• Publisher: SCEA
  • Release Date: Jun 14, 2013
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  1. Aug 4, 2013
    Superb work of art. You rarely come across a game with such marvellous storytelling. The gameplay is really fun and challenging and the presentation of the game is the best I've seen to date.
    This game is a must-have to every gamer.
  2. Jun 18, 2013
    This is a great game and if you own a Playstation 3 you should play it.

    The bad "User" reviews by GonzoGamer and Wilfogn Your other review are all XboX360 games. .
    So my question to you is is? Are you really that stupid, why would you go and give a bad review to a game of a console you don't even have..... You should pursuit a career in politics, you are picture perfect for the job.
  3. Jun 17, 2013
    WOW! WOW! WOW! I can just keep saying this because that's what this game is... it's WOW! I cannot stop playing this game. I am already thinking of playing it again, and I'm not even done with it! Just simply amazing!
  4. Jul 23, 2013
    Well, while it may not be lengthy enough for some of us naughty dog fans, and may have some little niggling bugs here and there, this is a fine piece this. This wonderful, scary, empowering, and generally diamond in the polished diamond stage game. Thank God we are not existing in a time where publishers are afraid to create games that are different enough in their execution, while being similar enough to others to not totally drown and falter. Thank Christ we have SONY with giant gold plated platinum balls, creating real games in many different and interesting genres, instead of dude first person bro-fests. As you can see, I am very happy about this game. The best thing about the last of us is the fact that it is REAL-ISH, the deaths are god awful to experience. I had to shut the box off once because I saw death sequences too many times, and I was sickened. The art and design of the levels is top notch, while not over the top. Gun play is enjoyable. Play it! Expand
  5. Jun 17, 2013
    With The Last of Us Naughty Dog have delivered a masterpiece in every sense of the word. They don’t just raise the bar for video games, they set a new precedent that all narrative driven games should be measured against. I’ve already heaped huge amounts of praise onto The Last of Us, and yet I feel like I could continue to conjour up new ways of explaining just how impressive the experience is. In the end, when I tell you that The Last of Us is not only the best, most complete, game of this generation, but also one of the best games that I’ve ever had the fortune to play, I hope you’ll realise how impossibly good The Last of Us is. Expand
  6. Aug 6, 2013
    One of the best games I've ever played by far. The story keeps you sucked in, the game mechanics are good (better than "Uncharted" series), and the subtle music is just enough. I really enjoyed it.
  7. Oct 1, 2013
    This game is a masterpiece! Its just like Half Life where everything just works and fits together perfectly. The story, graphics and gameplay work well together and I was interested right the way through the game. I'll definitely play it through again on a harder difficulty setting in the future. This game is worth getting a PS3 for!
  8. Mar 8, 2014
    The greatest game of this generation. We dive into this universe in awe and full emotion capacity. The Last Of Us portrays its message clearly and gives us an experience that we may never get again (unless Naughty Dog tops it off with a sequel, which is not impossible btw, hehe.) But hey, I have never played a video game as spectacular as this. I can emphasize with the story and the way it invites us to enter its universe is really marvelous. An unforgettable video game, it still resonates to this day in my mind. Expand
  9. Jun 16, 2013
    Honestly one of the best games I have ever played in my life. The Last of Us is a step forward for story telling and art in the form of games. A dark, sad, story about survival despite enormous loss that should not be missed by anyone. It's games like this that make me want to shove a controller into someone's hands who thinks of video games as simply something nerdy boys do. This should be experienced by everyone. Expand
  10. Jun 16, 2013
    This game is on my short list for perfect 10's. Few games come to mind that are close to this caliber of top notch presentation, amazing story, and superb game play. This is a true return to survival horror, a genre many fans felt disappeared after Resident Evil 4 (some say even before that). I honestly haven't even started to play multiplayer yet, but I only hear good to great things about it. I know it's a little late in the current gen to say this, but this is a system seller of a game if I have ever played one! Expand
  11. Jul 10, 2013
    One of the best games Ive ever played, up there with the likes of Metal Gear Solid 1,3,4 Shadow Of The Colossus, Okami, Resident Evil 4 and Uncharted 2. Naughty Dog devs dont mess around and they really take their job very serious, everything about this game excels in production value.

