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Generally favorable reviews- based on 37 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 27 out of 37
  2. Negative: 3 out of 37

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  1. Dec 10, 2013
    Too many things to do, 3 big story arcs, collection mode, you can get access to all those toys we love when we are kids. a lot of characters to play and many modes too. It quite simple to play but makes you learn fast how to do and avoid combos. Graphics look amazing and you can see a lot of the Naruto fight system there, that makes success. For you that enjoy Saint Seiya, is sure a buy!
  2. Dec 12, 2013
    The game mechanics and structure works perfectly wether it be for 1 or 2 players. I would only recommend to fans of the series. Only disappointment are the missing Asgard characters and storyline. When you see DBZ games full of characters you think why didn't we get all Bronze Saints and all Silver Saints too. Its such a vast universe and it would be great to have access to them all. Other than that it works. Expand
  3. Apr 15, 2014
    Unlike the Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm series which is more and more a mess of technical, balance and gameplay issues these days, Brave Soldiers delivers what is a nice, franchise-based fighting game, at first, i was expecting a simple fighting game with some button mashing, however, the game proved me wrong and i fell in love, the combo system, while easy, is a lot more deep than the one in the Naruto games, with all of the characters having two special attacks, two "burst attacks", a knock-away and a launcher respectively, a throw and an ultimate attack(called a "Big Bang Attack"), every character also has an universal dodge-action that sends them behind their enemies while spending one cosmo bar, making bar management that much precious and shielding you from a half-a-hour combo, unlike in the NUNS series, the fighting and the characters are nicely balanced, with every character being fun to play and viable at the same time, the game runs smoothly without frame-rate issues and the cell-shaded graphics, character models, arenas and effects alike are nice to the eye, battles are divided into rounds, with all the tiny nice stuff like character introductions and outros being intact(fun fact: the characters will even comment on their score after the battle), the game also features an awakening system, called the "Seventh Sense" awakening, unlike the NUNS awakening system which became severely unbalanced in the later game, every character simply gains a damage/defense boost, with the conditions being the same for all characters, eliminating situations when one character can use awakening at almost any point in the battle, or one awakening being drastically stronger than the other, the game has a story mode with three story arcs used to unlock characters, a collection mode, tournament modes, a survival mode, a series of special versus modes and online battle modes. all in all, Brave Soldiers is a decent fighting game, with a balanced cast of characters, a fast yet technical combat, lovely graphics, a lot of content to explore and all that 80's swag Expand
  4. Mar 29, 2014
    Ok I have taken this game apart i have studied and experimented with every aspect and i can say that this games combat system is fantastic the cancels and combos you can do are just amazing. There are plenty of characters to choose from and everyone is played differently. Most people don't play with orbs but why do all that work if not to use them.My answer this game isn't to its potential without them i have had battles with orbs that are so intense and face paced it makes the game seem like it was made for showing what a real saint fight would look like.Until you really dive in and master a character you don't know what you are missing.This game is a hidden gem and it is my top anime fighter. The story mode may be lame but this isn't an rpg,It is a fighter.If the game had no clones better CPU AI and more customization with BBA's i would give this a 10 for a fighter. Expand
  5. Nov 28, 2013
    The Hype of this game was incredible, but it is just the same of PS2, with new characters, but the same of Hades, not really bad, but i was looking for more.
  6. Jan 6, 2014
    O filme tão bosta quanto meu amigo Caio Jaime.
  7. Nov 28, 2013
    Good game, The combat is simple yet fun, the cast of playable characters is about 50!!! This game is a must be for all the Saint Seiya fans, if you or your friends enjoyed the Ps2 game, then Brave Soldiers will give you some nice hours of Fun, and for the new people, the cell shading is gorgeous and very well done, it deserves a try just for the well modeled characters and easy yet satisfiying combat system.

    Pegasus!!!! Ryusei Ken!!!!!!

Mixed or average reviews - based on 32 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 2 out of 32
  2. Negative: 7 out of 32
  1. Feb 10, 2014
    A weak attempt to suck some cash out of Saint Seiya fans. [02/2014, p.75]
  2. Feb 5, 2014
    If you are truly desperate for a Saint Seiya title, then this may work, but you're better off waiting for a better, more polished game to come along.
  3. Feb 3, 2014
    Brave Soldiers is the example of how not to make a game. It’s too simple, the differences between the characters aren’t noticeable and the story is too complicated to understand. Even though it offers us a lot of content, it doesn’t impress us in any way.