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  2. Negative: 6 out of 64
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  1. If you like a game that rewards teamwork and strategy as well as hair-trigger reactions and steady nerves, then SOCOM becomes immensely rewarding. Take the game seriously, learn quickly and bring a headset. This package will keep you entertained for a long while.
  2. Fun to play, but it's too punishing and packs a hefty learning curve.
  3. If this game was being judged purely on potential it would be certainly critically acclaimed. However the flaws certainly have to be considered and in this case they keep Confrontation from being in the upper echelon of tactical shooters.
  4. For now, buy this to get the headset for Resistance 2 and come back to SOCOM in a couple months. Maybe it’ll be completed by then.
  5. With so many high quality shooters on the market already, each trying to offer something that the others don't, all Confrontation really has going for it is its low price tag. For what was such a well respected series, that's really not good enough.
  6. Remove brand loyalty from the equation and between the existing online pleasures of Warhawk, Killzone 2, Metal Gear Online, GRAW2 and Rainbow Six, with the promise of even more realistic and tactical games such as Operation Flashpoint and ArmA 2 in the near future, it's hard to imagine why any PS3 armchair soldier would want to invest too much time in a game this small, ordinary and generic.
  7. Despite an arsenal of moves, the process of switching between weapons is labored and will most certainly result in your demise. The lack of a dedicated single player campaign mode hurts as well. Worst of all, Confrontation includes a ridiculous amount of technical bugs.
  8. SOCOM Confrontation feels like a dud. It feels like an old and unfinished product that will make few gamers happy. In the end SOCOM has little to offer to justify a purchase. Except when you are truly a SOCOM-fan and are willing to look beyond the flaws.
  9. SOCOM suddenly feels very old, with a shabby, low content sequel that can't compete with modern shooters.
  10. Confrontation is the best edition of SOCOM yet. With relatively smooth servers (patched and fixed after a rocky start) and great character customization, there’s a lot of fun to be had in the wide open and stunningly beautiful maps. Precision accuracy and coordinated teamwork are well represented here, making for one of the most fun tactical online shooters this side of Rainbow Six: Vegas.
  11. Post-patch SOCOM: Confrontation is a highly enjoyable online tactical shooter with an emphasis on realism and teamwork, but unfortunately the game has a few shortcomings and missing features preventing it from being something special.
  12. Given the ever advancing state of online titles, what with the updates and patches, it’s not a good plan to give a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” based on the first week of performance. Wait a bit, and then we’ll see… And we did.
  13. If patches can address the odd hiccups here and there, as we presume they will, and some new maps become available, SOCOM: Confrontation could very well have some staying power.
  14. In conclusion, SOCOM Confrontation is a decent online multiplayer game set in a realistic universe with sturdy gameplay, good graphics and some great online moments.
  15. 75
    Confrontation, with version 1.3, is a good SOCOM game. It feels a little light due to being online only and veterans of the series will certainly feel that. The teamwork and immersion of the actual gameplay remains intact and, at the end of the day, is what really matters.
  16. SOCOM: Confrontation is a fairly safe bet if all you're looking for is a by-the-numbers, online, tactical shooter. Without a single-player campaign to add some flavor, the game does come off as kind of generic.
  17. Slant Six has done a great job in bringing SOCOM to the next generation. Fans of the series will feel satisfied with the end result once the game has been patched up.
  18. SOCOM has always catered to the hardcore and Confrontation is no different in this regard. Slant Six has done an admirable job updating the formula of past games, but the decision to wipe the single-player slate clean and the copious amounts of bugs are standout problems.
  19. This game could be a lot of fun, but the technical shortfalls avoid that. This title can be very frustrating sometimes. Only hardcore fans of the genre will enjoy it very much.
  20. 72
    We can conclude that, apart from some connection glitches we hope to be kept polished, Socom Confrontation is a good, exclusively multiplayer game, which runs the risk of being overlapped by other more comprehensive games.
