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  1. For a first attempt at an established franchise, The Bourne Conspiracy makes good on its promises and gives us the chance to become the perfect weapon.
  2. By no means does this look like a MGS4 or Ninja Gaiden 2, but the graphics are not a sour point and fit well with the environment. Finally seeing destructable environments used to such a strong degree in a game is a definite welcome.
  3. The few places where it stumbles are more than made up by the polish and attention to detail everywhere else.
  4. The Bourne Conspiracy is stylized and cinematic experience without the weight of sitting through long drawn out cut-scenes or overly dramatized storyline drags. Bourne pretty much sticks to the action, telling the story while you run and gun you way through each phase of the game.
  5. It's not that often you encounter a game that mixes genres and still manages to be above-average in quality.
  6. Take any thoughts of how the game is based on a movie out of your head, as The Bourne Conspiracy is a compelling action game built on mostly solid gameplay ideas.
  7. With plenty of fist fights and some great action sequences, this is a must have for the Ps3.
  8. 80
    At the end of the day, Conspiracy is a winner.
  9. By breaking all the assumptions that normally come with a movie-based license (such as using the film's actors and pushing to do a simultaneous game-film release) High Moon Studios has crafted a solid action game.
  10. Most games based on movies are cheap shovelware that are released to capitalize on the popularity of the franchise they're based on. The Bourne Conspiracy, however, is clearly a labor of love.
  11. Translating the lightning-quick close-quarters combat of the Bourne films into viscerally satisfying gameplay is no mean feat, but High Moon Studios has done it and done it well. The adventure is a bit short, and the solid gunplay becomes tedious the second time around. Still, the combat system alone makes this game worth playing, and the dramatic moments it creates are the real treat.
  12. While most moviegoers must stick to $9 tickets and $15 DVDs to satisfy their cinematic cravings, fans of The Bourne Identity can finally get their fix in a new and interactive form that’s actually worth playing.
  13. In the end, The Bourne Conspiracy hits just a few rings away from the bulls-eye. It’s not quite as polished as we would’ve hoped, and we wanted better visuals and a bit more variety in the gameplay, but we still had a lot of fun playing it.
  14. The Bourne Conspiracy, despite its shortcomings, is an example of a very good movie-licensed game.
  15. As stated numerous times before, The Bourne Conspiracy is extremely repetitive. You have a great length and well worth the price in that category but I really don’t see the average player finishing this game due to doing the same thing over and over again.
  16. It captures the setting perfectly, going straight to the point. This also makes the experience somewhat short and repetitive, but it manages to be exhilarating at times.
  17. 75
    There were definitely moments when I wanted to chuck my controller across the room because one of its minor design flaws sent me to a cheap and unfair death. And yet, there were also moments when the game clicked for me and I really did feel like I was a damaged super spy on the run.
  18. A decent, fun game, but the excitement is much too short-lived.
  19. Overall, I'd say that the Bourne Conspiracy is a solid title with a few warts, some of which can be overlooked and ignored.
  20. 73
    A trifle repetitive and brief, The Bourne Conspiracy is a diamond in the rough. Well worth a look but it’s not going to change your life.
  21. 73
    The power, brutality and creativity that Jason Bourne uses in the films are excellently handled with the hand to hand system. Unfortunately, the shooting and driving mechanics leave much to be desired.
  22. The Bourne Conspiracy walks the line between pander and cater, giving an accessible roller coaster ride to anyone with rudimentary hand-eye coordination. It's a nice mix of gameplay styles that allows you to play it however you want, but all the niggling issues eventually pile up.
  23. 72
    It may not be a classic, but The Bourne Conspiracy still gets more right than it does wrong. Thanks to the awesome variety of Takedown moves, there are few games that will make you feel more like a highly trained killer.
  24. The game is good enough for some fighting action. For more, it lacks the diversity.
  25. Compared to most movie-based video games, Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy, sans Matt Damon, is a miraculous achievement in that it doesn't suck.
  26. 70
    And even though it’s a fun action in it’s own right with nice style, nice touches and some panache, the aforementioned issues as well as weak controls and brevity bring down an otherwise solid, if eventually run-of-the-mill third person shooter.
  27. This one's a brilliant weekend rental, just like the movies.
  28. Maxi Consolas (Portugal)
    This game accomplishes some small victories. It has one of the best hand-to-hand combat systems on a third person action game and remains true to its movie legacy. But the gameplay is kind of schizophrenic and has many weaker sections, especially the ones related with fire arms. [July 2008]
  29. Toward the end, one character asks Bourne, "If you kill me, who will tell you the truth?" I immediately thought, "What truth?" Unlike the movie, the game completely fails to raise any curiosity about Bourne. Conspiracy is not about finding the truth, it’s about getting from point A to point B without bleeding to death.
  30. Though The Bourne Conspiracy is weighed down by broken gunplay mechanics, its thrilling hand-to-hand combat, slick presentation, and relatively short time commitment (eight hours) make it a perfect rental for fans of the films.
  31. Genuinely translating an action film is hardly done with as much effort as High Moon Studios has put into it. Although the combat suffers from a lack of refinement and complexity, it still keeps up with the vigorous pace and calculated intensity of Jason Bourne.
  32. It's not a perfect game by any means but the Bourne Conspiracy is a great start for a new franchise.
  33. When buying the Bourne Conspiracy you have to be aware of what you’re dealing with. If you’re like myself and are expecting a huge game of awesome hand-to-hand combat you will be disappointed.
  34. As it stands now, though, The Bourne Conspiracy is worth a rental and little else.
  35. PSM3 Magazine UK
    A solid Bourne reworking, with so-so combat and flawed design. [Aug 2008, p.66]
  36. It’s not that the game doesn’t look great – it does. It’s not that it doesn’t control well – it does. It’s not that it has bugs or camera issues – the camera never presented a problem and, aside from falling through the floor a couple of times, the game ran smoothly. It’s just that this is a short game, and yet still not short enough to stop the gameplay from wearing thin.
  37. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    A forgettable experience. [Aug 2008, p.100]
  38. Pelit (Finland)
    Quotation forthcoming. [June 2008]
  39. A decent game - it just doesn't do enough to differentiate itself from all the other games like it. And while it's true that those games don't blend martial arts with duck-and-cover shooting, Conspiracy's approach to both of those things is just too shallow and repetitive.
  40. 60
    What does become frustrating at times is the wild camera during fights, which can swing into totally useless positions in small spaces. It’s rarely a game killer, but there are times when you’ll lose track of Jason entirely. Still, if you could handle the camerawork in "The Bourne Supremacy," you’ll be fine here.
  41. Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
    Although it's a decent game overall with a lot of fun moments and a few inventive touches, the sad fact remains that there are plenty of game on the market right now that do everything The Bourne Conspiracy does, but better. [Aug 2008, p.66]
  42. Rather than delve deeper into the Ludlum's Bourne universe, with all the intrigue and conspiring, The Bourne Conspiracy gives us a standard third-person action romp with a clunky interface, brain-dead enemies, and a story we've already seen in a framework that isn't nearly as good as any of the games it aspires to emulate.
  43. 58
    It's pretty good as a game that casual players can fly through on the easiest difficulty setting, and its production values are as good as you'll find on the market. But it doesn't hold up as well for those looking for a story or a challenge. It's a fun evening, basically.
  44. Along with the lack of replayability, there's not much to encourage anyone to more than opt for a rental.
  45. Hand to hand combat is fine, but everything else that surrounds it is the definition of average
  46. Instead of maximizing their use of the source material, High Moon made a game stuck in the middle of an interactive movie and a mediocre game.
  47. All style and no substance is an appropriate way to describe the entire game, really.
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  1. Jul 27, 2016
    The Bourne Conspiracy was and remains the only videogame about the franchise, who otherwise would seem perfect for videogames but did itThe Bourne Conspiracy was and remains the only videogame about the franchise, who otherwise would seem perfect for videogames but did it deserved a sequel ?

