• Publisher: SCEA
  • Release Date: Nov 9, 2010
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 67 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 54 out of 67
  2. Negative: 11 out of 67

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  1. Nov 11, 2010
    I got the move system when it came out here in nz, and bought the obligatory sports champions and instantly fell in love with table tennis and frisbee ( disc golf ). Gladiator battles just didn't do it for me until I went and got a second controller ( which over here meant buying a second starter pack as the offensive stock management skills of the majority of ps3 stockists meant that the backorder list for the single controller was a month or more in the making ) and then finally started to have some fun. Albeit limited, easily repeated finishing moves that start with a rhythmic sweep jump thump. But it was fun...ish.

    So today I went and got this new fighter offering. Mixed reviews weren't going to stop me, especially a pathetic 3/10 from 2 equally pathetic sources, both eager to either copy someone elses review and not actually do any work to get the free games sent to them or just plain suck at anything that actually requires a slither of real world co-ordination. A game where the whole mechanic involves controlling a virtual fighter by actual fighting speeds and moves, is of course going to require more effort than finger flicking.

    Now I'm not fit nor do I have a visible waistline in the favourable sense, and the wife thought it hilarious watching me repeatedly flailing at an imaginary foe and cursing at my lack of stamina, but I've not had more fun since I bought the move set. Standing with shoulders aching, arms numb and sweat running all over stuff you dont need descriptions of, This game made me feel like I'd actually made an effort for a change.

    You can add your vital stats to the system, as in your scary weight/height/age combo, and it'll generate a BMI ( which was fairly accurate, if you were to refer to a chart ) plus it'll actually tell you how much the game has done for your beer gut using kcal readouts. my first fight gave a whopping 94 infact. Mostly as I was standing flailing like a sick monkey. Its tough to get to grips with where you are actually supposed to be punching and how to duck at first, despite Danny giving perfect instructions during the training sessions. I'm also a fan out 4th wall breakage ( ie; the boss telling you to read the codex freq off the cd case way back in psx metal gear solid; or to change your controller plug in the same game ), so its neat seeing him act all serious holding two move controllers and gently waving them around to demonstrate movement. I can only imagine the outtakes. But if you actually fight the guy on the screen it works.

    Lag is non existent if you set the game up properly, I'm sick of hearing about missing targets. If you can't follow calibration instructions then move isn't for you.

    There are some things that could make this game better, such as having more retarded moves being accepted as being more than a slight irritation. But then I have seen a couple of moves in video reviews that I look forward to so who knows.

