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  1. Mar 14, 2012
    Silent Hill has been one of my favorite game series since I was young, and I can honestly say that this is true to the games original routes. With the occasional fixed camera angles, the revealing yet un-revealing story and the characters are so original and great, just as the originals were. I love Murphy, as it is hard to tell if he is good or evil at this point, a neutral hero that you craft with the choices you make in the game. The graphics and color scheme, in my opinion, are also very good. Though it does not look as good as games like Dead Space, it is still a very high caliber game in the graphics department. The color scheme is also very dark and horrifying, I think that its easy on the eyes but not only that, the dark tones make moving into new areas a harrowing experience. When I move into a new area thats dark in tones I don't feel happy or energetic I know that its dark and it helps me to set my tone appropriately. The combat system is great in my opinion. It moves back to the old Silent Hill combat systems. Its wonky, but its survival horror so what do you expect? It's supposed to be difficult. The blocking and swinging and the breaking of weapons makes the combat feel frantic, hurried and horrified. I've also heard complaints that there isn't enough ammo for guns.... REALLY? In a survival horror game, not enough ammo?! OOHHHH **** PLEASE! Anyway, the game is great. There aren't many enemies but the current enemies are horrifying and scary looking, the originals didn't have much variety either, they usually reskinned enemies later with similar AI. All in all, besides some technical glitches and framerate issues, this is one of the best Silent Hill games i've played. Expand
  2. Mar 13, 2012
    From the impressions and reviews I've read so far (aside from ign's farcical attempt) it's almost unanimous that this is the best Silent Hill game in years. Incredible atmosphere, heavy focus on original and creative puzzles, unique and interesting otherworld environments and a captivating and original story. Combat and monster designs have been noted as mediocre for the most part but overall this is a game for Silent Hill fans, but the average gamer who needs everything spoon fed to them might not get that into it. It's been getting good to average reviews so far with the exception of one overtly negative review that failed to provide any info on anything in the game other than technical issues like freezing when autosaving etc. so I would advise people to try and think for themselves where this game is concerned as nothing is more pathetic than blindly following what a review on a site like ign (which has become something of a laughingstock over the past decade) has to say. Having a mind of your own is like totez cool. Honest rating: 8.5/10, rating it higher to counter the little kids giving it a much lower score than it deserves. People who like the old Silent Hill games and psychological horror should love this! Expand
  3. Mar 13, 2012
    Its official. The days of Silent Hill are numbered. What was once brilliant, and I truly stress the word brilliant, is now in the hands of a developer that just doesn't know what to do with the slice of genius it was handed. Too much focus on the combat and not enough emphasis on what the genre was built on; fear. Fear of everything, not just your enemies. If you give us control of someone more fearsome than those we should be cowering from then how do you expect us to fear them? Homecoming showed the potential for learning, an indication that with practice there would be greatness. Downpour tarnishes the moniker on its title, and is not fit to sit alongside its brethren. Fans of the series will be disappointed, and I hope the audience for which this intended for, the Americans, are pleased in knowing they played a part in the destruction of what was once one of the most prominent and brilliant videogame series ever created. Expand
  4. Mar 16, 2012
    Some gameplay elements are taken from the previous few instalments. Most notably is from Silent Hill Homecoming, and a few things from Silent Hill Shattered Memories, such as the over the shoulder chase scenes that were common in memories. It also brings back a few cool things, like the loved classic fixed camera angle. The graphics are by far the best in the series at this time. Sure, visual effects suck big ones, but still, its got some great graphics...The sounds are sometimes creepy, voice acting is very well done, and gunshots sound realistic. But monster sounds and the soundtrack is horrible. Kinda sad that akira could not provide his music this time... and they only allowed mary to do 1 track... hmm... and korn sucks big ones... i did not like the soundtrack.Some of the story is boring at first, but really, starts getting interesting later. Its also kinda sad when you uncover things about murphys deceased little boy... And depending on the end, its nice to see Anne and Murphy become friends.This is a very good change from the previous disappointing titles we got in the series, (Origins, Shattered Memories and Homecoming...), and the story is by far on par with Silent Hill 2 and 3. Expand
  5. Mar 13, 2012
