• Publisher: SCEA
  • Release Date: Jun 14, 2013
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  1. Jan 30, 2014
    I had very big expectations for this Naughty Dog project... AND I LOVED IT! This is without any doubt, one of the best games i've ever played!! The Single-Player campain is awesome and the story is amazing!! The graphics are beautiful! The Gameplay is great! And the multiplayer is pretty good, but not better than Uncharted though! And now After beating it i can easily say that this is the game with the best story i've ever played!! I think every ps3 owner should buy this game before upgarding to ps4! Thank you Naughty Dog! Expand
  2. Jul 19, 2013
    wow what a great amazing game naughty dog did it again after the amazing uncharted and brought us The last of us first let's talk about the graphics the graphics in this game are up good they're so good best graphic ever on ps3 ,the lighting the shadows the way their mouth and body moves is so realistic you feel like they're real people ,The gameplay familiar?yes awesome yes, it is as if naughty dog wanted to tell capcom you didn't have to turn survival horror into action to succeed also the crafting in this game is awesome some games make it bad and makes you hate it but in this game it's easy and works really well the ammo is a bit rare in this game but you'll end up saving many ammo as the game urges you to play more stealth which by the end you'll be so good at it stealth kill in this game are amazing when you strangle someone the man tries to resist you'll feel like that's how strangling should be ,the story in this game is so damn good it has so many emotional dark and sad moments you'll ever see in a game and the ending believe me you'll never see it coming but after all that what naughty dog did really well in this game is the AI it so good although friendly AI can be bad at some moment bad the enemy's AI is so good for example i took one as a human shield but his friend shot him and killed to be able to kill me that's AI right there in the end i loved the character loved the story and loved the game play
    so is this an overrated game no believe me it deserves to be one of the finest games of this generation
  3. Jun 27, 2013
    This is an absolutely great game that grabs ahold of you from the opening scene and doesn't let go. Graphics are amazing, gameplay is polished and the soundtrack sets the tone for all of it. The only minor complaint I have is that "the infected" don't play a large enough role.
  4. Jun 29, 2014
    why i'm actually dissapointed with some of the negative reviews, the last of us on hard is one of the most intense games i have ever played, i loved the stealth segments, the crafting system, the enemy ai,the horror feeling,the shooting and everything else that was simple top notch, there is nothing wrong with adding a cinematic feeling to a stellar gameplay experience, i swear that even without the story and the music i still would have love it, i guess that when something is so succesful it brings a lot of hate from jealous people,it becomes perfectly normal to hate great things, i really don't want to live in a cynic world where everything is considered overrated and meh Expand
  5. Jun 21, 2013
    This is the best game I have played in a very long time. I really cared for the characters in this game. The voice work, graphics and attention to detail is amazing. The only reason that I do not give this game a perfect score is that the AI can be a little unintelligent.
  6. Jun 20, 2013
    I have been a gamer for many many years and I have to say,this could possibly be the best game i`ve ever played in my life.Everything about it is amazing.The story,the acting,the gameplay. Everything.I don't want to spoil anything for you so I wont go into detail,but the story is so enthralling.It just sucks you right in.Even the multiplayer in great.Its not just some tacked on trash.Its actually great and it ports over the single-player experience perfectly.I would recommend this game to anyone.If you have a PS3 you must own this game. Expand
  7. Sep 22, 2013
    This is basically PS3's last hoorah before the PS4 comes out and they sure didn't disappoint. This game excels in almost every way. The graphics are beautiful, the voice acting is well done, and the gameplay is excellent. I didn't think it was possible to actually care about video game characters until this. Be prepared to get lost in the story; all of the highs and the lows, the never-ending tension of what or who might be around the next corner, and the paralyzing fear of trying to sneak past a group of clickers.

    My only critiques would be that I found myself occasionally going the correct way when I meant to be exploring and would accidentally move into the next map and not be able to go back and explore further. Also, I found the final part of the game to be so difficult and frustrating that it basically disconnected me from the story and reminded me that it was all just a game. A bit of a letdown for how much real emotion I had invested in these characters. Still, this is a must play!
  8. Jun 20, 2013
    I have to say, this is definitely one of the best game I have ever played in my life. And when the reviews said this game takes 16 hours to finish, they weren't kidding.

    Let's pick the obvious positives that this game nails: graphic, atmosphere, voice acting, music and gameplay. The graphic is like Uncharted 3, but with more realistic gore and with a post apocalyptic environment that's
    like Enslaved with greens all around. The character's facial expressions itself looks almost photo realistic with great voice acting from each characters. It's easily the best graphic I have ever seen in any game period. The music fits the various situations of the game, ranging from beautiful soft somber music to upbeat when going into battle.

    The gameplay itself is also excellent. It uses a modified Uncharted engine which makes hand to hand combat feels brutal and satisfying to pull off. Each enemy takes 7 punches to kill, but you can grab a weapon like a baseball bat to increase the melee damage that takes enemies out in 3 hits, or even better a bladed weapons that kills them with 1 hit, though weapons can break depending on their durability. Shooting weapons in the game feels powerful and awesome, but the game is very2 strict on ammo though. The max ammo that you can store for the handgun for example is only 21 bullets, revolver is only 18 while the rifle is only 7. You can upgrade the maximum ammo capacity but it'll only give you 1 bullet extra that you can store per upgrade, so every bullet counts. You can also build various tools such as a shiv or a small dagger and a Molotov to roast enemies into dust that can be crafted by having the right ingredients. If you want to see the game in action, look no further than the E3 2012 demo. You can do everything in the demo in this game, and as you can see from that demo, the enemy ai is smart and will react realistically.

    People say this game is an action adventure survival horror game, but I personally believe it's more like Splinter Cell Conviction only without the ability to do mark and execute and without the ability to climb like a monkey, and a lot more gore. This game is very heavy on stealth as every encounter with an enemy always involves hiding from them and outsmarting them to take them all out. If you go out in the open like usual third person shooter games nowadays, you will die quick. So I suggest doing stealth kills really often by getting behind an enemy, press triangle and press square to immediately knock them out unconscious. Or if you are gunned down, either go behind an enemy or beat the crap out of an enemy up front until you can press triangle button to use them as a human shield. This is one of the save way to shoot at an enemy without getting killed, so I recommend this strategy often as it save ammo and it feels badass.

    The upgrade system in this game comprises of 2 categories: weapon upgrades and skill upgrades. For the weapon upgrades you have to collect gears to get enough points to upgrade a weapon, and occasionally you will have to collect a toolbox to allow further weapon upgrades. Skill upgrades on the other hand requires you to collect vitamin pills....... yeah you heard that right, you have to collect vitamin pills to upgrade your skill. Pretty funny. I recommend stacking up 75 pills to get the useful skill of counter attacking the "clicker" mushroom head enemies and not buy the other skills before you got that. These mushroom heads are a pain in the ass to kill. You have to collect daggers, or shiv, to stealth kill them or else you will have to beat them up JUST in time before they grab you or shoot them from afar. If they grab you and you don't have that skill I mentioned or you don't have any dagger, you're instantly dead.

    The game's multiplayer is pretty interesting and very well done. Unlike the usual multiplayer games with modes like capture the flag, free for all and team deathmatch, this game only have 2: raid and survivors. Raid is team deathmatch only with 20 allowable respawns per team, while survivors is like Counter Strike. At the main menu, you can choose between 2 factions: Fireflies (good guys) and the Hunters (bad guys). After you select your faction, you are given this interesting micro management minigame where you have to handle survivors staying in your camp. So basically, you have to kill enemies in multiplayer and collect blue pills as required by the survivors in your camp. If you perform well, the number of survivors will grow and the more they are the more items you unlock. But if you don't perform well in multiplayer, the survivors can get sick and get hungry which will decrease their numbers.It plays exactly like the singleplayer and it makes for some intense hide and seek battle.

    Overall, a must buy for every PS3 owners out there. One of the best games of this generation.
  9. Jul 27, 2013
    I've always been a Sony guy but not everything Sony has done is great (check Motorstorm, Playstation All-Stars, and the original Killzone). This game is one that truly caught me off guard. I originally wrote it off as being Sony's attempt at cashing into the Survival Horror genre but this was not the case whatsoever. This is Naughty Dog's swan song for the PS3 and this current generation of consoles. Only a couple of games really come close to being this good in this generation. The story was amazing, the graphics are very impressive even for PS3, and the gameplay is perfect for this type of game. I get why this game gets a lot of criticism but it doesn't (and shouldn't) be compared to any other game. If Naughty Dog could surpass Uncharted 2, then they truly have limitless potential. 10/10 Expand
  10. Feb 25, 2014
    play this just play this nothing more great story great graphics great gameplay this game is a masterpeace nothing is bad just play it and you wil get it.
  11. Oct 7, 2013
    Lets face it... you know this game is good. But you wanna know how good? I gave this game a 9, but instead of praising like everyone else I want to point out the minor flaw, repetition. It only took me a few encounters before I could exploit the enemy AI. Soon enough I began handling all encounters the same way. It didn't take away from the tension though. If your not burnt out on the zombie theme this game is for you. Naughty Dog has cemented itself as one of the best studios in gaming history this generation. Expand
  12. Jul 24, 2013
    I'm gonna go ahead and say it... Along with Skyrim and GTA 4, these 3 games are the best in the last 5 years. The Last of Us the best of the 3. I would say this is in my top 10 favorite games of all time. From a dramatic story to exceptional game play you will be amazed. The graphics however are the best part of this legendary game. A must play for all with a PS3
  13. Jun 21, 2013
    A truly amazing game of epic proportions. The character development in this game is simply unmatched. Compelling from beginning to end. Naughty Dog is one of the best developers in the industry and continue to prove that over and over again. Joel and Ellie are two of the best characters in gaming, their relationship has it's ups and downs but they always seem to overcome the odds. They have both been through so much and each come to rely on one another more than they know. The gameplay is great. You have to be extremely tactical when approaching each encounter. Ammo and supplies are scarce so you need to be smart. This is a true survival horror game. Took me 18.5 hours on my first play through and currently going through my 2nd play through on new game+. It is easily in my top 5 games of all time. To sum it up The Last of us is simply a masterpiece. Expand
  14. Jun 21, 2013
    Quite possibly the best game made since gaming became a thing. From here on, it can only get better as Naughty Dog sets the bar yet again for how a game should portray a story and mix it with deep and calibrated gameplay. What games such as this can do is why gaming is a unique medium in entertainment. You cannot get an experience like this in a movie or a tv show. Top-notch acting, story, characters you care about and can relate to, polished settings as well as controls and gameplay that, contrary to naysayers, is not repetitive unless you make it so; as with any other game ever made. The few negatives are the usual, trivial problems that should not detract from a game such as this for anyone: AI going unnoticed clearly in view of enemies which can smite the illusion and extreme gore which isn't even a negative but definitely something not for everyone. However, gore can be turned off. Do not be turned off by people saying the game is overrated, it is not. There is a reason why critics and users alike love this game. Go ahead and buy it, in any case you will be participating in part of history. There is nothing to lose. Expand
  15. Jan 20, 2014
    I've been a gamer for over two decades now (ever since the original Nintendo), and I can firmly and confidently say that this is THE best game I've ever played.

