• Publisher: SCEA
  • Release Date: Jun 14, 2013
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  1. Jun 18, 2013
    The last of us is simple mind blowing, the story it tells and the way it tells it, along with the fluint gameplay makes this debatable the best game within the past 5 years, even better than telltales walking dead, 2k's bioshock infinite, better than ubisofts AC II. This is something you must own, theres no words to explain how good it is, honestly ive only come to find 1 glitch throughout the whole game and all it was was ellie going through me and that was once. It has only the most mior glitch it has great multiplayer that doesnt lag at all, it has the greatest campaign of all time. Expand
  2. Jul 10, 2013
    Solid game, but it is very overrated. There is no variation at all, you enter a room and there's either zombies or humans. That is the whole game. Not to mention that the AI is absolutely terrible. I played on hard and they still didn't see me from clear spots. The story is recycled too, I mean, zombies are everywhere, yay.
  3. Jun 18, 2013
    Oh, man, I haven't played such incredible game in years. The Last of Us isn't only about gaming or even entertainment. It is the complete package of rich and unique experience through the medium of gaming. I was always sceptical about the art of video games because of the vast majority of games having sh**ty storytelling, characters and terrible atmosphere. But, Naught Dog, you are just rolling down all my face to prove that I was so wrong about it. Hats off to you all day! Expand
  4. Jun 18, 2013
    Easily my favorite game...ever. There really isn't much else to say except that the journey "The Last of Us" takes you on is epic and heartwarming. Simply just a stunning accomplishment by the team at Naughty Dog. Oh...and did I mention the game is gorgeous!
  5. Jul 11, 2013
    The intro got me instantly. The characters are so awesome right from the start. Then I feared the developers may have just made a good intro to impress people... but after a short time the characters and the story evolved in a way that was absolutely intriguing.
    The setting isn't actually that complicated or innovative... but it's executed perfectly. The protagonist's character
    development and background story are amazing. Way better than what I've seen in some films lately. Great stuff! Expand
  6. Jul 13, 2013
    Simply the best game I have played in over 25 years of gaming. This game is the complete package, story to rival any hollywood blockbuster, action to rival the best of 3rd person shooters.
  7. Jul 14, 2013
    ============ Start of review ============ This game is one of the crown jewels of PlayStation 3, and in the PlayStation-franchise. Quite frankly, I believe it to be the greatest game I have ever played, and I have played some good games, such as BioShock and so on. Let's break down why it is so amazing, in my honest opinion, shall we? Wouldn't want to seem like giving opinions without reasoning. Alright.

    Game analysis

    Story: Most likely in the Top 3 of all-time game stories. I don't know that many story-based games, but it indeed equals games such as The Walking Dead (Telltale) in terms of story. It is up to the player that whether you prefer The Last of Us or TWD. Crucial plot points are certain to make you at least have wet eyes, if not shed tears at least in the first time you are playing.

    Characters: Greatest characters of any games I have played. The journey they go through, make you immersed of it. Especially certain optional conversations, dialogue, and the actions Ellie makes just make you want to protect her. Even if she was only a video game character. You can't be annoyed of Ellie, unless you have a specific reason to hate teenage girls. Because of that, plot points can sometimes even shock/mesmerize you, which hasn't occurred to me in any game before.

    Also the side characters you encounter during the game, make you feel like they actually were not side characters at all. They are just so well done.

    Gameplay: Hmh. This is a topic many people consider to be the weak link of The Last of Us. I think it is alright. Sure, there are bugs that can interfere with the immersion, but those bugs were practically non-existent for me. Unless you're trying to have the game bashed any means necessary, you will be entertained by the game mechanics.

    AI: This is something people are also curious about. And now, let me explain. The reason Friendly AI is not visible to enemies, is that you would be annoyed how you are seen for silly AI actions. It was a Naughty Dog decision to implement it invisible, because of the reason said earlier. Sure, they could make/have made it visible to enemies, but then everyone would be enraged on how they're seen due to companions.

    Stealth AI is pretty good. Seeing a Metal Gear Solid-veteran say in a site that it was good even on his scale, I guess that it's alright when it's not bugged. Combat AI is probably one of the best in there, likely surpassing games like Far Cry 3 or Arkham City. But that is just my opinion.

    Graphics: So, some people have claimed the graphics are not as good as in e.g. Uncharted 2-3? Perhaps. But there is a reason the graphics can be slightly downgraded because everything is supposed to be left without care for 20 years. Just like from BioShock to BioShock 2, BioShock 2 had slightly more decayed/corrupted feel to it for a reason.

    Overall: The game is immersive, story is top-notch and probably one of the best of generation, graphics are so good that some of the older PS3's have been reported to crash sometimes, characters and their development are most likely the best in PS3 and the entire current-gen.

    If you like post-apocalyptic survival (horror horror in brackets because horror feel isn't that often there) games with one of the best and fun characters of gaming as your Friendly AI companion, I suggest you get this game.
    The bug reports you may have encountered do not happen that often, never happened to me and some of friends telling they have not experienced major game-breaking bugs either.

    Awards and such
    Expectation for Spike VGA Game of the Year
    Expectation for multiple GOTY Awards from different sites
    Expectation for Character of the Year for Ellie
    Personal award for Best Game of Generation
    Personal award for Best Game of PlayStation Exclusives in entirety
  8. Jul 16, 2013
    I'm sorry, but this game was incredibly boring. Yes, the intro was lively & interesting, but that doesn't justify the rest of the game being a snoozefest. As "open world" as this game had the potential to be and seems like it should be, it isn't. Even if you explore every nook & cranny that's available, there isn't anything for you to find past duct tape or maybe a couple of bullets. Even the crafting options leave much to be desired.

    If this game had music past the intro, I didn't notice it.
  9. Aug 19, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game really does not deserve these ridiculous high scores and reviews. I have purposely created this account just to review this game. I have never reviewed anything on here before. I was really excited for this game I decided to buy it for £31 on the PlayStation Store, not bad really. It starts off good with a strong storyline and decent characters (for a video game anyway) There are a lot of long cut scenes in the beginning which did annoy me. The game play starts off interesting for quite a while and makes you want to keep playing. It was around the time when I had to start transporting Ellie back from Marlene I noticed the game was getting repetitive and slow. The gun control is pretty shocking, the stealth that you need to us in almost every situation is almost non-existent and just doesn't work. I found myself literally replaying the same part more than 30 times and it seemed actually impossible at one point. The game starts getting really slow and just flat-out boring. Walk through all these random walkways/doors/stairs for 2 hours, get to your destination, repeat over and over.I would say the graphics are the best part of this game. Please do try before you buy people. Expand
  10. Sep 30, 2013
    First of all, I acknowledge the production values of Last of Us (LoU). Great graphics, check. Emotion-ladden story, check. Excellent voice acting, check. State of the art game mechanics, check. LoU has all that.

    But just as with Kane&Lynch, Uncharted, the new Tomb Raider or Bioshock Infinite, there’s a lot of fluff and eye candy around the edges but in essence the game mechanics require
    you to become a serial killer and pretend it’s no big deal at all. Unfortunately, this stereotype largely applies here too even though TLoU hides it a little better by pretending serious issues are at play.

    Even though gunning down droves of enemies has been kind of a standard in action games for a long time, the most recent ones, TLoU included, try very hard to make it look very realistic on the surface while insisting on cheap ambushes, predictable plot twists, and hordes of faceless foes just waiting to be slaughtered by the protagonists with very little option to prevent or avoid the conflict.

    I’m no longer sure what’s more absurd that as a playing character you kill dozens of people in a row without getting killed yourself or losing your sanity or that your enemies keep piling up despite your track record. If you really want to play a game where all these things are addressed in a truly serious way and with a very strong point delivered, try Spec Ops: the Line.

    And if you want to appreciate the production values and story of games such as TLoU without being bogged down by stereotypical and almost dehumanizing gameplay, I suggest watching movie walkthroughs that are becoming popular and contain only minimal gameplay while delivering the plot.

    In summary TLoU has great production values but gameplay is sloppy and repetitive, thinly veiled by emotions, graphics, and voice acting. I don't recommend it to play but watching it as a few hours long movie might be a way to get the best out of it.
  11. Oct 26, 2013
    I'm sorry man I cannot give this game the solid score everyone thinks it deserves. The stealth mechanics are obviously, blantantly bad. The enemies follow very scripted paths, respond to the exact same decibel levels of noise their friends currently were making seconds ago as an alarm, and will just plain know you're behind them even while sneaking. Scenery great, game play not.
  12. Jul 10, 2013
    One of the best games Ive ever played, up there with the likes of Metal Gear Solid 1,3,4 Shadow Of The Colossus, Okami, Resident Evil 4 and Uncharted 2. Naughty Dog devs dont mess around and they really take their job very serious, everything about this game excels in production value.

    A very touching story that kept me caring for the 2 main characters, I really was able to feel what
    they were going thru, the immersion on this game is phenomenal, thanks to the state of the art graphics, motion capture, art direction, gameplay mechanics and story driven run through a post apocalyptic US.

    The visceral action although very violent, never over the top, perfectly balance as it should be in the real world, without dragging it too much into reality. You really feel the tension with each encounter. The tension doesnt stop there of course, the fact that you really have to preserve ammo and make every shot count is and awesome game design decision. It forces you to explore, and really use strategic approaches to every situation, do you take down every one using stealth, do you avoid the confrontation and sneak past them, or do you go gun blazing. Either way you choose you will have to play smart and keep all your weapons loaded at all times, a split second can really mean the difference between dying or surviving.

    So much more to say about this game, but I would have to write a 10 page essay for that, in short The Last Of Us is a game we only get once every generation, the quality of the story, gameplay and graphics are superb, if youre a fan of stealth, action, survival, story driven games, this is the one for you.
  13. Jul 1, 2013
    I went into this game thinking that it was going to be at the very least pretty good given all the slobbering reviews and perfect scores from "professional reviewers" and the general public. But after playing it for a number of hours, I still haven't figured out what it is about this game that makes people think it deserves the accolades it's being given.

    It's not a bad game, it's a
    good game. It's far from perfect, and it's FAR from the "game of the year" love fest that has been heaped upon it.

    It took several hours of playing before I even started to care what happened to any of the characters, and was even glad one of them died so early. The repetitiveness of the game play was enough to bore me so much that I actually had to make myself continue to play it, just so I could try and get my $60 worth.

