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  • Summary: Games included in The Orange Box compilation: The original Half-Life 2 - The player again picks up the crowbar of research scientist Gordon Freeman, who finds himself on an alien-infested Earth being picked to the bone, its resources depleted, its populace dwindling. Freeman is thrust into the unenviable role of rescuing the world from the wrong he unleashed back at Black Mesa. And a lot of people - people he cares about - are counting on him. Half-Life 2: Episode One - The player reprises his role of Dr. Freeman, who must immediately face the repercussions of his actions in City 17 and the Citadel. Freeman reconnects with Alyx Vance and her robot, Dog, as they continue their support of the resistance's battle against the Combine forces. Half-Life 2: Episode Two -- the second installment in Valve's episodic trilogy advances the award-winning story, leading the player to new locations outside of City 17. Portal - a pioneering type of single player action game that rewrites the rules for how players approach and manipulate their environment – much like how Half-Life 2's Gravity Gun reinvented the way gamers interact with objects in the game. Team Fortress 2 - an all-new version of the legendary title that spawned team based multiplayer action games. The game's daring new art style features the most advanced graphics of any Source-based game released to date. [Valve Software] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 20 out of 21
  2. Negative: 0 out of 21
  1. 100
    It is better than you could possibly imagine and it deserves all the praise that it has gained in its short life so far.
  2. 100
    There has been some criticism levied against the PS3 version of Orange Box for daunting load times and framerate issues and while they are present, it's easy to forgive these technical issues given the quality of the game itself. If you have a PS3, you can't afford not to own it.
  3. If you don't already own this, you just…NEED to get it.
  4. Overall Five ace games in one box. The slowdown shouldn't stop you having an Orange Christmas.
  5. The Orange Box is one of the greatest values in gaming history, because it's jam-packed with a variety of world-class content.
  6. 84
    All five games in The Orange Box are awesome, and even though we had problems here and there with some of the control choices, the experience of playing Half-Life 2 games should not be missed. Valve should be counted among the few that simply know how to tell a good story. However, the PS3 version is without a doubt inferior.
  7. 70
    In spite of framerate drops, inconsistent online multiplayer, and other serious issues that weigh it down, there's little doubt that the five games in this package exude Valve's attention to detail and show off the developer's talent for making great titles.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 35 out of 44
  2. Negative: 6 out of 44
  1. Sep 19, 2013
    Amazing value in the Orange Box. This is my first time playing HL2 and i loved it. Portal is a blast. The environments are rich, gameplay is pleasing...the games draw you in like no other. Unique gaming experience to be had and shouldnt be missed. Expand
  2. Davie
    Feb 5, 2008
    Best game ever made. Times 5!
  3. JoshuaB.
    Jul 12, 2008
    Amazing offer for a game. Half-life 2, possibly one of the best pc games out there, its sequels, episode 1 and 2, portal, a great puzzle game that'll blow your mind, and tf2, a crazy multiplayer game where you have different classes, resulting in different types of battle skills. This is portrayed in a cartoony style type of graphics. tf2 for the Ps3 sadly only has 5 maps from the, say about 50+ maps from the pc version, but were hoping this will change. Good news about it: It had better graphics than the pc (Special effects) until pc got an update... o well... It is a great package, and if I would say so myself, a bargain. Expand
  4. M.DDeaton
    Dec 8, 2007
    Played the retail version the last...Got them in a little early where I work....Unlike the XBOX 360 and PC version this version does have some framerate issues. Nothing game crippling, but definately noticable if you've played either of the other versions. This is especially apparent in Episode II, where sometimes it is like watching a Powerpoint slideshow. However, taken as a whole, this is a very competent version all things considered. This is epecially true since Valve and owner Gabe Newell have emphatically stated that they hate the PS3 architecture with a passion and gave it to some D squad EA UK team to port over...On the whole if you own a PC or Xbox 360 get either of those versions...If you only exclusively own a PS3 definately pick this up, though inferior to the other versions, the flaws are not bad enough to deter people from enjoying this extraordinary collection of games! Just remember, Half Life 2 was ported over to the Xbox two years ago and it was stil an amazing experience...Don't miss out!....(Note: Team Fortress II was not up and running when I played this...and yes Portal is still an amazing and unique experience..) Expand
  5. NeilR.
    Feb 2, 2008
    Have to agree with others, EA did an ok job with the conversion, it's nowhere near as bad as was reported and it is quite clear that it's a coding issue, luckly it's very rare. Loading times is the only negative i have for this game. they are annoying when you have to wait 30 seconds for the game to continue after you die. TF2 is great fun, occasionally laggy but mainly it runs smoothly and seems to be improving. Portal is great. Expand
  6. Jackelofalltrades
    Dec 27, 2007
    It's a wonderful game with just a few framerate issues. Portal is not to be missed, and TF2 is amazing, even with just a few maps, it will take people who haven't been online FPS people and really giving them a good time. I'm about half way thru HL2, and I haven't gotten to EP1 or EP2 yet, but with all the content on this disc, why not get it? Expand
  7. DavidL.
    Mar 10, 2008
    This is the inferior version of the Orange Box. The frame rate issues completely kill any fun that was there to have. It's a shame but like every PS3 multiplatform game, it's far inferior to the other versions. Expand

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