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  1. Dec 4, 2011
    For those of you who are addicted to trophy hunting, the difficulty level of the game doesn't affect the trophies, so you can play it dead easy, and still get all of them. There's a vast world to explore making it rather addictive. Quests / battles very doable, not too hard, not retardedly easy either... However... this game has some serious flaws, which get REALLY ANNOYING after some time.... Such as... Main quest is really really short. Sometimes in battles a dragon pops up (if you're lucky your enemies die by the dragon's attack, if unlucky both the dragon and the other enemies aggro on you). If you hit a member of your team during a number of quests (not all), they turn their aggression on you. This is especially retarded for mages since they just run into your attack while casting and turn aggressive. >_< The stamina of your horses run out even faster than your own, which completely ruins the point of riding on a horse. Not faster. If you're in battle and you surrender, your horse / companion will keep on fighting. (just annoying) After about 20 hours of game time the game starts to lag so badly it's damn near impossible to play the game (happens either straight away or after 30 minutes or so), and there's not much you seem to be able to do about it. (this is the main reason I'm grading it low, a game you can't play due to fps lags isn't really a fun one. Next to the lagging, sometimes the game crashes during a loading screen or freezes while you're running around, the fps lag can actually freeze up your entire console. In some cases I can exit the game using my controller, in some cases I can press the on/off button on my console, and in some cases I have to cut the power off of my ps3 and plugging the cord back in. Most annoying thing really. Also, the update for this game supposedly fixing bugs, makes the game act worse rather than better.... Quest bugs leading to it being impossible to finish quests, while you're hoping you have a recent previous save game from before the dungeon (which in most cases you don't). I'm sure I haven't named all minuses yet, but this is about enough really. It's a fun game, a LOT of gameplay, but the bugs and glitches and mistakes, and lags and freezes, and crashes, and everything else really take the edge off. Expand
  2. Dec 7, 2011
    To those who continue to think this page is being flooded by trolls: On the 5th of December, this page was linked on the forums for the hundreds (and possibly thousands) of PS3 users who are fed up with Bethesda's attitude towards releasing games (releasing a buggy game knowing full well it was buggy with the intention of 'fixing it later' instead of delaying the release to fix everything they could). The problems being flooded here are not trolls, but frustrated gamers who cannot enjoy this fantastic game due to a huge lag problem that makes the game unplayable. I personally am about 43 hours in, and the lag only really kicks in cities and during dragon fights. I dread to think what it will be like at 60 hours. But I am also quest locked, unable to complete the main storyline, and thus the reason for my 0. Expand
  3. Dec 5, 2011
    Currently, it's just a version of the game full of game-breaking bugs and glitches that will hinder your experience and make you wish for a refund.

    I'll update the score if ever they release a proper version that fully works!
  4. Dec 5, 2011
    This game is just full of bugs.You cannot complete quests because there bugged.The framerate after your save file gets large makes the game unplayable.Yet another bugged released game by bugthesda.I got this one ps3 and would recommend that no one else buys this game.
  5. Dec 5, 2011
    this game is broken... it lags and un-playable after all the effort i i put into it... i cant beleive they would let this happen... dont expect much this game is prolly worth 20 bucks tops... and thats being generous. dont buy it new, or youu will be sorry you gave the company that ripped you off thier money.
  6. Dec 5, 2011
    My score might surprise you? Don't get me wrong, the game is epic and what I did play was some of the best fun I've had all year so why the low score?

    It's simple. The game is "broken". This isn't something Bethesda can fix either, only delay. It's like this:

    Basically the longer you play overall, the worst the framerates become. So say you have played the game for 40 hours, that's
    enough time to have explored most of the major cities, done a few side quests etc What happens is that all those places you've visited, all those people you've helped, killed, talked to are all stored in your save file. This is how the engine that powers the game works and is why it cannot be fixed.

    So what happens is when you've done all these things, your memory is taken up as soon as you load up the game and very little is left for the Playstation 3 system to process the things it is supposed to.

    Thus the framerates get progressively worse the more you play it. The sad part is that Bethesda are aware of this and never once showed us PS3 footage of the game. They also claim they didn't know about this problem despite the fact it has shown up in their previous titles, Fallout 3 and New Vegas.

    They tricked many users by claiming the engine was remade but these symptons suggest they stuck with the Gamebryo style of game engine thus this problem remains.

    So basically to sum this up. The product is broken and Bethesda can only delay the effects of the problem by lowering the graphics, disabling certain functions, deleting certain meshes. Soon DLC will be coming out and that will make it worse as it will add a new file called an .ESP which will contain new data, meshes, textures, sounds etc that will take up even more memory thus making the main game even worse.

