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  1. Apr 2, 2014
    When Stick of Truth was announced I had a feeling it was going to be awful due to its concept that didn't seem to fit the show, however I can wholeheartedly say that feeling was wrong.
    Stick of Truth is not only a brilliant addition to the South Park franchise, its a great game in its own right. Much like a licensed game should do, it doesn't rely on the license to support it, but it uses
    the license to elevate it to something greater than it would have been without it.
    You play as yourself, the new kid in South Park and you are quickly dragged into a game of Thrones style battle between Cartman's Humans & Kyle's Elves over the Stick of Truth, however when strange things start happening involving aliens, zombies & manbearpig, only you can save the day.
    It looks and sounds like an episode of the show with some brilliant humour that is hilarious without ever overstepping the mark like the show has the tendency to do.
    In truth, this is the best South Park has been in a while and I hope to see not only a sequel to this fantastic game but for the South Park team to take on board what worked in the story and utilise it in the show.
  2. Aug 3, 2014
    Predictable as a South Park RPG, but amazingly creative compared to all other RPGs. The jokes are in the game design as well as in the story, and the series content is used imaginatively. The 10 hour length is less than half of other RPG main questlines, but the time is filled with pretty intense and varied entertainment. One less amazing thing is that it mainly aims for fun, there is no sense of real awe and no insight gained from playing the game. Casual gamers might find more value in Skyrim or Deus Ex: Human Revolution, but for those who have had enough of clichés and tropes, this game mixes things up and makes impressively good use of RPG references. If you care about quality rather than quantity, and about fun rather than gritty realism, there's no RPG to match South Park: Stick of Truth. Expand
  3. Mar 10, 2014
    An incredible surprise. With all the problems with its release, I was certain this game was not going to be good; but decided to give it a chance since I love the show and its characters. Again, what an incredible surprise. It's like a huge episode, filled with all the South Park greatness we all love. The dialogues are hysterical, and I don't remember the last time a game made me laugh so hard. All that aside, the actual game is incredible! Like an old school RPG (simple, yes, but extremely enjoyable), with a lot of stuff to do. A bit short, I would say, but it delivers solid 15 hours of enjoyment. By the end South Park the Stick of Truth made me think about how hard Square-Enix has been trying all these years to deliver a solid RPG. You don't have to go far, you don't have to reinvent the genre. Just give what players want. Can't wait for a sequel, DLC, whatever. Just give me more, please. Expand
  4. Mar 6, 2014
    This definitely is a must buy if you’re a fan of the show, but even if you aren’t,nows is the time to give it a shot. A lot of people say its like paper mario rag so if your familiar with paper mario i'm sure you'll find the combat to your liking. Stick of the truth has to be what the fans dreamed for.

  5. Mar 10, 2014
    Whilst The Stick of Truth is finally a South Park game that earns its license, I cannot help being slightly underwhelmed by the time I reached its conclusion. Nevertheless Stone and Parker have thrown as many hilarious references into the old school gameplay fold of RPGs and just about get away with it. Whether it's the hilarious 8bit interpretation of Canada, the gross enemy attacks, or just the entire premise of the story The Stick of Truth does manage to inject some variety even if it often lacks sense or any real depth. It gets to the point where I was no longer sure whether Obsidian were being lazy or just too busy spoofing and being satirical to case. Despite the flaws of its running time, The Stick of Truths strengths lie in its writing, tweaked turn-based combat and a nostalgic fun that I haven't experienced for too long. In an industry that has become stubborn in its need to be over serious and accepted as an art form here is a game that remembers why we picked up a controller in the first place. Eat your heart out gritty realism! Expand
  6. Aug 17, 2014
    Hilarious, as good as any episode, and the best game ever made from a TV show, book, or movie. SCORE 90/100. Also, only game I know where you can play a Jew, and be a total ass-kicking badass along the way. Only drawback is that it's a bit too short. I want more, lots more. Really needs to be $30 instead of $60, and then sale prices from there. It's a really solid JRPG at its core, with solid 2-member party mechanics, deep enough upgrade system, good map, small puzzles in the environment, and a pretty cool and funny story. Better gameplay than a recently released and good JRPG (Child of Light) and really reminded me of some old Final Fantasy fun. Expand
  7. Mar 8, 2014
    This is a great game, I am glad that it finally came out. I am a big fan of south park and this game did not disappoint. cartman is still funny as anything and th gameplay is great, any fan of south park will enjoy this game, the only thing I didn't like is them taking parts out don't see why that had to happen but other then that one great game
  8. Mar 5, 2014
    The Stick of Truth is a near perfect RPG/ licensed title. It is always funny, good combat system, boss battles, simple yet fun, graphics that make it look like a South Park episode, etc. This is the one licensed title that did not feel like it was a complete cash grab. I am eight hours into it and it is only getting better. The only real complaints I have is it is somewhat clunky with the dodge at times (but not bad enough to be detrimental) and the humor is somewhat inaccessible to non fans. But still a must buy. Expand
  9. Oct 14, 2014
    This was a genius game! I love the show this had a great story, awesome combat system, and you feel like you are part of the show. I can't find one thing to complain about this is a great game. The game perfectly recreates the look of the show and the humor is still the same.
  10. Mar 5, 2014
    I've scoured the negative reviews so far and I can't make sense of what people don't like about it. Some say it's too short, but not if you play on hardcore. Some idiot posted in here saying that the controls are too difficult on PC - then get a controller. This game is OUTSTANDING.
  11. Mar 13, 2014
    Only reason I don't give this a perfect score is because they aren't making any more (the game took longer than Matt and Trey planned and the original publisher went belly up). If you want a game that celebrates the last fifteen seasons of South Park (more or less) this is the definitive game. Many say it's a short game but I plan on this staying in my collection as the only licensed South Park game actually voiced and co-created by Matt and Trey. I'll finish it and revisit it every few months as one of the other three available character classes. If you are a fan of South Park, this is a must buy. There are some performance issues here and there but nothing serious or game-breaking. Gotta log off now and play it some more... Expand
  12. Mar 28, 2014
    First of all, I got it used for $22.88. so my opinion its not hype based;
    I really recommend it, Its great, fun, and hilarious game of the South Park series. If you are a fan of south park then you are in for a treat.
    Being said that, A $60 entrance fee its way too much. Wait for a price drop to get it or you will regret spending that much money on such a short game. Just after 8 hrs I
    was level capped and completed the entire campaign, collectibles and side quests around 15 hrs taking my time looking for any reference I could find.
    South Park: The stick of Truth totally feels like a $20 xbox live/PSN/Steam game but with zero replay value.
  13. May 13, 2014
    Good story based game. Definitely the best RPG game from tv-show ever made. The jokes and feeling makes you feel special and part of the actual tv-show. The story is little bit short and content is short but does not make this game bad. Definitely must have. 7/10
  14. Mar 16, 2014
    There is one criteria for a good game: if you finish it, then it's probably good. This one I did finish. It's fun, it's well made, has some really good jokes. For those who love South Park I would recommend for the humor.
  15. Sep 5, 2014
    This game made me laugh out loud on more occasions than I can count - and the gameplay is pretty amazing as well. I played a mage on my first playthrough, and I plan to play a "jew" on my second. This game has the same irreverence as the show, so if you love the show, you will love this game - if you hate South Park, then you will probably hate this game. This game was impeccably done and I hope we see more releases like this in the future. To all of the developers and publishers releasing janky, unfinished games: THIS is how it's done. Expand
  16. Mar 11, 2014
    The game has a lot of flaws. Cons no story the game nags you on battles the jokes seem to be the same. Example with butters he'll randomly say 'I got ___ behind that' Or i got ____ over there. A huge con is the button mashing, I mean come on i thought this was phased out in late 2010. Another the game is short with no replay value what so ever. Most spells are Useless combat is pretty fun toward the end but the beginning its way to easy.

