Tekken 6 PlayStation 3


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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 45 out of 63
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  1. Play UK
    There are flaws that hurt the experience, but nothing, nothing stops Tekken 6 from being an intense, tactical and utterly brilliant fighting game, perfect for anyone with even a fleeting interest in the genre. [Issue#184, p.60]
  2. Tekken 6 is probably the best fighting game from this generation.
  3. Tekken 6 is the best 3D fighting game of this generation. Namco Bandai has done an excellent job translating the arcade game to our gamepads.
  4. The character roster is deep and varied, encompassing straightforward martial artists, a bear, a kangaroo, and a new android girl with chainsaw arms. Those who need still more variety can purchase an absurdly extensive collection of items to customize each character.
  5. 90
    It is slick in production, providing a lot of what one could reasonably ask for in a fighting game. The game is as accessible as ever, pretty to look at and arcade-perfect to a T.
  6. Tekken 6 is probably one of the best fighters around. Fighter fans should own this one.
  7. It wouldn’t be fair to judge Tekken 6 by its lousy campaign mode or broken net code. Because when it comes to the game mechanics, which is the most important element in a fighting game, Tekken 6 is so close to perfection that it’s actually hard to imagine how the developers are going to expand it further. Without a doubt, the most polished fighting game of the year.
  8. At the end of the day, Tekken 6 is definitely a fun fighter, however it is plagued by some gameplay issues, more specifically the horrendous campaign mode and programming issues such as lengthy loading times.
  9. 88
    Tekken 6 has a lot to offer, including a massive roster, refined gameplay, plenty of modes, online multiplayer and an absurd amount of character customization options.
  10. Controls and combos are incredibly tight, and the entire package is dripping with polish. Despite the lackluster Scenario Campaign, it’s still a solid purchase for fighting fans.
  11. Visually stunning, Tekken 6 introduces new characters, options and modes, alongside the possibility to customize your own fighter, yet without abandoning its successful gameplay formula.
  12. The lack of competent online play and the unusually long load times are disappointing for hardcore enthusiasts, but Tekken's heart and soul, the fighting engine and the joy of skill based competition against your friends, is delightfully intact.
  13. As all parts of the Tekken series the sixth also entertains for hours and hours, especially when you are challenging your friends!
  14. With its beefy cast, impressive Scenario Campaign mode, and expansive customisation options, Tekken 6 is the new heavyweight in the fighting game arena.
  15. 85
    Tekken 6 is finally here and the game is good again. The animations are brilliant, customizing is finally interesting and it’s got a lot of gameplay options. Only the Scenario mode wasn’t really necessary.
  16. While offering only incremental upgrades to the formula, Tekken 6 is a worthy successor to Dark Resurrection and ultimately one of the best entries in this venerable franchise to date.
  17. 85
    Tekken 6 is the best fighting game in the genre you can wish for now. However the Scenario Campaign is a little bit disappointing, Tekken is the usual experience: blood, sweat and tears!
  18. 85
    Visually the game is a complete mixed bag.
  19. If you love Tekken, this is a definite. If you love fighters, this is a must. If you're new to both, this is a good starting point.
  20. Tekken is all about the multiplayer, especially if you play against a friend who knows the game well. The new fighters are bringing enough new material to learn and practice on you’re own. The functionalities around this aren’t that interesting. You can better leave the game alone if you’re not a multiplayer person. If you are a multiplayer person and you’re willing to put some hours into it, this game will be a pearl of a 3D fight game.
  21. Tekken 6 may not be completely what I was hoping for, but it is a very solid entry to the series. Being able to fight others online is reason enough for any Tekken fan to make the purchase and newcomers will be treated by being introduced to a great game.
  22. Though the modes and extras in the console port aren't solid gold, they still add a good bit of value to an accomplished fighting game. Like your nose, neck, or kneecaps, if a fighting game isn't broken, there's not really any need to fix it.
  23. An excellent (albeit marginally updated) sequel that is sure to please Tekken fans all over the world. Buy it for the thrills and the massive character lineup.
  24. Games Master UK
    A beefy brawler but the legendary series really deserved better for its next-gen debut. [Dec 2009, p.78]
  25. Without doubt, Tekken 6 has convinced us. The gameplay is solid but perhaps this beloved saga would have deserved a stronger debut in the current generation. To lower the level, there's a far from exciting technical sector. In addition, the campaign mode is little more than an extra, making us wonder whether it was worth spending so many resources in implementation, thus neglecting other aspects, perhaps more important. Anyway, the title is certainly worth the purchase for all the fans of the series and of 3D beat'em ups.
  26. 83
    Currently, online is too inconsistent to be taken seriously. Without the quality online play, the Tekken community will have to take their battles offline, limiting the potential for community growth. And the small details Namco Bandai neglected hurts the overall experience. Tekken 6 is excellent, but with better netcode, it would have been outstanding.
  27. The soundtrack is pretty good, as are the rest of the sound effects, but you probably already knew that.
  28. Between the Scenario Mode, the plethora of arcade modes, and the online functionality, there is plenty to do in Tekken 6!
  29. Tekken is still a great series, but the qualities of the old days have lost their sparkle. Especially the story mode disappoints. Therefore solo players lose interest soon, multiplayer however presents nearly endless fun.
  30. The game is accessible to both veterans and newbies, and veterans should also find new combinations and strategies with the innovative bouncing mechanic.
