• Publisher: SCEA
  • Release Date: Jun 14, 2013
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  1. Aug 31, 2013
    Now here is one hell of a game. The gameplay is average, nothing too ingeniously new here. This game is more on the side of a story based game, or a game that is like playing a movie. I do enjoy a good story based game and let me tell you this is one of the best. The character development is phenomenal from start to finish. Voice acting is top notch and there is a sense of fear in the game that I haven't witnessed since early silent hill games.

    It truly is a shame that this game is only for PS3, I personally had to borrow a friends PS3 and I bought the game for it based on the reviews, which it sure did live up to. A lot of people don't like games like this, however I found it perfectly suited to me, I wish there were more games of this caliber.

    I highly recommend this for someone who wants to get away from the mundane run around shooting call of duty type game.
  2. Sep 1, 2013
    A thrilling and unforgetable game. Both main characters are like people you know in real life and you care about them. Everyone should try this 'experience' since it is so much more than a mere video game.
  3. Sep 6, 2013
    The apocalypse is coming.. If I don't give a perfect score to a game now I may never have another chance

    This could have been easily a successful TV series or a new popular book's franchise. I wonder what was the author intention when he/she wrote the story for the fist time. I'm just glad it was presented to me in the form of a video game

    When it comes to story telling, The Last of
    Us represents a huge leap in what we are used to see in Video Games, only comparable to some other amazing games like Bioshock 1, Metal Gear Solid 4, Resident Evil 2 and the "bitter sweet" Mass Effect saga

    Even in comparison with other great existing and soon to be released games The Last of Us will always occupy a special place in my memories

    The only complain I have is more of a personal issue and not a problem with the game itself; I really don't like having to unlock new difficulties on video games.

    When I recognize a game is good, I want to play it in the highest difficulty from the get go. This is how I make sure I don't beat it in a short period of time. This was not a serious issue with The Last of Us, even when they don't let you unleash the Survivor mode on your first run; you can be damn sure your money was well spent on each of the 12-16 hours of gameplay this game packs for you

    The legend says Sony saved Naughty Dog from bankruptcy when they decided to release the PS1 and make them their main developer back in the Crash Bandicoot era. If true, this is probably one of the biggest calls from Sony as a gaming company.

    Naughty Dog is currently one of the best developers in the market and its one of the main reasons why I will continue on the Playstation family, can't wait to play their new games!
  4. Sep 4, 2013
    awesome maybe the best game ever made me cry more than ive ever cried in all video games combined and the combat was amazing especially the melee combat always made you on the edge
  5. Sep 5, 2013
    Although i had high expectations for this game, nothing could prepare me for the amazing experience i had with it. And it gradually gets better as you go on a journey across America. It is amazing how the developers managed to hold my attention from start to finish. The music, graphics, sound design, lovable characters, breathtaking story all of this things combined make this game not only best Ps3 exclusive but the best game I have ever played. My biggest problem now is that I don't know if I will ever play a game that is as good. Great job guys at Naughty Dog. You have proven once again that you are at the top of the gaming industry. Expand
  6. Sep 10, 2013
    When playing the last of us, it didn't feel like a video game. It was more like reading through a best selling novel. The story is one of the best ones ever existing in a game. The graphics are gorgeous and the character developing is flawless. The voice acting is very solid and I can say that the whole game feels like a cinematic experience. Ellie and Joel are the best characters I've ever seen in a video game. Overall this game deserves the attention it gets. Expand
  7. Sep 7, 2013
    This is an amazing game, If you could imagine a realistic post apocaliptic near future game where society as we know it is gone, and whatever happened is not farfetched like most recent zombie movies and games (you wont see any zombified weird boss creatures here). This game has a very "The Walking dead" meets "I am Legend" meets "Mad Max" (or "The Book of Eli") feel to it.

    The world as
    we know is gone and life continues to some degree; some places are "safe" but the outside world is full of danger, be it Infected Zombie like Humans o just plain Scavangers who kill other humans to stay alive.

    I haven't been this amazed by the how real everything in this game since GameCube's remake of Resident Evil, I know there nothing to compare from one to the other aside from biological zombies, and there have been many amazing games in between, but I remember how much I was amazed by RE when it came out for game cube, but The Last of Us gave me exactly the same feeling (only about 10 years later)

    The game is quite realistic, it's hard to kill enemies specially with guns (unlike most games where enemies stand and wait to be killed), most character movements and story plots are very believable to the point where you could see that happening in real life in that particular scenario.

    My only complaint with this game if you can call it that is that it's not longer (and believe me, it's long enough) but by the end I wanted to keep playing, I wanted to know what happens next. I hope a sequel is done some time in the near future to give us more adventures with Joel and Ellie.

    Pick this game up for sure. I'm a life long gamer and this has got to be one of my favorite games, I completely recomend it.
  8. Sep 14, 2013
    A masterpiece, a testament to Naughty Dog's ability to convey a fluid, cohesive and believable world that immerses you completely. While the gameplay has a few minor issues such as irrational AI patterns and sometimes intuitive cover systems, they never detract to the overall experience that is delivered. The Last of Us will allow you to embark on a journey, Ellie and Joel's
    journey, both the characters are delivered with surgical precision to the point that you become completely invested in the story and gameplay creating a whirlwind of higher emotions such as fear, despair, regret, guilt and infatuation. The gameplay is strategic through the element of stealth and strategy as well as adapting dynamic AI that react to your behavioral patterns and actually surprise, flank and catch you off guard, countering and forcing you to adapt, something few games are capable of.

    I would give the game a 9.8 with the few unpolished bugs holding it back from perfection, if the game seems like your style go for it. You will not be able to put this game down from the start and will be disappointed when it ends, leaving you craving more of the stark and desolate world.
  9. Sep 9, 2013
    This game is without a doubt the best video game I have ever played. The games plot is phenomenal and it's characters are even better. The game play is intense and full of nail biting moments. The game's violence is so powerful and awesome (do not let a child play this game!). Full of emotion, excellent acting and absolutely gorgeous graphics, Naughty Dog have proven themselves that they are the best video game developer. This game is an absolute masterpiece and a staple of greatness on video game history, this is more than gold, it's platinum. Expand
  10. Sep 22, 2013
    Naughty Dog's second best game of all its releases. Only to be beaten by its best release Uncharted 2 Among Thieves. This game clearly has the best graphics, even better than Bioshock Infinite, Grand Theft Auto V and many other games that released later than this game. Its in game mechanics are amazing. The storyline's amusing and emotional. A great game worth buying. This was the first game i bought when i bought the PS3. Worth every penny. Guys u people should have this game in your collections list of PS3 games. This game is one to remember. Expand
  11. Sep 12, 2013
    I'll be brief. PLAY THIS GAME. Why should you? -It's narrative and characters are the first to ever feel "Human", rather than superficial and "videogamey" -Great pacing that always keeps you on the edge -Narrative and Characters feel very "weighty" and emotional. Never to soap-opera ish. Always feels like a well done Hollywood Apoclaypse drama (akin to the road) -Just outstanding production values all the way around
    -Very tense in moments.
    -Fantastic OST by Gustavo Santalla.

