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  1. Apr 3, 2012
    Skyrim is a difficult game to review. It has been the bearer of the single worst technical glitch that I have ever seen in a game. After I invested a large amount of time in it, the game re-payed me by becoming totally unplayable. The frame-rate dropped to a virtual standstill and the game would crash repeatedly. The result of which led Skyrim to become an unexpected dust-gatherer. But... I recently returned to Skyrim after a few months away to find the problems patched and the game actually playable again. Can I let bygones be bygones? Can I set aside all that frustration and truly accept Skyrim for what it is and not what it once was? If it wasn't one of the best RPG's of all time, the answer would be a huge NO. But it is, so maybe I can. Skyrim offers unparalleled depth and an almost infinite playtime. You can loose yourself in this world for whole days without batting an eye. It is, quite simply, one of the most immersive, brilliant games ever made. Expand
  2. Dec 11, 2011
    after almost 6 years we finally get the next elder scrolls game and after much hype does it live uo to what i had hoped it would be? for the most part yes the game looks amazing in the graphics department , there is a ungodly amount of stuff to do , the game now feels more of a challange unlike oblivion did , fighting dragons is awsome the charcter models look great unlike oblivions and the creat a charicter has been streamlined . the game has a new level up system which is simaler to the old elder scrolls games but is differnt and took it awhile to grow on me as you no longer have a set of prefered skills that level you up faster. the games story isnt bad but like most ES games it doesnt stand out as most people just get sucked into all the extra stuff there is to do. there has been alot of raging on the games frame rate slowing down to near unplayable levels and ive had a friend tell me the same others have as well. i my self have over 120 hours into the game did pretty much almost every thing there is to do and have only encountered that slow down a few times and only lasted 1-2 minuites and went away so i cant complain about it personally.. but i can understand people raging against this game over it if they have gotten it alot. other then that one of my gripes is you still can not fly... well why the hell not? i miss that from morrowind. also the load times are abit long and i would think with the install to the ps3 you could speed that up alot more. over all i loved skyrim i put a 120 hours into it and had alot of fun and the game had me hooked from the first hour to the last. Expand
  3. Feb 28, 2012
    Many will disagree completely with my review in terms of the score but , I'm not going to talk about the technical difficulties. TES:Skyrim could be even stated as an " update " to the already good stuff from Oblivion , graphically Skyrim manages to be superb and beautiful . The snow particles , fogs, the blizzards in the North are gorgeous . Bethesda Softworks put efforts in the combat, Oblivion's combat wasn't that satisfying or a lovable moment when you were exploring , from a Bow , magic and swords Skyrims delivers. In the story side its also the most intriguing chapter of the franchise and most interesting , that, it also made me to search for information all over the Net to know more and understand some stuff that were vague in the predecessor . Even the music is awesome , the moment you fight a dragon, you know it can't be ignored and the music pop out of the shadow. Skyrim may be bad for the PS3 , but I'm completely sure that it captures the essence of being a classic , and I'm referring to the game not a version . Expand
  4. Apr 29, 2013
    Skyrim leaves the lasting impression that it truly will be a game that doesn’t end, a never ending story if you will, and it creates the sort of vibrant world that you know will continue to exist even after you have decided to no longer take part in its wondrous offerings of freedom and fantasy.
    The most surreal thing about playing such an expansive and sprawling world is the fact that
    while playing it, I truly wanted to get lost in this realm of Tamriel, whether it was pacing through the snow in Winterhold or standing atop the waterfall-laden city of Markarth, there is such an endless amount of sight-seeing and exploration to be had in this game before you even consider the stories being told.
    Without delving too much into the main quest, simply because there are that many side missions and stories that it seems unfair to dwell, your character is in fact a Dragonborn, and of course dragons seem to have returned to Skyrim for unknown reasons, and you are tasked with finding out the nature of their visit, but also try and heal relations between The Imperials and the Stormcloak rebellion. But of course our own Dragonborn must deal with everything else that he is being tasked with around this fast land.
    Whether you are learning a ‘Dragon Shout” or simply taking out your sword for close combat, the opportunities are endless as to what can be achieved in the remarkable game.
    As our hero is tasked with these shouts, which enable him to reach into the very soul of the dragons and basically use their powers, clear the sky of a storm, create a thunderstorm, breathe fire or even call a fallen soldier to your aid, these are all options, and that is only shouts, not magic. Magic can be used through Ice, Lightning or even Fire, whether your’e simply wanting to inflame a wolf who is giving you grief or go to extreme lengths and try to take down a dragon, the supernatural means are all on offer.
