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  1. Nov 2, 2013
    So the main question is: Is Rocksmith 2014 better that the first release and would really benefit us, we medium and advanced levels alike to improve in playing our guitars? Certainly ,in some ways BUT [and I have to make emphasis on this], you have to know that come with some news flaws too. In fact there are: The good ,the bad and the ugly stuff in Rocksmith 2014.
    Let me list the pros
    So the main question is: Is Rocksmith 2014 better that the first release and would really benefit us, we medium and advanced levels alike to improve in playing our guitars? Certainly ,in some ways BUT [and I have to make emphasis on this], you have to know that come with some news flaws too. In fact there are: The good ,the bad and the ugly stuff in Rocksmith 2014.
    Let me list the pros and cons that I found and then, I will try to explain them the best I can.

    - Audio delay latency have greatly decreased.

    - Loading times have greatly decreased too.

    - No more constantly tuning like every time you practice a riff, just once for the type of tuning required for a specific song.

    - Much more playing techniques.

    - You can choose and adjust difficult level and speed right on the beginning without restrictions.

    - You can choose a segment of the song and ad more right next to it at your own convenience.

    - You have a level of error tolerance when practicing that can be adjust from 3 levels.

    - Unlimited times for practicing a section of a song.

    - You can jam with a virtual band that plays accordingly [or just try to] to the way you play scales and you can even set tempo.[feature is on the con side too, read next]

    - You can export songs and dlc from the first Rocksmith, but only for your respective port, have to mention.

    And like in all hero movies, here comes the bad and the ugly thugs.

    - Absolutely beginners and newcomers are completely left aside. Just remembering first release, Ubisoft was trying to take them into consideration. Only medium/advanced levels are really taken into account. Bye, bye little puppies.:(

    - No more replay of your effort after playing a complete song (really angry).

    - Mini games are horrible ,stupid, a waste of time and contrary of Rocksmith mini games; completely useless to improve your techniques.

    - No more scores after playing a complete song, only percents.

    - List of song are less interesting that first Rocksmith and this feels more pronounced if, like me you had a considerable amount of dlc in the previous one.

    - Your virtual band sounds pretty bad in general and after a few times of playing, you loss completely interest in it. Good idea, poor execution. Would be a better idea if it can be managed via through samples, not dumbly trying to follow you trough; scales? This mechanics limit you somehow too, what about playing a solo? Meanwhile fun of it lasts as much as chewing bubble gum.

    - Albums size previews decreased at a complete overlooking size.

    - More and most advanced guitar playing techniques means longer and more frustrating stepping curve.

    - After the end of practicing every section/s of a song, comes a horrible and annoying rewind effect. This is one of the things I hate most of this RS14.

    -After dominating a section of a song and getting a very discrete: You nailed it! message; your riff repeater keeps going, and going, and going, and... until you pause the game and select exit. Add this to the rewind effect and got a double very hating feature.

    - If you think tuning in Rocksmith wasn't challenging enough like your guitar getting out of tune everyday from E standard to drop D, here, in RS2014 you will face more variety of options. Like tuning E standard A447 that is slightly sharp or slightly flat from E [according to RS14 explanation...whatever!]. Or E 444 or E minor to drop D minor I think and so on. Just thinking about it makes me a little dizzy I'm still learning you now!