    I can go on and on. Please, if you have a ps3, or are considering purchasing a ps3 for this game, than please for the love of god do. You seriously won't regret it.


    Some I guess, It's not perfect, but nothing ever is:

    -After the incredible first 15 minutes, the first few hours are a bit of a drag and might feel slow. So don't get dissapointed if you find yourself a bit bored in the first few hours. It honestly picks up, I swear it does.

    -Never enough. Wouldn't have minded another level or 2.

    But please play this game. Support Naughty Dog, Playstation, because they honestly deserve every single penny.
  12. Sep 12, 2013
    The Last of Us has graphics that will blow your mind it has a storyline that will make want to see more and more.This game is the best video game i have ever played.this game is just incredible. This is a video game like no other. nothing can possibly be better than The last of Us.
  13. Sep 16, 2013
    The most emotional, most diverse game of the year, and for me personally, it's so not the exit, as many say, GTA 5, but before the release of the second part TLoU! An ideal, balanced gameplay that does not get tired of the game and more than that really captivates, making it the replayability. The story that keeps you from start to finish with an open mouth on the number of unexpected and exciting plot twists and events, forcing empathize with the main characters and secondary characters no less striking. It does not fit the word "good" or "great" here is the word "masterpiece" Expand
  14. Sep 16, 2013
    The best game of this console generation, Period. Great Narrative, made me feel like i was really in a apocalyptic world. the interactions between the two protagonist and the plot itself is worth praising. Thanks Naughty Dog...Thanks.
  15. Sep 21, 2013
    awesome game .The Last of Us is one of the best games I have ever played truly is phenomenal.all of Naughty Dog's games are awesome.Such an immersing world
  16. Sep 17, 2013
    The game is great, i'm addicted on his multi player, this game was a surprise to me, i wasn't expecting something this good, i know ND is one of the best developers but i wasn't hyped at all, the game has a simple game play and great voice action, the campaign is amazing, i never felt so excited to know what were going to happen, only one aspect broke my immersion, the "invisibility"of your allies when you are in stealth mode, but its rare to happen something odd. This is a "must play" game for ps3 owners. Expand
  17. Sep 17, 2013
    This game is amazing. It provides an unrivalled story experience which other developers will be hard pressed to match. It's story is leaps and bounds better than anything you have seen this generation or even the generation before it. The game play and story go hand in hand providing this deep and dark experience which definitely sets the mood for this game, it shows the dark truth of what people are really like through amazing character development throughout this experience. If you miss out on playing this game then you are denying yourself one of the games of this generation and maybe even one of the great games of all time. Expand
  18. Sep 23, 2013
    awesome game i think that everyone should buy it it is probably the best game ever made and in my opinion should be awarded game of the year go buy buy it
  19. Sep 18, 2013
    This game is awesome,whit more than 15 hours of gameplay and one of the better history i have ever see if you love games whit a good history and a good campaing...well this is your game
  20. Sep 19, 2013
    For me to a game be a good game there is a set :
    *Above them all Feeling .
    *1st History
    *2st-Good Soundtrack
    *3st- Carismatic Characters
    The Last of Us have all of these qualities that make a game to be good or not
  21. Sep 19, 2013
    Bought this game just because I had the money and I was at the right place and I finished the game a month ago and I keep thinking about it all the time.
  22. Sep 21, 2013
    The Last of Us is not only the best exclusive title of the seventh generation of video gaming, but also stands as a triumph as one of the greatest games ever made. Naughty Dog has brought together a game that is harrowing, beautiful, graphic and disturbing. An in-depth look at the human spirit and the will to survive despite the circumstances, The Last of Us stands as one of the most in-depth and beautiful games ever conceived.
    Featuring a story that starts off safe, but builds into one of the grand achievements in video games, The Last of Us is memorable and stands tall above the competition, setting a bar of achievements that all other companies in any medium are going to have a hard time matching.
    Top of the line gameplay, characters and character development, a stunning score and beautiful visuals and a surprisingly realistic setting make The Last of Us not only the game to play in 2013, but the game to play if you have any interest in video games, period.
  23. Sep 20, 2013
    Superbly enjoyable apart from the autosave...No....! Check it out. It's really a great linear game that often reminds me half-life 2. One of the best exclusive games I can think of on any platform. I'd advise being a shiv master. Not being able to open a door in this game can ruin a whole week for me literally. I have to start again...but I still love it.
  24. Sep 22, 2013
    Absolutely brilliant, Naughty Dog have cemented their reputation as one of the industry greats with yet another fantastic game. The Last Of Us is beautiful, lengthy, emotional and unforgettable. The characters are so well crafted and the gameplay so tense, harsh and violent. If you have a PS3 you owe it to yourself to pick this game up because it will be right on GTA V's heels for GOTY awards for sure. Expand
  25. Sep 22, 2013
    It has become one of my favourite games and I would love to write more about it, but I don't want to spoil anything, so I'll make it short: This game is a masterpiece and I loved absolutely everything about it.
  26. Sep 23, 2013
    This game is great. Combining survival elements with action adventure was a good pick for naughty dog. The graphics are fantastic and probablly the best looking game on PS3. First the characters are all very interesting and the acting is spot on. Gameplay is pretty good also. The story wasn't anything special but the characters make it so unique. And this game brings out the darkness in humanity. In this game their is no good guy. Joel is just like the hunters, he kills for a living. And this game has one of the most controversial endings to a game ever. The multiplayer is very good forcing you to use teamwork and your crafting items to defeat the enemy. In short this game is a masterpiece Expand
  27. Sep 24, 2013
    Esse jogo fantástico, dou um 10 muito merecido. tudo feito em mínimos detalhes. compra obrigatória pra quem tem PS3.
    A inteligencia artificial foda principalmente da Ellie as vezes vemos inimigos sendo meio burros mas nada que comprometa.
    O gráfico o melhor que já vi nos consoles, o o ponto mais forte do game sua historia "fodástica" onde da empolgação emoção raiva e etc. o
    segundo melhor jogo da minha vida o primeiro shadow of the colossus. Expand
  28. Sep 24, 2013
    This game is incredible. Everything about The Last Of Us" video game is so well done that it scares me. If you have to pick a game to buy I strongly recommend The Last Of Us
  29. Sep 25, 2013
    This game easily has one of the most compelling stories in the history of video games. Throughout it's entirety, this game has an ever growing emotional connection with the player, because we relate to the character and, in many ways, shows us the severity of consequences to our own actions. The survival aspect of this game is also very apparent. Low ammo mean conserving, low medical supplies mean making you bullets count and make shifting weapons is necessary in surviving. Game play is a bit glitchy at times, but compared to the massive about of good that is this game, it can be overlooked. Overall this game has some of the most strongest characters to ever be created in a game, one of the most perfectly set stories for what it achieves to comprehend and awing atmosphere to which will leave you starstruck as you see a world crumbling around you. It is not only one of the most defining game for PS3, but also for any game console of it's generation. Thank you so much for all that you do at Naughty Dog Studios. Expand
  30. Sep 25, 2013
    One of the greatest games ever. If you give this anything under 9 you arent a gamer. Simply the story mode is outstanding and breath taking. The graphics and gameplay are very good which is a bounus to its greatness. The fact that you get so attached to characters is impecable. This game is the gateway to many great games. I played almost every good game from diffrent genre and consoles. In conclusion if you havent played the last of us yet. Play it right now! Expand
  31. Sep 25, 2013
    This game is the result of the talent and experience at Naughty Dog, the characters, story and gameplay is produced by entertainers that know what their crowd likes. The character movement and looking around is slow to compensate for the detailed graphics, but this works with the smooth gameplay. I think some will still prefer the variety and fun of Uncharted, this is more jaw clenching and focussed. Expand
  32. Sep 28, 2013
    Este es sin dudas mi juego favorito hasta la fecha: "The Last of Us" es arte en su más pura forma, con una campaña totalmente completa y extensa y con el modo cinematográfico que tiene Naughty Dog de contar una bella historia dramática. Pero "The Last of Us" no es solo eso: verás que no queda nada del mundo que conocemos, será todo simplemente oscuro y te la apañas para sobrevivir en un mundo que ya no existe. Gráficos excelentes, personajes sólidos y una emocionante historia ¿Que mas pedir? Este juego tiene emociones a más no poder. Totalmente bueno y recomendable. Expand
  33. Nov 11, 2013
    This game is full of cliches, but even so the campaign is the best story that I've played, I'm a big fan of the online gaming, but the first time that I played the campaign of this game I get very impressed I've completed this campaign 4 times, I think that this game is better than GTA V, I'm not a fanboy, I know that GTA V has a lot of things to do, but GTA gets boring when you've played for a month. The multiplayer is different, it's not a COD o an Uncharted, the maltiplayer was the thing that I fell in love. Expand
  34. Jan 6, 2014
    The last of us is a masterpiece and an fine example of how games can have an outstanding story, incredible gameplay, unbelievable graphics and some of the most tense combat ive ever played, to be honest its hard to find faults and yes the friendly AI can be a pain in the ass and break the immersion but Naughty Dog did that on purpose so if you want to go stealth your teammate wont give you away which is alot better than allowing your teammates to be spotted so that is actually a positive, and the enemy AI really makes up for as they are very clever and will really test your strategic mind. Overall the last of us is quite simply a masterpiece and while ive said this about many other games ive reviewed i only review games on this site that i think are masterpieces so im not just giving every game a 10/10 and calling it a masterpiece, but this game really is so my score: 10/10 Expand
  35. Oct 1, 2013
    I really enjoyed this game it has a nice story in the relationship between the characters and the acting was good.Also it has some very nice music in the game its defiantly one of the best games i have played if you haven't played it yet i highly recommend you do.
  36. Oct 2, 2013
    Get this game! Never before have I been so entranced by cut-scenes in a game. I loved every aspect of this game: the writing, voice acting, direction, graphics, audio, game mechanics...and the story! Oh, the story! I actually choked up at various points of the game. It is beautiful thing...a work of art...a masterpiece of imagination. If they just took the cut-scenes and added a few action scenes to connect them, this would be a brilliant movie! Best game I've ever played! Expand
  37. Feb 12, 2014
    Fairly good game, nothing that hasn't already been done. It's set in your default zombie apocalypse world, and has two fairly default characters. Worth playing if you have extra time, but definitely not the holy grail of games as most people make it seem. This is of course the game in which brought us the amazing line " I just shot the hell out of that guy" Coming out of the mouth of a normal person. Expand
  38. Oct 4, 2013
    I got really bored by this game quickly. I think it shares in concept a lot with Telltale's Walking Dead Game. But I found the Walking Dead Game way more impactful, emotional, interesting and fun. It has the same feeling as Call of Duty of being on an Amusement park ride where you're locked onto one track with only the illusion of choice. The gameplay is incredibly boring and not fun just to arrive at another cut scene. I think maybe just watch all the cut scenes on You Tube would provide the best way to get the story if its as great as everyone says. Expand
  39. Oct 5, 2013
    Um dos melhores games da historia. Pena que os fanboys que não possuem esse jogo vem cá, dão negativo e comentam um monte de merda, chupa quem não tem e...vão se foderem.
  40. Oct 6, 2013
    in short..best game I played this year..i would give it an 9.5..it's not PERFECT...but story really got me..it deserve a 10.The last of us is in my top 3 games of all time and my 2013 GAME OF THE YEAR..and everyone should play this game..xbox&Pc players..shame that is not a multiplatform..to everybody see how amazing this game is
  41. Jul 29, 2014
    I've heard mixed reviews on this game ranging from "it's too boring and slow moving" to "this is the greatest game of all time". I can now say, after playing through the bulk of this game, that I completely understand both sides of reviews. For those of you who want an adrenaline rush of game play with constant action, go elsewhere for your gaming experience as this is not the game for you.