    The AI is at times non existent. Many times my character would be hiding from an enemy, but the NPC character with me would be running around bumping into the enemies, but they wouldn't notice?!?

    This is what I like to call a "rinse and repeat" game. You enter a "level", look for ammo, nuts and bolts, maybe a new weapon or a health kit, fight off a swarm of the same enemies, and then move on to the next level and do it all over again. And in between you are subjected to the emotional issues of each character and how they are trying not to get too close to each other for fear of losing someone they care about again. *Snore*

    Like I said, not a bad game, it's a "good" game, but not even close to a game of the year candidate.
  14. Jul 29, 2013
    From my perspective, and in my opinion, this is one of the best paced games ever produced. Every level has meaning and makes sense in why you are doing what you are doing. Every character has depth and emotion. Every minute of gameplay is engrossing and enjoyable. In all an unforgettable game.
  15. Jun 15, 2013
    The Last of Us is a masterpiece. The story is heartwarming and the characters are incredible. Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson are amazing in The Last of Us. The gameplay gives you some amazing AI with intense combat, cool crafting elements and freedom, most areas let you explore to (in most cases) a great extend which will help make the game last longer (which I clocked in 14+ hours on my first run on hard). The graphics and environments are beautiful and just a sight to look at (and that's not even considering how old the hardware is). The metal system from Uncharted 1 and 2 have returned in the form of 'tags' which extend your replay value as well as many collectibles and hard trophies. You also have the 'survivor' difficulty to handle and lots of cool goodies to play with (like a Jak & Daxter T-shirt for Ellie). There was one point near the end of the game that showed just how powerful the story is that just really touched me so deeply, it was that moment I said I don't care about the minor glitches with the AI, I' am giving this game a 10 out of 10... My first 10/10 (with me giving Uncharted 2 a 9.9)! I have not yet played the multiplayer of the game, but regardless of how good or bad it could be, The Last of Us is the one video game you must absolutely play in your lifetime.

  16. Jun 16, 2013
    A great game and naughty dog always seems to bring something new to gameplay making slight adjustments without risking too much and it worked. I noticed most people complained about the AI but seriously what game has perfect AI? Its got amazing singleplayer but thats not just all it also has multiplayer for people who like to compete. I think the story was byfar the best naughty dog has ever done and i was so emotionally attached to this game i didn't ever want it to end. Expand
  17. Jul 30, 2013
    Great game and great storytelling. The gameplay has a few flaws and it feels very predictable, but for the genre, it was a fantastic interpretation and worth the time spent.
  18. Jun 18, 2013
    From the time this game starts to when it ends, The Last Of Us is truly a breathtaking experience. Naughty Dog has managed to craft a game that truly resonates with the players through an emotional story and perfectly developed characters. I've used a lot to big words to describe this game so far,, but what really makes this game truly special is the amount of detail and love that Naughty Dog put into this game. You can tell that they put every ounce of blood, sweat, and tears into this game, and it shines through the incredibly smooth engine utilized by TLOU. I've intentionally left this review spoiler free, so if you want to know more specifics feel free to look online, but by all thats holy BUY THIS GAME. Expand
  19. Sep 13, 2014
    An above average story with below average gameplay. If I knew that this "game" was going to be this bad, I would've wasted my $70 on some worthless charity.
  20. Jun 15, 2013
    After a ridiculously long download time that set me back by an entire day, I finally played the game, and I'm at 46% completion (according to my save file).

    I really like it, the slow movement actually works well with the pacing and seem very realistic. the characters are great, and the environments make sense.

    It's has some very classic survival horror elements (dark, claustrophobic
    areas, enemies that respond to different things (some sight, some sound). It works very well.

    As for the downsides, they're mostly minor, I wish there was a wider array of melee options, large melee weapons are either 2x4's, baseball bats, or pipes, though you can attach blades to them later for a single use instant-kill).

    The small melee weapons, are either bottles, or bricks... which might be my biggest gripe... why can't I use a big rock? or hell, I can use bat, why not the baseball? Hit someone in the face with a baseball, and you can do some serious damage...

    The only bug I've come across was one time during a tough fight, The enemy got hung up on a railing that was below me, but still within striking distance, it basically allowed him to punch me to death, while I was unable to hit back or break loose, but that only happened the once.'

    Overall, a GREAT game
  21. Jun 28, 2013
    (unlike the other rare hateful posts here)

    This game was spectacular. I have not play The Walking Dead, but from what I've heard the two are very similar in the ways they present their story. After saying that, play this game on hard if you want the true survival feel which I believe this game needs to truly make an impact on the player. I normally don't get
    immersed in too many games' stories, but by playing this game on hard I found it really threw me into the game's atmosphere.

    Story: 10
    Yes the story progresses slowly at first, it doesn't throw you into the action like a Call of Duty or Resident Evil game and that is a very good thing. This does not mean that the game's story is slow throughout, because it is not. The games story progresses at the perfect pace for a game such as this. The attachment you feel to the characters is perfect, and that is all I can say without dropping spoilers, but there are numerous times where you really feel for the characters.

    Environment: 10
    The world of The Last of Us is almost a character of itself. The city sort of reclaiming itself after humanity has been removed is beautifully done. The game does not throw you into endless dark rooms with scary lighting just to impose forced horror elements, it actually presents a beautiful city that has its dark moments areas. When you talk through parts of the city and you see hints of civilization that used to be there, it really hits home that this is a post apocalyptic type environment. The city is beautiful amid all of the chaos and destruction.

    Combat: 9
    The only reason I'm giving the combat a 9 and not a 10, is because at some points you feel as though you are going through the motions of eliminating the infected as you would normally eliminate them. I can't even provide a way for them to improve upon it, it just felt like it was missing something and I can't put my finger on what that would be.

    Soundtrack: 10
    The minimalistic soundtrack to this game with the subtle guitar riffs was absolutely perfect. There isn't really much else I can say about it, because its just perfect.

    Graphics: 9
    Yes, this game's graphics are good for PS3 standards. However while playing the game it becomes relatively evident that the PS3 is coming up on being six and a half years old. That is not saying the engine is bad, the lighting is phenomenal, the game engine is great, but there are times where the graphics have some odd noticeable outdated issues. Maybe its because this game came out after E3 and all the new flashy graphics games coming out.

    In conclusion, I was honestly not a huge fan of the Uncharted series because it really just felt like Tomb Raider with more combat so I'm not jumping on the Naughty Dog bandwagon here. Capcom went on record saying the survival horror franchise was a dying game concept. Coming from an avid player of the survival horror franchise games, this game redefined the survival horror experience in an entirely new light for me and sort of says "your move capcom".
  22. Jun 25, 2013
    One of the most moving and evocative games in memory. They break through a lot of clichés that plague gaming, and do so with a raw, gritty, unforgiving storyline. The game is carried by Ellie, and Joel simply serves as a conduit for the unique action and atmosphere of the game. Beautiful, simply put.
  23. Jun 16, 2013
    Absolute perfection. I didn't think a game would beat Bioshock Infinite this year, but I just completed the game that did. This game had everything, and everything was perfect. The most emotional intro to a game I've ever played. The best character/player involvement, and the best emotional ride I've ever experienced from a video game. It will take a long time for this game to be dethroned. Right now I have to say it. "Best. Game. Ever! Expand
  24. Jun 16, 2013
    Masterful. Environments are beautiful. Game play is deep. The characters are ones that you actually care for. And the story one of the best in gaming. The ending is truly amazing. You must play this game. It might not be for everyone, but if you've got no problems with some freaky mutated zombies, then play this game.
  25. Jun 15, 2013
    Start this game on Hard mode. It's the right amount of difficulty to make the game enjoyable. This review comes from the perspective of someone who paid no attention to hype. I have to say that it's fun and immersive. I was afraid of cheesiness from the acting and script but i find the story to be good and the characters to be likable. I admire the pacing. Although it is kind of sequential ie. battle..traverse the land..encounter next battle etc. The game manages to keep the experience fresh throughout by putting you in different situations that are tense and challenging. I have died a lot and have had to take a breath to re-think my way through certain areas. The rules are inflexible throughout and it's hard to cut corners in battle. The rules are simple but deep enough to make it fun all around. I admire the way it stays fresh when applying this rule-set to the different curveballs these situations throw at you. Combat is generally simple, but it's how the game feels when executing your commands that give these mechanics weight. Punching is pressing the square button, but if you punch a dude too early, or from the wrong angle or distance, he can catch you slipping and it's painful to get punished! The animations are dynamic and realistic. The physics make it so all of the damage taken or given is intense and satisfying. There is always a weight to the execution of your actions. Aiming and reloading is tense because the reticle isn't steady and reloading takes time. Here's a tip: Always try to aim, keep the thumb on that left stick and maneuver it the whole time the enemy is in your sights. Also If you're reloading you can still run using the L2 button. The game is brutal in a fitting manner. There is a lot of creativity at work to the tiniest details. The way things react when you blast them with a shotgun, or punching an enemy in the face 4 times hard and they knock over and die! Even the way it feels when a dude whacks you with a lead pipe and you collapse to the floor and die. A lot of "oooohhh daamn!" type of comments coming through our mouths. Too many other details to write about! Everything is cohesive in this world. The different enemy types are no push-overs aside from the start of the game when the AI isn't as clever. After you warm up to to the mechanics, the game will no longer hold your hand. The game is as fun to watch as it is to play. If you have a group of buddies, take turns and have some beers. You'll cheer each other on trying to get through the difficult parts. My friends and i have been yelling and laughing and having a really good time with this game! Definitely play it if you can! I give this a 9.7. I really dont know what could be improved mechanically but there are some graphical glitches here and there. No biggie. I feel like a can keep writing but I'll stop here. Just Play it Expand
  26. Jun 16, 2013
    Hard to play it might be at most times, this game really captures what a survivor feels like. You always have to be on your foot on your supplies and come with the best survival strategy. This game is just amazing.
  27. Jun 14, 2013
    I cant really say much about this game other than buy it and enjoy one of 2013's best games. This game is amazing. I really enjoy this game.
  28. Jun 18, 2013
    Stellar graphics, Great Story, Awesome Gameplay. This game takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions, so don't even think about missing it. It is honestly like playing a movie.
  29. GFC
    Jun 16, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Before I start this review I will just say I haven't come close to beating this game yet. I have made it to around when you meet Bill for the first time. Well anyways the story so far. It starts off as you playing as Joel's daughter. She woke up from a phone call then went off to find her dad. After an explosion her dad comes in the house. That is where you encounter your first zombie. You get a vehicle with Tommy? He wasn't in the game to much so far so sorry if I got the name wrong. After some retards getting in your way Joel"s daughter gets shot starting off the game From that moment on you know this will be a very sad story. 20 years later Joel is in a little apartment were a girl who seems to be friends with Joel shows up. I forgot her name as well so lets call her Plot Point. The two of them want to kill some guy who stole their guns. After some serious ass kicking Joel and Plot Point find out he sold the guns to the Fireflies. Then out of nowhere the leader of the fireflies shows up. She tells the they have to smuggle something to get their guns back. It turns out the thing they are smuggling is a girl named Ellie. So then Joel and Plot point take Ellie and they proceed to smuggle her. After some luck it turns put Ellie was bitten three weeks ago. When bitten it takes up to 2 days to turn. So Ellie explains to them she might be the cure. After going to the main Firefly place it turns out they just left. that is where it turns out Plot Point was bitten. She wasn't in the game very much and didn't have much character progession so I wasn't sad from her death. I feel like most other characters aren't developed enough so I wonder why even bring them in? After that the plot just kind of goes on.

