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  1. Feb 14, 2013
    I loved skyrim, but then again who doesn't It was a beautiful game with endless possibilities, however I found it hard to level up my character as well as stay intuned with the game when I finished all the main quests and joined all the guilds. I would go from town to town desperately trying to find a quest and that soon became boring, as did adventuring the lands for countless hours~What made it even worse was that xbox had new content with their dlc and pc had mods! However now that dragonborn is here I am able to do what I think we all love which is adventuring new lands and doing new quests! (Both of which there is in abundance in the game) Its a nice fairly large map with a lot of new things to do and see and it is super exciting, especially when u first arrive knowing there is a whole island out there to explore! So far I have had no glitches, and the graphics are just as good as those in skyrim! Overall its a wonderful and exciting add on that I advise you all to buy it now in its opening week while its still $9.99! Full Review »
  2. Feb 27, 2013
    I have been waiting and waiting and waiting and WAITING for the DLC for Skyrim on my ps3 and unfortunately I am hugely disappointed because there are so many god forsaken glitches. I jumped into the water and the game froze. I loaded several different files and they all yielded the same results, after i downloaded the Dragonborn DLC. I'm going to continue to try and work through the problem, because I know it's a great DLC package but for the ps3 version I think it deserves a lower score and needs work. Anyone else having problems? Full Review »
  3. Feb 19, 2013
    I know it is a little "Late" for some PS3 Skyrim fans to join in on the DLC but I must say it exceeded my expectations. I feared that the Dragonborn DLC was going to be riddled with bugs freezes (Much like the add-ons for the Fallout games were on PS3) to the point where it was unplayable. To be perfectly honest, it runs as if it was part of the actual game. Now talking about the DLC iteself, it's is a lot of fun filled with new weapons, armor, tons of quests, and a huge map to boot. If you loved Skyrim and are trying to find reasons to get back into, Dragonborn is a great excuse. Full Review »