Super Street Fighter IV PlayStation 3


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  1. It’s unfortunate that Street Fighter IV steals much of the would-be impact and innovation from Super Street Fighter IV, but when all is said and done, SSFIV is the best modern fighter in video games today.
  2. The brilliant gameplay of Street Fighter IV is still there, and with 10 new characters and more possibilities for the ancient ones, you know you will fall for it once again.
  3. 90
    Super is the perfectly refined poster child for an entire genre, and is once again one of the best games this generation.
  4. A fighting game is only fun if you're matched up with like-minded, similarly skilled opposition, and in this respect, the game seems to be able to help you have fun, regardless of your skill level. SSFIV makes last year's fighting game a lot better, and it does it at a less-than-full retail price.
  5. If you’ve been looking to get back into fighters and somehow missed the boat on Street Fighter IV or have been waiting for something to bring you back into the world of Street Fighting, I doubt there is a better option than a game full of characters, awesome music, and a robust fighting system with great online support.
  6. 100
    Super may lack the impact of its immediate forebear, which grabbed headlines with its heady combination of brilliance and novelty. But this is the very best sort of evolution, a perfection of detail, one that diminishes its faults and amplifies its successes.
  7. 100
    Super Street Fighter IV's most promising feature is Tournament mode, available as a free downloadable update June 15th. For the first time in the series, players will be able to host four or eight person competitions, either as a participant or the host.
  8. 100
    We thought Street Fighter IV was it. We thought it couldn’t get any better. We thought wrong. The greatest fighting game ever just got better, and kicks its former self’s ass. It feels complete, and the fact that we weren’t really missing anything last time around says it all. Farmer Capcom has gotten better at milking the Street Fighter cow, adding nutrients and flavor to an already delicious dairy product. Yes Capcom, we forgive you…this time.
  9. The best fighter ever gets even better with a huge roster of some of gaming's most iconic characters.
  10. 100
    Learning, improving, mastering. Three tenets Super Street Fighter IV is built on, its greatest strengths and the reason for its existence. Without them, it’s a game that would have never been made. Without them the games industry would stand still. Super Street Fighter IV embodies that ethos. Another defining moment for Capcom’s world warriors.
  11. The best game in the Street Fighter franchise, and one of the best fighting games ever made. Buy it, even if you already have Street Fighter IV.
  12. There’s no question that this is the definitive version of Street Fighter IV. With a ton of ‘new’ characters and a vastly improved online component there are a number of great reasons to get back into Street Fighter.
  13. It’s last year’s top-rated game remixed with 10 new fighters and fantastic new online modes, all at a lower price. That’s an incredible deal no matter how you slice it.
  14. Super is a tremendous update to a tremendous game. It addresses many of IV's weaknesses, subtly tweaks old features so that they work better, and introduces some characters that exceed the high quality bar set in February last year. It is a game tailor made for hardcore Street Fighter fans.
  15. Super Street Fighter IV is an excellent addition to the original game. Capcom’s tradition of improving their bestsellers once again pays off with this massive expansion featuring plenty of new characters, maps and a much more inviting online mode. Street Fighter IV, the greatest fighting game of this generation, just got even better.
  16. Super Street Fighter IV is everything but a simple add-on. Capcom has done an excellent job with this game, adding 10 great characters, refining the overall gameplay and creating a great beat'em up. The online is fantastic, and if you have good friends to play with, you definitely MUST buy this game.
  17. More fighters, better online support, more features and an even more fine tuned fighting system. We even get the comeback of Makoto from Street Fighter 3: Third Strike. Yes, Super Street Fighter IV really is the definitive version of Street Fighter IV, but it still feels somewhat like an expansion rather than a full game.
  18. With such a diverse and deep amount of content crammed onto the disc, along with the highly addictive gameplay, this is the fighter that no fighting game fan should be without. Get. It. Now.
  19. 96
    It's a big game, and one that requires a serious amount of dedication and commitment. You can't just dabble in Street Fighter, but you shouldn't really want to: spend a few hours trying to learn it and you'll be hooked for life. This is the epitome of hardcore gaming, a masterclass of competition that demands the u[t]most in technical proficiency and mental clarity.
