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  1. 92
    Saints Row 2 is the type of game soccer Moms will scream about. Why, I'm sure I don't know because it is clearly not for kids. Silly, Outrageous, Profane, Excessively Violent, Very Naughty, and Unapologetically so. And it is a hell of a lot of fun.
  2. 60
    There is no comparison to Grand Theft Auto IV in terms of gunplay, presentation, story, ambient city life, or driving. Rockstar has this beat by a country mile. But while Row’s lack of polish and rough exterior make it the less attractive choice from a technical standpoint, for those who felt shortchanged by GTA IV's scaled-back features (especially when compared to San Andreas), Saints Row 2 will help fill the void.
  3. In single-player and in co-op, Saints Row 2 is one of the most ridiculous and enjoyable games of the year. Some will dismiss it as GTA's "gangsta" offshoot, but they're missing the point; with its immense scope, fun physics and focus on entertainment over realism or grit, Saints Row is what GTA would have become if Rockstar North had followed Vice City to its pimpin' conclusion.
  4. Saints Row is an explosive mix of gameplay elements that will always provide you with something to do, something to see and something to destroy.
  5. AceGamez
    Technical shortcomings aside, Saints Row 2's diverse cityscape, incredibly versatile customisation, varied missions, endless activities and solid core mechanics combine to deliver an experience that's funny, fast-paced and highly entertaining - so visit Stilwater today, you'll come for the carnage and stay for, erm, even more carnage!
  6. We loved it, but if you're someone who takes games very seriously and are looking for a nigh-on carbon copy of GTA 4 this won't be for you. If the idea of childishly laughing every time your character speaks in a completely inappropriate voice sounds fun, or you just want a game that positively encourages you to mess around, we can't recommend Saints Row 2 enough.
  7. Saints Row 2, despite looking awful, is a guilty pleasure that'll entertain you for hours as you streak across town, blow up cars and slice gang members with a samurai sword.
  8. Saint's Row isn't a very original game. It's a tweaked version of the previous game that offers a lot of fun, especially with a friend in the coöperative mode. Everyone who missed the useless violence in GTAIV will be very satisfied with Saint's Row 2, since that game basically is about just that.
  9. SR2 has its flaws and plenty of them, and whilst it’s possible for the game to descend into little more than driving and shooting, the sheer amount fun to be had and the fact the game just wears its heart on its sleeve makes it impossible not to have a great time in Stillwater.
  10. Let’s be clear: Saints Row 2 isn’t a genre-changing experience. But the game is also wickedly fun.
  11. Packed full of rewarding and entertaining features, Saints Row 2 is an unadulterated videogame that makes no attempt to rival GTA4. Instead, it's quite content to offer plenty of fun and set itself as a worthy alternative to Rockstar's opus.
  12. Rising above its flaws, Saint’s Row 2 is an addictively over-the-top sequel that proves that bigger is definitely better. With more side missions, deeper customization features, more vehicles and bigger environments, its easy to overlook the glaring flaws that do pop up on the PS3 version. In other words, a bus ride to Stillwater is definitely in order.
  13. Saints Row 2 retains everything that made the original a great addition to the sandbox-city crime genre, and tweaks it even further.
  14. This game really packs in the action and does a great job of integrating the activities and respect system in order to unlock story missions. And the multiplayer for Saints Row 2 is far more engaging and addictive than Liberty City.
  15. It does lack GTA4’s overall polish and sense of parody, but it at least doesn’t it take itself too seriously and there’s something to be said for absurd levels of comic violence. Crucially, what the game sets out to do best it does do better than the GTA series, and that’s depth of customisation, structure of missions and online co-op.
  16. Saints Row 2 is a huge improvement over its prequel in every manner, and has successfully carved its own niche in the sandbox crime genre. The co-operative play is almost certainly one of the best such experiences available on consoles, and the sheer variety of things to do in Stilwater is so deliciously satisfying that the technical hitches can be overlooked. It’s so fun, it’s almost criminal.
  17. While – both graphically and in gameplay – Saints Row feels behind the standards set by GTA IV, it has an ace up its sleeve in the online arena: true online co-op. And it works.
  18. Saints Row 2 is an excellent alternative that has stepped out of the shadow of Grand Theft Auto making it perfect replacement for all the gamers who want to unload the madness like the GTA games did in the past.
  19. 87
    Like a bullet to the face, Saints Row 2 is a brash, over the top, occasionally childish but actually quite lovable foil to the convention-breaking seriousness of GTA. It isn't perfect, technical glitches and imperfections abound in places, but Volition score big with the explosive, water-tight action, the user-customisation elements and in offering such an incredible amount of content allowing players to spend tens of hours immersing themselves in Stilwater's many attractions. Bling bling.
  20. Once again, from every angle, Saints Row 2 is golden (shiny like the box). You’ll drive around and conquer Stilwater for many hours to come.
