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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 14 out of 44
  2. Negative: 2 out of 44
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  1. If the developer could have just tightened up a few minor technical issues and injected a little more soul into the proceedings, this might have been Spidey's best game yet. Instead, it’s just a satisfyingly entertaining experience and a big step back in the right direction.
  2. Good story, solid action, wonderful graphical elements and great combat all make up for a game that is entertaining. Spider-man fans should enjoy this one.
  3. You don’t have to be a Spidey fan to enjoy this one. Good fighting, fluid web swinging and exciting boss battles make this game enjoyable. I won’t say it’s a must buy, but it’s definitely a must try.
  4. 60
    There’s enough great gameplay here to make Web of Shadows recommendable for Spider-Man fans. The sheer level of glitches in the game, however, manages to take the fun factor down several notches.
  5. It may not offer quite as big an initial thrill as Spider-Man 2 did, but Spider-Man: Web of Shadows is probably the best web-swinging adventure so far. With a swing mechanic that rivals the one found in SM2, a combat system that easily trumps any in the series, and solid presentation throughout, fans of the series and the character won’t be disappointed.
  6. Blurry textures, an average story and Peter Parker's voice gets on our nerves, but overall, Web of Shadows is a cool Spider-Man adventure and much better than the horrid "Spider-Man 3."
  7. The simple controls and arcade playability make up for the repetitive gameplay and the low-quality graphics. Both the story and the boss battles make this an enjoyable experience that doesn't need to rely on a movie license to stand on its own two feet.
  8. Spider-Man: Web of Shadows ends up being a disappointment despite a lot of potential. We reckon the combat system, the web swinging and special moves are about the best we've seen in a 3D Spider-man game, but the city feels lifeless, the graphics lack spark and the missions range from OK to dire.
  9. Web of Shadows assembles a great cast of heroes and villains, combines them with a fantastic story, and integrates an intuitive and exciting control scheme and evolving combat system that easily makes this the best Spider-Man game ever made to date for any system.
  10. 86
    An extremely enjoyable ride. If you can get past doing the same objectives to progress the story such as having to beat up a certain amount of bad guys or saving so many civilians, and forgive the camera issues, this game is more than awesome.
  11. Spider-Man: Web of Shadows plays like an enhanced version of Spider-Man 3 with a pretty cool story backing it up.
  12. Web of Shadows is a fast-paced, soaring superhero adventure that delivers just about everything a Spider-Man game should.
  13. The one thing that you have to take into account while playing this title is the natural progression of the franchise. Opening it up to more comic book-focused storylines, allowing players to decide the outcome in various interesting ways, increasing the combat to make it enjoyable and easily accessible to anyone, and, of course, giving fans the Black Suit to play around with all do this admirably.
  14. Spider-Man: Web of Shadows is a great game. While the combat is pretty repetitive, it is not boring thanks to the two suits and the seamless transition between them.
  15. Web of Shadows certainly exceeded my expectations. Shaba Games and Treyarch has done a great job bringing back the Spider-Man franchise to its rightful glory yet again. With a much smoother game engine, coupled with fantastic combat, great swinging mechanics, an enormous world, and good replay value, Web of Shadows should finally satisfy fans after the abysmal disappointment that was Spider-Man 3.
  16. Overal Spider Man: Web of Shadows is a very amusing action-adventure. The opportunity to play a much “darker“ Spider-Man is innovative and enlarges the options of the game itself.
  17. Web of Shadows is a major improvement from the last Spider-Man game which should give Spider-Man fans some renewed faith in their friendly neighborhood super-hero.
  18. With its flashy combat system, Web of Shadows is a notable addition to the other sandbox style Spider-man games but the overall mission structure and lack of polish keeps it from standing out as well as it could.
  19. Spider-Man: Web of Shadows is a breath of fresh air in many respects, but needs a good breeze in others.
  20. 67
    Web of Shadows is, despite good intentions and some cute ideas, pretty average in most respects, failing to stand out in any one category. It's kind of boring, poorly structured, mostly linear and, shock, it still reeks of cash-in, despite moderate production values.
  21. If you don’t mind playing a game for six or seven hours before getting to the good stuff, Web of Shadows eventually packs a nice little punch. However, if you want instant gratification from your games, this experience won’t do much for you.
  22. It's rare that such a great concept is sabotaged so savagely by poor execution, but Web of Shadows is a stark reminder that it takes more than a solid idea to make a great game.
  23. Another year, another fair-to-average open-world Spider-Man action game.
  24. 55
    Activision, Treyarch, and Shaba were given a blank slate to create whatever Spider-inspired tale they wanted, and they put together a game starring a whiney hero, a foggy story, repetitive gameplay, and a focus on pretty combat combos instead of engaging combat mechanics.