    The customisation of your character is indeed endless, after picking from a vast array of races, you can begin upgrading your character with anything you can get your hands on.
    Walk around in a simple rag if you want to, or why not join the Thieves Guild, work your way up and possess the fantastic Nightingale armour, or even steal the clothing from an Imperial guard, along with his gold, a key to his chest or even a house.
    But why stop there? Why not buy your very own property? Kit it out with whatever is on offer and even store all your baggage that you don’t want to sell or get rid of but simply cannot carry it anymore. The game truly offers another life for you to take control of and do as you see fit.
    But of course a game this vast and sprawling doesn’t come without its own baggage, and unfortunately this fifth entry into the Elder Scrolls universe is not without its problems. In terms of gameplay, the movement itself of NPCs and yourself still aren’t on par with games of the same generation, and the combat is in the most sincere way, woeful. Bethesda still cannot seem to incorporate a workable and enjoyable style of hand to hand combat without it looking tired and annoying, shields and swords are heavily upgradeable, but I found myself managing to come into possession of a wonderful sword, but equipping it to one hand with a fireball spell on the other, the motion of fighting is still very dark-age looking and should be given more time to improve upon. The game does also come with gltiches a plenty, and while some are just plain hilarious (getting thrown 100 feet in the air simply by falling from my horse) most are frustrating to the point of having to restart the console or last save game.
    But these little inklings aside, Skyrim itself is just bursting with untainted beauty. Staring out at the glaciers in the distance, sure just go for a walk to them and bathe in the environment around you, there is the best chance that you will encounter a side mission that just might sound interesting, retrieve a book from a derelict cave or go and do the bidding of a god. When this much detail goes into a game, it would just be insulting not to give it a try, with epic needing to be used in every sentence about this wonderful fantasy, it truly is one of the best games to ever grace a console, and will be enough to keep many occupied for a long time to come.
  5. Dec 31, 2011
    Yes I was one of those people who got hit by the horrible crippling lag that comes with playing this game for a great length of time. It's truly sad because this game would easily be the game of the year if those bugs weren't in the game but I truly believe you need to take something like this into account when you make a decision like that. I actually traded this version in for the 360 one because I wanted to get the full experience out this game and not have to pick and choose what I want to do before the game's crippling lag keeps me from continuing. So a word of advice for anyone planning to buy this game: DO NOT BUY IT ON THE PS3!!!! If I can convey anything to anyone with this review it would be that. Stay very far away from this version and get another one. You won't regret it. Expand
  6. Dec 8, 2011
    It's great that an RPG to take itself as seriously as Skyrim has been so successful as it will ensure that we continue to receive more epic RPG in the future. Skyrim's Nordic setting is good, the vast scope and the depth of the quests and skills are also compelling. The character skills, progression and the amount of things to do in the game are fun and rewarding which does make Skyrim value for money and worth peoples time. Unfortunately I found the main story fairly lame and I felt disinterested in most of Skyrim's characters and skipped over most of the dialog which should not be the case in an RPG. I found myself only completing quests for rewards rather than any story purpose which is a missed opportunity. I also did not like most of the character models in Skyrim, the humanoid faces were awkward to look at. As I played Skyrim on PC I was disappointed that the UI was very console friendly at the expense of much keyboard/mouse support, which is something that is inexcusable for a game originating on the PC. Overall Skyrim is an epic game and one that has a lot of depth, its a pity that the characters and overall story of the game are not better but it is what it is. Recommended. Collapse
  7. Dec 2, 2013
    A staggering wealth of content that never overwhelms, since you're led by the gentle hands of all the wonderful quests. I must have played Skyrim for 50 hours now, and never once did I want it to 'end soon'.. the ending of the main quests left me in awe. The mystery drew me in from the first minutes and remains there as I have yet to discover several larger locations including major cities. This game is an incredible artistical achievement, and you'll be in the hero's shoes, living it for a while. I cannot in any way give less than 9/10 to such a beautiful night sky. To all those characters and places, stories and adventures. But I can't give a perfect 10 either, as the puzzles get reused a lot throughout the game, and there were several consistency errors to break the immersion (sleeping for 10 hours in-game to find everyone doing the exact thing they were doing as you went to bed... instruments appearing and disappearing out of the blue, a quite early 'skill ceiling' where you feel you don't get empowered so much anymore etc). But I simply can't give less than 9 to that virtual magic. Expand
  8. Dec 30, 2011
