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  1. Dec 3, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Alright so I can understand a rating of five or above. I have read many of the reviews and the negative ones stem from lack of horror-survival. The point is games have to move on, it can't be pure horor survival and playing the old games while I enjoyed it it was also a giant pain. Now I have played the 3 co-op campaigns and sat through listening to my father scream and throw his controller because of how he does constantly. He basically hates this game while I enjoy it immensly because of the team work and graphics. I loved how they made the zombies look like the original. The characters are fascinating and not hollow to me at all. Granted the games controles and lack of explaining what the L1-R1 rope climbing and the lack of checkpoints in difficult parts. If you don't have patience this isn't a game for you.I am glad I got this game but it is all up to the buyer basically you are either on one side or the other. This game is flawed but definitely better than 5 in gameplay and variety but not as great as first 3 games in scare sector. Although I was scared to death in the water. And the snake. Running out of ammo was annoying but it gave more room for hand to hand which was entertaining. Bottom line I enjoyed it and some other people will. If you didn't don't just bash it with bad spelling and grammar because its not benefitial to people who are interested in reviews. Expand
  2. Dec 3, 2012
    This series is just continuing down hill. Pathetic. Resident Evil 6 reinforces Capcom's tradition of taking a giant load on this series. I would have thought that the failure of Operation Raccoon City would have helped them to realize that.
  3. Dec 1, 2012
    Now first off I want to set the record straight. I am by no means a Resident Evil "fanboy". I really loved Resident Evil 0 on the Game Cube and thought that Resident Evil 4 was one of the best games ever made. Besides that I could take them or leave them. That being said, this seems to me to be one of the best Resident Evil games ever. It doesn't have that annoying "need to babysit your partner and their inventory" mechanic that RE5 did. It has a total of 4 campaigns each of which bring their own feel to the universe. I really was blown away at the negative reviews that this game was getting and I felt that they were expecting another RE5. Good for them on moving the series forward and trying new story telling mechanics. The controls are some of the best I have seen in a Resident Evil game. Just an amazing game and it is great to see Capcom actually giving this series the love and care it deserves. If you love Resident Evil I believe this is a must have. If you are a fan of over the top action games this should also be on your Christmas Wish list. Expand
  4. Nov 28, 2012
    Just a quick one...Resident Evil has moved into a new direction. Deal with it. If you stop comparing it to past games, you may enjoy it. Treat it as an individual piece and you'll like it. As i said with Resident Evil 5, The scares usually disappear when it stops becoming YOUR problem, and becomes more world wide, which is where the virus has spread to...all over the globe, people are feeling the effects of the virus, so it's no longer JUST YOU, .. I love this game. And to all the trolls...Thanks for giving it such bad feedback, as it led to me getting it on the cheap. Lots of negative reviews = Price drop! So, please carry on...If you could just go and troll 'Far Cry 3' for a while i'd be greatful...Thanks! Expand
  5. Nov 26, 2012
    Seriously, if you suck at a game that is a reason to not like it!!!!!! I am critical when it comes to a big franchise even though I have always liked Resident Evil. Don't listen to people about this game. I have played every part of it and the things that people are complaining about are so small when you actually play it there not even noticeable. I can't tell you how mad I am because this game is great not perfect but no game is. They need to make agent hunt with many more options and think it out a little more but great concept to use for Resident Evil 7. At least rent the game. Expand
  6. Nov 25, 2012