    Worth the money, and more fun than sit-ups.
  2. Nov 12, 2010
    I give this a 9/10. I bought it for the fighting, most of all the exercise & fun at the same time which it really is and then some. I have been having a ball on this game, the fighting is intense, the gym workouts you need to do with your character to level up are a hard workout and you burn a lot of calories. It has me feeling on day two like i've been training at the gym for 2 hours the day before hurting all over the place, mid/upper back arms core shoulders & lats. I know why IGN gave this a 3/10 as the guy was probably not trying to hard cause he didn't want to sweat out his office clothes for the whole day at work you sweat up really fast playing this game. I don't know if anyone has improved there character much, but I have 33+ points on all stages, speed, strength, agility etc on the character and it now is A LOT more responsive than standard, punches are faster they land more and it just works and i'm only 3 out of 12 levels in so far. That's the idea of working your ass off in the gym is so your character can throw pretty damn accurate punches, and the movement is very accurate too, takes a bit to get used too but once you get it you can duck in to jab the guy in the face and duck out again landing very good accurate punches. Or set up a few powerful hooks, smash him with a Elbow to the face and then grab the guy around the head, smash em with the other hand if you want to get dirty, and doing it all with your own actions ROCKS! and is a hard work too. I've already pushed out over 800 calories in 2 days and you can input your height and weight & age so it gives you semi accurate numbers on energy burnt. It is a great game to get fit on that is FUN for us guys that like fighting & moving. For those who don't want to move and exercise or play hard then why did you buy the MOVE? This game works it tracks your movements you just need to learn how to move and punch properly. The head tracking is crap but the game works perfectly without it. Do you really expect to play a fighting game that tracks your whole body movement without it being a full body workout. I think the IGN guy who gave it a 3/10 doesn't like to exercise much. Expand
  3. Nov 13, 2010
    The critics are wrong. This game is great if you have two move controllers. Good exercise and lots of fun. I would recommended this game to people who like a work out.
  4. Nov 15, 2010
    I've only played for about two hours, so it's not a 'complete' review by any means ... I just wanted to go on to say ... Yes. You have to calibrate before almost every function or match ... yes. the head tracking feature doesn't seem to ever have 'conditions' satisfactory for it to work and Yes. Danny Trejo as your trainer is Cheezy..... Let's start with the latter first... it's a GOOD kinda cheezy , like a Rob Rodriguez film! I love Danny Trejo as the tutorial/trainer it's a hoot and he does an awesome Job. The head tracking never worked so it turns itself off, that doesn't seem to hurt anything cause I'm having a blast. The more you train and add stats [Like an RPG] to your fighter the more your fighter mirrors your actions ... in the beginning you might have more stamina then your fighter , so the game is going to hold you back if you run outta Stamina ... I don't think many reviewers played long enough ... The trophy glitch is real ... I can't sync the trophies I've earned, I hope they patch that , and tweak the Head tracking or provide more guidance as to WHY it won't work ... i.e Too bright or Dark or what not. If you like Sports Champions Gladiator , you'll love the Fight: Lights Out. Expand
  5. Nov 21, 2010
    First of all, this has to be the most worst reviewed game of all time. I'm not into conspiracy theories, but I'm beginning to think that there is some conspiracy surrounding this game. As someone who is a boxing fan with experience in boxing, I think I have a good background to make a good review of this game. The only let-down is maybe that the character is not translucent. Apart from that everything works --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Anyone who doesn't think that this game is 1:1 tracking, I dare them to actually calibrate the controls correctly. Something professional reviewers can't seem to do. There is an option in sparring to have a passive opponent. An opponent that doesn't throw punches. This is a great opportunity to see how good the controls are. And THEY ARE 1:1 tracking.
    I was amazed at how my on-screen character was mimicking everything I did. Even rotating my wrists, crossing them over. Crazy. And I had head-tracking enabled. Something I don't think one proffesional reviewer managed to do. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    I did jabs, straights, uppercuts, long hooks, short hooks. I did them weak, I did them strong. The game picks it up!. You throw a weak punch you don't do any damage, you throw three uppercuts in a row and your opponent is knocked spark out. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    I've seen videos of people at demos and they are playing this game like it's Wii boxing. This is not an arcade game. This is a true fight simulation. You cannot stand infront of your tv flapping your hands about. You have to put some effort in. You have to sweat. You have to pretend your in a real fight. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    I've seen professional reviewers in videos not having the correct stance, not throwing punches correctly. And then they wonder why their on screen character is not doing it correctly. It's not the game that is broken, it's the ones that are playing it. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    I've also seen professional reviewers not going into the training routines. You have to level up your character. If you start the game from the beggining, you start with a character that is weak and sloppy. But if level him up by doing the training routines then all that becomes fixed. Something most reviewers of this game missed. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    And the online? A hell of a lot of the bad reviews had no mention of the online. The online is fun and addictive and the only thing stopping you from playing more is that the game will eventually tire you out. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    If your a boxing fan, an MMA fan, or general fight fan. Then you will love this game. It's also a great workout and I'd advise anyone who gets this game to stretch before you play. Because you will be hurting the next day if you don't. No matter how fit you are. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    If you don't like sweating and being physical. Then this game is not for you. This game isn't perfect. As a gamer I'd give it 8/10. But this game offers something that no other on the market has. a WORKOUT. An intense and fun one at that. That's why it get's 10/10 overall. Awesome game.
  6. Jan 11, 2011
    The CRITIC reviews for the Fight: Lights Out are bad. I wrote this game off at first for this reason; but if you read actual USER reviews like this and many others instead (also see Amazon.com - user reviews average a 8.6/10), you'll get a true idea of the quality of this game.