    I'm truly sad that Bethesda have done this and I will not be purchasing any future titles from them until they get their act together.
  7. Dec 16, 2011
    The PS3 version of Skyrim is a mess. The game starts out okay, but I experienced severe frame rate issues once my save file reached a certain size. The recent patch (1.2 ) did not fix these issues. Turning off autosaves only helps a little bit. The game also caused my system to freeze at times. The freezing isn't being caused by faulty hardware. I recently played Arkham City for many hours at a time without a hiccup. Bethesda should be completely ashamed. I can forgive minor bugs, but releasing a broken product is inexcusable. Expand
  8. Nov 12, 2011
    Definitely the disappointment of the year, Skyrim is essentially Fallout 3 with dragons and swords. The entire UI - from button layout (triangle is JUMP, select is "wait how long?"), down to the O button calling up your PIP Boy (er, in this case it's just your menu - which works exactly the same way and is even in THE SAME FONT AS FALLOUT 3 - is all pulled from Oblivion & Bethesda's post-apocalyptic title from 2008. What's worse, the graphics have not improved from Fallout 3's slow-loading textures and chintzy facial-animations. Truly, I was shocked given how much buzz had been generated about this game... shocked, followed by a feeling of being ripped-off as I'd spent full-price on this dud. Granted, I've only played the first several hours... so it could be that the plot gets amazing in the later levels; but I don't think I'm going to be able to put up with much more of the glitches, cheesy script and sad character animations. For example, the grizzly bear in the beginning of the game? Well, it doesn't so much "walk" as it does "float in a weird circle" without moving its legs entirely. Me and my mates were sitting with out jaws dropped... this is the last time I trust Bethesda on their word. Then again, all the reviews seemed to be so glowing and favorable.... I must admit it makes me wonder how much advertising has had to do with influencing these undeserved scores.Here's the thing, if I were a little kid who only was able to get like 3 games a year from mom and dad, yeah, I think I'd probably dig this game a lot more (and be super-defensive about it sucking, thereby giving it a 10 on Metacritic), because it's huge and in that sense, worth one's money. But I'm an adult. I buy pretty much every new game I want, which is at least a few a month. I bought Rage. I bought Dark Souls. Having had those recent experiences (not to mention Uncharted 3 and Arkham City), Skyrim just feels super-antiquated and, well... sad. It's just a sad, sad title. You know what hurt the most? My roommate who doesn't even play video games was able to casually walk past me whilst playing Skyrim and immediately assessed it's mediocrity. "What's that... that's not your new game is it?" he said. Yes, yeah... that's Skyrim. "Eew, really? It looks like Fallout." I **** you not... even the uninitiated can smell the fecal pile that is Skyrim's tiredness. I'm just glad I can at least trade in Skyrim for the bulk of my money in time for Saints Row III. So much for a weekend learning Dragon Shouts. :-( Here's a shout for you "SKYRIM SUCKS!"â Expand
  9. GWB
    Dec 5, 2011
    This game is a 10 for the first 20 hrs. then your save file becomes so large that it affects the performance of your ps3 and all the game breaking bugs and lag issues come to the surface. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME NEW! wait until the bugs are fixed (I still have faith that they will be) and the price drops.
  10. Dec 9, 2011
    First things first: The game itself is brilliant. Unfortunately not on Ps3 though. While some may argue whether or not you can rate a game 0 when the first 50 hours were awesome, or if you should take into account THAT you were able to play it for 50 hours whereas other games don't even last as long, it simply and ultimately comes down to the fact that this is a faulty product and does not deliver what the company promised. As Ps3 users we are more or less used to get the bad ports and with Skyrim it is no different. The graphics and general performance is the worst out of the 3 platforms, but that's not really an issue. Skyrim is still a good looking game, even gorgeos at times. And while it has some annoying yet bearable drops in framerate every now and then, the biggest game breaker is the massive 'lag' or stuttering that people are most likely to experience at some point. Imagine it to run with 0-5 frames per second. Since the latest update, a lot of other issues have arisen too. First and foremost the freezes which lock up your Ps3 and will eventually corrupt your hard drive. Add in occasionally broken main quests which prevent you from completing the game, a lot (read: a LOT) of other bugs and Bethesda's track record of how they dealt with bugs in previous games for Ps3, shake the whole thing and decide on your own if you really want to try the nicely looking yet somehow fishy smelling result. My advice: Don't. Just don't. You might get sick. Now, if you think we're just trolls, there's an easy way to find out. Just take a look to the right and read the official review from PSOM UK, or hit up youtube and type in "Skyrim Ps3 lag", check IGN who are currently investigating, go to the official Bethesda forums, heck, inform yourself any way you like, but don't believe those who gave the game a perfect 10 to know about ANYTHING. We are just here to warn you. *** Rated 0 because the game is fundamentally broken on Ps3. ***

    PS: You're probably confused because people are telling different save file sizes at which the lag begins. That's because it's not directly related to the size nor to the hours spent. It's related to how much you've done in the game. The engine keeps track of everything you do and since everyone plays at their own pace, it greatly varies for everyone when the stuttering will finally occur. Come to the official forums if you want to know more.
  11. Nov 29, 2011
    The game at its core could have been one of the best ever.... but the multitude of bugs, vary from simple NPC's glitching out, and behaving awkwardly, to not being able to complete quests and entire quest lines.... to having the game crash.. to having your save game wiped if you attempt to create a new character, and much more that I've yet to even encounter, but have read up on. These add up to possibly one of the most horrid, unpolished big-budget game releases on a console in recent history. It's as if we, the customers, paid to be Bethesda's beta testers... because its obvious very little time was spent on the PS3 "port" prior to release.

    And to top it all off, the more time you spend playing the game, the further you get, and the larger your save file grows... the choppier and less playable the game becomes. To the point where the game becomes an unplayable slideshow. The evidence is rampant online and in youtube videos, if you search it yourself ( "Skyrim PS3 lag / slowdown" ) go ahead look it up yourself.

    If you own a PS3 copy and think you're safe from this game breaking slowdown and stuttering, wait till your save file gets over 7-8 megs, and you've invested a good 30 hours. The game devolves into a stuttering glitchy mess. If you own a PC that can handle the game, or an Xbox, get those versions instead.
  12. Dec 1, 2011
    I would have given this game at least an 8 if it wasn't plagued by bugs and lag. The game is beautiful, quests are interesting, tons of content, and while the combat may be stale, repetitive, and ultimately devoid of strategy, it's not the focus of the game anyways. Sounds like it should be a joy to play, right? Not for PS3 users. The lag is so bad at times that I can hardly move. The game turns into a slideshow whenever I try to run through whiterun or use my horse on the world map. Put half a dozen enemies on the screen and my character is teleporting all over the place. The craptastic framerate literally sucks every ounce of enjoyment out of the game for me. The lag pops up no matter what I'm doing, whether it be dragon hunting, exploration, or just hanging out at the thieve's guild.