    Its just not worth dropping 60$ on a 8-9 hour game...
  17. Jun 14, 2014
    This game is a fantastic adaption of the game serieus. RPG mechanics and fighting are well worked out, though by the end I found you got to strong and you won too easily, but that's a relatively minor issue.
    What it truely nails is the sense of humour. Many games try to be funny, but only this game and Portal 2 have every really nailed it for me. So I can highly recommend this game to
    anyone, even if they're not a fan of the series. Expand
  18. Mar 22, 2014
    This was a great game. I will say that I do not enjoy the show as much as others but this was a really funny game. I laughed non stop throughout the entire thing. The RPG format was fun and it added a lot to what would seem like a repetitive combat style, but it wasn't. The game was fun, it was funny, and the gameplay and meeting with everyone in South Park was a hell of a lot of fun.
  19. Mar 13, 2014
    best licensed game ever made in the history of the world..............................................remember, never fart on someones balls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Oct 11, 2014
    It felt more like a PSN game. For a retail game, it felt incomplete. A HUGE flaw in the game is that you can't go back and complete everything in the game once you already passed certain parts. There are actually quests/missions you can't do once you beat the story mode. What game does that?!

    I could write paragraphs on the cons and pros... but just know this. The game is probably
    worth about $10 (relative to the amount of content). But it is worth more just because it is a fun game. It is hard to put value on the amount of content in video games. I mean Rainbow Moon was $15 and has well over 100 hours of gameplay and content. Meanwhile, Uncharted is $60 and has about 10 hours of content. Expand
  21. May 6, 2014
    This is a GREAT game. The combat mechanics are almost perfect, the graphics are great, the story is great and the collectibles are fun to try to get all of. I'm giving this game a 10/10 as it is great fun to play and is a great RPG game!
  22. Jul 27, 2014
    It's packed with the same South Park characters and humor that you love.
    This gem might be the best five minutes of gameplay ever.

    As such, this game is best for those RedBox customers who want to return the game the very next day, as you shouldn't need that much time to explore the entirety of this mini-game's content.
  23. Mar 5, 2014
    It feels like a long, strung-together story line of episodes. This game is funny, simple to learn, complex for those who want it, and pays tribute to hard core fans. If you can name any episode in South Park, it's probably referenced.

    PS. I actually think the game is funnier and more clever than the show!
  24. Oct 12, 2014
    GOOD: Great and over the top storyline; Hilarious characters, story, and references to the show(will make you laugh out loud); Feels like you are playing an interactive season of the show; Art design makes it look like you are in the show; Well voice acted; Open world were you can explore, pick up items, find side quests, and get collectables; Can collect friends, loot, and chinpokomon toys; Cool turn-based combat system that requires good timing to complete the move; The four classes-Warrior, Mage, Thief, and Jew-are all fantastic and have their own unique attacks and none of them suck; The Jew class is a South Park exclusive class and you must try it(but the Thief is my personal favorite); Has RPG elements like leveling up your class towards what powers you like to use, earning perks when getting twitter friends, and making choices like should I side with Kyle or Cartman; Plenty of replay ability with the different choices and classes; Variations of enemies to fight like Cartman's or Kyle's factions, aliens, Nazi zombies, wild animals, etc.; All of the weapons have a use and purpose(if someone is riposting your melee attacks, you can use your ranged weapon or a power; Awesome boss battles; Has summons of where if you want to pass through this fight with no problem and each summon can only be used once per day and not on bosses; Can use magic powers where you fart in different ways; The people you summon are Jesus Christ, Mr. Lu Kim, Mr. Hankey, and Mr. Slave and all of the summons are funny and you earn them by completing their side quest; Plenty of side missions like getting rid of the homeless people, playing hide n' seek with the kindergarteners, hunting down ManBearPig, and so much more; The buddies that can play beside you-Butters, Kenny, Jimmy, Stan, Cartman, and Kyle-have unique attacks and abilities and none of them are useless; My personal favorites are Cartman, Kyle, and Butters because, Cartman can fart out is huge fire and a powerful cuss cannon of lightning, Kyle has the "KICK THE BABY" attack that helped me through boss battles, and Butters can heal you with a touch and the "Professor Chaos" ability that is powerful; Fake twitter where your friends make posts, you access your inventory and modify weapons, you level up, look at your quests, look at the map, look at the collectables you have gotten, and look at available party members

    BAD: Pretty easy even on the hardest difficulty; Incredibly easy to get money and all the stuff you buy is super cheap; There are some missing locations and buildings like Ike's room in Kyle's house, The South Park Mall, etc.(hopefully all accessible in a possible expansion or sequel); Some of the combat requires a one-button quick time event(unlike the regular combat where there are many buttons to press); Tutorials for spell casting took forever to complete because, it required perfect frequency whereas when you use it in exploring the frequency didn't have to be perfect