    The Fight: Lights Out is really accurate, challenging, and a heck of a work-out. The first time I played this
    game it was only for 20 minutes because I had stuff to do at the time, but wanted to just try it real quick. My entire upper body was sore (partially because I'm in grad school and haven't had time to exercise or play sports for the past 6 months) for about 4 days after that. And the thing is, you realize how awesome the motion of throwing punches, dodging and weaving, etc. is as a work-out. You will most likely be working muscles that you have never worked - or never been able to work - before. Likewise, I had muscles sore that I don't recall ever being sore before when I used to lift or when I've played soccer, volleyball, baseball/softball, tennis, football, or even when I wrestled all through middle and high school.

    Anyways, I love the game, and I'm really glad I bought it - more than worth the price tag. And if nothing else, it's a fun way of keeping yourself in shape. At least give this a try, whether it's a buy or even just a rent. I really think you'll be happy you did.
  7. Nov 15, 2010
    This game is fantastic, the best demonstration of 1:1 controls to date. Its dissapointing to see many of the reviews because this game is far from broken. Danny Trejo does an excellent job of setting the tone, anyone who thinks Danny Trejo has been hired to give the game a serious and gritty tone needs to watch Danny Trejo films, it is gritty but its also tongue in cheek.

    The controlls
    are very very acurate, but like eveyone says, its physically demanding so if your expecting wii boxing or punch out!! forget about it.... physically demanding in a good way, if you wanna hurt your foe you gotta throw the punch as hard as you can!.

    Love it!...
  8. Nov 10, 2010
    I don't know if the metascore might have been higher (or lower) if more reviewers had bothered to take a look at this seriously underrated game, but it's certainly a shame if the mostly terrible reviews are going to put off many or most of the 2x Move owners who had been looking forward to a fighting game, and might even do the same for other developers considering Move controlled fighting games.

  9. Nov 19, 2010
    Could have been better. Some eyesore flaws but it still Is a fun game. Be prepared to be fustrated occasionally. Moves horrible line up means this game is still "worth it now"
  10. Nov 16, 2010
    All the USER reviews on Metacritic are right on point. This game takes patience to set up, and tinkering to master. Once you master the setup, it's all gravy from there. I've enjoyed this game immensely. Of course in any review from this game you've heard of the physical aspect, which is a huge bonus. On top of the physicality the 1:1 motion tracking has been superb. In most reviews I've read, the reviewers claim the head tracking is terrible, but admittedly they also said the game rated their lighting as 'terrible'. Again, patience and tinkering gives you outstanding tracking. As far as the multiplayer goes...it's great. There's even a betting system (spectator/participant). I have 4 games for the Move (Sports Champions, The Fight, Tumble, MiniGolf) and I'd rank them exactly in that order. The Fight is an extremely underrated game (especially for the price point) and if you're patient enough, you can milk every penny spent on it. Expand
  11. Nov 18, 2010
    Well like most other people who bought this title I was more than excited when it was announced. A street fighting game using a move controller in each hand with 1:1 tracking? I was sold... UNTIL.. the reviews started to come out- almost all of them saying it was a shallow "workout" game with broken controls and poor presentation, not to mention many of them saying that the in game punches looked nothing like the force you were actually using with the move controller in hand, I was all frowns not looking forward to working up a small sweat cursing at my tv the whole time due to broken controls. Luckily I still decided to give it a shot just to see for myself..