    Instead of thinking about the game's positive points, I'm stuck thinking about stutters, freezes, online updates that somehow manage make the game even buggier and how Bethesda scammed me out of $60. Meanwhile, Bethesda has been quiet, saying nothing about the game-breaking lag and downplaying the other issues. Never falling for the Bethesda hype again. Fool me once...
  13. Dec 5, 2011
    Unplayable laggy mess of a game! Do not buy this game in it´s current state! It all seemed promising at first and I loved the first few hours of the game, thought it was going to be my GOTY, well silly me. After a few hours the game suffered from horrible framerate issues that caused the game to be unplayable. I hope Bethesda get sued............. fuc*ers
  14. Dec 5, 2011
    It's a good game, but it's full of bugs and glitches on PS3. Broken quests, lag problems, inconsistencies, and much more. Moreover the core engine hasn't changes so much since the previous Elder's Scrolls, which is a game of several years ago. I expected more from Skyrim. Again, could still be fun, if and when they patch it.
  15. Dec 5, 2011
    This game should be a masterpiece. Brilliant concept, improvements over the previous elder scrolls game, oblivion, and the ambitious goals of a game of this size and depth all should have led to a game of the year award. Too bad this game is broken. Game breaking lag, complete lockup during saving and zoning, quest bugs that are irreversible, thus ruining the entire quest chain permanently....these are some of the issues plaguing the ps3 version of skyrim. Dragons flying backwards, or never attacking at all. Corrupted save files costing literally hours of replay. This game was not fit for release, but bethesda picked their release day so far in advance and spent millions in advertising, they couldn't see delaying the game. Well shame on them, because six months from now when this game is finally working properly, they could have won the loyalty of every person who buys this on ps3. Instead, pride and greed interrupted their good sense, and will probably cost them a fortune in the long run. This should have been game of the year. Instead, its an "also ran". And bethesda, if we were ok with less than 10 frames per second, we would still be playing our rpg's with pen and paper Expand
  16. Fuz
    Mar 6, 2014
    Fire the guy who designed the interface. Just. Fire. Him. It's the worst interface I've ever seen. We have a mouse, non a gamepad. Apart from that, is the same game we already knew from Oblivion. Lots of bugs, pleasant graphics (but you can do better IF you don't do a straight from console porting) et cetera. If you liked Oblivion you will like this. If you couldn't stand all the little problems and annoyances like the unresponsive combat (no feedback on hits? seriously?) and the TERRIBLE enemies scaling you wouldn't like this game. I'm still waiting for a Daggerfall 2. Or a Daggerfall remake. And by the way: FIRE the guy who designed the interface. Also, the guy who approved it. Expand
  17. Nov 28, 2011
    When I first started playing this game I was immediately in love with it. The graphics were amazing and I was totally enjoying the medieval world. Well, I can safely say that I probably will not be playing this game again. The game has a major Lag issue where as you progress through the game the PS3 cannot handle the amount of information that the game is trying to get processed. So, basically about half way through the game it will start lagging and getting kind of buggy. After about 3/4 through the game it will start having major issues like freezing. Now I cannot even get through the final mission because it keeps freezing repeatedly. This is extremely frustrating and completely ruins the game for me. Whats the point in playing a broken game that you cannot even finish. Also, some people play that the fault lies with the PS3 since it doesn't have enough RAM but, if you think about it the developers should have taken that fact into account with porting to the PS3 and compensated but removing some of the unnecessary features like remembering every little animal that you kill. Terrible disappointment. Do Not Buy For PS3! Expand
  18. Nov 21, 2011
    Best and worst time with a game. Skyrim is an amazing game but I want to single out the PS3 version. I don't have a PC or an Xbox 360 so I was forced to try this version. It started off pretty well with very little problems. About 10 hours in with a 6mb save file, things started to go sour. I started to experience crazy amounts of lag that ruined game play. I implore anybody to get another version if they can. DO NOT BUY THE PS3 VERSION (or wait to see if it can be fixed). In addition to the lag problem, the ps3 version also has the worst visuals of the 3 platforms. This wasn't a big deal to me but it's worth noting for the people that care. Expand
  19. Dec 5, 2011
    One of the worst game release bugs I have ever seen with the PS3 framerate issues. I have lost complete faith in Bethesda. What a huge disappointment.
  20. Dec 5, 2011
    Skyrim is another iteration of the never-ending Bethesda circus.

    While a completely epic game in terms of scope and story, the PS3-version is riddled with bugs, ranging from "slightly annoying" bugs like spell effects never going away causing adverse reactions from NPC instances, "this is bad" bugs like glitched out dragons never landing and/or flying backwards and - fresh off the 1.2
    patch - the complete nullification of magic resistances and finally "this is completely game breaking" bugs like the classic lag and subsequent hard crash whenever you have explored too much.

    It is literally impossible to play for more than 30 minutes after you have explored enough things to fill the cache, and it's a coin toss over whether it'll degrade "nicely" with increased stuttering (down to 1-2 fps), just crashing hard at a random point (prompting a system reboot and a file system check) or a failure to load a new area (the 40 second load screens just never end).

    While I could write about how much there is to do and how fun it is, the truth is that the PS3 is simply not playable the way it's supposed to be played, and should be avoided like the plague.
  21. Dec 5, 2011
    Broken, unplayable junk. A product like this should never have been shipped. Bethesda should feel ashamed for putting out a game in such a state. For anyone wondering what I'm talking about, there's a game breaking bug in the engine which will prevent you from playing further when you've spent enough time playing. The save file grows to a ridiculous size and at that point the game has deteriorated into a 0 fps slideshow. Apparently this is an engine issue so there's nothing Bethesda can do about it but they decided to ship this game anyway because they're greedy dirtbags. Same stuff happened with Fallout 3 but it wasn't as pronounced. Expand
  22. Dec 5, 2011
    AVOID UNTIL FIXED!! Too many bugs and game breaking issues (at Dec '11). Shame because it would be awesome if it worked :-( Hoping for a fix otherwise £40 down the drain...
  23. Dec 6, 2011
    DONT BUY THIS GAME!!! the game is broken, after you reach 6 mb in save file the game starts to lagg, after 8 mb you cant do nothing because the lag is so bad you cant play the game. the devopers dont even give us aswers and the historial of games is a mess. if you are thinking in buying this , DONT DO IT
  24. Dec 5, 2011
    Bethesda has created a beautiful world with Skyrim... but unfortunately, if you're playing the PS3 version, you won't be able to explore it. Skyrim on the PS3 is a completely BROKEN game. I can deal with minor visual anomalies and the odd crash here and there. But the problem with the PS3 version of Skyrim comes from it's strange file-saving system. As you progress in the game and explore the world, your save file gets bigger. As the save file gets bigger, the bugs become more and more apparent until they take over your entire gameplay experience. Here's just a few of the reported bugs that I have also experienced myself:
    - SEVERE frame rate drops (we're talking slide show, here)
    - Game freezes and crashes that become more frequent as you progress
    - Dragons that will not attack - Questlines that can't be completed due to quest givers being completely bugged.

    These are just a few of the issues that the majority of PS3 players are experiencing. I wanted to love this game. I really did. I do love Bethesda games despite their bugs (which eventually do get fixed). But the conjecture here is that the PS3 just can't handle the engine that drives Skyrim, therefore, it may never be fixed. I, like many others, are short $60 and have a game sitting here that's no more useful than a place to set my drink.
  25. Dec 5, 2011
    This game had been released with large amounts of glitches and bugs, none as more transparent as the the PS3's LAG rendering the game basically unplayable and to add insult to injury Bethesda continues to ignore the plight of the PS3 Community at resolving this issue. Really hard to believe that Bethesda cares more about putting money in the pockets then they do about fixing there broken games.
  26. Dec 5, 2011
    This game is broken on ps3 , why would you buy a broken game. go to the major gaming websites and see for yourself, after 6 mb of file size the game is unplayable.

    the proper score to a broken game is a BIG FAT ZEROOOOOOO
  27. Dec 5, 2011
    DON'T buy this game. It's broken, flawed, buggy and badly designed. it WILL run at 10 FPS after you play half the game and it WILL make your console crash, risking corruption of all your data.

    The game itself is like Oblivion but refined and made barely prettier, but that doesn't matter when you can't play the game you bought.
  28. Dec 5, 2011
    This game has alot of potential but it is hopelessly bugged and unplayable on the PS3 at this time. SKYRIM for PS3 is broken and should not be sold in it's current state. A full recall and refund is needed for this title on this platform.
  29. Dec 5, 2011
    Great while it lasted. If I had reviewed this game 2 weeks ago, I might have given it a 10.

    The first 40 hours were the most awesome, enjoyable, immersive hours of gaming I can remember. Beyond that point, the game becomes a paranoid grind through a sea of bugs, glitches, freezes, performance issues and general unplayability. Be prepared to save every 5 minutes, perform a forced reset
    roughly every hour after your PS3 locks up, or every 2 hours once the frame rate gets bad enough.