    - Importing stuff from the first Rocksmith like songs or DLC have a fee.
    -Slowest setting for riff repeater isn't as slowest as was on Rocksmith, that's too bad. Other way would be very helpful in very difficult solos/riffs.(beginners who?) -No more virtual live performing.[or so it looks like] -Delay latency still present, probably you have to do some adjusts like me. -When in the first Rocksmith practicing a riff, if you missed several notes in a round, it automatically detected that, and reset right away from the beginning of that section. This feature was so useful. How many times haven't you missed playing right from the beginning of a riff. Just doing something else or in a moment of distraction. It happens to every musicians including singers up to real pros in real bands and after that everybody stops playing. Needless to say its pretty common and that's the reason of why everybody needs practice. But guess what, this feature is completely removed from this new release and you have to listen all riff until the end no matter if you stopped playing completely. Even your stupid virtual band stops playing after you stopped playing first! (grumbling) So here is my analysis of all pros and cons: The whole experience for me feels quite odd. Is like changing your music teacher after quite sometime, who you feel pretty comfortable. And your new teacher have virtues and defects that couldn't be overlooked just like that. Or getting a new girlfriend after breaking up with a previous one who you used to get well for quite a while. Only to notice that aren't you quite happy as you used to be with the previous one, adding the fact that you was expecting more from her just by recommendation. Perhaps the audio latency decreasing is quite a pro feature in relation of the first Rocksmith, but I'm still not completely sure about the rest in this new release. And before I forgot, beginners and newcomers should stay away from this learning elec guitar method. For example; diversity and grade of difficulty of several techniques have a long stepping curve and could be very daunting for them. Diversity of tuning types can be bothering so. And so on. So I would recommend another more friendly method alternative for their level. I also have to say that first release of Rocksmith was more focused on the beginning type, not quite but maybe a little bit. Even with its merciless no single error of tolerance and the latency noticeable issues. On other topic, one of the things I hate most from this new Rocksmith 2014 are the minigames. In the previous release I was really benefited from games like Dawn of the chordead and Big swim baseball. Dawn of the chordead really help me out improving the way to hold correctly chords. In fact I will keep playing these games until I found them unnecessary for my level. Meanwhile the replacement for the chordead in RS2014, is just a silly way for wasting your time and just an excuse of a mini game, worst that the f2p average found in mobile stores nowadays. And for the rest have nothing better to say, the only that I found not so harmful was Ninja slides or something but I lost so quickly in comparison to Superslider that at the end the result is just the same. I really doubt that I going to check out one of that games ever again. I have to question Ubisoft about this. Was really necessary to develop guitar technique minigames more focused in gameplay that actually learning and improving your guitar skills? Just a dumb move. People who really want to learn and improve don't need that. If we wanted to buy a videogame just for fun, we surely chose Rayman, or COD or something else. And doesn't matter if there are still some dummies that call or were expecting Rocksmith 2014 as a usual game like Rockband, DJ hero, Guitar Hero and all that unworthy stuff with their crap toy complements; this is still: A real guitar learning and improving method only and, we who are serious about learning, only care about that. About the list of features that were completely removed from the first release ,I simply cannot say what I hate to miss the most. From the replay of performing a complete song to the exit from mastering a riff and the relief/achievement sound as a well done signal of success, to the riff resetting after stopping playing in riff repeater or the score after playing a complete song besides the percent achieved. Scoring was somehow motivating because overtime you noticed your own improvement and having a score was like a indirectly way to encourage you to keep going. And not to forget, the absence of live perform option. This is another thing that I hate the most too, well in this new RS14 I can't find it anywhere. Probably is missing. Was cool to have it in Rocksmith. I remember of the first times I was trying it. It was like you were actually performing live. Audience somehow resembled a real living one. Strangely enough I swear that I received a message saying that I earned a new venue in this RS14 but most probably that this is a bogus or anyway could be a greatly downgraded deal in the graphic department, because after trying non stop playing option, I just saw a barely distinguishable shadow supposing to be a crowd, meh. The only thing of the cons that I can overlook are the album minimized previews. I liked to watch albums covers from the older ones like the Rolling Stones to the most recent bands. It's a fact that most cover albums aren't that great but was something cool to have and I miss them somehow. I can even understand the reason why they do that. For decreasing loading times probably, related to the picture size but at the end it's just disappointing. And the other thing I hate most beside the stupid mini games: The rewind effect. Right after the end of a section, in riff repeater, automatically rewinds with sound and visual stuff. Every time I hear that, I'm gonna puke. Don't get at all the intention of it. At first I thought that was having an backmasking intention. For the complete ignorant about the matter backmasking is a way to put subliminal/secret messages in music principally, that can be heard while playing backwards a song. Was very common at the long plays era. Apparently rewinding sound is the same in every section of a song. Don't know if Ubisoft was trying to create a backmasking of their own and what would be the purpose. I can't even tell if this was created accidentally or intentionally. This is one of the main reasons I dislike RS14 in relation of the first one which worked just fine without it. In conclusion Rocksmith 2014 is the most recent method of learning guitar from Ubisoft. It was greatly improved in the audio delay latency issues and greatly reduce the loading times over its predecessor but at the same time there are very annoying flaws like the riff repeater rewind effect, horrible and completely useless minigames and missing features that made the first Rocksmith so great. I would dare to say that in the process of creating this new Rocksmith 2014, they did two steps forward and 2 steps and a half backward. I only recommend it for the enthusiastics who haven't tried the first one yet, who like very brilliant and colored interfaces on screen, like videogames and have some level of guitar experience. And have to say too, that this method isn't the one and the only to take in consideration. Would be better for you if you have the chance to check it out first, and see if it really works for you. But at the end if you are on a medium/advanced level then you learned by other methods, whatever if was the first Rocksmith or other alternative like online courses, the classic tabs and so on. So why are you needing this course in the first place? Only if you really, really into a song or songs that came with it and you are having trouble to play with what seems pretty improbable. Me in particular would have prefer a Rocksmith adon that try to improve the audio delay latency issues and ad the error tolerance option plus a pack of new songs for half the price. That for me, would be the best guitar method ever created.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 14 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 12 out of 14
  2. Negative: 0 out of 14
  1. Sep 23, 2014
    Rocksmith 2014 is a very impressive guitar learning experience. Its comprehensive suite of lessons and practice formats, fun mini-games and hugely entertaining Session Mode make it suitable for anyone, from novices who've never picked up a guitar to competent players looking to improve their technique.
  2. With its extensive focus on learning and comprehensive library, Rocksmith 2014 is a must buy for guitar enthusiasts.
  3. CD-Action
    Dec 13, 2013
    If you want some painless and enjoyable guitar lessons, go buy Rocksmith 2014 Edition. [13/2013, p.74]