    Three and a half hours later i stood in front of my tv out of breath with my shirt stuck to my back from sweat, smiling because i just used the new dirty move i learned 10 minutes prior to knock some poor fool out who had been giving me problems the past hour.

    The single player mode is nothing ground breaking but it's meaty, ton's of fights to be had and a deep character development system that you will be working on in the in game gym for quite some time. Once you learn how the move controllers work with the game and build your character up a bit, the fighting feels spot on with punches landing in vicious thuds. I walked away from this realizing that almost all of the critics must have popped the game in- tried a few training exercises in the gym and went to the fighting with a slow, weak character that plays like his stats show. They took this and turned it around and said that the whole game plays this way just because they were to lazy to build the in game fighter up and enjoy the rewards.

    The game provides a workout, no question. Training in the gym is going to work up a sweat on anyone, I'm 25 and lift/run 4-5 times a week and this game had me out of breath a few times, not to mention is has an in game calorie counter to see how much you've burned. Also the move sets and character creation are deep enough with only a few weaknesses. The move controllers mimic your every motion in the game almost spot on which makes it all the more satisfying when you land a solid knock. I will say that the head tracking system is broken and doesn't work at all, but it can be turned off so it doesn't effect game play.

    The Fight is a fun game, it's not deep but it does what it says well- providing a fun and accurate fighting game that you will break a sweat playing.
  12. Nov 18, 2010

    Lag is non-existent or nearly imperceivable. Motion controls are spot on for the most part. Gameplay is very intuitive after about 1/2 hr. to an hour of play. Be aware the game is challenging and you need to spend time training to upgrade your fighter. Single player is a blast for those looking for a gritty and fun fighting game. You feel like your really in the fight
    without the pounding. If you love fighters (or boxing) and want or need some exercise you can't go wrong with The Fight Lights Out. Be prepared to sweat with a smile on your face. Add to that the satisfaction one feels when annihilating an opponent and its sheer bliss.

    Haven't played online yet so not sure about that aspect of play. In my opinion expert critics are far off in their assessment of The Fight Lights Out. The story element in any fighter is generally overrated unless its something exceptional. It is true that you need to stay relatively stationary (legs) and the head tracking is hit or miss. I play with it off (head tracking) and I still am able to dodge and bob effectively because the motion controllers allow for a wide range of body control. It still plays really well despite this. Claims of a broken motion system are completely off base. I've never had to reset my controllers mid fight as some have claimed. Calibration between fights requires 2 different actions which take a mere second for each. Tracking the right distance from your opponent to punch his face or body is challenging and requires constant manipulation as if you were in a real brawl (special moves require the same). Nobody is going to stand and let you smash their face in without reacting to the punishment. Other experts have criticized the dark nature of the scenes. Everyone has their preferences to style. I personally like the visual elements of the The Fight.

