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  • Summary: A free-to-play game. There are some changes to the Soulcalibur formula implemented in Lost Swords. The game is single-player only and revolves around players making their way through a series of quests to gain items. These items can be accessories such as clothing options or new weapons to give your character extra flair or increased stats. These upgraded items will be essential as you tackle later quests. Expand
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  1. Jun 12, 2014
    Soul Calibur: Lost Swords is a crappy free-2-play version of a great beat-em up game. [June 2014]
  2. Jun 3, 2014
    Rather than being encouraged to play, it often feels like Bandai Namco is actively discouraging you from Lost Swords. [Issue#148, p.124]
  3. The lack of multiplayer is baffling. [July 2014, p.80]
  4. Jun 29, 2014
    The shame here isn't that this is a a bad beat-'em-up. It's that it's a good one saddled with so much nonsense and tedium that you're unlikely to care. [Aug 2014, p.78]
  5. Jun 28, 2014
    In some weird way all of Lost Swords bad ideas remind you why you once loved the series.
  6. May 6, 2014
    To call Lost Swords a failed experiment would be an insult to every ambitious game that fell flat on its face. It feels like Namco put barely any thought into making the not-so-micro-transactions justifiable or even making sure that the single-player focus felt consistently engaging.
  7. May 12, 2014
    Who needs Souls Calibur: Lost Swords? Well, with all the “complete” versions available at with a budget price tag, actually nobody.

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  2. Negative: 13 out of 17
  1. May 17, 2014
    If not the for the long goddamn loading between just about everthing,this game would be a good free-to-play,it's weird if you compare to others,especially tekken revolution that the loading is quite fast,and it's also free,however,there is visible potential on this title,i really hope this ''will'' be fixed Collapse
  2. Jul 15, 2014
    SOULCALIBUR® Lost Swords - From a Free-Player Perspective:
    It functions similar to the average Mobile Game boasting micro-transactions.
    make it easy for you to find/access the Shop at almost any time.
    These "micro"-transactions are quite overpriced.
    $20 for a set of random equipment, and $2 for more "energy" (AP) to keep playing the game (or wait a few hours for energy to naturally replenish) are just a couple examples.
    Nothing wrong with buying any of this but at those prices, it's just not for me.
    Fights are a bit one-sided, they want you to lose and buy "continue tickets" similar to an Arcade machine that would just love more Quarters, but at least Ring-Outs have been removed from the game.
    (I play as Taki, her style involves at lot of jumping around where I could accidentally Ring-Out myself by jumping at the wrong time, so the removal of Ring-Outs is appreciated considering the way quests work and the fact these continue tickets cost real money).

    That being said, you do get a log-in bonus each day where you can get items to increase energy (AP Potion), inventory (to store armor/weapons), and continue tickets for free.
    As well as daily missions that allow you to earn AP potions and continue tickets everyday.

    You level up each character you unlock individually, but you retain a persistent Ranking level.
    You start naked, but you are given 1 free rank A(Rare) weapon corresponding to the character you choose at the beginning.
    Enemies from quests can drop armor/weapons/etc. to equip to your character.
    "Quests" are comprised of multiple 1-on-1 fights where you get a single Health Bar throughout the length of the quest.
    Enemies have the ability to Soul Burst, which gives them an additional health bar and they usually become very aggressive.
    Soul Burst can be broken or will expire after a few seconds.
    The Player cannot Soul Burst but can summon a friend's fighter (Ally) to help briefly during a match.

    Events are being added that give S and A rank armor/weapons, before you would need to purchase a random weapon pack or get a lucky drop to attain such a weapon.
    Other events allow you to unlock different characters, and recently events were added that grant pieces of a character's original outfit (such as Nightmare's armor).

    Loading Times are still noticeably annoying.
    This game has to be connected online continuously to be able to play.
    Losing connection during a fight will forfeit your progress but you will still lose energy (AP) you spent to play that Quest.