    I played this game before the patch and then stopped for a while; then I found out the 6mb bug, loaded the patch, and played it again, so I'll say from the beginning that I had no major bug issues when playing this game. But to be fair, The elder scrolls series and fallout3 were somehow buggy all the time, but this is just personal. Now, what do we say about this? After playing it for around 50 hours I can see lots of improvement over Oblivion: dungeons are FAR better than the previous game and not just a random place to loot your stuff. Some dungeons are filled with puzzles and traps, making them feeling more...dungeon-like! The quests are very interesting to do (not all of them, but most are) but you'll want to do all the quests you want because they're sometimes just fun to do. Characters looks more...human now and their dialogue is a lot more detailed (and the dialogue is also well voiced, and I played with Italian, French and English settings). The combat system is a lot more exciting and, let me tell you, I LOVE the dual wield feature: it gives a really good amount of tactics on which spells, weapons or shield to use; being able to shield yourself from a dragon's fire breath was the most impressive yet exciting thing ever. However...I really can't like the Perk system used in this game: TES was based on "being free", even on leveling your skills, and I just can't stand that you're limited to a certain amount of points for increasing your skills. Yes you can level any skill to 100, but you won't be able to get ALL of their perks and after playing morrowind and oblivion I just can't stand this choice. As I said also earlier, yes there are bugs in the game but except for having random crashes I really had no issues so I apologize if I missed some vital bugs. If I have to nitpick, i didn't like the 3d map (hard to control and not very precise); the inventory is very bland (you won't see your avatar either, unlike the morrowind and oblivion), and I personally found this game a "little" harder in comparison, making me play not higher than normal (Maybe I just suck, who knows?). Anyway, I'd say to give it a check: only those who hate Wrpgs or never liked TES before won't stand this; for everyone else it's probably one of the best RPG of the year. Expand
  9. Nov 27, 2011
    It's fair to say that i'm not the biggest RPG fan but given all the hype that Skyrim has had going it's way from critics alone I decided to try Bethesda's latest game in the Elder Scrolls series a try. Firstly, nobody can deny that in terms of gameplay very few games, if any, can match what Skyrim has to offer. It's refreshing to see such effort being put into a single player experience. Bethesda has successfully created a massive open world, sandbox game with a lot to do there is quite easily over 100 hours worth of gameplay which says everything! The story is immersive however I wouldn't say it's engrossing although there is enough depth from what i've played thus far and there's a few nice surprises sprung every now and then. The gameplay is straightforward and for that reason it gets the thumbs up, there's nothing complicated about getting into the thick of things in Skyrim and very quickly you can find yourself addicted however for me, it didn't have a lasting effect. Sure the introduction of dragon's was an ace in the pack but it becomes somewhat repitive as you go through the game. The quest's are entertaining and oncemore throw up plenty fOR you to do and to top it off there's a bit fo magic to be had but I found myself frustrated by the repetitive nature within Skyrim it lacks variety in substance to really merit the high praise it has come in for for instance the combat goes from magical to mediocre! It's a nice recipe unfortunately somewhere along the way they missed out a vital ingredient; the looks! Graphically Skyrim is inferior to it's adversaries. Sure at times the views of snowy mountains can be nice on th eye but dig deeper and you start to come across flaws, serious flaws. The AI and texture's leave much to be desired especially with such epic visuals on show elsewhere on platform games (Uncharted anyone?) but that's not the worst. I can't understand how people can continue on with Skyrim with so many glitches and annoying bugs! It's infuriating because it ruins the experience of a game which for me potentially was my surprise of the year, add to that the lag you have to endure as well as some freezing issues it's hardly inspiring stuff and unfortunately these issues have prevented Skyrim from becoming the game it is fully capable off. Sure, there's a patch of the way but it could be too little to late because I can understand anyone who decides to swap Skyrim for another stellar title, of which there are plenty to choose from this year. Depsite that I have this, Skyrim does deliver an awesome soundtrack and it fits the game superbly well however the same can't be said of predictable scripts with cheezy interactions that leave you bewildered. In closing, I have to say Iinitially I beleived Bethesda were really onto something truely spectauclar especially for me as I'm relatively new to the genre, Skyrim has so much to offer gameplay wise it's deep, immersive and has lots to offer and you will watch time disappear as long as you can ignore some massive flaws because ultimately the annoying bugs, dodgy textures and ai, glitches and lag overwhelmingly frustrate the life out of you and deny this game a rightful place amongst the big fish in the pond. Expand
  10. Jul 31, 2012
    It's a mesmerizing game that draws you into a finely crafted fictional space packed with content... Skyrim is one of the best role-playing games yet produced. The sheer size of the mind-blowing. But this game aint perfect it has lags, freezes and other flaws.