    People want innovation in the gaming world and why not add an element of real world movement? It only adds to the excitement of the games. We own both the PS3 (Move) and XBOX 360 (Kinect) systems and both provide loads of fun and a different way to interact with the wonderful worlds created in games by developers for those seeking that type of experience. We are traditional hard core gamers who love this new direction. We have more choices now and gaming is all the better for it. The Fight Lights Out is highly recommended by our family.
  13. Jan 2, 2011
    Everything that FightFan said below. The controls work perfectly, they're true 1:1 motion controls with absolutely no lag whatsoever. Whilst you can play this game with 1 Move controller and a DS3 you get a much better experience with 2 Move controllers. The Fight Lights Out and Sports Champions are worth buying a 2nd Move controller alone. This game is highly entertaining, highly addictive and gives you one hell of a workout, and with 120 opponents to fight in the single player game, splitscreen multiplayer and online multiplayer all at a budget price this has to be the best value for money Move title available so far. Buy it! Expand
  14. Dec 31, 2010
    I find it funny that this game has 7 "negative" user reviews that are somehow not readable... nice metacritic for not letting this game shine where it needs to. Either way, anyone that is actually posting a review is 100% correct, READ them. I don't need to say anything else, because it's already been said. This game deserves 100% positive reviews, but mysteriously there are 7 negative that we cant even read. Expand
  15. Jan 14, 2011
    This game is really good, I can tell for sure Professional reviewers do not like to exercise. I tried this game at my in-laws house and I was hooked on the first fight. 20 minutes later I was sweating big time, and got the same sensation as if I was at the gym busting my a$$. Not only that but the next day, I was soared as hell, this coming from a guy who works out 3x a week, I was genuinely soared, lower back, shoulders, abdomen, torso. Its such a good work out, and at first it plays a little bit inaccurate, but when you level up your character, everything becomes more responsive and engrossing. The head tracking is not all that, but it works good enough to swerve and dodge incoming punches. You do have to make sure that the room you play in is well lit and make sure the PS eye is well placed. People that complained on this game obviously played it for a couple of minutes and do not like to work out. Did I mention just how good this game is for Shadow Boxing, your striking speed will improve, guaranteed. Expand
  16. Nov 16, 2010
    This is a very under-rated game. I didn't buy this on day 1 due to the bad critic reviews but decided to pick this up after reading all the good user reviews and I agree with the users. This is a really good game. Thank you to all the reviewers before me for influencing my purchase. The 1:1 tracking works great and really gives you a sense of actually fighting, also gives you a nice cardio workout. The head tracking is a problem, although I am happy to say that it does work, you just need a lot of natural light. Played during day with window open and actually had it say conditions were excellent! Because of head tracking working for me, I give it a 9, otherwise and 8. Expand
  17. Nov 18, 2010
    really enjoyed it ,its not a perfect one to one display of what the move is capable of but if u in the mood for a quick 15min of fun and sum light cardio then pick it up for a laugh
  18. Nov 18, 2010
    Very good game. Gets to a good point after you spend some time upgrading your character especially with more speed, stamina, power, and heart. Don't trust the negative reviews. I was sceptical at first too. But have been having a blast after investing some time into it. Loving it. Really like the multiplayer with the different gyms and the spectating mode where you can place bets. Cool.