    If you're looking for a game in the vein of Resident Evil 1, 2, or 3, I have some good news for you. Those games are readily available for download in the Playstation Store and Xbox Marketplace. Resident Evil 6 is the natural progression that these games have been taking since Resident Evil 4. Quite frankly, Resident Evil 6 is a FUN game. The graphics are gorgeous, the controls work well, and the story is classic Resident Evil lore. So grab a buddy and enjoy an action-packed title puts you through some absolutely crazy stunts. Bottom line, who doesn't enjoy taking on a zombie horde? Expand
  7. Nov 25, 2012
    After playing the game, I believe the series has made some vast improvements in some areas, such as the better graphics and new agent hunt modes. Though the type of game is swiftly moving away from the much loved horror genre. The online mode is vastly improved and It was a good experience to survive with a partner. The only major bad sides I've experienced are Quick Time Events (QTE) which make the most exciting scenes that you would normally want to play a bit boring, as these take the bite out of the game. Overall enough good changes to make a very good game I had a blast playing online! Although I would welcome a return to it's old survival horror roots wish I've missed since 4. Expand
  8. Nov 21, 2012
    I've played this since release and never had a more difficult review. The thing is, I just find the game so big that it seems like if something is annoying me I can just move on (finish chapter, play different char chapter, and keep bouncing around, I know this isn't what I'm supposed to do but it works great). Unfathamable constant annoyances happen all the time, but the thing is, I got enough hours and enjoyment out of this game that I can't hate it. I'm through with it now because of these errors, but it was worth it. Save points (not checkpoints) are way to sparse. I once played a super long section before a save point and needed to pause the game, but I forgot to turn off the online, which disables pause with no way of entering a menu to turn online off. Hilarious.Some really cool areas though. And like i said, I don't really know how to desribe it, but there was just so much freedom. That's why it gets a good score instead of a bad one. Expand
  9. Nov 21, 2012
    resident evil 6 is the best game I ever played
    great graphics
    optimal gameplay
    Very good campaign
    capcom nice job
    this game is what I was looking for
  10. Nov 20, 2012
    I seriously have to advise people against not buying this game. The overall experience for me was intensely frustrating and I will explain my reasons why; The game gives you an impressive dose of action but does not let the player overly contribute much to the gameplay because of limitations they have included in the game. The player isn't overly effective in combat and rarely ever has enough ammo to actually take out all the enemies in the game (unless you are a good shot). Most of the game was spent travelling from one cutscene to the other, while some of them were interesting to watch they gave the player only the option of pushing buttons at the right time which gets tedious very quickly. The areas are confusing to navigate through and feature many places that look identical and you quickly become bored of the lackluster scenery (everything pretty much looks like black sludge has been placed all over the walls and floors). The zombies are fun in small doses and quickly become tedious as group after group become an exercise of trying to find ammo to kill them all; often I found myself just running through most of the game without the ammo to fight back. The bosses haven't changed from any of the previous games and the same process of shoot for the head (or the orange parts) comes back into the game. Basically, it is run, shoot, find switch or key, cutscene, cutscene, boss. One particular interactive part is worth mentioning; you have to climb a rope using L1 and R1, for at least an hour I was stuck trying to press L1 and then R2 in correct sequence, only to fall back down the rope and have to start all over again. Was this worth my time? Certainly not, and is certainly isn't worth my money to experience this. Time for a change Capcom! Expand
  11. Nov 20, 2012
    I would like to start off by saying, no, this is not the old school Resident Evil everyone played back in the day. This is the new form of Resident Evil. This game focuses more towards an action perspective, which I have grown to like. This game is not an attempt to make a modern version of older RE games. This is what RE can evolve into.