  11. Jun 7, 2012
    I thought it would be fair to rewrite my review since most of the problems have been fixed with Skyrim on the PS3. However people saying that this is the best game or best RPG they have ever played have obviously not played many games in their lives. Hell Oblivion was better than Skyrim. Skyrim as a game is overrated. It is still a good game, but why the hell do people like games where 80 percent of the open world has nothing. I can have more fun walking outside then wandering around in Skyrim for nothing. The main story was short aswell and all the tropies were easily obtained as to which a retard could get them.Skyrim is NOT the best rpg out there people. Chrono Trigger for SNES/PS1 were WAY better RPGS. What Skyrim did was take Oblivion and add a bit better graphics and strip the rest. I DID rate this game a 0 because broken games shouldn't get a higher score than a 0. Now i am rating it a 6 because of the patches. But I keep it a 6 because although for the most part the game is fixed, it still deserves a 6 because I am sick of having to play games for a year and beta test them until they release a patch for it. A game that needs big patches will never be a good game, here is why... if you pay 60 bucks for a game... out of the box it should work properly, if it crashes all the time, it's not a good game no mater how many patches that are released for it. The patch could be rated a 10 but the game is still a failure. Not only that but this game is boring as hell. Seems to me that every time they release a new elder scrolls they strip **** out of it. I remember in Elder Scrolls 3 you could fly around if you had a good spell to do it, they took that out in oblivion, and in Oblivion you could make your own spells and other things, and in Skyrim they took that out. They also took out the fighters guild and replaced it with something stupid called the companions... The game is also too easy, there's no challenge, but that is like all games today other than Demon/Dark Souls, they even made Ninja Gaiden easy as hell with Ninja Gaiden 3. This game is for Casual people that are not good at video games, that like to get trophies easily because they suck at games.... The good things about this game is that it's not Call of Duty which seems to me that all games are trying to be Call of Duty even when that game is for casuals as well. When are devs going to stop being greedy and cater to us hardcore gamers that actually made them who they are today? That is why I like Demon/Dark Souls. The devs didn't make a casual game they made a hardcore game. Dark Souls is better than Skyrim and Dark Souls is hard by todays standards, but I grew up with hard ass NES games like Ninja Gaiden 1,2,3 and Star Wars, hell even Mario Bros 3 was harder than the games we have today. To the people that are saying that games shouldn't be hard...well yes the should, do you go out and by a crossword puzzle and immediately look at the back and write the answers in? No, why would you buy the cross word if you were going to do that. That is exactly what games are doing today, they hold your hand through the entire thing, and people love it. The problem is, is that we have people who complain about games being too hard, and these people ruin games that are suppose to be hard. The only complaints I see on Dark Souls, is because the game is too hard, when in fact it's not too hard at all, it's just people are use to having there dogs play the game for them. I rather be challenged. If you haven't played demon/dark souls yet go play that instead. It will at least challenge you and I guarantee you'd spend more time with these games more so than Skyrim because with Skyrim I got every trophy in like 40 hours of game play. Dark Souls came out before Skyrim and I still enjoy Dark Souls and Skyrim has been sitting on my shelf since December 2011. The best part about Skyrim is iat the start where you see someone being beheaded... That is the best part, but i guess that was to lure gamers to believe that this game is going to be awesome which in fact it is not up to par. Shame on you Bethesda ( they made Waldo for the NES)LOL Expand
  12. Feb 28, 2012
    this game is awesome for all those who say it isnt they have no idea what they are talking about while the main story is short everything else will take up to about 300 hours at least to complete the whole game with amazing graphics and a huge open world this is the best action rpg ever
  13. Apr 8, 2012
    New review: Skyrim is great on every platoform. I reccommend it on the PS3, expecially since some of you are dissapointed in the bugs that were patched recently. I have played this on every platform, your moneys worth guaranteed. Just make sure to keep making seperate save files if you are concerned. Pick up whatever version is on sale.