  19. Nov 18, 2010
    Almost didn't buy it due to all the horrid reviews, thankfully I did...

    I gave this game a try just due to all the reviews, what a workout. I got in from work decide to give the game a go. Now I don't go work out on the daily however I'm not completely out of shape. After getting through Danny Trejo(awesome) coaching you up, the fighting was tons of fun. Sure the game doesn't always punch
    how I do but it's a blast trying. The game needs better calibration overall.
    All and all, this game will get you sweating if you expect to compete and that's what a good fighting game is all about. I expect an update to clear all the main issues currently holding the title down.
  20. Nov 19, 2010
    str8 up, this game is awsome but dnt think ur guna go online and win without training firs... infact dnt go online at all until uv atleast got ur abilities up to 30, its not worth the frustration. ur punching becomes way more accurate and ul atleast have a chance of winning after a few training sessions.! make sure u pic ur shots and keep moving but also keep an eye on ur stamina!!!
  21. Nov 28, 2010
    Don't believe the 'pro' reviews... this game takes a lot of personal fitness and skill. Give it a try for yourself and decide. It's not perfect, but it's a solid fitness game, as well as a GREAT boxing simulator!
  22. Dec 23, 2010
    Thank god for user reviews. If I hadn't read them I would probably not have picked this game up. That would have been a shame since this is easily one of the best games out for move right now. The game is really fun and a great workout. This game will keep you busy for many hours since it is one of the few move titles with online play. There are lots of cheaters online though so don't count on getting a platinum on this game. The main reason the reviewers didn't like the game was because when you start out the character doesn't have his stats maxed out. As you do the workouts in the gym you can level up your fighters speed, power, stamina, heart, chin and technique. The fighter will become more responsive and a better fighter as you level him up. One thing that makes the fight interesting is that you can bet on the matches. There are different ways to win the fight and consequently affect how much you will win on a bet. Some of the bets are a regular win, clean win ( Expand
  23. Jan 14, 2011
    This game is simply amazing and fun to play. It feels ultimately rewarding to buff up in the gym and kick some ass in the actual fights. Minus points: - Easy to change camera angle by mistake (very irritating) - No relation between actual force and screen force (strength is developed via points) - Need to stay in one place while fighting
  24. Jan 25, 2011
    PLEASE BUY THIS GAME! I was almost convinced by ign.com that this was a crappy game, but I was desperately in the mood for a fighting experience and decided to get this game. The controls are very accurate! As a matter of fact, this is the "boxing" experience that you wish Fight Night gave you. If you love boxing games, or considered Wii Sports Boxing to be fun ...GET THIS GAME NOW!
  25. Jan 7, 2012
    People here must have really low standards, i bought it last week just because people here said it was not as bad as in the reviews, wrong, half of the moves don't respond right even though i calibrate my move wands constantly, one match you are doing fine, but if one wand gets out of sight just once, it will pull the calibration out of balance and your are screwed. Talking about screwing, they screw you big time with the cheats, you buy like one for 99 cent, but you can only use it 10 times or you have to buy it again! And for like stamina it barely works! I also bought the gimme all kind of dlc, so i could max my character, but it didn't help at all. One match you knock one out easy, the next one you get owned again by A.I that has a harder head than a steel beam even though you max out to the top.