  21. Although we waited for a few patches to arrive and fix up Confrontation's tattered connection problems, it's still no remedy for the game's lack of substance. With an absence of polish, customization, and maps, Confrontation just doesn't deliver a full-fledged online experience worthy of the SOCOM name.
  22. The long awaited return of SOCOM in the next-gen is a big disappointment: the typical elements of the series, like the realism or the customization of weapons and equipment, are still there, but the many technical flaws make Confrontation a title only for hardcore fans. Bad control system, the occasional lag and the broken statistics are unforgivable defects, especially for a multiplayer only game. Until Sony releases a patch to fix the many issues, SOCOM: Confrontation will remain a game only for the most hardcore fans.
  23. 70
    SOCOM: Confrontation is an incredible good multiplayer game, in which a tactical gameplay is mandatory. If it's ok for you to play games quick, this is definitely a game for you.
  24. The excitement and tension of SOCOM's signature combat are blunted by technical issues in the series' multiplayer-only PlayStation 3 debut.
  25. The loading times are pathetic, and that in itself is a massive deterrent.
  26. Socom U.S. Navy Seals: Confrontation is made to please the fans of the online side of the Socom series. For this select group Confrontation is everything you wanted and a little more.
  27. Socom U.S. Navy Seals: Confrontation is made to please the fans of the online side of the Socom series. Sadly, the tension and identity of SOCOM's saga is blunted by technical issues.
  28. If you’ve enjoyed past SOCOM games and are looking for a better-looking version of what you’ve played before, check out Confrontation. It’s fun in a way that just about all multiplayer games are — you’re sharing an experience with real-life opponents. If you’d like to play something with fresh ideas and a thick sheen of polish, though, keep marching.
  29. Are you still playing SOCOM on PS2? OK, that's the only way you can enjoy SOCOM: Confrontation on PS3 since the game has no single player campaign and it offers multiplayer modes only. The gameplay appears to be too simplified for a modern third person shooter, as you have no chance to hide and shoot. The updates fixed most of the problems, but expect some lag and bugs when you're in a 32 players match. If you were waiting for a nextgen SOCOM episode, well, keep on waiting.
  30. 55
    SOCOM Confrontation might have been fun about five years ago, but it’s starting to feel very tired these days. Online shooters need to offer either unprecedented depth or a wealth of personality and skill to stand out. But this does neither.
  31. 50
    SOCOM: Confrontation feels unfinished and unpolished, and could have been a whole lot more with a few extra coats of paint.
  32. 45
    You can tell that the potential of the game is there in theory, but its current incarnation is completely and tragically flawed.
  33. The latency, disconnects, freezing, and generally poor structure cripples the game’s ability to deliver its characteristic style of play.
  34. 40
    Sadly, I don’t review games based on what they might eventually become. This is the game the developers put out (and already patched twice), and this is the game that was reviewed. It still feels unfinished, it has tons of technical problems, it takes forever to get into games, and given the number of high-profile titles coming out over the coming months, there just isn’t any room for eventual quality.
  35. Now that some of the kinks have been worked out SOCOM Confrontation is worth the time and effort. I’m a big fan of the series and even with the lack of single player, the ancient match making system, and the launch server I am still playing the heck out of it.
  36. If Slant Six is able to further solidify the game, and even expand on it with additional maps and content, it’s possible the score would be jump up a tick.
  37. 58
    It's been a mess. But growing pains aren't unusual for online games these days. These sorts of kinks get worked out in time, and there's no reason to doubt Confrontation's issues will be smoothed out in the process of a patch or two. But in the meantime, the game is available for purchase at retail and via download through the PlayStation Store, and you deserve to know what that game's like right now. [10/20/09]
  38. It feels a bit like kicking a puppy because many of the pop-in, lag, and graphical issues may be fixed with a promised update, but until then, I can only review what I have right now, not the game that might be. The only reason you should buy this game is for the headset pack-in. It’s everything SOCOM: Confrontation is not: pretty, functional, and fun.
