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  2. Negative: 54 out of 94

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  1. Mar 29, 2012
    If you played Silent Hill 2 and 3 in the original release, and liked them just stay away from this "collection". (wich is missing Silent Hill 4 and Silent HIll Origins that were previously released on the same platforms). This is just an awful experience, specially if you're a fan of the franchise. There's a lot of graphical failures, missing configurations from the menu, the cutscenes are stretched horizontally, the original voices has been changed... and Silent Hill 3 songs has been reworked or changed entirely. This "collection" needs to be remaked. Expand
  2. Mar 29, 2012
    DO NOT BUY THIS.To keep it short: No fog, no rust, very bright, well lit, worse voice acting, numerous graphical, audio, and gameplay glitches.
    Worst port I've seen in years, even worse than that RE4 PC port that didn't support keyboard and mouse.
  3. Mar 29, 2012
    I really enjoyed the PS2 version of both Shs... and I was really looking forward to this collection. But when I saw with my own eyes what they did to it (still after all the waiting and delays!) I just canceled my pre-order. Comparing to old Silent Hills, "HD" collection is just a piece of crap :-/. I'll be more then happy to buy it when they fix it....but till then...1
  4. Apr 3, 2012
    The Silent Hill HD collection was delayed alot, and several fans was looking foward to it. However it was released unfinished and the game contains several game breaking bugs, lockups, audio loops, audio cutouts, graphics glitches, missing graphics, etc. This is one of the worst releases of 2012, other then the video game AMY. This is a terrible port and every bad review on here is right, and every good review is wrong. Expand
  5. Apr 11, 2012
    This was my first time playing a silent hill game and boy this one heck of a bad game. You cant control the camera, but im assuming thats how it was originally was. The sound effects are bad and louder than they should be. The editing was horrible, and this was just not the expierence i was looking for.
  6. Apr 3, 2012
    for those of you who don't get the negative scores like bigdaddyd0m, there probably isn't much we can do to help you understand, but i'll try. how would you like it if star wars was re-released and it had new voices dubbed in that no one bothered to sync up, pivotal scenes were edited out because they were too violent or disturbing, the dvd lagged or stopped playing spontaneously, and the appearance of the film was digitally altered and it somehow managed to make everything look WORSE? that is pretty much what has happened here. remember, these reviews are for the HD collection (which apparently can consist of as few as two games out of eight) not the original titles. if we were simply reviewing silent hill 2 and 3 you would see a lot of nines and tens. this, however, is an HD collection that removes content, diminishes impact, and makes the design decision to scale back fog without bothering to fill out parts of the environment that were never even rendered because they were hidden by the fog. it is lazy (silent hill wasn't even included in this "collection" because they would have had to recreate it entirely since it was a psone game) and the funny thing is, that since money without much effort appears to be the primary motivating force, it would have actually been easier to port the original games and make no changes. then, you wouldn't have the problems like bad lip syncing, wrong subtitles, glitches, bugs, game crashes, and environments that just stop and become grey blocks. giving this game a decent score would encourage people to buy it. the only way that developers will learn not to churn out crappy remakes is to hit them in their wallet, and encourage people not to buy their product. Expand
  7. Apr 23, 2012
    This is the absolute worst joke I've seen. Konami wanted to make profit off little to no effort. I hope it didn't succeed. This HD collection is buggy to the point of unplayable. Things like this make me hope developers like Konami (who has been putting out crap for awhile now) go bankrupt.
  8. Apr 13, 2012
    An equal version of PS2 but in HD, it is acceptable, improvable if, but acceptable. A version worse than the PS2 in PS3, not. A real pity because I had a lot of interest and now I am not going to buy it.
  9. Mar 22, 2012
    I've been thrilled to get my hands of Silent Hill HD Collection for PS3. These atmospheric, creepy, disturbing, and well told games are ones that show what survival horror can be at its best. Unfortunately, these versions of SH2 and SH3 are very broken. Both games are full of bugs. Audio cuts in and cut randomly, cutscenes have delayed lip syncing and sound effects, and the frame rate is disgustingly unstable. SH3 is far worse than 2. You'll find it hard to find an area that doesn't look like everything is in slow motion due to things like running water, dense fog, monsters, or any slightly large environment causes massive slow down. I was hopeful when the 1.1 patch was released, but it didn't fix anything. These are PS2 games for crying out loud! And censoring a scene is SH2 is ridiculous. These games are about all the horrible, dark things inside of people. Censoring it is an insult. Two of the greatest survival horror games ever deserved much better than this. The developers should be ashamed of themselves. Expand
  10. Mar 23, 2012
    The game has far too many bugs to recommend to first-timers or veterans alike. This is NOT the way to experience the games for the first time or for the thousandth time. It will destroy your sense of wonder or nostalgia. I will not list the game-breaking bugs (it's far too easy to look them up on the internet) but I will say that I've experienced all of the ones mentioned and a few MORE, including some that crashed my PS3 or spoiled the ending of one of the games! This is ridiculous, and we as gamers should not stand for this sort of misuse and abuse of OUR money or their source material. Expand
  11. Mar 26, 2012
    Alright, I originally defended this game, I actually love the new voice acting, but having played it for a while now, there are just too many bugs, framerate issues, and things actually missing that were in the original games. I can no longer recommend it.
  12. Mar 25, 2012
    I'm not going to engage in hyperbolic trash-talking. But I was a day-one purchaser of this collection, and I'm very disheartened by these HD ports. They are still great games, and these are better than nothing if you have no other way to play them, but the PS2 versions are very much preferable - and I'm not referring to the new voice cast. Nostalgia aside, the new voice casts are in all unbiased ways better actors, but I understand why players of the original release would want the old voice cast.