  20. In a nutshell, Super Street Fighter 4 offers new characters, great gameplay, amazing value and best of all great replay value. This game is a must have. In the words of Street Fighter “A new Challenger has approached”.
  21. At the end of the day, Street Fighter IV is easily one of the best fighting games for quite some time that is high on content and high on gameplay.
  22. For those who didn't enjoy last year's game, this won't change your mind about the franchise. For fans of the series, this review only reinforces your purchase or will encourage you to get this since the online community for the original could migrate to this game. For those who have been interested in the series but failed to pick up last year's title, this is the definitive version to get.
  23. 95
    SSFIV is the definitive version of Street Fighter.
  24. Capcom has done much more than slap on a few new characters and push the game out the door. They've taken the original title, reconstructed it, and produced a game that surpasses the original Street Fighter IV in every way possible.
  25. All-in-all Super Street Fighter IV is a welcome addition to the series that fine-tunes and tweaks what is already a world-class beat-em-up title, though it is debatable whether you should buy this edition if you already have the earlier edition.
  26. What you have essentially got with Super Street Fighter IV is a more balanced Street Fighter game that represents the pinnacle of the franchise's glittering career.
  27. Super Street Fighter IV is one of those rare exceptions where it's worth double-dipping. The exception is simply because instead of just releasing the same game with 10 new characters, Capcom went back and reworked the balance, added new modes, added bonus stages, redid the storyboards, changed various aesthetic bits and pieces, and on top of that only charged $40 for it all. To me, Super Street Fighter IV is a no-brainer.
  28. Penny pinching pugilists may give pause, but let your fears be dissuaded: Super Street Fighter IV is worth every single cent.
  29. Capcom did it again, delivering what is actually the best 2D beat'em up out there. Ten new characters, Ultra Combos for everyone and the best online experience you could ask for. Grab your sticks and keep mashing!
  30. No doubt, Super Street Fighter IV is the definitive version of Street Fighter IV.
  31. 91
    Super Street Fighter IV is more of the same. It has ten new fighters, an Endless Battle mode and a Replay Channel. Although it is more of an expansion to Street Fighter IV, you can still see it as a good game. Every fan of the franchise must buy this part,because it has a lot of extra features that makes it worth buying.
  32. 90
    The gameplay is fast, fun and easy to dig into, and deep enough so that you're always discovering new ways to chain combos and improve your skills. Whether you're a franchise veteran or a total newcomer, you can't go wrong with Super Street Fighter IV.
  33. Character rebalancing, strong online multiplayer modes, and an updated roster help Super Street Fighter IV expand on its predecessor in every way.
  34. Street Fighter IV was a marvelous fighter and Super Street Fighter IV only furthers that notion with excellent additions that provide a whole new life to the series that has come full circle with Capcom’s brilliant revival.
  35. I put nearly 100 hours into IV, and I can easily see myself pumping dozens more into this update. If you haven't played IV at all, then $40 is an absolute steal for the ultimate version of the best fighting game in recent memory. [May 2010, p.87]
  36. If you are on the fence about repurchasing a game with the "Street Fighter IV" logo, don't be. This is one rerelease that is sure to make you fall in love with the series all over again.
  37. 90
    Super Street Fighter IV is not just some money-grubbing upgrade, it's a revamp and re-energisation of a fantastic game. Must buy for anyone even considering it.
  38. It's no incremental upgrade and brings more than just character balancing to the table, managing to improve, fix and surpass the original Street Fighter IV in every way imaginable - and they've done it at less than full price.
  39. Double Combos, Team-Matches and ten new Fighters – Super Street Fighter IV is an awesome and well-balanced Beat em Up that clearly beats standard Street Fighter IV.
  40. 90
    It does not have real innovations, but is excellent as an ultimate version of Street Fighter IV.
  41. 89
    Street Fighter IV already was one of the best fighting games of this generation, but this Super-version adds to it. Ten new characters, better balanced gameplay, a replay channel and a lot of new game modes make this a fan’s wet dream. In all honesty, this is a mere addition to an existing game, that for some reason is only available as a full retail-game. It’s a nice thing for newcomers, but unfair to gamers who already have the original.