    However, those of you who enjoy imaginative immersion in a well-crafted storyline, realistic/believable characters, beautiful artwork and game design, exploration, and solid game play, look no further. The environments are mesmerizing, the character movement is gorgeous, the dialogue and voice acting is superb, the mix of stealth/scavenging/shooting within the twists and turns of the games story is as excellent as video games come.

    The game basically plays as a 3rd person shooter (think Resident Evil 4+5) with stealth elements (think Splinter Cell) and crafting (again, think Resident Evil 4+5). Additionally, as you traverse the lengths of the storyline, you will find yourself in a myriad of settings ranging from (but not limited to) the outskirts of the city refuge to a deserted town and all the way to the wilderness, university campus, and sewers. Each new area and chapter in the game flows along the tide of TLoU's amazingly executed storyline - and the characters you play as become increasingly unique, realistic, and dear to your heart. I cannot tell you how astounded I was throughout my first play through. I can honestly say that the enjoyment of this game remained throughout the second play through as well.

    *I believe my total play through time for the game was roughly around 18 hours or so. I suppose it would depend on how quickly you are attempting to finish - my style included quite a bit of exploration and a steady pace throughout to soak up the beauty of the game.

    Definitely within the top 5 best games I have ever experienced. Well worth the price of a ps3 for this game alone. I would highly recommend for post-apocalyptic enthusiasts.
  42. Oct 11, 2013
    This game is mind-blowing on all possible points. Many times games have to sacrifice some gameplay to focus on storytelling, or vice-versa, but this game incorporates equal parts to give you a stellar immersive experience that makes the gamer feel like a part of the story in every way. Along with those excellent facets is also the graphics; for the current console generation, this game is incredibly well-made and above all, simply beautiful to play. Expand
  43. Oct 11, 2013
    The fact that anyone writes a negative review of the game, makes me believe Humanity has no hope, haha. This game is a masterful creation, the story captivates you and the game play is fun enough, very Uncharted like, still the story itself is worth the price. The graphics and voice over are flawless. This is the swan song of the PS3 and it is a great one.
  44. Oct 11, 2013
    This game defines what a masterpiece is. It sets an incredibly high standard for future video games, not only from Naughty Dog, but from all game developers. The Last of Us shows us what the PS3 is truly capable of when pushed to it's fullest potential. It runs incredibly smooth on my PS3 Slim, and the graphics are jaw-dropping. Throughout the game, you really feel a connection to the characters. You get to know them, and you get to feel them. The story keeps you craving more, and its gameplay is nothing short of addicting.

