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  1. Aug 31, 2010
    The Saboteur is set during World War 2, in Paris, France. In the game you play as Sean Devlin, an Irish man who likes to drink and he also has a way with women. The story starts off when a man called Luc asks you to join the French resistance, who fight against the Naziâ
  2. Sep 5, 2010
    Not especially bad, but not that good either. Disappointing more than anything. It feels unfinished, and there are so many glitches and little annoyances - like the underdeveloped stealth mode and the tedium of climbing buildings. I played it through, more out of sheer bloody-mindedness than anything else.
  3. Jun 14, 2012
    The one thing that came to my mind with the 20 hours I spent with the saboteur was unfinished. Everything in this game down to the a.i. just says that Pandemic studio needed more time to complete this game. For the most part the story is o.k. for a video game. A simple revenge tale. What makes the game so interesting is the art direction the choose to take. The map starts black and white much like how Frank Miller's Sin CIty. As you give the resistance more hope by doing missions the game world turns into color. That's all that's really good with the game. The missions are repetitive. The final stages are the cliche take out alot of enemies (even know you could have gone through the game to this point with just sneaking) the game makes you take out alot of enemies towards the end. Thats also another complaint the stealth is so bad. They want you to pick up a uniform and be disguised but the only problem is that it doesn't work. You cant be in the radius of other soldiers while your in the disguise then whats the point of having the option. A truly worthless part of the game. A mediocre effort all in all. I really wish they would have had more time to play test it. Expand
  4. Apr 17, 2011
    This is a huge, open world game set in WWII Paris. The main character is a very likable Irish race car driver turned resistance fighter. Gameplay consists of driving around Paris and the surrounding countryside, planting bombs on various Nazi installations, and engaging in plenty of shootouts. Unlike some open world games, there's a gigantic amount of stuff to do here, with your primary story, secondary missions, and well over 1,000 free roam targets to destroy. You can also collect plenty of vehicles to drive, from race cars to tanks, and acquiring new weapons and other things adds a nice RPG aspect to it as well. I also loved the theme music in the game, it really game it an authentic '40s atmosphere. Overall a fantastic game. Expand
  5. Mar 7, 2013
    Somewhat underrated game. GTA clone set in Nazi occupied Paris. You play an Irish race car driver turned French Resistance fighter seeking revenge. Interesting personal story, interesting characters, but their voice acting, except for the main character, is pretty bad. Dialogue is pretty good, though. Unique graphical direction where Nazi occupied Paris is rendered in black and white. As you complete missions and destroy Nazi targets, color returns to portions of the city which lessens the amount of soldiers on the streets and makes it easier to get away when in trouble. Getting away when in trouble, especially when in a vehicle, is super hard as troops are all over the street. Sometimes I had to travel to an extreme opposite side of the map just to escape when under a high alarm level. Since there is no fast travel, I then had to drive all the way back across to trigger the next mission. Stealth is difficult and rewarding, but it's so much easier to take the guns blazing approach. Controls with the sticks on PS3 felt off. I adjusted the sensitivity for a while and things still didn't feel right. This game succeeds in the hit and run style combat a la Red Faction: Guerilla. Missions allow you to bust in the doors shooting, turn a fixed gun on your target, sabotage a car and ram it into enemies, or sneak across rooftops disguised as a Nazi. The side missions are varied and interesting, but there isn't much to do outside the main story. Frankly, I'm glad there aren't a plethora of half hearted mini games like other open world games. The weapons and vehicles are fun, the city layout is well designed and varied, the countryside is also interesting, there's a lot to blow up and see, and the game is a decent length. Once it's done though, you'll have little reason to keep playing unless you want to grind for achievements. Expand
  6. Apr 4, 2014
    When I picked this title up, I expected to find a middle of the road game with some innovative mechanics (given how underrated others seem to think this game is). However, the only two things I really enjoyed about this game was the music and the color effect that co-occurs with freeing districts.

    Otherwise, the mediocre gameplay feels unusually stale largely consisting of driving out
    of the red circle, pressing triangle to place explosive hear to blow this object up for the resistance, drive to this point on the map, etc. The game has stealth mechanics and they are terribly implemented. The combat largely consists of shooting out from cover and is nothing to be praised as fun nor innovative. The story was boring and characters often felt like cardboard cutouts.