    A very touching story that kept me caring for the 2 main characters, I really was able to feel what
    they were going thru, the immersion on this game is phenomenal, thanks to the state of the art graphics, motion capture, art direction, gameplay mechanics and story driven run through a post apocalyptic US.

    The visceral action although very violent, never over the top, perfectly balance as it should be in the real world, without dragging it too much into reality. You really feel the tension with each encounter. The tension doesnt stop there of course, the fact that you really have to preserve ammo and make every shot count is and awesome game design decision. It forces you to explore, and really use strategic approaches to every situation, do you take down every one using stealth, do you avoid the confrontation and sneak past them, or do you go gun blazing. Either way you choose you will have to play smart and keep all your weapons loaded at all times, a split second can really mean the difference between dying or surviving.

    So much more to say about this game, but I would have to write a 10 page essay for that, in short The Last Of Us is a game we only get once every generation, the quality of the story, gameplay and graphics are superb, if youre a fan of stealth, action, survival, story driven games, this is the one for you.
  12. Aug 23, 2013
    I was starting to doubt if it was any good but once you see the incredibly emotional opening (even the opening credits shook me), and use the realistic, gruesome and fun violence, along with a story that is just amazing. The story is one of the best stories ever (including literature, film, TV or what have you). I loved these characters: Joel is a complete phucking badass and Ellie earns your passion. The music, the graphics, the sound are mind-blowing. Every goddamn thing about this game screams perfection. Naughty Dog stepped away from their cartoonish Uncharted and Jak & Daxter and got my heart pumped and passion burning bright red. I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!! Either you go stealth or combat, it works out beautifully. It is one of the greatest games ever. Plain and simple. Those who disagree are completely blind or have not yet experienced the pure awesomeness of this game. The voice acting is among the best I've ever heard. Major replay value Expand
  13. Jul 12, 2013
    Recipe for one of the greatest games ever. 1part Resident Evil, 1 part Metal Gear Solid, 1 part Far Cry 3. These are the 3 games that came to mind when playing, "The Last of Us". Whomever was responsible for RE 5 and 6, should be ashamed of themselves after playing this game. This is how Survival horror should be done. I wouldn't be surprised if future developers copy the formula for this game. It is a thrilling roller coaster ride of feelings and emotions while playing. It is my first game in which the narrative actually made me uncomfortable during CG scenes. How the developers blended survival horror with stealth was genius. When enemies are alerted, the game actually sounds off with the same alert you hear when playing Metal Gear. It makes me wonder, if they had to liscense that from Konami. Ammo? Yes, there is ammo, and health kits, and craftable items. However, these items are scarce, and when you do come across them. BUCKLE UP!! because your going for a gut wrenching, intense ride of gameplay that you've never experienced. The Uncharted simuarities are here as well. The Graphics, cut scenes, and even some light platforming elements brought Uncharted to mind. The slight visual cues of where to go next we're a nice touch and typical of naughty dog games. My comparison to Far Cry 3 is small, but it was there. Every time you run into a group of enemies, there is a strategy you can formulate to take them all down in your most efficient way possible. Some encounters, you don't even have to fight if you choose the stealthiest path. Good luck with that. Why? because when you encounter your first human enemy, you will be terrified. You will panic and probably try to Call of Duty them to death, and you will lose. Then you will have your first run in with an infected, and the same thing will happen. At some point you will hide behind cover for awhile and hope they just go away. But they won't. You will have to engage at some point and attempt to dispatch them, while your mouth fills with vomit from the constant stress and anxiety you will experience. There is down time. During these moments, things will appear tranquill and serene. You will ask questions of the world created by Naughty Dog. How can post apocolypto be some pretty and f'd up at the same time? After your nerves are racked, there will be moments of, "why is the game prompting me to pick up this weapon?" why is there unlimited ammo for a moment? "OH! so you can kick my ass some more......" End scene, and some down time before they mind F you some more. Unbelieveable. Anyone that owns a PS3 should purchase this game. I personally loved it and hated it at the same time. I am not a fan of stealth games like Metal Gear, Splinter Cell and some of my worst moments of Assassins Creed games. It makes me want to go back and try those games again. I feel like i've just been sent to Survival Horror, Stealth bootcamp. The great part is, the game does a great job of building you up and ripping you down. In it's finale, you will have a variety of killing devices at you diposal. I guarantee you won't use them. Because the game sucks? NO!! because by the time you arrive at the finish line, it's crucibal, you will be a seasoned killing machine, that relys on cunning tactics and stealth to get through. You will feel empowered, like a predator stalking it's prey. Your enemies will fear you, and you will be numb with emotion. All the items in your inventory are there to tease the weak. Those that decide to Rambo their way through the end, will have missed out on what makes it great. Which is why the game punishes you for using that type of strategy. It can be done, but it will be a harder path. Those indaviduals that can stay calm and focus their emotions will get most of what this world is all about. It took me 2 weeks to beat this game. Partly because of my disdain for games like this and also becuase it terrified me. Anymore than 45- 60 min a sitting was all I could stomach. I was petrified of what was waiting for me around every corner. I thought this game was great. It was made for everybody and nobody at the same time. Most people play video games to have fun and let loose. This game is not fun. Not in the way that your used to anyway. Gamers that love this stuff, will......have fun...most of us will be all screwed up and distraught after playing. The thing is, this sort of game has been done before. Just not quite like this. It has a genre unto its own. The Last of Us really does reinvent the wheel to some extent. The reason why it messes with you, is because the experiences it delivers are new and fresh. The same infected zombie that freaked you in the early parts of the game, will still freak you out in the end. The game doesn't give you a chance to be comfortable with your surroundings. Im giving it a ten only because it blew my mind. How could I not. I've been a gamer for 30+ years, and never has a game nocked my nitz off like "The Last of Us". Expand
  14. Jun 23, 2013
    This game is amazing, so beautiful! the only thing I would have changed was to have the ability to choose what storylines to follow. like choosing your ending and seeing what happens after youve made the choice like 10 years in the future! But overall an amazing game! naughty dog killed!
  15. Oct 8, 2013
    It's a Naughty Dog game, does anything else really need to be said? Expect excellence because this game will gut punch you out of your seat from the very opening scene, and never let you go.
  16. Jun 18, 2013
    Gun play is kind of iffy, but otherwise this is the best game i have ever played. The story is beautifully told. This game is an absolute masterpiece.
  17. Jun 25, 2013
    Truly wonderful game, i am a big gamer and have played games from Halo to Heavy Rain and Borderlands to Call of Duty and this is the first game in probably 4 years to truly surprise me. One for its shear beauty and two for its brilliant story and to top that off it play so very nicely. It draws you into the survivor role so well, helped by having no HUD and creating while the games still live to create true urgency. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a deep engrossing game. Credit to Naughty Dog for creating a new IP after such a great job on Uncharted Expand
  18. Jun 17, 2013
    Much like God of War 2 for the PS2, The Last of Us is the 'Swan Song' of the PS3. Given none of the game has been revealed, The Last of Us will evoke in most a sense of curiosity, fear, and despair, and this is a good thing. This is an experience like no other, one of which most gamers should experience.
  19. Jul 23, 2013
    The Last Of Us is the most brilliant, perfect, exiting, intensive video game experience of this generation.

