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  • Summary: This will be a video game based on Universal Pictures' upcoming action-comedy, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 33 out of 49
  2. Negative: 0 out of 49
  1. 100
    This is awesome stuff. I couldn't recommend it more highly, especially at 10 bucks, and I'm sure you'll be telling everyone you know the same after you clear the first stage (if not sooner).
  2. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: the Game is a must-have for anyone who has ever loved beat 'em ups - especially River City Ransom.
  3. Great retro scrapper. Superb in co-op but can drag when playing solo. [Oct 2010, p.84]
  4. Putting all of that potential entertainment against the price roughly equates to something ridiculously cheap like 50p per hour of gaming.
  5. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is a great beat'em up for keep players engaged, nostalgic, and smiling.
  6. Our biggest gripe is it's just too cheap and mean, leaving you very alone and swamped in single player against the hordes of enemies and overpowered bosses. Foes come thick and fast and players who charge at the edge of the screen whilst it's scrolling will get a sudden foot to the face for their eagerness [Oct 2010 p.76]
  7. This game is tough. Maybe I just suck at it but it seems unreasonably hard for what I expected to be a fun brawler. Then again, at least it didn't turn into licensed shovelware.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 22 out of 29
  2. Negative: 5 out of 29
  1. Aug 13, 2010
    Oh man, I don't think I've done anything but play this game since it came out. I even postponed my reading of Haruki Murakami's 'Kafka on the Shore' (which is a FANTASTIC book, at least from what I've read so far.) to unlock Negascott and make sure my characters have maxed stats. The game's soundtrack alone, designed by genius chiptune artist Anamanaguchi, is easily worth the ten dollars you pay for this gem of a game. I can see why others may gripe about the lack of online play, but this has not proven to be an issue for me since I have more than enough friends to play with who live nearby. In fact, at least 8 of them have come to play this awesome game with me in the past two days. It really is loads of fun when playing with friends.. if you're looking for some classic brawling fun, be sure to check this one out! Expand
  2. Aug 28, 2010
    It's Castle Crashers with a Scott Pilgrim theme, complete with awesome retro graphics, amazing retro music and enough fast-paced solo and co-op fun to warrant it a place on store shelves. Enough said. Expand
  3. Aug 21, 2010
    i dont know what to say about this game other than I signed up just to review it. I grew up on these games but it isnt so must of a nostalgia pull but rather just a simple and perfectly made GAME. And boy is it fun. At ten bucks, its a steal. I really just want everyone to know how great it is. get the demo and youll see! Expand
  4. Jul 12, 2013
    Easily one of the best 8-bit styled albums ever. Anamanaguchi is unrivaled in their genre, and hearing such a retro sound makes me wish they could rerecord all the music for classic Nintendo games. Expand
  5. Oct 12, 2010
    Scott Pilgrim is a beautiful looking, beautiful sounding game that ends up a little flat at the end, although having a friend to duke it out with together makes the game the true homage to multi-player beat-em ups it was designed to be. The game starts strong, with 4 playable characters, a fast and fun basic set of combos which grow as you do, and colorful and fitting background to draw from (the game has oodles of throwbacks to all sorts of older Nintendo games alongside the Scott Pilgrim story and characters itself). Combat is fast and fun, at its best when introducing new enemies and goofy one-off parodies (Snowball Fight!). While all the levels look and sound great, the game thins once you hit midgame and need to either buy some beefy stat-increasing items to beat the shorter end levels or grind up your levels (which is how you get the stat-ups anyway). Even grinding isn't so bad, though, as the game's music is both perfect for the game's levels and the retro style. Each character has their own moves and ability to revive teammates, which can allow all sorts of amazing last second saves as well as making the multi-player also complement each players's character choices. All of it is a great package at its price, although a friend or two really lets the game show you its best . Expand
  6. Aug 26, 2010
    This game is an amazing game. I love the 8bit style and the music is totally awesome. There are only a few things i do not like: 1. Playing it 1-player is nearly impossible, because of the amount of enemies and how much damage they do, while playing it with friends is an awesome and fun experience. which leads me to what i don't like point 2. there is no online co-op. I don't hate this game because of the lack of online, but as a game that is the most fun played with friends, i would love to see co-op. Expand
  7. Dec 18, 2013
    This game is completely unplayable: corrupt savegames, lost progress, not knowing when the game saves, technical flaws all around. Do not buy this game, you'll regret it. Expand

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