    As for the gameplay it is pure survival horror. There are three enemy types. Infected, Clickers and people. All these enemies feel natural because none of them are overpowered. Humans because they think logically and its easy to shoot them. Infected because they are stupid. And then there are clickers who are interesting. If I clicker gets to you, you are dead. But their downfall is they are blind and they see through sounds much like bats. When ever there is an enemy I feel a rush, Also this game is very stealth based. Since it stays true to survival horror ammo is rare. There are many ways to kill your enemies and I like that.

    Some finishing thoughts:

    This game looks FANTASTIC! I have never seen a game more beautiful. Also the voice acting is great. It brings the characters to life.

    I was going to give this game and 8 from silly things in the story and from under developed characters but Joel and Ellie easily gives this game a 9/10

  30. Jun 19, 2013
    Last of Us is a good game, probably a great game but not a perfect game. I found the support AI to be extremely frustrating especially early on when Tess just opens up gunfire on a room full of other survivors as I was trying to stealthily avoid/kill if necessary, not engage in bloody, dehumanizing gunfights. Which also brings up the nature of killing, how the game totes this aura of realism that intends to make you question whether or not it is a good idea to kill someone, which isn't evident when forced into gun-blazing scenarios where you end up punching rednecks so as to save ammo for the monsters. The concept attempted to be fresh, which I enjoyed but it ultimately came down to a post-apocalyptic zombie-survival scenario where the zombies (which act like zombies) aren't actually zombies, but in all senses still are.

    Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed this game wholly, it felt like I was playing the best Resident Evil game since 4 (which is still one of the best horror games of all time). It didn't strike me as a perfect 10 but it was a well polished, interesting story with great characters but a few gameplay and enemy flaws that would stop me from giving it a higher score.
  31. Jun 18, 2013
    Absolutely brilliant! If you have a PS3, get this game. Some people may get turned off by the brutality of the combat and the style of gameplay, as it is unlike anything before it, but give it a chance and you wont regret it.
  32. Jun 25, 2013
    the last of us is a stunning game every gameplay is like the cutscene the characters are awesome joel is like a protective father but didn't want to show his feelings ellie is a survival girl who trying to bond his feelings with joel it's an awesome game BEST NAUGHTY DOG GAME FOR YEARS
  33. Jun 15, 2013
    2 words: the story. This is probably the single best storyline I'very ever experienced in a videogame. The story is without a doubt what makes this game great. The character depth is unparalleled... the voice acting is full of emotion. It just works. And then there's the visuals. Say what you like, but there aren't any console games who's graphics and overall atmosphere can surpass The Last of Us. And finally the gameplay... it's realistic. Personally, I thoroughly enjoy the desperation of it allnand how challenging it can be. If you don't like it, I suppose I can understand why, its Nothing shockingly new. For me though, the depth of this story and the polished feel of the game cannot be anything less than a 9.5/10 Expand
  34. Jun 15, 2013
    Unbeliveable beginning Then they shock me again. Only played for about 3 hours and I'm already impressed. Very brutal, and I love it, Bet you see this on the news that its why the whole world is killing. But we know better. Just buy the game you won't regret it.
  35. Jun 16, 2013
    This game is the reason why i game. It isn't particularly "fun" but it isn't trying to be. This game is a thrilling and captivating experience. It is really emotional and immerse. The amount of polish that went into this is clearly visible and brings the world to life in ways you can't imagine. Whether its Joel putting pressure on a recently acquired wound of him bandaging his arm to regain health, there are very detailed and realistic animations throughout the game. The story is fantastic and the prologue sets the tone for the amazing tale. Shooting and overall gameplay is raw, brutal, and exciting. One of the top three games i have ever played. Only on Playstation. Expand
  36. Jun 15, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Juegazo, aunque la sensación de estar jugando a una mezcla de Uncharted con Enslaved no se me quita de la cabeza. Aunque realmente no tenga nada que ver en la jugabilidad (el sigilo es vital aquí, y los recursos limitadísimos) sí que es cierto que se parece a ambos juegos. Expand
  37. Jun 19, 2013
    this game has a excellent scene and very good sound and gameplay and the best graphic i have ever seen. i think Naughty Dog makes the best games in all over the over
  38. Jun 16, 2013
    The last of us won't make you discovers new things or a revolutionary gameplay. The game picks the best from every genre and makes it great.

    The graphics are great and put Uncharted 3 in the abyss. But it's not the look when you see the character's facial expressions you really think they are human. The voice cast is a wonder and the musics add this senses of sadness you'll feel all
    along the game

    The best part for me is the story. This game makes you feel something as you grow attached to Joel and Ellie. The secondaries char's are not just simple adds they have an important place. Rarely a game scenario was this good and well written.


    At the you wonder if really the humanity is worth saving and what is the price we are ready to pay for it
  39. Jun 16, 2013
    Perfect. Gameplay, multiplayer, graphics, story all 10/10.
    Even though the PS3's at the end of its lifetime, the graphical capabilities still surprises me. With the PS4 'round the corner, The Last of Us will make that wait much easier... Combat's perfect, scavenge what you can and build what you need before your next battle against the mushroom-headed infected. I have never been so
    indulged into a world, story and lore since The Elder Scrolls (which is a major achievement for a long time TES fan). Multiplayer isn't the shine of this game, nor is it Naughty Dog's main aim; but it doesn't feel like an afterthought cannot say too much, but it uses a few mechanics from the story mode over to MP, like building items. Sound astounds me. Puts me on the edge of my seat at all times. Clickers are scary, strong and gives the game an eerie atmosphere. I won't ramble on anymore, just buy it!. Certainly game of the year for me. This is not 'Uncharted with guns' for all them critics, and does not get boring. Expand
  40. Jun 16, 2013
    I´m gonna´ be honest, i don´t own the game, haven´t played it because i don´t own a PlayStation 3, so i decided to watch just a small part of the game on YouTube, just the prologue specifically.
    But after watching the prologue my curiosity asked me to watched more and more, and wouldn't´t stop watching the videos, it was like a marathon of your favorite TV show (series) and it really felt
    like one.
    I mean the characters, not only the main, but all of them had this special meaning in the story, anyways the protagonist where the ones that surpassed my thoughts, the character development, the emotional link and relation between Joel and Ellie was so good and convincing. The plot, storytelling was magnificent, to the point that i was like "Why is this not a movie or something?".
    I really felt like i was inside the story, and keep in mind i was just watching the play-through on YouTube, imagine if i was actually playing the game, i cared about the characters that almost dropped tears.
    And that´s not all, but the feeling they putted in the scenery, the beauty of the landscapes plus the soft guitar music in the background, they really knew the mood of the situation.
    If you want to hear good music and think of the taken decision just wait till´ the credits are gone.
    Best game ever. 1000/10, i´m not overrating, i just explained why i liked it so much, but remember, i watched through YouTube, so the experience you will get while playing it must be AMAZING.
  41. Jun 16, 2013
    I've just created an account to give an honest review of this game, I felt the need to spread the love and praise of this game. It truly IS the masterpiece everyone is telling you it is. I picked it up day one and have since gotten through my first of many playthroughs. The story is drama perfection. It feels completely organic never hammed up or forced upon you. The subtlety is the true beauty of this game the way the environments lighting and dialogue convey tension, emotion and the gravity of the situation. I was literally jumping at my Tv when I feared for the characters lives. The gameplay is simple survival. Every shot counts, stealth is king and taking no prisoners leaving no one to come after you all hammer home the direness that the world has fallen into, where every moment may be cut short by infected or a lead pipe across the face. Naughty Dog does not glamorize violence, or collecting ladders to climb. It is a love-note to realism in video games. Everywhere You go tells a story if You're observant enough to read them nothing is in vain nothing is pointless filler. Everything has purpose everything means something. Switching direction to address not anything about the game but people reviewing it.

    Whatever faults others have found that i've read in other reviews critic and user are, to put it bluntly untrue. I suspect they nit-picked the game to death to rebel against the generally incredible praise. For whatever morbid satisfaction having a different opinion from anyone else would hold. A few of the things I've read are downright lies. I.e. a user reviewer attacked the A.i. saying your companions would make too much noise screwing him over. Which is funny because enemies don't even register your companions when You're sneaking. Which is a little odd because You can have ellie basically cuddling a hunter. But I cannot count this against the game because having to sneak about and account for an A.I. You have no control over would botch several areas of the game directly or indirectly... back on topic. I've read that the graphics aren't that great.(****) or the voice acting is so-so(****) or the story is mediocre(****) This game from a technical perspective is a masterpiece. the voice acting WILL make you tear up once or twice. you WILL care about these characters unless you have a heart of stone. And the story WILL grip you. The world will immerse You and the enemies will terrify you. Enemy A.i. is competent and cunning to boot. Infected have human hearts and minds deep inside of them and are horrifying to just sit unnoticed and observe them jerk and twitch about sobbing, mumbling, trying to form words............ I should end this review now, but I could easily go on forever. In closing the last of us is magnificent poignant subtle beautiful and immersive, easily the best exclusive and best game of this generation.
  42. Jun 16, 2013
    Definitely one of the most gut-wrenchingly awesome games I've ever played, right next to Half-Life, and BioShock. I knew going in that this game was going to be special, what with IGN gushing about it for weeks. But I never expected how grabbing and immersing this game is. I didn't cry at any point, in case you're wondering, but I certainly felt I was going to at many points where I found myself floored by a well-written and gut-wrenching story moment.