    As someone who went into this expecting quite a bit from a studio I have always adored, I found this to be very disappointing. I found myself constantly wishing for this game to be more like Just Cause 2, as I tried to force myself to continue on to the next mission. This is one title that definitely has not been underrated, in my opinion.
  7. Sep 30, 2010
    Not the best of games but if you go into it not expecting much i think you'll be satisfied. I bought it for $15 and i think that's a steal, for the amount of time you can get out of it. there are definitely things that could be improved, such as the driving system, I found myself deeply frustrated being stopped dead in my tracks by a small tree or shrub when trying to run from the Nazi's. Also the climbing is slow and tedious but for the price you can get this game now i think its easy to overlook those annoyances. The game is gorgeous and there's great satisfaction in completing missions to have the world revert back to colour. Expand
  8. Oct 15, 2011
    Such a great game! Awesome story, BEAUTIFUL artwork and lots of options. I definitely got a sense of anticipation during some of the final missions, EXCELLENT storytelling. There were more than a couple bugs and map holes (which got REAL obnoxious during the escape with Skylar) which soured the game for me a bit, but for the most part it ran smoothly. The ending was kind of abrupt and anticlimactic, but overall a thrilling game. Expand
  9. May 18, 2012
    ehh. this game was just boring imo. I mean it's playable, but I just didn't have the drive after a few hours of gameplay, but that's just my opinion.
  10. Sep 12, 2013
    I was torn between an scoring this 8 or 9, obviously I decided on a 9 simply because I loved this game so much.

    I've seen too many people comparing this to Assassins Creed 2 based on the stealth aspect and especially the climbing of buildings, yes the climbing in Assassin's Creed is faster and more fluid but the climbing in The Saboteur is much more realistic which is exactly why I
    enjoyed this game so much, the realism. As far as the stealth part of the game, that too is more realistic & takes more effort than in the Assassin franchise.

    The story line in The Saboteur is excellent, aside from only a few instances (Dr, Kwong to be specific) the voice acting is superb, the layout of Paris feels sprawling & real, & the graphics are fantastic for a 2009 game.

    There are so many towers, speakers, searchlights, generals, etc. etc. etc. to shoot, blow up or "sabotage" I admit that I myself was a little taken aback by it all, for a moment it seemed a tad tedious but then I realized that for 1) I was focusing way too much on destroying every Nazi outpost in one fail swoop & 2) that is exactly how Nazi occupied France would have looked. Once I started focusing on the story line I became amerced in this game & all those towers & speakers came down naturally.

    There are a few tiny glitches in the game but it seems that some people nit-pick way too much about the little things. I have yet to play a game that was perfect & without some flaw. This is an excellent game for anyone whom likes open world, history, a good story & a lot of fun.
  11. Oct 17, 2012
    Great game , and lots of fun involved in it but it lacks in alot of stuff. they could of made this game amazing! the storyline and the setting is amazing.
  12. Mar 10, 2013
    Saboteur is sort of GTA meets Assassins Creed which is to say that lacks originality. That doesn´t mean it's not a good game. "Au contraire". The formula works pretty well and the time setting in WW2 occupied Paris is excellent. The storyline is not great but interesting enough. The historical period makes the story pretty easy too. The hero works against the nazis and the rest is very predictible. The only negative is the overwhelmong amount of freeplay events. About 1.000!!! After a while it becomes way too repetitive. Still a must!!! Expand
  13. Nov 25, 2012
    I must say, i bought this game, and contrary to popular opinion it isn't a bad game. My only complaints are as follows. 1 : (As pointed out) Stealth is pointless. 2 : The city seems unlived in. Granted their are civilians and soldiers but it feels like they're few and far between making it seem 'empty'. 3 : The voice acting is awful. But laughable, awful so it doesn't really retract from the game itself. Apart from that, i enjoyed this game alot as a fun open world game. Don't take it too serious and you'll get on fine with it. Expand
  14. Jul 28, 2013
    Summary +Brilliant setting bringing home the harshness of living in an occupied country e.g. during free roam you will see people being executed +Great Gameplay blending in the combat of GTA4 (but with more refinement) with the climbing system of Assassin Creed +Interesting Story +Good variety of weapons that allow you to adopt various tactics to help beat the Nazis ? The use of greyscale in areas where the resistance isn’t strong, is debateable over whether it enhances gameplay
    ? The use of over 1100 Nazi Targets to destroy is overwhelming, but them again you don’t need to destroy all of them by any means
    -Poor Ending
    -Limited interaction with characters making them less interesting