    Technically the game is pretty average for its time, there's some good destruction but the background is always blur which is pretty annoying, there's no bugs or framerate issues that I could see but the camera during fist fight will sometimes be in a wrong angle and get on your nerves.

    The gameplay will alternate, in a nice pace, third person shooting phases, with a good cover system but globally pretty classic and fist fighting sequences that made the distinction of the Bourne trilogy in theaters, unfortunately the Batman Arkham games weren't out yet (this system would have work perfectly) and therefore the gameplay is closer to a Tekken with slow pace, and more or less 1 VS 1 fighting (sometimes you have a small QTE to doge a punch from an other guy) but they did capture the good use of the environment with lots of interactions possible and it's very fun to bash someone into a crate or whatever.

    Concerning the story it follows the scenario of the first movie with additional levels in the form of "flashbacks", if you know the movie then you'll be pretty familiar with it, but for someone that would buy the game without previous knowledge the story and motivations of the characters can be pretty unclear, they didn't took the time to develop things in its 8 hours long campaign which is too short, as always I consider that the bare minimum for a game that is solo only its 12 hours.

    So in conclusion the game isn't bad, it's faithful to its origins and is globally fun to play but some design errors (choice of combat system in particular), average graphics and the lack of efforts to please new Bourne consumers make this game for from unmissable. If there's ever a sequel there's potential to make a better game, but the poor sales make it unlikely. Advisable for the ones that love both Bourne franchise and action game.
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  2. Sep 9, 2016
    I guess I'm only writing thise review because its 2016 and this game is pretty old and I only wanted to let people know if its still worthI guess I'm only writing thise review because its 2016 and this game is pretty old and I only wanted to let people know if its still worth checking out. I have to admit I only played about an hour then put it down deciding it was not worth my time. Some of the things I enjoyed about the game were that it does capture the feel of being Bourne - the action was there and I did enjoy the progressive nature of the checkpoint system. The game did move you ahead. I really enjoyed the quick time elements because they were random and not memorisable. The game itself was fun and enjoyable. Where the game lost me however was if you were not fast enough to take out a player by stealth or gunplay you were mobbed and forced to handfight and some of these battles were just time consuming nonsense and repetitive. Also with your gun drawn I do agree with another reviewer you turn into a slow moving old man. A lot of good was in this game I would not write it off for anyone interested but after an hour of gameplay for me I would prefer to spend my time trying out all the other 400-500 games I don't have time to try instead. Full Review »
  3. Jun 30, 2014
    74/100: While combat maybe isn't fantastic in this game, the game is very enjoyable and is a nice addition to the The Bourne movies. The story74/100: While combat maybe isn't fantastic in this game, the game is very enjoyable and is a nice addition to the The Bourne movies. The story is fun and shooting is actually very fun in this game. Many games based on movies are crap, but this one really isn't! Full Review »