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  1. An adult player used to more complex and demanding experiences and accustomed to more complex and demanding experiences, will not find in this Shrek big reasons to stay connected for long. For young fans delivers the tools to set an interesting challenge.
  2. Tedious, mediocre. Only die-hard Shrek fans need bother.
  3. Shrek: Forever After is a mediocre licensed title which tries to distinguish itself with cooperative play, but does not succeed to do that in an interesting way.
  4. So if you've got kids who have all the movies in their collections, there's no reason they shouldn't play this game. I'm almost sure they'll really have a blast.
  5. The story mode is long enough to capture the attention of most young gamers, and for the ambitious players, there are some secondary collection quests to explore.
  6. Core gamers shouldn't even near this title; however, those looking for a light summer game for their kids could give it a try.
  7. 70
    Shrek Forever After has become an amusing game after all. The game is too short and won't leave much of an impact, causing you to forget about it almost instantly.
  8. Overall, I think it's a decent enough family title from Activision, but not quite as enjoyable as the last one I played from this Publisher, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.
  9. Another decent familiy tie-in from Activision, maybe not quite enjoyable as Kung-Fu Panda or Ice Age, but still entertaining for a childish audience. Best if played in co-op with 2-4 other people, the lack of an online mode is really a shame.
  10. 59
    A game that is meant to be played by kids. The gameplay is pretty repetitive and the whole game is very short. It is more fun when played with multiple people, but then also the game isn't great. It's good for the children, but it could have been a lot, lot better.
  11. We see the appeal in sitting down with a son or daughter and playing through a level or two, but it's likely that children will lose interest even before the parents' owned feigned attention lapses. [Aug 2010, p.87]
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  1. Mar 22, 2014
    This game isn't so bad. But it isn't so good at all. I think if you really love shrek and all the movies and the other games too, Shrek Forever After is a good option. Now if you are looking for incredible game of adventure with a good gameplay, don't take that game. I didn't like this game, seriously. Full Review »