    It isn't fair to compare this game to a console title from the Soul Calibur series.
    It recycles the same graphics/animations you've seen from Soul Calibur 4 & 5.
    This is a free game and worth playing if you like Soul Calibur (or fighting games in general) and have patience.
    The emphasis on money/transactions is because of the fact this is a Free Game, but remember its also a service that intends to make revenue like any other.
    I haven't purchased anything on this game yet but becoming Allies with other players and being part of the community helps support the game, at least a little bit, in my opinion.
    The additional events they added recently have inspired me to keep playing but I would much rather see a new-gen console title in the future.
    As for Lost Swords, all I can say is don't expect much, and hope it gets better.
  3. May 31, 2014
    Yes, i agree on all the reviews about this game, but in my opinion this game is not a disaster and it is worth to download for free. You can spend a few minutes you can play this game while drinking your tea or waiting for any other things to do. Graphics are not bad at all too. Expand
  4. Jun 27, 2014
    Another "free-to-play" scam as far as I'm concerned. This isn't a Soul Calibur game, I cannot call it that, it would be an insult to the actual game series. I don't even understand the concept of forced online single player, why would anyone do such a thing? If a nearly constant rotating hourglass is your thing then download this game. Expand
  5. Oct 8, 2014
    Tried it out to see what it was like thought hey free-to-play now that is something yet it turned into extreme disappointment lets see where to begin. Oh I know the AP points which makes it so you have to wait for awhile to do any missions or quests. Making feel more like a facebook game then a real game. But wait it gets better if you lose in a fight you have to use a continue ticket and if you don't got a ticket you have to buy it with real money in order to continue the fight where you left off. Oh and if you leave the fight all the AP you used is wasted and you have to wait. The funniest part in a disappointing matter is that there are equipment slots that barely gives you enough room for any armor which is used for resistances and HP which gives you just enough for two characters, and the rest you have to buy with real money for $6.99 to get 10 slots. The ally slots to buy 10 is $1.99 yeah the people abusing the micro-transaction system. Congrats Soul Calibur Lost Swords? More like Soul Calibur Lost Fundings! Expand
  6. May 3, 2014
    I don't always review games, but when I do, I review the 2014 game of the year! Of course I'm talking about Soulcalibur: Lost Swords. Let's talk about the equilibrium this game possesses: story, gameplay, and graphics. It also totally sold me on F2P games. Totally. The story had me tearing up. It's an epic shakespearean story that amounts to me and my friends having deep conversations about the meaning of life! Or why am I still playing this game. Can't recall which one. The story is told to incredible and innovative 4D graphics..not like they would ever use text to tell you whats happening. Nope. Gameplay is tight. Just what you'd expect from a Soulcalibur game. Not that they would use the same mechanics as Soulcalibur 5. Nope. Its graphics, let me tell you, are insane, almost PS4 quality..Not like they would ever use the same graphics as last game.. no sir.. I had to go to the optometrist to make sure I wasn't going crazy. The F2P element is done so well too. The store is cheap!.. only $19.99 for random equipment! A steal!! And that's just one of them. and OH MY GOD!! let me tell you about its NOW LOADING capabilities.. insane! I click on a button and it like goes back in time, its there!! its not like every single time I click ANYTHING a little clock symbol appears for like 10 secs.. and for fights, 30 secs.. and when I'm thinking of not playing this game, 5 seconds..or sometimes what it seems like an eternity. Oh and multiplayer, what an amazing..... wait.. it doesn't even have multiplayer?! The heck is this? I tell you what it is: A lazy cash-in to a popular series. It's an online-only single player fighting game. It loads more times than I care to remember. For the exception of when you're actually fighting, every single time you do anything, it loads. I'm not even going to mention the times I got kicked out of the server. Whatever story there is, is told through text, yes text. It boils down to read text, fight, get equipment, fight some more until you hit a point where it's necessary to either wait or literally buy more things that'll let you play it. The only good thing that I can say about this game is that I played 5 hours without having to pay to continue playing. 5 hours are more than enough to see that this game is worthless. Unless you like a repetitive, bugged down, yesteryear's fighting game.. you should use your time better, like playing Dark Souls 2. At least in that game when I died, it doesn't ask me to pay cash to keep playing. BTW F2P Dark Souls... worst game EVER.. Expand
  7. Apr 25, 2014
    Soul Calibur : Lost Swords takes the idea of the mainstream game we're used to and takes a large dump all over it in this Free to Play edition. First off, the popular multiplayer aspect of the game has been completely removed. This leaves you with "Quest Mode", a rather boring attempt at a vague storyline. There are no cut scenes, so you're stuck reading single paragraphs about how you journey takes you to another opponent in the road. Yippe! Load times are abysmal, on average between fights you're looking at 3-5 minute wait, since you are forced to be connected to a server in order to play. On it's actual debut a few days ago, many people couldn't not even play the game due to the massive server issues that kept players from logging on at all. Now it's quite common for you to get ejected back to the load screen between matching due to the same error. Let's say that you actually did manage to connect to matches and it didn't take you all day to connect to the next match, you are still limited by how long you can play due to AP (Action Points). Each Quest costs between 4-9 points so far, and the more you play, then the more you lose. At some point you will have to wait for the AP to recover before you can move on to the next quest (unless you feel like spending real life money on a AP Potion. One of the main selling points of the series has always been customizing and creating your own character to duke it out with fan favorites. This to has been cut away. You're given a meager three starting characters to choose from and, get this, they start in their underwear. So you not only get almost no choices in characters, but you can't even give them a great look. You have to grind thru Quest Mode to unlock common armor and accessories that reminisce of Soul Calibur IV days. Each piece has particular attributes that boast your stats, so if you really like that blue bandanna with only +2 HP, then you're S.O.L. when passing up better armor later on. Now you could always just do apparently what this game was originally trying to gear you towards and spend a ridiculously absurd amount of money on micro transactions (We're talking like $20 for 6 chests) for in game chests to get items, but who the Hell would be that stupid?! In conclusion, yes this game is Free to Play, but ultimately there simply isn't any real reason to bother picking it up when there are FAR better versions already got there to choose from. I say try it out if you've never touched Soul Calibur and if you like it, go out and purchase either IV or V. Better yet, just go do that now. Don't play this game. Expand

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