    I have played the game in (almost) it's
    entirety. I have beaten all campaigns & Mercenaries maps (all this was played co-op with a friend too). About the only thing I haven't tried are the DLC Merc. maps, and the Agent Hunt mode, which allows you to play as the creatures in another player's campaign. I would break down the game like so:

    Gameplay mechanics: 10
    Such an improvement over Resident Evil 5. Featuring run n' gun, rolls and dodging, melee fighting, and QTE kills, RE6 brings some fresh new mechanics to the series.

    Story: 9
    The story for this game is fantastic. It reminds me (in a way) of the movie Vantage Point, where you see some over all major events though several perspectives. The campaign is about X3 longer than RE5, so you definitely get your money's worth in replay value. 4 difficulties (with a 5th being added soon via update), emblems, and earning skill points offer plenty of reasons to play it again. Only problem with the extended length campaign is sometimes it feels like it takes forever to finish a level.

    Visuals: 8
    Not breathtaking, but look pretty nice. Looks somewhat better than RE5's graphics.

    Sound: 10
    Voice acting, SFX, and music are superb. Characters convey realistic and believable emotion, SFX & music give that tense survival against all odds kinda feel

    Who Should Get This Game:
    Die hard fans of the Resident Evil series (who would like it even if it's different from the originals), fans of 3rd person action games, fans of zombie games, people who play co-op games together.


    Overall, I would say Resident Evil 6 has exceeded my expectations. I was thinking I would wind up with a pretty alright game, I got something amazing. My friend and I have played this game for 60+ hours, and plan to put many more into it. I have personally beaten all the Resident Evil games in the main series (except 3), and this is by far my favorite Resident Evil game to date.
  12. Nov 19, 2012
    I've been an avid fan of RE since the beginning. This is by far the worst game I have ever played. After I made it through Leon's campaign irritated at the QTE's and ridiculous rope climbing sequences, I tried Chris. It's obvious Capcom wants to go the action route,(which they suck at) but I miss the good old days of actually being scared. To all of your who are saying Leon's campaign is scary, it doesn't even compare to the originals. I can tell you from experience the only people actually giving this game a positive review are the ones who HAVEN'T even tried the original games. Once you guys try the REmake, then play this. This is disappointing. After about an hour into the second campaign I literally was so disgusted I turned the game off and haven't touched it since. I probably won't even beat the game. Capcom ruined one of my favorite franchises with this. Till they go back to the roots, I'm done with RE. Expand
  13. Nov 18, 2012
    Surely not one of the best games and it's not without its flaws but it's still a great game experience. Personally i hoped it would be more like the classic Resident Evil games; ammo should be scarce, better puzzles in other words more survival. Instead Resident Evil 6 is a nice co-op experience which isn't exactly what i wanted or expected (didn't research enough before i bought the game). The story is very over the top like i think they put 90% of all the action movies in this game for example; fight on trains, fight on planes, save the world.... I guess u could compare it to the resident evil movies which i thought were cool like a 14 year old but It should have been more like the classic Res Evil.
    In short; It's still a great game to play with a friend the multiplayer will keep u entertained for hours and hours.
  14. 4DI
    Nov 18, 2012
    It's definitely the most ambitious title in the series. But lacks the meat and bones of all its predecessors.
  15. Nov 18, 2012
    Made by zombies for zombies

    p.s. if you have a brains you will not play it
  16. Nov 17, 2012
    What a horrible game I bought it used but had to give it back and fortunately got my money back. What makes it bad? the poor design, the story itself is just boring, Konami should seriously bringing back the old days where you had puzzles and the game was really a survival horror not somewhere where you basically have infinite bullets just lots of action and 0 plot. Pathetic.
  17. Nov 17, 2012
    Whilst I would not say this was an awful game, it is a very mediocre one.

    The amount of quick time events beggars belief even on Leons campaign which is the most worthy of being called Resident Evil.

    The Chris campaign is honestly more like a 3rd person Call of Duty, the acheivement/trophy when you conplete this campaign even rubs this fact into your face. Theres even a jeep/car

    With regards to the enemies, they just seem to have thrown in the kitchen sink, giant snakes, spider things, giant flys, zombie sharks., one of the bosses even has a form like a Tyrannosaurus all left me feeling a bit cold. Ever heard the prhase "Sometimes less is more"? Well it applies here.

    I've played worse games but I've played a hell of a lot of better ones as well. That with the fact that this doesn't play like a Resident Evil game is enough for me to advise complete caution. I rented this and glad that I did. I would have felt cheated had I bought it though...
  18. Nov 13, 2012
    Absolute garbage: Here is a list of all the flaws i can think of on the top of my head.