  14. Nov 20, 2011
    Skyrim is such an amazing game but fatally flawed by the constant LAG that is going on after a few hours of play. I absolutely love Skyrim and find it almost as addictive as Oblivion, but I can't bring myself to give it a perfect score due to the unplayability. The constant restarting of my system just to get the game to stop lagging is absolutely inexcusable it leaves me to believe that Bethesda did not test this game at all as so they've repeated with other games they release now, patch later. This trend by Bethesda releasing broken games needs to stop, As I did not know I was beta testing their full release titles. I'll also complain that the menus suck. They're terrible. Why change them from Oblivion. There was nothing wrong with them in oblivion, instead we have this stupid wheel that doesn't work half of the time and a world map that is just stupid to look at. I constantly find myself having to search around the world map screen for the arrow to my next objective, only to notice that it hasn't actually popped up causing me to leave and reenter the menu screen. The Perk menu is a joke. It's so sloppily made, I understand they tried making it look cool but WOW. It's a pain to navigate and look at what perks you may want to get. Removing the quest log is another thing I don't like. I feel like there isn't much back story to minor quests anymore because this is gone. Again one of the things that made Oblivion great. Botched. What's positive: The landscapes are amazing. I can wander around the world aimlessly and just consistently be amazed by bethesda's work at making scenery so nice. The dungeons have also taken a huge, huge, huge step forward from Oblivion. These dungeons actually don't look and feel exactly the same anymore. Again, Well done. Music is great too. Very serene feeling exploring through the wilderness and mountains of Skyrim, much like in Oblivion. Skyrim is by far the buggiest game of the year, if it had no problems. I'd say it's one of the best. Guess I'll play Modern warfare 3 until a patch. Expand
  15. Feb 19, 2012
    My old review was a 9. This was before my save file reached the point where the lag occurred, and before the patch that fixed it. The lag glitch was terrible, and I would have dropped my score to yellow/red had I thought about it. However, that is all over. What is the current build of Skyrim is still fun, and still an Oblivion/Fallout crossover that finally works. However, for all the fun it has, the main quest storyline is short, and combat is starting to get to the point where it seems to be jarring. When it came out, Skyrim sounded like an awesome game, but after time, and after exposing a lot of the repetitiveness, the glitches, and some serious combat balance issues, things aren't looking as awesome as it used to for Skyrim. For example, say I trained my Cooking, Alchemy, and Sneak skills up, that raises my overall level, and in turn, raises the levels of my enemies. That means, I may never be able to beat a number of enemies in the future without an extreme amount of luck or effort. Not good. Overall, Skyrim is a GOOD GAME. It just isn't the best game in the world. The PS3 version of this game (which I may add, this review applies to ONLY), is broken out of the box without patches. If you have no method of patching this game, realize that Skyrim is a broken game after about 6MB in your save file. Skyrim is worth your attention irregardless, however, for all the pomp that video game reviewers gave it, I want to say that some of it is quite bloated. Expand
  16. Dec 10, 2011
    This game is better than oblivion in many ways. Interesting map to play on, hundreds of quests and locations, and a ton of things to do. Graphics are superb, voice acting is superb, sounds are superb. There are a few minor glitches i have encountered, but nothing that i haven't seen in Oblivion. When my game save got to around 8mb the framerate suffered a bit. Nothing in this game is broken. They released a patch that stopped the framerate drop. Dragon battles could be a lot more epic - or difficult for that matter. If you are a fan of role playing games, especially the western kind, you should get this game. This game seems to be a bit more difficult than the last in some instances which is a good thing because I dislike being unchallenged. If I had to choose one game this winter season, it would be Skyrim, unless your into multiplayer games, then id say go for battlefield 3. Expand
  17. Apr 4, 2012
    While technically not the best game, it's to be expected from a huge game like this, especially on consoles. If you can look past some technical flaws, you'll experience one of the most complete and addictive games of all time. Fun combat, an interesting world and many, many quests will keep you coming back for more and more.