    Then, just to make the game even better, they throw in some incredible multiplayer. There isn't a whole lot of variety, with only three game modes and not too many maps, but I think the simplicity helps the multiplayer succeed more. More maps would be nice, but three game modes is enough for the time being. All three are very fun, and they're all more enjoyable if you work as a team, especially when playing Interrogation.

    I experienced a couple of bugs with the game, but none directly impacted my gameplay. One was just somebody running through a wall (just a random NPC), and the other was a multiplayer glitch, where the one of the Survival Skills wouldn't unlock. The latter of the two glitches has been fixed, and the first isn't a big deal.

    In summary, this is an incredible game, with what is probably one of the best single player experiences I've ever had. Once you're done with the single player, there's a highly addicting multiplayer to keep you amused. This really is a must own game for everyone with a PS3.
  45. Oct 11, 2013
    This game just blew me away a 10 out of 10 for sure. This story line is one of the best ever naughty dog already proved they can make great games like the Uncharted Series, The Last Of Us is truly amazing no developer can make a game this good. The story line is fantastic it attracts you into the game making you watch every single detail carefully, the game is also depressing gets me even more into the game. This game wow they made one of the greatest games in history to me this deserves to get game year Expand
  46. Ogr
    Oct 13, 2013
    This is one of the Games that made me dreaming of it many nights. The characters of Joel and Ellie are way more interesting to me than a lot of characters from comparable "Hollywood-Movies" and Series.
    The atmosphere is just great, the story is deep and the graphics are on top of the PS3-Games.
    The gameplay itself is as good as the Uncharted-Series for example, but this game is more
    about the whole feeling you get. 10/10! Expand
  47. Oct 12, 2013
    The Last Of us is without a doubt one of the most compelling, enjoyable and emotional games I've ever played. It evokes so many emotions and once a shaky start after the prologue is over it only gets better and better. I rely felt like I was going through the pain and sometimes joy that the characters were experiencing and when a game can do that you know its doing something right. It is simply a marvel of storytelling and should not be overlooked. Its Naughty Dogs best work to date and I'm sure we've still got allot more to see from them. Expand
  48. Oct 13, 2013
    Simply The best game I played in PS3 Thank you Naughty Dog For This amazing Game I put in my mind its a film a story not a game At some times I was on the verge of tears Thanks again Naughty Dog and thanks Neil drakman and Bruce Starle for the best game i played in my life
  49. Oct 13, 2013
    AMAZING! That's all you need to know. From beginning to end this game gave me an adrenaline rush through my entire body. Best real life looking cut-scenes of all time and gorgeous graphic I never felt like stopping to play this game. You felt as if you want more. Definite game of the year to me.
  50. Oct 14, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This is the most beautiful game ever invented, I love Naughty Dog, only this guys can do games like these. They have shown with Uncharted trilogy, and now with The Last Of Us, I think that nor GTA V can overcome it or anything game. only to another game from ND can be overcome it. I've said. Expand
  51. Oct 14, 2013
    this may just be the single greatest game of this generation maybe even ever, the story is great the game play is pretty much perfect and the story is one of the best, it puts the survival game back on the map after Resident Evil has moved away from the genre, the story is heart wrenching from the start and the bit where you play as Joel and Ellie separately was one of the highlights of the game practically everything thing in the game is flawless just once issue for me is how Ellie's AI doesn't always really work she can be 'hiding' where zombies or attackers can see her while you play as Joel and yet she doesn't get spotted or attacked and she will make noise, while you are sneaking around zombies and not get heard and this does take some of the tension away from the game but this is still possibly the best game to date Expand
  52. Oct 22, 2013
    The last of us is the most realistic zombie game ever, even make you worry about it happenning someday. As a prepper, This story is the absolute reality about what would happen in a SHTF scenario. The game is linear but the beauty of the landscapes will make you forget about it. The gameplay is incredible. I definitely give it the best score. This is a new way of making games, innovative and let's see who can follow naughty dog. Worth every dollar you put in it. Highly recommanded Expand
  53. Nov 24, 2013
    The last of us is a solid title
    with an excelent and deep plot
    an uncredible athmosphere and a perfect gameplay
    its a mix of the walking dead,uncharted and the road
    AND ITS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!
  54. Oct 19, 2013
    Truly a magnificent epic story telling. You are hooked on to it from start to finish. The characters are relatable, the story is simply beautiful. Cant get enough of this game.
  55. Oct 21, 2013
    The Last of Us is the best zombie movie you've ever played.

    First of all, the no-consequence-for-dying argument has been flogged to an inconsequential death in regards to this game, so I will say this: seeking consequence in a video game is barking up the wrong tree. Combat with realistic consequences driving survival would be something like a war rather than a game and it would
    likely have little entertainment value.

    That said, I'm satisfied with calling TLoU an adventure game with survival as the central theme if it circumvents the tired old comparison of every survival-themed game with Dark Souls and Demon Souls. In fact, I'm happy to report that TLoU is nothing like either of those.

    The Last of Us is a captivating and immersive experience that is worthy of the "masterpiece" praises that it has received. Fast-paced at times and a slow-burn at other times, it manages to keep attention and not become completely boring or stale. It has its tropes, but they aren't damaging to the overall experience.

    Stealth is centered around being very quiet, as the zombies in this game are blind. It's a good idea and executed well for the most part, but it does make for some awkward moments with an AI partner. There are times when the AI will seem to stomp around at will without being noticed; meanwhile if you so much as break wind, the turbulence in your jeans will alert every zombie in the area of your delicious presence. It's not a mechanics issue or anything, it just looks like an odd contrast and it's one of the few things in the game that seems sloppy.

    Character development is so strong that it's easy to become invested, but at the same time it doesn't feel forced you. In fact, you might not even notice until you find yourself blowing through half of your ammunition on a relatively harmless mob just because they got a little too rough with Not-Ellen-Page.

    Multiplayer can be quite fun because it's quite a different approach, but at the same time multiplayer can be no fun at all because the differences fall apart. The focus is on collecting parts and supplies in order to sustain your clan of survivors and that doesn't necessarily correlate with kills alone. In fact, a support role is just as effective in collecting parts by crafting, healing, reviving, etc than those meant for a high kill count. However, you may often find that matches are overtaken by a haphazard run-and-gun approach that ruins the tactical slow-burn that it intends. This is being addressed with various combat balances but the MP still seems at risk for drastic dissolution of its population over time.

    Multiplayer also seemed drastically under-realized on release as it featured only two game modes (neither of which involved surviving hordes of zombies). It has since revealed plans to expand the game modes through DLC and has already begun to do so. On one hand, more game modes are a welcomed addition but on the other hand they shouldn't turn the game into an 80 dollar version.