    Silent Hill is back with Downpour. All those things that we missed in previous games are here again. The characters, the fog, the story, the gore, everything is back. This is what all SH fans have been waiting for. It may have some bug or a bit of lag, but it can be repared witch an update of the game. Silent Hill is not about about story and ambience. And this one has everything it needs to become the best Silent Hill since the first games of the saga (because SH2 or SH1 are so good that any other SH will be better than them). Collapse
  6. Mar 27, 2012
    As a huge fan of early Silent Hill games, I was definitely hesitant to buy Downpour as it looked like a serious departure from the classics. Bad reviews from trusted sites made me even more hesitant but I went with my heart and dropped the $60 and I am glad I did. Although at times Downpour doesn't feel like a Silent Hill game, at its core Konami threw in enough references to delight Silent Hill fans of the past. That said, this is not a perfect game by any means. There is noticeable frame rate drops at times and the combat is clunky at best. At times, the game looks gorgeous and we see parts of Silent Hill we never knew existed, then at other times we wish certain areas stayed hidden. At times during the story, you are given a choice that really comes down to, 'Are you good, or are you bad' but these decisions really hold no weight at all which is a real disappointment. With those downfalls, I still could not pry myself away from Downpour and had a great time searching every nook and cranny. Please do yourself a favor and at least try the game. For every bad thing you've heard about the game, there are two good things about it. This is a game that will keep you on the edge of your seat and I know I will come back to it again and again. Expand
  7. Mar 23, 2012
    If the town of Silent Hill has done one thing since its glory days, its pay the water bill. This is the continuation of the Downpour review you have been looking for and is spoiler free. I cannot fit all I want to say, so this is just the main focus. I wrote an early review in the first stages of the game to clear some questions floating around so feel free to find it and take a look, and compare. In that review I discuss my love for Silent Hill and explain why my opinion can be highly respected for the series as well as my honesty towards it. So, onto Downpour. First off, having now beaten the game, I can safely say this is the best Silent Hill since The Room. Many have purchased this game now I am sure, as I played the game extremely slow and could probably platinum it with one more playthrough, but nonetheless, I said I would review it good or bad, so here goes. Vatra worked hard on this game and it shows. This is the closest Silent Hill has come to returning to its golden age. The game is atmospheric, it is scary, it is creative, and it is intriguing. The game is careful to remain true to its roots but not at all afraid to venture into new territory, and this is perhaps what the game is best at. It is impressive how it can feel like part 2 at times, please fans of the first four, borrow from the entire series, including the comics, ignore the movie and most of Homecoming, and also feel like something completely new to the series. I spent much of my time during Downpour smiling away, remembering the good old days, and getting a warm fuzzy feeling even in the games dampest of scenes. Though the game is not at all perfect I truly enjoyed it, especially the first two acts. The third act, aside form technical things I will mention below, is the games only complete flaw. Story wise the third act is not horrible but not at all great, but what truly bugged me about it was the lack of creative steam, and the emphases on typical combat and linear style action. This game is not an action game, it has less combat than Homecoming but more than any other Silent Hill, give or take Origins, but the final stage of the game is a bit of rage quitter and really dampens the games reputation. Very easily forgotten are the great moments that just proceeded, but honestly for a true fan of the series, all can be forgiven, as long as you dont hate the final outcome. There are multiple endings and I found mine to be...above average. Downpour is also flawed technically a bit. My last review stated the graphic issues, the lag, and hiccups. Its not awful though, just a slight annoyance, most of the time I saw right past it. The combat is odd and stiff but as mentioned as well in my previous review, it was intentional and worked. The combat, when not being smothered, feels legit in that Murphy is human and not a space marine or swordsmaster. Some will find it irritating but many will find it familiar as it is inspired by the Ps1 and Ps2 era of Survival Horror, and that is exactly what this game is, a true Survival Horror. Flight will always win over fight throughout your entire stay in Silent Hill this time around. And when it begins to rain rather hard you may just want to step in doors and dry off for a few minutes. The creatures in this game are not the best in the series, there are only a handful of enemies and they are far less imaginative or symbolic as previous games give or take Homecoming. Though they can frighten you if they attack in the right setting at the right time. I didnt not like the enemies but I wish there could have