    FINAL VERDICT: South Park: The Stick of Truth earns a 9/10. This game must be owned by all fans of the show and by the end I just wanted more. It is worth every penny of it's full retail price and is an ALL TIME LEGEND. Get it now if you're a fan and if not, watch a few seasons, and buy it.
  25. May 5, 2014
    Before I start, I should say that I'm not that much of an role playing fan and I got this because I'm a fan of South Park and I have waited a long time for this to come out, a full year in fact if you remember that it was supposed to come out March 2013 but was delayed until this year. When I finally got this on launch day, I was so excited and it didn't disappoint. It looks just like the show and is so much better than those terrible 3D games from the 90's. The story is filled with the usual comedic and offensive humour that every one just can't get enough of. One thing that alot of people are probably annoyed is that several parts are sensored in Europe and Australia, mostly during an abduction sequence which I leave you to find out what I mean. The good thing is that they actually describe to you what happens through a screen
    which is just as funny but it probably would have been better if we could have just got the full game without the censors. The game play is quick and easy to pick up and is alot of fun when you use your character's special abilities which are great and Cartman's attacks are by far the best and funniest of them all. One of the only problems is that rpg fans will feel abit annoyed that it is just abit too easy but the majority of people will still enjoy regardless and you don't have to be a fan of the show to enjoy this and fans of the show will find dozens of references to the show which definitely encourages you to explore every last part of south park to find all of them. This is a must buy and one of the best games of 2014 so far and is worthy of a game of the year nomination. You won't regret that 60 Euro/Dollars.
  26. Mar 20, 2014
    A good licensed game? Yes as rare as David Cameron riding a unicorn telling the truth bringing you presents whilst **** out rainbows. I don't hate licensed games I don't want them to be bad the opposite in fact I want them to be good.

    Behold a great licensed game. It does the franchise justice you can tell they watched the show talked with the creators with all the in jokes. I love the
    old style rpg game I wish it would come back I loved the old ff battle system and this is similar. This game is good because it brings together two things we love videogames and south park and it was not thrown together to be a cheap cash in (See Walking Dead Survival Instinct) I already want a sequel and probably the best game I have played this year.

    The Good- Funny as hell love the combat system.
    The bad- 16 hours or so for an rpg is very short low level cap (15) some slow down late game
    The ugly- Are some of those qte's even possible?

    FINAL VERDICT: 9/10 Possible game of the year
    If you love south park get it go now buy it get why are you still reading this? GO NOW!
  27. Mar 9, 2014
    This game is incredibly funny! This epic adventure is filled with the twisted South Park humor that we all love. This game is definitely a must buy for every South Park fan and people with a sense of humor in general.
  28. May 8, 2014
    This is with out a doubt exactly what you would expect and want from a South Park game, obscene,stupid,vulgar and offensive in as many ways as it can think of.

    The combat is turn based with you and your party having special moves and items to use on one another to heal/buff/remove debuffs. The special moves are as you would expect give you high damage and some have damage over time
    effects but the are also fantastic to watch and often hilarious since they are done in typical over the top South Park style. My favourite is Princess Kenny kissing enemies to gross them out and give them STDs lol.

    The story is plays out like a South Park mini-series and is well written and never leaves you bored. Overall the game is a great buy and addition to any fan of the show but probably not for anyone else.
  29. May 13, 2014
    Very VERY enjoyable game, complete with a crazy story, reasonably challenging gameplay, outrageous laughs, and an absurd amount of fan service. Perfect for fans of the series and even a few RPG fans looking for something different.
  30. Jun 30, 2014
    Awesome cut scenes no denying that, some funny stuff. Wasn't to big on the gameplay. Would have been great on the 3DS. 32 more characters, mmmhmm yep.
  31. Mar 7, 2014
    This game by far is going to be rated for best game of 2014. So much fun and is great to any South Park fans, even non fans would enjoy the RPG aspect of the game, lots of side quests, funny moments that will have you crying with laughter, the amount of customization is top notch, every 10 seconds you will find something you will want to add t your character. it stays fresh constantly. and i have never known a game where i am happy to just wander around the map looking for fun things to do. worth the cost, worth the time and effort. also you will enjoy the seemless gameplay, absolutely no loading screens. Love everything about this game will recommend to anyone i meet. Expand
  32. Mar 19, 2014
    This is one of the funniest games I have ever played and one that makes you laugh later in the day.

    That said, there isn't much replay value in this game and it is pretty short.

    Be interesting to see if there will be any future DLC.
  33. May 5, 2014
    overall, its fun and feels like the show. but gets very boring fast. Very short game and leaves nothing to do after beating it. One of those games where its better to rent than to buy it to only trade it in a week later for half its value. there are alot of things that could have been done to keep the game going like multiplayer, being able to recruit other children and wage war with other factions (would be never ending at that point), instead of just being left with the only option is to keep running around farting on people or restart it over Expand
  34. Mar 4, 2014
    Definitely the funniest game I've ever seen, no flaws either. The way that the TV show has been turned into a game, without losing the style or humour that makes it so great is just amazing.
  35. Mar 9, 2014
    The Perfect South Park video game experience with a few flaws. The game is like an interactive South Park miniseries and there are plenty of "it's just like the show" moments and the same themes from the show are here. Clueless adults, bloodthirsty and incompetent government agents and plenty of naughtiness. Even someone like me who hasn't watched the show a lot got many of the references so I can imagine the Nirvana that real South Park fans are in when playing this game.

    I've seen negative reviews about how this is "RPG-lite" and how about the game is too short, given that it is a RPG. Well,'s technically a RPG, but it's a South Park game that is done in the genre of the RPG, which is a different concept. It's an enjoyable RPG and also a satire on RPGs at the same time, which is hard to pull off. To me, does the game succeed at what it wanted to do and was it a labor of love? Oh yes, most of the time, it does. The Canada portion is genius. The game follows the same logic as any South Park episode, in that there isn't really any, which makes for a very interesting first play through. You'll find your mouth gaping at some of the surprises and twists. Also, the game tests your puzzle-solving abilities often. They really spent the time to make the game rich and dense with adventure and open-world hunting.

    The combat is satisfying with a blend of strategy and resource management while testing your twitch skills. Getting Perfects is very satisfying and the humor in some of the attacks is very creative. Playing as the Mage is especially a hoot, IMO. The weapons and costumes are well done as are a wealth of add-on options for your gear. Which is where we get into some negatives....

    There is a lot of useless items you'll get to add to your gear and the menu system is itself clunky and swapping out the add-ons is kind of a pain, especially when at some points of the game when you get a new outfit it is immediately equipped, making you go back and swap it out if you don't like it. Also, while there are a LOT of different weapons, many of them are ones you won't use and when you like one, odds are you'll get a better one very soon, given how short the game is. Which is another negative. In a RPG with lots of gear and add-ons, you'll be swapping out this stuff a lot because the game has loot for a game twice the length of Stick of Truth. There could have been many more side-quests and some of them could be longer than they were. Were they thinking of a sequel when they made this game and purposely didn't add more content? To be fair after 17 seasons there may not be more new stuff to mine, but also to be fair, the kids dressing up and playing fantasy warfare and having to deal with a government conspiracy is comfortable, safe themes to use in what is the definitive South Park game. In general, yes, it's a South Park game and you can play through each of the four classes and try out different weapon/costume/add-on options for variety on those play throughs, but as a RPG, yes, naysayers, it's just too dang short to get the best score from me.