    This game without a doubt deserves 5/5. I feel that anyone that gives it less didn't get what it was trying to do. This isn't a standard video game. It's primary purpose is to tell you a story. An interactive story, where you
    actually feel like you're there with the characters, experiencing everything with them as they experience it. It's something books and movies can't quite pull off, and is video game specific. Even among games, it's extremely rare that a truly successful and well-done interactive narrative can be pulled off so successfully. Everything really matters.

    The only downside I can think of is that there is a ton of swearing, and a pretty decent amount of violence, so this game isn't for the little ones below 10 years. Also, the AI does odd stuff occasionally. But virtually everything else is virtually flawless, breath-taking, heart-breaking, and intense. The writing, art & environments, acting, and music are all above top-notch. It will keep you on the edge of your seat, whether it be due to wondering what's lurking around the corner, or to hear what interesting tid-bit your in-game companions will say next.

    This game is for anyone and everyone that appreciates a good story. If you've ever enjoyed a fictional book, movie, or video game, in your entire life, you owe yourself this experience. Do what you have to do, to become the last of us. You won't regret it.

    P.S. You should really read the very short prequel comics first (before playing the game), written by the head writer of the game. They're official storyline, and really do add a lot of little neat things and details to the game that you wouldn't appreciate or would miss otherwise.
  16. Jun 19, 2013
    I can't help but give this a perfect 10. This was one of the best journeys I have taken as a gamer and as a lover of a beautiful story told through gameplay, conversation, gestures, relationships and the evolution of an individual and their experiences. I have never felt so immersed in a game and felt so connected to the protagonists. Never felt cheap and always had a surprise around every corner. A hefty 16 hours to beat and huge replay value. Bravo Naughty Dog. A masterpiece in every sense of the word. Expand
  17. Jun 20, 2013
    Why are you reading reviews?? Go buy the damn game already! This is seriously the game that can offer you THE best apocalyptic movie experience. This game was very well executed. Graphics are well designed, brilliant models and textures. Every moment in the story line is engaging and you bond with the characters so well. This is not just a 3rd person shooter, you actually need to preserve your ammunition and only use it in emergencies. This being said, it is quite hard to stay calm with adrenaline pumping through your body while you are surrounded by infected. Expand
  18. Jun 20, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. All though I've watched it only and haven't played the actual game I believe that it is as close as we will get story wise to heavy rain on this generation of consoles. If this was on PC I would have paid up to 50 dollars for an experience like this it emotionally like the walking dead. I got a bit teary eyed when the daughter died at the beginning because she was funny. Expand
  19. Dec 21, 2013
    I waited until the end of the year to say this but this is definitely the greatest game of the year. A really emotional story with great gameplay, fun multiplayer and a good enough soundtrack (but check out the end credits song The Path by Gustavo Santaolalla, it's one of the greatest soundtrack songs ever)
  20. Sep 14, 2014
    I have to admit this is one of the best games I've ever played. Everything in this game is perfect: the music, the story, the characters, the atmosphere, environments, graphics, etc.., Joel and Ellie are some of the best characters ever. The story is excellent. Oh yes, let's not forget the really good multiplayer game.

    If you have a PS3 you will be forced to play this masterpiece. If
    you do not have a PS3, this game is a reason to buy it. Expand
  21. Jun 20, 2013
    If the Last of Us has shown us anything it's that a linear 3rd person action-stealth game with no truly original gameplay mechanics can deliver one of the finest, most intense gaming experiences ever created. The gameplay is not revolutionary, 3rd person stealth mixed up a bit with a see through walls mechanic is definitely not new but there is a huge level of polish with the system. This is one of my favourite cover systems in a game, you crouch and in true video game fashion all walls are a convenient height for you to hide behind but transitioning in and out of cover is seemleess because there is not transition. you are not locked to cover and are free to move anywhere. Another thing that shines is how real bullets feel, when shot you will not only flinch, you will fall backward like you are actually hurt and there is no regenerating health and health kits are not instant either, you take time to apply them which when not considered can be fatal. Crafting is awesome because you are never pulled out of the game. Story and atmosphere are what trulky bring the game together though. This is not a happy story about saving the world from the apocalypse, its a personal journey about the relationship between Joel and Ellie and how they care for each other, the emotion between them and how they're companionship grows. Ellie is a great companion to have not just because of her usefulness in tricky spots, but because she is so human. She asks questions about what life was like before and watching her change throughout the story is brilliant. The journey with these 2 characters takes place in a world with some of the best graphics in gaming history with such intricate attention to detail. Everything in the worls is placed there for a reason with notes scattered that you take the time to read because they look human. This helps create one of the best and most immersive atmosphere's in a game. Lets not forget of course about the infected, the whole reason the world is like this at all. The game is mostly balanced between fighting human and infected but you fight humans a little more often so its surprising that most of your deaths will come from the infected. Hearing the sound of the clickers, infected that are blind but have sensitive hearing creates for some very tense gameplay as you try to sneak past. This game is riddled with these tense moments. It is taking some highly polished gameplay and wrapping it in a beautiful immersive world that revolves around Joel and Ellie. Most people that say the game is boring have only played the first couple of hours and if they have finished it they just don't understand what the game is doing. You must play this game alone, with no distractions like chatrooms and play in long sittings and just let the game fill you up. One of the best games I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Expand
  22. Mar 12, 2014
    Please note that I barely played the multiplayer and am rating this on the story mode. I know this review is late, but I would like to say that this game is phenomenal and is an amazing experience. Throughout the game, you find yourself being overprotective of the teenage female protagonist, Ellie, and not worrying about your safety as much as hers. I really felt like her dad as I kept a gun out every time she went alone to open a door or pull a lever. Naughty dog has definitely done their job on creating and atmosphere that you fear every door and corner you pass. This is definitely one of the top ten best games ever made. I completely recommend this game to ANYONE. I really feel like I know Joel and Ellie on a personal level, after playing this game. If you haven't played this game, you should be ashamed. GO OUT AND BUY IT KNOW! Expand
  23. Jul 21, 2013
    simply amazing, a must play. you must buy this game the story is simply perfect. and naughty dog finishes it off with a quite good multiplayer offering for replay ability
  24. Oct 8, 2013
    We really haven't seen a game with a good narrative like The last of us. It is an awesome emotional game that really touched me. The voice acting was Phenomenal
  25. Jul 4, 2013
    I give the story a 10, the graphics a 9, gameplay an 8, and mulitplayer a 6. Story This is one of the best stories in video games. Starting right from the beginning become invested in Joel's story and when Ellie comes along, their relationship is what drives the story and it's almost flawlessly written. Graphics The graphics are as good as you're going to get on the PS3, especially the cut scenes. I could only imagine if they would have waited and released the game on the PS4 and how it would have looked on that. There are a few technical glitches that I saw, but that will happen with almost every game.

    There are some comparisons to Uncharted, however in order to survive, especially on harder difficulties, stealth is key in getting through most of the game. When actually shooting it does feel a lot like Uncharted which is not necessarily a bad thing. One caveat, to this is the fact that Ellie and your other companions you travel with will sometimes walk right in front of enemies without them even noticing. While this breaks some of the immersion, I can see why they did it. They didn't want your success of stealth to be determined by your companions movements which would have made the stealth more frustrating The puzzles in the game and the gathering of supplies to craft items are fairly generic except that when crafting, time continues on so you may have to be quick when crafting something of importance.

    I have played a little mulitplayer and while it's interesting, it doesn't really appeal to me and it appears to be a fairly large learning curve for it. However, this is not why you buy this game.

    This game is on my list for top games of 2013.
    If you own a PS3 and are on the fence about this game, I recommend renting it because the multiplayer is fairly average. If you don't own a PS3, go watch a playthrough on YouTube.
  26. Aug 9, 2014
    The Last of Us um dos melhores jogos que já joguei na minha vida, o enredo emocionante, cada detalhe do jogo é fantástico , gráficos muito bons, a Naught Dog ta de parabéns ,pra mim seria o game do ano, obra prima mesmo.
  27. Jun 20, 2013
    The Last of Us is the most emotionally gripping, immersing, engaging, and artfully beautiful video game I have ever played. This is the epitome of what a this medium can achieve given all the right elements. Truly a masterpiece. From the luscious environments, to the most subtle yet enriching interactions, what Naughty Dog achieved is unique and unrivaled. I truly cared about the characters, feeling the continuum of emotions as the story took unexpected twists and turns and as Joel and Ellie's relationship grew and developed. This game has been called "the best of gaming", and rightfully so. In any term, this game stands tall to any movie I've ever watched. Expand
  28. Jun 28, 2013
    This must be one of the best games i have ever played. I bought this game, as i wanted a great story game, and the reviews looked great- so i bought it. I was expecting a great game, and what i got was not a great game, it was perfect.