    Full Review
    Some reviewers argue that the Saboteur is just a mixture of features from Assassin Creed and GTA. However the game is far better executed than that. The combat is like GTA4 only polished and refined. The cover system is better polished which is needed particularly in missions where you are not on rooftops. This is enhanced by the two weapon limit mechanic (possible taken from Halo) which while some may argue is too limiting, for me it helped improve the level of tactics used in combat, (I would advise using a Terror Sniper Rifle and the Viper SMS allowing for long range and mid-range effectiveness). However unlike GTA where you just shoot stuff over and over again, in the Saboteur sneaking is important, in particularly the use of disguises (like Hitman) in combination with sneak takeout’s and climbing to rooftops (like in Assassin Creed). Such sneaking provides choice in how to complete missions, either by sneaking or by run and gunning. This level of combat is particularly enhanced by the use of unlocking enhancements by completing certain challenges e.g. if you sneak kill 5 generals, you unlock the ability of silent sneak kills, making sneaking while in disguise easier. All the upgrades in combination with great combat make the Saboteur have one of the best combat systems ever fitted to a game.

    With regards to the story there is nothing really ground breaking as it is your standard revenge story. This begins with Dierker killing Sean’s (your character) best mate (Jules). This in combination with the Nazis invasion of France, force Sean and his companions to leave Saarbrücken area and hide out in occupied France. From them on Sean must fight alongside the Residence and eventually a British secret service, in order to discover the location of Dierker. While possible lacking originality the story is enhanced by the setting. This interesting setting of Nazi occupied France (while not historically accurately) provides a fresh setting in the gaming world. Such enhancements are made further by the use of interesting characters. The most interesting of these characters is obviously Sean, who while some have claimed he is a dull stereotype as a drunken Irishman, in fact is a well-executed character with great levels of emotion and determination, and comical one-liners e.g. when running over Nazis “that when f***ing well”. The other characters are also well executed with each having unique personalities, e.g. Veronique (Jules sister) gradually begins to forgive Sean for getting her brother killed, as she becomes more devoted to fighting for the freedom of France. There only two major problems with the story. The first is how the character interactions are limited, making the cut scenes less dramatic as you don’t care for these characters as much as you should. The second failure is the final boss battle with Dierker, which isn’t fun at all. While they try to make Dierker death satisfying, it only amounts to disappointment. Nevertheless despite its flaws the story is interesting and provides a real sense of despair, particularly when the missions getting harder towards the end.

    Possible the greatest source of debate in this game is the use of having sections of the map in greyscale (with elements of red e.g. blood) to indicate weak residence in the area. While some have argued this makes the game look ugly, in my opinion it really enhanced the game, as not only did it provide a sense of progression, for by doing side missions (which are a lot of fun) these areas become colourful. Furthermore the greyscale, provided more than a mere paint job, because in such areas in become noticeable more difficult to escape Nazis. The next area of debate is the use of over 1100 Nazi installations for you to destroy. I don’t have much of a problem with this because while it may feel like padding, you only need to destroy some installations to gain enough contraband to buy unlocks etc.

    Nevertheless this game is amazing and one I wished they would make a sequel too, possible set in Vietnam, where you could fight for the Vietcong or the USA. However this is unlikely to happen as the Saboteur was the last game developed by Pandemic Studios.
  15. Aug 21, 2014
    The Saboteur is a very unique sandbox, and a very impressive one. The game offers an excellent story, with fantastic voice acting all the way. It has a great deal of depth and is well polished, with spectacular graphics. The open world itself is very well designed, with varying locations, including the freakin' Eiffel Tower, which you can climb! However, the missions are EXCRUCIATINGLY repetitive, and the black/white screen is very disorienting. The issues are glaring, but with the fun you'll have trashing Paris, they're easy to look past. Expand
  16. Sep 16, 2014
    This game is actually really enjoyable, with a well constructed story that differentiates from the stereotypical shooter style expected around this period in history. The missions in the game certainly do become repetitive and trying to actually get around stealthily with a disguise can often be a frustration to put it lightly, but for the most part it is a game I find myself continually wanting to play. The Saboteur is a game well worth giving a go. Expand

Mixed or average reviews - based on 54 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 29 out of 54
  2. Negative: 0 out of 54
  1. The characters are interesting, and so the story is more rewarding than you would imagine. Yes, there are some control issues, but they aren't terrible enough to disregard the game.
  2. Pandemic delivers one of their best efforts, offering an experience that innovates both the sandbox and WWII genres. It’s not without its flaws, but its slick action, cinematic style, and colorful characters rise above its shortcomings.
  3. Pandemic's effort is commendable, but The Saboteur feels like it had a saboteur of its own lurking in the code. No matter how many times I came back to The Saboteur, or how badly I wanted to love the game, the unrefined gameplay became less, and less tolerable.