    Joel and Ellie give us in my opinion, the best Survivor game ever.
  20. Jun 19, 2013
    I have always said that my favourite games of all time are Zelda OoT, Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy (8&10) as they are great childhood memories, however this game is now in my top 5 games I have played... Ever! I prefer Playstation however I have been more of a 360 gamer apart from PS3 exclusives (although PS4 seems to have sorted things out for online chat etc) but no matter what your preferred console is ANY bad review for this game is just retarded and a joke on you for wasting your time. Naughty Dog amazed me with Uncharted but TLOU is better, honestly this game is just pure epic and is better then ANY game I have played in the last 10 years. Some people on here say Bioshock was better, I was a massive fan of Bioshock 1 but I actually sold Bioshock Infinite without even getting half way through the game. Anyway if you still reading reviews on this (I know I'm a bit late to write a review but I've been playing the game) just go out and buy it! I rate MGS incredibly high in my best games ever list and TLOU I actually prefer over MGS4. Don't know what else to say but a massive thank you to the whole team at Naughty Dog, I will be playing this game for years to come and buying old consoles in 10 years time to play it again. Masterpiece and its up there with the best games of all time for me. Brilliant Game!! Expand
  21. Jun 17, 2013
    Anyone who rates this under 9 hasn't played through. it starts slow but all in all it is 1/2 Uncharted, 1/2 Resident Evil. With a good story to boot. That CAN'T be bad!
  22. Sep 12, 2013
    Yeah it's a 10. This game will really put you through it. The characters are best that I've ever come across in a video game and it isn't even close. The world design is brilliant and exactly what I would imagine in a post human environment. The story is also top notch and the developers really put their own unique stamp on the genre it really did seem plausible. The Uncharted games were more lighthearted and fun (and also super great) but the Last of Us really reaches another level of immersion and gritty realism that I didn't think was possible with video games. It's something you just have to experience.