been more, or that they could have been tweaked a little more on the psychological side. My only other issue would be the alternate worlds, they arent quite as imaginative or scary as past installments but they work in the world of Downpour. I believe this takes care of any negatives, as for positives they far out weigh the bad. This is Silent Hill as we love it, you will be thinking, screaming, and then thinking again. The town feels as if it can hear you and see you, dark hallways still suck to walk through, and even away from combat you dont feel safe. I screamed out loud a few times which is impressive. I was constantly nervous and seldom was allowed to rest easy. I was intrigued throughout the story, and kept trying to guess the outcome and can gladly say I was mostly incorrect, mostly. The addition of side quests is great and honestly at times can be the scariest parts in the game, and some are extremely creative. Silent Hill has not felt this good in a very long time. I still have to place the first four in front of it, but I could see some ranking it above The Room, though I think you would be crazy to place it any higher. From awesome easter eggs to the old school vibe this is a game that true Survival Horror fans and Silent Hill die hards alike can enjoy, so prepare for a wet weekend and experience a long awaited successful trip to the town that takes all. Silent Hill. 7.5 - 8.0 out of 10. Expand
  8. Apr 7, 2012
    Okay! I just finished the game yesterday. First of all, the critics have their heads so far up their behinds that they can't see in front of them much less seeing a good game to know it. This is the best Silent Hill, in my humble opinion, since Silent Hill 3. However, the PS3 version has some serious performance issues, lag being the worst of all. Another issue were glitchy save checkpoints. For example, I ran into one area, and the game had to load, then when I took a few steps, it had to load AGAIN just to put me at the same place it had just started me. On a good note, this game has plenty of references to previous games and plays in the same spirit as the previous games. Die-hard fans will be upset that the music for this game was composed by a different person. But in all fairness, I like this guys musical score just as much or maybe even a little bit better than the previous guy. The game offers plenty of puzzles, chases through maze-like maps, freaky moments, and just about everything all the other best Silent Hill games have offered. My advice to the critics: If you like the first game that much, just keep playing the first game if you cannot give a more accurate review to the later games. Expand
  9. Mar 13, 2012
    I don't know why everyone is bashing this game it's amazing and the best silent hill since the room. Visuals are outstanding and the creepy silent hill atmosphere is finally revived and the game play is amazing although the combat system is a bit clunky but the silent hill series has always been bad in this regard since the first entry in the series. As for the story it's really interesting and i love the decision making system where your action decides the outcome if the story. Finally the replay value of this game is also great as there many side quests you can find in this game so you can play 2-3 times easily to try different decisions and find new side quests you might have missed. Silent hill fans please buy this game or rent it at least it deserves it. Expand
  10. Mar 13, 2012
    I think IGN was not too successful in the review of Silent Hill Downpour, as I find it unacceptable to put on a note of 4.5 ... It's a Silent Hill, it may not be as the masterpieces of past generations, but it is a Silent Hill. And mediocre games that do not deserve a pass have fared better this Downpour. I think the work of several years, I think, a good job in a game, should be better rewarded. Konami have been no changes from the direction of play, to the same soundtrack. It's not easy to replace Akira Yamaoka. It is not easy to make a new game with all the weight that the series and the previous chapters.It's not all that easy to adapt to a new game, and I think that some people do not take it into account. They just want to sink the franchise and the game. For everything else, I'm Spanish, and Europe does not leave the game until March 29, but I am quite sure it's not a game of note 4.5, and 6.5 either. Sorry if I made â Expand
  11. Mar 13, 2012
    An attempt at silent hill gone wrong... again! Im gonna keep it simple, and just point out the flaws without mumbojumbo. This title has massive framerate drops, lags, and total lockups. (it is NOT my system. This is the ONLY game that does it on there.). The games animations are very amateur. You try to hit an enemy, and the weapon wont usually touch them and the character walks off on his own while in combat. Next, the graphics. The graphics and models are pretty good, however visuals are sub par to a 2006 PS2 game. They were rushed. Monster design is horrible as well. The monsters are all similar looking to humans. Areas are very frustrating to navigate due to the choice of camera angle. The game is not at all scary, and its a very predictable game. I was very exited seeing Rely On Horrors downpour playthrough, and buying it i was happy. However only 5 mins into it after