    Another negative is just how much naughtiness is in the game. Yes, it's a hallmark of the series but there are moments in this game that will disgust you in their attempt to try and get you to laugh like a fourth grader. Poo and sex and **** may fascinate Parker and Stone but some of us adults (it's rated Mature) don't think using bloody tampons as weapons is funny. Is their a correlation between having a puerile sense of humor and being global warming deniers?

    Also, while the game is "meta" in that it's a game and the kids are playing a fantasy game within the ame, the "meta" part also doesn't sustain itself. When the kids are fighting each other, it's clear that it is "pretend" but when you're actually having to fight real enemies it doesn't make a lot of sense, but I guess it's not supposed to. Of course the real joke of the game is the Stick of Truth is...just a stick. No spoiler warning needed, it's part of the joke. The kids are pretending, playing that it is real and of course that makes it real to them. As usual, they overdo it.

    Yes, a great game that needs DLC to add a few more quests and needed adult supervision when being made, but all in all, a laugh-fest throughout with great dialogue, interesting locales and weapons and costumes and I'll be playing as the Jew next because the humor will only be more-so.

    Come on down and meet some friends of mine.
  36. Mar 21, 2014
    If you love South Park and its humour you will most likely enjoy this game. It's rude, disgusting and sidesplitting funny and as an uber fan of the series I had the best few days exploring the town of South Park and meeting the characters to get them to be my facebok buddys. Downsides are it is way too short and so easy if you play set it to hardcore and it is still a walk in the park
  37. Mar 8, 2014
    Few disclaimers to start out. 1. I am a game blogger/reviewer. 2. I am an avid South Park fan. That being said, I will attempt as unbiased review as possible.

    From a South Park fan standpoint, this is the game we have been waiting for. South Park games from the beginning of gaming history have been hit or miss. A few stood out as alright, and slightly memorable, but this one stands out
    among them all as the coveted adventure.

    The game is set in the quiet mountain town, which we now finally have a map for, and stays true to the over the top, offensive and vulgar ways of the show. You feel like you are watching a highly extended version of the show playing "The New Kid."

    The references will be fully enjoyed by those who have watched the show, and the game is loaded with something relating to an episode almost constantly. While references back to original subject matter have their benefits, the drawback is the constant reminder of things that have happened in the past might detract slightly from what is going on in the game.

    The game is a continuation of the Cosplay Game of Thrones parody that was done during the recent "Black Friday" trilogy of episodes, and plays beautifully into the storyline. Fans of Paper Mario and turn-based-RPG will recognize the basic elements of combat. While the combat system is decent for the game, it is not as developed as you would expect from a fully matured game, such as FF or Bravely Default.

    The weapon and armor selection is very nice, but detracts from you playing as you. The bonuses from many of the items are great, which means you will find yourself playing with the same character looking completely different style wise, but it almost leaves you with a lost sense of identity. South Park is known for memorable characters, but you change your garments so often, you don't seem to have any recognizable theme by the end.

    The "magic" mechanics of the game, while enjoyable at times, are slightly too difficult or convoluted for my taste. The presence of the mechanic is there, but seems to more of a secondary add on than a major proponent in combat or world interaction. Potential seems to be not fully realized.

    As a game, it could use some fine tuning. By a wide margin the best licensed game I have played to date, but not without several little issues.

    That being said, if you are a South Park fan, this is a must buy. The game has been fantastically done and does justice to the franchise. The use of the RPG world allows you to interact with the world in ways that would not have been possible with other genres.

    If you are not an avid South Park fan, this would not be a game for you at full price. The campaign is short enough to warrant a day or two gameplay for the experience, but due to the classes not being as distinct as they could have, the replay value for those without a love for the show gets lost.

    Not the best game in the world, but what the fans wanted.
  38. Mar 9, 2014
    This game is everything it claims to be, it's SOUTH PARK! True to the show, this game brings interaction to a story you can tell Matt and Trey created. Aside from dialog syncs and the occasional visual bug, I found myself playing this game for hours. It brought just enough RPG element with a great South Park story to justify my time. Ok, the junk you find in the game, what's the incentive to keep looking? I have yet to find myself in a cash crunch, and have only had one real challenging boss. I do laugh at the one liners and the ridiculous places you end up exploring. All in all, this is a game you must play if you are a south park fan. For all the RPG enthusiasts, you will find this timing turn based combat system amusing, but not a must play. Expand
  39. Mar 12, 2014
    i have never been a huge fan of RPG style games... untill now.... even though the combat system is repetitive and boring... as all RPG games are for my personal taste... but everything this game does works... if your not a fan of the show... you may not be that impressed.... but any fan of this show will get what they expect... i did...
  40. Mar 31, 2014
    Finally the South Park game we deserve! The game is full of the show's trademark absurdist humor and some decent tactical rpg elements as well. While it's not a very difficult or lasting experience as far as gameplay goes, there are plenty of moments that have kept me chuckling for weeks. The game is worth a playthrough just for the hundreds of collectibles(collectAbles) which serve as nostalgia from the years the show has been on the air. A must play for any South Park fan, I highly recommend it! Expand
  41. Nov 27, 2014
    Only play this game if you are a fan of the show. It is the only way to laugh so hard you fear for your life. Trey and Matt wrote the story and did the voices. It is a South Park episode come to life.
    They took the best of the RPG game world and put it in South Park. Smash stuff to find things, cast magic spells, and gain experience.
    The storyline is great as well and lets you create
    your own SP character with lots of options.