    Great voice acting, graphics, music, sound effects, animations, character design, even the gameplay which still freaks me out a little bit. Anyone who gives this game less than a 9 either hasn't played through to the end or hasn't played at all, or they simply didn't get it. Best game of 2013, either this or BioShock Infinite so far.
  43. Jun 16, 2013
    Few times have I been so on edge and so focused on a game and its storyline. The Last of Us is EXCEPTIONAL in its presentation. The acting (voice and animation) is of award-winning quality, and the story is one of the deepest and most touching I have ever experienced in a video game. The game isn’t easy, and the gameplay can be frustrating every now and then, but it’s worth it.
  44. Jun 16, 2013
    I have no idea why this game has so many bad reviews, I believe this is game of the year, the story is amazing, the graphics are good too, and the gameplay is unbelievable. This game brings you through so many emotions, it has a little bit of every thing to it. It's scary, it's funny, it's violent, it's tense, the list keeps going on and on. The immersion levels are just spectacular, from characters animations, to the detail in notes you can find scattered across the world. The multiplayer is interesting, it's fun but also needs strategy to win. All in all, this game truly deserves a 10/10. Expand
  45. Nov 26, 2013
    This is one of my all time favorite games, such a flawless game probally naughty dogs best game yet. Hopefully they will continue this franchise on the ps4.
  46. Jun 18, 2013
    Amazing game, Naughty Dog really captures the essence of survival with this game, its tense and full of emotion.
    Presentation: The presentation of the game is outstanding. It's voice actors do a tremendous job, graphics are over par and Naughty Dog always seem to create such cinematic games. 10/10 for presentation

    Story: The game has an amazing story, with a sufficient amount of twists
    and turns to keep me playing for hours. Its story has a good length. 10/10 for story

    Gameplay: The game play in this game surprised me a bit, i went into the game feeling that the combat would take away from the amazing story, but i was mistaken. The combat carries out the tense vibe with gory, brutal kills. the shooting mechanics show similarities with the Uncharted series, however have little differences that make the game so much better. The sway of the hand when aiming for example. Ammo and supplies are also scarce in The Last of Us, which gives more of a survival feel to the game. Another gameplay factor is exploring, there is a ton to explore in the Last of Us. The game play in the Last of Us is outstanding, however the combat may get a bit repetitive for some. 9.5/10 for gameplay.

    Multiplayer: This is a division where Naughty Dog doesn't shine usually. However, the Last of Us had such an amazing concept that was carried out and executed perfectly. The combat from the singleplayer comes into the multiplayer unlike in Uncharted and the tense vibe also comes in. I would have liked to see co-op, however the multiplayer suffices. With only 2 game modes for the multiplayer, it can get a bit repetitive. 9/10 for multiplayer

    Overall: This game may be the best I have played from this generation, the characters were played perfectly, the story was immersive and gameplay was awesome as well, multiplayer was good as well but had a few bugs and problems here and there. Naughty Dog has failed to disappoint me yet again. 9.7/10 (im rounding up to 10)
  47. Jul 1, 2013
    The best PS3 exclusive videogame I can even say that this is one of the best videogames in the world.There is nothing bad to say about THE LAST OF US!!!!!!!!
  48. Jul 6, 2013
    I've never felt compelled to write a review, but figured I'd make an exception for this game.

    First, just to clear the air a bit, I want to point out a few things the game is NOT. It is not Uncharted with zombies, and similarly, it is not a shooter. You can play it that way on the easy setting, and just shoot your way through, but on normal and up be prepared to do some sneaking and
    running away. It is not a casual, cheerful game. It's depressing, dark, and sometimes walks the fine line between "fun" and "tedious."

    Also, just to put it out there, a lot of the negative reviews are by people who clearly haven't played the game, but have just watched a few gameplay clips. Anyone who primarily complains about the game's "puzzles" clearly has just watched a clip but not played the full game; those sequences are a tiny fraction of the overall gameplay. The game is not full of QTEs, but it might look like it does to someone who hasn't played it, as it will tell you which button does what in certain situations. If someone complains that the game is just a shooter, take it with a huge pile of salt or assume that they played it on the easiest setting and just ran through the levels.

    So what is the game? IMO it's primarily a stealth game, but in several instances it forces you to fight your way out. But you're almost always outnumbered and you usually don't have a full supply of ammo. If you don't like stealth games, you're probably better off steering clear of the game or renting it. If you try to run in guns blazing, in most cases you'll be outgunned quickly, and if you manage to survive, you run out of ammo before you kill all the enemies. What typically happened for me was that I would take down a few enemies silently before I got spotted, then would fight my way through the rest once they saw me.

    The basic mechanic of the game is cover based stealth; hide behind stuff, and make sure the enemies don't have line of sight. You have a "listen mode" which basically lets you see through walls if the enemy is making noise, so you can keep track of them. If you catch them unaware, you can take them down with a long strangle move or with a shiv (if you have one). If they see you, you can still take them down, but it will alert other enemies nearby. Also, Joel is generally not a very good shot as his arm wobbles, so its in your best interest not to rely on shooting (at least until you can upgrade).

    The story and characters are what drives the game, both figuratively and literally. I can't say much without spoiling it, but if you don't care about the characters, you probably won't enjoy the game. The tone of the game is oppressive and depressing, and thoughout the game I had a sinking feeling that something horrible was about to happen. And sometimes it did happen. There are few bright spots in the game. This unending depression makes it hard to move forward in the game and at times makes it hard to play. But the characters and their story motivated me to keep going. If you don't like the characters (or don't pay attention) you may reach a point where you just don't want to play anymore. Especially since some parts of the game are really difficult. IMO the overall story is worth the effort, and the overall pay off I think is comparable to completing Demon's Souls and/or Dark Souls without spoilers.

    I did have a few problems with the game that prevent it from getting a 10 from me though. The AI is really spotty and inconsistent. Infected are pretty dumb in general, and I can accept that; some of them don't even have brains anymore. But human enemies vary wildly; sometimes they're really smart, sometimes they're dumb as bricks. Friendlies are similarly inconsistent, and on top of that, are totally invisible to enemies. I can understand that from a gameplay perspective, but it can really disrupt immersion.

    Speaking of immersion, the overall mood and tone gets disrupted by the game elements. Getting chased by a horde of zombies, but see something glimmering in the corner? Of course you have to take the detour to grab it. Someone tells you to go as fast as you can straight down a corridor, but you see a room off to the side? Of course you have to go in and look for stuff. Of course, there's the typical "you're about to run into an enemy, so here's some ammo just in case" loot caches in a few spots.

    Overall, it's an amazing game, if you buy into the characters. The cons are pretty minor in the scheme of the game; the AI is generally smart enough to kill you repeatedly and its ultimately a video game so there are going to be gamey elements.
  49. Jul 11, 2013
    if you're reading this,get your computer,get out of your house and drive to a gameshop and buy this friggin' game,because if you don't have this game it means either you're poor or you have a suckish taste in games
    ,and I mean it
  50. Jul 14, 2013
    The best game of this generation on any format, and the best game I have personally ever played. The game mechanics are spot on, it's fun and challenging (unless you play on easy) and the story and characters are easily movie worthy. Genuinely felt more for the characters than 99% of apocalypse movies. Great ending leaving me desperate for more. The multiplayer is even worth a whirl! Must buy! Expand
  51. Jul 29, 2013
    There must be more games like this. The Last of Us is a rare game which focuses on both the story and the gameplay and manages to make both of them brilliant, this is one of the best games of the PS3 era.

    Story: The story is desperately sad in The Last Of Us. Society has fell apart due to a fungal illness which makes human beings become crazy and ferocious monsters. Joel is a middle
    aged man who has given up on humanity and murder is something that has become a normal days work to him. He then runs into a young girl named Ellie who he is tasked with taking care of and escorting her across the country to a group called the Fireflies. The story is powerful but sometimes cliched as it follows some of the same plot-lines as other post apocalyptic fiction but if it ain't broke don't fix it. The characters themselves are down to earth and are the most likeable and understanding characters I have ever seen in a video game and it is truly sad the game has to end sometime.

    Gameplay: The gameplay in The Last Of Us is realistic and makes you feel like you a lost in a world gone to hell. Not only must you be wary around the infected but also other human beings in a dog eat dog world where the word mercy falls onto deaf ears. The AI for the infected can be predictable but it fits with the story of the game, the human AI is different from that and will hunt you down if you are not careful. Ellie is never a hindrance to the player since enemies never try and attack her and this can break the immersion of the game at times but it is better than having to constantly look after her like Sheva/Ashley in the Resident Evil games. Ellie is helpful because not only does she help find supplies but she will also distract enemies or even attack them which can make a difference when it's just two of you against a whole group of survivors. The AI in total is some of the best I've seen in gaming with only a few occasions were they don't seem to know what they're doing. Supplies are scarce in the game and every encounter makes you think should I use this now or keep it for later? There is no hand holding when it comes to supplies, once you used anything then its gone and all you can hope is it you'll find a similar item later. Combat is brutal, every gun shot counts and can knock Joel off his feet if he's not careful and melee combat allows you to do finishing moves that will cause your enemies head to smack against the environment while his brain pops out.

    Graphics: the graphics are amazing sometimes you feel like you're watching a movie and every expression is visible on every characters face both during game-play and cutscenes making them seem very human. The enviroments are well detailed and allow you to explore and scavenge it to see if you can find anymore supplies.

    The Last Of Us is the closest to a perfect game I have ever played with just about everything done right in the game apart from at times clumsy enemy AI and a little bit of immersion breaking. The story may follow some zombie cliches but that doesn't make it bad in any sense. The Last Of Us is definitely one of the best games I have ever played and it is one that I will play for years to come.
  52. Aug 2, 2013
    This game is the PS3's masterpiece, and also its best farewell gift. Never before in this generation of consoles I've felt so much excitement, joy, sadness and involvement. This is more than a game, it's an experience. Even when completed, you'll frequently find yourself thinking about Joel and Ellie, what they went through together, the people they met, and who they become.