the starting scene, the game already started glitching out. I started having framerate drops and it even crashed on one of the roads for no reason. My friend on his system is having the very same issue. Im NOT saying this game is terrible, but it is not good either. Im mixed on the decision, so im giving it a 4/10. I will change my review IF they release a future patch to fix so many peoples issues. All the critics have rated it mixed or negative, and these fanboy silent hill downpour freaks keep rating the game all up. There insane. Read reviews from trusted critics like IGN, the games not terrible or good. A patch to fix the SEVERAL framerate drops, crashes, awkward pauses in voice overs, animation problems, etc... i will change my score. Until then, im taking it back to walmart, since walmart now refunds games in my state. Konami, do what others are saying and listen to us. Develop "in house" and stop getting these other amature developers to screw us over like usual. I have not seen a good silent hill at all since 3. 4 was ok, Origins was a massive low end graphics lagathon disaster, homecoming had a good premise but fell short of good, shattard memories was horrible,and this cuts the cake. Im worried now... im sure PSvitas SH BOM will not succeed as said before. Im still gonna try the demo on my vita... provided there is a demo. (if theres no demo, im not getting it). So guys, be warned when buying this game you will run into several issues. The story is very good though, and a true silent hill fan should totally check it out at least. Expand
  12. Mar 14, 2012
    Silent hill downpour is the best SH game in a long time
    The game meets all my expectations of a true silent hill game with a modern day approach.
    The story and atmosphere are suburb. voice acting is also really strong.
    I haven't been scared of a silent hill game since part 4,and I was worried Downpour was gonna be tame, and not scary, but I'm constantly on the edge of my seat, and is a lot
    scarier than I thought it would be.
    The controls are easy to get a hang of, and the puzzles are original, and fun
    The only complaints I have are some of the character designs are a little bland, and rough looking, and the games frame-rate lags, but these issues are small, and don't take away from the great experience.

    if your a true silent hill fan you'll love this game
  13. Mar 13, 2012
    People who bash this game are idiots and only do it cause they claim to be OG Silent Hill fans. We don't need SH 1, 2, 3, or 4. We need a game that doesn't stutter every time you walk in new room. Downpour is great aside from the tech. problems. The combat is good comparing it to the older games. The shooting is great if you aren't autistic. The soundtrack and story are all good. Get over yourselves people, minus the bugs in this game, it could be the greatest thing to touch this series since SH: 3. Expand
  14. Mar 13, 2012
    Great game.. I think its the best one in the series since Silent hill 2,3 , the graphics are kinda good, combat is OK , and the game is scaries than Dead Space. and while the game have some technial issues/bug, i still think its an amazing game.

    PS: i had to give this game a perfect 10 to counter all those trolls one the forums that said they will rate this game 0 , my real score is 8/10
  15. Mar 14, 2012
    Game is good, it has a lot of easter eggs to find from games of the past which adds to the idea of being in the same town of Silent Hill which is great. Combat isn't horrible, melee works fairly well and ammo is scarce which allows it to play out more like a "survival horror" game than Resident Evil or Dead Space (Not to say they are bad games - they are great but have definitely become more action oriented vs survival horror nowadays which is something Downpour is definitely not and feel it deserves credit in that respect because games like this are scarce nowadays). Personally...Korn??...really..smh... I know they have a fan base but WRONG DIRECTION for this game for the intro song, I absolutely hate that they are associated with this title but thats more personal preference and won't let it affect the score because it doesn't affect gameplay however it still doesn't set a good mood. Most enemies are downright horrible looking and don't even seem to look right in the world, almost as if they pop out because of how stupid they look. But there is a few here and there that are okay at best and the game is more focused on exploration so run away if you don't feel like dealing with them. Aspects of it feel like Alan Wake with the radio sequences even the beginning part feels like Bright Falls which isn't necessarily bad but feels like its trying to borrow too much from other titles than making its own mark in the world. Because it borrows a lot from good games of the past, it does to some things right, but its not entirely original and at times feels more like fun house scares vs true horror. I would love to see more Silent Hill games so I hope the developers read consumer criticism and work with it. Its a good attempt and don't regret it but leaves some to be desired. It would be nice if you can change the control scheme but not a deal breaker. These devs have a lot of potential and should be given input so they can bring this franchise back, bashing them doesn't help anyone. Overall I am ENJOYING this game quite a bit. It nice to get away from current trends and like how it doesn't hold your hand which veteran Silent Hill fans will appreciate it more than newcomers. It sits between a 7/8 for me but went with an 8 to help with the 0's some people gave. Expand
