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  • Summary: Saints Row 2 is set years after the original Saints Row in a Stilwater both familiar and strange. The explosive conclusion to Saints Row has left the player wounded, betrayed and thirsty for revenge, and now it's time to take back the city that has forgotten him. A sequel to the first open-world title on next-generation consoles, Saints Row 2 features all new customization options, including gender, age, voice, crib and gang customization. The sandbox just got larger with a totally transformed and expanded city of Stilwater, offering all new locations to explore with new vehicles, including motorcycles, boats, helicopters and planes. Saints Row 2 is playable online in 2-player co-op through the entire single-player campaign or in the all new open-world competitive multiplayer mode never before seen in the genre. [THQ] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 45 out of 50
  2. Negative: 0 out of 50
  1. Let’s be clear: Saints Row 2 isn’t a genre-changing experience. But the game is also wickedly fun.
  2. This game really packs in the action and does a great job of integrating the activities and respect system in order to unlock story missions. And the multiplayer for Saints Row 2 is far more engaging and addictive than Liberty City.
  3. Saints Row is an explosive mix of gameplay elements that will always provide you with something to do, something to see and something to destroy.
  4. Saint' s Row 2 is ridiculous in the best sense of the word. It´s funny and wild, and its sense of humor and scope makes it too far from GTA IV, wich is more solemn and occasionally even sentimental. This is a title that could have been unforgettable if it would have achieved a more solid sense in its irregular sections, despite of that is still very recommendable for the fans of the Sand-Box genre.
  5. Saints Row 2 is crass, immature, and really fun.
  6. 79
    Anyone disappointed that GTA IV left behind most of the silliness and anarchy of its PS2 past will love Saints Row 2, but don’t expect anything especially polished. It’s rather too similar to its prequel.
  7. To be fair, this is a game that degrades everyone. [Dec 2008, p.106]

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 25 out of 28
  2. Negative: 1 out of 28
  1. Oct 30, 2011
    Best game in the worlddddddddd... WIckedly hilarious and deeply engaging storyline. Charismatic and badass characters. Good ol graphics and quite a massive city to explore. Tons and tons of hours of fun. I paid $13 for this and i dare to say one of the best bargain in my life! Expand
  2. Jan 5, 2014
    This is a VERY enjoyable title with barely any flaws at all! It has ridiculously funny humor, and you can drive drunk and lots of things you could NEVER do in real life. Great title: highly recommend. Expand
  3. Aug 18, 2012
    Games don't need to innovate. Thats only a bonus. This game does what open world gang shooters should do. With nice looking graphics, an open world with a ton to do, and nearly maximum customization, its one of the most fun games of its entire genre. Expand
  4. Dec 31, 2013
    Remember Grand Theft Auto San Andreas on the Playstation 2 (or Xbox)? This is that, but it's on the Xbox 360 PS3 and PC, and hilarious quirkyness thrown in. That's a good thing. A REALLY good thing. It doesn't throw in to much humour either so it doesn't feel like one big joke (unlike one of the later games in the series) if you don't have this game, you need it, get it. Get it. GET IT. GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITT. Expand
  5. May 9, 2011
    Living in the shadow of GTA isn't easy and Saints Row 2 has been finding that out but make no mistake Saints Row 2 is not a GTA imposter as suggested, it deserves to be treated on its own. And on its own its a damn fine game! Yes, its insane and outrageous but that means only one outcome... an all round fun experience. In order to fully appreciate SR2 you have to let all serious things go and just embrace whats on offer. The story of SR2 picks up from where the original left off, you have been in jail in a coma. After a jailbreak you realise that The Saints are no longer the dominating force in Stilwater. A new group Ultor now leads the way. It isn't the strongest of storylines but the missions are a combination of madness and brilliance as you take down three rival groups in any which shape or form you choose. Visually its safe to say that SR2 is a million miles away from the likes of God of War or Uncharted but don't let that hinder you, although you way wtiness a few bizarre glitches even now and then! Gameplay is just awesome! Really, GTA may win in terms of graphics and looks but the gamplay is quite repititive but Saints Row is enticing and always offers something different from blowing people into smithereens from a step away, to protecting or gaining strongholds. If the single player mode doesn't occupy you (really?) then their is plenty of DLC available to be played as well as online co-op amongst things to enjoy! In all honesty Saints Row 2 is one of the most underated games and for that fact you don't really know what your missing out on. And based on the price that SR2 is selling at right now I couldn't recommendit more! Expand
  6. Aug 5, 2011
    Given how I enjoyed playing sandbox games like Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, TESIV Oblivion and Fallout, I decided to give this game a random chance after I was pretty much done with other games despite watching the trailers and going "What year was this game released again? You sure it wasn't made for the PS2 instead?" Anyway, got the game on discount and after completing this game, I must say I was truly satisfied and I come to see the fine differences between SR2 and GTAIV. While GTAIV focused on a more being dark and mature theme. SR2 is entirely the opposite. Sure, it adopts the same open-world concept. Punch a guy on the street, taunt a pimp and get your butt kicked, it's all up to you. But I'll tell you what SR2 does (which GTAIV doesn't) that makes SR2 good enough to avoid itself being labelled 'the poor man's GTA'. You play the head of the 3rd Street Saints taking on the other factions to reclaim the territories of Stillwater. You can customise your character's facial and body appearance, clothing, voice, taunts, figthstyle, walking style etc. It can look like you, your favourite actor, or Niko Bellic if you still think this is GTAIV. The cutscenes are more over the top, and you'll probably go "Wow! That's bad*ss!" in most of them, or get a good laugh or two in others. The side characters are hilarious and likable, more so than the ones in GTAIV. Another thing that stood out having your own gang members who usually hang out in cribs or the Saints headquarters, and you'll be able to recruit up to 3 Saints to join you on your missions. You can also choose your gang style (attire), vehicles, sign, and taunt. Outside your main mission there are lots to do, there's street racing, boat racing, driving a helicopter, spraying cr*p on people and buildings, being a bodyguard for a celebrity, pimping, demolition derby, you name it. Now, the bad part, the graphics as I said are bad. It looks like it wasn't meant for current gen consoles. Poor AI and the poor combat controls makes shooting ugly to feel and look at. Multiplayer is also poorly implemented and it's nowhere near the excitement you'll get when playing online in GTAIV or RDR. There's no trophies in this game for the PS3 meaning that you'll probably have less of a reason to complete the sidemissions and activities. My final statement, try to enjoy SR2 for what it is rather than trying to see how it fails to be GTAIV. You get a good story, a more enjoyable and less serious gameplay, likable characters, and the feel of running a street gang. It's definitely worth giving it a shot. Expand
  7. Jul 6, 2011
    I can't, for the life of me, see how the hell anyone can give this game anything higher than a 5. the gameplay is horrible. there is no lock on, which bugs the crap out of me since aiming is annoying at times, more likely than not, although the game tends to be fair most of the time so I'll give it that much. the bad bugs here are REALLY bad sometimes. you try to beat up someone and they fall into the floor?? I run into a biker and their body literally becomes part of the hood of the car, flailing around as if they've become a cylinder of the engine?? when you do the mission for the Ronin gang area, when you're protecting the car being driven by the game, there is SERIOUS issues as I had to restart this level more than twice since the car was driven off the bridge??? too many ultimately retarded things that go on with this UGLY as hell game to be tolerated. it's not "mesmerizing", it's not "better than GTA4", it's a flawed attempt at a great game, and it really could have been if it wasn't so damn stupid all over the place. oh, and the fact that on the back of the box it mentions trophies? THERE ARE NONE!! pathetic. Expand

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