    1. Suppose a zombie is lying on the ground not moving, I take a knife and slash at it to check to see if it's dead. I walk past it and it stands up. Sometimes the enemy needs to go through an animation first before taking damage. I.e. they get temp invincibility. It was never an issue in re4 or
    re5 but it was in ORC and RE6. 2. Inventory system is horrible, flipping through my 10 different weapons looking for my shotgun. At least re5 you had maybe up to 4 weapons that are easy to take out. Not only that, cycle through grenades and first aid. You can have 0 grenades but it still shows up in inventory, forcing you to cycle more...
    3. Zombies with guns. Need I say more?
    4. Hand to hand combat makes the knife useless, makes the game silly, it's overpowered. 5. The camera is probably the worst thing, and capcom claims to address this but I highly doubt they will fix the main problem. The main problem is how the camera forces you to look in certain directions. Whether its to your objective, which was obvious to find because 1. It's linear, 2. You can hit L2 to show you where to go like in dead space. The camera will randomly act like an **** you can be aiming at an enemy but suddenly the camera will force you to look another direction and you miss. 6. Hitting L2 to display where to go is just dumb, that should have been the button to take out a knife/ stun rod. Maybe you could have had a map system, that would have worked!
    7. Coop = not horror because no isolation. It also means having to rely on the AI, and the AI may be better than re5, but that's like saying a retarded baby is smarter than a dead baby. 8. Moving and shooting justifies making the enemies faster and more chaotic, making the gameplay faster and more chaotic, making the game feel less like a resident evil game. 9. Most abilities are useless. Jumping of tables, big deal. Slamming open doors, useful in re4, but has no application in re6, rolling on the ground has 1 application (boss against debra in cart), melee attacks make knife useless.
    10. Boss fights are the same thing tenfold. You fight Ustanak about 5 times, Simmons 5 times, Chainsaw guy at least 6 times, and so forth. 11. Cutscenes that screw you over. Too many cutscenes. Half the damn game involves cutscenes, QTE, or running into awkwardly positioned camera.
    12. Oh boy QTE. The QTE are so horrible and overused it's like playing Ashuras Wrath or Dragons quest. Some of the QTE can take up to 5 minutes of your time. There is this one point where you hit L1 and R1 to climb a wire, which attached an elevator to the highest skyscraper in the world... you really have to try leon / jake chapter 5 to see how bad it is. When zombies grab you, I can toggle the stick until my hand bleeds and i still wont break free. Often times these QTE show up when you least expect it and you die. There are also many random gotcha deaths that no one would know about unless they played the chapter before. A good summary of the game is this: You walk forward, you trigger a cutscene, QTE, take out maybe 5 -10 zombies. Cutscene. QTE. More QTEs. Couple zombies. Dammit no keys. More cutscenes, running/walking, talking while walking, forced camera angle that screws up view, QTE....
    That is the entire game in a nutshell. The game gets a 4/10 simply because the game is playable for those who DO NOT play resident evil games.
  19. Nov 12, 2012
    Wow I'm really surprised that this game has gotten so many bad reviews. Having played most of the RE franchise myself (not just 4-5) I can see how understand the disappointment this game is for you. But it doesn't mean that it deserves a 0. It has flaws: no puzzles, yes RE is known for its puzzles and that gives it a slower and terrifying pace, go here retrieve emblem, open door, find key. Puzzles were pretty much how you interacted with the stage and it made the maps feel bigger because of the backtracking. However this new game is straightforward with little or no puzzles. Now sometime that I really enjoyed in RE 4 was weapon customization and it was trashed on RE 6 for a skill set. I don't enjoy this because instead of improving your weapons and choosing from a machine gun with a lot of power but little ammo, or a lot of ammo and piercing... you can buy the skills and equip them (up to three at a time and make combinations up to six that can be changed at any time) While you could argue that all of the elements of customization are there, it just isn't the same as upgrading your favorite weapon. This brings me to the interface... I thought that RE 5 did a good job in which you could assign weapon to a d-pad location and quickly change from one to the other... However having to scroll through all weapons was horrible! Sometimes, in a panic I ended up using magnum bullets simply because I thought I had scrolled enough to my handgun... That is not acceptable! However the game isn't all bad. I enjoyed the storyline. While it wasn't the mindblowing storyline of past franchise, its pretty interesting. I really liked that each scenario connects with the others and you can see the full story play out as they all interact come together. I would have enjoyed perhaps a more detailed account on jake, him being Wesker's son and all. Perhaps a full game featuring Jake would have been better, but sadly that wasn't the case. Bosses were well detailed and sufficiently hard. Sometimes it was annoying that it wasn't really clear whether they were taking damage or not and I felt that I was doing nothing half the time, until they collapsed and died... and then it was like Oh... there dead.... Zombies were interesting, I don't see why people are bashing on the J'avo I thought it was pretty cool how they transformed were they received trauma. And I thought that the zombie that called out to other zombies in the Leon scenario was pretty neat too. Overall tons of new zombies tons of strategies to kill them.

