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  1. Apr 6, 2013
    Even if Sly 2: Band of Thieves doesn't hold up to his predecesor is still a barely decent game.
    So in this game one of the first things you will notice is that now there is a life bar so no one hit deaths in this game and viceversa you can't kill enemies with just one hit, the sad thing about the enemies in this game is the simple fact that they are all the same from the first one and
    they all have the exact same attacks and patterns throughout each level, the combat can pretty much be resume in you having to punch an enemy wait for him to get up and repeat the process, is really repetitive!
    The next thing that you will start to notice is that there isn't any sort of platforming challenge in the game there are no more saws that you need to dodge or even lasers. Anyway the main objective in the game is to complete every mission throughout every level in order to steal a clockwork pice, oh yeah the story is about sly trying to recover clockwerk pieces (the final boss from the last game) apparently a criminal organization stole clockwerk pieces from sly and Sly, Bentley, and Murray want to get them back in order to avoid the reconstruction of clockwerk. Each of this missions inside the level that you need to complete in order to go to the next level of the game can get pretty repetitive really fast, so to give you an example one of this missions require Sly to steal 6 keys from six enemies now this would be cool to do if it was well delivered but sadly it isn't instead you're going to be having to go to a section of the large map avoid as many enemies as you can and then steal one key then you will repeat the same process, now it's true that in this game you can play as Bentley (the turtle) and Murray (the Hippopotamus) this can add a lot of variety to the game but instead after playing with them you will notice that the ability to play as them wasn't necessary at all the only difference when playing with them than with sly is the combat and the climbing, both Murray and Bentley can't climb so they're useless in that aspect, in the combat Murray can pretty much beat any enemy just by combining attacks with the square and the triangle buttons, and Bentley can shoot sleeping darts out of a crossbow and drop bombs. Those two differences in combat are not useful at all you can skip several missions using Murray and Bentley without even using the combat system, so why where they needed!?!?!?
    To be fair the 5 to 10 minutes missions can be fun but you're constantly are going to be asking to yourself when can i play as Sly? Sly controls excellent the controls are as smooth as the first game and even if you start noticing that there are some levels that are exactly the same or at least similar but re-skinned to look that they're different you will be wanting to explore by jumping gliding and using all the power ups that Sly can have and Bentley and Murray also can. The bosses are also a massive disappointment i mean if you even get to fight to a couple of them, that's right they erase the boss battles you have like 10 villains in the game but you will only truly get into a boss fight with like 4 of them is a waste of space having so many bosses, the worst part is that some of them are actually re used, to give you an example in chapter one you will have to confront let's say a lizard in chapter two you will have to fight the exact same lizard because she/he escaped the first time. In conclusion Sly 2 is extremely disappointing everything just leaves you the taste that it could have been such an amazing game but it just feels that Sucker Punch didn't have any more ideas and the few newer ones that they had were poorly executed in this game if you are doubting to play or not play this game don't play it is completely skippable and it doesn't add anything to the story of Sly Copper at all heck look at the ending on youtube if you don't believe me is the exact same ending from the first one only with a different skin.
  2. Aug 21, 2014
    Sly 2 is a Stealth/Platformer/Action-Adventure game where you play as three characters. The first character is Sly. Sly is a master of thief and also the main character of the game. Sly could pickpocket guards, although you need pass a mission to unlock this ability, walk on ropes, climb ladders, pipes or latch on wall hooks, and etc. Sly is not the strongest so you can't going in arms blazing. You sneak around guards makes it stealth like. The next character is Murray or 'The Murray' is a lot different. He's not like Sly. He can't climb or even under tables. He could kill guards in two hits. So he's the one you want to kill people with. Bentley is the character you won't play. The only time I play Bentley is when I need to do mission with him. He's every weak and kill guards neither whacking them with your dart gun or putting them into sleep a planting a bomb on them. He does have interesting gadgets though. The way you play the game is by, you in a open world. You have to mission to beat the level. This is longest Sly game by far. The story is really good. You could unlock power ups or gadgets. Some you have to get like a paraglider and a alarm clock. There's also clue bottles. Getting 30 per level, gets you a special power up or gadget, but only with Sly. By getting power up, you need coins. You get coins by breaks objects, kill guards, or pickpocketing. Then go to TheftNet, in the safe house. The music is very well compose. Sly 2 will worth every money. Just have a PS2 or get the Sly Cooper collection in ps3, or get it in PSN. Expand

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