  39. 70
    SOCOM isn't the genre-defining multiplayer experience it once was.
  40. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    It's just a shame it hasn't got a faster, snappier matchmaking system. [Christmas 2008, p.104]
  41. While it is nice to finally see a graphically upgraded, SIXAXIS enabled version of Sony’s tactical shooter, you feel a little cheated by the fact that there is no single player campaign. Oh, and there are server issues, many, many server issues. Users have had difficuly connecting to games while some haven't been able to connect to a single one.
  42. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Conventional tactical action game that addresses players who prefer strict rules of team cooperation, a fast and dynamic action game of a modern era. [Apr 2009]
  43. This return to classic tactical multiplayer without vehicles should be welcomed by fans of the series. Newcomers may love it, but without a singleplayer campaign expectations should include readiness to work hard and die a lot. The game looks, sounds and feels nice, headsets work fine, servers are full, and regular patches will hopefully take care of those pesky little bugs.
  44. SOCOM is the right game for the hardcore onliner, but doesn't deliver a good experience for novices of the series.
  45. Confrontation is only one game among many of its kind, which will only be played by elite players and clans. All others who only want to play for a few hours and dream with a new generation experience just choose another game.
  46. Playstation Official Magazine Australia
    A sturdy, dependable effort that fails to excite. If it was a colour, it would be beige. [June 2009, p.64]
  47. Edge Magazine
    It’s the refusal to broaden the series’ horizons, though, which will serve to damage Sony’s oft-forgotten franchise most in the long run. It leaves Confrontation feeling stale and lost among the recent crowd of tac-shooters. [Christmas 2008, p.100]
  48. AceGamez
    There are a fair few intriguing ideas on offer in SOCOM Confrontation but the series seems to have become stuck in a time warp, as the likes of Call of Duty and Rainbow Six do this kind of game so much better.
  49. Sony's online shooter SOCOM is back and helmed by a new developer. The main goal with Confrontation seems to have been to cater to the existing fan base, a goal they do meet in a sense. Unfortunately this also feels like a rushed project, riddled with numerous bugs and other signs of a premature launch. Even though fans of the series will enjoy this game it's hard to recommend this game amongst the plethora of competent shooters out there.
  50. Pelit (Finland)
    A competent multiplayer FPS. The arenas are big, pretty and detailed. Too bad the vehicles have been dropped. [May 2009]
  51. 78
    With Socom: Confrontation that ‘nice job’ is as rewarding as ever, and considering all the obstacles you have to overcome to get it, it feels all the better.
  52. PSM3 Magazine UK
    Loads of customisation options and integrated clan support too. [May 2009, p.77]
  53. If you can look past the technical issues, long time fans of the SOCOM series should be happy with Confrontation.
  54. Games Master UK
    The slower pace is an acquired taste, but can make for ace games if you have the patience. [May 2009, p.78]
  55. With future patches, and possible future downloadable content, I know I for one will be playing SOCOM for a long time to come.
  56. Technically flawed in almost every way, SOCOM: Confrontation is one of those games that would have made for an amazing online experience if it weren’t for its problems. The potential for greatness is clearly visible when the game does run smoothly but these moments are far too rare to recommend this one to anyone.
  57. Despite being purpose-built for intense online gaming, SOCOM Confrontation just lacks the polish required to pull this off. Perhaps technical issues will be ironed out with future patches, but in the meantime there's just not enough substance here to warrant your time.
  58. Sadly SOCOM Confrontation is a disappointment given the fact that it feels like an unfinished and rushed game. The gameplay is generally solid, but also unchanged from previous installments, but server issues have held it back from being playable for the most part.