    Bethesda knew about these issues specific to the PS3 prior to release, which is why they did not give game review sites copies of the PS3 version. Surely some of these sites would have played beyond the ~6MB save file limit, encountered major performance problems, and raised a red flag. This is really a disgrace by Bethesda and is a total insult to fans of the series. I hope that fans remember this for a long time. Although I have my moments of love and hate for Blizzard, Bethesda could learn a lot from their philosophy of releasing products "when they're done". Bethesda opted for short term gain at the expense of trusting PS3 owners. Shame on them. Do not buy this game on PS3.
  30. Dec 5, 2011
    Sorry for you PS3 users, looks like Skyrim has the most problems on that system. Other folks are having issues as well, but PS3 has the worst. Wait til this buggy game is fixed in about 6 months before purchasing. Great game, horrible customer service. Boooooo Bethesda.
  31. Dec 5, 2011
    A broken unplayable game. I'm not going to play this anymore. And I'm definitely not going to buy any other Bethesda games if they won't fix this. This is such a shame. There's actually a good game hidden under the broken mess.
  32. Dec 8, 2011
    Game is broken. The longer you play, the worse it gets. Rumors going around that the PS3 version can not be 100% fixed, even through patches. Avoid. Buy the PC version, and PS3 and Xbox are broken.
  33. Dec 5, 2011
    While the advertised game is extremely promising, it is clear that this version is simply unplayable for a majority of customers, with crippling slowdown affecting most players after 50 or 60 hours, which is just a fraction of the time needed to see everything this game offers. In short, it is pretty much broken, despite Bethesda lying before release and saying it ran equally to the other versions. Also, their performance as a company is completely disgusting, refusing to give any advice about refunds and allowing the product to continue to be sold despite being well aware of the above. Expand
  34. Dec 5, 2011
    I love this game, I really do. You should always expect bugs with a game this size. However, the bugs here are absolutely game-breaking. Lag so bad, if your save reaches over 10mb, you probably won't be able to fight anything. Quest bugs that make finishing the game impossible. The game's big hype, dragons, will fly backwards and won't fight you. It could be GOTY, if they just took time to iron out the game breaking bugs before release. Expand
  35. Dec 5, 2011
    I check Metacritic all the time and use it extensively, but I have never felt it necessary to sign up, rate, or review a game until now. As you can see above, I have given Skyrim a rating of 0 for the PS3 version. This is not because the game is terrible, which it actually is on PS3, but because Bethesda sold PS3 users a game that is irreparably broken. I'm not talking about all of the patching issues, though those are certainly a shame. I'm talking about the unavoidable framerate issues. Now, I'm generally a huge Bethesda fan. Both Morrowind and Oblivion are two of my favorite games of all time and I have played the both of them for at least 100 hours each. I love Skyrim too, just not the PS3 version, which has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. I have an Xbox 360, a PS3, and a gaming computer and I chose, above all those other platforms, to buy/play the game on the PS3. I have since had to play the PC version, which is fantastic, but it was not my first choice.

    Bottom line: I find it absolutely deplorable that Bethesda would release a game in such a state without first warning potential buyers of the problems that they will inevitably face.
  36. Dec 7, 2011
    Game is totally broken and uplayable after a certain point. Other than that its a good game. when will i get to 150 characters is this it yet maybe now what about now this is stupid, now its gotta be at least 150
  37. Dec 12, 2011
    No patches as of yet that fixes the lag and the framerate drops issues. Patch 1.3 was supposed to come out but it didn't and there's no update on when exactly come out. I seriously hope they're taking this seriously and dedicating themselves to make the PS3 version in a workable and playable point but for now, this game is extremely broken.
  38. Nov 11, 2011
    Awesome game...I loved Oblivion, but that can't be compared to Skyrim. Prepare for a huge game, hundreds of quests and quite nice graphics for an open-rpg. However, what makes this game really outstanding and one of the best RPG's ever produced is the atmosphere. The soundtrack is legendary. Enough said, now buy and play ;)
  39. Dec 5, 2011
    Do NOT buy this for PS3! Do NOT trust gaming site reviews. Please read on and I will explain. Skyrim has the potential to be one of the greatest games of all time. If you enjoy medieval fantasy era, Dungeons and Dragons, a huge, extremely long quest, and the ability to experience this setting in any way you wish, Skyrim seems to have everything you've ever wanted.

    Unfortunately the PS3
    version, over time, starts to have technical issues that get worse and worse until the experience is so unplayable and broken, that you eventually cannot continue. What starts as an amazing experience, eventually becomes a slideshow that causes the Playstation to function at levels that are totally unresponsive. It turns out the developers, Bethesda, did not design this game with Playstation 3 in mind, and in order to recoup development costs, decided to release the game anyway, without allowing anyone to see how it eventually plays. Game review sites have nearly all reviewed the 360 version, and only put an hour or so into the PS3 version because Bethesda did not send out PS3 review copies.

    Apparently, this is not the first time Bethesda has done this with PS3 versions of their games. In fact, all of their games, aside from Oblivion, eventually become unplayable messes over time.

    They have released an online update that alleviates the problem for awhile, but it still eventually happens to everyone.

    If you do not believe me, please head to youtube and do a search for "caseypsx" without the quotes and watch the clip called "To Bethesda - On Skyrim 1.2 patch". You will see for yourself what happens after a period of time, and it only gets worse from there.