    The game has an amazing story, with very deep characters, and intresting athmosfere. I don't think this game was designed to be a horror game, but it
    still is pretty creepy at times. Nor was the game designed on the infected, but more on the story, and around the main characters. Thats a good thing, as you will be pulled into the story right after the beginning. Thats not to say the infected are not intresting, not at all. The infected in the game have diffrent abilities, making it extreamly fun encountering many infected at one time.
    For example the normal walkers, will hear and see you (better eyesight than hearing), and the clickers will hear almost anything you do, but they can't see you. Not to mention they will kill you very fast. I have not seen more than these types yet, but i am certain there is bloaters and more infected later on.

    Then theres the multiplayer. The multiplayer is awesome. It is not only focused at teamwork, but also very focused at scavenging items around the maps, to create bombs, smoke bombs, and lots of other stuff. Also what is very intresting is how you have to be careful with your shots, as you have a very limited amount of bullets. The only ways to get more shots is to scavenge dead bodies, find toolboxes with ammo, or purchase ammo ingame with money you have from killed enemies, revives etc. You may also purchase some special weapons ingame, or better armor, or upgrade your main weapons ingame. Its all up to you how you spend that money, which makes the online so intresting. Want a better revolver? Go for it, wanna upgrade you hunting rifle? Go ahead. The game's multiplayer also features character customization, and a great class system, where you can equip diffrent abilities, like faster reviving, faster crafting, and more zoom on your handguns.

    Well that was my review, i hope you enjoyed it- and that you will enjoy the last of us. Do yourself a favor and buy this game. Sorry if my english is not that great, my main language is not english
  29. Jun 20, 2013
    This is really the first time in months that I have played a game and enjoyed playing it as much as I should.

    I don't want to go into detail about gameplay mechanics and other shenanigans because I'm sure you heard about them before and if you haven't, check the next review right here and you are sure to find an insanely long and boring description of what cannot be described properly
    with words but can only be understood through experience.

    Instead I will tell you why this game deserves 10/10 despite the many issues it has, some of them being the fact that majority of the time you will keep dying over and over if you play it on hard and higher and/or suck at the game, or that it can be very mundane and repetitive after a while (coming from a guy who played it for 15 hours straight and finished in one sitting). I guess the easiest way to quickly describe how the game plays is to compare it to a different title. In this case it feels a lot like Tomb Raider with a few differences, such as stealth being a huge part despite having absolutely no silenced weapons the platforming being a little lacking and blatant usage of one hit killing enemies, which I also think is justified.

    In any case, yes, the game has a ton of problems, yes, it can be frustrating as hell and slightly boring at times... However, all of these issues, despite sometimes being very major ones, become absolutely meaningless when you take into account all of the brilliance coming from voice acting, character design and the story, which I want to get deeper into without spoilers.

    The story... ah, the story. I honestly didn't feel like this game had any story at all, no concrete plot to speak of. It really felt more like... just life. A story is always designed to be something, there is always a plan and no matter how good a writer is, it's impossible to completely conceal the future from the audience because stories are predictable. They aren't real, you can figure out what will happen or assume more or less what the outcome will be. The Last of Us however, absolutely dominated this issue.

    It drew me in so deep into its world that for the first time in months if not years, I paid completely no attention to storywriting whatsoever. I wasn't questioning why the writer has made this decision or the other or what may or may not come out of all of the events that took place along the way. All of the time it felt natural. Nothing drove the story forward, it just kept going on its own because... well, what else was it really supposed to do? It felt as real as it gets.

    The brilliant voice acting and character creation was incredibly helpful in that respect as well. This is also one of the few times where I felt the crispness of characters. They felt natural. They felt real. It isn't even about the ability to relate to them or them being likable or not. A character doesn't have to be likable to be well designed. I cannot say I specifically liked anybody in The Last of Us. But despite that I got attached to them because their emotion and their story felt so convincing and real. The feelings I had went much deeper then they usually go when I invest myself in video games. Much deeper than they went in The Walking Dead a game which so far was my absolute top and example of how to attach a player to the characters. Here it was different. Here the game has managed to defeat my mind. I no longer reasoned with myself whether or not do something or not or why I am doing it. I did it because I felt I had to. I did it because my heart told me it's how it should be. And afterwards after I logically thought about it I saw how my mind was screaming that nothing about this makes sense and cannot be justified but even then I didn't care and if face with the choice again I would not be able to change my decision.

    For this, despite the game deserving a 6.5 out of 10, it gets an entire 10. Not because it was exceptional or perfect in doing something, but because it had a charm. A charm I have found in a number of games lower than the number of fingers in my palms. Because despite my mind saying no, my heart cannot give any less than a 10.
  30. Jun 19, 2013
    After fully beating the game on Hard, I can say that this was one hell of a ride. Some characters you bond with right off the bat, and once there gone, you feel sorrow. The game is extremely depressing at times, but also gives you life.
    The combat is a really nice change up from your average third person games. The hand to hand combat, the gun play, and character movements feel great.

    The voice acting also adds to the experience.
    The whole concept of crafting was a nice addition.

    Some things that kind of upset me were the fact the graphics did not look or at least as great as the Uncharted games, then again, the tone of the game was completely different, and it may just be the art direction.
    Another thing that really upset me was the character Joel. You learn to love him, but by the end, I got mixed feelings about him.
    Other things that upset me were points such as only finding bricks and bottles to throw. With such a variety of things around the environment, I got the feel you should have been able to use them. Also while finding plenty of bags across the grounds, we could have had the chance to scavenge more.
    There were plenty of pop in effects, and tears in some parts of the game. In environments to be exact.. Another thing that irritated me was the water physics. Not as good as Uncharted. But since this is my little rant on what I did not like. I really cant take points off from Naughty Dog.
    Naughty Dog did a phenomenal job on this game. And although it seems that this is a standalone game, I feel that there is still much to be seen from Naughty Dog for this game, and hoping we see more installments in the PS4 life.
  31. Oct 27, 2013
    This game is a polarizing experience, it made me look at video games as a medium in a new light. The Last Of Us for me was much more than a game. I have never felt as connected to this story and these characters in my life. To me this may be one of the greatest stories told. At times it shocked me, made me smile and even she'd a tear. By the time the credits were rolling I was sitting on the floor just staring at the tv with my jaw wide open. If you haven't played this game, you need to. You won't be disappointed! Expand
  32. Jun 17, 2013
    If The Walking Dead and I am Legend had a baby it would be The Last of Us. You can truly appreciate the work done here by Naughty Dog. Their heart and soul was poured into this game and it shows it. The story was written by writer of both Uncharted 1 and 2 and he delivers magic once again. The introduction is arguably in the top 10 and the story continues to impress until its final moments. The characters are well designed and the use of experienced actors help convey the fear the protagonists are going through as they adventure into the most detailed environment seen in a game to date. Stealth and kicking in the front door guns blazing fans rejoice! The player determines how they want to take on the game whether it be whipping out the firearm and taking on the Clickers head on or sneak around the corner and Shiv them to death, the choice.. ultimately yours. The use of physical objects is a great touch, however one could argue that there would be more out there then a single brick, a glass bottle, a baseball bat and a two by four to meddle with in a post apocalyptic world. The scarcity of bullets makes the player count their chickens prior to an engagement, a rather nice touch. The sound is top notch turn up the volume and get ready to jump in fright. The music is perfect. There is not much you can criticize this game is the overall package. If the end of the world was from a zombie attack, The Last of Us is a believable representation of what might happen. Overall this game is highly enjoyable and recommended to anyone. Expand
  33. Jul 18, 2013
    Excellent story, characters, graphics, and voice acting. The multiplayer is interesting, but it's a little bare (character skin and maps). Other than that, the single player campaign provides a heart-warming, heart-wrenching, and heart-pounding experience; separately, I give that a 10.
  34. Jun 20, 2013
    I'm calling out Kracatu. You are wrong about this game in every aspect in your review. You are horrendous at reviews. Please, for the love of all of us, stop reviewing. You're on drugs or something
  35. Jan 6, 2014
    First and foremost, I apologise for this language is not my first language but I had to write my first review of a game for this particular title. I've been playing video games my entire life and this game is the most accomplished single player experience I've ever had. The gameplay is flawless, the art design is phenomenal but I'd to point out a single scene that I thought was truly a stroke of genius. Most of the players who have finished this game will know what I'm going to write about. It's the first time I have felt such emotion playing a video game. There is a particular scene where Joel and Ellie are just watching a beautiful scenery and I didn't want to go any further. I knew things could go bad for either of them, so I stared, alongside Joel and Ellie and just cried... And the ending is just awesome too. This is the most mature storytelling I've ever seen in video games (with the walking dead season 1). Expand
  36. Jun 30, 2013
    As the life of the PS3 is coming to an end, Developer "Naughty Dog" makes sure that the console goes out on a bang. And what a bang they created.

    The Last of Us is a unique take of the popular post-apocalyptic story telling, creating an experience that feels familiar yet very unique, and in the end is very satisfying. The story revolves around two characters, Joel, an older man who is
    extremely experienced in survival, and Ellie, a 14 year old girl who only knows life in quarantine and is curious about life outside and before the epidemic. A fungal outbreak has decimated the country and has turned people into cannibalistic monsters.

    Joel has been given the task to escort Ellie to a group known as The Fireflies, a rebel group fighting the government in control, and also looking for a cure to the outbreak. Throughout the story the player sees the relationship between change from Ellie being nothing more than goods being delivered, to someone whom he really cares about, and his protection of her becomes almost an obsession. This leads to an excellent, and unpredicted ending that will make the player think.

    The gameplay is extremely unique and has a bit of a learning curve. It is not a typical stealth game, although stealth is important in order to survive. You can use stealth take downs to kill opponents, or fight them straight forward, or use a combonation of both. Staying stealthy however is quite difficult and you will find yourself fighting often.