    *Constant audio and visual bugs that the 297mb patch has not fixed

    *Worst of all - for me: I don't know who's idea it was to put the draw distance of the fog farther away, but I'm definitely not a fan of that.

    I would not complain much if this was just a matter of stylistic and aesthetic choices I didn't like, but the fact that a couple of PS2 games simple do not work properly on a succeeding platform is pretty bad, and I have a hard time believing it could be explained away except for lack of effort.

    Konami was under no obligation to give its consumer base a re-release of these two great games, this must be acknowledged. However, if they didn't want to do it right, they should not have committed to it.
  13. Mar 26, 2012
    I won´t even bother nitpicking the many things that are wrong with this "HD" collection, its here ( )
    made by better people than me and with video comparison(just to bad to be true) What i truly am surprised is at the "professional" reviews this pile of junk is getting from the "pro" sites. I sincerely dont know
    which is worst. If the idea was of a rip off, at least try harder next time!â Expand
  14. Mar 28, 2012
    I am writing from the perspective of someone who started following this series after watching the Movie. I know this will discredit my opinion for the long-standing fans, but if you also are not a long-time fan than perhaps this review will be helpful for you if not others. After watching the movie, I bought Silent Hill 1, Homecoming, Downpour, and now the HD collection over the years.

    I was really excited for the HD Collection because I read the script of Silent Hill 2 and thought the concept behind the story is amazing. I also really like the voice actress for Mary/Maria, and also spoiled the game by watching the ending on YouTube which I thought was extremely well done. I also read pretty much everything on the Silent Hill Wiki about Silent Hill 2 and 3, and was excited to be able to experience these games.

    Playing them on the HD collection ended up being uninspiring. First, I LOVE the Silent Hill 2 intro movie. On the HD Collection, half of the voices are gone during the intro movie, resulting in nonsensible mouths moving along to music. Now that I am pampered by games like Mass Effect 3 and even Downpour, the graphics left a lot to be desired. The gameplay also felt jagged - the camera shifted too often resulting in my running back and forth too often. I thougth the controls were a bit off and even during my first monster fight, it took forever to get James to swing his weapon. I felt like I was spending a lot of time mindlessly running around the town, but it wasn't frightening - it was boring. It was not difficult to run around the boring monsters. The town itself didn't even look appealing after playing Downpour, which I think is superior in this regards. Finally, like many others, I experienced a lot of massive frame rate drops.

