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  1. Positive: 3 out of 41
  2. Negative: 4 out of 41
  1. 75
    Saw is a welcome entry in the horror genre that provides a good dosage of thrills. Depending on your tolerance for repetition, it's a good way to test your nerves and scare yourself silly during a dark and stormy night.
  2. This flawed horror adventure gets the atmosphere right, though it isn't as sharp as it could have been.
  3. In the end this game feels less like a thrilling adventure and more like an eight to ten hour endurance test. It's a good looking game, though the visuals will never 'wow'.
  4. Saw fails to deliver the suspenseful crescendos, surprising twists, and apprehensive atmosphere of the films. Instead, it’s padded with unremarkable gore, poor pacing, and uninspired level design.
  5. 40
    It's just a crappy movie tie-in, pushed out just in time for the upcoming film.
  6. With just six short chapters to wade through, Saw is never in any danger of outstaying its welcome, despite its flaws, and that's probably just as well. Its puzzle-centric design is satisfying for a while, but the game's reliance on the same stock challenges wears thin, as does the hilariously broken combat.
  7. The game should take you anywhere from 6 to 10 hours to complete, depending on your willingness to see every nook and cranny of the game. You also are privy to two endings in the game, and thankfully the game saves right before your final decision so you can witness both endings without necessarily taking another trip through the game.
  8. 42
    Saw's derivative gameplay -- which even includes sliding around crates (or racks of frozen pig carcasses) and searching dressers for hidden valves to shut down nearby pipes spewing hot gas (did that happen this often in the movies?) -- has all been done before, and done better by titles like Silent Hill and Condemned.
  9. This is a game that surely captures some of the hot spots which made the movie a cult one. Problems arise when you think about the not so satisfying combat system, the repetitive puzzles and the less than average graphics. If you are a real Saw fan you may actually consider a purchase.
  10. A genuinely decent adaptation of the films. Repetitive and gruesome, but hugely evocative. [Winter 2009, p.85]
  11. It's an original proposal with a very good atmosphere, but fails in making interesting the setting and the development.
  12. The puzzles are easily the game’s most enjoyable aspect, as the combat is underwhelming with few exceptions and exploring the linear facility isn’t tense or frightful.
  13. As an extra disc to a six-film box set its existence is just about justified, but placed against a slew of superior titles it offers nothing more than an evening's mild distraction. [Christmas 2009, p.128]
  14. Zombie Studios should be applauded for what they have achieved with Saw. Although it has its fair share of problems, Saw’s mix of timed puzzles and atmospheric surroundings combine to create a game that truly captures the spirit, tension and horror of the series upon which it is based.
  15. With a boring and unresponsive combat and nice but derivative puzzles Saw, the videogame, is recommendable just for fans of the movies.
  16. If you're after a game on a par with the likes of Resident Evil and Silent Hill, you'll find Saw severely lacking.
  17. Saw The Videogame surely has some good ideas, but the implementation is really bad, as you'll find yourself wanting the dead of your alter ego frustrated by his inability to execute your command. Nothing here for gamers, maybe just for the most avid fans.
  18. Saw isn’t the great experience, but at least it is a good game if you remind yourself that it is based on a movie.
  19. 70
    A slight, but well-produced, atmospheric and authentic Saw experience.
  20. 60
    While playing this game you will notice the simplicity of the puzzles. And because of the bad sound, the game isn't scary at all, what it should have been of course. Therefore Saw: The Videogame is disappointing.
  21. While Saw becomes a bit repetitive towards the end of the game, it has surprised us in a positive way. The game has a good story, oozes with the typical horror-flick vibe and a lot of the characters and bizarre contraptions of the movies have made their way in the game. The gameplay itself however is pretty frustrating. But if you love the movies and want more, this might begin to fill your thirst for blood.
  22. Not the worst tie-in of the year but one that runs out of ideas even more quickly than the films.
  23. Saw is strong when it comes to setting an intense and intimidating atmosphere. [Christmas 2009, p.110]
  24. What originally looked like another throwaway movie to video game tie-in is a surprisingly well conceived horror story. The combat is Saw's biggest weakness, with the replay value a close second.