    To avoid repetition, there are different types of enemies to fight. There are normal human enemies, who are intelligent and react to what you are doing or how you're fighting. There are infected known as Runners, who, as their name implies run at you to attack you, forcing you to fight through them, but you can easily be overrun by them. There are Clickers, who cannot see due to overgrown fungi on their faces, and use a creepy clicking sound to see you using echo location. They are extremely difficult and if they grab you, you are dead. Then there are Belchers, who are massive infected with fungi that act as armour plating and are extremely difficult to take down. Each of these use different tactics to take down and make the gameplay extremely fun and satisfying.

    Overall this is a fantastic game that should not be missed by any PS3 owner. The story is excellently written. It grabs your attention and will not let go. The voice acting of Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker are absolutely amazing. The gameplay is fun and challenging. The online multiplayer is unique and fun. This truely was the first game in a while that i did not want to stop playing. If you haven't played this game yet you are really missing out.
  37. Sep 18, 2013
    Before I begin, I must say that I was extremely disappointed with the ending.

    The Last of Us definitely was a great game, I actually watched Pewdiepie's playthrough so I didn't experience the game entirely. But I feel that a nine would be accurate, and if I had played through it might have been a bit lower too.
    Almost everything was epic; here are the drawbacks:
    -I didn't mind the
    glitches that much, but they were plenty and were starting to get hefty.
    -Some gameplay was unnecessary in my tastes.
    -The ending was not to my liking.

    It was still a great experience though, I recommend it whole-heartedly.
  38. Sep 20, 2013
    Never in my life have I been so emotionally invested and attached in a game before. The only other game that can get there is Bio-shock Infinite. It never lets you forget that your in this apocalyptic world, people die all around you the game is pretty hard to play, its not forgiving. The story is just amazing I love the characters and actually feel some sympathy for them when something goes wrong. The game-play is solid and it adds challenge to each encounter making you never feel at ease. Naughty Dog has proved again that they are one of the best developers. Expand
  39. Nov 12, 2013
    This game is a masterpiece in every sense of the word. Great story, gameplay, multiplayer...and makes you think about it long after you've beaten it again and again. It's fantastic.
  40. Oct 12, 2013
    this game is a masterpiece. The graphics is so amazing and sounds are beauty, but the multiplayer is a little bad and the final, mmm
    Gameplay 10/10
    Graphics 10/10
    Sounds 10/10
    Multiplayer 8,5/10
  41. Dec 14, 2013
    This game is strong and delivers a really strong story that is for people who would like things such as the walking dead. you end up getting attached to Joel and Ellie the two main characters as you venture through the world in a post epidemic. I cant tell the story of this game as there would be spoilers as the game has a lot of big moment's. The side kick in the story Ellie will develop into a real survivor while Joel is sort of like the mentor in a way. The first strong thing about the game is its soundtrack which is not too full of itself as it is not a collage of crazy sounds and noises that you would here in a pop music video. It is real music and you will get to liking it. The second thing I like about this game is the character AI especially the enemy's you will encounter some better than others. My most likable AI is one of the bosses in the game as the AI made the boss fight extremely rememberable and clever. The use of the clickers the infected characters in the game is interesting as you have to literally make sure they don't bite you or its game over no matter if you are playing on hard mode or not. The game play all around is smooth for a third person shooter I don't have much difficulty with the controls while in combat which uses the clever AI I talk about. The game graphics wise is Beautiful and is settings are amazing. The game is not all action or drama there is also horror in some scenario's in which one of these made me scared even with a fully upgraded shotgun. you can build and upgrade weapons and items on your Journey however it took me two playthroughs to do this. The voice acting in this game is great as troy baker does just as good as a job as he has in other games. The last aspect of the game I will talk about is the multiplayer, it is a fun and balanced multiplayer that plays as smooth as the singleplayer game and is at its best with friend's on headset's. This game is possibly the best exclusive Sony has ever published and just before nextgen. Expand
  42. Jun 19, 2013
    Although the game has some flaws (just like any other game) I can stand behind my 10/10 score 100%. Anyone who says this game is overrated either thinks they are mr. Video game 2013 or are nit-picking every little thing just to be different. Sure, if you are playing it on easy your going to kill the enemy within the first 2 minutes of walking into a building, then you will be walkimg around for 30 minutes collecting stuff. But, if you play it on hard you (like its meant to be) you will be sneaking around for 30 minutes finding a solution to killing or avoiding your enemys while getting to your next objective while collecting materials and collectables looking over your shoulder. The graphics are great, if you can thread fibers from a seam on joelsshirt and thats not good enough for you then im sorry people, start inventing. This is the only game to water my eyes, more then once. Usually im being yelled at by my girlfriend for playing a game at 2am, but not this one, I caught her sitting up in bed telling me what to do next staring at the tv saying "Why dont you pick up a brick and distract that zombie?"

    There is so much to say about this game im not even going to try and write anymore then I have. Its like a 15 hour movie that keeps you interested the whole time, Ive only watched a few 3 hour long hollywood movies that I could get through to the end. Just pick it up ASAP and see for yourself. The multiplayer is just an added bonus ill be playing for the next 4 months.
  43. Jun 20, 2013
    Best playstation 3 exclusive ever and also the best of 2013 so far.
    If you are someone who buys games for great graphics, amazing storyline, brillant character development and a game that keeps you on the edge of your seat than this is a must buy.
  44. Jun 19, 2013
    Since so many people are saying positive things about this game, I thought I'd put in my own list of negatives. Just understand that, yes, I do love the game. Firing from the hip here. Enemies never Never NEVER stop to reload or run out of bullets. More than anything about this game, it was the gameplay demos that really wowed me. I mean, it looked like Heavy Rain's presequenced events but with total player freedom--it got me to shell out $60 to buy it new! (Note: I like buying games preowned if I have money burning a hole in my pocket and I'm looking for that 'Diamond In The Rough' experience I would never get playing it safe buying $60 new.) Unfortunately, the experience of actually playing the stages is somewhat different as you'll die over and over again even on easy. In fact, this is such the case that you'll find yourself PURPOSELY dying because the outcomes will constantly fall short of your expectations. While less cinematically appealing (yet pretty fairly so just the same) I think the same sort of combat was done better and more believably in Splinter Cell Conviction. I really feel it would have been better for The Last Of Us if they HAD done presequenced events--versatile presequenced events--a la Heavy Rain, but this, of course, would have taken A LOT LOT more time effort and money than just throwing a bunch of bots in a stage and saying "HERE!" Oh, and when I say a bunch of bots, I mean a BUNCH of bots, far more than was shown in the trailers, so many, in fact, that the game becomes a parody of itself with the bots in later stages saying "Do you know how many of our guys that lone guy and girl killed? 70! A HUNDRED! An old man and a teenybopper girl! Boy, either we are in a videogame or we are totally incompetent!" And why, btw, do all the scavenging badguys have to be under one badguy mastermind head? What stupid videogame bs is that? I was imagining when I saw the demos, that they were individual clans, like the two heroes, just trying to survive. We should be bustin' caps in or sneaking by other "We're just good people tryin' to survive, oh, and uh, do those shoes fit me?--BAM!" sorts. You know, women and men, old and young. The uninfected baddies, except at the beginning, are all male twenty-somethings mostly equipped with gruff "Kill me, I'm a genuinely bad bad guy in a videogame!" voices. Where are the child soldiers, really? Where are the elders? Which brings me to another point, where are all the child zombies, the baby zombies--please don't split hairs, they're zombies--you think that in a game that shows a fourteen-year-old girl dying in a myriad gruesome ways when the player fubs up, do you really think in that sort of game we should be worried about killing child and elderly zombies? Incidentally this is the same problem I had with the first-person "terrorize the airport" sequence in MW2. Where are the children and babies, the elderly, the fat, the thin, the DISABLED! They were all the same twenty-somethings who seem to be ubiquitous in videogames. If you don't have the backbone to do it as it really would be then don't do it at all, idiots! *sigh* What else? Oh yes, the stupid "Navigate the linear path by finding (a) a plank (b) a ladder (c) a trash bin (fully loaded!) or (d) a palate! (there are a few others I can't think of). This time filler nonsense bothered me even before I preordered the game. In a post Assassin's Creed 2 landscape where anything that looks scaleable should be scaleable there is no excuse for this stupidity. I mean, each of these things weighs a ton! It is an absolute laugh fest the first time seeing the scrawny woman partner at the beginning hoist up a heavy heavy ladder by jump jump jump! shooting it up into the air and catching it in her hands. It is only slightly less ridiculous when the male hero does it. That trash can, I'm looking at you, you wouldn't roll around on those rusty, over laden wheels, up and down uneven, gravely-grassy terrain with the greatest of ease, would you? Cormac McCarthy made this same mistake in "The Road" with the magic shopping cart of all-terrain prowess! The film makers on the movie adaptation learned the hard way that THIS CAN'T BE DONE! They ditched the cart Now, the board, yes it weighs a ton and can't be handled the way they do, it is also straight as an arrow, unbowed, and so strong that when walked upon, stretched to the last millimeter across a gap, doesn't bend or vibrate causing certain death! And Holy S*** talk about a laugh riot, there is a moment that Joel uses a fulcrum to lift so much concrete and mother-load wood beam he might as well have been twirling the earth on his pinky finger! Just watch Bruce Willis try to do much less in DieHardWithAVengence. All of what I have said in this review is more than a mouthful, but that is not to say I don't think it a great step forward for videogames. No, I loved it. I say storytelling trumps story, always. Expand
  45. Jun 20, 2013
    All i can say is all of the people who are rated this spectacular game can't be wrong right i followed this game since i saw the first trailer and on the day of release i jumped at getting it and recommend you do if you haven't already. I'm not a big fan of the survival genre but the games i have played can't even clean the boots of The Last of Us and now it has become the benchmark for game to beat this year in my opinion. I haven't mentioned anything about the games story as i don't want to give the readers any spoilers. Expand
  46. Jun 18, 2013
    Just a beautyful game for ps3!!! Just a right way to end this gen with a such a masterpiece! Looking forward to seee what naughty dog gonna make to PS4. Cant wait ,hope they make a simiöar last of us with the ps4 machine. Couöd be soo awesome
  47. Jun 19, 2013
    This game is amazing, the voice acting is superb as is the immersion and the connection between you and the characters. The graphics on this game are the best on the playstation 3 so far and the lighting in this game is very good and adds to the atmosphere
    The game feels like a single journey to your destination unlike uncharted 3 and it feels more open with more options to complete your
    objective. The game feels really open as you have the option to create a certain weapon once you find materials, this game does a good job of branching small pathways to find extra materials.
    This is one of the best games on the playstations and another great game to the name of Naught Dog.
  48. Jun 24, 2013
    The graphics and sounds are okay so with the slow start on the story and gameplay, it was starting to look
    like a 8.0 game. Then you start caring about the characters and there's a couple of great scenes in there
    that that makes the graphics shine. Graphics are good but not a masterpiece in my opinion. Love the wild animal roaming in the university scene. These are the things that makes
    a game a great place to visit. I would have given this game a 10.0 if it was a true opened world. Expand
  49. Jun 26, 2013
    Wow! what a game. I just played this game for 2 hours And i would say the truth is that, The Last of us is a very good game. Its a must buy game. I would rate it a 10 but i know i cant put it a 10 because everybody puts a 10 on this because is the best game. And if i put a 10, thats pretty much this game is the best in the world. Il gave you some pointers about the last of us. The gameplay is great keeps you very interested. The controllers is easy, reminds me of a game "Uncharted" The characters of the game are great, Great sound and graphic Better than Uncharted Graphics. Naughty Dogs Did A great job again making this game..Anyways it is a must get game for the summer. I know everybody is home for summer vacation, so play The Last Of Us..SO my last saying is, If you like UNCHARTED games, you will LOve this game. Almost a perfect 10 game for me. Expand
  50. Jun 22, 2013
    Simply a Masterpiece! I'm playing it in the US version though I am Italian. Mood, sounds, characters and storyline are in harmony and cooperate to catch up the attention of the player.