  16. Mar 13, 2012
    No suprise. for this poor scores ..i called this Konami! What is WRONG with the developers? SH1 was the best horror ever.SH2.SH3 is also very very great,and when everything starts to become bad!! I honestly wasnt expecting much about Silent Hill since the team of japan left this series. SHM, Silent Hill hasn't been Silent Hill in a LONG time /
  17. Apr 13, 2012
    I've already reviewed this game, but I forgot to mention how as you progress futher into the game, the game starts getting buggy as hell. Also when fighting enemies sometime the game lags and then when the game stops laggin Murphy is looking up at the sky all turned around while the enemies attack. Fighting enemies in this game is awful. Everytime you see an enemy you are scared, but not for the right reason. Another annoying thing about this game is the void. I don't know why they put that in this game, no one that I know likes it. The enemies are also unpredictable, which CAN be a good thing, but the fighting in this game is awful enough as it is, the enemies can do combos and sometimes they will punch 1,2 or 3 times in a row, so by the time you let your guard down to attack, the enemy can hit you, you have to guess when to attack, and even if you dont block, and instead move around to hit them that way instead, the enemies move/walk/run faster than Murphy, so if you try and invade by moving around the enemy will run up at you and attack.It's not fun. Hit detection is really bad too. I don' know if you have noticed but sometimes when you hit an enemy directly it wont register.. Shooting in this game is also horrible, the controls don't feel right, and as scarce as ammo is in this game, you'd think that it would do more damage than it does. Side quests are cool, some of the side quests really captured the silent hill feeling. HOWEVER, most of the side quests you do are pointless other than for trophy hunting. You spend 2+ hours on a side quest findind all the things you need, then back track all over the place, and then finish the puzzle at the end, you usually get garbage items fo all that hard work you do. One side quest i did took along time to finish, and the treasure is an axe......You find axes all over the place. If it's not that, then it could be items like a health. I finished all the side quests and on everyside quest I did they gave me something useless in the end. The only side quest worth it was the Homeless one. If you are a trophy hunter than it till isn't worth the time and effort. The side quests are longer than the main story. The shadow trinket sidequest was cool but B.S at the same time. I spent hours looking all over for these trinkets, and 1 or 2 of these trinkets were in weird places. The game also Froze on me 1 time, where I had to restart the console. The autosaves are crap too. Only 2 boss fights, and they weren't special. The loading screen says that the lighter isn't the best source of light, but I find the lighter to be better than the flashlight. Another thing that annoys me about this game, is that when you pick up items , you never know what you are picking up half the time, so you don't know if you are picking up a weapon or an item. This gets annoying when there are enemies attacking you, you see the word "pick up" and you broke your melee weapon so you run and pick up a brick or a stone, and by the time you pick it up you say **** and then the enemy hits you so you run around looking for something better.It's retarded.
    Picking up chairs is stupid too, i's more of a last resort. The only melee weapon that I thought was effective was the red axes. I don't hate this game, I find it t be in the right direction for the silent hill series, however these annoyincess do not do this title any justice. I give this a 7 because this time around I actually felt like it was kind of silent Although still lacking the creepy Japanese horror, ths title still has some spooky times. The side quest where you have to put the crank and record on the player then turn time backwards while watching the events happen that really felt like Silent Hill. Silent Hill 1,2 and 3 are still my favorites, a lot of people didn't like Silent Hill 4, but I actually liked it.
    For the next Silent Hill ( if there is one) get rid of the void, more enemies,more bosses, better gameplay, put the inventory screen back the way it was. Make it more darker/eerie. The otherworld really needs to be changed, as it is one of the main components of SIlent Hill, All we do in this game in the otherworld is run away from the void, besides that there my as well not be an otherworld because you are hardly in it anyway. There are a lot of bad things about this game, but I still can't give it lower than a 7, you can tell that they actually DID try to bring back Silent Hill with this game, If I was to judge this game on gameplay, then the game would get a 4. The foundation is there, but a house don't sit too well on a broken one. Fix the flaws so the house wont cave into the ground..