  25. Web of Shadows unfortunately, while sporting some inventive features, has nothing else to detach it from its earlier predecessors and the fast paced combat and the nimble webslinging are just not enough to carry the game.
  26. 70
    The animation is slick, and there are many appreciable smaller touches, but it's also tarnished by repetition and technical issues. If you've never been a fan of the series, this installment certainly won't change your mind. However, if you're a die-hard fan who was disappointed by Spider-Man 3, Web of Shadows should be right up your alley.
  27. Web of Shadows opens strong, but it seems like it runs out of interesting and varied ways to put them to use well before you get to the end, and it turns into a bit of a grind.
  28. The moment-to-moment activity of open-world Spider-Man is finally clean, smooth, and fun.
  29. Combat has seen some minor improvements, but the missions you're required to play and the side-quest stuff in the city are still pretty bland encounters for the most part, and it's those areas that really need to see the most improvement for the next Spider-Man installment down the line.
  30. A near-perfect Spidey game. The core Spider-Man elements people care about are all present, and arguably better than any game to date. Sadly, the developers forgot to find a way to eliminate the grinding feel of the basic gameplay. The result is a game hard line Spider-Man fans will want to beat in order to experience the story, while casual fans will likely get bored halfway through.
  31. 58
    Shadows is halfway there. I experienced plenty of cool "Spider-Man" moments throughout thanks to the basic locomotion and combat and the occasional well-done cut-scene...but Shadows never really hits any sort of stride. Rather, it settles into a rhythm of repetition and drags out as its third act self-destructs.
  32. 70
    Awesome action makes up for several shortcomings including a spastic camera and random technical glitches. Web of Shadows delivers the best combat system of any Spider-Man game to date and intense boss battles to go with it. An imperfect effort, but an entertaining one nonetheless.
  33. Playstation Official Magazine Australia
    A tidy little game that will please comic book fans. [Christmas 2008, p.88]
  34. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    Half-arsed superhero rubbish. [Christmas 2008, p.119]
  35. 70
    There are certainly some good features in Web of Shadows, but they’re wrapped up in a pile of poor implementation.
  36. Web of Shadows is an improvement over previous Spider-Man titles, but still lacks the punch we expect from such a popular movie-based intellectual property. A poorly told story coupled with mediocre and often repetitive action sequences have thwarted this titles chances of blockbuster glory this Christmas.
  37. 65
    While it isn't the ultimate Spiderman title that gamers have been clamouring for, Spiderman: Web of Shadows provides gamers with a slice of web-slinging fun.
  38. In conclusion, Spider-Man: Web of Shadows is a competent addition to the franchise, though it feels like there could have been much more to the game.
  39. In all honestly, Spiderman Web of Shadows entirely misses the mark.
  40. 55
    While initially there seems to be quite a lot of fun to be had with Web Of Shadows, ultimately you discover its fluid combat and intriguing story quickly become overshadowed by a web of lazy missions.
  41. Repetitive, repetitive and repetitive… With those three words we can describe Spiderman Web of Shadows, a new and failed adaptation of the hero to the videogames. Hard to play and much harder to recommend.
  42. PSM3 Magazine UK
    The missions are so shallow and samey. [Issue#174, p.82]
  43. Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
    But despite this mild lack of polish, Web of Shadows makes Spider-Man fun, and fans and non-fans alike should enjoy the game's infectious action....sorry. [Holiday 2008, p.82]
  44. As far as sandbox games go, it is pretty rudimentary, with an incredibly limited range of mission types. If, however, you slip on Spider-Man's famous skin-tight costume expecting little more than a high-camp, sandbox beat 'em up, you will not be disappointed.
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  1. May 30, 2013
    Like Spider-Man himself, this game was absolutely amazing. The combat was fluid and web swinging was almost perfect (it stuck to the sky mostLike Spider-Man himself, this game was absolutely amazing. The combat was fluid and web swinging was almost perfect (it stuck to the sky most of the time). Venom was awesome and I enjoyed fighting him seeing as he is my favorite Spidey villain. I love switching between the red and black suit whenever I want. If only Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus were in this game. Full Review »
  2. Jun 19, 2015
    The game even that is fun, the graphics are nothing else, the choice of good or bad way is a positive point of the game, but he's a littleThe game even that is fun, the graphics are nothing else, the choice of good or bad way is a positive point of the game, but he's a little repetitive, and the story is not as engaging Full Review »
  3. Nov 9, 2014
    Spider-Man: Web of Shadows it's the best videogame based on Spider-Man.With a gameplay similar to Spider-Man 2,3 and Ultimate Spider-Man,butSpider-Man: Web of Shadows it's the best videogame based on Spider-Man.With a gameplay similar to Spider-Man 2,3 and Ultimate Spider-Man,but with a storyline more dark. Full Review »