    Thank you
    so much Naughty Dog. I can't wait to discover what you will gift us with on the PS4 Expand
  53. Aug 9, 2013
    What makes this not a great game The controls are very unintuitive any time I want to run, or use a medical kit, or just stop the character from crouching (which he seems to want to do all the time), I basically have to consult the manual. This is frustrating since the game is very focused on lots of action. Too much action, and too many enemies. Something like Silent Hill would have been great, just exploring creepy places, but this feels like I'm battling through a Die Hard movie.
    These kinds of games, with lots of difficult action where you have to replay the same scene 10+ times, were fine for the 80s, but I had hoped we left those masochistic days behind us. Occasionally I get a rude reminder like this, when all Im looking for is a few hours on a horror movie set.
  54. Dec 1, 2013
    The last of us is not just a game, it is also a masterpiece. Few producers can make a game with this graphics capability and great gamely. However, I found the story weak point of the game. The story is almost the same as most stories of zombie games. While there zombie games with similar stories, I never will evaluate the game with a score of 10.
  55. Feb 27, 2014
    The game is well done: graphics, animations, sounds and music - 10, but game mechanics - 2.
    In 2 words I would describe the genre like 'walking game', because 95% of the game you walk, walk, climb over fences, walk, solve 'ultratricky' puzzles, like to move a box or a board to climb over a fence or move forward. You solve these puzzles so many times, sssssooooo repetitive. In addition the
    game is absolutely linear and has 0 replayability. I wonder why it's a top ps3 game here. Expand
  56. Jul 25, 2013
    This game IS over rated. I can't imagine all the perfect scores failed me AGAIN. This used to be the most reliable site to find an honest review. I'm not sure what is going on, but maybe some reviewers jumped the gun on this one. Either that or because of the "PERFECT SCORES", I expected something worth being "perfect".... I was anticipating something epic. something that would blow my mind. Got to the end of the game, and never found what is so PERFECT about it... AND WHAT IS UP WITH THE DLC NOT BEING revealed what it is, It's just access to online game playing. Wish I'd never bought it. Already paid TOO MUCH for this short single player game. There is nothing perfect about this game, and it was actually disappointing at the very end. I think I just got bamboozled. Expand
  57. Jul 6, 2013
    I'm a huge fan of post-apocalyptic games such as The Last of Us, but for some reason I just didn't pay this game any mind. After hearing about how good it was and being told by just about everyone to get it I decided to finally try it out. I'm glad I did because The Last of Us is one of the best games I've ever played. It's a perfect example of how to make a video game a perfect cinematic experience without sacrificing anything in the gameplay department. It's a survival game with a fantastic story and characters. Having to constantly scrounge around for supplies really gives you the feeling that you're doing whatever it takes to survive in this harsh world. Combat is always intense and brutal. I have to give special praise to the games satisfying melee combat because it's truly awesome. By far the best part of the story mode is the actual story. I don't want to spoil anything but I can tell you that it's an emotional tale filled with characters so human you can't help but care about them. The multiplayer is also a lot of fun and something different than the norm. You choose one of two factions and battle it out for supplies to grow your own virtual faction and keep them alive. The actual gameplay revolves around teamwork and making smart use of your limited supplies. Even in multiplayer you'll be scrounging to survive. The Last of Us is a fantastic experience that pull you in and wont let you go. Go pick it up now, if you don't you wont just be missing out on one of the best games of this year, but also one of the best games of all time. Expand
  58. Jun 16, 2013
    Last Of Us is an action oriented 3rd person shooter with some survival moments. The story is what makes this game epic! The story is deep and captivating and you'll love the main characters. Fighting to survive in a world of doom is something a lot of developers are doing nowadays. Naughty Dog found the middle road between a great story and entertaining game play. The story takes place at the beginning of the outbreak and takes you across the country meeting new NPC's and discovering new areas. Spectacular graphics and great voice acting also help tell this epic story (one of the best cinematics up to now). Notable game play elements are, the shooting mechanics and cover system are one of the best I've seen to date (smooth and responsive). Crafting ability is simple to understand and use. You can also upgrade your characters skills and weapons. For me the most disappointing thing was there just was too much combat as I was expecting less. In combat situations Naughty Dog does give you the option to either do stealth or guns a blazing if you prefer. For casual gamers I recommend to put this game on easy setting so you can enjoy the story with less frustration at certain times. At the end I was greatly satisfied with The Last OF Us and I do recommend buying this one. Expand
  59. Jun 23, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. What does it mean to be called a masterful game? If you look or play for an hour of The Last of Us, that question might just be answered, hell even the prologue is enough to make you go crying into your pillow. This is the ultimate swan song of this generation, and could easily contend with being the best of them all.
    Naughty Dog, the wonderful creators behind Uncharted, have not created a carbon copy of their best selling franchise, and while there are similarities in terms of gameplay and mechanics, it firmly stands on its own two feet as not only better than Uncharted, but something special that may never be matched again.
    The game is a fully interactive piece of art, kicking off in the current year where we bear witness to a vicious fungal outbreak that 'infects' most of the population, infect or infected being the prime word here, contrary to popular belief, this is not a regular zombie post-apocalyptic flick, for the simple reason that these are not zombies, they are infected human beings as outlined by the creators.
    We assume the role of Joel, a late thirties/early forties man who is the victim of a tragic opening in the game, where we are introduced to what exactly has happened, but its when the game fast forwards 20 years that the full extent of the title is explained, unknown as to who has survived the outbreak and under strict military regime, Joel works as a smuggler for a local band of misfits in a quarantined Boston, but when he is tasked with smuggling a young girl called Ellie across the country, he is initially quite skeptical about going out of his way for this girl that he knows nothing about .
    While they start to traverse across a broken America, their initial awkwardness around each other starts to wear off, and one of the highlights of the game is the conversations that these two have. Ellie, who was born after the outbreak, is in a strange world and often likes to hear about how it used to be her surprise at random stories of the past may just have you questioning your own life and what has been forgotten.
    Taking place across a year, we witness the various seasons and beautiful landscapes and cities that Naughty Dog has created for our two heroes, whatever diverse and rich environment you are in for a particular part of the story, be sure to explore it, simply for the fact that supplies and ammunition are low throughout the game, where choices have to be made in terms of what you can carry and and what you may need to carry.
    As a story, The Last of Us is a true benchmark not only in game storytelling, but in a literary sense it is near perfect. These creatures that attack you are never brushed off with rock music to show any valour in our characters, they realise that these are still people, but of course these infected are a force to be reckoned with, a group called Clickers may just have you being sleepless for a while, these ones have got the worst of the infection, and while they cannot see, the slightest noise you make will alert them and have them chasing you endlessly, the name of them deriving from the sound they make, one of the most dreaded sounds in the game, because not matter what age you may be, this is a frightening and emotionally draining story from start to finish, whether you have to somehow sneak or fight your way through a band of infected, or if your only source of light is a torch clipped to your chest, these are some of the best but most frightening pieces of the game.
    The creators have proved once again that an amount of care and sympathy can be felt for video game characters, Joel and Ellie are the most unlikely duo with the biggest task at hand, and each and every time one of them hit any trouble, there is despair to be felt in case any harm should come to them, we laugh and perhaps cry with them, Ellie isn't able to swim and Joel must go and find something to help her cross, its the little things that give us so much from these characters, a remarkable feat from the makers, they know how bad they have it, and now we must share their pain, with the limited ammo that we have.
    No analysis of multiplayer, I have yet to play it, but for what the game is created for, the story, this is a truly wondrous and phenomenal stroke of genius and creative mastery, an epic tale of survival, loyalty, willpower, loneliness but most of all, friendship. The game is truly breathtaking and will undoubtedly stand the test of time and should deservedly be on everyone's list as one of the best games ever created, because it will certainly not be a forgettable experience.
  60. Oct 15, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I bought a PS3 for this game. I watched the E3 video and a gameplay video of the intro. Such immersive beauty! Just before the titles, I pressed pause and went to buy a console.
    I expected a mature game of explorations, ingaging strategic combat, an original and fullfilling storyline all tied together with a smart gameplay. I was very disappointed and that's why:
    - The story is not well written, but i don't want to spoiler this in case someone will play the game anyway.
    - The intro is misleading, the rest of the game will not see the plot develop while you're playing. It goes like this: you enter an area, you kill the dumb enemies, reach a certain point cutscene next area. Every area has a patethic excuse to reach the next (like, "hey i need a car, so let's walk across a block full of infected to find a car battery"), after a while you wont even remember why you're escorting a little brat and where.
    - Exploration is absolutely linear (non existent). You cross a lot of cities, but every gate, every stair ramp, every door is closed but the ones you have to take. If a room is open it means that that's your path or a little decoy to refill your ammo/health/powerups. This is not well hided, there are no tricks to make the world seem continuous. You WILL see a door just closed as any other and no way to try to open it or you will climb a ramp of stairs to find a wall of junk that doesn't let you pass. Sometimes you simply wander like an idiot trying to find the hole you have to climb in. Sometimes you will have to push a little cart, move a stairs or push your friend over an edge to reach the next area. But there's no brainer here, you just have to push a button and the trick is always the same.
    - This is a combat game, don't be fooled. You enter an area, there will always be obvious placed repairs to hide, the enemies will ALWAYS be alert and patroling (no immersion here, every zone is a tactical zone) you can cross them while they're talking but after some useless dialogue lines they will patrol again, even in some remote zone of the world (this to make you understand that there's ZERO immersion in this fictional world, every level is a tactical level). It doesn't matter if you've mastered every FPS, military tactical or stealth game since doom: you will die, a lot. The patrol will always walk towards you, even if you're in the dark behind a counter, they will take 3 gunshots from a little distance and still have the strenght to hit you with a crowbar and god the zombies are dumb. Ammo should be rare but they will drop from enemies proportionally to your usage and your partner will refill you (with med kits too). The glorious animations that made us tremble in hype from the E3 trailer will quickly become boring.

    This is a truly overrated game. I can't understand why people are praising it, every aspect is mediocre (graphics are good, but not THAT good). There are tons of masterpieces waiting to be played out there, i'm playing games since 1990 and this title will be forgotten very soon.
  61. Jun 24, 2013
    There is one really annoying flaw with this game. Whenever you are trying to stealthily hide behind objects to remain obscured from the antagonists, Ellie runs around right in front of them undected! Another flaw is that when Joel has a gun equipped and goes for his melee weapon the gun vanishes into thin air which is stupid. Ok so there is the bad. Everything other than that more than makes up for those flaws. This game has a great story. It is very engaging and paced along superbly. The characters are cool. The weapon system is easy and fun to use. There are some genuine scares. PLEASE NAUGHTY DOG....THE LAST OF US 2!!!!! Expand
  62. Jun 19, 2013
    Great story. Amazing graphics/effects add to the sensational immersion. Fantastic characters who you (at least I did) actually feel for and become invested in, particularly since there really is character development. Voice acting is superb. The opening scene, with what happens to Joel and... well, wow. That hit me hard and was totally unexpected. I may or may not have teared up, and that was within ten minutes after starting the game. Lots of great heart-pumping action and unexpected twists of varying sizes that help to really spice things up, because just when you think it's going one way it goes another.

