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  2. Negative: 15 out of 22
  1. The Clone Wars – Republic Heroes is not convincing. Enthusiastic Star Wars fans and younger gamers may take a look, for the rest we can’t recommend to spend money on it.
  2. It’s a shame to see how a massive franchise such as the one represented by Star Wars can still go oh! so bad. Star Wars The Clone Wars Republic Heroes is poor under all aspects, including the most prominent one, i.e. the gameplay...Only children will enjoy it.
  3. 59
    Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes looks like a previous-gen title and doesn't convince content-wise either. A lousy camera, stubborn controls make the eternal stream of lives a must. It feels kiddy and your friend's AI is so bad that you thank the heavens for its co-op ability. With the sheer volume of hit games coming, we fear that Lucas won't be able to find a lot of gamers willing to purchase this game.
  4. If you have such a child in your household, I would do everything in my power to ensure they never catch wind of this game.
  5. This new Star Wars videogame doesn't make the most of the new generation power, but also is a boring and dull action game, with no variety in its contents.
  6. Disappointing controls, restricted gameplay and poor graphics are the key words of Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes.
  7. The combat's decent, but it falls down on more complex stuff like clumsy boss battles and awful dialogue that makes you want to rip your own throat out. [Jan 2010, p.119]
  8. 48
    Unless you or your kids want to play as Jedi or clone troopers just for the sake of doing so, then there's really nothing here that'll keep anyone, young or old, interested for very long. Even if it does, you or your kin are bound to be frustrated at numerous sections and will likely wind up putting down the controller sooner or later.
  9. The game may be long but every level seems the same as the last, making it feel more like a repetitive endurance run than a game.
  10. 46
    A game that’s meant to be for kids but got to many platform problems. The graphics are also crap and the gameplay isn’t a lot better. It’s got a lot of playable characters and the cooperative option is fun, but overall this game is pretty bad.
  11. I get the feeling that development on Star Wars: The Clone Wars may have been rushed to coincide with the release of the second season of the show, which is kind of a shame because there is a lot potential in the concepts behind it.
  12. We just wish the designers paid more attention to the controls and did something dramatic with the gameplay. Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes is a below average adventure that's difficult to recommend, even as a rental. We suggest Force pushing it into a galaxy far, far away.
  13. It's obvious that adult gamers should avoid Republic Heroes. But, more damning, it's also impossible to recommend it to anyone wondering whether they should buy it for a young fan of The Clone Wars.
  14. Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Republic Heroes is not a great game full of bugs. The gameplay is very repetitive and is skipping once in a while, often the camera isn’t positioned right and you can’t see were to go. But the ambiance and the story seem to fit the TV-series very well. Star Wars is one of my favourite film series ever and there are a lot of games out there, but Republic Heroes is doing too much in a wrong way to get a positive grade.
  15. Republic Heroes has none of the fun or maturity of its source, the cartoon Star Wars: The Clone Wars. [Holiday 2009, p.75]
  16. Many parts of this game seems to be rushed during development. Poor controls and that camera is pretty annoying. On the good sides are the epic music and those great voice actors.
  17. This platformer based on the Star Wars cartoon TV series tries to copy the Lego game formula but gets just about everything wrong.
  18. Right from first touch, it's clear that Republic Heroes hasn't undergone nearly enough of this sort of testing, and the uninspired foundations are further compromised as they are built upon. As a result, this is a product that will make children frustrated and unhappy, the very opposite of that to which Star Wars should aspire.
  19. Star Wars The Clone Wars: Heroes of the Republic is clearly a product targeting children and the hardcore fans of the brand, but unfortunately, because of his many faults, it's not good for either of these categories. Its excessive simplicity together with the total lack of spurs, make the game experience a real torture that barely no one will be able to stand… children most of all.
  20. While controlling the game is easy, the game itself bores you from beginning to end and the story and presentation never reach the level of the animated series. The platforming is frustrating and the graphics are terrible. Another bad game based on a movie or series, when will they learn?
  21. 25
    Its basic design philosophy is one of laziness and glossing over problems rather than really putting out the effort to make a decent game. That's a bitter pill to swallow for a kid who just shelled out 50 bucks of lunch money.
  22. The worst Star Wars game ever, and that's really saying something. [Christmas 2009, p.84]
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  1. JohnR
    Nov 9, 2009
    Plain and simple this is a game for kids and it excels at that. hard core gamers and follow the leader game sites can't write an honest Plain and simple this is a game for kids and it excels at that. hard core gamers and follow the leader game sites can't write an honest review to save their lives. Ask any 8 year old to rate it and it's a 10 hands down. Full Review »
  2. HaraldL.
    Oct 13, 2009
    I can't really see why this game gets so low scores, I really can't. I have the PC version, and with everything on full, the game I can't really see why this game gets so low scores, I really can't. I have the PC version, and with everything on full, the game looks almost to a point of the Clone Wars TV show running on various channles. There are minor problems with the controls, but you can overcome that pretty fast. The other thing that could have been better are the camera, but it's not as bad as some people say, I've seen worse than this in some other games... Graphics: 8/10 Story : 7.5/10 Controls : 6.5/10 Camera : 5.5/10 Overall : 7/10. Full Review »