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  1. With perfect gameplay, spectacular graphics and a track listing that can be enjoyed all, Harmonix and MTV Games have successfully recreated the virtual "Fab 4" for the PlayStation 3.
  2. I cannot sing this game's praises enough. The beautiful animation, the timeless music, the attention to detail on every detail from the interface down to the load screens... I have never been more impressed with a franchised game, and this game has instantly skyrocketed to my top 5 all time favorites.
  3. The Beatles: Rock Band sets a new standard for how band-focused music games should be executed, one that will be very difficult to match. Beyond all the stylistic flairs and the fan-service touches, this is just an incredibly fun, incredibly accessible bunch of music, with very little filler in its track listing.
  4. There’s only one truly disappointing aspect to The Beatles: Rock Band: Future games made around your favorite band probably won’t be half as good.
  5. The Beatles: Rock Band does one thing extremely well: it brings The Beatles’ music to a very strong platform (the Rock Band platform) resulting in a game that is undeniably fun to play.
  6. In terms of actual gameplay, Beatles: Rock Band does nothing revolutionary. Where the revolution occurs, instead, is in the game's presentation, which brings new life -- and a new type of life -- to the static genre.
  7. If games like Pong and Super Mario Bros. managed to pike the interest of mom and dad to play with their kids in the living room, there’s no doubt that The Beatles: Rock Band will make the rest of the family join in and have a great time. Don’t get me wrong, the Guitar Hero and Rock Band games have done great things but I think The Beatles: Rock Band is the ultimate multi-generation gathering videogame.
  8. Don't think for one moment that The Beatles Rock Band is just a new title in the series. The Beatles drew the masses in their time like no one before, and when you start playing this title you feel yourself submerged in this sparkling sensation.
  9. If you're a fan of The Beatles, this Rock Band game is definitely the music game you want to own this year. It offers a ton of content and replay value, and truly makes for a great experience for you and your friends. I just wish they'd offer a patch to fix the microphone latency.
  10. The Beatles: Rock Band is as much a documentary as it is a game. The Beatles’ venerable music catalog is a great compliment to the Rock Band formula. This game is successful in both drawing new players to the music game genre and exposing a new generation to the music of The Beatles.
  11. The Beatles: Rock Band is a must have game for Beatles fans. Harmonix has done an excellent job putting together a fun package that highlights the career of one of the most successful bands in our history.
  12. If there’s one music-oriented video game to buy this holiday season, it has to be The Beatles: Rock Band. Harmonix and MTV Games have created an exceptional representation of The Fab Four that needs to be lived by all music aficionados.
  13. The Beatles Rock Band is a real tribute to the band from Liverpool. Every detail in the game, from the arrangement of keys to the movies show a cure and a love that has no equal. Not to mention that we will hear one of the best soundtracks of all time. Harmonix does a Rock Band 2 formula's synthesis to provide an experience suitable for everyone, without distorting the brand. In few words: a game you must buy.
  14. The price tag for everything is steep, and there are not enough songs for my liking, but this is a true representation of a legendary band. Great songs and great fun make for a great game.
  15. 91
    An interesting conundrum. For what it is it is flawless. The representation of the famous foursome is impeccable and dripping with fan service. The selection of songs is disappointing, but with future DLC you will likely be able to enjoy all of your favorite tunes for a price. Beatles fans need not even hesitate; just buy the game.
  16. Once again the developers at Harmonix have shown the gaming industry how it’s done.
  17. The Beatles were fascinated by the number nine. 09/09/09 is no coincidence. So it's only fitting that the game gets...
  18. It might seem obvious but if you’re not a fan of The Beatles then The Beatles: Rock Band probably isn’t for you. I’m certain it can garner in some new fans, but if you’re buying it because you’re a Rock Band fan then you’ll be left disappointed.
  19. Not everyone will love The Beatles: Rock Band, but everyone should love it, because it’s amazing. It’s everything a Beatles fan could want, and even if you’re not a fan, you may find yourself converted after a few songs.
  20. I don't think I've ever seen a game do such a great job of catering to its target audience, and at every step Harmonix displays a deep understanding and appreciation for the Beatles license.
  21. The Beatles are worth every penny, especially for fans of the Fab Four. This game delivers one of the most phenomenal music experiences, outside of hopping into a time machine and watching them perform live, we're likely to see during this phase of our digital age.
  22. The best Beatles game you can possibly imagine. [Nov 2009, p.128]
  23. The Beatles: Rock Band is filled with charm, authenticity and the exact right feeling that's required for an excellent Beatles experience. The option to have 3 vocalists means that the multiplayer actually extends to 6 players at a party, and even though the songs in the late part of the game aren't as engaging this game won't disappoint any fans of their music.
  24. The visuals themselves, from the evolving avatars and costumes to the stages, sets and recording booths, are beautiful. The gameplay is typically right on the button. The mixes are great. It’s all close to faultless. [Nov 2009, p.70]
  25. It is a compelling work, a tremendously quality music production, using the right fit to be almost a greatest hits of The Beatles.
  26. 90
    For those who have a love or even just a fondness for the Fab Four, Harmonix has created a fantastic tribute. It won't teach you the full history of the world's most celebrated band nor give you even a quarter of their extraordinary catalogue of music, but it's still great.
  27. Stellar presentation and vocal harmonies help make The Beatles: Rock Band something special in the world of music games.
  28. The bottom line here is that this is still The freakin’ Beatles in a triumphant rhythm game début. The music is fantastic, the presentation is out of this world (sometimes literally), and all done with the utmost respect and care.
  29. 90
    Harmonix have created a loving dedication to one of the greatest bands of all time. It might not set the Christmas charts on fire, but it will be a critical darling for years to come.