    Great game, buy it if you don't have already your copy
  51. Jun 21, 2013
    I officially confirm that The Last of Us is the best game ever made, it is an absolute must-play for all gamers, go ahead and rush through the retail shop that so you can buy this masterpiece, it is ok, you can thank me later
  52. Aug 4, 2013
    I suppose you're going to wonder (I hope not rage) after I give this game a 9, well actually I give it a 9.5 as Naughty Dog have outdone themselves with The Last of Us, Keep in mind I still haven't played Bioshock Infinite yet (I know the story) but TLOS represents the best so far of 2013 and the first game that delivers a level of immersion, emotion and gameplay we haven't had for a long time.

    Not to ruin the Story, the Plot involves a breakout of spores from the unfictional fungi "cordyceps" that in this story have mutated to be able to infect humans, cut to 20 years later nature has taken back a lot of the cities and landscapes of America you'll traverse as Joel a man now in his 40's-50's who's lost large parts of his life to this epidemic. Joel's mission is to escort a young teenage girl Ellie across these wastelands in a tale that spans all four seasons (approx. one year duh XD), Unfortunately this also means coming across a lot of desperate people who are willing to do almost anything in means of "survival"...

    That's as much as I'm willing to say without spoiling the ever expanding story and deeper sense of urgency, the areas in the game are superbly creepy and upsetting, many times you'll find yourself triggering inappropriate conversations with Ellie that do wonders in immersing you and building up personalities that do invest you deeply in caring how the situation will pan out for these characters.

    Looking after Ellie I found myself comparing it to the recent "Walking Dead" Telltale games, who do you find yourself caring more for Clementine or Ellie?, I suppose I decided I cared more for Clementine being a younger, more vulnerable person, however I preferred Ellie as she was all the more well developed (also given the fact she's older and well aware of the situation).

    That's an argument for fan boys and I suppose I wanted to throw in my two cents. :-)

    The Music by Gustavo Santaolalla is superb and deeply planted into my mind as fresh as any memory I had while playing this game, It always shows up at the right time just to pull you in that little deeper. But getting to the gameplay aspects do you finally realize how deep Naughty Dogs efforts were, Improvisation is absolutely essential to survival, you'll get those all important tools to see you through depending on your level of skill at the game yet you'll always find yourself wanting more regardless how much or how little you have, it goes from part drama part adventure to even survival horror seamlessly and it never becomes overwhelming that you'll find the situation and areas you get put into over the top as say the recent Resident Evil games, Start in Africa, finish in a Volcano my Ass XD.

    My final thoughts on this game go to the terrific performances from Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson for captivating us so well throughout this story, Motion Capture is starting to really help blur the lines between Movies and Games, Sooner or later I believe that stories like The Last Of Us, will help define how we will view both mediums in terms of the word "ART" and dare I say "Expression".

    Final Verdict: I consider myself an avid gamer, no question I went out and bought a PS3 mostly just to play this game. Naughty Dog, I loved Crash Bandicoot as a kid, Uncharted held me over during the 2000's The Last of Us is your Masterpiece, to anyone yet to experience it's entirety I urge you to as soon as. Sublime Entertainment
  53. Jun 19, 2013
    Indeed, a game worthy of the hype.

    with amazing visuals, brilliant character development and emotional depth, great voice acting and a lengthy story, the game can keep you playing for ages, not to mention if you really let yourself go in videogames like myself, this game can have you in tears over the simplest of choices.
  54. Jun 17, 2013
    I have mixed feelings about this game, overall the game is awesome and it is a definite buy (greatest hits most likely).

    But... I have some problems..
    I felt like I was promised more then what I got. (not content wise, mind you) but mechanic wise, from watching trailer after trailer and game-play video after game-play video (prior to release), I felt like the game was more serious
    (towards weapons) then it currently is.

    For example, there is a game-play video (from E3 2012) (one of the firsts, and it's obvious they made some changes to the story and the way you get to certain points are different then the video) but it was the game-play that stood out (in the video), bullets were scarce and the fighting seemed extremely realistic (as you point a gun to someone who doesn't have one (they will act all scared and flee or beg for their life), I have not seen this once (even at the same location). Usually the character just fights you even if you have a gun, I felt stupid pointing a gun to someone as they just flailed at me with their fists.

    I guess I can't expect a game from Naughty Dog; that never promised anything, and from a video that is over a year old.

    The real reason I played the game though (and kept playing through thick-and-thin), is for the story.

    What an amazing story.

    Bravo Naughty Dog.
  55. Jun 18, 2013
    The low scores surprises me. This game is awesome in both story telling and compelling you to play. It is top notch in presentation and the game mechanics are tuned and tight. Want to try a stealthy approach...go for it. Balls out-guns blazing...give it a shot.

    I give a nod to ND as I did love Uncharted 3 but I am rating the game on this game. Not every dev puts out a stunning
    game.(Blizzard Diablo 3 was a let down for me and I am a Blizzard fan.)

    If you own a ps3 you deserve this treat.
  56. Jun 19, 2013
    Para mim o melhor jogo deste ano até agora, ótima história unido a um gráfico exelente. Parabéns Naughty Dog. Pena não ter mais jogos deste nível no mercado atualmente.
  57. Jun 21, 2013
    Uma história fantástica, ricamente ambientada e, na contramão da maioria das histórias, temos uma relação de amor paterno se desenvolvendo entre os protagonistas. O jogo linear, sem impacto das ações do jogador sobre a história ou seu desfecho, e isto, de maneira alguma, um ponto negativo. Recomendadíssimo!
  58. Jun 19, 2013
    Great cinematic, fun game overall movement is kinda clunky but forgivable. weapon use is not the smoothest but the game gives you the feel that this is on purpose. overall i love it
  59. Jun 19, 2013
    I love the fact it feels so realistic and believable every decision I make I feel like it is me doing it!!

    Best Zombie/Survival game I've ever played **Joel is the man**
  60. Jun 19, 2013
    Seriously i'm not a fanboy or whatever, but this is the best game i've ever played. I don't find any weaknesses at all (maybe the multiplayer, but this isn't that type of game). Sincerely can't find a game that I was excited and involved more. Ps. Ellie's character is outstanding.
  61. Jun 19, 2013
    There are so many zombie esque games out there, but I figured Naughty Dog would have a good take on it. I wasn't wrong. So many different survival games focus on the monsters when in reality, I've always wanted to see a focus on not only interpersonal stories but how humanity as a species would handle the fall of modern society. it wasn't exactly about the outbreak and for that they get one of the few things games get from me, a solid 10 points. The story is immersing, the world in dark, and there's a really good take on human interaction that I've only really seen in a few things, movies included. I can't help but just love the game for that. The banter of the characters, how they interact with everything juxtaposed with the bad hands they're dealt. There's a good character arc and deeper meanings behind what you see. It's definitely worth a buy. Expand
  62. Jun 19, 2013
    The best game of the generation hands down!!
    Naughty dog created an outstanding game which any PS3 owner should get. Naughty dog created uncharted which is the one of the best adventure games out there however it limited them to what emotionally they can show. this game shows that emotional side.
    BUY IT!!!!
  63. Jun 26, 2013
    After finishing this game for the first time all I could think was what a masterpiece, I have never been so involved in a story and its characters in a game before, or even in a movie for that mater. Naughty Dog have managed to intertwine a compelling story and a brilliant game, better than anyone has done in the past.
  64. Jun 19, 2013
    This game blew my mind! It is the game I hoped it to be, with a story that is among the best in video games. The presentation is peerless and must look good even to those preferring PC gaming. On consoles, the characters and animation, along with the incredible detail of the environments, is the best I have seen this generation. Naughty Dog's incredible talent as directors/storytellers surpasses even that of theirs of game designing. The less one says of the story the better, for fear of giving anything away of this most exciting and heart-wrenching tale. It is true: the game is very dark and brutal and bloody. But this is merely consequential, considering the game's extraordinarily realistic and adult take on a post-apocalyptic world. Surviving is harsh in the world of "the last of us", and the white-knuckel skirmishes demonstrate this. The combat in this game is some of the best I have experienced in games, with its lack of resources, such as bullets, emphasizing skill and tactics. Stealth is a big part of the game; indeed, a number of areas allow for play through without confrontation. A note to pacifists: your characters Joel and Ellie will at times have to kill, there is no way around it. None of the characters are innocent. The world they live in simply does not allow it. Of course, as is standard with Naughty Dog productions, the soundtrack and design is terrific. The soundscape is at times evocative, scary, sad and haunting. In short: there is really nothing I can level against this masterpiece and whole heartedly recommend this title to all (mature!) gamers. Aside from being one of the finest games of this whole generation, it is probably the most important in regard to the art of the craft of video games. Expand
  65. Jun 19, 2013
    Believe the critic reviews. The game is that good. It is a great story, with amazing, believable characters, incredible voice acting and music score, top notch sound effects and atmosphere, great and brutal gameplay where every kill counts, in most video games you pass across waves of enemies but killing doesn't matter, in this game every kill counts, it's close and personal, it's necessary. The Last of Us is a jewel. I have found a couple of glitches, but nothing that hinders the experience. The game is a masterpiece. Expand
  66. Jun 19, 2013
    Impressive in every aspect. Graphics, Illumination, Story, Length, Emotions, the Persons in play, Sound, Soundtracks, Multiplayer experience, Gameplay in general I were submerged into a world like never before, feeling not only the excitement that I felt with halo 4 or uncharted 2/3, but also the emotions that the game transmitted, like heavy rain... it has a perfect combination of that sensations, that makes me feel at the end of the game that I've played a master piece.