    The only reason I give it a 9 and not a 10 is because if you aren't a fan you will be lost.
  42. May 21, 2014
    It's not a great rpg, but it is a great game. Lots of humor and strategy combos you can come up with to play in different ways. Much better than other games that have come out in the last year that received higher critic scores.
  43. Oct 24, 2014
    With brilliant humor, enjoyable combat, and endless references to it's source material, South Park The Stick Of Truth is guaranteed fun for fans and gamers of any mature age.
  44. Apr 22, 2014
    Trey and Matt did it again. With a hefty help from Obsidian, they attack one's diaphragm with a hurricane of crude jokes delivered by pretty much everyone who means anything in the South Park universe. Yes, the combat mechanics does not leap beyond Paper Mario and the game interface is a bit too crude (although to a great extent by design). Admittedly, these are all nitpicks so that I don't only sing praise. But all in all I wished that the game would just go on and on. All components click in place: be it writing, gameplay, visuals, audio and quest design. A fan of the franchise could have hardly wish for anything more true-to-the-source. Expand
  45. Mar 5, 2014
    A very refreshing game that feels completely legit and totally deserves the South Park name. The humour from the show is 100% intact and the gameplay is simplistic but very enjoyable. Having a great time with this one!
  46. Apr 3, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This is a great game, and not because of the gameplay or the mechanics which are very simple and functional. It deserves a 10 because it delivers to us every aspect we love in South Park: Absurd situations, dark and dirty comedy, references to a lot of episodes, a plot with a lot of funny twists. We can say we have a 10 hour South Park Episode with the possibility to explore the whole city. And this is awesome
    PS: The Canada Stage is the best part of the game.
  47. Mar 11, 2014
    One of the best games I have ever played. It is like a 15h episode of South Park. If you like South Park you have to buy this game. You won't be disappointed. But... if you don't like South Park this game will not be something you should consider to buy. The RPG fights are desent but every fight is the same - so it gets boring quick. The perks and abilities are very funny but, like the game itself, but if you don't like the South Park humour they are to few. 12 perks and 12 skill to level with ~6 perk points and 15 skill points to spend in the entire game. Expand
  48. Mar 8, 2014
    The Stick of Truth is easily one of the funniest games I've played in a long time. It's also one of the best licensed game ever created. The artwork is beautiful and the gameplay works pretty well all things considered. My biggest issue would be the length. I literally did everything there was to do in just under 13 hours. Despite that, it's a very fun and rewarding game. Something that would be perfect to expand upon! Expand
  49. Mar 4, 2014
    I wont deny there's a few bugs (Though nothing that shouldn't be squashed by a patch or two) but the most important part is that it has all a game requires: It is fun and addictive. Give it a try!
  50. Mar 14, 2014
    South Park: The Stick of Truth is a decent game. It's a fun casual RPG you can just pick up for an hour or two in your spare time. You don't have to be into South Park to enjoy it either. Unfortunately I feel like I'm playing a game which would be more suited to be played on a smartphone, in which case it should also be priced accordingly. The game lasts about 10 hours, which means it costs approximately $6, €4 or £4 PER HOUR to play which I definitely cannot justify paying. Expand
  51. Mar 28, 2014
    A great RPG. The entire game feels like an very long South Park episode, and never really loses its touch. My few complaints are that the game has little to do after the story and side missions, except collectibles and exploration, and the story is kinda short. These are only minor complaints, because the game more than makes up for them.
  52. Mar 18, 2014
    Words cannot describe the amount of detail, insanity, humour, and faithfulness South park stick of truth has maintained not just to the tv show, but to the RPG genre...... i could go on and on about how great this game is but nah !!!! i'll jus say that you get of your computer and buy this game now
  53. Mar 5, 2014
    Brilliant game, extremely funny - combat is alright too. Every South Park fan will absolutely love this game; the references to specific SP episodes are hilarious and very common.
  54. Mar 26, 2014
    As a big South Park fun i waited really hard to get this game. Game is almost perfect but just that it used only 14 hours of time to play, maybe they will do whole season like this some time. 9/10
  55. Jun 28, 2014
    This is honestly one of the most enjoyable games I have ever played, I cant remember the last time a game has entertained me so much. It satisfied me as a fan of RPGs, South Park, and Video Games in general. Everything is done exceptionally well and has actually made laugh in more than just my mind. Its very fun exploring the town of south park and I loved the 8-bit over world of Canada. The combat is extremely enjoyable, I am a fan of action-RPGs but I wouldnt want the combat any different from the use of Turn base that they have put into this game, Its one of the best uses of Turn based and satisfies me as someone who prefers action over turn based. The characters, the story, the dialogue, the references, etc. I am sucked into the game and feel it very hard to leave. I never expected, even with People saying that it was great...That it would be this good. One of the best games I have ever played, and as A long time Gamer since the 90s I think that says alot. GOTY worthy, games like Destiny will be big competitors this fall but so far this game is definitely GOTY worthy had it been released in 2013, I would have deemed it GOTY over GTA V. Expand
  56. Mar 5, 2014
    The game is great its funny its engaging and references everywherem, southpark fans will love finding them all. Dollar per hour the game isn't really worth it but when the price drops i by all means recommend it.
  57. Mar 4, 2014
    I think this is one of the best games I've played on my PS3. The game just feels like an extended South Park episode, with all the humor and sillinnes of the show. Like a game it's just great, it's a very good RPG, like older games and I just love it. Has replayability value, lots of side quest, the story is great, the dialogs are hilarious, a lot of things you can recognize from the sow, and you can even explore the forest and Canada!
    **** love it.
  58. Mar 14, 2014
    One of the funniest, most entertaining games i have played in a long time, it is the equivalent of playing/watching a 14 hour South Park episode and us fans know how awesome that is.
  59. Mar 6, 2014
    This game is so funny, I loved it. The combat is great and old school but introduces a lot of fun things to keep you interested. You will be laughing the whole way through. The only complaint I have is the price tag... It's an awesome game, but it's really short and I doubt you will play it more than one time.

    By the way... the negative review that said something about not being able to
    press the buttons fast enough on pc?... I play it on pc and it's easy to press the buttons they ask you to hit, lol. Sound like more of a personal problem rather then get on Metacritic and give it a '1' rating. xD Expand
  60. Mar 11, 2014
    It outright disturbs me that people are rating this game so highly, it is over priced garbage. I completed everything in the game at right under 16 hours and the mechanics are so stupid the last thing I wanted to do was play through it again. If you're on the fence about picking this game up, I suggest waiting til it's 20$ which is about the most it's worth.
  61. Mar 12, 2014
    People compare south park to paper mario and the old school turn based rpg's of old while a fair comparison it is woefully under describing this title. The best way to describe this game is a cross between the old final fantasy's and the great lucasarts adventure games of the 90's. Playing out like an extended series of episodes of the show South Park: stick of truth is the South park game we have been waiting for. Matt and Treys fingerprints are all over this title (both good and bad) and should stand as an example to all future licensed properties how to do it right. This game blends both original story and throwbacks to old episodes well enough that both dedicated fans and relative new comers will feel right at home and rewarded. The way the game both tries to make the combat and magic "real" (fighting with baseball bats and lighting farts as magic) and the absurdity of the later game is at times genius. Furthermore while the show goes out of its way to mock current popular culture the game goes to the same lengths to incorporate, celebrate, and at times mock components of the great games of the past. However, This is game is not without its weaknesses for starters its length a full play through taking on all the side quests should not take more than 15 hours which is large compared to some of the great games released recently is still woefully short for an RPG. Also at times it feels like they are pushing the envelope for no other purpose than to push said envelope and the game goes over the top at times to a point that feels unnecessary and just their to create buzz. Hopefully this is the first in a long line of great south park games my final score a flat 9 Expand
  62. Mar 16, 2014
    Reasons to buy - if you are a South Park fan then you will love this game. It looks, sounds like the show and Written by the creators. The story and cut scenes is the best asset of this game, it's very funny and brilliantly written. Gameplay is basic but this makes you enjoy the story and cutscenes even more.