    My cons/gripes: shooting in this game could use some improvement. Gameplay is still rough around the edges too.. And the AI in terms of enemies and your allies, while often great, is sometimes erratic and unrealistic in that sometimes while sneaking around my ally would be all up in the enemy's face and neither one would do anything as if they didn't see each other even though they were right in front of one another.

    All in all, no ifs, ands, or buts about it, YOU MUST PLAY THIS GAME.
  63. Jun 16, 2013
    This is truly a brilliant masterpiece of a game, it has one of the best and most powerful openings to a game I have seen, and the story does not stop with these kind of moments. The characters are the most believable characters I have seen in a game to date, and the story is top notch. And the pacing is perfected I think.

    The gameplay is some of the best third person action I have
    played, the sneaking is great and better than some games that focus on stealth, but the action is just brutal and so exhilarating. There is not that many games that makes the blood pump with excitement like this game. The graphics are amazing for PS3, some of the characters looks better than anything I have seen, even games on PC which have generally better graphics, can't compare to the amazing detail on some of the characters in this game.
    I wish it was released on PC, as some higher res and AA would have made this game one of the best looking games ever, but still it looks more than good enough.

    The game is long to, which is great as I spent a bit over 15 hours to finish the game, and I did not wish it to end at all, so I really hope there will be some sequels for this series.

    Naughty Dog is one of the reasons why you would buy a PS3, and I truly hope that a sequel to this game comes out to the PS4. If they can make something this great for PS3, then I can't even imagine what they have in store for the PS4. This is the best game for a console yet, and that says a lot.

    If you own a PS3 and never play this, you don't deserve to own a PS3 as it is the best way to end the current generation of consoles.
  64. Jun 16, 2013
    Trust me people yes the gameplay and story start off slow but if you give a chance it starts to kick in around the 3 hour mark your're in for one hell of a ride trust me
  65. Apr 15, 2014
    the initial hype I had for this game was thwarted after seeing it wasn't going to be on the xbox but my buddy hyped it back up for me and talked me into a play through. I fell asleep. the first 4 hours is a bore fest of picking up items, walking really slow, helping a girl swim in a repetitive manner of grab this go here come back and then you can continue. the dialogue between the characters wasn't interesting to me and the story's pace was to slow to keep me interested. the 3rd person shooting is straight out of the 90's. graphics are alright. Expand
  66. Jun 16, 2013
    This is one of the generations best games, if not one of the best ever made! Naughty Dog shows us how to make a dramatic, horror/survival game with a fantastic story! I love it!
  67. Jun 15, 2013
    This is the kind of experience that solidifies games as art. You cannot argue after playing this that games are not art. This is a beautiful game, both graphically and emotionally. The game play is excellent, but that isn't even the point. The point is the world in which you are immersed in, which is what art is meant to do, to transport you to another place. It does that, more so than many books or movies that I have seen. An excellent game. Expand
  68. Jun 15, 2013
    This game is AMAZING, very good plot, breathtaking graphics for a console game, controls are perfect for a survival game. And you'd think the multiplayer's nothing special, but surprisingly it's awesome.
  69. Jun 15, 2013
    Perfect game by a perfect studio. The Last of Us is a story driven game which sees you go to hell and back. (not literally). The gameplay is smooth and gory which reflects the dark story.
  70. Jun 15, 2013
    One of the best games that I have ever played. The combat system is very realistic for an apocalypse. More than once I found myself taking the stealthy route due to a lack of bullets, which just draws me into the experience even more. Bravo, Naughty Dog, Bravo.
  71. Jun 15, 2013
    Muito bom o game, ND esta de parabéns, mais uma vez fazendo uma obra de arte para o PS3!!! Ambientação, emoção, jogabilidade, movimentação, gráficos... Tudo impecável nesta obra de arte chamada The Last of Us.
  72. Jun 16, 2013
    I just completed this game and it is fantastic, the game play it beyond immersive, and is truly dynamic, It kept me up all night and took a total of 10 hours and 30 minutes to finish. I seriously hope they're working on a sequal as I really really want naughty dog to make one. I am doing a playthrough on youtube if you want to see it type ilight8 on youtube. My playthrough is with editing and I don't constantly talk all the time, in my opinion this game is defiantly worth having, and if you don't have a ps3, by one now. Or wait for a ps4 your choice. Expand
  73. Jun 16, 2013
    The Last of Us is an above average game, but no where near perfect. The world and characters are simply amazing and watching the story play out is one of the better experiences in video games. The game it's self is nothing more than above average. The graphics look great, character animations and interactions with the environment and each other are great to watch, but there are some definite issues with objects popping into and out of environments, including an entire building that I was in at one point, and a strange shimmer and glow to a lot of objects in the environment. The Uncharted-esque style of game play is translated fairly well, but does take some time to get used to. The gun play and stealth are again, above average, but do leave a little bit to be desired. There are collectibles hidden everywhere, and if you're into trophies you'll definitely have to play the game numerous times. Overall, I can't deny the enjoyment I got from this game, I beat the entire story in two sittings, including powering through the last 8 hours in one sitting. The story, world, and characters and simply amazing to watch, but with some strange graphical glitches, and some game play mechanics that just seem a little off on occasion, The Last of Us is an great game with some basic issues that are pretty easy to overlook, and should make you happy to be a gamer in 2013. Expand
  74. Jun 16, 2013
    The Last of us is a great game. No its an Experience a much play. He is clearly what he is supposed to be an Survival horror. To me the Game is a mixed Between the TV Series :The Walking Dead and those two movies 28 Days or Weeks Later. Even the multiplayer has its charm. Not Revolutionary but good. The Game is kind of long to start maybe a too long tutorial. Once this is out of the way. The Game Is Fun and satisfying. Beat infected with a brick or an old rusted pipe. Is Great. maybe the game does deserve 20/20 but its a great game none the less. Expand
  75. Jun 17, 2013
    A truly brilliant game minus the awful upgrade system and terrible A.I for Ellie, not game of the year it has nothing on Bioshock infinite but never the less truly stunning. It is quite a shame that this isnt multiplatform, i would love to play it on PC
  76. Jun 19, 2013
    From someone who has been a hardcore gamer for 20 years, and who is also a HUGE film buff: This is, for me, the best game I have ever played. Why? First, the story is MASTERFUL. If this was a movie, I really believe it would have blown the critics away, and would have most likely gone down as an enduring classic. Incredible atmosphere of tension (definitely reminded me of a Coen brothers film), heartbreaking emotion (and I am almost never moved by video games stories), great "cinematography", and a script that in my opinion surpasses Cormac McCarthy's novels. Naughty Dog has drawn from a wealth of influences, and has created a story that is better than them all (in my opinion).
    Second, the gameplay is TENSE and very fun. If you didn't feel tension while playing this game, then you need to switch to hard difficulty (and listening mode turned off), because normal mode is for average gamers. I started on the hardest difficulty possible, with no listening mode, and man was this game incredibly tense. (I felt more tension throughout this than No Country For Old Men...I actually had to take breaks to give my stomach a rest). While the combat is not perfect (no game is), its VERY good, and not worth nitpicking due to how it services the phenomenal story.
    Third, this is the most immersive experience I think I have ever had, in gaming or in film. While there are occasional bugs due to the ambitious nature of the game, they are quite rare, and in the course of my 20 hour playthrough, I took my time stealthily in order to conserve the limited ammo I had, and explored the world thoroughly), I actually experienced tension, fear, disgust, hatred, hope, love, joy, peace, brokenness, sorrow. There are moments in this game that I will never forget.
    Lastly, the game is deeply philosophical. What at first glance appears to be a cliched "zombie" (although the infected are nothing like zombies, and are much more believable in my opinion) story is slowly revealed to actually be a fascinating study on humanity, morality, and love. This becomes apparent after the conclusion of the game. The game is so profound and well constructed that I could analyze its meaning (through mise en scene and use of motifs) in the same way I would a movie like "Moonrise Kingdom," "The Godfather," or "Pans Labyrinth."
    To sum it up, this game in a masterpiece. I honestly believe (in my opinion) that those who didn't like the game are either: 1) shallow gamers who enjoy mindlessly repetitive "Call of Duty" games rather than meaningful stories, 2) bad gamers, who thought that the gameplay was "broken" due to their lack of skill, and 3) People who don't understand how to interpret and understand masterful works of literature and film. IMO this game's meaning went over some people's heads. If you appreciate powerful films from geniuses like Martin Scorcese, Stanley Kubrick, Guillermo del Toro, and especially the Coen Brothers, you will love the artistry of this game.
    This game dethroned the masterpiece The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time from the top spot in my favorite games of all time. IT'S THAT GOOD. Gameplay wise, I think Zelda is a bit better, but the story of The Last of Us is one of my favorite stories ever (whether game, film, or book). No other game comes close. Gameplay is created to serve the story, so if you are into games only for the sake of mindless Call of Duty action rather than deep story and intelligent strategic combat, or if you are a fan of Micheal Bay style movies, don't play this game, its art will be wasted on you. To those with (in my opinion) good taste, GET THIS GAME!!!
  77. Jun 22, 2013
    This game suffers the same over-hype as Killzone 2 it is a very solid game but it is nowhere near a perfect 10.

    For the positive, I will not waste time repeat in detail of what had been said in every review. It is suffice to say the story, the direction, the music, the voice acting and motion capture are all as perfectas they come. I will focus on why this game is not perfect overall.

    The main problem with this game is the gaming side. There are several issues:

    1, the scavenger system of going through every corner and open every draw looking for stuff gets very tedious very fast. Games are suppose to be fun, realism has its place but not in every place. We do not complain about how Joel can miraculously heal bullet wounds completely in the middle of the battle with just some alcohol and bandage or that he and Ellie can run and fight for many hours without a drink, a meal or a bathroom break, surely we would not mind a little less realism when it comes spend hours going through rubbish and other people's bathroom and bedrooms.