    Overall, a great experience with nothing blatantly wrong with it. Multiplayer will be take-it-or-leave-it as usual, but single-player alone makes TLoU a great game.
  56. Feb 17, 2014
    The only thing i could say this is the best game i ever played! Masterpiece story, soundtracks, gameplay and graphic.10/10
    Thank you to everyone at NaughtyDog for making a truly life changes experience.
  57. Oct 22, 2013
    The Last Of Us is not a game; it is art. I do not want to spoil anything about this simply astounding game. Close Metacritic, and buy The Last Of Us. Now. Or I will slap you silly.
  58. Oct 25, 2013
    For the umpteenth time Naughty Dog has surprised everyone by completely changing genre. Visually speaking The Last of Us is overflowing, so full of detail will leave you breathless in more than one occasion. The Last of Us is very sad and moving, a constant punch in the stomach when you least aspects.
    I really loved this game has given me so many emotions like few others.
  59. Oct 23, 2013
    This game is fascinating. i like everything about this game
    1- first game in which reality based infection is used
    2- START i awesome
    3- Each you play it u will have fun
    4- Real enjoyment is while playing SURVIVOR MODE
    5- I was fan of God of War but now of THE LAST OF US
  60. Oct 23, 2013
    My favorite game I have ever played. Game looks beautiful and the controls fit the game perfectly. This game has my second favorite story of any game I've played (behind Heavy Rain). The atmosphere and gameplay are fantastic, makes the player feel like they're in a movie. Decently challenging with good AI. That being said, Ellie can be kind of annoying when she gets in the way during stealth sequences, but other than that, this game is perfect.
    A must play if you have a ps3
  61. Oct 26, 2013
    So I've been a gamer for 25 years. Created a Metacritic account solely so that I could rate this game a 10. It's unquestionably one of the very best games ever made, and I've been pondering whether it's the best single player game I've ever played. To be honest, I've grown weary of single player games over the last 2+ decades. It's often a struggle to finish a single player game because I lose interest. I fill my limited gaming hours in a week with a staple of Battlefield due to the fact that playing with other humans is usually more stimulating than the rehashed, trite and unimaginative content to be found in most single player games.

    This game is one of those once in a decade gems, managing to pull together the epic scale and perfect pacing of Half-Life 2, the grandeur and wonder of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, the irrepressible spirit of adventure of Uncharted 2/3 and the emotional hook in your gut of Ico into a game that continues to resonate with me long after the end credits stopped rolling. The artistry and subtlety involved with the characterization alone is thesis-worthy. It is a game that captivated, riveted and wholly entertained me as a gamer from the first minute to the last, sans flaw.

    The Last of Us is a complete and special gaming experience and serves as a paradigm shift for storytelling in interactive media. Thank you, Naughty Dog.
  62. Nov 23, 2013
    Wow. Just wow. Naughty dog have done it once again and created a real masterpiece that plays exceptionally, the world around you looks devastated, but gorgeous, the voice acting, characters, animations are astounding and the story really pulls at the heart strings at times! You have two main characters, Ellie, a little girl that looks innocent enough but grows into a real strong character, then there's Joel a man that has been affected by the infection but deals with it in such a realistic way that you start to feel a real connection with both characters. All in all another superb title rolls off the naughty dog conveyor belt and goes straight into one of the all time greats in video gaming history! Expand
  63. Feb 5, 2014
    The Last of Us is the gateway to a whole new era of storytelling and interactive experience. Naughtydog has managed to justify almost all of this game's gritty and intense mechanics through story-telling and the emotional impact of taking a life in order to survive. It doesn't hurt that the actors were all perfectly cast and portrayed. Honestly, much better than most of the movie performances I have seen all year. The Last of Us excels beyond a game and into an experience. I really hope non-gamers can learn to appreciate the impact a perfectly executed game can have and how important it is as a new medium. The Naughtydog studio is visionary and will forever leave me craving more of their style: flawless and impact-full storytelling, some of the best actors and talent in the business, stunning and engrossing graphics, and emotions and thoughts that will last long after you play the game.

    Oh yeah, and the multiplayer experience: Ridiculously amazing. Nothing is better than out-trapping and out-smarting your opponents. It is such a perfectly balanced experience (with the exception of the OP flamethrower) that you can easily pick it up and find immediate enjoyment. Playing in groups of four is an absolute blast and coordinating tactics with your friends to annihilate the opposing faction is beyond rewarding. It's good enough that Naughtydog gave us one of the most emotionally rewarding and mind-blowing single player campaigns available, but the fact that I can keep coming back to the multiplayer experience to nail-board bash my way to success is much appreciated.

    An amazing game. The best game. They better be working on The Laster Of Us because I have never been so satisfied and yet craving of more. If anyone can successfully pull-off a sequel and continue improving a series it's Naughtydog. Considering they made as near of a perfect game as they could... it's interesting to see where they will go to continue to push the gaming industry.

    If you have a PS3 and haven't bought this game: you have a serious problem.
    If you have an XBOX 360, you need to sell your system, buy a PS3, and buy this game.
  64. Oct 29, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This is without a doubt the BEST game I have ever played!
    The gameplay, the graphics, the design, the sound and music, the top acting voice acting, and of course...the story. All of these things go together in the best way possible. I felt like I was experiencing a combination of a book, a film, and a game, all at the same time.
    The tempo is varying and dynamic and you get to experience booth intense action and explore the beautiful world in with the story takes place.

    I recommend The Last of Us to anyone who has not yet played it!
  65. Oct 30, 2013
    I've played games for the last 30 years so I know there are only a few games that can be remembered 20 years after playing them. But I know The Last of Us will be one of them. I've never felt such a level of empathy towards the characters of a game, I never needed to keep the characters alive so much (maybe my closest empathetic experience was with Heavy Rain, but that experience was very different). It is worth to mention that I don't like zombies-alike horror films and I usually get bored watching (most of) action films. I don't know why, but maybe it's because I know that the main character will live, so there is no real thrill. Is the hero caged in a locked room? meh, he will find out a way to escape, I'm not afraid. Is the bad guy aiming at the hero? Something weird will happen and he will stay alive, sure. But there is something very different in videogames: you can die, so you have a reason to be tense. Of course, videogames typically suffer from a problem which was pointed out by Steven Spielberg: "The second you get the controller something turns off in the heart, and it becomes a sport." Well, maybe it's true for most of games. For instance, I'm thinking about GTA V, which is a great game indeed, but it's just a "game" in the sense pointed out by Spielberg: characters are not really touching (they are funny, but not touching), so it's a kind of great "sports" game: driving, shooting, flying, etc. Oddly, some of my best moments in GTA V were when I was driving through this huge world, perhaps in the coast highway during the sunset, and I felt that I was in a kind of long journey. Isn't it weird? However, The Last of Us is very different. After 4-5 hours playing or so, you will really empathize with the characters so much until the end in a level not reached by most of Mr. Spielberg films in my own case, by the way (Ok, The Schindler List was something very different). The Last of Us characters are very well defined, and you will share their suffering for a long time until you love them. They are touching despite they rarely show openly their feelings, which is a symptom of a great performance. In addition, you will feel nervous in dangerous situations because you can die indeed. So you have the best combination of films and videogames: "the characters are touching" "you really feel that you can die" "you really feel you are there." The previous formula shows the rare achievement of this game. My conclusion is that this is a rare experience you will never forget. Expand
  66. Oct 31, 2013
    This is truly one of the best game of this generation!! I Ioved every minute of the game! Can't wait to see what Naughty Dog can do with the PS4. I hope Uncharted 4 is their next title!
  67. Oct 31, 2013
    Simple put, this is possibly the best game I have ever played, and I've played a lot of games over the years. Everything about this game is 10 out of 10.
  68. Nov 1, 2013
    Wow! Just wow!
    Naughty Dog actually found a very interesting and unique way of reinventing the zombie apocalypse. The story is one of those that takes ahold of you with mutated claws and never lets go. The voice acting is superb, the graphics are just amazing and the motivations for everything you do is logical and immersive.