  21. Saints Row 2 is a great open world adventure game. The graphics, while not perfect, are very well done and the sound is amazing. The controls are easy to handle, ensuring you won't have to fight with the controller while you're busy fending off your enemies.
  22. A real challenge to... you know, that other sandbox game... Saints Row 2 expands on the original with a dizzying level of complexity. Stilwater is back and bigger than ever - there's so much to see and do you'll be entertained for hours.
  23. 82
    Players who enjoyed the action-packed moments in GTA will have an absolute blast with Saints Row 2. It's tough not to hate on the slightly lacking production values, but when you see the rest of the game it actually makes a bit more sense. The technical shortcomings are the only truly bad part of Saints Row 2, but the core gameplay experience is extremely enjoyable.
  24. Saint' s Row 2 is ridiculous in the best sense of the word. It´s funny and wild, and its sense of humor and scope makes it too far from GTA IV, wich is more solemn and occasionally even sentimental. This is a title that could have been unforgettable if it would have achieved a more solid sense in its irregular sections, despite of that is still very recommendable for the fans of the Sand-Box genre.
  25. Saint's Row 2 is as every bit as good as the first game despite its glaring technical faults.
  26. Saints Row 2 is crass, immature, and really fun.
  27. 80
    The gameplay has been expanded but not evolved over the last in the series but there is plenty of destruction and mayhem to go around to care.
  28. 80
    On the surface, Saints Row is an easy game to hate. Actually, I have a feeling that a lot of players and reviewers will write this game off for the sheer stupidity at play at all times. But to do so would be a big disservice to a game that tries hard to do a lot of things and show you a good time. Did we have a good time? Definitely.
  29. Saints Row 2, we repeat, is no "GTA IV". It is a whole lot more of a relaxed and loose experience.
  30. Saints Row 2 isn’t Grand Theft Auto, but that's a good thing. With strong replayability and wacky mini-games, the game will remain relevant for months down the road.
  31. 79
    Anyone disappointed that GTA IV left behind most of the silliness and anarchy of its PS2 past will love Saints Row 2, but don’t expect anything especially polished. It’s rather too similar to its prequel.
  32. This is basically a cartoon-ier version of GTA with an emphasis on gratuitous violence and some sexual content. It’s the kind of game that will hook a certain audience but will eventually grow wearisome for another, and it really just depends on your own personal taste.
  33. This game is little more than a lowbrow, yet humorous, thug-life simulator.
  34. Saints Row 2 is a very flawed game, but it does have entertainment value.
  35. 75
    Ultimately it’s difficult to see, really, what it adds to the original Saints Row, or indeed, the GTA-formula and the macho posturing and po-faced moral bankruptcy is likely to infuriate as many people as it enthrals.
  36. 90
    Saints Row 2 offers up a shooting and driving experience that is plenty of fun. Its story isn't as engrossing as that of Grand Theft Auto IV, but it's not that kind of game. It's self-consciously funny in its irreverence, and its low-brow humor will definitely appeal to much of its audience.
  37. Saints Row 2 isn’t a GTA killer, that’s for sure. However, it stands well enough on its own due to its different take on this style of game.
  38. Saints Row 2 isn't going to be the next Godfather, but it's not trying to be. If you want class and moral dilemmas with your gang warfare, then look elsewhere. But if you want explosions, revenge, sex, money, drugs and rock and roll, then a trip to Stilwater is just what the doctor ordered.
  39. It doesn't have the polish that GTA IV has, but at the same time I just felt like I was having more fun here than I ever did in Liberty City. The sheer amount of freedom in how you do your missions (and the lack of scripted set-ups) is one of my favorite aspects in a sandbox environment, and right now, Saints Row 2 honestly serves up the best experience when it comes to just having some fun in a big city with no rules for a few hours.
  40. The game's engaging story line, great voice acting and mix of humor and mayhem kept me coming back whether it was to spend some more time stealing ho's, or participating in Fight Club or simply chipping away at the gangs that took over my fair city while I was away. Add on an engaging multiplayer mode and seamless co-op and you have sandbox game that can proudly stand shoulder to shoulder with the GTA's of the world.
  41. 75
    Saint's 2's main deficiency, however, isn't the graphics, gameplay, or anything technical -- it just doesn't hold a candle to GTA's signature style. Not one character in the entire cast stands out as anything other than generic. The city, too, is an uninspired, washed-out metropolis.
  42. Another solid outing for Volition as they've cranked out a game that is a lot of fun to play. The co-op features and character creator are great features but the game could use another level of graphical polish.
  43. Playstation Official Magazine Australia
    A one-finger salute right up the arse of the free-roaming crime genre. [December 2008, p.68]
  44. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    To be fair, this is a game that degrades everyone. [Dec 2008, p.106]
  45. The amount of customization alone in this game is definitely worth it, but if that weren’t enough, there’s a ton of activities and missions to keep you hooked for quite some time. There’s a wealth of options here and really the only thing that will totally put some people off the game is the lack of serious content, as the game goes out of its way to prove just how ridiculous it can be. For fans of low-brow humour though, this game has it in spades.