    Now onto the greatest thing about the game. People you have been asking it for a long time! Run and shoot. The game allows you to shoot and reloead while moving. Heck you can even jump back and keep shooting. You can roll and slide. You can tackle enemies! Instead of pressing the square button like in RE5 you have a combat bar and you can hit the zombies with your fist and legs and perform special attacks with R1. Overall, yes it was flawed. Several key elements didn't come together as we hoped. Perhaps the three scenario took away from the game. Instead they should have done a single complete campaign featuring a slower pace and plenty of puzzle. The elimination of the weapon upgrade is unforgivable and the weapon interface horrible. However give credit were credit is due, the game is still enjoyable and while it can't cater to everyone it's an average game. Give it a chance and play it through before opting not to buy simply because of bad reviews.
  20. Nov 11, 2012
    I personally cant understand why this game has been getting such bad reviews i have now finished all the campaigns and I thoroughly enjoyed it sure its not perfect but it has more good things to say about it then bad. it has alot of teamwork dynamic and satisfying storyline and i also found how they brought so many main characters from past games into one story very exciting it made me even more determined to finish all the campaigns Expand
  21. Nov 10, 2012
    This is immense absolutely brilliant, wondered when we were finally getting the ability to move and shoot at the same time. The new takedown moves are also a welcome change. After playing Res since the start I can't believe the negative feedback this episode of a fantastic fr. But apart from tnchise has received.!! The only issue I can honestly say is this is the worst ever rendition of the Mercenaries. What have you done, this is so easy. Ttitleshe mercs are supposed to be challenging and vicious and fast, three things I will have to fulfill in previous releases. Just as well there is great replayability potential in the main game. Expand
  22. Nov 9, 2012
    All these complaints are ridiculous. Co-op, fun, action, horror, with a bit of puzzle and gathering makes this game enjoyable.

    Sorry, I don't want to collect 5 jewels and 3 keys to open a door when I can kick that motha down and spray like there's no tomorrow.

    Pretty obvious there was gonna be someone who gonna complain about every RE released and say "I won't buy another RE game
    again" only for them to buy again and complain.

    For sure the camera angles are weird and the moments where there was a complete "WTF do I do" but don't compare this to COD or GoW. That's just bad comparison. That's like comparing Skyrim to any Zelda game