  59. 60
    SOCOM Confrontation is a game that will get a select few very excited indeed; the unforgiving nature of its hardcore multiplayer action will prove to be exactly what they've been looking forward to. The rest of the gaming masses however can cite the near vertical learning curve, lack of any real multiplayer originality, drab visuals and unfriendly interface as reason not to join the party.
  60. Fans of SOCOM will play and love this game no matter what, but newcomers to the franchise will probably be left disappointed.
  61. I think this is definitely a game only hardcore SOCOM fans will appreciate or even tolerate.
  62. SOCOM Confrontation was anticipated as the quintessential online game for PS3, but its both technical and playability flaws leave it well behind some other present titles that achieve better results in the most sections. SONY should not downgrade the quality of his renowned war saga with a product of such level.
  63. Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
    Unfortunately, Confrontation still isn't exceptionally compelling, thanks largely to the technical letdowns and its niche appeal. [Jan 2009, p.74]
  64. SOCOM: Confrontation is a game delivered with conviction and a clear sense of its identity, and that it will be embraced and loved by veterans of the series is without question. However, its single-minded pursuit of realism is also unfortunately its greatest downfall, making it at times more frustrating than enjoyable.
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 225 Ratings

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  1. May 2, 2011
    I have played SOCOM since the first one. I would love to hook up with some of the old guys who are still around playing. I miss the oldI have played SOCOM since the first one. I would love to hook up with some of the old guys who are still around playing. I miss the old cross roads and the mixer and the jungle maps and many more. I remember sweating at the end of a round trying to get threw PMI mines and just how intense it was WOW!!! Old SOCOM was the **** There never has been a game like that since!!! Not sure who designed all of SOCOM 1-2 but I'm sure the one's after that have been some young kid who should be working on COD which is nothing more then a baby sitter. These games have lost story purpose heart and the addiction feeling. People (sad as it is) use to live on these games lol. COD there is not about a team or involves any real thinking and definitely does not require any skills just a bunch of ADD kids who's parents dump them on it so they don't have to deal with them. It is electronic Ritalin. Why put the SOCOM name on something that really has nothing to do with the original SOCOM? The difference of SOCOM vs. this new stuff like COD is that any one can play COD. In SOCOM you had to be smart a good gamer and put a lot of your self into each mission or you would get voted out. Bring your A game. The games today are just reactive games very little thinking or skills involved. Us old guys are looking to SOCOM to give us that. Plus there is a lot of younger people who are not challenged enough by COD (because it is pathetic display of tards). Geeks are not known to listen or connect with people well. So remember this with out fans there is no "SOCOM". You should have BETA the game and tweaked it from there and taken some feed back. You could have been bigger then COD but now your just a game with out sole. Who ever made this shows what they have inside them selves, not much... SOCOM Confrontation is another baby sitter!! Full Review »
  2. Mar 24, 2011
    im a big socom fan from the PS2 era and spent many months on socom 1 and some time on socom 2 . when i first read the reviews i decedied toim a big socom fan from the PS2 era and spent many months on socom 1 and some time on socom 2 . when i first read the reviews i decedied to wait for a price drop and for all the online problems to be patched . i started playing it about 1 year after it came out and it wasnt to bad online although some of the maps even with 32 players just feels like to much of a chore to find any one to kill. ive gone the full 20 min and seen only a few enimys . there is some nice custimaszation you can do . and it does have the socom feel to it but not near 100%. also no story mode i would have loved that with 4 player co op . as this game is you are better off waiting for Socom 5 from the way thats shaping up it should hopefully be the socom game fans of the series have been waiting for. Full Review »
  3. Jan 20, 2011
    THIS GAME BLOWS...... No.

    Seriously. I'm a socom-er from way back - back when S1 first came out - save your money. This is bogus.
    THIS GAME BLOWS...... No.


    I'm a socom-er from way back - back when S1 first came out - save your money. This is bogus. Cheaters - holy **** HOLY **** Cheaters are worse now than ever. Save your money. Buy some dope - get high - you'll be better for it.
    Full Review »