    I don't think that there is any game out there that could match The Last Of Us (I don't want to spoiler either), but I think that it is only comparable with the Uncharted 2 scandal... Naughty Dog made it again
  67. Jun 19, 2013
    It is rare that a game can hit a note so fast and make you care for its characters. From the opening to the ending, the story grabs you and compels you to keep on playing to see what happens next. The character interactions were fluid without the voice actors sounding like they were reading a script. The environments were gorgeous and well done. The combat was everything that Naughty Dog promised with a choice on stealth mechanics or open combat, unlike other games the AI companion was not hampering or detrimental to the gameplay or those mechanics.

    The Last of Us has set a new bar in game-based storytelling and should set the standard for video game storytelling in the years to come.
  68. Jun 19, 2013
    The Last of Us is a must own. With great gameplay, stellar visuals, and phenomenal voice acting, The Last of Us is a masterpiece. The game is a survival game. And, just like a real apocalypse, you care for your partners and kill to survive. Many other survival games nail the "survive" factor but cannot create a human-like attachment between characters. Naughty Dog has nothing to prove and might have just made the best game of the year. Joel and Ellie might be the best duo in years (much better than Mario and Luigi). Truly The Last of Us is the epitome of a great video game. Expand
  69. Jun 19, 2013
    The most outstanding game of this fading generation. Naughty Dog have created something so unique and so beautiful, and yet profound and heart-breaking at the same time. I've been made to truly care about the characters and what happens to them, in a way I didn't think was possible in a video game. This coupled with varied and thoughtful gameplay makes for a wonderful viewing/playing experience. The gameplay itself consists of stealth, problem-solving, gun-play and scavenging. These all blend together, and mean the gameplay never feels repetitive or boring. I particularly like the way the main two characters interact and work together in certain parts of the game. The wide range of landscapes, and the mix of slower paced, and sometimes hectic gameplay means you won't want to put down your controller. The graphics are truly phenomenal, making excellent use of lighting and shadows, and an insane amount of detail is embedded throughout. The collision of urban and jungle environments makes for a breathtakingly beautiful, yet believable world. In fact, it makes you question whether we need next-gen consoles with graphics like this! The music is sets the tone of the game, and does a wonderful job of injecting the right emotion into the on-screen action, both in cut-scenes and actual gameplay. All these components together create an unforgettable gaming experience. If you're after a non-stop, action packed game such as Uncharted, then perhaps you're looking in the wrong place. But if you're looking for a beautiful, immersive, emotional, character-driven, cinematic game with a compelling storyline, and amazing graphics and gameplay, then you will not be disappointed. The Last of Us is without a doubt the best game I've ever played, and after you have experienced it, I'm sure you will feel the same way! Expand
  70. Jun 20, 2013
    I really can't put a "score" on this game, but seriously get this game, It's totally worth it. For people that doesn't like "zombie games", this is not one of these, this games is more focused on the story and how you choose to play it.
  71. Jun 20, 2013
    i just got the last of us few days ago. trust me. it is amazing! the stories completely immerses you feeling like what it would be like when you are actually in a post apocalypse never let down i would be willing to play this game again unlike bioshock infinite i felt like i was talking to real people.

    gameplay wise it really made me jump whenever i would go into a room with a clicker i
    would get scared to death trying not to get caught and looting a whole room making sure i have all bullets which is a key element to a post apocalyptic game i hardly used my gun only for runners trying to kill me. the graphics are amazing whenever i go take a walk in a shop i would notice all the detail and how naughty dog took so much effort into making this. if you are not a gamer or not a one who enjoys survival horror this is not the game for you i seen critics giving the game a 8/10 which is completely stupid.

    the story is so good having a team and ending up with just a partner pulls you into the sorrow and devastation into what happened to these people or what will. crafting is really important element in this game, i never used building both healing kit and shivs to stealth kill a clicker. i truly love this game having guilt whenever i would pass a conversation or a cut scene with joel and ellie. these characters have such a way of bonding it us unlike any other game i have experienced. ever. ellie was bought into this cruel world where joel has not having different view points about the world around them. very sad which is really good. this game is better than uncharted. im serious i hate playing this game because whenever i do i have less time to get to the end. i wish i could just wipe out my memory and play it again. i think ellie is my favorite game partner ever. despite ellie being invisible why would you want to get caught if she was visible. i would just be walking and she would start whistling or swear at something. throw a brick at an enemy A.I. and i would kill them instantly. i did not use most of my weapons in my storage i mostly used the shotgun for clickers whenever i did not have a shiv to stab a clicker in the neck. this game is so amazing i wonder what time it took naught dog to make it because i just loved playing the game and i hope there is some story DLC coming because i just love watching the bond between joel and ellie and how they change whenever they work together. if you have not played the game i am going to say a spoiler. joel and ellie find two survivors called henry and sam. as you progress you go to their hide out at their last cut scene. sam is very upset and asks ellie about her fears when they finish and ellie goes to bed sam shows a bite on his leg. the following day ellie wakes up to get sam for breakfast and is attacked. henry shoots sam and tells joel it his fault. while joel tries to take the gun henry commits suicide and shoots himself in the head. that is a 10/10 game showing how cruel the world they live in is and how people go insane and dont know how to react. i just love playing the game no joke it is the best game i have ever played. ever. some people might not understand but you have to understand the game genre and how people react to these types of situations that is due to low scores. this is how you leave a mark on a console the playstation 3 with the upcoming playstation 4 this game is a mark of great games a masterpiece.

    i have to talk about ellie she is the best characters i have encountered in a game and how she is just used to killing infected people is just amazing i remember playing sleeping dogs and a 20 year old guy shot a man in the head and got depressed about it. some characters cant live with themselves when they kill. but thats it ellie kills for her partner joel and helps him showing their bond of not having any guilt whatsoever and just doing it for a helping hand and not reconsidering and going into devastation like other characters. ''it was either him or me'' thats what joel told ellie when joel was nearly gonna die from a murderer. knowing to keep an eye out for each other and not caring. thats why ellie is such a good character knowing their a team and always will be a team. basically ellie is the main character even on the main hardcover on the game

    the characters are what make this game so believable and real and so in depth that you can actually feel the emotion of a character and what there going through and being so interested in what there doing so simple as enjoying a view makes it a masterpiece

    the textures on the characters look like actual people. i started wishing that joel and ellie where real people because i have never seen such personality and bond is so refreshing and enjoyable. the years and effort put into this game pays off as one of the best video games ever made.

    time to wrap this up. this game is amazing truly a wonderful experience i will never forget i know that this game will be the game of the year masterpiece
  72. Jun 20, 2013
    From start to the ned it is quality, thank you for this masterpiece ND. Game of the year Hell no! Its the Game Of The Generation and I know that they will won the title.
  73. Jun 20, 2013
    I beat The last of Us a while ago. It was the most amazing story in a video game I've ever seen. The game itself is amazing, and It's easily among the top 5 best games I've EVER played, and I've been playing games since 2001! It's got fantastic mechanics, a "feels" filled story, and the gameplay is fantastic.
    I spent 12.5 hours playing it in my first boot up. Second time I spent 2-3 hours
    and beat it!
    I only have 3 issues: 1.) recycled goons 2.) glitches/bugs and 3.) Multiplayer costs an extra 9.99!
    All in all, I'd give The Last of Us a 9.7/10~
    I am still deciding whether or not to buy the online pass...
  74. Jun 20, 2013
    Not only is the story top notch, but so are the actors portraying everyone. You can also find a stellar multiplayer worked into this deluxe package which will surely win game of the year. While it's certainly not perfect with AI, it's not enough to hault this massive train of a game. Easily the best game I've played all year.
  75. Jun 20, 2013
    Hands down one of the best games I have ever played. One of the finest bits of storytelling I have come across in any medium. I will spare you the long review and simply urge you to play this wonderful game.
  76. Jun 20, 2013
    Players will act as a partner Joel and Ellie survivors of different ages. The downfall to this world. The couple decided to travel across the continent to survive across America. Hoping to find the perfect place to settle and live. During the trip, they must fight to survive a gang of robbers and also their mutant plague that seek to tackle them with. In addition to fighting the enemies that threaten life. They also need water and food to survive. And find different weapons for combat use as well. http://www.gamesdotanews.com Expand
  77. Jun 21, 2013
    naughty dog is very good company this game is beautiful graphic and sound is very good and gameplay amazing like sony for game and naughty dog is very best game in year2013
  78. Jun 21, 2013
    Is the world worth saving? Or will we become a mirror of despair, absent of hope, trapped in hell, sucked into the wake. You have to understand the impact of what exactly this game is trying to do, Its not a zombie story (despite popular belief) because in fact the virus cordyceps doesn't kill its victims. Instead it grows around the brain, and in time completely alters the victims face and movement. These infected are alive. Its disturbing to think about, unsettling at times. But why is this so important? Why is this game getting so much phrase?