    Reasons not to buy - honestly there are none, only small things that isn't big
    enough not to buy this, such as: there can be some lag when entering a part of the town. Also the cencered parts is very disappointing because there are much more shocking and offensive things that is in the game, that makes you question why cencered theses parts for!!!!

    Final verdict - buy this if you like South Park and if you want a game to make you laugh all the way through
    Graphics 10
    Sounds 10
    Playability 9
    Gameplay 9

    Verdict 10
  63. Mar 4, 2014
    Much better than expected. Every South Park fan will love this game. It's very addicting and the story just won't let you stop playing. By far the best South Park game out there.
  64. Mar 15, 2014
    After waiting a long time it is finally here. I am glad to say this is the funniest game of all time. Alongside a very good combat system,and a story all South Park fans will enjoy. Stick of truth was worth the wait.
  65. Mar 31, 2014
    A must buy for any South Park fan. Hardcore RPG enthusiasts might get bored with the simple design that plays similarly to the Mario RPG series, but there are plenty of equipment combos to keep any role playing enthusiast happy. Sharp writing and fairly endearing game design that borrows from all the genre greats right before panning the crap out of them. This game contains so many in-jokes from the show and from gaming culture itself that any fan of either will enjoy a relentless laugh riot.

    Do yourself a service and watch the "Black Friday" trilogy of season 17 before playing. It's not a must for the storyline of the game but it does get you in the right mind set for the quest. Fantastic lead in. Just not a requirement.

    Not a button masher by any means. Timed presses = key to success in battle.. If you are mashing buttons through the entire game, you my friend are a moron.

    Admittedly the frame rate suffers in the more populated and detailed parts of the game. Typically seems to chug around the auto-save events. Anyone familiar with Obsidian will mark this up as par for the course but will also find that this is one of the most polished games in their library. Just odd when something with as simple a presentation as South Park has begins to slow down like an NES game every so often.
  66. Mar 9, 2014
    It's like playing an episode of south park, but with even less censorship. (Except in Europe)

    The only reason I give it a 9 instead of a perfect 10 is because I bought it for pc, and I wish I'd bought it for ps3 because the PC mini games are broken.
  67. Mar 4, 2014
    This is by far the best RPG of the year so far! the combat is old school like paper mario and
    mario rpg. This game is also one of the funniest games i have ever played. there is a ton of fan service in this game but non fans will not fill lost at all.most rpg fans will like this even if not a south park fan.
    the only rpg games that have a shot at being better this year are Final fantasy
    x hd and the witcher 3,
    nothing else this year will beat this as far as rpgs go.
  68. Mar 5, 2014
    This game is absolutely epic! It literally feels like the show if you're a fan of South Park you'll absolutely love it but even if you're not like my (friend who never watches the show) he said he really liked it too especially the RPG aspects of the game. Best Licensed game since Simpsons: Hit and Run in my opinion!
  69. Mar 11, 2014
    Sadly I must admit that I find the game a tad disappointing but to be fair, it's probably because I anticipated a lot.
    As a game the game is quite mediocre, I played it through on medium and I never really felt that I had to do any kind of tactics, which perhaps is fine, since that might disrupt what Stick of Truth really is, it's an interactive Southpark movie, not strictly a game. (To
    be fair, this seems to be the new standard.)

    This I kind of anticipated this and I already accepted it from the start.

    But what disappoints me a bit more is the storyline. Since there hasn't been a Southpark game for ages I was expecting something really, really special. I wanted an old-school Southpark episode with deeper philosphical questions hidden by juvenile humour and in the end Stan & Kyle could with justification say that they learned something today.

    This is not the case.

    Don't get me wrong, the story is good, very good in comparsion to most video games but older Southpark episodes are better and have more depth.

    But on the other hand, this might be because I'm becoming an old grumpy man and have no idea what a Kardashian is and why I need to fight his/her fetus.

    So in the end, would I recommend buying Southpark Stick of Truth?
    If you are my position, an OK income and you really like Southpark, yes, buy it, even at "full" price.
    If you like Southpark but you're short on cash then I'd say wait until the price drops.
    If you don't like Southpark then you might be a gay fish and then just buy an aquarium instead.

    Also, I experienced minor reliability problems on my PS3.
  70. Mar 12, 2014
    If you love South Park, you will love this game. It's short, easy, but who cares. My wife couldn't understand how I paid 60 bucks for a three day game but she doesn't watch South Park. I tried to find everything and complete every mission, ended up getting about 20 hours out of it. Funny, disgusting, wrong, South Park. This may be the creators Magnum Opus, they just need to add some expansions.
    And by the way, Cartman's special abilities come highly recommended. I cracked up every time I got to use them and I used a lot.
    I laughed at least 18 hours out of the 20 I played.
    I give it an eight because it cost 10 bucks to much for twenty hours of game play
  71. Jun 26, 2014
    Summing Mr. Slave while inside... Mr. Slave... need I say more? oh way, of course i do because there has to be a minimum of 150 characters per review, oh hey guess what, I'm there so i can stop this right now if i choose to, but I'll add one more comment on here before I go. I love this game, it reminds me of the old RPG's I used to play on my old NES. I love the turn style RPG game play. The storyline is absolutely comedic genius. the only downside i see to this game is it's short, however there is supposed to be DLC at some point, i don't know when, but i hope it's relatively soon because i want more! If you're looking for a good laugh at some dirty crude humor, this game's for you. Expand
  72. Mar 30, 2014
    Fantastic cut scenes if you put them all together its like watching an hour long episode...

    I beat the game in around 8 hours....but i can imagine if you speed run this game you could easily beat it in under an hour because for you see there are only 20 main story missions. The side missions are entertaining but short and theres only a few of them. I hate dissing this game because i
    know trey and matt worked insanely hard on its content but regardless its still kind of a bust.

    Basically the price is simple unacceptable for the length of the game. They created a game that is essentially 1/4th of what it should be.

