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  1. 83
    But Revolution's greatest omission is testament to just how addicting the game is. It's disappointing not having the option to play "one more turn..." after a victory condition is achieved and continuing to build (or rebuild) your empire.
  2. AceGamez
    It presents a solid, fairly streamlined experience that's accessible to console players while still providing an engaging layer of depth.
  3. An exquisite experience for strategy junkies. PC purists may turn up their noses at it, but I dare them to play through multiplayer with a pair of headsets on and not get giddy.
  4. Definitely created for players who've never played the series before, Civilization Revolution is a great entry title for console gamers.
  5. Once you start Civilization, you can’t stop playing. Fortunately the controls work wonderfully on the console versions. A great strategy game!
  6. If you enjoy games like Catan, this game goes a little deeper and offers a lot more, but with exceptional controls that give you a fun, action-based experience without all the memorization of various control schemes.
  7. Edge Magazine
    While the streamlined and brisk approach that brushes over some of the minutiae of the previous games might cause some PC fans to baulk, Revolution has concentrated rather than diluted the Civ experience, creating an expression of the concept that's perfectly suited to its platform. [July 2008, p.94]
  8. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    The controls are indeed a dream, effectively putting to rest the notion that a strategy game can't work on a console. [Aug 2008, p.70]
  9. This slick new Civilization may be more reduction than Revolution, but it's easily one of the most distinctive games on 360 and PS3. I can't see myself playing much more of the single-player, but I genuinely cannot wait to war over landmass with a few like-minded chums.
  10. Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution is the most immersive strategy game on the consoles to-date that can offer up this much fun, offline or online and for multiple skill levels.
  11. 80
    This is far more than just a port; it's a comprehensive console-specific retooling. The thought of that may make some fans sick to their stomach, and yes, some of the more detailed options for taxation and civilization management have been automated to a greater or lesser degree, but there's still plenty of strategy here for even hardcore fans to appreciate.
  12. This is hands down the best pure strategy title to appear on consoles to date, and easily worthy to bear the Civilization name. [July 2008, p.83]
  13. More options would have been huge in adding a bit of spice to the repetition that sets in after a few games, but what comes in the box is good enough to recommend to anyone with a taste for a little strategy and a penchant for world domination.
  14. Whatever the notable flaws in the PS3 version, they obviously weren’t enough to keep us from playing several times on each of the difficulty levels (although some of those brutal ‘Deity’-level solo games ended pretty damned quickly).
  15. A fantastic, frantic combination of pretty much all the highlights of previous Civilization titles rolled into one single package. Finally, a worthy way to experience Sid Meier's legendary franchise on your console!
  16. 85
    Cerebral gamers and those with world-conquering ambitions should definitely give this one a try. [Aug 2008, p.76]
  17. Civilization Revolution is a benchmark in the turn-based strategy series for console games both now and in the future.
  18. It may not be as deep or entertaining as the PC counterparts, but it's still one hell of a game, and it will still cause thousands of people to lose out on sleep.
  19. Games Master UK
    As entertaining as it is absorbing and one of the best console strategy games around. [Aug 2008, p.72]
  20. Civilization Revolution is an excellent, streamlined console version of the popular PC strategy series.
  21. A streamlined strategy experience for consoles that's easy to play and appreciate. The game achieves balance and variety, letting it hold up to repeated plays, and creates that “one more turn” addiction that defines most great strategy games.
  22. It plays very well on the PS3 with intuitive controls, solid graphics, and streamlined game mechanics that ensure entertainment value.
  23. Most importantly, we're happy to report that the ebb and flow of the game, the technology race, the expansionistic urges, the cycle from martyrdom to world conqueror and back, have been expertly captured in Civilization Revolution.
  24. While Sid Meier has been quoted as saying that this is the Civilization game he always wanted to make, Revolution's got plenty of shortcomings, and the scope of its vision can sometimes outstrip its mechanics. That said, this is a really satisfying strategy game, and though it might be old hat for PC players, there are few experiences quite like it on consoles.
  25. 88
    The developers of Civ Rev made some tough but smart compromises, which resulted in a great console strategy game that could do with just a bit more depth. Overall though, this one’s a winner.
  26. Civilization Revolution feels like a bloated XBLA or PSN game. Strip away the disappointing visuals, bloody annoying introduction video that plays every time you start a fucking match, all the bells and whistles and you’re left with something could have been a true revolution. As it stands, this is just a good case of Civilization Devolution.
  27. Maxi Consolas (Portugal)
    Much more than a simple conversion to consoles, Revolution is a Civ experience built and tailored specially for these machines. And it really shows. It’s, in nature, a very addictive experience and the gameplay really suits the different console controllers. [Aug 2008]
  28. It is a solid effort that fits well as a console game. We just wish some more details made it across from the PC series.