    I gave this game a 3.0 solely for the soundtrack and story. However, I think I am more content listening to the Soundtrack on MP3s and reading the script than I am playing this game. I'm going to return it. Again, if you are a long-time fan of Silent Hill and experienced Silent Hill 2 and 3 in their glory days, perhaps this is a great buy for you. As someone who was extremely interested in the games but not attached to them in any way, I think I just missed out on enjoying these. Games have progressed far too much in terms of graphcis and gameplay for this to hold my interest, despite the game's storyline and musical score. The game's technical problems certainly didn't help either.
  15. Apr 2, 2012
    First time poster here on Metacritic... And for the first time ever, I truly feel like voicing my opinion on this site in the hopes that NO ONE makes the mistake of purchasing this collection as I did. Silent Hill 1-3 are my favorite games of all time, and they've been a huge creative inspiration for me ever since I first played them... and to see Silent Hill 2 and 3 handled in this manner is not only shocking, but borderline criminal in my opinion. I won't go into too much detail with regards to the technical problems (other user reviewers in this section have explained them in great detail), but let's just say that they render the games virtually unplayable; audio bugs, glitches, shockingly bad framerate issues, constant freezing, bad lip-syncing, you name it... Yet the biggest slap in the face are the drastic aesthetical changes. Aside from the low saturation-, brightness- and contrast, the removal of 'thickness' in the fog and questionable texture "upgrades", I'm surprised that no one has mentioned the fact that the new versions run at 60 frames per second, instead of the old 30 frames per second - a HUGE aesthical change, which removes much of the cinematic flair of the originals. It is clear that no thought was put into how these changes would affect player experience and immersion... and it shows a saddeningly low respect for the source material. To be honest though, in the end, I shouldn't care too much about owning this collection... sure, I bought it because I respect these games to no end, and I was eager to see how they looked on a modern entertainment system; but I already own the PS2 versions, so why should I care? Well, I do f***ing care... I care because a new generation of gamers, who might be interested in trying something different and experiencing these inspirational masterpieces as I did back in the day, WON'T get the "true" Silent Hill experience on their new consoles... they will get these distractingly glitchy, buggy and aesthetically appalling versions, unworthy of the Silent Hill name. Such a sadness... Konami, if by any chance you are reading this - I've been a faithful customer of yours for many years, but I refuse to support your games until you fix this debacle. I know I'm not the only one who feels the same way... Expand
  16. Apr 8, 2012
    Last time I ever blindly buy a newly released game...shake my fing head. Silent Hill 3's framerate and out of sync voice over will distract you from any enjoyment out of this game, same with SH2. I can't believe Konami!!, a company I truly admired, would release such a broken a55 game uggghhhhhhhh. Do not support this garbage by buying it, don't even rent it ffs!
  17. Oct 4, 2013
    Silent Hill 2 and 3 are THE BEST horror games but this"HD" version is awful. What went wrong? The collection includes a lot of issues like bad textures, changed graphics, new voice acting, a lot of bugs... The original SH games are pure gold but this is abomination.
  18. Sep 6, 2012
    Gameplay is the same as the original games, with very very minor tweaks. The game is set in third person in both titles. These 2 titles, both suffer from severe gamebreaking bugs. The graphics in SH2 are a little better then the original versions, but not much. And the graphics in SH3 changed only a little. But still, its got some great graphics for its time, and its still a classic. However, the several bugs and glitches cause very many problems in the graphics, and in SH2, the fog is to the point you can see things you should not, such as the edge of the map. The sounds were slightly redone in the collection in both games, like item pickup sounds,gunshots, and all voices. In SH2 you can use the original or new acting for voices, but in SH3 you must use the voice acting thats been redone. The new acting in SH2 is actually ok, but the new acting in SH3 is terribly done actually, several actors mix up lines such as claudia says something she should not, lol, and the emotion in acting is like reading a book to 1st graders... Both games suffer from several horrifying bugs, that truly call this game a HORRORible game. I was gonna get Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City, but i seen it got panned so i picked this up instead, not a good idea. At first,i had no issues, but later on it got so buggy with time, and its just not scary with the glitches, crappy sounds, etc. My recommendation? Dont buy a konami brand game ever again. This does NOT deserve the name silent hill. Its more like a shadow of its former self. Ugh... NEVER buy konami games again! Expand
  19. Nov 12, 2013
    This Isn't and HD collection, they say enhanced graphics and didn't deliver the graphics are the same as the ps2 .With the game brightness and the tv's brightness up all the way up its still to dark to see anything in Silent Hill 3 just like the ps2 version i'm so disappointed

Mixed or average reviews - based on 33 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 12 out of 33
  2. Negative: 4 out of 33
  1. Jun 1, 2012
    Silent Hill HD Collection proves a good way to experience two great horror classics that embody psychic fear and buried emotional pain like no others, with gruesome settings, monstrously imaginative enemies and a thousand creepy, dark hallways.
  2. May 16, 2012
    Combat is still a swingfest and puzzles can be frustrating. [June 2012, p.108]
  3. True evil never dies. It gets a decent facelift. [May 2012, p76]