    I had fun finishing RE5 and still haven't finish RE6 yet.
  23. Nov 7, 2012
    An improvement of 5, completly incomprehensible for me how so many people see themselves as able to bash this game. A clear recommendation for me. You get more than you pay for in this short campaign era!
  24. Nov 6, 2012
    Okay, let me start with the fact that I've played most Resident Evil Games, including RE1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Zero, Outbreak 1-2, Code Veronica-X, Operation Raccoon City and the all new Resident Evil 6. Resident Evil is the longest franchise I've played. I started playing it since I was 7 years old. In other words.. I know Resident Evil very well and I love it. Its one of my favorite franchises, if not my favorite. But getting to the point.. 11 years of my life, I've played every Resident Evil game that looks interesting and I've never been bored by a single game. Until I played this one..when I finished Leon's campaign I had to see the ending again because the first time I finished it I fell asleep. The game has too many unnecessary QTE's (Quick time events for those who don't know), The story line was dull and silly, Annoying slow motions, Outdated graphics, Not scary at all, Easy gameplay... etc, etc. I could point out flaws all day. It probably is one of the longest RE games ever made and it does have its cool moments but a long campaign doesn't justify boring gameplay. I just wish Capcom would pull their sh*t together and go back to the way they were. The direction they're taking with this game is not too good..and this is coming from a hardcore fan of the series. I even had more fun in Resident Evil 5 than all of the campaigns on RE6 combined and RE5 is not the best of the series in my personal opinion.. so that's just pretty sad. I wouldn't recommend this game to new comers of the series but if you're somewhat a huge fan of the series I guess you could rent it or borrow it from someone because this game is definitely not worth paying 60$. Expand
  25. Nov 5, 2012
    I don't really get why so many people say that this is the worst game of the series. I played all of them. Sure the earlier games were better. But with RE5 and RE: Racoon City they did some really big mistakes. I'm working right now with a friend of mine on the platin trophy, so i get through the game more then ones. It's not really that survival horror game that RE was known for. It's more a straight up action game /w zombies. The story works for me, not like in RE5 what I still don't get. Overall, a good RE game but a prefer RE4. The only thing why I give 8/10 is that I had some problems with the RE.NET by playing with a friend or stranger sometimes Expand
  26. Nov 5, 2012
    I see the trolls are out in full force like usual. Is this game the same as it was ten years ago? No, I guess not- too bad nobody actually reviews the actual game they're playing these days.

    The game is tough, is full of zombies, is not nearly as nice with herbs or ammo as 4 and 5 were, and zombies take multiple headshots to kill even on lower difficulties. Play on a higher difficulty
    and with the screen brightness where the game suggests- and you'll spend a lot of the game creeping forward praying you don't get mauled, or even running away from swarms when your ammo runs low. The game is considerably more survival oriented than 4 and 5 were as a result.

    As many have said, it mixes action, survival horror and shooter- so for those hoping the game would just be one thing they'll be disappointed to find this isn't RE2 or Silent Hill. You also have to be much more careful than in RE4 and 5, while also not getting the luxury of time those games offered to search for treasure in all areas.

    With three moderately sized adventures, you end up with a longer game as well. Of course, if you're a die hard hater of action games this probably won't be your Resident Evil. I wouldn't say this is the best in the series, but it definitely is far better than most of the people giving it 0s on the day it came out before they even tried it are saying.
  27. Nov 5, 2012
    The fact that this amazing game has low user reviews proves there are fans that are mad the game isn't scary. And it's true, it isn't all that scary, but if you take Resident Evil 6 for what it is, you will find a great action horror title. The gameplay is what a lot are playing for, and it's fun. Manuel dodging and jumping around makes you feel awesome. The shooting is fun, and when you work out the dodging and shooting, you will think you're in a John Woo film, which is always cool.

    The story is pretty good too. All campaigns seem like the same amount of time was used to create the best possible endings for each (Although I think Leon's campaign was a little more thought out than the rest, but come on, it's Leon's return to Resident Evil). Jake's campaign I guess of all, is the worst. His just comes across as mediocre since so many campaigns were made, and Jake is a new character that doesn't get as much exploration as the other 3 returning characters. Still, not to say his isn't fun, because his has some very satisfying encounters. The 4 campaigns are lengthy, and the collectibles in each provide a reason to re-play the campaigns as they unlock secrets to the campaigns you may not know at first. The multiplayer mode called Agent Hunt is pretty neat too. You get to play as the creatures in the many campaigns the game has. When you have enough money to buy upgrades for your creature, you become stronger alone, but if you group up with other players/computers, and add some power-ups, you can take down humans pretty easy. Resident is also a free fun stat tracker. Here you can see all you have done, add site buddy's for players you play with often, and unlock exclusive content by logging into it everyday and and earning different accomplishments. I hope Capcom adds more things to unlock as well in the future, but as of now, there is plenty to unlock.

