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  • Summary: The game is set in the last years of the roaring 1960s, a time of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. The biker movement, rock music and the hippie counterculture all add to the fascinating atmosphere to be experienced in Ride to Hell. Action-loaded from the very start with free roaming environments, players can immerse themselves in the liberty and freedom of riding full throttle with their gang on a multitude of different vehicles through the dusty flats of Western America. Protecting their turf, their brothers and their machines from rival gangs is just a taste of what this epic game involves. Ride to Hell is not for the faint-hearted; it's aimed heavily at the player who wants to become fully involved in the original West Coast biker culture. With its hard drinking, bare-knuckle environment, this is as close to the action as you can get. [Deep Silver] Collapse
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  1. Jul 30, 2013
    Disastrous. There are no more adjectives to describe a title like Ride to Hell: Retribution.
  2. Jun 26, 2013
    No word exists for the level of disgust I have for everybody involved in its blasphemous making.
  3. If The Last of Us is gaming’s Citizen Kane moment, this is its Plan 9 From Outer Space. [September 2013, p73]
  4. Riding to actual Hell over 1000 miles of broken glass using your own scrotum as a toboggan would be more enjoyable.
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  1. Apr 21, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Deep silver has had a difficult history in making games. But who would have thought they would set the bar so high that no upcoming game with any anticipation could possibly match it? Ride to Hell: Retribution is a genre defying masterpiece that combine all gaming elements such as third person shooting, free roaming environments, beat em' up, action adventure, rock and roll themes. The story is by far the most complex and detailed masterpiece I've ever seen in a game. Jake Conway who has recently been divorced for two years, awakes one day to find his peaceful home town being invaded by a small army of American cyborgs claiming the world would be a better place if it we're run by a gigantic mother core they are planning to insert in the Earths core. And thus begins an epic tale of redemption and battle for freedom. Since I can give away plot points ,I was intrigued to find that the robots were actually attacking them because they found that the human race was secretly hiding them, and trying to weaponise them against enemy forces. I was also extremely shaken by the cut scene where Jake ruthlessly guns down dozens of robots and then he takes a sewing pin, pulls out their robotic cores, puts it on the end of a long metal pole and pretends to be a predator. Since it's a sandbox game, there are over a hundred vehicles to choose from. All of which are brilliantly designed to the tiny amount of smoke coming from the exhaust, to the reflection of the sun on the roof. Also you can customise them of course. I found a hilarious customisation where you can put colourful banner on the side of the car saying "Deep Silver are the best!!!" It's actually quite hard to pinpoint my favourite part of this masterpiece. Perhaps the part where Jake and a robot the size of the Empire State Building battle on the sun. Or maybe the part where Jake's brother swallows a radioactive LEGO brick and breaks up into a thousand Lego men which is used to take down a boss by disassembling it chip by chip. My one criticism with Ride to Hell is the beginning where Jake shows sympathy towards his uncle who has treated him wrongly for nine years. But I suppose Deep Silver shows this as some sort of character development. I heard that there may be two more games from this one. This worries me, because I mentioned that they have. Set the bar very high. But I'm confident that the Ride to Hell franchise will go down in history as "the game that changed the world."

    (PS this is a joke)
  2. Sis
    Dec 16, 2013
    My favorite game of all time. Ratchet & Clank, because this is the biggest masterpiece I have ever seen. Why, because it has MC's and guns! Rock on!!
  3. Nov 4, 2013
    Ride to Hell Retribution is the best worst game ever made. Your character will randomly explode for no apparent reason. The driving mechanics are sloppy and make the gameplay even more bewildering than it already is. The graphics and textures feel like they're from a bad ps2 game. The cutscenes are laughably bad as are the fully clothed "sex scenes." Combat in the game consists of a three combo punching headbutt and kick style that's shallow and ridiculous, and every cutscene starts without all the textures loaded in. The game sometimes crashes behind load screens, dear God, if I keep listing all the problems this game has this review will never end. It is quite possibly the worst game I've ever played, and that's why you should buy it. I got it for $10 and everytime I show it to my friends we all laugh and have a great time. You have to see it to believe it. If The Room or Troll 2 was to have a videogame equivalent, it would be Ride to Hell Retribution. I'm giving it a 9 only because of the entertainment value otherwise it'd be a zero. Expand
  4. Feb 21, 2014
    Ride to Hell: Retribution is one of those games that gets a lot of flack for how bad it is, and is often called the worst game of 2013. After hearing so much about it, I had to play the game myself to see how bad it truly is. After my time with it, I can honestly say that every bit of bad press is one hundred percent well earned.