  42. SSF4 is a beast of a game and is an absolute steal for under fifty dollars. All of the new additions blend seamlessly with the existing game and really amplifies the magnitude of the game.
  43. Super Street Fighter IV brings more, but not enough to justify the game if you already own Street Fighter IV.
  44. 80
    Super Street Fighter IV contains good changes in comparison with the previous Street Fighter game. There isn't much innovation, but for only 40 euros this is a must buy in the fighting genre.
  45. It's Street Fighter IV, but better. With the additional characters new and old alike, it's a glorious celebration of the classic fighting franchise - and even if it hasn't changed much, it's changed enough to be clearly head and shoulders above its predecessor.
  46. Super Street Fighter IV is a celebration of the Street Fighter series that adds a final, glossy lick of paint to the already sublimely polished original and, while it is unlikely to woo new fans, those already hopelessly addicted to Had?ken’s and Tatsumaki-Senp? Kyaku’s will be in their absolute element.
  47. The matchmaking is quick and really does a great job of keeping you within your skill rank, and the added modes are worthwhile and fun to play. So whether you're a vet of the first game or a newcomer, I'd say Super Street Fighter IV is absolutely worth checking out.
  48. 100
    Super Street Fighter IV is more than a basic expansion pack.
  49. 100
    Fortunately, SSF4's new characters feel strong, detailed, and more importantly, convincingly robust.
  50. Super Street Fighter IV doesn’t feel hollow or even speciously necessary like the others: It’s inarguably the definitive futzed-over daub of paint on Capcom’s opus.
  51. 90
    Super Street Fighter IV is just more of a good thing and fans of the original have plenty of reasons to invest in it. But seasoned players who didn't care for the original SFIV won't have any reason to like the update because, despite the improvements and additions, the fundamental gameplay hasn't changed.
  52. Playstation Official Magazine Australia
    Amazing value for the money. This isn't so much SF5 as it is "Street Fighter 4.9". [May 2010, p.76]
  53. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    With its mass of finely-tuned additions, it's bigger and more satisfying than you'd ever imagine. [May 2010, p.104]
  54. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Great improvement to the fourth installment of a classic fighting game brings a fistful of new and a mass of old features we love – nostalgia comes at its best. [Issue#191]
  55. PSM3 Magazine UK
    The best fighter ever made just got better in almost every way. [May 2010, p.88]
  56. Pelit (Finland)
    An excellent arcade fighting game, which beefs up the fighter roster of SFIV and makes several small improvements over it. [May 2010]
  57. Play UK
    The fact that you're buying a lot of stuff you've probably bought already is the only drawback to what is the best version of the game of its type ever made. [Issue#191, p.69]
  58. Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
    These powerful new attacks – along with some much needed tweaks to a few regular and super moves – add a massive amount of strategic nuance and mix up a lot of the match-ups. You also get a streamlined multiplayer lobby (where you can spectate or play solo while waiting), saveable replays and the return of bonus stages (i.e. belting barrels and cars). For its price, Super Street Fighter IV features a lion’s share of new content. Grease up and grab it today. [May 2010, p.72]
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User score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 2 out of 24
  1. NacorC.
    Apr 30, 2010
    Best fighting game ever. Awesome new chars, and refined balance. On top, new online modes with lobbies. A must have for any fighting game fan.
  2. RoyC.
    Apr 28, 2010
    The original sf4 was nearly perfect, and this game improved upon the original in every way imaginable. An absolute masterpiece that is The original sf4 was nearly perfect, and this game improved upon the original in every way imaginable. An absolute masterpiece that is clearly the pinnacle of fighting games. Full Review »
  3. Apr 23, 2011
    I bought this game and i was disappointed,the game is collecting dust,i enjoyed SFIV and i don't get it,why didn't they just release a dlcI bought this game and i was disappointed,the game is collecting dust,i enjoyed SFIV and i don't get it,why didn't they just release a dlc pack????????? I live in Croatia and the games around here are 100$ each! so i had to give another 100$ for the same gave i already bought! -.- Full Review »