    No replay value and the price is way to high.
  73. Mar 7, 2014
    As a South Park its quite a funny. But as RPG its crap. Tons of useless items and abilities. Money have no value in here. Not well balanced and no replayability.
  74. Mar 5, 2014
    It's plain old fun. They haven't reinvented the turn-based RPG wheel, but it was done well. Coupled with the comedic mixture of poop jokes, satire, and lack of subtlety that is South Park, The Stick of Truth is a fantastic game recommended for both fans of the television series and RPG lovers. I have yet to have a chance to try all four classes, but the three I have played (fighter, thief, and mage) seem balanced and unique enough to warrant multiple playthroughs. The best made comedy video game I've ever played, and the funniest I've seen since Deadpool. I have been a Metacritic reader for a long time, but this game finally compelled me enough to write a review. Buy it. Rent it. Steal it (don't steal it). Just play this game. It is nothing if not just good ol' fashioned fun. Expand
  75. Mar 4, 2014
    This game has all of the humor you love in South Park and more. While at the same time being a surprisingly deep RPG with a lot of variety. Loving it!
  76. Mar 4, 2014
    The combat system is just amazing, very old school but really enjoyable thanks to a couple of tweaks. The amount of loot is just ridiculous. The only complaint is about the minor bugs that are around and the clunky UI, but that is really subjective. In the end, after a couple of patches, this game will be legendary!
  77. Mar 4, 2014
    Now I've only played for maybe an hour and it's a very good game. It feels like that you are playing multiple episodes that are all a continuation of the other in a season. The only complaint that I have right now is the loading. I've found there to be A LOT of loading screens, and sadly that does take away some of the experience. When every thing is seem less you are immersed within the game and having the time of your life, and when you get a loading screen when you enter a house or from a cutscene that has to load, it really throws you out of the game (not literally). I really do look forward to playing the rest of the game. Expand
  78. Mar 4, 2014
    Simply put, this is one of the best RPG's I've ever played. It takes aspects from games such as The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, to Paper Mario. Adds to them, and is also the funniest game I have ever played. Easily 10/10 if you're a fan of the show, if not then still I'd give it at least a 9/10 for style, and originality. Best South Park Game, one of the best games this year.
  79. Mar 5, 2014
    only played a few hours so far, but dammit is it hilarious XD and the RPG elements are spot on IMO. I'm really liking it so far. I play on PC(isKing) and all the supposed bugs and glitches are almost non existent so far. Bad ass game, hands down best SP game out there.:D
  80. Mar 5, 2014
    Despite being a huge South Park fan, I had my doubts about this game, since most tv-to-video games tend to fail in some big way. I still, however, wanted to try it for myself despite what any review might say. It was to my surprise that yesterday morning I started seeing how well this game had done I just had to buy it and try it out. So after work I went to buy the game and popped it into my PS3, and man. This game deserves every bit of praise it gets if not more. The customization felt a bit limited in comparisons to other heavy-hitter RPGs like the Elder Scrolls, but when you take into account just how a big part of the humor in this game is the crappy look of it, it really all falls into place.

    What really sets this game apart from all other tv adaptations is the look. I've never seen a game that has perfectly replicated the look of the show. After playing the game and going sleep, waking up and turning on my PS3 again, I really loved how it looks exactly like the show. It gives you the feeling that you're participating in the South Park show and you help make decisions that will mildly affect your favorite characters. For example, when Cartman gets knocked out and you're supposed to revive him, but rather I tried to look his body and he said "I'm not dead yet so you can't loot my body"; after which I proceeded to beat the crap out of him while he was on the ground.

    It's stuff like that that makes me want to play the game.

    Love this game, it's great. Buy it.
  81. Mar 5, 2014
    As a fan of South park, i love the game, and the references to the show. Combat can be repetitive and the button mashing segments suck. But it's still a highly enjoyable trump through a world South Park fans will love to explore.
  82. Mar 5, 2014
    This is a solid game and a good purchase. You adventure around South Park as your created Avatar and join in the fantasy role playing game along with the rest of the kids (wizards, warriors, treasures, quests etc. .) It is packed with classic South Park humor and will keep you laughing every 5 minutes.
    As a game designer I will try to further breakdown the elements of the game for your
    better understanding.

    The game is not a 3d world but rather a side scroller ( looks just like the TV show with the ability to move around and interact). You have the ability to move depth wise front to back and traveling to the left and right most of the scrolling screen will change the scene ( ex: onto the next block or into the next room).

    The combat system is a turn based system with time precise actions. When you encounter and enemy, it will then go to a battle screen with your team on the left and the enemies to the right. You will select and carry out your actions, then the enemy team get to perform their actions, then back to the player's turn again (classic final fantasy style). What i mean by time precise action is for example, you will select to attack the enemy, you avatar will run up to him, and you must wait for a glimmer and sound from your weapon to then press "A" at the correct time to get the most damage out of your attack. Not promptly pressing the buttons at the correct time will result in weaker damage outputs.

    Classic RPG elements are applied. Your character has Health Pool (HP) and Magic Power (MP).
    You may outfit your character with main weapon, ranged weapon, helm, armor, gloves, and a bunch of slots for cosmetic applications to gain access to certain parts of the game (ex: Putting on goth cosmetics to infiltrate the goth kids group). Each weapon or armor, apart from their armor and damage ratings, carry a couple of bonus attributes (ex +10 electric damage or restore PP at the end of the round). These pieces can further be customized by "socketing" them with desired patches ( bonus attribute applications). Non RPG savvy gamers will find the level of customization to be enjoyable while RPG heads will find it to be very average.

    The pacing of the game is well designed. After a 6 hour crunch upon purchasing the game it kept me entertained and engaged the whole time. I have read that the game has decent replay value but I cannot confirm this yet. If you are a achievement/ trophy whur, it will require multiple play throughs to attain all the points. It may not be the most in depth RPG with the most amazing quests ever, but it is a very well rounded game on all fronts especially dealing with the limitations of the south park universe. In my opinion it is definitely the best SP game created thus far. I look forward to playing more later tonight.

    My rating system has 2 scores, the first is All-Time score (AS) in comparison to all games I have ever played and the second score is a yearly score (YS) in comparison to the games that have come out in the past year or so span.

    AS: 7/10
    YS: 8/10
  83. Mar 13, 2014
    The game, although glitchy, is very humorous, and the combat is fun. However it could have been so much more. A lack of quality control and little forethought into replayability by South Park Digital/Obsidian/Ubisoft is the reason why. Overall I'm pleased with the experience, but left wanting more in every department except the humor and story. Playing it was like a "greatest hits tour" of the show with a few twists here and there. Good game for a hard-core SP fan, not so much for anyone else. Expand
  84. Mar 7, 2014
    For a fan of south park like me, this game is absolutely awesome!
    A RPG game with the tematic of south park was perfect, and the fact that references to skyrim was very funny. A of the best game of this year!
  85. Mar 7, 2014
    Fun game willing to play through again, feels like a very long episode of south park, a bit more raunchy but hey when you buy a south park game what else would you expect. It really feels like your watching the show, but playing in it as well. Exceeds all expectation.
  86. Mar 8, 2014
    i've been a South Park fan for a long time but when i heard they where making another game it sounded like a terrible idea, I was proved wrong. The Stick of Truth is an incredible game that had me laughing non stop, and the combat is better than i thought, it keeps you engaged in the game so you have to concentrate on what your doing. It is a Brilliant game
  87. Mar 8, 2014
    Stick of Truth has some great South Park content for fans but it's a weak game. The PS3 version stutters every time it's autosaving, which is usually every 30 seconds, so all the time. The graphics are mediocre, you can tell the difference between prerendered cutscenes immediately and the lines are jagged or way too bold sometimes. For all the time they spent on the game, they completely forgot quality control.