    Overall, the game is a very fun Resident Evil game, and I can't say the horror being removed made it any less satisfying for me. The only problems I have are #1 the help camera gets in the way when a partner goes down, and #2 the creatures can attack before you even get up from recovering if your partner doesn't give you herbs. A problem sometimes. There may be other problems, but none too big for me to notice. It's also good to know Capcom will release an update that is releasing in mid December, that will add a new camera, difficulty and a co-op partner for Ada's campaign, which as of release, is strictly single player. All of this added for free.
  28. Nov 3, 2012
    Let's start by saying this game is produced for being played at PC. Why? Because the cinematic controller dosn't fit PS3 or XBOX gamepad. And on PC it will be awesome to controll it with the mouse. (0/10) Is the story any good? connected to the series? The game itself did a really bad result by pumping tons of action in the beggining. I couldn't stand that and started to press select in every other video. You lost me there

    (0/10) I do not care if the game has lost its horror. If u copied the control from RE5 had the game had probably received more positive criticism. One may as well not grasp everything that happens on the screen while pulling the angle 360 degrees to the left or right. It feels like you tried to do too much and missed all the little details that make a game great. In Leon's campaign there are doors you will find a key to but there is no key hole. Since the characters are too close to the screen it gets very frustrating to play. However, The game has lost the its horror but its probably not the biggest reason why the game got so low rating. The controls are the worst in the decade for a company like Capcom who should focus on making games for console.
  29. Nov 2, 2012
    I really love how everyone hates this masterpiece, they just lower the scores to 0 to justify the fact that they don't like what Capcom made with the series. If YOU wanted the original zombies to continue, you shouldn't have rated RE4 high nor RE5. But I loved those, and this game marked the rebirth of old school zombie shooting. But what people really complain about is the new marvelous system, that is actually far superior from the previous titles, after all YOU also called the run and gun system a must have in the series... Gamers all over the world were given just what they asked, and I am fully pleased of what this game came out, and I am really happy to know that the other half of the gaming community agrees with me when I said RE6 is the best game in the series in every single aspect. Expand
  30. Oct 31, 2012
    Stupidest game ever Capcom mad orac and now re6. Both complete fails! I liked re4 but it got worse from there, now u can't even buy new guns!!!! I hope they dont make another one cause I'm not getting it. Total wast of my money and weekend. There now just rushing more re out to get money and they are getting worse! Take my advice, don't even rent!!!!!!!!!
  31. Oct 12, 2012
    True fans of this saga are the strongly criticize this new release and not those who defend it. And the explanation is simple, this new release can not be considered a "Biohazard", because it simply has no basis to be. Biohazard is characterized for being a horror title, a title of survival. That is, a survival horror and not a bad shooter with a bad control. TRADUCIDO AL ESPAÑOL: Los verdaderos fans de esta saga son los que critican duramente esta nueva entrega y nó los que la defienden. Y la explicación es bien sencilla, esta nueva entrega no puede considerarse un "Biohazard", porque sencillamente carece de las bases para poder serlo. Biohazard se caracterizaba por ser un título de terror, un título de supervivencia. Es decir, un Survival Horror y no un mal shooter con un pésimo control. Collapse

Mixed or average reviews - based on 34 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 21 out of 34
  2. Negative: 1 out of 34
  1. Nov 16, 2012
    Capcom continues to thumb its nose at long time series fans. Not only have they abandoned any pretense of tension and fear, they've dredged up tired old storylines and shifted the game solidly into Gears of War territory. Let the series die!
  2. Nov 4, 2012
    It's expanded beyond any plausible scientific explanation, with what is left being a cumbersome, grotesque mish-mash of disparate elements, barely strung together and about as subtle as a hammer to the thumb.
  3. Oct 30, 2012
    Resident Evil takes another step towards the action genre, and by doing so loses even more of the atmosphere from the beginning of the series. It's an ok action game, but the lack of focus is the real problem. Probably not for fans of the first games.