    The camera positions are awful, you can choose different angles, but not one can give you correct info on where you should hit your opponent, with the standard camera angle you can't even see what your opponent is doing below the waist. Doing dirty moves is also messed up for most of them, I'm performing them perfectly and sometimes the system still does not performs them correctly, i also tried to do them in different speeds. Thank god i bought this game out of the bargain bin and not spend 60 euro's when it was released.

    I like how you really have to work for it, but you have to work for it too much. A little less would have been nicer. Let's hope IF we get a The Fight 2, they will learn from their mistakes.
  26. Nov 14, 2010
    It's pretty disappointing that 90% of critics are giving this game such a poor review, this game DOES have some shining flaws, but is easily fixed, hitting Circle while returning to the "guard pose" mid-fight fixes any calibration issues, so it really isn't a huge deal. Fights are really fun once you get your heart pumping, and winning a close fight is probably one of the most satisfying things I've ever accomplished. The tutorial IS laughable, I'll admit that, but it's pretty cool seeing Danny Trejo on my TV growling at me to hit stuff. But that's just me. You NEED to be in decent shape to play this, I'm about 5'10"/175 and I'm getting a crazy cardio workout every session (let's say 4-5 fights). Even if you don't want to fight, you can train by hitting the speedbag, heavy bag, punching your trainer's gloves, or just throwing jabs in "endurance sparring". I love it, and love playing online too. It's always fun to talk trash on CoD about how you'll beat someone's ass, but ACTUALLY beating someone's ass in this game is far more satisfying. PSN - DomXL90. Expand
  27. Nov 18, 2010
    This game is what sold me on purchasing the Playstation Move and I was not disappointed at all. The game is incredibly ambitious and the controls are accurate and intuitive. I hope this game becomes successful so that more developers can follow what The Fight has done.
  28. Dec 8, 2010
    This game can get frustrating if you don't spend a little time setting up your room with the correct lighting and camera angle. First, put your camera at eye-level. Any lower and your punches will be gauged too high and you'll end up punching over the heads of your opponents. Second, don't even bother with head tracking. As of the date of this review, it's completely broken.
    Third, and
    most important: Stop being a little sissy critic and review the game on it's merits and not on your own personal failure at being a human being. You need to PUNCH in this game to make it. You will SWEAT if you're doing it right! Unless you're just a human dynamo and have no problem running a marathon, you will get a work out playing this game. I've never sweated while playing a game before The Fight! I use it as a warm up before I run.
    Here's a few pointers for the training mini-games: The multi-opponent is the easiest, quickest way to rack up experience points to increase your stats. The second best is the speed bag. If you do the speed bag right with your arms up and quickly rotating punches and keep it up for at least 5 minutes, your shoulders will burn and you will be sore the next day! The other games are pretty lame though. Focus mitt training is fairly inaccurate. Knowing where your uppercuts will land in the game based on your punches IRL is a real pain. And heavy bag training just doesn't give you the return of points for your effort to make it worthwhile.
    The 1-1 movement capture is amazing and you really need to increase your stats in order for the fights to go your way more. With low stats, your punches will connect less and your hits will cause less damage. You will also be the glass-jawed pansy that will get knocked out from a sneeze.
    Some pointers for how to physically prepare for the game: Watch some boxing training videos! Learn how to properly throw a punch with speed and power generated by the hips from your legs up! Breath! Exhale with every punch! Don't hold your breath. It's easy to do in the heat of the fight but you will suffer from it. It will take some concentration to do at first but will eventually become second nature. Don't hyperextend your elbow! Keep a slight bend in your arms to prevent joint damage. Uppercuts should start low with a slight crouch and push up through until you connect. Make sure the opponent is close before you throw an upper cut or hook. Otherwise, you'll be too far away. Walk toward your opponent and lead with a jab before you work in a combo. If you don't connect with the jab, you probably won't land any shot after it.
    If you can't "nail" a fight, train, add to your stats and then come back.
  29. Jan 15, 2011
    i'm agree with most of you, the critics are wrong. i think they didn't get it, u have to take your lazy ass off the couch, give all your energy and use 2 motion controllers. this is an intense game, and a good exercise for this fatty generation.
  30. Jan 17, 2011
    Unbelievable critic review scores. I'm so glad I didn't listen to them. It just goes to show anyone can throw up a web page, put up a 10 minute review and all of a sudden their words mean something. This is not a "game", it's a "simulator". In a stand up street fight you can fight clean or dirty. That's it. This is just a simulation of fighting in a fight club. This game is not for someone who is technically inept, you need to understand exactly how to calibrate a playstation move. I've played this game single player and online. It is a very rewarding experience when you've trained for a few weeks then test your skills online. In the boxing world you can dodge an opponent jab, slip and strike their rib cage. You can perform these same techniques in the game, you just have to practice. The game is also an intense workout. If you know how to throw a straight, precision punch, the game will reward you for it.

    DO NOT LISTEN TO THE REVIEWERS. The game is exactly what it is, a simulation of a stand up street fight where you can fight clean or dirty with special moves. The tracking is VERY accurate as long as you know how to calibrate a playstation move properly. It's nearly 99% accurate.

    The developers have a youtube video that shows you exactly how to calibrate properly.

    Calibration before fights takes 5 seconds, if you can't bring yourself to do that then you should just sell your legs on ebay you lazy.........