    The combat mechanics are fun 50% of the time and boring/annoying 50% of the time. The big problem with Stick of Truth is that the story is great, but it lacks content. I reached the max level hours before the end of the game, gaining useless EXP the rest of the time. It's too bad we're still not to the point where they can do something like this well.
  88. Mar 8, 2014
    In the beginning i had my concerns about this game. But after an hour i got completely hooked.
    It's been quite some time now since a game forced me to play it though just to find my self sad it has already ended.
    It is a must buy for fans of the series. It mixes everything you have seen on the episodes so far and puts everything into a perfect, incredibly funny storyline.
    It simply is a
    masterpiece. Expand
  89. Mar 10, 2014
    This will be a good game if they ever get it fixed. Glitchy as hell. Ridiculous and painful button mashing on PS3. Frustrating waste of time at this point. Don't buy this until it gets patched!
  90. Mar 11, 2014
    South Park: The Stick of Truth is an amazing piece of work. Sure, it's technically a video game by all means, but it is so much more than that. It is a true, honest-to-god expansion of the series as we know it and it completely exceeds my expectations for an interactive adaptation of a TV series. It delivers every bit of the comedy and vulgarity seen in the TV series and then it goes as far as raising the bar even higher, taking its vulgar humor to extremes the series has never seen before - completely uncensored. The game delivers with an identical splitting-image aesthetic to the TV series. Never before have I witnessed an adaptation with gameplay that was completely indistinguishable from its counterpart. The game has absolutely no problem breaking character, even going as far to call itself out for embracing its traditional gaming cliches. These are some the doings that make this game fantastic. Unfortunately, the game isn't without its flaws. The turned-based elements feel somewhat shallow and inconsistent. Many of the game's inconsistencies could be a result of South Park's bugs and glitches; none of which are game-breaking, but can result in a few instances of poor performance throughout the game. Also, a love and passion for the South Park series is a requirement for full enjoyment and entertainment of the game. In other words, this game was made for the fans of series. Strong Disclaimer: nearly 99 percent of the jokes and dialog will go right over the player's head if they are not familiar with the series. However, if you're a tried and true South Park fan like myself, you will be in hysterics from start to finish. Expand
  91. Mar 18, 2014
    Let's set up some ground rules before you start reading:
    1) This game is a love letter to South Park fans, but most likely will not appeal to the general public.
    2) Combat is interesting for the next 1-2 hours, later on it becomes just work.
    3) Gap between the level of difficulty you set in the game is barely noticeable.
    So what is there to learn from these 3 points? Basically, if you
    are looking for a serious RPG, you'll be disappointed. If you want to go through a series of challenges and feel some sort of virtual accomplishment - nuh uh, not in this game. But what you do get, is an epic and adventurous trip in the South Park universe. Now I am a huge South Park fan so I can tell you this, that if you really enjoy the TV series, I highly advise you to get this game. It really doesn't matter if you are good in RPG's or not, this one's just too easy to fail at. But unfortunately this is where I would draw the line. Gameplay wise, there are 4 classes you can pick from to play either as a Fighter,Mage,Thief or the Jew. But that's it, there are only classes that define how unique you could get individually, besides cosmetic or statistical adjustments. There are Perks you can earn, depending on how many Facebook friends you have (in-game, not real-life, because then you would have no perks at all, derp a derp), but those can be earned on any class and maxed out. I was excited about all those mini-games you need to do before launching any attack (like smack A and D buttons repeatedly to get mice off from Princess Kenny for e.g.) before I realized, it is not fun after 100th attack. There is equipment, but its fairly general, like - look here's armor better than yours, wear it. So in other words, if you haven't realized yet - it's a super linear game. But random person who is reading this - listen, even if the gameplay is monotonous, the story will blow your mind away (provided you are a fan of South Park). Its basically small clusters of never to be aired South Park episodes, that you'll miss, unless you play this game (and no, there is no such thing as collected cutscenes that you could watch on YouTube, you cheater). I am starting to feel that the more I try to explain this to you, the more you keep asking yourself - well why can't i just watch someone's Let's Play series or those *cough* collected cutscenes and get on with my life. Because in the end, its a solitaire adventure you must pass through like a young jewish boy goes through his Bar mitzvah - its one step closer you get to become more mature South Park fan and of course, support the creators who are responsible for the messed up and lovable characters and universe theyve created. And besides, how could some 13-21 years old cracked up voice boy/guy/girl/gurl top a comedy joke on theyre 5k view per episode channel of Lets Play? I'm afraid those people can only entertain you if the game is not comedy based, because hey, they resort to theyre own crappy jokes. Expand
  92. Apr 20, 2014
    One of the best licensed video games I've ever played. Obsidian did a fine job with the South Park characters and setting. Turn-based goodness, it reminds me of the show and all I love about video games
  93. May 23, 2014
    I was very impressed with how authentically this games replicates the appearance and characters from the show. The story is excellent and I think this is probably the first time I can remember in a game where I haven't fallen foul of a bug during a play through. The combat is quite fun for a while but does become a little too repetitive. The biggest criticism I have is the frequency of loading screens and the frame rate issues when running from area to area, it really is quite a bore running from one loading screen to the next then back again. Expand
  94. Jul 9, 2014
    the person who vote for one vote. You who ever vote that number don't get it on pc if you gonna chuck a nacky. what wrong with people that do that really I don't know why it does annoy me so I don't do it.

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  1. Apr 23, 2014
    In the end, though, what really carries The Stick of Truth along is its innocence, something that may surprise people who have read the stories about Euro censorship but is unlikely to come as a shock to fans of the show itself, which has always offset its raunchiness with an odd sweetness. This is, simply put, pleasant to play.
  2. Apr 7, 2014
    Shameless, hilarious and surprisingly complex - an essential purchase for RPG and show fans. [May 2014, p.64]
  3. Apr 6, 2014
    The best South Park game to date (not that that's saying much) and manages to hold up both in terms of RPG mechanics and comedy value. [Issue#242, p.67]