    Again, do not buy this game for PS3, do not reward them for this shoddy work, you cannot return games in the US!!!!
  40. Nov 11, 2011
    Another incomplete game for mature gamers on pc's. The ui and textures are messy. It feels like this stuff can't possibly take long to resolve, but hey, I'm not a programmer. And yes, if a review uses the word streamlined regarding the level-up system, you can pretty much translate as "dumbed down for marketing" -If you catch my drift. Thanks gaming industry, for the 3 highly praised flaming turds we've received this year on pc. Not gonna lump this in with bf and mw because I love the sandbox style and it's really similar to oblivion, but the bugs and UI need serious fixing. It's really unnerving to feel like you've been had on your platform, and that's all I've gotten the past two months. Expand
  41. Dec 5, 2011
    The game is unplayable. Constant bugs and repeat crashes. It's sad the gaming industry and community have allowed this become an acceptable practice. this game will surely pick up Game of the Year awards by sites who have been paid off in advertising dollars.
  42. Dec 7, 2011
    Guys pay close attention to my comment.. I have proof of false advertisement by bethesda! If you read the back of the ps3 box it says it will play in 1080i.. Guess what? Its b.s ... Everyone try it for yourself! So this means you are stuck with 720p? Wrong again! They dumned down the graphics even more! Look at the items in your inventory such as plants,food items,herbs and u will notice they look bigger and more pixelated! They are ""getto rigging"" the game!! Expand
  43. Dec 6, 2011
    Love the game, hate the problems. My game is very much unplayable at the moment. It freezes and crashes at least once an hour. The frame rate is so glitchy it is unplayable. The patch did nothing at all. Wish I had bought it for my XBox now. I would have if I'd of known the issues, but I like the PS3 controller a lot better than the Xbox one. I'm so far in my game there is nooooo way I'm starting over on the Xbox, not to mention Bethseda doesn't deserve my money twice when they f'd up the PS3 version so badly. How can you release it in this condition? If they can't fix it within a few months I say refund all PS3 purchasers. Hurt them where it counts, their pockets. I cannot recommend this game on any platform because I have only played it on PS3 and it is after a certain point unplayable. I hear Xbox is having a few issues of it's own too. Expand
  44. Dec 5, 2011
    I would have given this a 9 or maybe a 10..... if it would have been a playable game. PS3 version is unplayable and therefore broken. There should be a recall.
  45. Dec 5, 2011
    Broken game, don't buy it. Bethesda knew the game wasn't going to work when they released it. People have reported this game burning out their ps3.
  46. Dec 5, 2011
    BROKEN DO NOT BUY DO NOT SUPPORT THIS DEVELOPER UNTIL THEY CLEAN UP THElR MESS. The game becomes an unplayable mess after about 60hr of play which is unforgivable in a game this huge. don't make the same mistake hundreds of thousands have made, do not buy this game.
  47. Dec 5, 2011
    This game is amazing... for the first 15 hours. Then it starts to lag so badly that you can't even play it, even with the patch all it does is lag lag lag lag lag ................l....a.....g...g.....LA....gG. A broken game doesn't deserve anything higher than a zero.
  48. Nov 25, 2011
    Such an amazing game ruined by all of its bugs ,the ps3 owners were once again let down,the game lags so badly that you can't even play the game.Your review must be at least 150 characters long.
  49. Dec 5, 2011
    over 50% of the quests are bugged making most unplayable,
    the more u play the game the more it lags till eventually becomes un-playable. and what makes it worse is bethesda are failing to acknowledge this game breaking flaw. all those who suffered bad lag in fallout should know this game is worse and happens alot earlier
  50. Dec 5, 2011
    Bethesda done it again. Make a great game? No, make a bugged game. Releasing, knowingly from the past a big title like this with the dreaded performance issue is a disgrace. Stay away from PS3 version until gets really fixed. Or you will lose 60+ saves like me and other users due to the game breaking bugs, game saves corrupting and performance issues.
  51. Dec 5, 2011
    If this was a review of the first 10-20% of a game it would easily be a 9 or 10. As good as this game starts off, it only makes it that much more frustrating when the problems plaguing it become apparent and make the game almost unplayable. As other users have said, Bethesda released a broken game. As your save file grows the frame rate becomes horrid. If you want to play this game on the PS3 I would wait and see if future patches can fix the issue before you buy it. Just don't hold your breath. Bethesda never completely fixed their previous games on PS3. So why should this one be any different? Expand
  52. Nov 22, 2011
    The game is broken,the lag is destroying the whole experience.Despite the fact that maybe a good game i'll never see it because after some long play hours the games just gets too lagy and in the end it stops responding...What i have to write in a review after this?To talk about the NPCs and the absolutely hot graphics?How would i propose another game to look for it when he could never really enjoy them.I am very disappointed of all these mess and the announced patch don't give me a glimpse of hope.I can accept some bugs but no unplayability after 30+ hours of gaming.The game is worthy of only a 0. Expand
  53. Dec 5, 2011
    The game itself would be fun, but the massive overdose of glitches make it practically unplayable. In my time playing it the sound went out, it would freeze up, a dragon actually flew around backwards in a circle and away from me when I'd try to attack it and the framerate was atrocious.
  54. Dec 5, 2011
    Right out of the box, this game is full of bugs. Quests cannot be completed. There are serious framerate issues as you progress in the game, and there is no apparent fix. You should not need major patches and updates just to play the game you already bought. This is a terrible experience, and I will never buy a new game from Bethesda ever again.
  55. Dec 5, 2011
    DO NOT BUY THIS GAME This game is broken,There is lag,there is lag and more lag.Lag,bugs and freezes.Dragons going back wards and patches do not work.
  56. Dec 5, 2011
    This is a strong contender for game of the year if you own it on Xbox or PC but in it's current form on the PS3 Skyrim is a waste of money. Slowly but with grinding, headache-inducing inevitability, the PS3 version slows down until it becomes a slide-show with frequent episodic freezes and even crashes. Unfortunately, these problems aren't very evident in the early hours, leading players to put in a lot of wasted time on a game they will wish they never started or had purchased for another platform. Sure I could re-buy it for PC or Xbox and recieve a playable version, however I don't want to pay twice just to own the game I should have received in the first place and I don't want to replay all those early hours. Should never have been released in this state. Expand
  57. Dec 5, 2011
    Bethesda has once again decided to release an unfinished game and use PS3 users as pseudo beta-testers. This could be their biggest blunder yet. This game suffers from severe memory leaks that eventually cause the game to be unplayable. This is highly unacceptable behavior from any company and is borderline fraudulent. They hint vaguely about fixing things, but do not communicate with the user base at all - even on their own forums! Avoid this game like the plague. Bethesda doesn't care about you, and you shouldn't care about their broken mess of a game. Expand
  58. Dec 6, 2011
    It's disappointing. I really want to like this game, but it is simply too broken to be considered game of the year. Do yourselves a favor and stay away from the PS3 version.
  59. J3W
    Nov 22, 2011
    After your save game reaches 6mb+ which seems to occur after about 30-40 hours of play time in most cases, the game suffers from unplayable frame rate issues. This youtube video shows a goos example:
  60. Dec 5, 2011
    I'm giving Skyrim a big fat juicy 0 simply because even though the game is great and looks amazing it has one thing wrong with it and we all know what that is LAG. The lagis game destroying and Bethesda's 1.2 patch HAS NOT FIXED THE LAG. Most people are pinning this on large save files and memory leaks. However a Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas head developer has quoted that the chances of the PS3 version being fixed is slim to none. Bethesda have frankly knowingly released a game that is fundamentally broken and until they fix the PS3's lag problem and have the game running silky smooth. Then the game is just not worth buying as you will never be able to enjoy it to its fullest extent. That is IF they bother to fix it. Expand
  61. Dec 5, 2011
    To say that I'm disappointed by the PS3 version is an understatement & what angers me even more is the fact the Bethesda chose to release this faulty product knowing it was defective. Do not trust the high scores (at least for the PS3 version). Very much broken for the PS3, avoid at all costs. You have been warned!
  62. Dec 5, 2011
    Only Rating it down because of the framerate and quest bugs. Head to the PS3 tech support forums and check out the civil war going on there. Bethesda is not responding fast enough. A lot of features are bugged, like display cases, mannequins, houses, dragons, magic resistance, etc. This game should have not passed QC testing. I would give it a 10.
  63. Dec 5, 2011
    This game starts out as good, if not better, than all the hype. My problem from the game it's self comes from the lack of testing or caring towards ps3 owners. The game moves along fine until maybe a dozen or so hours in. At this point things start lagging and only degenerate from there into an almost unplayable mess. Quests seem to be broken left, right and center. It's a gorgeous game that was never built from the ground up for the ps3 and thus we suffer with what ultimately becomes an unplayable, bug ridden mess. Expand
  64. Dec 5, 2011
    I'm giving this game 1 star. Bethesda intentionally shipped a broken version of the game on PS3 and I would bet at this moment they have no idea of how to address the issue. The issue is lag. After a period of time playing the game and your save file size starts to exceed 7mb, The game will start lagging so bad that it becomes impossible to play. I have played this game today and it has crashed 7 times. Everyone who is having these problems with Skyrim on thier PS3 should be trading their games in to keep Bethesda from taking money from customers and selling them a broken product. Expand
  65. Dec 5, 2011
    Giving it a 0 because Bethesda released a broken game on the Sony platform and appears to have gave little effort in optimizing their "NEW" engine on the PS3. Seems to me that it's the same old engine with no optimizations for the PS3's architecture and they released a broken game with issues that are so blatantly obvious that you have to wonder how these issues got past testing.
  66. Dec 5, 2011
    Last night I started experiencing the game-breaking lag that everyone's talking about. I was concerned but assumed the lag would be fixed, until I read that one of Obsidian's director's comments that confirms the lag is an innate flaw and would require a "large time commitment" to fix. To me, this means that this game simply cannot be fixed within a reasonable budget or timeframe.