    See you in the underground.
  31. Aug 21, 2012
    Wow! What a great game! Can't believe the negative reviews from the "experts". Just goes to show that you should not base your purchasing decisions purely on review scores. I am very happy with the game - it is a ton of fun and a GREAT workout as well! One tip - check ome of the developer tips videos on Youtube. It explains how to get the best out of the game - and probably why the "expert" reviewers got this one VERY wrong. Expand
  32. Mar 3, 2013
    I bought this game about a year and a bit ago, and I still get challenged by it. Graphically it could have been better, customization options were kind of generic (I would have liked more options for the face, body, and hair), and the stock soundtrack isn't the best but it's still one of the best games for the Move outside of the shooters by far. I have no clue what the reviewers expected out of this game, but it is still the most fun and physically demanding game out there. Expand
  33. Mar 9, 2013
    Was pretty fun but was let down by some finicky controls, horrible multiplayer implementation and character leveling imbalances. The single player portion is worth it though for some fun boxing and cardio. The Move overall was disappointing, mostly for the lackluster implementation in many titles, including Move exclusives like this one. Not worth the full price.
  34. M13
    Nov 18, 2011
    Enjoyable game. Lots of things to unlock. Gives you a real workout. The reviews complain about throwing punches that miss.....but they fail to mention that you start the game off with about 50% accuracy. And you have to "level up" to increase it. Great cardio game.
  35. Mar 3, 2013
    It may be a 6 but it's a good kind of 6, I'm having a blast with this game. If you buy it, think of it as a fitness program, not so much of a game. As an interactive excercise it hits all the right spots: you sweat, you burn calories, the game encourages you to push forward, it gives you mild entertainment with the character customization/level progression/RPG elements, and after ending your session you feel good about yourself. Viewed purely as a game, it has a lot of faults: glitchy, calibration is a continous anoyance, half the moves they teach you don't work properly, head tracking (a huuuuuge factor in a boxing simulator) is horrible, enemy design is banal and uber generic (just like real life punks I guess), and the enviroment conditions for it to work properly are too quirky........ let's just say, I can only play it at night since the game keeps telling me it's too bright during day, no matter how many windows I shut. In the end I can only say it's the best fighting simulator I've ever seen, in both console or arcade, it really requires you to put an effort, keep your guard up and actually launch proper punches..... If you have a Move system, give it a try at least. Expand
  36. Nov 18, 2011
    It is a niche product. Those looking for workout and understanding sport - like it. This is why there is so huge discrepancy in score between actual users and critics.
  37. Jan 17, 2012
    I am not a boxer, nor was I a fan of boxing before I got this game. Pros: Awesome controller response. Awesome depth + replayability. You actually need to work at this game to get good at it. FITNESS X10!!!! Cons: The fighter who trains you comes across as very cheesy. (I hope he doesn't see this and come beat the poo out of me). He does a much better job acting in Sons of Anarchy than he does acting in this game.
    The tutorials could probably be better.
    Some of the dirty/special moves that you can do are really hard to activate (maybe that's the point, and I just suck).

    But overall, this game is really great. Really, really great. I can burn 1000kcals in a day easy just from a couple hours of playing this game, and it's much easier than any other fitness routine.
  38. Mar 18, 2013
    Best workout game. The movement accuracy is the best of any other game I've played for PS Move. Each match is short, but long enough to tire you out. Think of sprinting for a few minutes and then being able to catch your breath and regroup before doing another sprint. The DLC has helped me workout at my house and allowed me to improve my character's ability! I'm so thankful that I have stuck with this game, I've gotten great and challenging work outs, competition and it's fun. This is not a game you play to relax, you play it to relieve frustration, work up a sweat and tire yourself out so you can relax thinking how to beat the crap out of the other guy. I doubt they'll make a second one, but if I hear of it, I'm pre-ordering it asap. Oh and Danny Trejo is an awesome hard nosed trainer. This game is seedy and dirty and he does a great job! Expand

Generally unfavorable reviews - based on 39 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 39
  2. Negative: 19 out of 39
  1. Unfortunately we just found the system makes the fighting itself feel quite alien and unsettling. It's that feeling of only partial control you get when you're reaching in from behind someone and using their own arms to teach them perform a task, combined with those dreams you occasionally have where your punches are all weak and flaccid despite the fact you feel like you're putting enough energy behind them to punch the rings off Saturn. [December 2010 p79]
  2. 40
    Danny Trejo cannot save the whole show. This "Move-controlled" fighting game is good only if you plan to work out your arms. Otherwise, you'll get bored in twenty minutes. [Issue#199]
  3. Jan 13, 2011
    This game has a lot of good features like its great Move support, big scaled action and different combat styles. Strange evading and moving just don't seem to fit in.