    2, this game is capped at 30 FPS, which is bare minimum for an action game, but because its serious use of PS3's outdated graphics card, FPS often drops down to 25~ish. Also the game uses triple buffer to avoid screen tear, where there is always a frame or two in the buffer before they are displayed. The the end result is that during the shooting part of the game the lag is quite noticeable, especially if you are running a LCD HDTV (which typically have about 30-80ms input lag).

    3, most of the enemy encounters are too easy while the inventory is too small and the check point is too frequent. For a survival game, it lacks a real sense of planning and suspense. If the raw material inventory was larger and enemy encounters demanded more use of items while each check point was longer, the gameplay would have been more challenging and more interesting.

    4, enemies are too dumb yet have too much health. They cannot see you or hear you when you are very close and still moving, or just behind an object (on hard). Their responses upon detection your presence is also quite limited. Naughty Dog's first attempt at stealth gameplay was Uncharted 2. It is unfortunate to see they still haven't mastered this aspect of game design. If you want to know how stealth should be done, see Metal Gear Solid 4. On the issue of too much health, take the hunting rifle for example, it is hard enough to get a good long shot (seen point 2) yet enemies almost always require multiple shots to take down (until the end of the game where you get power and armour piecing upgrade).

    5, Ellie for most part of the gameplay is redundant. You do not have any control over her actions and you do not have to worry about her safety. It is understandable that she is not going to be a bullet sponge or second shooter but there should have been more gameplay interaction. For example give her some commands such as "stay there" or "throw a bottle on my go" would have been fun.

    The second problem that I would like to mention is the graphics. While I appreciate Naughty Dog has pushed PS3's graphics power to its limit I have reservations over some of their choices how to use that power. In particular I feel there are too many environmental objects with too much detail, such as countless beds, draws, tables, desks, boxes, bathrooms, wardrobes. This design choice is directly related with the FPS and lag issue and the excessive scavenging element of the game.
  78. Jun 23, 2013
    A real masterpiece; the story telling is so mature and breath-taking. I am glad i have bought this piece of art because i would have miss one of the best games ever made (and in the top 3 of this generation). Sony spoils its customers so well; Sony (and Naughty dogs here) are giving the PS3 the final it deserves (there's still "Beyond two souls", an other exclusive, to be released) and make us have an early glimpse of what the PS4 will offer us; and we are glad to be on this wonderful trip. Thanks so much for all of this. Expand
  79. Jun 25, 2013
    What can I say? The game is a masterpiece in story telling and and a brilliant exhibition of gameplay.

    The controls are tight and intuitive, whether shooting the infected, strangling hunters or traversing the world. The game itself is well paced, enough action and down time to keep up excitement as well as time to immerse oneself in the world, the environments of post pandemic America.

    The dialogue is well scripted and acted, while avoiding Cliches masterfully.

    Thoroughly enjoyed the game. 10/10.
  80. Jun 25, 2013
    Best of generation. The story is amazing and tense. Is Naughty Dog/God in your best form. The journey of Joel and Ellie is epic, after all...
    Waiting for the second!
  81. Jul 6, 2013
    This game actually gave me an orgasm. The story is freaking great, the graphics are so brilliant that you seem like in the game itself, the characters and actions are great as well. I couldn't say anything more than an awesome game like this, especially to those horror/action game fans. This is a gaming masterpiece. Brilliant. Freaking awesome.
  82. Jul 26, 2013
    When I saw the reviews for this game, I though it would be great. But the game is so repetitive, you just shoot the same zombies over and over again. This game does not deserve a 10/10.
  83. Dec 10, 2013
    To be perfectly honest, I do not understand the rave about the game. i will start by saying yes it does have a decent story line with few plot holes, nothing good or bad about it, pretty average. However, the game play is God-awful, I feel as though the game play is focused on stealth except all the focused on was the shooting aspect, the shooting works great, but will kill you instantly if you ever use it with zombies. One major thing that annoyed me was different types of zombies, no explanation behind how they came to be, just put in there in an attempt to make extra game play. However in the end, special zombies are what ruined the game for me and I'm sure many others, what makes them stronger? I don't know, no one knows. And one last thing, people say the infection is realistic, it isn't possible for the virus to infect humans that way, Dead Island had it right with the mutated strand of Kuru. 4/10 Expand
  84. Mar 12, 2014
    I dont know what it was, maybe cause i started to play it just after finishing beyond.
    The graphics in TLOU well, in comparsion to beyond they r not that good as everyone says.
    Also the stroy in TLOU isnt the greatest of all time. The game starts to get boring realy fast.
    After TLOU was getting high reviews it was obsvious for me to play. But after beating the game. I feel not how i
    imagined i would. True - while playing you feel that u r constantly alone and can depend only on each other but putting that aside; I just wanted to play uncharted 2 and 3 again.

    If uncharted 2 and 3 ar a 10/10 for me. TLOS is a 3/10
    the game is that bad.
  85. Nov 8, 2013
    Was disappointing. The game had so much great talk on how mazing it was said to be but I just don't see it the gameplay was okay the graphics were decent and the characters were good I just don't see the game as so good.
  86. PWG
    Dec 26, 2013
    Overrated and overhyped. Hear me out, first. When you think of a game, what's the first thing you think of? If what you said was any of the following, you probably don't know what a game is: Graphics, soundtrack, acting, story, any type of rating All of those are nice little features, but the correct answer is game-play. That isn't an opinion (maybe in the context of my question), but game-play is the most important thing when it comes to a GAME. Everything else can combine to make a MOVIE. There's a difference between the two.

    Now onto The Last of Us.
    *NONE* of them talk about game-play. Everything but that, actually. This is less a game and more of an experience, which isn't bad, but when the game-play actually is seen, it's incredibly repetitive, either boring or tedious, and the AI is horrendous. I have played this game to the end. Because, again, it's more of an experience the other elements want you to continue. But it's nothing to go back for, and honestly doesn't deserve "Game of the Year" or all these 10's and 100's. This is... an interactive movie, with your "choices" not affecting much at all. There were so many better games this year, yet so many people say this is the best game ever, or of the last decade, and so on. They are wrong. How can their opinion be wrong, you ask? Because when they talk about why they like it, just about EVERY TIME they don't talk about the gameplay, just how it looked pretty and sounded nice. That is not the game they like. They like it for being art, and less a game. Video games are art, yes, but on the list of things that make it art, gameplay is definitely near the bottom, if not at it entirely.

    But I suppose I will get many... dislikes, I guess they are, for saying this. Even though it's true. If you liked the gameplay, fine by me, but I thought it was horrendous and is most certainly what everyone overlooks. And that last part is a fact, not an opinion.
  87. Jan 2, 2014
    The Last Of Us is a benchmark in storytelling, characters, atmosphere, and gameplay. How long has it been since we got a zombie(-esque) game with a story we really care about? Naughty Dog took a genre that had been limited to "exploding heads and that's it" and created a true masterpiece.

    I'm sure you've heard enough about how fantastic the story is, but not enough can be said about it.
    It would be a tremendous mistake to buy this game and skip all the cutscenes. The pacing and storytelling are brilliantly done and oscar-worthy. The casting for the voice actors was done carefully, and each and everyone delivers an incredible and believable performance. And I mean that. From Joel and Ellie, to random bandits, to even the infected who can still scream incoherent phrases. Each and every character is done extremely well. The story itself is dark and unexpected. For the first time in a while I felt like anything could happen. Any character could die, there was no one who was going to make it out of this game alive for certain. And that's a wonderful thing.

    When you're not marvelling at the brilliantly crafted story, you're immersing yourself in a true survival experience. Playing this game on easy would be another mistake. Moderating your ammo, picking and choosing whether to engage in combat or sneak past, crafting explosives and melee weapons out of parts you find on the ground or in cupboards. It all seems so real, and so fun. There are parts when the gameplay falls a bit flat. Sequences where you need to sneak carefully to avoid clickers often results in your companion obnoxiously stomping around or speaking in a normal voice. While this doesn't actually affect you in any way, it really breaks immersion and tension.

    Graphically, the game comes close to challenging some games on the next gen. It's gorgeous, and has some of the best lush environments and lighting I've seen. It creates beautiful vibrant environments when it needs to, and throws you into a dark, broken, and drab world when it suits the story. It constantly reminds you what has happened to this world and never breaks the realm of reality. The character models are done extremely well too. I've never seen such accurate and realistic facial and body movements in and out of cutscenes.

    A small thing that's worth mentioning as well is the soundtrack. Gustavo Santaolalla has composed a brilliant soundtrack that's simple, but so emotional. They're used perfectly in the right moments and are never overbearing. It subtly creates an incredible atmosphere and it's the only gaming soundtrack to date that I have downloaded and listened to over and over again.

    When the story mode of The Last Of Us is done, the game is far from over. Naughty Dog put a lot of effort into an extremely underrated and unique multiplayer experience that doesn't at all fell like an afterthought. With an array of weapons, perks, challenges, and survivors to keep alive, the multiplayer is guaranteed to keep you entertained for a good while.

    Overall, The Last Of Us is among the very few games that deserves a 10 and nothing else. Sony couldn't have ended the generation of the PS3 any better
  88. Feb 16, 2014
    I got fooled by the reviews on this site... What could I expect? Im an idiot... these are the same people who AAA companies are catering to... the main reason we have FF13, FF13-2,FF lightning returns, RE5, RE6.... lol

    I've been playing for 7 hours so far and i'm STILL waiting for something epic to happen. The gameplay is very boring. All it consists of is running from one place to
    another by climbing holes in walls or avoiding monsters. There was absolutely nothing rewarding me to keep doing this over and over. (I wouldn't mind if it actually had some nostalgic value or stunning reward/story).

    Basically, nothing happens unless you "finish the game" which is a complete joke. The game should be EPIC throughout the gameplay.

    Instead, it's just a game where you die and repeat a "sneaking" scenario or use limited weapons to kill everything.... then you run through a desert and reach a new boring environment with different buildings and repeat it again. (then you're rewarded with a scene where everyone is relieved for surviving...but nothing else).

    This was definitely a disappointment. I refuse to give this game more than a 6/10, which was given based on the graphics and game's intro (which makes you believe you're in for something fun...but it's just a empty).

    Whoever says this game has an atmosphere... yeah it does for the first 2 hours... then you realize it was all in your head and you're just performing a Job... it gets boring real quick and suddenly you don't "feel it" anymore.
    Go play RE2. Now that game has a real atmosphere.