    Naughty Dog is head and shoulders above other game design companies and I can't wait to see what they do for PS4. I will buy all of their games for years to come.
  23. Feb 15, 2014
    Best Game of 2013. Gameplay, story, graphics, characters design... every single thing.
    The only thing i didnt like of it was its soundtrack, pretty lame work by Santaolalla, as always.
  24. Jul 5, 2013
    This game singlehandedly glued me back to my PS3. So far, the great games of 2013 like Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite found its way into my Steam library on my PC, but exclusives like The Last of Us is what keeps me going back to my PS3. This new release from Naughty Dog features mind-blowing graphics that somehow took advantage of the PS3’s dated hardware and provides smooth performance and framerates without any screen tearing. The storytelling and characters was done so freakin’ perfectly, I don’t even know where to start. Some characters, like Ellie, I just adored, while I truly despised the military and the hunters. More importantly, the actual relationships that develop between characters left me captivated with Naughty Dog’s ability to portray characters reacting and cooperating with one another during moments of extreme crisis. At no point throughout the entire 15+ hour campaign did my interest in the characters diminish. In fact, the pacing of the story was so flawless, I actually grew more and more interested in the characters as I progressed further into the game. The voice acting had the quality of a high budget Hollywood film, and cut scenes featured lifelike animations, giving me the impression that I was watching a movie. I’m not sure if The Last of Us has the best story *ever* in a video game. CD Projekt’s The Witcher franchise or Bioware’s Mass Effect series have impressed me more with their incredible background stories and game worlds, but no game can compete with The Last of Us’ cinematic presentation of its story and character development.

    The Last of Us features a hybrid formula of gameplay with new creative ideas in addition to some old gaming elements that I’ve missed from classic games. In The Last of Us, you won’t regenerate your health over time like you normally would in other shooting games, and the various gadgets that you can craft allows you to use your imagination when engaging a group of hostiles. You could stealth kill a couple enemies, bait the rest into a confined area from the sound of a tossed bottle and have a nail bomb waiting to greet them. Or perhaps you’re low on supplies and will have to manage by tossing that bottle at an enemy and race towards your dazed target to use him as a human shield while gunning down the rest of your foes. The Last of Us offers incredible replay value with its new game plus feature. There are around 10 upgradable weapons, 7 different skills and a dozen training manuals that carry over into NG+. You’ll feel like a juggernaut once everything’s maxed out and will have a ton of fun adventuring through future playthroughs with all your previous equipment and collectibles. The Last of Us features the best gameplay Naughty Dog has offered yet.