    There are very few games that I would ever give a
    perfect 10 rating to but this is absolutely one of the best. Some critics have found it shocking and edgy to rip on this game because it is sooo popular but you would be wise to simply ignore them for the attention-seekers they are.

    This game is EXACTLY what the game industry needs more of although I do wish that it had been available for more than just the PlayStation.
  69. Nov 1, 2013
    Firstly let me make one thing clear. There is absolutely NO reason that anyone should ever give this game a 0. That is reserved for incredibly broken or extremely offensive games that should never had been made. Anybody who did is obviously tampering with scores for a laugh. They may be trolling or simply hate the game but 0 is not a number for a game like the last of us*

    It is rare
    for me to find a game that moves me emotionally. Whether it be sadness or joy, this game has done it. Naughty dogs newest game is a pinnacle of storytelling, starting from a heart-breaking beginning to an ending that has been on my mind for weeks.
    Visually this game astounds me. The characters are so human and the environment, believable. The visuals enhance the fantastically violent nature of survival and at one time or another made me wince. This is not a negative factor however as it amazes me.

    The storyline granted is slightly cliché but just because someone did it before, doesn't mean it cant be done again. Not only was it done again but it exceeded any predictability with strong emotional connection to the characters and feelings of utter hopelessness at times. The gameplay is incredibly fun as no two battles need to be the same. Some argue that the game is linear but I argue back by saying "its not linear, you just chose not to explore". You have choices of weapons to modify and make and in doing so might help you or hinder you in the future. You need to plan ahead to survive.

    The soundtrack is beautiful and suits perfectly to the apocalyptic yet beautiful wasteland of America. The collapse of man of course caused by the cordyceps. basing a disease on a real life fungus adds to the believability that one day this could happen. The enemies in the game are split into hunters melee. gunners, Molotov throwers, armoured) and the infected. the infected change through grotesque stages, each more deadly than the last. they are creative and very fun to kill.
    The only problem I found in the game was made to counteract an even greater one. your allies are sometimes invisible to the enemy until you are exposed. This sometimes breaks immersion but was done so that the whole game doesn't become one whole escort mission which it definitely is not. Some people may say that the enemy A.I is braindead. Some people give this game a 0 for this one reason. Some people are stupid.

    My verdict is that this game deserves all the praise it gets because it deserves it. It isn't overrated and certainly isn't bad. this game will be remembered for generation. This is for the Ps3 what Mario was for the NES. I will give this game a 10 although I don't believe any game is perfect. But until then very few games meet this standard.
  70. Nov 2, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game is so much about story that it's impossible to write a full review without spoiling anything, so I'll write two reviews instead, one spoiler-free and one with spoilers.
    Here comes the spoiler-free one.

    Story-wise this game blew my mind away, it blew it so far away that it landed in Wisconsin, witch is pretty far considering that I live in Sweden. Anyways I don't want to spoil anything important in this review so let's just talk about the basics of the story:
    You play as Joel. A hardened apocalipse-survivor and the way the character is showed in this game is what makes the game really good.
    Yes you play as Joel, but in my opinion the main protagonist if the game is Ellie: A fourteen year old girl that is immune to the fungal-zombie infection. And a group called the fireflies think that the thing that makes Ellie immune can save humankind from infection.

    Gameplay in this game is very, very good, and the third person perspective just makes the game brilliant, 'cuz graphicly this game is something unique and with that I mean awesome. I love that this game is so extremely gory and this game is so good that it's actually the best game I've ever played. Well worth 10/10
  71. Nov 3, 2013
    There's not much I can say about this game that hasn't already been said, but for me it's one of the best I've ever played. At a basic level there are three facets that make up how to judge a game great from a bad one to me and they're not mutually exclusive; the gameplay, the story and the graphics (including the sound!). The Last of Us gets 10/10 for the latter two but it's only slight drawback was the gameplay. Only inasmuch as it did get a little repetitive. However, it was still a definitive 10/10 overall for me, largely because of the excellent story. It is something of a rarity that games inspire such immersion and relation to the characters. Like a good book it had me rushing home from work, desperate to find out what happens next. You could argue that the story arc is a little basic perhaps even predictable, but that doesn't hinder it. It is the pacing that makes it supreme. There's moments when you might feel that it's all going to be ok, or that you're safe, you're strong and have lots of supplies. Then the next you'll be struggling, grasping for control again. Furthermore, its the characters realism that really draws you in. In combination with those moments of complete panic and tranquillity you really get to know the characters. Aesthetically its excellent; immersive, detailed and at times quite beautiful.

    Overall, as I said, it's one of (if not the) best game I've had the pleasure of playing. As a gamer I always think that the best test for any game would be would you recommend this game to someone who doesn't/hasn't played a video game before? The Last of Us would be THE game I would recommend to those people, would be a reason why games can and are comparable to the finest works of literature or other art.
  72. Nov 14, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The story is delicious in many ways. However Tess (sniffle*) should have lasted a bit more during the game. Probaaaaably the best game of the year. Voice acting was incredible! Expand
  73. Nov 5, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. O jogo perfeito, lindo em gráficos, a história te cativa desde o inicio,e os personagens sao marcantes, principalmente Ellie, talvez o único defeito seja a AI do jogo e outras texturas mal feitas que passam despercebidas, mas nada que tire o brilho do jogo. Expand
  74. Nov 5, 2013
    The best game I've ever played in my life. Everything is perfect on TLOU. I'm eagerly awaiting the sequel. I'm impressed so far even playing the game three months ago.
  75. Nov 7, 2013
    This game is another piece of brilliance from Naughty Dog. Having played Naughty Dog games since Crash Bandicoot and all of the Uncharted games, I sort of knew what was coming. The narrative is sort of a stretch from other ND games because it has a more serious and darker tone. For some game developers, changing the pace or going in a different direction, after releasing games of the same genre/ story, might be harmful. This is not the case here. ND is now becoming somewhat like Rockstar in the sense that they are putting out quality instead of quantity *cough cough IW, Treyarch*

    This game follows Joel and his sidekick Ellie, who must survive in a post apocalyptic world after a virus, has caused the citizens of the world to become more zombie-like. If you have ever played any past Uncharted game then you will feel right at home with how the controls and quick actions are added into the story. This game has you either play as a stealthy type of player or straight shooter, neither or bad nor good. However supplies are limited either way so you must play smart. Ellie is not only for looks, though that’s bad for me to say because she is still a child. But what I mean is that she isn't just some girl in the way, she can change the tide of encounters by getting involved with the enemy. This is a plus for the game because you are not just baby sitting some girl, she helps you so you'll never feel alone. Overall I must say that the single player is well done and brings another great story to the player.