    Sorry guys, I know my tone is annoying but Im not trying to offend anybody... don't judge my rating by how annoying I sound. Just accept my message, you don't have to agree with it... Try to understand what I mean instead
  89. Aug 4, 2013
    Superb work of art. You rarely come across a game with such marvellous storytelling. The gameplay is really fun and challenging and the presentation of the game is the best I've seen to date.
    This game is a must-have to every gamer.
  90. Sep 4, 2013
    The biggest issue with this AAA title is that due to its heavy focus on story-telling that it forgets to be a game first and an interactive film second. The game plays great and all but through out the whole campaign, it fails to go anywhere with it but rather keep players in a repetition of collecting items and shooting enemies. Of course, the game offers a variety in ways you encounter enemies but not enough to keep its gameplay interesting. It could have easily avoided such redundancy by introducing new gameplay mechanics or new enemies or boss encounters in the mid game to keep things fresh and make gameplay more engaging. The whole campaign felt very flat. The last section of gameplay felt very anti-climatic. It was a bit more challenging than the rest of the game but it wasn't much different from what you were doing the entire time. Stealth, kill, collect items, repeat over and over. The online mode is nice but that won't save the main campaign from its mediocrity.
    If they ever make a sequel, I hope they'll make a better game than a better interactive b-movie.
  91. Jun 30, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I stopped playing this game about 1/3 in. 1 week later I watched the online play through just for story, so I know what the fuzz will be about when we will be talking about this game later, as I am sure many of my friends will do. As for me, I didn't like it. It felt like a really simple game with very easy puzzles, who required nothing from you but looking around for stuff like a scavenger fool. Don't get me wrong, the opening was great, but after playing Bioshock:Infinite, I guess I was spoiled as the companion in that game was much better than the ones in this one, in regards to mechanism. If you stealth, they run around like idiots. If you swim across a place, your companion would use powerpuff magic to get to you. It does not feel as real as in Bioshock, and it makes it feel like the companion are just put into the game to not get in your way and be a conversationalist.

    Further on everyone are irrational idiots in this world. The environment and atmosphere does not collude with how the world is presented. If you even payed the slightest attention in the nature science classes or even the social sciences, you'd know some of the approaches done in this game are beyond stupid. It's like they wiped the world of anyone with a brain and left the idiots in charge, just to give you an excuse for a game. You have thriving wildlife, nature working just fine and the only problem are a bunch of people who can bite you and some underground fungus. I mean after you are done you've pretty much cleared a whole area of infected people, and could alone be the guardian of humanity, as these people represent no bigger threat than a bad neighborhood. Hell a 14 year old girl are wiping the floor with them, and could easily be cleared by the local militia in a matter of weeks. The fungus are not more dangerous than you can walk through it with a gas mask, you even have a god damn smuggling route through it regularly, yet this is just too hard to eradicate? Like, Come on! Also wtf is the obsession for a cure, from the looks of things you don't need it as the local crime lord packs a bigger punch than the infected ever will. The main character I could not relate to, as he was murdering people left and right "because he have to in order to survive" which is a reason judged from the circumstances, only true in words "because we told you so" and not from a real threat presented in the game. Also he never even considered handing over Ellie to the proper authorities and instead goes through hell for an untrusted weak terrorist organization. Again, the stupidity is beyond what I can fathom. And I get it, this is not the real world, you have to accept some thing in order to keep the story going. Mass Effect was not great because they gave you schematics for their relay stations, but when they try to emerge you as a person into a game, and they try to make that game a survival horror based on what could happen in reality, then I feel that you should require somewhat realistic behavior and not boil it down to "I'm a tough guy who can take care of a 14 year old in a post zombified world".

    Now maybe this game is just not for me, I'm not a big fan of zombie games in general, though I don't dislike them either. I guess there will be no one to read this in the end, as I am on the wrong side of the mainstream fence on this one, but I guess I'll just write this for myself to help me understand why I didn't like it. I expected greatness, I expected a really good story, I expected immersion with my companions and character on a level of the best RPGs, and all I got was this world full of irrational idiots, a story about getting from A to B and a main character with zero choice other than making a fool out of himself over and over and over again.
  92. Jun 19, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The Last of Us is one of the best movies I've ever seen. It's gritty and heartfelt and perfectly acted and eerily beautiful and all the other stuff all the 10/10 reviews say.

    But why is it being sold as a game?? I'm not sure you can call it a game at all.

    The one (and only) thing a game can offer, that a movie can't, is choice. It can put you in situations you've never been in before to let you explore your own psychology. It can offer you power, or joy, or terror, with the illusion that you are actually inhabiting, not just watching, a character.

    Joel makes the choice of a lifetime in the last act of the game. The entire world is broken. People are dying and suffering. It's not clear whether humanity is looking at an extinction level event. And he can personally fix it all. He can go down as humanity's Messiah. But to do that, he has to sacrifice the person he loves most in the world, the girl who's become a daughter to him. The little girl who loves him and trusts him unconditionally, he has to betray her and sign off on her murder.

    If this were a Bioware game or a Bethesda game, we'd be forced to make that agonizing choice. There would be consequences to our decisions; there would be multiple endings; there would be different ways the story could unfold, based on how we shape it.

    In The Last of Us, we just watch passively, helplessly, as Joel makes his decision. The game tells us "And then Joel shot the guard in the balls. Here's a hallway full of soldiers. Clear it."

    That is not a game. That's like... being in a Skinner Box, where your reward is cutscenes rather than cheese. This is a movie that keeps putting itself on pause and saying "Want to see more? Well, then, go swim underwater and find a pallet and shove it over to Ellie and shove it against the wall!" It's no fun at all to do that, but we dutifully perform the task because we want to see the rest of the movie.

    So... why not just make it a movie? Why make a digital Ellen Page in the first place? Was the real one just not available?

    Sure, there are Skinner Box sections that are actually kind of fun to clear. The infected are really no fun at all to deal with, but the fights with the hunters, with the cannibals, those are fun. But they're not groundbreaking in any way. As a hybrid stealth/action shooter, I'm going to say that I think Metal Gear Solid 3 plays significantly better. Joel always feels heavy, clumsy, sluggish. Snake's more fun to play with. And MGS3 was nine years ago.

    You know, I think that picking the right media for your art is important. If a movie came out in theaters that's just an hour of watching a masterpiece of a painting while an incredible concept album played in the background critics would universally pan it. They'd say "This is a painting and an album. One star."

    So why is it that when a game comes out that's actually just a movie, critics respond with universal acclaim?? I don't get it.
  93. Jun 17, 2013
    I would give this game a 12 if I had the chance. i never played a game that moved me like this game in 25 years of gaming. Such a mature game which hits at all spots..graphics, animations, characters, storytelling, emotional impact. Just unbelievable this is possible on a 7 year old machine.
    I can not understand how you could rate this less than a 10. Anyone rating this low simply didn't
    understand it or likes to hate/is a fan-boy. Expand
  94. Jun 23, 2013
    I had a lukewarm feeling about this game after seeing gameplay videos leading up to the release, but I bought it anyway based on all the glowing reviews. The story is very well done, but the gameplay is just not fun and repetitive. The world seems very believable, but I just wanted to get to the next level for the story alone, not because I was enjoying play it. All in all, an average game, and I really am mystified by the high user score. I would have expected 8.0 at best. I really loved the Uncharted series and I feel this is a step backwards. Expand
  95. Jun 17, 2013
    Ok... in the past I have given games 10. After playing this game, I realize I have to go back and take all of the 10s back and give them 7s, 8s, or 9s at best. This game isn't perfect, but it is close. I was fully engrossed in every aspect of the game. Story. Characters. Beautiful graphics. Environment. AMAZING emotion and heart! Anyone giving this game a low score is a fan boy of other systems and are just mad that they don't have a PS3. This game is worth the price of a PS3 alone, even right before the release of the PS4. I immediately started it again once I finished it. I have NEVER done that before. I am now declaring this as my favorite game of all time. Sorry RE4 and Bioshock. Expand
  96. Jun 14, 2013
    Consider the recent New York Times review, which includes perceptive insights into the role of female characters in video games.

  97. Apr 25, 2014
    Why this game got the ratings it got baffles me. Graphics are good. Music is good. Generic backstory, glitchy gameplay, cliche characters, uninteresting dialog, OK voice acting (except for the girl, which is painfully bad). Heavily developer-planned combat scenes mean you either do it their way or you die. No exploration, no deviation from doing exactly what the developers intended.

    Just where the heck are all these 10s coming from??
  98. Jun 18, 2013
    They made a mistake I think this game should have been a release day console game on the PS4. This is a next gen game. This is the best single player game I've ever played. The story is dark and for the topic as believable as it can be, just an incredible game. The writing/story is the best I've seen for a video game. The gameplay starts really slow for the first hour you'll be frustrated because you don't have it down yet, and then just puts you right in it and you're just wrapped up in the story you won't want to quit. The music is great, the character development is the best I've seen. This is no Hollywood Uncharted game like a Jason Stratham movie this is like Breaking Bad, The Killing, the Walking Dead, it's just fantastic. I haven't touched the multi-player, but that's supposed to be pretty fantastic as well. 10/10, the xbots are missing out on greatness. Expand
  99. Jun 28, 2013
    Metacritic deleted my previous review, because I jokingly pretended to review this game as Uncharted 4 with Zombies --Well, I guess cheekiness isn't allowed in reviews. So, I'll be blunt; this game is just Uncharted with zombies. If you like Uncharted, then enjoy your expansion pack. If you wanted a new game, well...don't be cheeky in your review.
  100. Jun 16, 2013
    Absolutely amazing game just beat it for the first time, words cannot explain...PLAY IT AND PLAY IT NOW THEN PLAY IT 20 MORE TIMES THEN MAYBE 5 MORE TIMES JUST TO BE SAFE

Universal acclaim - based on 98 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 97 out of 98
  2. Negative: 0 out of 98
  1. Sep 16, 2013
    Flawless in its ambition and almost perfect in its execution. A brave and remarkable game quite unlike any other.
  2. Sep 10, 2013
    The Last of Us is a great action-adventure game that manages to capture the feeling of post-apocalypse and survival. The story is alright but way too manipulative and borrows heavily from other, better, material. Still the segmented survival gameplay and the amazing audiovisual production makes the game an experience everybody should check out.
  3. Despite the breakneck pace of the prologue, it takes quite a while for The Last of Us to pick up some speed again. However, once the cold harsh winter arrives, the action (and story) ramps up. So much so, it puts most Hollywood productions to shame. [July 2013, p.76]