  18. Feb 22, 2012
    Yes, its the most massive game on platforms, yes it's got an intricate story and yes it is very fun. That being said, it gets really, really boring after about ten hours of playing time. It takes it self too seriously. Maybe I don't like video games that much, I just bought this because of the reviews, but I'd rather run around GTA IV's world if I'm going to waste time. Lots of effort to play with little reward or purpose. Expand
  19. Aug 22, 2014
    I bought this after the patch came out that fixed the save issues for the PS3 version. I will only shave 1 point off the final score for that. It would probably have been more, but I had no issues other than having to wait forever to play it. The game itself is as good as it has always been. It doesn't really add much to what was already done in Oblivion. A few minor tweaks here and there, but that is about it. The complaints I have- Killing dragons by hitting them in the leg because they were dumb enough to land was pretty ill-conceived, Every NPC in the local taverns are all voice-acted by the same dude or broad, and none of the other minor annoyances too numerous to mention haven't really been addressed. Essentially it's an Oblivion HD remake or something along those lines. Expand
  20. Dec 29, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game is considered a legend in the world and we need more like this game on ps3 and xbox 360 and pc !!
    waaooooooooooo best game RPG
    This game is considered a legend in the world and we need more like this game on ps3 and xbox 360 and pc !!
    waaooooooooooo best game RPG
  21. Jan 1, 2012
    Ok, I'll start with the positives. Skyrim is big, very big, and very good. The game feels more realistic and combat flows much easier than Oblivion. The graphics are stunning and the addition of Dragons makes for some breathtaking fights. The people look and feel more realistic than the robotic drones of Oblivion, and the game feels like it adds more opportunities and side quests than ever before. The main quest is very good, even if it is rather short, and the addition of the war in Skyrim gives you a larger sense of freedom as you can join either side. Now with the negatives, the game is bugged, and laggy, however this is to be expected with a game of it's size. Also the towns and cities feel darker and more depressing than Oblivion, and so do the guilds. Although thankfully the mindlessly dull dungeon treks have been brightened up by the addition of better designed caves and dungeons which makes the game much more new and exciting than Oblivion. So yes, the game is littered with bugs and lag, but it is definitely one of my favourite games of all time. Expand
  22. Sep 27, 2013
    i really hate this game. for one, it's too easy. the only way it'll be challenging is at master difficulty. the melee combat feels like i'm slicing at air instead of enemies. the dragon fights, while at first are awesome, soon happens often enough to feel more annoying than cool. the story is kind of interesting, but ironically, the side quests are more well done than the main plot. on top of all that the game lags A LOT. the spells are alright, but the only part of the game i think is good, is the archery, but it takes a little while to get good. the graphics are also beautiful, but that's meaningless when the majority of the game is bad. Expand
  23. Jan 27, 2012
    I got this for Christmas and have spent well in excess of 60 hours playing thus far. There are bugs that mess up some quests. But if you save often and recognize what's going on then you can usually go back and remedy it. But that is a valid complaint against this game. I am not having lagging problems. My friends report, though I have not oft experienced, the game simply freezing up. I got that a great deal with Oblivion. Not so much in Skyrim. I never lower the difficulty of a game, but I have friends that like that feature of this game. But those flaws notwithstanding, Skyrim is a beautiful, expansive and amazing game. I know the main story is short and i have not resumed it since I identified it. There are great puzle challenges, difficult battles, the freedom to create any kind of character you want and a thorough method of gaining experience. I truly love this game, notwithstanding its flaws. Expand
  24. Feb 6, 2012
    I wondering how all the Xbox users managed to group each other up to spam negative comments the PS3 version of this game. I have not experienced any of the problems described. Fantastic game, yes, a bit buggy, but I am surprised metacritic has not realised that people giving it zero don't even have a PS3. May this please be rectified. Anyway, the gameplay is fantastic, graphics are perfect and a huge improvement on Oblivion. very good. Expand
  25. Mar 11, 2012
    I think enough has been written about the bugs and glitches. I you still arn't aware of the controversy then just have a quick scan through the many comments before mine. The thing is, aside from a little bit of slowdown i havn't actually experienced any gamebreaking problems of that kind. Plus, in many ways this is exactly the game i hoped it would be - Massive and beautiful open world with incredible freedom of choice to go anywhere, do anything and be anyone you want to be. So why only a 7? Well the problem is when you start to realise that the actual quests arn't that interesting or memorable. Most are just basic fetch quests eg go to a cave to retrive an item and it all just starts to lack imagination and surprise after the first 20 hours or so. That great feeling of dicovery and exploration which was a big part of Fallout 3s charm and should have been central to Skyrims success (especially considering it's made by the same people) is lost. So you see, even without the bugs Skyrim is a still one of this generations biggest let downs. Expand