  18. Mar 15, 2012
    Thanks konami for making this awesome game!!!!!!!!!! One of the best game ever!! Konami is the best publisher ever, i love japan and i love konami and i love konami game like silent hill, pes
  19. Mar 13, 2012
    It's safe to go back silent hill! Downpour feels very similar to the original silent hill games in that the creepy atmosphere is very terrifying, the puzzles are actually challenging, exploration is more prominent, etc. This game is so good I'm actually going to go so far as to say it rivals the third game in my opinion. Get it now!
  20. Mar 14, 2012
    Why all the negative reviews? I don't see what they are talking about. This game is fantastic. It's atmosphere is great. It's like an alternate version of Alan Wake. It is not perfect with its frame rate dips every now and then, and the fog can't seem to make up its mind weather it wants to fade closer or farther away, but this is a good game. The graphics are great! They are far from lousy. It looks like any other recent console game. It is very scenic! Calming and creepy at the same time. There are fixed camera areas which I don't like, but its fine. My only complaint is you can't save whenever you want. Only at checkpoints. The game deserves a higher score from all the well known review sites. The combat is fine. Quit nit picking. How is it dull or boring? I love walking around and exploring. It's got a lot more going for it than most games lately. 10/10 Expand
  21. Mar 19, 2012
    "Silent Hill is back with Downpour. All those things that we missed in previous games are here again. The characters, the fog, the story, the gore, everything is back. This is what all SH fans have been waiting for."
    Yes! This is the best Silent Hill since SH2!!! Can't wait next Silent Hill game from VATRA!
  22. Mar 16, 2012
    If you're here looking for a review of this game by a member of the Silent Hill fan-base that you can count on, please bear with the length of this review and I'll make it worth your time. Ignore the fake tens, ignore the forever vengeful - I know what you're here for, to find out the answer to the question, "Is it safe to go back to Silent Hill?" and I'm here to tell you, that while I will pull NO punches in my critique, the answer is a fairly solid "Yes!" Seeing as how the franchise has been sliding downhill for years longer than it stood proud, I'm not even sure how to handle praising it anymore - every flaw in Downpour makes me want to tear it down but one must keep in mind, the originals had their flaws as well. But let's start with the good, shall we? GRAPHICAL QUALITY won't win any awards, but it's up with the times. The worst aspect is the shadow effects of light on water or through trees, but if you can forgive that, the visuals will do just fine for your stay. THE SOUNDTRACK is phenomenal. Licht deviates from Yamaoka only in two ways - first, he takes Yamaoka's style and bends it to the will of music composition. The industrial sounds are here, the mandolin is here, the guitar is here - but you could lay it out as sheet music if you needed to, and it's masterfully done to the degree that this formulaic approach does not detract from even the chase scenes. Also, a bit of realism is mixed in as, throughout the entire game, radios within Silent Hill will play you real world music spanning from modern indie performers all the way back to Louis Armstrong and Frank Sinatra. Cast your doubts aside, Licht deserves praise for this job. PERFORMANCE is iffy (-1 point). The game tries to load in real time, but can't keep up - this will often cause the game to stutter and jump. There's no way around it - this is a problem you will either come to terms with or not. GAMEPLAY stays about 90% true to the Silent Hill formula. The interaction options have been expanded to make use of the Dualshock 3, so that's nice, but the two main differences are as follows: (1) The long-winded puzzles and sidequests that make the old Silent Hill games are now completely optional. I think this is GREAT. The game may feel more shallow when speed running it, but I'm thankful for the option. (2) The Otherworld doesn't make you repeat the same area with different skin; and it's not slow terror. The Otherworld makes you run - makes you keep up. It's linear suspense in a dissolving landscape. I can't say whether this is good or bad, it's just a total departure from the series roots. Hey, if that's how Murphy sees it, that's how he sees it. I just hope this isn't all it has to offer from here on - I'd like to see some variety in the future. COMBAT is clumsy but responsive and fast paced. It's not going to win any programming awards, but it keeps that "average Joe" feel to it that feels right at home in Silent Hill. Finally, what you're probably here for. MONSTER DESIGN is my main area of complaint; I'm docking a whole point for it. It completely does away with SH's "vaguely human / disturbing" forms and goes straight for "mutilated human / badass" forms, starting with basic enemies right out