    gave the review 1 star because this problem is nothing short of a show stopper. The game itself is fun, engrossing and innovative, but all accolades pale in the light that the game will simply stop working after a short period of time. For me, this short period of time was 37 hours of gameplay; given the hundreds of hours of potential gameplay, no amount of "fun" will make up for that loss. Expand
  67. Dec 5, 2011
    Great game but it is buggy to the point of unplayability. Bethesda needs to quickly create a patch for this game so that it can be playable again. I recommend not buying it until then.
  68. Dec 5, 2011
    I've been looking forward to this since finishing Oblivion. Imagine my disappointment when, after sinking all too many hours into creating a character, dragons start to fly backwards and become un-killable, quest dialogues vanish, and the frame rate slows to ridiculousness. The game is broken - a tragedy, as it has great potential. The response from Bethesda is to go back to an earlier save - i do not have the inclination to repeat story lines however. At the moment, I have a £40 shiny piece of useless plastic sitting on my PS3. Very disappointed. Expand
  69. Dec 5, 2011
    The game is broken, and not playable on the PS3.
    It is a fantastic game for the first couple of hours.
    But the frame rate will drop, until it is unplayable after about 50 hours of gameplay.
  70. Dec 5, 2011
    I will get right to the point. Skyrim was an amazing game for the 20 hours or so I played when I first bought it brand new on the day of release. The game started without a hitch. No lag, no broken quests then as soon as my file size reached 6 MB it all went to hell. While walking around town, I noticed my screen freezing and struggling to show my character and the surroundings. Restarting the game was my only option. Which fixed the problem temporarily. Things got progressively worse after 6 MB. My save file is currently at 12 MB and it lags as though I were playing some sort of MMO with max settings and a dial-up connection. Funny considering Skyrim is a single player game with no options to play online. To top it all off, a lot more quests seem to be glitching for no reason. Although you are able to fix some of the glitches by reloading a previous save file there is no guarantee that the glitch will not happen again. Now I am lucky if I can get 2 hours of gameplay without having to restart.

    The patch that Bethesda released to fix the lag issue 17 days after the game came out has made things worse than before if you can believe it. It did not address the lag issue at all and made some of the npc's unresponsive during main quests. Bethesda probably already knew about the issue, but decided to mass produce the game and sell it to millions of people world wide. Avoid this game unless you enjoy getting angry and throwing away your money.
  71. Dec 5, 2011
    This game is unfinished and now it's unplayable. I feel cheated for buying a sub-par product. The constants frame rate drops and the freezes rendered this game unplayable. If someday Bethesda fix this, I'll give it a better rating.
  72. Dec 5, 2011
    Until this game is fixed it deserves nothing more than a 0 as it isn't fit for release or consumption by the public, PS3 owners should boycott Bethesda until they start releasing products that are done.
  73. Nov 24, 2011
    This is such a fantastic game... at first. The lag is unbearable around 25+ hours in.
    If this was any other game I would give it a second chance, but seeing as Bethesda are
    reluctant to even acknowledge the problem I am giving it a big fat zero.
    Shame, so much potential.
  74. Dec 5, 2011
    This game is completely broken on the ps3. The game will slowly wither away the more you play it, until it becomes absolutely unplayable. The lag starts around the 30 hour mark and gets progressively worse. If you must have this game, wait until it's patched and buy it used. Do not support faulty products.
  75. Dec 5, 2011
    I made an account just for this so that other ps3 users could get an insight of the dire situation this game is in. The ps3 version is terrible, it has lots of bugs that ruins the quests and u might not get to finish a lot of them, freezing issues that might corrupt save games or even worse your ps3 and the framerate is TERRIBLE once the save file has reached a certain size. To make the matters even worse is that this game is amazing and I really mean amazing. I wont spoil anything but if u can get this game on the xbox360 or pc then do that or hope that the issues will be fixed by Bethesda. Again, I love this game but on the ps3 this game is broken beyond belief and get it on another platform if u can. Will change this review if the game gets fixed in the future. Expand
  76. Dec 5, 2011
    I was really hyped for this game. I wanted to spend my £40 to support the developers instead of pirating the game like a lot of people do. Now i'm wishing I never spent £40 on this game, because the PS3 is beyond broken, and from what I've read it's not a fixable issue. Bethesda went as far as not sending PS3 copies to companies that requested it. I can only hope Bethesda let us refund our copies at full price, because this is absolutely cruel. Expand
  77. Dec 5, 2011
    This game is broken.DO NOT BUY this game.LAGS FREEZES,it can ruin your ps3 and mess up your HDD.DO NOT buy this game until bethesda fix it and according to this it won't be fixed...
  78. Dec 6, 2011
    The only reason I gave this a one is because I love the story and the lore. I wanted to give this game a higher score, but the state of the PS3 version is disappointing and completely unacceptable. I did not expect to be playing a $60 slideshow with music. I understand that the PS3 is a harder platform to develop for and a completely bug free game is pretty much impossible, but that doesn't mean you release a game that has this type of game breaking bug. Frankly, I feel like I've been ripped off. Expand
  79. Dec 7, 2011
    While it's no doubt that the fundamental game-play of Skyrim is amazing, the issues revolving around it make the game absolutely disgusting. You'll go from astonished to disappointed as your game becomes more and more unplayable. While no game is perfect, Skyrim is about as broken a game as you can get. The lag issues are not isolated, it will eventually happen to everyone, it all depends on how much change occurs in your game world. When it comes down to it, DON'T buy it for PS3, OR XBOX for that matter (Some people are starting to report lag issues on it as well), PC is the only possible "stable" version through it's myriad of community mods. Don't listen to the reviews, a broken game is what you'll get, and you'll feel cheated after doing so. Expand
  80. Dec 7, 2011
    This game is a crap.DO NOT BUY this game.There are so many problems in the version of ps3 and Beth talks about PC modding.They won't fix PS3 version.Lag and freezes will remain...
  81. Dec 7, 2011
    I had high hopes for this one after playing Fallout 3 and New Vegas, but it disappoints again. This is strike 3 and they need to answer for it. This game will become unplayable after your save game file reaches around 6 MB, and they refuse to properly address the problem. It's broken and will remain broken. Don't buy it.
  82. Dec 7, 2011
    ** COMPLETELY BROKEN ON THE PS3 *To those who continue to think this page is being flooded by trolls: On the 5th of December, this page was linked on the forums for the hundreds (and possibly thousands) of PS3 users who are fed up with Bethesda's attitude towards releasing games (releasing a buggy game knowing full well it was buggy with the intention of 'fixing it later' instead of delaying the release to fix everything they could)'s BROKEN Expand
  83. Nov 22, 2011
    If you had asked me last week what I thought of Skyrim, you would have gotten glowing praise. It's a game that could very well have been game of the year, however... much like the Gothic games on PC, Skyrim is riddled with game-breaking bugs. On the PS3 it's particularly bad, considering that currently the game-save lag bug that made Fallout 3 and Fallout 3 New Las Vegas practically unplayable on the PS3 has reared its ugly head in Skyrim. Bethesda has yet to acknowledge the issue in all three games, and much like an ostrich has rather buried its head in the sand. As a frequent contributor on the Bethesda forums, I know first hand how Bethesda ignores our concerns, and I am sceptical that a fix will be found for the PS3 version of the game. The patch 1.2 that's bound to hit our shores next MAY in fact deal with this issue, however chances are Bethesda is scrambling, and hoping that the media will eventually ignore this issue.