    Naughty Dog has no limits when it comes to creativity. The Last of Us will have other developers quaking at the prospect to match the quality of this masterpiece. I had very high and unrealistic expectations for this new release, and I *still* got what I expected and more. The Last of Us induced emotional reactions from me that few Hollywood movies have accomplished. The Witcher 2 will most likely remain as my favorite game of all time, but I’ve never been immersed into a video game this much since The Witcher 2’s release back in mid-2011. From a climactic cut scene making me shed a tear to laughing at Ellie’s silly joke book, The Last of Us has given me an unforgettable gaming experience and won me over for game of the year for 2013. This was, by far, the most gratifying 60 dollars I’ve spent in a long, long time.
  25. Jul 6, 2013
    I'm a huge fan of post-apocalyptic games such as The Last of Us, but for some reason I just didn't pay this game any mind. After hearing about how good it was and being told by just about everyone to get it I decided to finally try it out. I'm glad I did because The Last of Us is one of the best games I've ever played. It's a perfect example of how to make a video game a perfect cinematic experience without sacrificing anything in the gameplay department. It's a survival game with a fantastic story and characters. Having to constantly scrounge around for supplies really gives you the feeling that you're doing whatever it takes to survive in this harsh world. Combat is always intense and brutal. I have to give special praise to the games satisfying melee combat because it's truly awesome. By far the best part of the story mode is the actual story. I don't want to spoil anything but I can tell you that it's an emotional tale filled with characters so human you can't help but care about them. The multiplayer is also a lot of fun and something different than the norm. You choose one of two factions and battle it out for supplies to grow your own virtual faction and keep them alive. The actual gameplay revolves around teamwork and making smart use of your limited supplies. Even in multiplayer you'll be scrounging to survive. The Last of Us is a fantastic experience that pull you in and wont let you go. Go pick it up now, if you don't you wont just be missing out on one of the best games of this year, but also one of the best games of all time. Expand
  26. Jun 15, 2013
    This game is absolutely amazing. All around amazing!! I just recommend to at least give it a try before you make your own decision. From start to finish this game is incredible, amazing story which is expected since this game comes from the same studio that developed uncharted (naughtydog). Visuals are fantastic, fighting and stealth kills are very unique and fun. I will not be surprised if this game wins a tone of goty awards. This is definitely my game of the year. Like I said before it is definitely worth playing for yourself. Expand
  27. Sep 5, 2013
    This is a truly brilliant game. Most of the brilliance comes from the story and the way in which it is told. More brilliance comes from the way you engage with the story through gameplay, and the compelling emotion which the game is able to make you feel the entire way through. You really get to feel what the characters are feeling and you can empathise with their situations.

    An often
    overlooked part of a game is its audio. The Last of Us does a superb job with a fitting score. The audio is also very important gameplay wise as the infected will react to the sounds you are producing, and for the player it is very important to be able to hear when they are coming towards you from around a corner. The quality of the audio is excellent, accompanied with excellent voice actors who really mean what they are saying.

    The graphics are also excellent for a current-generation game. The environments are beautiful and if you stop and smell the roses then you will see the amazing amount of detail which they have managed to cram into every area. It really feels like you are in a post-apocalyptic world.

    The Last of Us is an experience which you won't forget.
  28. Jun 22, 2013
    Truly a masterpiece. Great single player mode and fantastic online mode.Online mode is so good its addictive.What a way to end the ps3 with a last exclusive.I can see why all critics are giving this game a glowing review.Absolutely wonderful.
  29. Jun 15, 2013
    The Last of Us is a masterpiece. The story is heartwarming and the characters are incredible. Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson are amazing in The Last of Us. The gameplay gives you some amazing AI with intense combat, cool crafting elements and freedom, most areas let you explore to (in most cases) a great extend which will help make the game last longer (which I clocked in 14+ hours on my first run on hard). The graphics and environments are beautiful and just a sight to look at (and that's not even considering how old the hardware is). The metal system from Uncharted 1 and 2 have returned in the form of 'tags' which extend your replay value as well as many collectibles and hard trophies. You also have the 'survivor' difficulty to handle and lots of cool goodies to play with (like a Jak & Daxter T-shirt for Ellie). There was one point near the end of the game that showed just how powerful the story is that just really touched me so deeply, it was that moment I said I don't care about the minor glitches with the AI, I' am giving this game a 10 out of 10... My first 10/10 (with me giving Uncharted 2 a 9.9)! I have not yet played the multiplayer of the game, but regardless of how good or bad it could be, The Last of Us is the one video game you must absolutely play in your lifetime.

  30. Jul 26, 2013
    A masterpiece that redefines what games can accomplish at multiple levels. Excelent storytelling, great mechanics, addictive gameplay and technically the most advanced current gen game.

Universal acclaim - based on 98 Critics

Critic score distribution:
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  1. Sep 16, 2013
    Flawless in its ambition and almost perfect in its execution. A brave and remarkable game quite unlike any other.
  2. Sep 10, 2013
    The Last of Us is a great action-adventure game that manages to capture the feeling of post-apocalypse and survival. The story is alright but way too manipulative and borrows heavily from other, better, material. Still the segmented survival gameplay and the amazing audiovisual production makes the game an experience everybody should check out.
  3. Despite the breakneck pace of the prologue, it takes quite a while for The Last of Us to pick up some speed again. However, once the cold harsh winter arrives, the action (and story) ramps up. So much so, it puts most Hollywood productions to shame. [July 2013, p.76]