    Take a look at naughty dog for a second, Uncharted, Jak and Daxter, these guys just don't make mature games. So how did they pull off making one of the most mature games in history? Because for every action you take in The Last of Us you remember that your characters Joel and Ellie aren't your typical protagonists. They kill, they steal, they run, they hide, and despite what we think is so horrifying, they are used to this desolated world around them, in short, they aren't normal, they are a new brand of human. An evolution of what we will become if we allow our self's to fall to darkness. The moment you have down time Joel and Ellie instantly talk casually about life and what the world used to be like. This is not a game about killing and blood, and terror. Its about sacrifice, hope, destiny. This is not a typical survival horror game, this is a compelling third person journey that once you get sucked in, you wont want the experience to come to an end.

    Well Mike that's all great but I want to play a game not watch a movie. That is the stroke of genius here, apart form being one of the best written games Ive played this generation, and one pulls some of the best performances, the games gameplay is some of the best to date. Its brutal, unforgiving, impact full, the ending will say with you for days, you'll want to play a second or third time. You'll want more, you'll want to know why naughty dog waited so long to show off there true talent. This game is a marvel, but I didn't always thing that, I wasn't convinced until I had the controller in hand, And I suggest you do the same.

    I will warn though, this game isn't for the faintest of hearts. Its violence is the most disturbing aspect, and here its done exceptionally well because it truly has meaning. The 15 to 18 hour game will teach you a lot about life if you allow it, don't limit yourself, if you are a true gamer, who likes compelling experiences stop reading the this and buy the game.

    Graphics, believe it or not uncharted 2 (at one time a fantastic looking game) is now wildly outdated, thanks mostly to this games superb art style. You'll want to reach out and touch your tv at times, each interior tells an interesting story, at times the game is at its best when you can just stop and explore the world around you.

    Sound, some uncharted call backs with weapon draws, but ultimately the sounds have just further add to the suspense. Clickers and infected in general are horrify. The entire cast is phenomenal, and the soundtrack is unbelievable.

    Story, I can say without hesitation that the real root of the story and its end will require some real thought, the game doesn't go into full detail at times, most of the story is told with strong symbolism.. so naturally many will hate it. I look for mature adult experiences, immature teens, kids, and adults for that matter will be left clueless. This game requires brains, I know, crazy right?

    Gameplay, 10. Weapons range from bricks to nail bombs, from revolvers to shotguns and all between. Which ever you chose to us, you will immediately feel the impact of each hit, each cry of pain and each blood spray. Its a small selection that never seems limited considering how each encounter feels dramatically different. You never quite know what will be around the next corner, you are constantly on edge and never unprepared, that is if you search each nook and cranny for various supply's, and you'll want too. This precision and attention to detail are unmatched. This flaws are easy to overlook, considering it is so much better than what has been passing as a new $60 release in recent years.

    Its flaws, I hate the idea of giving a game a 10. No game is perfect. The last of us suffers from A.I. problems here and there, and at launch I was hit will and autosave bug which made me lose my first two hours of progress. This bug has been fixed, but whats important to note, even after all that, the game was so beyond what I had imagined, it didn't even bother me. I hope every developer takes something away from this game. This is the true future of games, I have no doubt in my mind.

    If you liked these games, you'll love The Last of Us.

    Alan Wake 9/10
    Uncharted (whole series) 8/10
    Tomb Raider (New) 7/10
    Red Dead Redemption 9/10
  79. Jun 21, 2013
    this game is purely perfect:
    -extreme graphics with almost no jagging
    -awesome and touching story
    -long campaign
    -challenging and strategic multiplayer
  80. Jun 21, 2013
    A true gem of console gaming. This is a game that, while focusing heavy on the emotional side of the story, does not give up its gameplay or any other aspect of what makes up a game for that matter. It is a complete package. Naughty Dog gives us a magnificent story with great characters and dialog, that at the same time isn't just trying to get through the gameplay sections to get to another cutscene. The game offers quite hard at times but well-made and rewarding sneaking and fighting mechanics that while holding their own merit also help to make this game's story as engaging as it is. The art style, dark at times, but also making room for happiness engulfs the entire game, leaving us with a great experience once it ends. And to top it off, our journey is accompanied by a marvelous soundtrack by Gustavo Santaolalla, which suites the game perfectly. Worth every dollar. Expand
  81. Jun 21, 2013
    Beautiful story great gameplay literally masterpiece Totally worth every dollar. Naughty Dog did a great job letting me get addicted to the game after 20 minutes. The team totally gained 10 out of 10.
  82. Jun 21, 2013
    1st of all i would like to say immediately that because this game is by naughty dog it is somewhat linear. But the game does an amazing job in rewarding you the player for exploring every corner of the levels by giving you a lot of materials and ammo which are very rear ingredients within the world of the last of us. The environments in the game are simply Breathtaking and story deep and intense. the story is engaging and it became the game that brought me closest to tears in the start. Combat was intense and fluid with many ways to apply your items in it, as for ammo it is rear so it is not a game where you can 'run and gun' it is a game with remarkable and challenging A.I and simple to use yet deep mechanics. the game applies stealth very well and allows you to craft items with realistic strength, use and durability. the length is decent about 15 hours long and there is an even harder mode called 'survival' unlocked once you finished 1 play through, and the game has good replay value duo to the many ways of finishing various levels and there are mechanics such as the 'listening' ability that allows you to see enemies through walls and the crafting mechanic which is pretty self explanatory. this game is a definite triple A budget and it shows. the game may not be the best game out there but if you own PS3 you owe it to yourself to buy this game because it is an unmissable experience, it has everything somebody like me wants in a game, good and fluid combat in which different enemies require diverse tactics that make you think before engaging in combat, a meaningful story with a satisfying conclusion and beautiful environments. this game is the whole package. Expand
  83. Jun 21, 2013
    sencillamente espectacular, es una obra maestra que hay que jugar si o si!!! los graficos, la historia, todoooo esta muy bien hecho. lo mejor que ha sacado ps3!!!
  84. Jun 21, 2013
    This is simply one of the greatest games that I have ever played. Amazing stealth combat and creepy dark areas to beautiful forests will draw you right in. The Last of us also brings in a well written story that will draw you in until you have to see it through to the end
  85. Jun 21, 2013
    Naughty Dog has done it again! The Last of Us is a story untold before, gruesome, suspense filled, and never failing to leave the "what if" factor of this infectious world and leaving surprise after surprise around each corner. Ellie, voiced by Ashley Johnson, personifies how people adapt to survive and how this world shows the need to change and grow up quickly. Joel, voiced by Troy Baker, also serves as an image on the necessary and harsh changes that the human race uses to overcome their weaknesses. The Last of us is unmatched in every way and is already a pronounced frontrunner for Game of The Year. It took me on an emotional journey that was challenging engaging and left me honestly awestruck that a video game could be this good. Among the best games I've ever played and ,along with the uncharted series, Solidifying a place as one of my favorite games. Naughty Dog has done it again. 10/10 Expand
  86. Jun 21, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. One of the best games I have ever played!Just brilliant!!!Naughty dogs really know how to create perfect game!No I can't even imagine what they are gonna do on PS4! Expand
  87. Jun 21, 2013
    This game has the Atmosphere and diversity of "Half-Life 2", the graphics of "Crysis", the story of "FF 7" and the value of "Ocarina of Time". This isnt just the best game and best looking game of this console generation, it is one of the best games ever made. If you own a PS3 and dont play this game, you only use it for watching BluRays.
  88. Jun 21, 2013
    This game has all the elements of greatness. It has excellent combat system, real-time healing and crafting, great dialogue and an awesome story. The relationship between Joel and Ellie is what makes this game stand above the rest. I don't see how this game is over-rated. It is in a league of its own. There are a few instance that may feel like Uncharted, but ammo is scarce and using your instincts is crucial. The graphics are great and have great detail a you travel across the United States. The game has it's tense moments when you venture through dark and abandoned homes and buildings. Looking for supplies or a way out from the infected. Over-all the game is by far the best exclusive for the PS3. Highly recommended. Expand
  89. Jun 21, 2013
    Amazing game you should get its beautiful everything is perfect love you naught dog! It is worth the money geat for a special gift to! Also best graphics for ps3 by far.
  90. Jun 21, 2013
    one of the most amazing games I've ever played.... the only down side is that the game has to end eventually...characters cast and graphics are amazing.
  91. Jun 21, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. II am not a PS3 gamer so I do not know Naughty Dog and their games very well. Or PS3 exclusives as a matter of fact. But as a fan of post apocalyptic fiction in general and an avid PC Gamer, I was intrigued that a game called The Last of Us was coming out. So I played this game, start to finish on my friend's PS3 and was just blown away.

    The Last of Us is a linear game, but in a very good way. You don't seem to have much control of Joel as in making choices that affect the story-line but this is a cinema-like feature in a game. It's not just movie-like Unlike games like Heavy Rain where you have basic controls with the game environment but a captivating plot, The Last of Us gives you a wide variety of third-person shooter game mechanics. From crafting supplies and using your limited-weapons, the gameplay is focused. You either stealth out each level or go berserk. Your choice. and every so and then, a cut scene appears. But these cut-scenes are not your average cutscenes. Not only do they have great motion-capture on the faces, but the voice acting is just incredible. I do not know Naughty Dog very well, but they I can tell they had a huge budget to craft this masterpiece, and they used it well.