    The online portion was something I wasn't completely a fan of but it was definitely something different and in a good way. The online portion of the game pitted you in a small group against another small team in various game modes. The combat seemed fair and balanced and also frustrating. The online component wasn’t the best from ND but it did supply some fun.
  76. Nov 6, 2013
    Story: 10/10, it was so amazing to see the plot develop and the characters evolve, becoming one of the most heart wrenching tales i have ever experienced.
    Gameplay: 10/10, the combat was simply stellar, and personally, I don't have any problems with it
    Although I think Bioshock Infinite is a bit better as an experience (but not much better), I have to admit that as a pure GAME, The Last
    of Us is better Expand
  77. Apr 26, 2014
    The story in this game is without a doubt the greatest story ever to be brought to a video game, ever. That is obviously the selling point for any gamer. But there are some really big issues with gameplay that at times really let this game down. But I believe me, along with most people who played through this game overlook a lot of that stuff. This game is definitely in the top 3 games of the past generation of consoles. An absolute must have for any PS3 owner. Expand
  78. Nov 7, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Goods
    - Good and engaging story
    - Strong characters
    - Fun game play Go in attacking wildly or silently taking down)
    - Fun multiplayer
    - Intense at times and sad at times
    - Good visuals

    - Nothing which effected my rating of the game

    - Extremely difficult to stay on track as I ALWAYS scavenged everything in an area before I went to the next. LoL )
    - Crap ending IMO
    - Got kinda annoying when clickers one hit you as you're surrounded
    - IMO an extremely satisfying game which had me playing it for at least 3.5 play throughs, even though the stupid save glitch delayed me 5 hours as i had to replay the game over again because it didnt save!
  79. Nov 10, 2013
    Every once in a long time a game comes along and completely shakes you with how amazing it is. No game has captured the themes as well as this game has done. This game has innovated the genre and upped the ante for storytelling and character development in video games. There is no game out there now that can completely satisfy everything you want in a game besides this one. This experience is well worth your money. If you have to pay 100$ for it, buy it anyways. Its worth every cent for one of the most memorable experience's in gaming and the best game you could buy on the PS3. Expand
  80. Nov 8, 2013
    I've been playing video games since 1978 when I got an Atari 2600 for Christmas. In the past decade, I find it difficult to find a good game that really pulls you in and gets you hooked. As a huge fan of Fallout 3, I was really looking forward to Last of Us as my next 'end of days' game. Last of Us didn't disappoint. The linear storyline forces you along- you have no choice, but to push forward. You can't go back, level up, and return to an area with amped up stats, perks, etc. You're scrounging for ammo and supplies and really have to put thought in to how you're going to get through that hunter-infested hotel ruin. It's impossible to play 100% stealth, so be prepared for brutal melee fights and edge of your seat shoot outs. I found myself hoping the next enemies were human, because the infected humans were absolutely insane and unpredictable. Although the game is linear, it offers a great deal of exploration. Ammo and crafting supplies are essential, but I wish the other collectibles offered a little more than atmosphere and an excuse to scour the area. I don't care about "achievements"- give me some sort of gameplay bonus. (Ideal game design would grant you something that would be fun to use in the next playthrough- could be a weapon, ability, or access to unavailable parts of a map) Key takeaway- PLAY THIS GAME. It is truly an experience that will suck you in emotionally and you'll feel what Ellie and Joel are going through. First playthrough is priceless- avoid all spoilers- and check this game out. Expand
  81. Jul 13, 2014
    One of the best games I have ever played. The story is phenomenal and the combat is tight, balanced, and satisfying. I personally believe this is a game every gamer needs to experience atleast ONCE. Easily a must own. Can't wait for the revised PS4 version.
  82. Nov 9, 2013
    Without a shadow of a doubt, the greatest game I have ever played. The story and gameplay are nothing short of amazing, the cut scenes and dialogue and the best I've ever seen.

    Nothing will ever give me the experience that this game gave me, The Last of Us is pure perfection.
  83. Dec 16, 2013
    One word can only describe this game: AMAZING. This game was phenomenal. The story was absolutely perfect. The graphics are some of fhe best i have ever seen. Joel and Ellie are two of the greatest characters i have ever played as. The multiplayer is unique and strategic. I could go on forever about this game but the max characters is 5000 and id need way more than that.
  84. Nov 30, 2013
    what can I say about this game???It was awesome the story was great and engaging the cutsces were beautifull and the voice acting the best in every game I ve played so far.Now the most important the gameplay was great overall the things I dint like were sometimes the AI and the button mashing that gets boring preety fast another thing i wasnt very into were the repetitive riddles.overall the last of us is for me the best game in 2013 and deserves the reviews it has been getting Expand
  85. Nov 11, 2013
    The last of us, oq eu posso falar sobre esse jogo...
    GOTY, simplesmente um dos melhores jogos que ja joguei na vida, resolvi deixar de lado fazer a analise das partes técnicas do jogo pq pensei "Sera que isso nescessario?"
    A ambientação do jogo M-A-G-N-I-F-I-C-A, eu ja joguei muitos jogos pra pc no VERY HIGH e obviamente as qualidades de texturas são bem melhores e etc, mas o feeling
    que a ambientação desse jogo passa indescritivel, todo aquele ambiente de caos, todas as evidencias de vidas que ja passaram por ali, aquele cenário tão bonito que faz vc pensar "Como em um mundo tão bonito pode haver tanto caos"
    A modelagem dos personagens muito boa tb, a inteligencia dos inimigos muito boa, ja a dos companheiros bem bugada embora seja proposital, mas no geral aspéctos técnicos como eu disse, não importam nesse jogo, a história que esse jogo tem pra contar oq faz eu entregar o GOTY a ele, a história de um homem totalmente levado pela dor de perder uma filha a mudar tanto o seu cárater e a história de uma garota que nasceu nesse mundo e acha tudo aquilo normal, o relacionamento que construido entre esses 2 magnifico, e tudo ocorre de maneira tão natural que me deixa de boca aberta, a personalidade dos personagens MUUITO REAL, eles tem VIDA, eles fazem ESCOLHAS, e muitas vezes essas escolhas podem ser vistas por outros como escolhas cruéis ou erradas, mas eles são humanos, eles fazem pq seus corações pedem pra eles fazerem.
    O jogo emociona muito, vc REALMENTE se importa muito com aquele personagem, e vc quer o bem dele, e essa imersão toda que o jogo traz na história e GAMEPLAY oq definitivamente faz ele ser merecedor de Game Of The Year 2013
    TLoU mais que um jogo, um verdadeiro aprofundamento do que significa o termo SER HUMANO.
  86. Oct 4, 2014
    This game is perfect. I love how it's not your average zombie game it's a lot more genius with the fungal infection. The story had me hooked since the opening, this is a game where you grow attached to the characters in a heart beat. The graphics are Amazing and the game design for every were beautifully made. This game makes you under stand how it feels to struggle with surviving. The controls are smooth and the only glitch I found was when Ellie turned invisible after the truck crashed and you only see her floating backpack that was funny to see. The fun part for me was the Easter eggs. Expand
  87. Nov 13, 2013
    Definite quality, in-the-moment, challenging gameplay and an amazing story, The Last of Us offers something that is extremely powerful and immersive, in terms of experience of the player. Horrifying, heart-touching and deep at the same time, you know that the game is good if they deliver all these three qualities right out at the beginning. Aside from the rather questionable ending that ultimately alludes a sequel (the ending could have rather been more expanding), the game would've definitely deserved 10 out of 10. Expand
  88. Nov 19, 2013
    I had a xbox 360,and had no intention of buying a ps3(But i had great interest in Gow 3 and uncharted series).But unfortunately this game conjured me into buying a ps3.And you know what? it's worth it.
  89. Nov 21, 2013
    At first I wasn't sure to buy a brand new copy of this game. I thought I should wait a little more until I could buy it cheaper or lend it from a friend. I don't know why I risked it instead. I swear every cent of this game is worth. The music made by Gustavo Santaolalla has trapped me. The graphics (obviously a better version of the uncharted Engine) are stunning and very detailed. The history is deep and it feels like being part of the post-apocalyptic world. There are moments were I felt sorry for some characters and moments were I had fear. It remembered me once more why since my childhood always dreamed to be a game-programmer. Games ARE Art! And this one is a Masterpiece. Hint: There is a lovely making of the last of us documentary. (dlc, psn) Expand
  90. Nov 22, 2013
    The Last of Us story from the start to the end glued me to my ps3 with tears in depth sorrow and wondering what happens next!! just 1 line for this new comer from naughty dogs:

