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  • Summary: Set in the distant future, Soldner-X: Himmelssturmer is a fast and furious shoot 'em up with state-of-the-art graphics, driving soundtrack and classic fun gameplay sprinkled with fresh innovations. In the storyline, planet Earth's resistance aims to stop a deadly infection consuming both life forms and technology alike, oddly having to rely on an anti-hero mercenary and bounty hunter to pilot a mighty prototype star fighter. His goal: To fight his way to the virus' origin, save civilization and earn cash to boot! [SCEA] Expand
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  1. Soldner-X is definitely a very hard game, but it offers enough features and gameplay mechanics that help make it more manageable to keep the game feeling more challenging than frustrating and cheap to be worth the $10 price tag.
  2. 80
    Soldner-X will challenge you with a large number of enemies and onscreen threats, but the significant number of power ups, coupled with deep gameplay thanks to the weapon and chain system will keep you coming back for more, especially when you start unlocking extras.
  3. Despite the challenge Söldner-X can be an extremely enjoyable and addictive shooter when all is said and done. The poor design decisions do certainly take away some of the luster from this game. However, even after throwing your controller in sheer frustration and disgust there is still enough here to keep gamers coming back for more (if only just as a pastime between playing more major titles).
  4. Soldner-X is not really a fun experience. The high difficulty settings and the occasional repetitiveness of the same levels only can raise the frustration in each time you play.
  5. Although it's always competent, Söldner-X rarely revels in its own arsenal, and the result is a game where shooting things never feels like a particularly big deal.
  6. After a few hours the only thing keeping you coming back will be a furious determination to beat the sodding game, rather than actually approaching enjoyment. [Mar 2009, p.105]
  7. 25
    Söldner-X tries to mimic Japanese shooter sensibilities, but in execution, it takes on the trappings of the worst so-called "Euroshmups": stages that don't seem to have had a lot of thought (or maybe too much thought) put into their design, and an art style that's mostly, well, art rather than eye candy to compliment the action.

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