  26. Aug 15, 2012
    A massive game with lots of content, stunning visuals.. Okay now that I've gotten the good stuff out of the way, lets talk about the bad.. Crafting: developing alchemy, blacksmithing, enchanting, takes forever, and makes your character excessively overpowered even on master difficulty, maxing these out will waste many hours of you life with no real reward.. Quest that are the same **** repeatedly: I'll keep this short but sweet, walk here get that, bring it back, now do it again 45 times for the thieves guild.. Enter this cave with the same layout and enemy's as the last one, get this, kill that, come back, repeat for the whole game.. Frame rate: if your playing pre patch you'll notice occasional frame rate drops to 3 to 4 frames per second, unacceptable for a game that was in development for so long.. dialogue: I took an arrow to the knee x1000.. Curved Swords, they Had CURVED SWORDS!! x1500, prepare to hear the same **** over and over and over.. And yet I still put 300 hours into this game, besides all of it's horrible flaws it was sill a pretty solid game, not worth it's initial $89 (AUS) release price, I'd suggest getting it if it ever ends up in the $40 or less game bin. Expand
  27. Jul 20, 2012
    meh, this wasn't a bad game, but the D A M N LOAD SCREENS took all the fun out of it. Seriously, when I'm exploring the vast lands of skyrim, I don't want to wait 30 seconds to 1 minute to enter a all the framerate and graphic glitches kept me from rating it higher. All this contributed to me getting bored of the game after a week and a half or so of playing it. This has since been fixed in various patches but I don't like the mentality of newer game devs "hey lets just release an unfinished product and make a patch for it later if they notice". It's just downright lazy. Expand
  28. Sep 16, 2014
    A really awesome action rpg. The world is huge, the main story and side quests are fitting and the characters are interesting. Important remark: I played the "Game of the Year Edition". The original release PS 3 version is full of bugs and nearly unplayable. The graphic is good and the soundtrack is awesome. The battle system is optimized. It is better than ever and a reference for future action rpgs. The job and stat system from previous Elder Scroll games is gone. It is more streamlined. I am uncertain if it is an improvement or not but it is done well in this game. Overall this is an awesome game. Still cannot decide if Skyrim or Morrowind is the better Elder Scroll game. Expand
  29. Nov 28, 2013
    I want to give Skyrim a 10. It is the definitive adventure game of this generation, creating an unrivaled sense of immersion and a world that feels believable without the prescience of your character. Skyrim is a living breathing world with living breathing people, an accomplishment little to no games can boast. It provides limitless entertainment, giving me 200 hours of worth of content and I'm still not even close to finishing all the side missions and quests. But there is one fatal flaw to Bestheda's latest gem: bugs. Lots and lots of bugs. I usually disregard glitches in games. If it doesn't affect the overall experience, such as a texture glitch or the occasional entrapment in a wall or pillar, it doesn't really matter. However, Skyrim possesses many glitches that make quests unbeatable, as well as cause game-ruining glitches that make some of the major missions impossible to complete. With all that said, is the PS3 version of Skyrim a good game worth buying?
    The story is your typical hero story. You are a hero named Dragonborn who the prophecies foretold to help defeat an evil dragon named Alduin and prevent the entire Nordic race from being wiped out by the return of the dragons. However, the greatest part of Skyrim is the fact that you don't have to follow any narrative or predetermined plot structure. This is YOUR story, and you can do whatever you want. There are seven major story lines in total, meaning that instead of fighting the dragons, you can completely ignore your destiny and join a Thieves Guild or a Dark Brotherhood of assassins. All of these main quests are memorable in their own way, introducing you to a plethora of new characters that all leave their mark on you throughout the adventure. Betrayals are common, allies die in seconds, and all of Skyrim is up to date on your escapades. You couldn't imagine when a trader in Riften congratulated me on my promotion to the group of do-good era known as the Companions in Whiterun, even though the two cities are miles and miles apart. It's amazing how real the game can feel, ranging from the perfect reactions to a murder (all of the guards coming quickly to the scene and even shooting first if you are a notorious criminal) to the anger a family feels when they intrude into their house after hours.