  30. 90
    A gorgeous game that'll make Beatles fans feel like they're being swaddled in a veil of pure joy. [Issue#184, p.76]
  31. Harmonix has treated the band’s music, art, and history with a respect and reverence that sets it apart from other similar collections. The question is, how will anyone held responsible for a full band game -- Harmonix or otherwise -- ever really be able to clear the bar that’s been set?
  32. 90
    A peerless offering that blows any comparable 'band-only' music title out of the water. Doing justice to the greatest band of all time was always going to be a tough job, but The Beatles: Rock Band offers a beautiful tribute to an enduring act.
  33. A truly amazing game, visually and content wise. The Dreamscapes that accompany the songs are marvels that go well with the music and are amazing to watch on their own.
  34. The Beatles: Rock Band is definitely a fantastic journey through the career of what is possibly the world’s most beloved music group of all time.
  35. You have to feel truly sorry for any future artist-specific rhythm games, because it would take an enormous amount of effort to top The Beatles: Rock Band, a game very nearly bigger than Jesus.
  36. Maybe The Beatles: Rock Band is just for fans, but it`s so good that every musical fan should take a look and test it. The only criticism is the cost of the whole pack, very expensive.
  37. Grab your friends and family, plug in, stand up, and get ready to experience The Beatles reborn in front of your very eyes.
  38. Taking one of the most popular and iconic bands of all time and creating a game about their music could not have been easy, but Harmonix handles it beautifully, instilling a level of love and attention to detail that no other developer could.
  39. 90
    If you love, like, or are even lukewarm on the band, grab it. Playing through the songs you've likely heard for your entire life gives you a new appreciation for the level of musicianship and songwriting on display. Somehow, Harmonix found a way to make the greatest band of all time even better.
  40. The Beatles: Rock Band raises the bar to such a nosebleed-inducing height that we also wonder where the genre is going to take us to next. The rate of acceleration is phenomenal.
  41. 90
    There's an incredible amount of fun that comes from filing the shoes of some of the most inspiring musicians ever to walk the earth, and Harmonix captures this experience with same sense of magic that the Beatles were known for. It's well worth the price of admission, even if you forgo the replica instruments and stick to your stock Rock Band gear.
  42. 89
    So very obviously a labour of love, above and beyond being simply a money spinner. If you like The Beatles, and want to play their music, this is the game for you. If you’re not into them at all, of course, stay well away – while the minor gameplay enhancements are well and good, it’s not enough to keep non-Beatles fans captivated.
  43. Harmonix has done a remarkable job of bringing the Beatles' music to life in an interactive setting, devoting enormous attention to the details of history and authenticity that Beatles fans demand. The developers also added their own flair to the game, making this the most aesthetically beautiful music game to yet release. [Sept 2009, p.80]
  44. Unless you're a huge Beatles fan, there's no need to go out any drop the additional $250 for Beatles-era instruments, because the existing Rock Band instruments work just fine. There's also no need to rush out and get the game today, because chances are you'll "beat" the game well before the weekend.
  45. Fans of the Beatles will feel like they are back in time! Only the weak story mode blurs the fun for young and old.
  46. 88
    A genius tribute to the Beatles. The game lets you walk the first steps of The Beatles to the biggest moments of their career. Colorful graphics and brilliant audio combined with traditional gameplay makes The Beatles: Rock Band a great game.
  47. The result is a game that's as informative as the best of documentaries and right up there with the best party games available on console. That's assuming the people in your party like The Beatles of course. Despite the sheen, authenticity, and seminal extras, Rock Band 2 can still hold its head high as the most instantly gratifying and universal game in the series.
  48. 87
    By making The Beatles: Rock Band, Harmonix did a really good job and the game is certainly good in all ways. Unfortunately the few new things aren't all useful and the game doesn't support the other Rock Band content. However, this game is full of Flower Power and therefore you really need to play this at least once in your life.
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  1. Jan 30, 2011
    The Beatles, The best band in the world comes out with a game and defines music. The game includes 45 songs from their albums and includes DLCThe Beatles, The best band in the world comes out with a game and defines music. The game includes 45 songs from their albums and includes DLC from Abbey Road, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, and Rubber Soul also including All You Need Is Love from the Magical Mystery Tour album. It starts where The Beatles originally started from The Cavern Club, to The Ed Sullivan Show where reputation started growing, To Shea Stadium to 55,000 screaming fans, To The Budoken Concert, Abbey Road and finally The Apple Corps Rooftop which was their final concert. The graphics are beautiful and the Dreamscapes in Abbey Road including my favorites such as Dear Prudence, Something, and I Am The Walrus. The game is fun and bringing the family over with the drums, bass, and Guitar. Also this game include three mics where three players take control and the lead singer has to do the job and and the back ups are to be timed but my opinion is wonderful. I am going to keep this game until I die. Full Review »
  2. BrandonL
    Sep 10, 2009
    This is hands down THE best music game I've bought. Just the amount of detail put into this game is astonishing. I now know that This is hands down THE best music game I've bought. Just the amount of detail put into this game is astonishing. I now know that Harmonix has what it takes to make Band centered Rock Band games. They know what they're doing, and they do it good. Full Review »
  3. Jul 30, 2013
    I am a big Beatles fan so I got this game (including a mic, guitar and drums) when it came out and it is living up to its reputation/hype.I am a big Beatles fan so I got this game (including a mic, guitar and drums) when it came out and it is living up to its reputation/hype.

    The selection of songs is interesting (including some old favourites but also some lesser-known work) and has something for everybody (those who want to freak out on drums can try Revolution, and guitar heroes will have a nice time with Taxman).

    A splendid time is guaranteed for all
    Full Review »