    First off, the graphics are horrible in every way. Character models are cheap, facial animations are terrible, backgrounds are bland, and there's lack of detail in everything. Plus, there is texture pop-in any time an image appears on screen, whether it be a cut-scene or gameplay. The lack of imagination is also very apparent in the character models as well, with only a total of 5 character models for girls and henchmen.

    Next is the sound. The soundtrack is ultimately very poor with probably two soundtracks in the whole game that I would consider tolerable. The rest of the soundtracks are bad attempts at metal and rock music. Sound effects are even worse. Throughout the game, there are multiple sound effects missing, in both gameplay and cut-scenes. During driving sequences, the only sound effects being made are from your bike and the vehicles of your enemies. Besides that, nothing has any sound. Not even the vehicles on the road next to you sound like they have engines. Worse so, whatever sound effects the game does have are terrible. The Motorcycle engine sounds are so poorly done, they sound more like weed whackers then bikes.

    The most important part of games though are the gameplay. Despite bad sound and graphics, a game can redeem itself with good gameplay. Well, Ride to Hell screws up there as well.

    The first mode of gameplay is riding your bike. The game consists of multiple poorly made bike sequences. The controls on your bike are poorly mapped, with the forward boost idiotically assigned to pushing the stick up, which can cause you to hit the boost whenever you don't want to at the worst times. Because of this, there's little to no precision in turning your bike, which means at times, you'll be bouncing back and forth between the edges of the road like a pinball in a machine. Going backwards is for some reason forbidden. Get turned around or pushed back two feet, and the game will automatically start you back a few meters back. However, every time the game does this, you end up losing health. Have it happen too many times and the game kills you by ramming your bike into a wall and exploding. The same happens with enemies. Enemies will explode for no reason. Enemies have the potential to explode without you even so much as touching them. The biker sections in this biker games are an epic fail.

    Gunplay doesn't fair any better. Enemies have a ridiculous damage threshold, allowing them to take up to ten bullets in the torso without dying. The quickest way to kill them is a single headshot, which is ridiculously hard to do because the aiming mechanic is so stiff that it's hard to aim with any real precision, which is especially felt when enemies get in close range of you. Plus, having to line up headshots is way too hard because it takes too long and only becomes an inconvenience when enemies are shooting you the whole time you're trying to line up a shot. Plus, your damage threshold is unbalanced, allowing your character to take over 15 bullets in one chapter, and only being able to take 5 before dying in the other. Not to mention the horrible camera often gets positioned behind your head not allowing you to even see your enemies. Admittedly, with improved weapons that you obtain, the gunplay does get more manageable. However, it's still more of a hassle then it should be. The cover system is terrible as well with the cover button also linked to your dodge button, causing you to have no control over dodging enemies and entering cover. What's worse is there are a few sequences where all these setbacks come to a head, and result in some punishingly difficult and unfair levels.

    Melee is slightly better but still bad. With a counter, the game tries to mimick Arkham City in some way, but only appears as a dumbed down, less precise version. Plus, the enemies constantly blocking your attacks is beyond frustrating, especially since the only way to open their attacks is with a kick that does little damage. Like gunplay, melee get's more manageable with a weapon but is still terrible. Quick time events are bad as well, giving you way too much of an opening to complete the button press.

    There are plenty of other problems too. The checkpoint system is terrible, often setting you back 2-3 minutes back, if not longer. AI is brain dead, with enemies shooting walls, not using cover, and sometimes just standing there. It's pathetic.

    Ride to Hell earns its spot as one of 2013's worst games, and is a game that gamers in general are ashamed to say exists because it makes them look bad. This game offers nothing for anybody, and should not be played by anyone out there.
  5. Mar 15, 2014
    This failure will make your soul cry in agony. Dont Play it, Dont buy it, dont think about it, never think about it, if you want to end a friendship give your friend this failure Expand
  6. Jun 29, 2013
    Worse than anyone can imagine should be avoided by everyone on earth.

    Zero gameplay, disgusting controls, production values from the

    Expect returned copies to be sitting alongside ET very soon.
  7. Jun 28, 2013
    Well, Ride to Hell: Retribution does what it says, it's your retribution for riding to hell, a true ride to hell.

    Oh, and to reach the 150
    min I can add that citizenkaneofvi rated all three PC, PS3 and X360 versions 10, since I love justice I'm gonna bulldoze it's 10s on all the platforms.

    What a missed chance of an interesting idea.

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