    Along with all of these high notes, every aspect of the gameplay feels great and rewarding. You level up on how often you use a skill, rewarding you for your persistence and recognizing which skills you value over others instead of making a decision right at the start of the game. In any other RPG, I'd likely have to choose between a warrior or a Mage immediately, without having an opportunity to test out both skills effectively. Also, trading and crafting spice up the hiatus between dungeon exploration and world traveling. You can craft your own weapons, which become more advanced the more you level up your skills with blacksmithing, and add magical perks on top of them, which is also self-acquired throughout the adventure in dungeons. These dungeons are also enjoyable, each of the several hundred feeling fresh and rarely repetitive due to the quests linked with each one. In a sense, you build yourself up from nothing into the hero everyone expects you to be. But in another sense, you live a life. 100 hours into the game, I reflected back on my journey as I sat on a tower chair, staring up at a beautiful starry night. I defeated Alduin in an epic battle. I inherited the Dark Brotherhood and became part werewolf. I also found love, marrying my housecarl and settling down in a large house in Solitude. However, on one quest, she died suddenly and I buried her where she was slain, forced to push onwards. As I stared up at the stars, I realized how far I had come in my life as the Dragonborn, and how far still I had left to go. This stands as one of the most beautiful moments I've experienced in any video game.
    Despite all of this overwhelming praise I have and an unbridled spirit of adventure to describe, I can't ignore the bugs that lower this game's likability and nearly ruin the experience altogether. First off, during one quest, in the city of Markath, I aided a group of bloodthirsty outcasts to escape a prison. The game glitched during this quest and now I can no longer enter this city without dozens of guards ganging up on me demanding me to go back to the prison from which I escaped. When I try to negotiate, the conversation loops forever until I have no other choice but refuse, leading to a fight with an overwhelming amount of guards. In short, all of the missions involving Markath were rendered unplayable, which really detracted from the game. Also, about 50 hours into the game, I noticed that the game began to lag. Due to Skyrim's awkward save system, the game becomes laggy and almost unplayable after saving 50 hours into the game. The game runs much slower after this point, replacing the smooth animations and gameplay with near immobility. One time I literally stared at a screen for 3 minutes mid-game just to wait for my character to take one swing at a dragon. Once the screen reaches its limit, the game loses its immersion and becomes extremely annoying to play.
    Overall, Skyrim could have been one of the best PS3 games ever made. Everything is there: perfect immersion, an amazing sense of progression and individuality with a story that revolves around you and you alone, and gameplay that allows you to build yourself up into one of Skyrim's greatest heroes. However, bugs and glitches bring this down, a dark stain on an otherwise flawless experience. Although the PC version is a much cleaner version that for the most part fixes these problems, Skyrim for the PS3 is a great adventure that everyone should experience, transcending its flaws in order to provide one of the most memorable RPGs in recent memory.

  30. Feb 16, 2012
    Literally, this game deserves an 8.5. But since that score is impossible, a 9 will have to do. This game is great, it has all the components of a great game. The main story line took me about 25 hours, and that's including getting lost and doing side quest. This game is great and i can see my self returning to it to do more side quest, but it has nothing that puts it over the top. I would highly recommend this game to anyone, go out and buy it. Truly amazing. Expand
  31. Dec 8, 2011
    It's great that an RPG to take itself as seriously as Skyrim has been so successful as it will ensure that we continue to receive more epic RPG in the future. Skyrim's Nordic setting is good, the vast scope and the depth of the quests and skills are also compelling. The character skills, progression and the amount of things to do in the game are fun and rewarding which does make Skyrim value for money and worth peoples time. Unfortunately I found the main story fairly lame and I felt disinterested in most of Skyrim's characters and skipped over most of the dialog which should not be the case in an RPG. I found myself only completing quests for rewards rather than any story purpose which is a missed opportunity. I also did not like most of the character models in Skyrim, the humanoid faces were awkward to look at. As I played Skyrim on PC I was disappointed that the UI was very console friendly at the expense of much keyboard/mouse support, which is something that is inexcusable for a game originating on the PC. Overall Skyrim is an epic game and one that has a lot of depth, its a pity that the characters and overall story of the game are not better but it is what it is. Recommended. Collapse

Universal acclaim - based on 16 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 15 out of 16
  2. Negative: 0 out of 16
  1. This is a game full of emotions for gamers who are willing to embrace it. A beautiful fantasy land that makes loading times a thing of the past and is full of surprises. Not only do you get a lot of variety in the locations, the gameplay offers a lot of different experiences as well. [December 2011, p.66]
  2. Dec 28, 2011
    I enjoyed Skyrim and I look forward to the DLC that we know is inevitably coming. If we looked at this honestly, though, this game probably should have been pushed back a month or so for more polish. It needed it and it still does.
  3. Skyrim is a gorgeous production that truly does justice to the words "roleplaying game." It doesn't just tell us a story, it gives us the chance to tell a story of our own. At its best, that's what an interactive art form should be all about. [Jan 2011, p.73]