  46. PSM3 Magazine UK
    A GTA clone to a large extent, only fun's the number one priority. [Dec 2008, p.80]
  47. Saints Row 2 is an enjoyable action game, however it doesnt really offer anything that we haven’t seen before.
  48. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    Still, Saints 2 evolves the genre with its character creator and the ability to play the entire game cooperatively online. [Dec 2008, p.74]
  49. Maxi Consolas (Portugal)
    We live in a complicated age for all sandbox games, after "GTA IV". Saints Row 2 is a victim of that comparison, because while it has some elements that are better than the Rockstar game, it can’t satisfy in the technical aspect. In fact, it has some huge technical issues, which not even the co-op, the good customization tools or the mindless fun allow to be overlooked. [Oct 2008]
  50. Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
    SR2 is loud, destructive, and dumb as hell, but that's what makes it so much fun. [Holiday 2008, p.66]
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  1. JamesD.
    Jan 26, 2010
    I am not joking when I say this is the most original PS3/360 game out there. Rather than go through all of the things that ake this game so I am not joking when I say this is the most original PS3/360 game out there. Rather than go through all of the things that ake this game so brilliant I would rather tell you everything that makes this better than GTA IV. Bfore that let me just clarify that I know well that this game looks dated and has numerous bugs, but my score makes these elements irrelevant. Firstly you remember in GTA IV where serbian fag Nico has to do all those tutorials on how to implement the game mechanics effectively? Saints Row 2 wastes no time in letting you fuck shit up with intent. You don't get your cousin phoning you up ever 5 mins asking you to go and collect his dirty landerie from his gay sailors house. Basically what I'm getting at is that GTA IV desn't know what it wants to be at all, Saints Row 2 goes 5 steps ahead by having a naked superman fly out of a jet and land ass crack first on a police officer. Game conventions mean nothing in Saints Row 2, that's why its so good and fun to play, not to mention all the side missions you can embark on. Full Review »
  2. Feb 16, 2012
    This was one of those games i had never heard of, or the first one, for that matter. A forgotten, de-valued game that i passed by many timesThis was one of those games i had never heard of, or the first one, for that matter. A forgotten, de-valued game that i passed by many times in the gamestop or best buy. When i first got my ps3 i wanted GTA4 and that was the end of it. I didn't think or even consider any other modern sandbox game at the time. Later on, when i had less money and had beaten GTA4, i grabbed a copy of saints row 2 for cheap and took it back to play it. Immediately and in my ignorance, i scorned it in comparison to GTA4. It didn't have the enhanced graphics, the gritty realism, or darker tone. I had to play it for a few hours to find out how wrong i was. It was everything fun that i did in GTA3 and 4, but all the crap i did that wasn't supposed to, saints row 2 actually rewarded the crazyness, and made it part of the game. Sure saints row 2 has its gritty crime drama theme, but also so much is dedicated to humor, fun, and carefree mayhem. There is so much to do, so much to discover and customize. Most of it is totally over the top, and that's the point, the game wants you to have some crazy fun with it. Anyone who's weary from the hardcore realism or overly dramatic games, need to get saints row 2, and have some real fun. Full Review »
  3. Dec 24, 2011
    Saints Row 2 is a hilarious and unique experience that is a MUST play. It's an action packed, testosterone filled, journey that pits you, theSaints Row 2 is a hilarious and unique experience that is a MUST play. It's an action packed, testosterone filled, journey that pits you, the leader of a gang known as the Third Street Saints, against three other gangs, a massive corporation rife with corruption, and Stilwater's finest. Graphically, it isn't the greatest, but what it lacks in graphics it makes up for in gameplay. You can clock in MANY hours in Saints Row 2. The main story line only took me around 10 hours to complete, but you can play for many more, mainly because of the diverse array of activities. Whilst GTA IV had bowling, darts, and races, Saints Row 2 has you commit insurance fraud, snatch prostitutes from abusive pimps, and spew septic waste all over people's houses. Need I mention that there is a wide variety of customization? (I made Edgar Allen Poe) The glitches only make the absurd nature of the game even funnier, so you don't need to worry about it when your motorcycle gets stuck in a wall. It also has much more freedom than in GTA IV. In GTA IV, should you get in a scuffle, a cop will immediately come to get you. In SR2, should you get in a scuffle, cops will take no notice of it UNTIL it reaches a maximum level. And while in GTA IV you needed to have the skill, reflexes, and instinct of an angel to finish most missions, here you can tear apart everything rather quickly and it'll still be satisfying. Make no joke about it, Saints Row 2 is one of the finest open world experiences you can play. Full Review »