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  • Summary: The History Channel takes you to the Battle for the Pacific where you will experience history brought to life in one of the defining campaigns of World War II. Relive epic land battles fought on some of the most brutal and unforgiving battlefields in recorded history. Retake strategically important locations throughout the Pacific Theatre that are vital to the allies on the Road to Tokyo. Play through the eyes of an American GI as you experience intense, no holds barred action against an opponent for which surrender isn't an option! Fire authentic allied and axis weaponry including sub-machine guns, sniper rifles, anti-aircraft guns, pistols, and grenades Relive History - each level begins with a documentary video featuring actual battle footage, key facts and statistics, and the importance that the battle ultimately played in the allied victory. Fight from Henderson Field in Guadalcanal through the Philippines to Mount Suribachi on Iwo Jima. Experience some of the most exotic and forbidden battlefields including dense jungles and barren volcanic islands. Face the harsh realities of war as you engage the enemy on the frontlines. Fight alongside squadron members reacting to the events of the battlefield, where fighting is often hand to hand and your objective is simple - defeat the enemy at all costs. Based on actual battles including storming the beaches in an amphibious assault, recapturing a strategic airfield, defending against an enemy assault, going on a search and destroy mission, fighting through fortified caves and scaling Mount Suribachi to plant the American flag. Play online as an American or Japanese soldier in your favorite individual and team based modes including elimination, team elimination, death match, team death match and capture the flag on battlefields painstakingly recreated from topographical maps and historical records. Battles come to life amidst exploding artillery, whistling bullets, falling comrades, unrelenting enemies and much more. [Activision] Expand
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  1. 45
    The History Channel: Battle for the Pacific isn't necessarily an atrocious game, but it just isn't that fun and brings so very little to the table.
  2. Battle for the Pacific brings zilch to an already overstuffed corner of the market. Don't let the discounted price or the The History Channel branding fool you, the game is a poor attempt at historical immersion.
  3. There are a ton of fine shooters hitting shelves this year that are good enough to go down in history. It would be a shame to waste your money paying full price for this heap, which instead takes history down with it.
  4. Battle for the Pacific is a perfect example of how you can produce a modern first person shooter with absolutely no level of innovation at all. Graphics, sound and controls all do their job without impressing but the overall gameplay is utterly mediocre and not worth your time or your money.
  5. A bad game. You might assume that a company as reputable as the History Channel might take more care to protect their license, but it's clear that they just wanted to make a quick buck.
  6. The game taught us that Japan lost the war thanks to shattered AI and terrible clipping. [May 2008, p.111]
  7. Ultimately, though, the biggest blow against the game is its brevity. You shouldn't have trouble clearing its single-player mode in two or three hours.
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  1. Nov 8, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. SPOILERSSPOILERSSPOILERS this game is great it is sexy i love pawn stars i game me a boner i jerked so hard i cam in 2 seconds go to p or nuh hu buh dawt cuh oh muh balls in my as crak SPOILERSSPOILERSSPOILERS Expand
  2. May 9, 2011
    Dear Stupid person who actually wants to buy this piece of bullsh*t. Go to the mirror and look at yourself, is this who you want to be? Someone who likes extremely crappy history tie ins? If don't want to be this anymore, I'm glad not so stupid person anymore, but if still want the game, continue reading. Now let's start at presentation, hmmm not so bad for this crap oh wait what's this are my dead foes floating a couple of inches of the ground? Crap. Ok now let's go to gameplay, Ok what's this? I press R2 and L2 to aim and shoot and L1 and R1 to throw grenades? And the aiming sucks because you don't even use sights and there is still a crosshair!! So what's the point of aiming when you can have crosshairs while using hipshots and you move faster! Crap. Now let's skip story because the game sucked so much that I didn't want to beat it. So that's it for this review and I think you Ex-Future buyers are spending your hard earned money on something better now, and that's good. Collapse