  31. Tekken 6 is a great package and, while it doesn’t make any huge innovative leaps, the Tekken series remains one of the best 3D fighters on the market today.
  32. Tekken 6 isn't a bad game, but it doesn't feel like it does anything new with the genre.
  33. 80
    Take the time to learn the nuances and you will be suitably rewarded.
  34. In a year destined to be remembered as the one that saw the resurgence of the fighting game, Tekken 6's star is too dull to shine brightest.
  35. GameDaily
    Tekken 6 is still a quality fighter, from its straightforward and amusing gameplay to its rich presentation and huge roster. It falls short of Street Fighter IV, but it's still got enough power to knock you on your butt.
  36. Playstation Official Magazine Australia
    There’s nothing particularly wrong with Tekken 6, but the series is starting to age. Gorgeous graphics help, but this genre needs some fresh blood. [Dec 2009, p.66]
  37. Though not perfect, there is lots of solid fun in it for fans.
  38. 80
    If you are the kind of beat ‘em up fanatic that has regular access to like-minded individuals for local bouts, Tekken 6’s deeply rewarding gameplay and overflowing character roster will provide endless hours of entertainment, in the same way previous iterations have – This is after all what competitive fighting games are all about and Tekken 6 is one of the best.
  39. An awesome game. It just could have been better.
  40. Graphically it’s awesome with an excellent soundtrack to accompany the high octane action onscreen, it is a shame that the loading times seem to take so long as you’ll be waiting to get stuck in again as quickly as possible for some high quality fighting fun!
  41. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    A big, fully-fledged comeback from a classic PlayStation series. [Dec 2009, p.113]
  42. Tekken is back after 4 years of waiting. The news is few and the graphic feels dated but the game mechanics still works as it should. Thanks to a higher tempo the game is among the best beat’em’up games this generation.
  43. Campaign mode is really boring, and new characters aren't very appealing. So, it remains another standard Tekken episode.
  44. Tekken is fun, nothing can take that away. Heavy looking characters and hard hitting battles are what Tekken fans are looking for, and this is certainly what the game delivers, it just doesn’t seem to have that sparkle this time around.
  45. 75
    Tekken 6 is undeniably a solid fighter; it makes for better local versus play than the recent KOFXII, and a very nice change of pace from Street Fighter IV. The arcade port is satisfactory until it dawns on you that, instead of creating a decent online mode, Namco instead chose to make the horrendous scenario mode. And that's a horrible thing for them to do.
User Score

Mixed or average reviews- based on 190 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 22 out of 44
  2. Negative: 11 out of 44
  1. Oct 5, 2010
    I can only commend Tekken 6 for it's superb graphics and distinct characters. I feel the 6th installment of the Tekken series has been veryI can only commend Tekken 6 for it's superb graphics and distinct characters. I feel the 6th installment of the Tekken series has been very disapointing. From the loading times, to the pathetic storyline - Tekken 6 is with out a doubt, the worst tekken game I have ever played. Full Review »
  2. Aug 8, 2011
    If you're familiar with the Tekken series, then you'd probably already be used to the fact that every Tekken game (since the PS1) offers veryIf you're familiar with the Tekken series, then you'd probably already be used to the fact that every Tekken game (since the PS1) offers very little innovation from the previous instalment. Sadly, Tekken 6 is no exception. But let's be honest here, how different can a figthing game be anyway? Tekken 6 does well in what it is expected to do well in, and that's figthing. Apart from the basic Arcade mode, Versus mode, Survival matches etc. there will be a Scenario mode whcih is kinda like a beat 'em up adventure figthing game where you follow the story behind Lars and Alis, travelling the lands to find Jin. Here is where you will get to unlock characters, movies, items (clothings), and earn money (to buy items for your characters). The good is, there are tons of items to unlock/purchase for your characters. You'll also be able to play the Scenario mode with a friend online. While the Scenario mode offers a welcomed change in gameplay, its implementation however was not well thought out. You can play as any characters you have unlocked, but the game can be quite challenging especially when you've just started out with a character (minumum stats) , even on Easy. Controls in Scenario mode are terrible. You can only fight one person at a time, and that means if you're fighting a group of them you'll probably won't make it when they've got you surrounded. Another thing is, you can't jump, and you can't do most combos, meaning that you'll be randomly button mashing your basic punches and kicks through the hordes of approching enemies. Boring!!! Another problem I had in Scenario mode is with some of the new characters. One of them would have to be Lars, who replaces Jin as the new protaganist for this game. He looks like a guy from The Incredibles. But the worse however would have to Abe lisa, which is one of the most annoying steriotypical Japanese anime-like character I've seen and everytime she says or does something brings a tear to my eyes... tears of embarassment! Really painful..... The story of the game is weak, and the graphics are very poor and dated, but you'll definitely have fun playing it with a friend. Just don't expect it to last. Tekken 6 is recommended to devoted fans of the series, but if you're new, only get this game when you're done with the other popular figthing games out there. Full Review »
  3. HamzaA.
    Jan 26, 2010
    Poor, very poor, Scenario Campaign is just flawed with repetitive-nees, insanely difficult levels and no fun at all. Same with arcade where Poor, very poor, Scenario Campaign is just flawed with repetitive-nees, insanely difficult levels and no fun at all. Same with arcade where Azazel is physically impossible to beat. Not to mention the absolutely useless blocking system, which 75% of the times, NEVER works and leaves you figuring how to block. Don't buy, thank God I rented it Full Review »