    "at the dawn of the current gen. a masterpiece reign supreme against all"
  91. Nov 24, 2013
    Naughty Dog has created one of the greatest game this generation. It's not for everyone because of it's violence but story is one of the best and gameplay fun and smooth. Aiming is great unlike what some people say... Definitely a must-buy if you have a ps3. The multiplayer also is great but has a little problems and it should've included infected. But other than that a GREAT game.
  92. Nov 27, 2013
    What an outstanding game, the story is so gripping I couldn't put the game down!. When I did put the game down I couldn't wait to get back on to play it! Its the only game that I've played and finished within 2 weeks and I have limited play time! Truly outstanding graphics, nice gameplay mechanics and simply the best story I've played this year!

    Note: I did not play the Online game
  93. Nov 29, 2013
    Some body say's before and I totally agree, "its masterpiece, that breaks the self imposed barriers of gaming narrative and ensnares the player with intelligent gameplay and brilliant A.I.".
  94. Dec 20, 2013
    Typical naughty dog, which to some means more a movie than a game. Those people are stupid, they balance it just right. You can actually play this game. It has a story, when it's this engaging so what? people do reviews these days like that's a bad thing. But if i want to watch a movie they say. Well go watch a movie then. We will all play this and remember it, unlike the dumb games where the story is and the gameplay is BANG! BANG! BANG! and all else. Yes this has banging in it, (sicko) but it's paced out well with other great moments. Expand
  95. Dec 9, 2013
    What can I say, an utter masterpiece from skull to toe. The plot is decent, the gameplay is well integrated, the graphics can be called next gen!!!
    Really enjoyed. Hope developer can make more games at such high qualities.
  96. Dec 7, 2013
    I've been a gamer for about 13 years now, I have played probably every game worth playing excluding the xBox exclusives (don't own it), THIS IS THE BEST SINGLEPLAYER GAME I HAVE EVER PLAYED! EVER! And it will probably remain THE BEST for a very, very long time! I don't wanna spoil anything so i won't go into details much but this game will give you everything this genre has to offer! I can't remember when is the last time a book movie game had such strong emotional value as this game! I have never been happier to shoot a few "innocent" people in my life (you'll know what I'm talking about when you play trough it). The game manages to awake a sense of happines, anger, grief, excitment, accomplishment and so on. The game itself looks beautiful, its never boring, 90% of the time you're either hunting someone or being hunted, on a few occasions both. If this game was a movie, it would win more oscars then the Titanic and LOTR together.
    I would describe The Last of Us as a brilliant search and destroy with phenomenal characters, an absolutely tremendous story, packed with emotions and exciting moments.
    This isn't a shooter. You won't get anywhere in this game if you go guns blazing 24/7 although, a lot of times you can do it.
    Don't ruin this game by playing it on any difficulty under Hard it just isn't worth it.

    If you buy this game, you won't regret it. ever! I don't have a word in my vocabulary which describes the ammount of awesomness in this game.

    Story 10
    Main Characters 10
    Side Characters 10
    Enviroment design 10
    Combat 9.5
    AI IQ 9
    Character control 9
    Total 9.64

    I apologise for any wrong used phrases, wrong spelled words etc. English isn't my first language.
  97. Dec 7, 2013
    TLOUS excelente, não consigo encontrar defeitos. Obrigatório para proprietários de PS3. Uma história profunda que envolve o jogador do início ao fim.
  98. Apr 29, 2014
    The Last of Us is an absolutely beautiful experience that anyone who can get a hold of a PS3 should try. The story is pulled off well, the characters are believable and the gameplay is stunning. I couldn't recommend this more.
  99. Dec 10, 2013
    This is definitely a page turner. I just had to play it to the end to see what happened. This is beautifully rendered with characters that are endearing. Although I was not a fan of the constantly killing, it did keep me on the edge of my seat. There were several times in the game when my heart was wrenched from my chest, played with then stitched back in! I would definitely recommend this game for a mature audience. There is quite a bit of violence and shocking moments. Expand
  100. Dec 11, 2013
    Simply put, this game is epic. From start to finish it's like an intense, deep experience whilst having a movie feel at the same time, it is unique with the way you get attached to characters. In the top 5 games I have ever played due to the quality of dialogue, atmosphere, general mechanics of game play etc etc..I could go on. You know you have played a truly decent game when you are finished and think, "damn.. am I really finished?" Expand

Universal acclaim - based on 98 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 97 out of 98
  2. Negative: 0 out of 98
  1. Sep 16, 2013
    Flawless in its ambition and almost perfect in its execution. A brave and remarkable game quite unlike any other.
  2. Sep 10, 2013
    The Last of Us is a great action-adventure game that manages to capture the feeling of post-apocalypse and survival. The story is alright but way too manipulative and borrows heavily from other, better, material. Still the segmented survival gameplay and the amazing audiovisual production makes the game an experience everybody should check out.
  3. Despite the breakneck pace of the prologue, it takes quite a while for The Last of Us to pick up some speed again. However, once the cold harsh winter arrives, the action (and story) ramps up. So much so, it puts most Hollywood productions to shame. [July 2013, p.76]