  25. 52
    A pale imitation of a good survival-horror game. [Issue#186, p.83]
  26. All in all, the graphics are okay, the sound is fairly good, some of the voices are solid, and the puzzles are well done. It just isn’t quite enough, you know?
  27. Although fun, some problems, mainly in the fighting system, make it become a monotonous experience after a short time.
  28. Overall A few good puzzles but too bleak and repetitive with poor combat.
  29. Saw uses its license brilliantly, it just forgot the game part.
  30. What could have been a really excellent horror game, perhaps the first actually based on a film license, is sadly rendered mediocre by the design work.
  31. Based upon the gory horror movie franchise, SAW is a remarkable good puzzle game with a license that it actually doesn't need. [Holiday 2009, p.74]
  32. 60
    With the exception of the combat nearly every part of Saw the Game works in isolation. The visual styling is an excellent reiteration of the sets, and the recreation of the movie ordeals is handled well, including such classics as bobbing for a key in a toilet full for syringes or going swimming in vats of liquefied pigs guts. However, as soon as the player is forced to repeat the trials and traps over and over, down identical grimy corridors, pestered by identical combat instances, the excellent head start is blown and what started as a smartly made, genuinely scary experience degenerates into unimaginative straight-to-DVD splatter, gorily painting by its own repeated numbers.
  33. The game puts on a pretty good facade, affecting many of Saw's stylistic flares. There's lots of jarring camera shake, motion blur, and patchy focus effects, and the soundtrack is all industrial clangs and squeals, but in the end it's all window-dressing for a game that has more in common with Professor Layton than Condemned.
  34. It's a shame that things turned out this way: the game had potential and you can see glimpses of quality, but for the most part Saw is repetitive and imperfect.
  35. I so wanted this to be much more than it ended up being: I’ll happily rewatch all of the Saw movies back to back each year, but probably won’t head back into the video game unless Konami patch in better combat.
  36. Saw, as a tie-in to the series, is wonderful. As a survival horror game, however, it's a much smaller success. A success, mind you, but a small success, and one that doesn't rely on any knowledge of the Saw series to enjoy.
  37. Classic case of film becoming mediocre game. Surprise surprise.
  38. Fans of the film series may find the video game adaptation of Jigsaw's latest round of lethal morality tests diverting, but true blue console horror fans are better off waiting for something with a bit more bite.
  39. 73
    A good adaption of the movies with fine gameplay. The audio and graphics aren’t really special and the gameplay may be a little bit repetitive but overall a nice game.
  40. A great game that will grip you to the end but sadly let down by some awkward fights. Fans of the film will not be disappointed.
  41. If you look beyond the fighting parts you'll find a great game for the fans of the series. For all others, the puzzles and the story is still challenging enough for it to be worth your while.
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 27 Ratings

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  1. Oct 11, 2012
    this game has done rather well as a film-to-game adaption, it has interesting, albeit experimental gameplay, a decent storyline and itthis game has done rather well as a film-to-game adaption, it has interesting, albeit experimental gameplay, a decent storyline and it actually remains true to the films. Full Review »
  2. May 29, 2011
    SAW pervades us with a creepy atmosphere with the shattered interiors of Whitehurst asylum giving the game its scary and lonely elements.SAW pervades us with a creepy atmosphere with the shattered interiors of Whitehurst asylum giving the game its scary and lonely elements. Unfortunately the combat seems like an afterthought, with detective swinging fists as though he was under water. The characters are dire and don't contribute anything meaningful to the narrative. The AI is also shoddy, not recognising traps that are set and generally aren't a challenge. Not a bad rental, but one that when completed, you'll never want to return to. Full Review »
  3. Nov 19, 2013
    Un juego que no alcanza a las peliculas, ni se situa de lejos entre ellas, muy pocos podran decir que es un juegazo, porque es una verdaderaUn juego que no alcanza a las peliculas, ni se situa de lejos entre ellas, muy pocos podran decir que es un juegazo, porque es una verdadera basura y dudo que a alguien le guste, al principio todo va bien y te engancha, pero los puzzles son absurdos y dificilisimos, estaba mas tiempo mirando videos en youtube que jugando...y para eso prefiero dormir la siesta en mi camita.... xD Full Review »