  29. 80
    Sid Meier's Civilization: Revolution is easily the most effective and most addictive strategy game ever to be released on a console, and is worth a shot for anyone interested in the franchise or genre at all.
  30. Pelit (Finland)
    The operation was a success, but the patient died! Actually, not really. While making the game simpler cut's the depth of the single player mode considerably, ut at the same time makes multiplayer games more fluent and entertaining. [Aug 2008]
  31. 90
    Firaxis must be commended for what could’ve been a very clunky or patronising console port. Instead, the series’ depth and spirit has been encapsulated in an addictive and appropriate PS3 package.
  32. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    There's something hugely satisfying about playing Civilization: Revolution. It feels clever, but it's actually about as educational as reading the ingredients off a box of Cheerios and pretending you've got a PhD in chemistry. [July 2008, p.102]
  33. Everything that strategy gamers have been waiting for. While it may disappoint a small niche of hardcore Meier fans, it will definitely appeal to the masses looking for a nice change of pace from the average console game.
  34. Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
    We told you that world domination comes to those that wait. Luckily for Revolution players, the wait on PS3 isn't quite as long. [Aug 2008, p.74]
  35. PSM3 Magazine UK
    Matches could be longer, but the strategy is top notch. Excellent. [Aug 2008, p.72]
  36. 85
    Civilization: Revolution ingeniously brings the series back to basics and, despite a few faults late in the game, should appeal to new players without alienating the devoted fan base.
  37. The key is that you can get a hell of a lot of enjoyment out of Civ Rev without getting completely bogged down by the game's statistics.
  38. Revolution makes a great starting place for new gamers to learn the ways of Civilization while avoiding being overwhelmed by the massive amount of things present in Civilization 4.
  39. 90
    Much of the changes in Civ Rev are of the give and take variety ultimately streamlining gameplay with little sacrifice.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 90 Ratings

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  2. Negative: 13 out of 90
  1. JasonR
    Jul 13, 2008
    Words cannot describe how disappointed I am in this game or how relieved I feel that I rented it instead of bought it. What I liked about Words cannot describe how disappointed I am in this game or how relieved I feel that I rented it instead of bought it. What I liked about it--it's fast paced. Also, navigating through the different menus I found quick and easy. That's about it! The rest of this game can be summed up by taking every aspect of previous civilizations games and dumbing it down to where it's either automatic, not customizable, or completely removed. Before the game there's no more setting map size, terrain, amount of cultures, conditions of victory, how quickly time passes, etc... Although this expedites the process to start a game, you find similar sacrifices throughout the gameplay as well. What do you mean I can't rename my @#$%ing capital? Although I would have grudgingly accepted the removal of some of the game's more intricate parts for getting the benefits of playing on a console, this game goes too far and offers little in return. The graphics to me look just like Civ 4, with some really really disappointing fight scenes thrown in when you attack. Also, features of the landscape are like caricatures, i.e., a single impassible, isolated mountain surrounded by plains. The rest of the geography is just spatters of green and brown on land masses that resemble a game of dominos. This is one of the most useless games I've ever played. They tried to dumb it down to bring new users in, but by my calculations it's still too complicated and light on graphics for the average console cretin. For the hardcore civ player, it's like bowling with bumpers in the alley. Full Review »
  2. Sep 26, 2011
    I found this version of Civilization surprisingly entertaining and simple in short sessions, for better or for worse. I eventually traded itI found this version of Civilization surprisingly entertaining and simple in short sessions, for better or for worse. I eventually traded it in because it just felt like a 'lite' version of any other Civ game, but if you're a person with not a lot of time or interest in all the depth of the main titles, this is the perfect alternative. My favorites were Civ IV & V on the PC so they are the basis of my comparison. I've been able to play both of those versions for hours and hours in a single sitting. Weeks have flown by playing huge maps against computer or player opponents. With Civ:Revolution, that would never happen. The depth just isn't in this version to sustain long sessions, but the classic fun of Sid Meier and the Civ series is still well-represented and executed here in a much smaller dose if that is what you are looking for. Full Review »
  3. Nov 28, 2010
    Civilisation is a very fun strategy game. Granted it's dumbed down from the PC version, granted it doesn't have the plethora of options that aCivilisation is a very fun strategy game. Granted it's dumbed down from the PC version, granted it doesn't have the plethora of options that a heavy menu'd PC strategy game would have....but let's get this straight people , we are ps3 owners and in general dont demand RTS games that take 4 days to complete. One solid game can take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours which is a fair amount of time. My one gripe is the multiple methods of victory , I think the idea is fantastic and works very well. I would however like to see some reward for alternate strategies. I find that some of the routes to victory are just not practical. A technoligical or cultural victory are infinately easier than a domination victory. Why the game makers didnt put in the multiple method and have domination only game modes only is a mystery. Indeed it would be a hark back to the old days of red alert in which kicking some ass was the only way to win. Overall a solid game which casual RTS players should embrace. Full Review »