of The Suffering and all comes down to THE BIG BAD basically being the Tyrant-103 (Mr. X) from Resident Evil in a gas mask. This game could gain 10% of my love back with a mob-mod. (Sorry, creature guy. You just missed the point. They're good, they're just not Silent Hill.) THE STORYLINE is a welcome addition to the canon (Is it snowing on the hills of hell? I never thought I'd say that about Silent Hill again.) Cast aside your expectations to find out WHAT the protagonist has done - this time we're here to explore HOW AND WHY they did what we already know has been done - and the journey is satisfying; it's not "I'm going to cry, that was wonderful" levels of amazing, but it's worth your time n' dime. Also, and this is a HUGE bonus, there's a book hidden in the library that satisfyingly explains why THE ORDER of SH1 ~ 3 was only one chapter of Silent Hill, only one incarnation of it's power, only one group of people involved in a rotating door of the terrors of the realm. REPLAY VALUE is average, it'll take 3 playthroughs to see all endings, but with speed run being an option, just picking it up to blow through the story would be satisfying any time! ALL IN ALL, Downpour is a damn solid release - don't let anyone tell you it's perfect, but don't let anyone tell you it's terrible, either. All that remains is to see if KONAMI has finally pulled their head out of their ass and given Silent Hill a new beginning (and Downpour is a GREAT Chapter 1 of a new Saga), or of VATRA just got lucky. For now, Downpour is a solid 8/10 - here's hoping for a bright future. Expand
  23. Mar 13, 2012
    In my opinion this game is was a huge let down for franchise of Silent Hill.From a psychologically heavy survival horror with good dashes of symbolism and all things good - SH has now reverted to the mediocre " jason voorhes stily" horror game.. SHM,If you want to be scared, play Dead Space or replay one of the other Silent Hill games ( old Silent Hill). Do NOT buy Silent Hill "Donwpoor". It is a MEDIOCRE game, It is a waste of $50.â Expand
  24. Mar 15, 2012
    Silent hill Downpour still a good game. Not the best in the series, but still a game to pick up and play all the way through. story is good, get a few scares here and there. the Voice acting is really good and prob the best in the series, it don't seem cheesy and everyone's voice seems to match up just right, Monsters are on the lame side a little bit, but i am happy they didn't Reuse all the monsters from Silent hill 2 and 3 got tired of seeing EVERY monster in the same game. Story is good and i liked this one better then Homecoming. Controls suck BUT its silent hill ALL silent hill games controls suck. Combat is the same way but this is not a Combat game, i see your suppose to RUN from the monsters not stand there and take on 3 at a time. dont come into this game thinking your guy is a MMA fighter or was in the marines or something that is what i see all the bad reviews are for is the bad combat your guy is not a fighter as in all silent hills your just a avg joe reason why i gave it a 8 is because of the monsters (could of been cooler buy hey this is vatra first game so i cut them some slack) Expand
  25. Mar 17, 2012
    My introduction to the Silent Hill mythos was Homecoming which I had completely enjoyed I feel Downpour is a great addition to the survival horror genre. I won't mention the main technical flaws that have been covered immensely, but those flaws did not sway my reasoning for liking this game. The main reason why I am liking this game (I'm not all the way through) are the little things that are used to convey fright and fear. The sound of children's ghostly laughter, crying, and talking added an element which gave the game the atmosphere which I crave in these types of games. I've read about how some players aren't enjoying the lack of weapon carrying and breakage of weapon. The game designer has said in interviews that he wanted to bring back a more realistic feel when it comes to weapon inventory. I agree in this case and that is what is needed in the horror survival game. The element of rain was amazing in Downpour that gave the game a horror film feel allowing the player the choice of seeking shelter to avoid enemies or pushing forward and taking their chances with said enemies. Downpour is a rare game in that it's freaking me out more than with other games. It has a Jacob's Ladder feel to me. The combat is a bit loose, but I accepted that because our main character, Murphy, is not a combat leaning character. SH: Homecoming's combat was more tighter because its main character, Alex, is trained in combat. Downpour is a nice addition to the horror survival genre and I'm hoping more people give this game a chance before condemning it. Expand
  26. Mar 19, 2012
    silent hill downpour is an incredible game thats capture the old school spirit of the silent hill series good grafics creepy atmosphere and really scare moments. ignore ign score , the game is exellent
  27. dz9
    Mar 20, 2012