    The story-line however is sort of a misunderstanding to me. It starts out a bit cliche, having to bring the young girl Ellie to the fireflies (A resistance group trying to find a cure to the cordyceps virus)but when the story shows you these predictable plot points, it's just twist and turns, and that's when the writing is just clever. A moment in the game's story was making you think Joel, the main character was going to die, which I thought was predictable, until they revealed he was healing all along. Having said that, You'd think the storyline isn't all too great when it seems the game is a long courier mission across the country, but the the point of the story is, The Courier becomes attached to the package, emotionally. and that is where the plot thrives.

    The enemies in this game are well designed. I found the clickers and runners quite scary and their different behavior patterns made the overall gameplay challenging. The bandits, or hunters on the hand were much more terrifying. I found the living threat in this game very Walking Dead-esque and exciting. Even some of the bandit characters like David affect the main characters Joel and Ellie.

    Last and not least, the overall design on this game is just art. Each level had so much vivid detail, this wasn't lazy level design here. And the game was about 14 hours long, that's the real kicker on how much time was made to make this great game.

    I don't usually like how the video game medium tries to push itself as an art form, but now I can see why, and The Last of Us is one of these titles that will turn the industry into what motion pictures are right now today.
  92. Jun 22, 2013
    The story telling of Naughty Dog has always been on par or better with their productions in the past, be it Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Daxter, and especially Uncharted, they always illustrated their characters actions and dialog to match the character in question and appeal to the audience they are trying to engage. In The Last of Us they hold true to that sentiment and take it to an unbelievable level of storytelling genius, getting you emotionally attached to every character they portray which adds to the immersion process the game conveys. There is something that sets this game apart and on a different level from even the Uncharted series. The pure emotion set into each character, and the dialog used by the writers makes for a storytelling extravaganza. It took at least an hour or two for me to get connected with Drake, but Joel and all his companions that you fight with and escort immediately show a sense of realism in emotion and dialog in contrast to the landscape and feel of the game play that let you get emotionally attached to them right when said character is introduced. I believe Naughty Dog only intends on getting better with each IP they release. The experiences they give us are some of the best I've ever encountered while playing video games. I know my critique doesn't matter, but nonetheless I give The Last of Us 10/10. Expand
  93. Jun 22, 2013
    Not only does this game incorporate just-under-perfect graphical properties but the story line adds new ideas to a survival environment. Naughty Dog (the developers of the Uncharted series) have outdone themselves in what is to be one of the greatest games of 2013. Although the game may have "a massive game breaking bug" (Anonymous Rater), it does not affect the overall experience that you get in a game like this. If I haven't convinced you to buy this game, let me hit you with this: This game is spectacular and provides a great gaming experience. (The only reason I did not put actual game examples is because they may have spoiled the actual game, and no-one likes that). Expand
  94. Jun 22, 2013
    this game is one of the best game i ever played. the gameplay is so realistic, graphic is on of the kind. best you can get on console. Texture quality is high and Lighting is impressive story is not perfect but story telling is so good so you can never forgot is think the bigest problem of this game is A.I. ND had big hype on A.I they said they Rewrite The A.I system form uncharted engine for this game but A.I is not so good .N.P.C s is really stuped and not challengeable. while you hidding your partner sneak around the enemys righ on they face but they can't see her. that's really annoying me. Expand
  95. Jun 22, 2013
    First, I own both 360 and PS3 so I am no fanboy to either console. There are games on both consoles that are close to flawless. Something that I think needs to be said here is that anyone who gets on here and says they truly "played" and finished this game in less than 10hrs is a liar. You may have finished the game but didn't truly play it...you didn't get immersed in it. It means that you run & gunned through it like an FPS...you didn't scavenge...you didn't fully investigate maps...you didn't invest in player skill upgrades because you couldn't have spent enough time to do it. Please don't listen to those reviews. That said, the game is not flawless. There is the occasional AI companion glitch that will irritate you...especially if you are invested in the stealth aspect of the game, but man is it a great effort. The graphics are gorgeous. Everything feels very lush. The use of lighting in this game is spectacular. Especially interior lighting and time change lighting. The lighting and detail in the water scenes are phenomenal. The story is absolutely gritty and dark, and IT IS the flawless part. The best and worst of humanity. Some of the best work I've ever played. Joel, Ellie, and even the secondary characters are very well fleshed out ...and done so in a very short amount of time in the storyline. The game is partitioned in a way that feels like large chapters of a book, but the game plays like a movie. It has that cinematic feel. It has a great beginning...a long, well-paced middle, and a crescendo-building ending. The games ability to literally force you to decide...do I make a health pack?..or do I make a molotov?...and which will help me best survive is unparalleled. To me, this game feels like it pulled some of the best pieces of some of the best games in different genres. The feel of fear and horror are similar to Dead Space franchise and the BioShock franchise. The exploration piece feels similar to the Uncharted series and the new Tomb Raider. The upgrade mechanics are similar to Dead Space and Tomb Raider. I give these as references because I feel like those aspects of those games are some of the best out there on either console. I found myself wishing for the cover mechanics of the GOW franchise...especially when outnumbered, but you find other alternatives. Again, this game is not flawless...but man is it close. You can feel ND's love and effort in building this game. It is very close to a masterpiece. When some games grow tiresome, The Last Of Us reminded me of why I love gaming. It force-feeds you great gaming. I would sit down to play for a while after my family went to bed...and look up 3hrs later, and be like...man I need to go to bed. I have almost 24 solid hours in this game. I gave it a 10 because it's better than a 9 on this scale. I would say 9.7 or better. Buy this game. Invest your time in it. Don't rush it. You will not be disappointed. This game sits among some legendary titles on a short lists that rises above ALL of the mass product put out there. It's brilliant. VERY well done Naughty Dog!! Expand
  96. Jun 22, 2013
    The critics of this game will point to the fact that it is a zombie game in a world over-saturated in zombie games/movies/tv. But this game is so much more than a generic zombie apocalypse. The incredible narrative not only demands emotional attachment to various characters throughout the game, but so accurately depicts the collapse of human morals when faced with a collapsed society. Most first person shooters get stale fairly quickly with repetitive gameplay and needless killing, but The Last of Us stays surprisingly fresh throughout the entirety of the game. It is not a happy story, nevertheless I have never been so fully immersed into a game. It might not be the most fun game I have ever played, but it is without a doubt the best game I have ever played. Expand
  97. Jun 22, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. A brilliant piece of gaming material with stunning graphics and deep emotional story and characters. I love the way how when I failed at trying a tactic to get through a level the game was able to give me other options at which I would succeed. I would name it one of the best games of my life. My only complaint would be that you could not chose between saving Ellie's life and curing the infection. But apart from this I must say this truly is a glorious 'must-have' for the PS3. Expand
  98. Jun 22, 2013
    From the trailer, I thought it looked very appealing. I was not disappointed. However, after I started playing, the game pulled me in and did not let go until the very end. Every aspect of the game was made either flawless or mighty close to it. AI and the combat system were extremely realistic, while still fun and challenging at the same time. However, the main gem of this masterpiece is the story. It's not often you can play with so much emotional connection between the player and the characters. After one finishes the game, you're left with a great feeling and many thoughts, almost like after reading a really good novel. As for me, it took around 3 more days to really process the plot. There's so much depth, it really pulls the player in. The next comes the sound. It was beautifully made and used through out the entire game, and really completes the experience. This game earned a sincere place along with my all time favourites, next to Half Life series. If I would, I would give 20 out of 10, as the game really moved me, and it doesn't happen often. If you own a PS3, I believe it's a crime not to try it out.

    P.S. Specifically tried not to give any plot details away.
  99. Jun 23, 2013
    Sensational hardly does it justice. The combat is brutal, tactical and engaging, forcing the player to take stock in their surroundings and use everything to their advantage. The gameplay fully feels part of the world. The main characters, Joel and Ellie, are very deep, more so than most books or movies, and the story manages to offer a level of emotional and moral nuance that has rarely been explored in any medium. On top of this it is graphically and artisitcally stunning. A magnificant work of art. You owe it to yourself to play this game. Expand
  100. Jun 23, 2013
    The biggest problem keeping me from giving this game a 10 is the glitches. There are enough to distract from gameplay and I'm not the only one that has had problems. The gameplay is not unlike uncharted but it does play differently and better. It's an extremely enjoyable and often challenging experience that is definitely worth playing. The story matched with great gameplay made this wonderful to play, just be aware it does glitch and sometimes you have to restart an encounter to get it to quit. Expand
  101. Jun 19, 2013
    Impressive in every aspect. Graphics, Illumination, Story, Length, Emotions, the Persons in play, Sound, Soundtracks, Multiplayer experience, Gameplay in general I were submerged into a world like never before, feeling not only the excitement that I felt with halo 4 or uncharted 2/3, but also the emotions that the game transmitted, like heavy rain... it has a perfect combination of that sensations, that makes me feel at the end of the game that I've played a master piece.

    I don't think that there is any game out there that could match The Last Of Us (I don't want to spoiler either), but I think that it is only comparable with the Uncharted 2 scandal... Naughty Dog made it again

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  1. Sep 16, 2013
    Flawless in its ambition and almost perfect in its execution. A brave and remarkable game quite unlike any other.
  2. Sep 10, 2013
    The Last of Us is a great action-adventure game that manages to capture the feeling of post-apocalypse and survival. The story is alright but way too manipulative and borrows heavily from other, better, material. Still the segmented survival gameplay and the amazing audiovisual production makes the game an experience everybody should check out.
  3. Despite the breakneck pace of the prologue, it takes quite a while for The Last of Us to pick up some speed again. However, once the cold harsh winter arrives, the action (and story) ramps up. So much so, it puts most Hollywood productions to shame. [July 2013, p.76]