    My recommendation to fellow PS3 gamers, if you can, get a second hand copy of the game (for xbox 360), that way Bethesda will not profit from the sale, but do not reward them with buying a new retail copy. In my opinion, what should be a game that showcases their hardwork and the PS3, becomes a glorified coster.
  84. SxM
    Dec 5, 2011
    I would stay away from the ps3 version the game is unplayable after awhile and patch 1.2 isn't nothing but a bandaid work for a while but as soon as my file got around the 13 to 14mb mark. The lag was back and worse than be for the patch and also there are freeze's and hard lock's and no magic resistance after 1.2. The game was hyped as you could play hundred's of hours on a single playthrough but sadly you wont get this satisfaction on ps3. They are saying the dlc for skyrim will be massive but this will just make the lag worse so I would have never bought this game if I knew what I know now. Hopfully this will save some one the headache and disappointment i have been through. Expand
  85. Dec 5, 2011
    The PS3 version is completely unplayable. The patch actually made my game worse. Im about 150 hours into the game and it no longer works. Something needs to be done to help the people who bought the PS3 version. This is completely unacceptable. I would like my the game to be fixed, or I want a FULL refund.
  86. Dec 5, 2011
    The game was great until it become unplayable. The outside world (and sometimes even inner buildings) began to perform like a slow paced power point presentation after I put many hours into the game. Hopefully Bethesda will at least provide a fix to make the game somewhat playable at least. I had the occasional slow downs in my many hours put into Oblivion and Fallout 3 on PS3, but this is just ridiculous. I cannot recommend this game to anyone at this point in time (at least on PS3). Expand
  87. Dec 5, 2011
    Would have given this a 9...if I could play it. I can't even have the game on for 20 minutes with it crashing or stuttering. On top of the fact that it doesn't work, I bought the Collector's Edition for $150, so that's a bunch of cash down the toilet. Can't even return it because I don't have the massive 2.5' x 2.5' cardboard box the game came in any more. On the other hand, it makes a fantastic cup coaster, especially with the Collector's edition's thick case. Expand
  88. Dec 6, 2011
    Game would be great if it weren't completely broken. Bethesda flat out lied to all PS3 users when they said that Playstation 3 version is getting a lot of attention.
  89. Dec 5, 2011
    This game is an absolute sludge fest. It runs awful on the PS3, the longer you play, the worse it gets. All you have to do is look at any of the message boards or forums around the Internet to see the disgust this game is causing gamers. Problem is, Bethesda is not offering any type of explanation as to how this game could get released in this state. It was obviously not tested thoroughly at Besthesda and they simply want your money. If you are interested in buying and playing Skyrim, get it on PC or 360. I can not recommend the PS3 version in the horrible state it is currently in. This is embarrassing. Collapse
  90. Dec 5, 2011
    Seemingly fun game, but absolutely horrible on PS3.

    I've played roughly ~100 of the PS3 version, multiple characters, maxing out around 45, various save file sizes ranging from 3500 KB to 15000 KB.

    Bethesda released a product that was not ready for the PS3 system; they knew full well that it was a flawed product, yet they choose to release it anyway and let the casual user beta (or alpha
    in this case) test their game.

    A quick glance at the Official Forums and you will find a thread title "Unofficial Bug List".....with THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of bugs listed. And this is only in the PS3 section (note: most of these probably carry over to the other platforms as well)...

    Issues aside (and they are borderline gamebreaking issues), the game itself is a decent open world RPG-lite. There are many improvements over Oblivion, however, sadly there are MANY steps BACKWARDS.

    The game world itself is incredibly detailed visually and the overall aesthetic is LEAGUES beyond anything in Oblivion; however, the game falls flat on its face with portraying a living breathing world. It feels empty and dead. Yes, NPCs wander around, do various tasks, repeat dialogue lines 100000000s of times; however, the world itself never changes, there are no impacts to your actions, no feedback at all. Instead you are left with this beautiful world that just feels EMPTY.

    There are a myriad of other issues, ranging from lack of distinct items (armor, weapons, etc), to a poorly designed "talent" tree system, poor decision making system, poor UI, lack of enemy variety, poor "scaling" system, improved dungeons....that still feel the same after the 100th time you've been inside one, etc.

