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  1. Ultimately, this 15-30 hours of gameplay is a must-play for anyone, even if you didn't finish the main game.
  2. If you own The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, you really can’t go wrong with this expansion.
  3. An essential addition to the Elder Scrolls universe. [Feb 2008, p.94]
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  1. Apr 3, 2012
    Shivering Isles is a solid expansion pack that doesn't add much to the main game but entertains nether-the-less. It's location is different from Oblivion and it features a variety of colorful, unique topography. The main plot of the pack is descent enough, but doesn't rival the main game's alternative. Although initially amusing, the crazy NPC speak in this game gets old really fast... And you'll be gagging to punch Sheagorath in his nuts after only a few missions. Don't do it, though, or you'll soon be skydiving without a parachute. Actually... don't deny yourself that pleasure, give him that nice tut in the sweetrolls! Just make sure you save the game first. Full Review »