    The Good: Incredibly spooky and moving story, perfect atmospheres, and good challenging puzzles. The Bad: Frame rates and glitches, guidance issues, and gameplay. From a lot of mainstream reviews, I heard a lot of complaints about the fighting mechanics. Don't get me misunderstood, the gameplay is not great, but they seem to not understand that this game is not God of War, the game is not suppose to be action oriented, and they do seem to capture the feeling of Silent Hill with it. However, not the best, you are expected to run some and fight, but when fighting comes into play, when there are more than one enemy to fight, the gameplay shows its staleness. What also brings it down, is the fact when you do have to run, the frame rate is absolutely atrocious. The fighting mechanics is rather lack luster but not as bad as some reviewers say, but the frame rate issues are an absolute deal breaker. I've never seen a mainstream high publicized game have such frame rate issues. It gets so bad that you feel like your playing in a badly connected Halo online match. However though, the perfectly fleshed out protagonist, and the overall atmosphere and story will keep you playing despite the issues the game presents. In the End: This is just a decent game that provides quite a few scares. For Silent Hill fans... it does not bring the franchise back to its former glory but it is an excellent treat, but it just won't bring any newcomers along to the series. Expand
  28. Mar 22, 2012
    Havent played a Silent Hill since The Room. I never cared for the Room but this was highly enjoyable.

    Tons of secrets and sidequests, interesting version of hell and new combat system make this highly enjoyable. Some crap: Graphics are deffinately getting dated for this gen, little to no direction for sidequests, enemies are kinda boring, seemed sort of easy

    Positive: New combat
    system/inventory system, intuitive controls, water/elemental motif is a welcome change, new sidequests all through out town, cool secrets making references to past games Expand
  29. Mar 13, 2012
    Awesome game.. While its not as good as old Silent hill games its a step in the right direction, and btw that is not my real score i only give it 10 because some people on the forums are saying they will rate this game 0 to lower its user score, i gave it a 8.5/10
  30. Mar 20, 2012
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    Silent Hill has always been the Pinnacle of the survival horror genre for gaming. With horrifying monsters, a weird cast of characters, and a disturbing yet unique story, there is a reason that the foggy town of Silent Hill scares people away from playing. With the newest installment, Silent Hill Downpour, you still will
    have that uneasy feeling while roaming the empty streets. As usual, the campaign was interesting, keeping you guessing about what really was going on for the 7-8 hours of gameplay. Monsters have a tendency to be unpredictable which really helps to keep you on your toes. The graphics were good but was plagued with some framerate drop issues. This can really kill the erie mood of the game when you die and have repeat the process a couple of times. Another issue with the game I found was the combat system. I understand that the Silent Hill franchise was not known for its wonderful combat system but fighting in this game felt like a chore rather. Your weapon would not always register when striking an enemy and when facing multiple enemies, it can be frusturating. There has been a lack of survival horror games of recent. Knowing that Silent Hill is sticking with its old roots is a breath of fresh air. Keep in mind that this is not a game designed for the average gamer because this game is not flawless in any way. But all in all I think Downpour carried the Silent Hill name well and is a survival horror game that fans of the series should not overlook. Expand
  31. Mar 13, 2012
    Silent Hill is back with Downpour. All those things that we missed in previous games are here again. The characters, the fog, the story, the gore, everything is back. This is what all SH fans have been waiting for. It may have some bug or a bit of lag, but it can be repared witch an update of the game. Silent Hill is not about about story and ambience. And this one has everything it needs to become the best Silent Hill since the first games of the saga (because SH2 or SH1 are so good that any other SH will be better than them). Collapse

Mixed or average reviews - based on 41 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 8 out of 41
  2. Negative: 2 out of 41
  1. May 14, 2012
    A remarkably ugly game. [June 2012, p.60]
  2. 60
    Silent Hill Downpourit's a good game, despite all of its flaws, but desperately needs new mechanics.
  3. Apr 29, 2012
    It may be a visually sound package that throws a few unique spins on the Silent Hill template, though the sometimes awkward puzzles and irredeemably abysmal combat are enough to drag Downpour down the gutter and towards mediocrity.