    The game could be a fairly solid 7/10 with minor bugs (not those experienced on the PS3 version), bugs that could easily be patched out given enough time/effort by the devs; however, with the performance issues included.....the game drops way down to a 4/10, as it becomes unplayable after you reach a certain save file size.
  91. Dec 5, 2011
    This version of the game is broken. Easily over 100 hours of playtime across three different characters lost to a game crippling performance issue.

    Stay away.

    You might be happy with the game Christmas morning... but get back to me by New Year's.
  92. Dec 5, 2011
    This game is completely unplayable. It is broken and I hope Bethesda knows it does because they have had this problem before with Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. Hopefully the next game Bethesda makes will be finished before they release it.
  93. Dec 5, 2011
    I used to play this game, but then my framerate took an arrow to the knee. This game is broken, unplayable after 10+ hours due to a issues with the framerate.
  94. Dec 5, 2011
    "Pirate this game, don't buy it"

    Skyrim is probably one of the best games I've played in my 25+ years of gaming, certainly a strong contender for best game this generation, and without a doubt a 2011 GOTY winner. Unfortunately, that only applies when the game actually lets you play, which isn't the case the majority of the time once your file size has reached a certain limit, then the
    game becomes a slide show as others have mentioned. With a game this ambitious you can expect there to be hiccups, but not of this magnitude, and what's most disappointing is how ignorant and unprofessional Bethesda has been in regards to these issues, and to their fans, the same fans who are the reason why great creative minds such as Todd Howard have a job that they love, something that most people are not fortunate enough to be blessed with, which poses the question. Does Todd Howard really love his job? is he truly as passionate as he's led us to believe? Because I for one would be ashamed to release such a mess and ask people to pay for it, then ignore their cries for help, unless of course my bottom line was dollar, which seems to be the case for Bethesda, such as musical talents who release some amazing work until their worth rises, then the hunger dies, the passion fades, and it just turns into a means to make another million. To anyone who is interested in buying this game, please reconsider, not only for the PS3 but for any platform. I'm against pirating, but I implore you to pirate this game, don't buy it. Steal from those who have stolen from so many of us and laughed all the way to the bank. Bethesda knew about these problems, they remained ignorant to them after many of their fans voiced their concerns, and continue to do so. Professional gaming sites such as IGN and EuroGamer have called you out Bethesda, and you are yet to respond. Because you simple don't care. There's a reason why Bethesda didn't ship out PS3 copies to review sites, instead forcing them to physically go to the store and purchase them on release day themselves. Because they knew the game was broken, but they didn't care. It's unfortunate really, makes me sad because games like this are a beacon of hope that the industry hasn't completely fallen victim to kinect like gimmicks and 60 dollar DLC packages. But after playing this game and seeing first hand how poorly it has been executed, it makes me realize that the gimmicks and rehashes aren't so bad after all, at you know that your getting a product that works. Expand
  95. Dec 6, 2011
    I would give this game a 10, but my game due to the file size bug has become unplayable for me, i can play for quite some time if i turn ALL autosaving off, which is just right down frustrating to do, saving after i open every door and sell every little item is rediculous.... especially with no quick save function, i cant even have more than 1 save file for my playthrough.... if i do the game crashes and forces me to do a hard restart which we all know can be damaging to your console system as well. As it is.... unplayable = 0 score. Expand
  96. Dec 5, 2011
    I am giving this game a 0 in protest of all the bugs in this game. Bethesda refuses to comment or let it's paying customers know what is going on with this product and basically it is broken in it's current state. Right now I would advise people to avoid this game like the plague until it is working as intended. The longer you play, the worse it gets - I have a save with 140 hours gameplay and it freezes all the time, still getting texture glitches, backwards flying dragons, no resistances work, etc. It should not have been released yet, and some of us who paid $130 feel a bit ripped off. Expand
  97. Dec 6, 2011
    Products are not meant to be sold with the intention of 'making it better in the long run'. Either a game is suitable for public use, or it needs more time in development and testing. The video games industry is the only place in the world where a product can be sold incomplete or faulty, with the caveat 'it's ok, we'll patch it'. For a while now, people have accepted this to be the case, minor errors can be amended and tightened, that's fine. Skyrim, for me, and it would seem a massive percentage (and let's say it's just 30%, although I believe it to be higher, but that is still unacceptable) gets to a point where it is near unplayable, or completely so. My copy is currently sat on the floor in a box following a rage quit, and I'll not be playing it again until it is fixed.

    Were the game to run perfectly, it would almost certainly be a 10 (from my early experiences, and my Fallout style occasional glitching early on). It doesn't run perfectly. It doesn't actually run. If I were to sell someone a blank blu-ray and tell them it's the greatest game ever, but they can't play it until I've patched it, it would warrant a score of zero and no more. Skyrim for me is completely unplayable, and for that reason, I am giving it a zero.
  98. Dec 9, 2011
    This game will become unplayable after your save game file reaches around 6 MB, and they refuse to properly address the problem. It's broken and will be sustain being broken. Don't buy it.Skyrim could be great but lag and freezs killed it...
  99. Dec 9, 2011
    Skyrim has a game breaking bug in the engine which will prevent you from playing further when you've spent enough time playing. The save file grows to a ridiculous size and at that point the game has deteriorated into a 0 fps slideshow. Thus,i don't recommend this game.It desrves a 0.
  100. Dec 7, 2011
    It was buggy right from the start. character creation menu, remember that? Took forever to respond. Then it got laggier and laggier. **** you Bethesda. That Howard Todd is a lying piece of ****
  101. Dec 5, 2011
    This game is an absolute sludge fest. It runs awful on the PS3, the longer you play, the worse it gets. All you have to do is look at any of the message boards or forums around the Internet to see the disgust this game is causing gamers. Problem is, Bethesda is not offering any type of explanation as to how this game could get released in this state. It was obviously not tested thoroughly at Besthesda and they simply want your money. If you are interested in buying and playing Skyrim, get it on PC or 360. I can not recommend the PS3 version in the horrible state it is currently in. This is embarrassing. Collapse

Universal acclaim - based on 16 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 15 out of 16
  2. Negative: 0 out of 16
  1. This is a game full of emotions for gamers who are willing to embrace it. A beautiful fantasy land that makes loading times a thing of the past and is full of surprises. Not only do you get a lot of variety in the locations, the gameplay offers a lot of different experiences as well. [December 2011, p.66]
  2. Dec 28, 2011
    I enjoyed Skyrim and I look forward to the DLC that we know is inevitably coming. If we looked at this honestly, though, this game probably should have been pushed back a month or so for more polish. It needed it and it still does.
  3. Skyrim is a gorgeous production that truly does justice to the words "roleplaying game." It doesn't just tell us a story, it gives us the chance to tell a story of our own. At its best, that's what an interactive art form should be all about. [Jan 2011, p.73]