Generally unfavorable reviews - based on 30 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 1 out of 30
  2. Negative: 18 out of 30
  1. 42
    Its biggest flaw is feeling old hat in an already overcrowded marketplace, and it is unlikely to pull any FPS devotees from their game of choice. No Mercy -- despite being a competent shooter set at a value price -- simply doesn't stand out like its title character.
  2. Even Frank Castle fans will find no joy in The Punisher: No Mercy.
  3. This game was about as close to "painful" as I've seen in recent memory.
  4. The lazily created campaign mode, the dreadful level and upgrade design, horrendous lack of bullet feedback and latency are all factors working against it. The great visuals and matchmaking have nothing to do with the core game, which is lifeless, sluggish, and dreadful.
  5. It's the first game we can recall, for instance, to feature a them tune comprising a single note. [Sept 2009, p.96]
  6. The Punisher: No Mercy tries hard to mimic the success of the Unreal franchise but fails at even delivering a quality clone.
  7. Mild fan service in a package that looks like Ace Ventura personally delivered to the PSN.
  8. Use your $10 on a bargain game that you'll want to play after the first day you buy it, or put it in your piggy bank and save up for a real shooter.
  9. Zen Studios delivered a game that even hardcore fans of the comic book vigilante would have to be extremely bored to even attempt trying, let alone devote extended periods of time to playing.
  10. This online first-person shooter is too shallow and buggy to entertain for long.
  11. An aggressively mediocre FPS. Any decent ideas suffer from bad design decisions, and so the shallow multiplayer is a hollow experience that even the most hardcore Frank Castle follower will want to skip.
  12. It's a pretty standard, somewhat shallow multiplayer FPS, and in a time when you can hop onto games like QuakeLive - FOR FREE - it's hard to get enthusiastic about a game that doesn't really differentiate.
  13. 42
    A pretty bad game all around. The somewhat interesting upgrade mechanics don't help overcome the numerous problems: a super-short (and boring) single-player mode, laggy online play, almost complete lack of feedback when hitting someone, bland level designs, and a good deal more.
  14. Punisher: No single player game to speak of....but lock and loaded for multi-player.
  15. You'll be begging for mercy after just a few hours with this distressingly poor online shooter.
  16. 49
    No Mercy's biggest failing though is its atrocious netcode that makes playing games a nightmare. [Issue#182, p.83]
  17. When a licenced game fails to excite fans of the franchise on which its content is based, it had better have something in reserve for the swathes of other consumers to latch onto. Unfortunately for The Punisher, it ends up unrecommended in both regards.
  18. Digested in short bursts there is some stupid amusement to be gleaned, but with the myriad of shortcomings found in the title there are certainly much better ways to get your senseless violence on.
User Score

Mixed or average reviews- based on 22 Ratings

User score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 2 out of 4
  1. Nov 9, 2010
    Decent game for the new discount price on PSN ($4.99). Single player is short but once finished unlocks Skirmish Mode (Player vs Bots in MP maps). The MP is good and has tons on unlockables. Graphics are also nice but some animations are clunky. Full Review »
  2. Nov 2, 2010
    The Punisher: No Mercy is an average First Person Shooter. On paper, this is a cheap knock off of Unreal Tournament (it also runs on a varient of the Unreal Engine as well) and cheap is definitely the right word. Its only £6 on the PlayStation Network but you don't really get a lot of game for your money. You get an incredibly short campaign mode (about 30 mins to 1 hour) and has an average story line which gets told by comic book style scenes and doesn't hold my interest. The single player campaign is just a couple of Unreal Tournament style matches against AI Bots which are dumb by the way and just mindlessly charge at you and never take cover or retreat when being shot at and the game play gets repetitive after a while. There are however a nice selection of guns ranging from SMG's, Rocket launchers and Crossbows. The graphics are nice for a cheap downloadable title but the character models lack detail. The sound design of the guns is good but the music gets so repetitive and boring, you'd probably mute the music. The multiplayer proportion of the game plays just like Unreal Tournament: You fight in a variety of modes such as Team deathmatch, Elimination and Vigilante (which is basically free for all) on battle arenas and some arenas have environmental hazards like explosive barrels, electric wires and pits to avoid or use to your advantage and like Unreal Tournament, there are pickups like Health pickups, Armor pickups, Weapon upgrade pickups and points pickups dotted around the arenas. One neat thing about this game is that you can upgrade your weapons by shooting your opponents or picking up weapon upgrade pickups (while in a match) which make them more powerful or increases their accuracy which is a neat idea but can unbalance the game a bit. The game allows you to choose an Active mod to take into battle and a Passive mod which can give you an edge in a match. An active mod is something that you activate by pressing Triangle (default button) and this active mod can be anything from giving your gun a free weapon upgrade to recovering health and armor. A passive mod doesn't need to be manually activated and can be anything from a motion sensor or Rhino (which allows you to deal more damage with any weapon the closer you are to death). These mods do add a little bit of strategy to the game play. The multiplayer is just standard FPS action with very little strategy: Just shoot with your weapon which by the way, never runs out of ammo so you can just spray your target not worrying about running out of ammo. Now on to the really bad points about this game: The game can be really laggy at times, you are never sure if your hitting your target; theres no hitmarker like the Call of Duty games to tell you if you are hitting the target. It is also very difficult to unlock anything in this game: Loads of stuff like guns and Passive and Active mods require a ridiculous amount of kills with a particular character and require you to be online rather than offline and this point can play havoc with the balancing of the game because you may enter a match with very little unlocked (in terms of guns or mods) and get thrashed for the first couple of matches by people who have unlocked the best mods and guns before you get enough kills in order to unlock the good stuff. There's not even a lot of players online so good luck trying to find a match. This game is not the worst game I've played but, do your self a favour, just by a very cheap FPS PlayStation 2 or PlayStation 3 game. Full Review »