the atmosphere makes this one on par with games like Dead Space. There will never be a perfect game, nor one that pleases everybody, but we cannot deny the hard work that was put on RE6. Ok, I admit, there's too much QTE and this does compromises the pacing (a bit) but we need to see the whole picture here. In the end, this is a great game and, for me, the best RE yet. This game is good. Period. Expand
  96. Oct 14, 2012
    While this game is not horrible, it is no longer RE by any means. This series has become a 3rd person shooter with a cover system and a lot of QTE events. The game is still fun for the most part and it does give you heaps of replay value with all the different campaigns but the soul of the game is gone for sure. The online co-op is fun as well and serves to further bolster the replay value but again...this just isn't RE anymore. Nothing is scary or has any degree of tension fact it is basically run and gun for the most part. Boss fights are tedious and repetitious to say the least, I would say you could avoid this game for the most part or at the very least play it safe and wait for the prie to drop which I'm sure it will do rather rapidly. Expand
  97. Oct 11, 2012
    Como voces sabem, a maior prova que a Capcom poderia ter que Resident Evil 6 foi um grande sucesso, aconteceu! O game ja vendeu mais de 4,5 milhoes de copias e espera atingir a marca de 7 milhoes ate 31/03/2013. Os jogadores que compraram, ainda tiveram a oportunidade de jogar uma extensa demo antes de decidir pela compra.
  98. Dec 27, 2013
    Resident Evil 6 tries to mix many genres into one but fails to have an unique and memorable experience.

    If you're fan of the first games you'll probably don't like the four available campaigns that much. The survival horror is more present in Leon's campaign and it's still not good as the franchise should offer. Chris' campaign fails to be a shooter because of the bad controls (like the
    cover system), Jake's campaign seems to be a mix of a strategy/shooter and Ada's campaign is more like a stealth/shooter.

    I think there are two things considered critical in this game. First, the quick time events. There is no need to have them. Second, constant deaths. Even being a hardcore gamer you'll die a lot because of the QTE and poor game design. There is a difference between dying a lot because the game is hard and because the mechanics are not well executed.

    Despite of the mentioned flaws, RE 6 is still a game that deserves to be played. Graphics are very good, the plot is interesting with great connections between the four campaigns and there's still room to have fun, be on the single-player or multiplayer.

    I'd like to leave a message for Capcom: please, reboot the franchise to be a survival horror only. There's no need to turn it into a shooter. You have a fanbase that plays RE because of the experience that you offered from RE 1 to RE 4. Turning the franchise into a shooter will not bring new players that can compensate the losses of the loyal fans. Players want to be excited while playing, to be scared and feel tension to survive. If RE becomes a shooter it will be just another one in the saturated game industry.
  99. May 23, 2014
    There are no creative gameplay setups in the game. It's a variety of "x zombies coming at you" and "x zombies coming at your position which you must hold for a while". Then there's the occasional boss and QTE, but it feels like an overall cash-in, something made to satisfy shareholders rather than gamers.

    Some moments are way above mediocre though, and despite the long trudges, there's
    occasional glimpses of an 8/10 or even 9/10 game. Then that feeling lasts ten minutes at most aaand it's back to 5-6/10 action. As such, it's a game about punching, stomping and shooting, rather than a game about zombie survival.

    If 7 hours of well-made, varied graphics can satisfy your curiosity, I think you will have a fun time with Leon's campaign, which is polled to be the most liked and provides decent closure to its story. But I'm not sure the other three campaigns will hold your interest, as I don't really want to keep playing the game after 1st chapter of second campaign, which adds more shootouts after I just finally got done with it in the first campaign. Leon's still had some spectacular set pieces and encounters, and the flow between chapters felt quite convincing despite some drastic changes in surroundings. The occasional puzzles all had the same mass-market design as the action: designed to be instantly solvable, each element laid out in order so you just move forward and check off each step.

    You can choose to smile at the button-mashing and various times where the game treats you like a tool. With that attitude, you can play the game as a conversation about game design. Sometimes it works, sometimes you laugh. If you're looking for some spectacularly produced dark action scenes, RE6 might still be the most exciting combination of tension and action on PS3.

    Ultimately, you have to ask whether it's even worth picking up from the bargain bin. It's a matter of taste. Do you want an enjoyable time, or a tense time? A smooth experience or a rugged one? Creative design or mainstream design? Whatever you want, RE6 designs it in a way so I won't recommend playing it. But there is something exciting about playing a big-budget, non-recommended game. Just to see what the fuss is about.
  100. Oct 11, 2012
    Quando um produto vende bem, nao significa necessariamente que ele tenha qualidade maxima, mas significa que ele tem um publico fiel que o considera bom o suficiente a ponto de gastarem seu dinheiro com ele, e isso basta, pois se chama sucesso. Em time que esta ganhando nao se mexe, e sao as vendas que mostra a vitoria, assim como na franquia Call Of Duty. Se tem gente comprando, tem gente gostando. Contra fatos nao ha argumentos, e nao sao os criticos especializados que fazem o sucesso de um produto e sim o seu publico, este mesmo que gasta seu dinheiro comprando. Expand

Mixed or average reviews - based on 34 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 21 out of 34
  2. Negative: 1 out of 34
  1. Nov 16, 2012
    Capcom continues to thumb its nose at long time series fans. Not only have they abandoned any pretense of tension and fear, they've dredged up tired old storylines and shifted the game solidly into Gears of War territory. Let the series die!
  2. Nov 4, 2012
    It's expanded beyond any plausible scientific explanation, with what is left being a cumbersome, grotesque mish-mash of disparate elements, barely strung together and about as subtle as a hammer to the thumb.
  3. Oct 30, 2012
    Resident Evil takes another step towards the action genre, and by doing so loses even more of the atmosphere from the beginning of the series. It's an ok action game, but the lack of focus is the real problem. Probably not for fans of the first games.